The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 30, 1936 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1936
Page 13
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?" r % .''>;.•:. v. '../',.'• . THE BAKfittSFIELD CAUFORWAN, tffif)ttBSt)AY. SEPTEMBER 80. l&Sfi - '',•;'*. -A'' ''*' J't.'v F6> Sale—Miscellaneous tTWO good used saddles for sale, $30 ana 1 186, See tMckerson at nivervlew J-Iatqnerr. Old Fresno Hlway. B8 . BALftr-Pulverlzed dairy and sheep fertilizer. Var lawn and gar* den. Delivered by load or sack. Call 2798 Jefferson. , 63 JPOR-SALB—Foley electric saw filer. Inquire 1804 Lake utreet. 62 ' HIGHER rent forces Beaver's Bargain Market, south of Montgomery Ward's, to move October 1 to hbrso market west of new river bridge, _ 99 Highway. 68 PER 1000 FT. No. 4 common ROOFING SPECIALS 90-lb. Slate roofing with fix. Asbestos fibre coating, G gals. REDWOOD RIDING 1x4 to 1x10, S4S finish 1X4 Flooring 1x4 Chicken house flooring House paint, all colors, gal. 2-0x3-0 Sash, I light glazed Redwood posts, 3X1-6, each SHINGLES, bundle LESS 0% CASH DISCOUNT Twelve Million Foot Stock > 101 BARGAINS 101 For Sale—Furniture PROTECTS YOU PROM INCRBAaBlD PRICES Los At>a 2100 Bast 88th A Dams 5171 65 SIX-BALE COTTON TRAILER Dual Urea, hydraulic brakes. Now rubber; and only $435. BARNKTT TRACTOR CO.. 2130 Chester Avo. 9-2C-tf ATTENTION! Wo bought these Dressers, Beds, Springs and Mattresses low and will pass theih on to you, Four pieces, only $23,75. 50 MAHOOANY METAL BEDS 60 MAHOGANY DRESSERS 60 COIL SPRINGS 60 MATTRESSES DRESSER, BED, COIL SPRING. AND MATTRESS No. 1 quaUty—10-oz. S-feet at 90c 9-feet at 96o 10-feet at $1.05 12-feet at $1.25 A; H. KARPE IMP. HOUSE '815 E. 19th St. Phone 815 52 VJPK FOR BALIS—Ollwell and water ; well casing.line pipe. Irrigation pipe, I fence posts, etc, Western Oilfields Supply Co,, 99 highway and Pierce Road. Sign of the ble valve. B7 No. 1 USED grain bags for mito, 5>,4o each 1A lots of 1000 or more. Alfalfa need. Cane molasses In drums. Prices rapidly advancing. Buy now. San Jouquln -Grain Co., Fourteenth and D streets. Phone 885. 9-5-tf BEWING machine bargains. Singer electric portable. $29.45. Minnesota electric portable, $17.45. Slngor treadle, J12.96. Gimrnnte.eil rebullts. Repairs. 170R K. Phono B330. 60 TIRES sold on time payments—no finance or carrying charges. A. Friedman Wheel & Tiro JSxclmnge, 1310 Elghtenth. Phone 0878. 63 SINGER fllectrlo portable, $21). 46. Treadle, J10. White 'electrlo' console; like new, $49.00,. Kxpert repalrliiR. Parts. 170S K street. Phone 6830. 60 ONE LOT OF CIRCULATING GAS HEATERS, JUST LIKE NEW. BUY NOW AT GREAT SAVINGS. TWO-PIECE LIVING ROOM OVERSTUFFED SETS IN GOOD CONDITION THREE-PIECE VELOUIl LIVING ROOM SETS ONE MONTEREY LIVING ROOM SET OUR USED FURNITURE DE PARTMENT IS JAMMED FULL OF EXCEPTIONAL BARGAINS AT THIS TIME. IT WILL PAY YOU TO COME AND LOOK AROUND. 2407 CHESTER AVENUE Phone 396, Bakersfleld, Calif. 79 NEW Seamless Axm. Rug, 9x12 $27.00 Knot Pine Breakfast Set $19.50 Walnut Bedroom Set, 3 pcs. $49.50 Double Deck Coll Springs • $5.95 Large Top Foot Stools $1.60 Ltv. Rtn. Set, 2-pc. Volour $55.50 USED Full Size Beds Large Ivory Dresser Mahogany Chiffonier $1.00 to $4.76 $7.50 $12.75 FRUJT jars, while they last, washed, quarts 24o and 34o dozen; pints 19o »rid 29o dozen r glasses, 10c" dozen. .717,Summer street. 