The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 1, 1936 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Thursday, October 1, 1936
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iRfofl ^ & 1 <' **'« > ifefe'i • i&SS&'.ta < tvv •¥'»*,< " Jif <> , ' /,' A * • M,»»' ' - «' , jh,i Avi'i'' 1 * - "'t''* , ' t '*r • ! iW • - '- ••- • *.Jt rt'P i ^k i Ry-il •$L' AND. exclusive UNITED HKSS REPOAT m • ft, V ."•"-' KjiiUVXy? EDITION ^mra BAKERSFIBLD, CALIFORNIA, ' £ TWO SECTIONS >yo.m'A * , .. A. (,'r ....t *<•/ * $£ r|^*JJ 10$ '2W* II * 'J *i 7 'fl Gan.s fc- * * * * AY TRUCE HALTS SHIP STRIKE ^, f-PINQ TRUCK.—»•' I. SPANISH REVOLT' (- *t 7,()OjDq Unionists Accept ;M*iiiisti'ce" Outlined f|I'f|>y''Employers "•• ' IS JUBILANT .whets .Grant Full Union Becdgnjtidn, Collective „' v Bargaining . * ,'(A««oofttJ*d f*»t»» teased Wire) \.H ^FRANQiscO, Oct." 1. —A threatened tie-up of coast ship* ig tnrougii" expiration of working •eements 'between shippers and tons'representing 37,000 workers averted today through union mce, of a 5-day truce pro- by employers. Under the ace as outlined by Assistant La-""-^-'-"-- $d,wara «F. M^Grady, Ifebfttl'nuo,-under the HEARST ACCUSED BYMORGENTHAU (United Prcfg Leaoeif Wire) W ASHINGTON, Oct. 1.—Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau, Jr., today charged Publisher William Randolph Hearst with using "Incorrect" facts In an editorial criticizing the administration. Angered by a signed editorial In Hearst newspapers today criticizing- President Roosevelt and his policies Including the new trlnatlon monetary agreement, Morgenthau exclaimed: "I read What he said. He has his facts Incorrect when he asks what right we- have to lend money to France. "We have - not loaned any money to France." Arrangement. ' .period, he safd, the .ilon,s*<wlir appoint committees ,to •ild'e whether disputed Issues shall submitted to, arbitration In nego- 'Ions thV employers propose to ex- idf fo"r ; an dddltlonul 45 days. 7, Cause of Deadlock 'ho question of arbitrating these .Bputes has been a principal causu deadlocking negotiations, the un- is declaring they could not arbl- te such fundamental 'questions as Kognltion,,and, the right to collec- •-e Bargaining. ' iCjnpioyors 'in turn they had Violence Renew,c^i; Tear . .Gas rBaltle;, Under Arrest M. Findlay, A. H. Morgan Crash in Northern • Rhodesia SCOTT, GUTHRIE WIN Dash From England to Objective in 52:56; Big Prizes (AfioeiatM'Pretn Lcaiod 1\'ire). JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, Joct.4.—Max Findlay, Kngland-to- Johannesburg air racer, and his radio operator, A. H. Morgan, were killed today in a crash near Aoor- corn, northern Rhodesia, the Router's (British) news agency reported. They were speeding, at the time, down tho last lap of the $50,000 air race, won tod their 140 ANARCHISTS END OWN LIVES fr/tHfc* Prett Leated Wirti) T OLEDO, Oct. 1.—Shouting "Viva Ue Muerte (death)," 40 enemy anarchists, caught and Isolated In the seminary school for priests here, committed suicide last night by burning themselves to death, General Jose Varela, rebel commander, was Informed today. Varela also said 100 anarchists had died In flames when they barricaded themselves In San Juan hospital, which was surrounded and shelled. Varela'sald he found 15 Russian Communists, among captured loyalists. Regime Denies 600 Priests Slain in Toledo NGLAND IS ASSURED Rebels Propitiate Britain as Gory