The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on January 11, 1938 · Page 5
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 5

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 11, 1938
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 11,1938. THE MORNING HERALD, HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND. THINGS OF THE SOIL By DAN -VAN GORDER Qutitloni of lawni, E»rd«np, poultry, livestock, orcharding and general larmlnr *r« dlscunatd In thli d«pi,rtm*nt. ft*id«m hiva here «cc*sa to the Information and trtvlcd furnlthM by our agricultural editor. Inquiries on All phases of solU and crnpa wilt b» »naw*rert by return mall. Addrftsn l#tt*rs to The Herald Information Jiurenu, Van Gorrter Service, Inc., WAshlng- ton, D. C. Fruit For The Years Ahead A reader recently wrote the editor, asking this important question —"What kind of a /rult growing program can you recommend for a general farm within trucking die- farce of three or four average conn- seat towns?" Wo like to at- empt answers to questions .on this iibject because it lies close to the cart of many pressing farm proh- ems and undeveloped opportuni- ics. Hers is the condensed scope of our reply: Apple, peach, plum and cherry growing is gradually moving into commercial regions, where soils and climate join with large-scale marketing operations to form the SMITH *»«IBROS. COUGH DROPS CONTAIN VITAMIN A basis of success in the Industry Therefore, unless the grower Is willing to specialize in these fruits ho will do well to restrict thoi planting to home requirements foi the future, plus sufficient numbers of trees to provide supplies his lo cal markets may absorb. Compe tition from commercial regions usually dominates even the smal local market In these tour fruits. Pear growing has been widely In fluenced by the prevalence of pea blight, a disease that has destroy ed millions of trees over most o the former pear regions of. the United, States. Advice pertainlni, to growing apples, peaches, plums and cherries may likewise be ap plied to pears, in addition to the fact that one or more of the blight resistant varieties should be plant ed in all cases. At least a (ev. desirable varieties should be grown for home use. It Is among the so-called small fruits, raspberries, dewberries blackberries, strawberries, cur rants, gooseberries and blueberries that the general farmer or gard ener finds the highest prospects for EARLY WEEK SPECIALS At Our Lower-Price Self-Service -Thrift Market Sand 7 N. POTOMAC Open Dally 9 A. M. Until 9 P. M. Open Saturday 8 A. M. Until 11 P. M. MILK-FED VEAL SALE Fancy Cutlets ............. ; >b - 33c Loin Chops '"• 27c Rib Chops lb 24c Meaty Veal Chops ............ lb ' 16c TENDER STEER BEEF Round Steak Sirloin Steak ........... lb ' 25c Meaty Pork Chops ........... lb - 19c Smoked Boston Butts ........ lb 24c LONG BOLOGNA RING BOLOGNA Your Choice Lb. MINCED LOAF 15 MOTT'S ASSORTED JELLIES 3 Jars ANN PAGE i KETCHUP Fancy Grade "A" 2 14-0z. Bottles Choice Hand Picked PEA BEANS 3 - IOC Sun Dine Orange Juice 3 12 -«- cSh6 25c Sun Dine Grapefruit Juice 2 12 '"' oan6 25c SULTANA KIDNEY BEANS MIXED VEGETABLES IONA ; LIMA BEANS SULTANA RED BEANS YOUR CHOICE C Can 5 Stock Your Pantry NUTLEY BRAND Margarine Pabst-ett Cheese ..... . ...... 15c A &. H r-ANIJY UKAUfc "A" ^_* ' APPLESAUCE s 5' Babbit's Cleanser 3 cans lOc Whole Grain Rice lb 5c Corn Flakes SUNNYFIELD P k a . 6c MEATY CALIFORNIA PRUNES 2 * 9c WHITE HOUSE Evap Milk Green Split Peas tall Ib. 20c 5c CLEAN QUICK ' M ffe A SOAP CHIPS 5 23' Garden Fresh PRODUCE SALE ! Fancv Stayman Aooles 5 ""' 14c Large Juicy Tangerines doz ' Fancy Sweets . . . 3 "* 9c Sweet Juicy Oranges . . '«*• Fresh Kale Pound 5c Solid Iceberg Lettuce head 5c l5c Freih Texil A Ibl. Spinach 6 Tomatoes . '" t*rlf«A «rt#fl.f« only *< thin *(Ar« until th« r1<in* of IfMnMdnr. tUtnnnry Iftth, Redfern Rescue Expedition Stranded These three persons, Theodore J. Waldeck, his wife, and Ur. Frederick Fox (left to right), were among the four people reported stranded in the British Guiana jungle in South America. They, with William Astor Chanley, comprised the 13th expedition to search for Paul Redfern, aviator missing since 1927. Redfern •was recently declared legally dead. the next few years. Tbeae fruits require^ less investment in mone> and time to bring them to produe live age; few local urban markets are adequately supplied with them; competition from larger coin- mercial growing regions does uo'l so adversely affect local demands as these fruits do not permit long shipment, nor does the northwan movement of the season find compe tition remaining over more than a week or two. Starting with strawberries in May, the maturing season gradu ally moves through dewberries raspberries, blackberries and th other small fruits in ordered pro gression, furnishing early sources of revenue and not over-lapping -enough to necessitate varying amounts of harvest labor and equip ment. By trucking these early fruits northward, the grower gain the advantage of the maturing sea son, selling his berries where loca production hns not yet appearei 0:1 the markets. To illustrate this vital point, by marketing ttiesi berries 100 miles to the north, ap proximately two weeks is gained thereby permitting sale of the bulk of the particular crop before the local growers of the northward re gions have begun to harvest theii crops. Thus, geography plays no mlnoi role in raising small fruits. We" drained, humus-filled soils, use o high grade planting stock, propel cultural practices, and an eye foi sustained marketing outlets are ini porlant steps