0-12-tf USED CLOTHING THE ECONOMY 1912 L STREET BARGAINS IN MEN'S SLIGHTLY USED CLOTHING, SUITS. SHOES, ETC. 54 FRUIT JARS—Quarts, 24c; pints, IDo. .1 We also buy rags, bottles, Junk of ' all klndu. Phone 17S6 for pick-up wagon. 132 East Twenty-first street. _•* 6-a-tt FURS—^Factory samples. Fur coats', jackets, foxes, collars Hugo stock. Furs remodeled. "The ITouso of - 1000 Fur Bargains." Dow's Whole- Gale Furs. 183 Kearney, San Fran-: Cisco. • S-10-tf FACTORY to you. Standard computing Hcalo. Freezer cases. Store, restaurant and beer fixtures. Complete, new and used. Valley Store and Fixture Company, 2019 Chester avenue. 63 For Sale—Furniture Largo Top LIv«- Bin,-Set,• 2.pc t .$1(5.95 100 Stool Cots HAMM SELLS FOR LESS 1100 18th, Corner 18th und N Phone 341 62 Radios. Musical Instruments PIANOS—Pianos—pianos—the largcs Hfler-tlon of pianos In Kern county lined, rebuilt pianos at low prices Guaranteed. New Brand and uprisfh pianos. lilgh-Krada makes. Prices low and rental terms. Valley MuBli Store, 1623 Nineteenth street. 5 PLAYER piano. No reusonabl offer refused. Apply 1420 Seven teenth street. PIANO, $10; also phonograph and rec onla. 382 Washington avenue, Oil tlalp. Phone 3760-W. B FOR SALU—Ivors & Pond piano, $2 cash. Phono 2312-J or call 252 Ko Lano. INNEWPLAKT Bubbell, Ruffing in Mound Battle (Continue^ From Pegu One) L. J. Bcnzlno B BNZINO'S Auto Service, ultramodern new establishment at Elgbeenlh and O streets, opposite the post office, is now open to BakeVHfiold motorists and they are today welcoming Ii. J. Hcnzlno, formerly manager of Goodrich Sll- vertown Stores, as a new aoodrlch dealer In this community. Mr. Benzlno resigned his' position with the local Goodrich stores "believing that the time is opportune to establish himself in business again In this community. Long active In the upbuilding of Bakersfleld. Mr. Bcnzlno distributed Goodrich tires three years be- foro becoming manager oC the lo- cnl Goodrich store, which position ho held for the past seven years. The budget plan of purchasing tires was first established horo under his supervision, Mr. Benzlno says. At the new location sales and service on Goodrich tires and Motorola radios, together with Union oils and gasoline, car washing, polishing and mechanical service will be featured, Mr. Benzlno announced.' Majestic to Open Fine Grill Tonight Bakersfleld's newest dine and dance place has its opening tonight when the Majestic Grill at 1813 Chester avenue opens Its doors to tho public at 0 o'clock. According to Jim Bowan, proprietor, turkey sandwiches will be served tho guests free from 8 until midnight. The Majestic Grill will feature Hawaiian music Blurting tonight. The large grill has been beautifully painted In murals by Peckham and Foster and tho beautiful interior decorating was In charge of Kddio Goldstein of Brock's department ntoro. Torry and Mancuso went to the pitcher's box tor a conference with Hubbell. Lacerrl up: Strike one, swung. Ball one, outside. The pitch almost hit Laxorrl. Foul, strike two. Ball two, outside. It was a pitch-out and Mancuso tried to catch Powell off second but failed. Ball three, wide. Foul. The steady rain continued and the fans wore deserting the bleachers by the hundreds. Ball four, I^us- zerl walked. Selkirk up: Strike one, swung. Bal ; lone, outside. Powell was out attempting to Htoul third, M an so. u so to Jackson, t^asexerl advanced to second on the piny. Ball