Baltics Continued M ADRID, Oct. 1,—Reliable though i a«aln»t radicalism of tho. sort which .unofficial sources estimated to- l "« Un - Ut!d fUll(PB hu * moilt to ** ar ' day that the loyalist (leftist) forces had lost 100,000 dqad and 200,000 wounded tn tho 31 weeks of the •inted full union recognition and' -09 .In accord with the workers' HUi, to *ba,rga}n collectively. Vnnouncemenl of the truce came * irty«;halfl an hour after the time ¥or ^expiration of the old agreo- nts, under which the maritime t*k$ra -. generally wero granted ;nef-wages and improved working riiHntjgv Shipping Hampered I, cpiuit shipping slowed to """I normal movement in ' Waterfront' trouble. ^fMWRj.JIT ai*p'^idlo .here.- Some $>f 'th,lrpor,l-haij been diverted ^h(ij'b'<?r i s.'','I>l8pute8 centering |i'c labor:situation delayed a (United Preii Leaned SALINAS, Oct. 3. —Battle lines o£ tho Salinas lettuce striko were transferred to other cities of the Salinas valley and nearby coastal' regions today us flawups between pickets and deputies brought renewed violence, resulting in about DO arrests and another tear gas barrage. SO Jailed At .Santa, £ruz,; .county seat of Santa CruiB', county, Sheriff J. R. Davltt posted • a special guard at the county. Jail to prevent any attempt on the part of Salinas- Watson- vlllo strikers to free 39 of their members arrested during a ranch riot. Scott, ?Guthrie Wfai Scott and, Outhrie nosed plane down at Johannesburg tit 10:34 a. Greenwich mean time Forces in One. Shanghai Area Are Reinforced . SHANGHAI, Oct. l.-Heavy pn trols of Japanese marines took up positions in Shanghai's Hongkew ' thren,«, praised *oilon\4n avert ' ,prpvulls, lam nectsMty for a fui.Uro,V wi(d the' off) - Unanimously to accept g McOrady and nductors K. P. Mareh and Most of those arrested were seized after a tear gas battle,; which occurred on the Kelly-Thompson estate near Watsbnvlllo. " They wero taken into custody on charges of unlawful assembly and violating a county. an It-picketing ordinance. Shortly afterward an automobile caravan of nearly 4500 strike sympathizers started for the county sea', to demonstrate against the arrests. Pickets Dispersed -Twenty-five highway patrol officers halted tho caravan at tho northern limits of Watsonvllle and turned it back after searching automobiles tor, weapon?., None wan found. The pickets dispersed peace- jfully. The Kelly-Thompson ranch violence occurred when strikers attempted to persuade Filipino field laborers to Join tho walkout, which has partially paralyzed harvest of a $11,000,000 lettUco .crop In tho "world's salad bowl." Meanwhile, tho Orowera-Shlppors Association continuljd to move "hot" lettuce- on < a nearly^ nortnal basis. Would Adjust Pay, Hours for Flyers (Atioclatcd Prett Leated Wire) -WASHINGTON, Oct. I—Karl A. Crowley, post office department so Ucltor, proposed today, that an avia< tion boaW bo created to adjust wagQs and Working hours for tho aviation industry. Crowley. made hl» recommendation in a summary of evidence' given the post office department this week by pilots of Northwest 'Airline, Inc., to Blnow they wero being required to fly more hours than prescribed by the national labor relations'board. ' Agreeing. In substance; with the pilot* .that they should not be re quired to fly more than $6 nours . 