in planning mid starting a sound small fruit bus! ness. None of these factors is be youd the reaonable scope of the average small farmer. Buttons are important in the mode. The latest novelty buttons to trim milady's dress are shapec like musical Instruments; There are. harps, horns, saxophones, g"i tars, banjos and violins in various colored eatalin — a plastic ma terinl. These new shapes are in the same class as the, "kitchen utensil" and "hardware" forms that, are uacd in Paris, They were originally designed for children's wear, but have been adopted by the youngsters' mothers. HOW'S YOUR STOMACH? JF your stomach gives trouble with gasj heartburn, or acid indigestion, lake Dr. IMerce's Golden Medical Discovery. It stimulates the appetite and increases the flow of gastric juice » l £3m&^H& and thus aid* in improv- ^^**™" ing digestion, and nfIns to strengthen jon Mrs \V. I. Williams, 103 Preslon *ii Silislniry. Md., nays: "I would (let acid indigestion and heartburn, al*o belched gas frequently. I never had an appetite aiitl felt weak and tired. After I used Dr. Pierre's Golden Medical Discovery X felt like a different person. My appetite wai much improved and I was able to,cat without fenr of stomach discomfort." Buy it in liquid or tablets from your druggist today. WANT •TO SELL' THE CIAS«IFIEIft SECTION IS THl SPOT IFOR spot * CASH FIRST AID COURSE OPENS NEXT WEEK The local Red Cross Chapter will sponsor another first-nid clius which is open to anyone seventeen years of age or over, the opening class to he on Tuesday, Jamiuary IS, in (he meeting room of tho Pioneer Hook and Ladder hall, West Franklin street. The only cost of ihe course will he the purchase of a text hook, priced at one dollar. i\fiss Florence Draper will he the instructor and registrations may he made at phone 2539 or at the liail on Tuesday evening. Suggestions for Small Daughter When your , small daughter decides In no uncertain terms that site wants a loom that Is hers, here are some down-to-earth suggestions for co-operating. Have her rejilan her room on paper first, advises House Beautiful. Let her replace her toy box with new things, lint have her make sure that the new furniture will fit the space in her room. Give her a budget—no matter how small—nnU let her plan her purchases within it. Teach her to bring home samples—hundreds If necessary—to experiment with befo'-e she finally buys curtains and slip covers. And make her ask herself the same questions you ask yourself. Is the pattern in her chintr too large for the room? Will she grow tired of the color? Has every piece of furniture a place and use? And above all, don't be alarmed if she demands pink rosebuds and pale blue organdie on the one hand, or imitation leopard skin and black sofa pillows on the other. Teach her good taste with tact and some new Ideas. LEARNING ATHLETICS Scores of women trainers are teaching Italian girls, at a tender age the value of physical training; and contact with the outdoors. They are being taught field athlet- and mass dances, hiking and camping. Small Fruit Planting Guide Planting time, soils and fertilizers, spacing, varieties «rd other Important phases at planting raspberries, dewberries, black berries, currants and gooseberries are reduced to a few practical rules In our new small fruit planting guide.', Plants of all theie) fruits should be ordered at once; planting must be done 111 early spring. Headers ar urged to. write today for a free copy of this helpful outline and to ask the editor all the Questions they desire. Please enclose a 3-cent stamp. NAME POSTOFFICE STATE STREET OR ROUTE Address letter io THE MORNING HERALD Agricultural Editor, Box 152S, Washington, D. C. Coach Is Speaker at Ass'n Meeting Guest speaker at 'he Williamsport Parent-Teachers meeting last night was John Miller, athletic director of Mercersburg Academy and member of the N,a- tlonal Olympic Board. Mr. Miller's talk was, "The Importance of High School Athletics." This was another in the series of stimulating and varied programs which are drawing such large audiences during the year. The business meeting was devoted to the completion of arrange- ments for the cooking school to be held in the high school auditorium on January 12 and 13 from 7:30 to 9:30 p. m. Sponsored by the P. T. A., this demonstration is given by the Corn Products Refining Company. A nautical radio beacon is effective for approximatel" 100 miles; Quality FURNITURE AT LOWEST PRICES The OrlRlnnl Miller's Furniture Store HI S. POTOMAC ST. 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Pillow Tubing All widths. .18 (o 45 indies wide. 23c a yard Good Heavy Unbleached Muslin Yard wide. lOc a yard Very Fine Wool and Cotton Mixed Plaid Double Blankets 4-iucli Saline Bound, largo size. Blue, Rose, Green, Orchid, Cedar, Gold colors. 4'/ 2 Ib. weight. Special White Sale Prices Regular ?4."0 Value $3.33 Pair — Third Floor — Famous Chatham Gold Label Sheets at low prices. 42 x 36 Pillow Cases .. 25c 45 x 36 Pillow Cases .. 28e 63 x 90 Sheets 85c 63 x 99 Sheet 90c 72 x 90 Sheets SOc 72 x 99 Sheets 95c 81 x 90 Sheets 95c 81 x S9 Sheets 1.05 Chatham Sheets are exclusive with us in Hagfirfitown. 81-Inch Wide Unbleached Sheeting 29c a yard All Mohawk and Utlca Sheets and Cases at new low prices. Lowest In (our years. BOO Yards of 80-Square Prints Fast colors. Regular 19c to 22c grade. 14c a yard AH Stamped Pieces for Embroidery purposes. Les* 20% during sale Printed Batiste Gowns and Pajamas Choice 88c each 16 and 17 sizes only. All Candlewick Bed Spreads With plenty of wicklng. 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