two, Inside. Strike two, swung. Ball three, low. Tho pitch struck the ground In front of the plate. Hubbell wan having extremes difficulty controlling the wet ball. Tho Giants' mascot carried a dry rosin bag out to llubbell for him to dry hta fingers on. Tho fans began to yell "call the game." Strike three, Selkirk fanned, swinging. No runs, ono hit, no errors, one left. Olants—Mancuso up: Mancuso popped to Holfo on the first pitch. "VVhltehead up: Strike ono, called. Foul, strike two. Ball one, outside. Foul. Ball two. outside. Strike three, Whltehead fanned, swinging, Jackson up: Jackson grounded out, Crosettl to Uehrlg. No runs, no hlla, no errors, none left. Fifth Inning Yanks—Huffing up: Strike one, called. Ball one, inside. Strike two, called. Strike three, Huffing fanned swinging, Crosettl up: Ball one, Inside. Mancuso kicked at the decision. Bnll two, outside, Strike one, called. Crosolll foule'd to Mancuso In froht of tho Olanl dugout. Rolfo up: Strike one, called. Strike two, called. Ball one, outside. Ball two, outside. Rolfe popped to Whitehead. No runs, no hits, no errors, none loft. Giants—Hubboll up: Ball ono, low. Foul, strike one. Foul, strike two. Hubbell grounded out, Luzzerl to Oehrig. Moore up: Moore fouled to Dickey In fronl of tho Yankee dugout oh tho first pitch. Kartell up: Bull one, outside. Foul, strike one. Bnrtcll tilt a home run into the upper left field stands. The ball wns fair by nbniit 2 feet. Tho crowd gave Bnrtell a thunderous ovation. Terry up: Bull one, high. Foul, strike ono. It win a long fly over the left field stands which went foul by about 20 yards. Torry rolled out, Lazzerl to Ciehrltf. Ono run, ono hit, no errors, none FINANCIAL LETTER J. A. HOQLE A COMPANY Members New York Stock Exchange Those Inclined to. the more conservative side have developed a wait and B6e policy following tho ehnngo in th« franc. Currently the market acts « little Irregular but the bent thought la to use, dips In the general price | level for purchases. The market sold Off to some extant during the, last hour for no very particular reason and so Is deemed a buy on any weakness which may develop flurltiR tho noxl few days. Reasons Include the wearing off of the uneasiness yet remaining over monntary policies. Domestic factors have boon repeatedly alluded to and today's news Includes added factors such na now peak production of «t«el Introts currently around 75 per rent of eupn ha pacify, ve 6ftN «everal weeks \Vhilo machine tool orders ed off slightly during the lust Fresh Burst of Buying Sends Stocks Soaring With Five New Highs (A*inrintr<{ rrr»» Lratetl Wire) SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 30.—A fresh burst of buying sent n number of wcRtnrn stocks higher today. Tho Stook ISxchnnpc had five at new peak* before nuon. Crown X«llt>rt>noh common went tip "i point to 11%. with 4ROO shnrt>s traded before easing Mightly, and other now highs Included Caterpillar NEW YORK CLOSE arc and remain at all time ponk levotn, which bran for NUC)I tools hip %. Emporium 1'i. Haln Kros. 1 V4 ana remain at an time, penit levois, > „.,,] Hudson Motmti L. c-h encourages executive* In tills ft '"' '"' Sr °' 1 \, ,„ ?, :?