9ft month, but ftUBjng 'f.o, take J had com- •punitive action against the airline rt rV*«l thftre oughtSo bo «pme 1 «et up f or continued If there'ia 'one now, thai can adjust wages and working hours to meet .changing conditions,In the Aviation industry.' -i .- • »• ." .""'•'•Y^i^V ? ics Available • 1 ^ i. ' ~" (5:34 a. m. eastern standard time) to win tho $20,00 special speed prize. They completed the flight from Kngluild In 52 hours and 56 mill- lit es, an average speed of 123 miles an hour. Winner of tho $15,000 handicap prize and other awards will not be determined until the remaining flyers arrive and their times are figured. Scott, winner of tho England- Australia air race in 1984 with T. Campbell Black, moved Into the van vhen Captain 8, S. Halse, previous badcr, crashed on the last lap. Another Crash Flying officer David Llewellyn and . F. Hughosdon, unreportcd since ate yesterday, Crashed near Mpul- ungu, Lake Tanganyika, when they •an out of gas. They escaped unscathed but their plane was wrecked. A. 12. Clouston waa held at Khar- oum with Engine trouble, while Vicor Smith, whose plane'was the only other survivor of tho original nine ntrants, was down .near Salonlkl, Greece. The race was sponsored by Isadore W. Schleslnger, American born cap- tallst, to boost Johannesburg's empire exposition. Anarchist Bands Roaming Streets (Vnticd Prfit Leaied Wire) SAN SEBASTIAN, Oct. t. — Street fighting broke 'out In beleaguered Bilbao between anarchists and Basque nationalists. Many were injured and several killed. Fighting broke out in Bilbao after anarchist bands, 160 strong, .sped through the street* In automobiles to break, up a demonstration of women, praying for peace and • pleudlfig for surrender in tho arena* Tile anarchists stormed San Anton Church, soiled a priest as h" led In prayer, beat him, and then forretl him to march through the streets carrying a hammer and sickle banner. Finally they dumped him Into the river. Basques rescued him, The • anarchists wfre alleged to have profaned the famous Caramin shrlno in 8an Anton Church. Oregon Fire Peril Passed, Believed (Attoalated Prett heated Wire) •MAR6HFim.D, Ore., Oct. I.— •WORLD SERIES Noted Independent Paper Declares for Pres. Roosevelt N 1?\V York (VniMFret* Wirtl t,ca>td \\~trel j YORK, Oct. 1.— The New York Tliw, in an editorial entitled "a reasoned choice," today an- j nounceii lt« support at President I ttooseviMt for re-election. The Tlm«s j is an Independent newspaper and, tho editorial said, "a conservative newspaper In its own sphere.", "The New York Times * * * he- llovoK thiil I ho public welfare will best bo served thin year by tho rontlnuniiro of lite Demorratio p»rty In pownr and by tiie reelection of the president," the eilltorlnl said. Three roiiuons am oiled for tho paper's choice. First, the Times said, l« Its belief that a second Hoosovolt mlmlnlsitratton would be mor« conservBtlve: second, Is Its view that tho ro-plootlon of tho president "will provide Insurance OUSTED OFFICIAL SENT TO PRISON There was no cBllmato Jvil war. of rebel SPANISH RIGHTISTS PKOPITIATB HRITA.IN Fire-weary aouthwestern Oregon cltlwJns depended today upon continued high humidity and favorable winds to hold in check forest fires which raz«d one town and claimed 11 live*. Authorities believed the peak of danger past but checked weather forecast hour by hour because the slightest unfavorable change would* mean ran«w*4 dangw for the aw*. ' Officiate at Bandon. a • town of Japanese officials declined to rtts cuss specific reasons for enlargement of tho patrols, which came suddenly and without warning. A Japanese naval spokesman waa represented OH declaring the action was based on developments In the trial of the alleged slayers of a Japanese naval warrant officer, Hadeo Nakayama, who waa fatally wounded in Shanghai November 10, 1936. Tho Japanese sources pointed out previous sensational developments In tho trial had resulted In the killing August 10 of Kosaku Kayau. a Japanese umploye of a trading company. The Japanese professed belief that If the Nakayama trial is finished today, fresh anti-Japanese violence might break out and therefore the patrols were established. American sailors and marines, who arrived at Shanghai on the U. 8. S Augusta, flagship of the Asiatic fleet, were forbidden by Admiral O O. Murfln, commander of tho fleet to enter the trouble zone. i Chinese restdonU of tho eastern section of the Chape) district, meiin- while, began moving Into'the international settlement by fobt, ricksliu. Cart and automobile, carrying with them personal and household belongings, 21 Are Injured in Mill Disorder (A ttoeialed Pre*» Leafed Wire) READING, Pa., Oct. 1,—Twenty- one -persons* were rojurod, several BorlofMly, In disorders'at the huge Berkshire, Knitting Mills today as several hundred union hosiery work- era went-on strike. The strikers were reinforced by a picket line estimated by BtaU police at between 8000, and 4000. A, detail of state police aided local officer* in restoring order after at leant 100 automobiles wore damaged, taxicabH upset . and bricks were hurled through the windows of trolley cars and, buses carrying ors to tho'p|ant, • Hosiery unldn officials called the strike in what they said wa» an at tnmpt to renter* NRA coda work' ing standards, obtain higher wage« and improve working conditions. '4* » i ' ' 3 New Yorkers in Race Around Globe (L'tilted I'rttt Leated Wire) NBW YORK, Oct. J -—Three >J*W York newspaper reportars—H, R Bklns of the Scrlpps.Howard n*wa papers, L«o Klgran of the North American Xew8fi*|Wtf Alliance and Dorothy Kllgalletj of the New York Journal and International N«w« Sen-Ice, were «n route to IPrankfort, Germany, on th« dirigible Hlnd«fl burg today on the flrat. Itg'of *»i "air race around the world," , ', _ From Frankfort tho thr««! plan to tor of all Spnln, ha« a»suit>(l Groat Britain through nmistntrlea that ho would 'use IDpalh's weight to main tain the present status In the Medl terranean, usually reliable sources said today. At u re] u Is MOITJ' Del Val, ambassa dor 'to London under the monarchy, Is understood to havo visited Lon don quietly two weeks ago und to have convoyed the assurnne«H through inon close to the government, in Franco's name. Specific pledges. It was said, were given that reports Spnln might give territorial roiircuHloim to Italy or Germany wore untrue. There H re even reports that written assurances have been given, The report would explain On»at Britain's mysterious calm In recent days When the rebels havo seemed winning, whereas early In the civil was said that a rebel victory the editorial Bald, "we believe that the narrow nationalism for which tho Republican party today .IS In Itself « policy, (Tutted Prt»» /.rated O AKLAND, Oct. 1—B. Ray Prltz, ousted city manager of AUmeda, today was sentenced to one to 14 yean In prlton for perjury, Superior ^udge E. J. Tyrrell alto «entenc«d Fritz to B!X month* to five years for Inducing a wltneBt to testify faliely, but the sentences will run concurrently. Polo Grounds Vast Lake and Even Infield Is Quagmire NATIONALS BENEFIT Halt to Give Carl Hubbell Chance Pitch One or Two More Games which, If put Irilo force, would carry us rapidly In thfe dtmutlon both of 'Hogliuentatlon' and ;'!•(•»« f,fiuerf if irt) BW YORK, Oct. 1,—A heavy s overnight rain turned the Polo i Grounds into a miniature lake today and forced postponement of tKo KOCOIK! game of the world series between the New York Giants land New York Yankees. Weather I permitting—and there wore indicant fi T» m P T ! Hans that a two-fifty spell of Inter. ». , V" ., ', ImltUnt ratn Anally was ready to in Pittsburgh: Heard-at 4can aMii.v-^hfrgam«,wjtib«pity«<i , ElkhLS, W. fa., Today W ; t third, fourtii and fifth gaiws to be Preii* /.rn*«f Wire.) '• P'ayed At the Yankee stadium, simply will move back one day. Aboard nooitnvclt Spuclal, Oct. t. Proaldont Ilooscvelt opened hl« w- eliicllon campnlgn In real carnnit Religious Bigotry Also Draws Condemnation of Kansan might bring war. it general European DENY 000 I'KIKSTS SLAIN AT TOLKDO UUUGOH, Bimln, Oat. I. (U. P.>— Nationalist authorlllon luaiiod an official denial today of reports that 800 prlestfl were killed by loyalists at To- lodo when tho Hlego of Alcazor was raised. According to figures hero. (ho loyalists were alleged to havi killed 600 pcopkt during tho Includlns 8« prlMtn, nKHKl>i I'UKKS IIAKD ON ALL SKCTOUS (Atioelntrd rrrtt r,fa»cd VHrt) •Insurgent Spanish Ingtonx. prnsn- ing Imrd on till sectors of the steal which virtually dwrtroyod. began .planning Construction of a new eiflr vhtJo the anno* of the old were «Hlj-w*rni. fly to A«la on European air .'UtieU . make connection* with ^b*^ Pan- American - 1 AlrWft}-* , Chin* Clipper leaving Manila October l« tot Han to K«iir on f«»t .„ ...., _, _.- ..„. _ pkrtln* a 28»W«-m«9 cl 1 •«<"»• Al Smith Speaks on Radio Tonight (Vndfd I'rem /<ro»«<l NEW YORK, Oct. 1. -Alfred 15. Smith makes hi* first speech of th« presidential campaign to the lnd<?< pendent coalition of American Women and a natlonul radio tuidl- encn tonight. HUi friends wild .it would be "ono of the strongest indictments of the present-administration thut has been heard in this political campaign," Smith Will xpoak for 45 minute* beginning at *:30 from among tholr ' governor l*andon planned to da voto himself to state business and to preparation of lh*,v speeches ho will deliver on his next tour. •-, « - . . *« ». ..... Hoover Condemns Taxesm ProjSts Order by LatuTU The postponement was ordered by Kenenaw Mountain Landls. high today, scheduling two spwsche* in j eomnil«ilon*r of baseball, after he ono day. | | >ft d limpectcd the rain-soaked Tonight In Pittsburgh, he delivers j grounds. In the left field section « major political address, Just two j w hero yesterday's rain had driven days after his campaign opening | Yankee relief pitcher* over to tha speech twfore thn Democrat la stato j Giants* bull pen because of "high convention In Syracuse. On th<- j water," was a virtual lake and the Natlon»lnotworks. ho vll be sand-1 infield, though It had been protected .- ... wlched between Krank ICnox, Republican vice-presidential candidate, spenklng al»o from I'ltUburgh, and his former political and personal friend, Alfred B. Smith, speaking from New York. Between tho denunciations of ( these enemies uf the nnw deal, ho j was expected to discuss the attitude) of his administration toward labor and perhaps social security. From Forbes Field ho will speak from 0 to 0:30 p. m. 15. S. T, Knox will speak from 8:30 to 9 and Smith from 9:30 to 10;16. At noon today, he spoke at 171-! (Continued on Page Sixteen) * • » Resettlement Mfen on Fire Duty (Vntted Prtii tented Wire) WAaillNGTON, Oct. 1,—Resettlement Administrator Hexford Guy kins, West Virginia. Ills special; Ttigwcll announced twday 800 reset- train was carrying him through a' tlement project workers w*re now mining and Industrial region. i on forest fire duty in Oregon. 'lie «ald Walter A, Duffy, J»ortland regional resettlement director, ad- visml him a concentrated ssurvey oa Mr. Roonovolt will leave Pittsburgh for New..York. He will motor to Jersey City for a nonpolltlctt) address at dedication of a new nn>dt- cal center thcro on Friday. (Continued on Poo* Ttcfntv onr) •"•• • ' ••»» » Forrner Mayor and Oil Man Accused haji, fallowing his forn«»r friend ami political follower, President Roosevelt, on the ulrwaya. Arrangement for tonight's broud- ca«t w«'» made by Jo»«f Ismeui A»- sdclates, a publicity organisation. Israels *ald the network wa« being paid for by Smith'* "close perwtmal State's Lawyers Name New Slate (.Itiocittteit Prut l,M*t4 Wife) <*A.*t . UIBOO. Oct. 1.— Qeorgd Wharton Pepper of Phtloaelphla will <3»l>r : «ir tlw chief addrcuw at the nwftliilf of the California Bar Association , . tomorrow. It wan an- the seooiid day of The tMHioclaUon yc«u»rUuy " Byw of «anta Barbara T, 3^ jlcAullffc of «ian o« nhalrnidn of the conference. Pro** Leated V'trt) TOP15KA, Oct. 1 .—Governor Alt M. Ijjtitlon repudiated (oday any persons or organlitutlQiis "endeavoring to «xp!olt. prejudice* between groups of American Cllliwns" in behalf of the Republican ticket. In a brief statement Isstted .at hl« office, the Republican presidential nominee scored efforts to raise racial prejudices or religious bigotries and said that if It wero necessary, ho would "stand among the defender*" of any persons persecuted contrary to the bill of rights. I>nndon'i Bttttrmeiit Ills statement, made public without any further explanation, wild: "My attention bos recently boon directed to tho activities of a number of agonelwt which, for selfish purposes or political reasons, ure endeavoring to exploit prejudice between groups of American cltlwns. I, havo no us« for any elements who are endeavoring to bring racial prejudice* and religious blgotrlnit; into American lifo and sjate frankly that I disclaim the support of any such organizations or groups. Persecuted "if ovw the day * should come In this country that would see persecutions of any racial' group or soct (Auoptatt.4 Pn>tt Levied Wire) because of rac« or religion, contrary LONG- BI3ACH Oct. 1.—Charges of to the;';bill of rights, 1 would stand, violating the corporation securities act stood In tho records today against Ira 8. Hatch, Connor stair aiwontblymnn and mayor of Long Beach, C. W. Fleming, oil man. and a third man, whose name wan not given. The charges, contained In 40 counts involving operation of the Vista oil tru*t. wore in a complaint Issued by 'Deputy District Attorney Clarene* 8. Hunt. Hn said the allegations wnre baaed on buying and selling of building and loan iwKiurt- ties with promissory notes, th«> proceeds being un«l for promotion of the Vista Oil prop*rt!««. • • »« » the honest and ncccssnry activities TiS)llP \VllllHO ( " t(\ of u muHttudw of honest men." * i **"V T '**" II 6 **^ in a NpcNtch l>« catl«d "nontwiit- Viam Qnmofnina* Icul." the former president also at- JL1C1U OUlllCllllllg tacked other federal taxation but •*added that a reduction is not pos- i (Annul*led I'rtt* Lratrd wtret •ilble until the budget Is balanced, i GENEVA. Oct. 1.—Emperor Halle —- '»• »' ' —— . I KelaNBie to ready to "sacrifice a con- ri T> A. /^l 1. * jsldcrable portloii of ItU rights under box l>eat LUDS in u »« te *« ue c ° v ««»" 1 " ««• «««*' »*< Xi t y-«V >.< tlement of th* Italo-iathloplan War. I nlPDO'nl irVl«ama l*Wn»nc« Taesaz, Ktltloplaa Uele- V^IIlCagU V/lVJ \JaillC gate, told the League of Nations u»- ^"'" '""•"'":"" nembly today. «. U+ K. Tawuu did not specify what con- Sox U. U) ..,,..,..,& 61 Cubs <N, 1.4 1 4 I Battwlwi.' Kennedy und Snwell; Lee. Carleton ami Hr>Hn«tt. DKTBCTJVK KACBS I'BOBK SAW F11ANCK5K30, Dot, 1, IU, I».) Ignatluii Mrt'ttrty. detective and tear guti Kal*'»mi»n. who reportedly ha* to know intimate detail* rovers during tho night, waa a quagmire. Land Is made his tour In company with Jo« McCarthy and Bill Terry, needs of Inhabitants in fire-striken Afler [ disU-lcta was bring made. Resettlement will aid stricken families with loans to f>llgtbl« farm fam- Illon In need and grants to destitute families. Wire) P1BNVKU. Oct. \.~- Former President Jtarbc'rt Hoover asuerted in a speech here last night that th<> fed- ; era) tax on umllstf Ibutwl corporation profits prpcts l»arrlerH "whlcli stop j of avftftrtwi »»n Kranclsco graft, will face lh« raunty Grand! Thp plant for th« weonA time toulghu ' tlon for the pttst vix the N«tfu* might cant«m- pliilo but suld tho «*mjM»ror'« dt»sUx) to protect human life Impelled his decision. . i '••'» NEW I30.00Q fLANT PJTT8BURO, Calif., Oct. 1. (U. J».) Th« F. 13. Booth Company announced today that ft would begin .sardine reduction operations In Its new JJO.OOO plant, hen; late thin we«k. * ff*li*. ntn M! X*1U 1'feA^tn Itlt«lt\t* <MMkMt t»*ti*t. INDEX TO ADVERTISERS PAGE ALT A VISTA—LINCOLN MARKET.......)* ANNA'S BCAUTY SHOP ........11 A, t P. MARKET M BAKcnamt.0 GROCERY...: ,. t •AKCRBriCI.0 HARDWARE COMPANY, 5 BARNCTf TIRE COitPAIIY.... * •ROOK. MALCOLM, COMPANY .1-U.IVI7 COCA COLA BOTTLING CO,...., I EL ADOBE MOTOR HOTEL l» FAMILY SHOE STORE. ti-l« rOX CAtlFORtltA I* rOX THtATEB l» OAUANER'S MARKET.. 1 OENSLER-LEE ^..,,.» «•!» OOOORICH SILVERTOWN " ORANAOA THIATtfl |» QREEN rROfl MARKET )• HARRISON'S CtOTHIIRS W HOOLE t, 00., J. A W HOPPER MACHINE WORKS t HUFF. JOHN B '* I. 0. A. STORES * JOHNSON'S FIRESTONE TIRES.. 4 KAVERN. THE Jl KIOO BROTHERS J» KIMBAUL t STONE ,..U UA ORANAQA BALLROOM l» LANTERN. THE - . {» LEIOY'* MARKET .....U LEROY GORDON BCAUTY SALO* »4 MANDARIN. THE >» MONTGOMERY WARD «, COMPANY M MOTHER scorrt PLACK*., , it NATIONAL HOLLAR STORE t NATIONAL MARKET...,». NEW rt«U MARKET .'. » NILE THEATER PALMS 6ROCEBY PAYNE. CLAIRE .,-»«« PEKIN HERB CO - .....,,.M PENNEY, I. C.. COMPANY, PHILLIP* SCHOOL OF MUSIC ..,.,.,..14 PREtTON. DON C. REX THEATER RIALTO THEATER SAFEWAY STORES .....,,..,, t, SAVE MORE ORUO 4 .SECURITY MARKET ..,,,..» »i; SMITH. RALPH L., GROCERY .....v * MAfC CAFE »T. FRANCIS CAFE SUN KONO HERD CO ,,..'. UNION AVENUE DANCE PAVILIOH UNION CEMETERY,,...,.. VIR61NA THEATER...,*-*, WEILU A^ INC*.',.•.£-.. WESTERN ^M19 WICKER»HAM'S 1 . WITHAM * BOOTH. ]l&S^!£Vtl* - £.1itaje^

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