„;„.,„,,„,„,, ich of industry to be extremely op- , ""'"* ° r 11 0 to -\wpnt to Mutch (silo. Inson Sugar, Sound view 1'ulp, Atla tacks in the office machine arout> Diesel nnd Pacific, Llirhlinu. Decline Stacks In the office machine group bear consideration. New government requirements In the way of ropurtu have doubled und trebled In the last your mid on Us for Increased office work In all ly|n>s of butdnnns. lletico Increased purchases of offlro equip met tu. Commodity markets were, somewhat erratic. Liverpool wheat \\uti lower and (l"h I on go did not reflect the decline In fall. Trading wan quiet and within iv narrow runge. Homo stop- loss nelllnn wan encountered during ho tnld-tnornlng but closing prleew vero only ullghi1y ehattged from yc»- erday. The cotton market opened " '" 1" olnts higher ami thereafter found radlng mixed. Net results for tho ny ui-i'ti giUn» of inlUl proportion. Liken Republicans to "NiceOld Man" fren Leased Wire) SYRACUSE, N. Y.. Sept. 30.— President Roosevelt, describing national recovery efforts, told this story In his address hero: "In tho summer of 1933 a nice old gentleman, wearing a silk hat. fell off the end of a plor. He was unable to swim. A frlohd ran down tho pier, dived overboard and pulled him out, but tho silk hat floated off with tho tide. After tho old gentleman had boon romiHcltated bo. was effusive In his thanks. "Ho praised his friend for saving his life.. Today, three years later, the old gentleman Is berating his friend beca-uso Ihe silk hat was lost." left. Sixth PIANOH tor sal«. Two good practlo pianos, $<5 and $6B. Both Ntnndan makes, tuned and reconditioned. Terms $3 per month. Froo delivery. Inquire at Galbralth Van and Storage Company, 2712 Chester avenue. D3 Typewriters—Office, Supplies ROW^-TOP desk. $15; 2-pleco overstuffed, good condition. $25; leather bed'davenport, $9.CO. Krusa Furnl- ture. 800 Bnkcr. Phono 2189. AT THESE PKIC1SS ON 1IIGH- CIIIADH USED KURNlTlhUf.: ['8-pc. en. bedroom set, perfect $17.95 3-po, solid mahog. bedroom set, $IB.75 1 ,6-po, solid mahogany dining set $24.73 B-po. walnut dining room net $l!).7r, S-pc. velour living room set II9.75 3-pc, mohair living room set $19.75 8-PC. Monterey dining Bel, perfect condition, cost new $109,150 $54.00 6-PC. twin bedroom set, burled walnut, cost iiaw $219.50 $40.BO 8-po. walnut dining room set, very large size, table 1ms 4 leaven; cost new $288 $79.50 Several fine living room -sets In perfect condition, cost up to $UO, special at $85.50 POPJ5L FURNITURE KXCHANGK Ardllncl.QIcese Bldg. «S3 Sumner St. Just west of Baker. Phono 1341. 62 UPJIOIJSTKKI5D Duofold, with mat- lress,_ make* full bed, priced low. jjtreojt THOR electric mangle, electric water haater, Ilot^PoInt electric range, all 'priced to sell quick. DAVIS KURN1TURK EXCHANGE S105 Chester avenue 63 WANTED—Will pay ctish for cash registers and adding machines. Phone 4465. P. H. Lynch. B4 Poultry and Livestock BABY and started chicks, have few more hundred for sale this fall. Illvorvlew Iliitchorv. Homo of Better Baby Chloka, Old Fresno Hlway. 53 PKL1C1OUS fryers. Hods. Battery milk fed. "Their feet never touch the ground." Tender, julcv. Dressed, delivered. 121 McCord. Phone 0057-.I. 45 WANTED—To buy or rent; team of Koort mulo.s nnd harness or contract use of toam and driver. See Contractor nt. 1200 NlnelcenlU between 0 and 8 p. m. 52 AUCTION Community sale Thursday, October 1, 10 a. m.. 6 jnlles ninth of Bakorsflold on Union avnnue. Poultry, pigs, hogs, Dnroc lionr, cBlves, rogtntcrod Guernsey bull, eontlo saddtn horse, (idd« and ondB. Brlii({ what you have to Hell. W. IS. Osborn, auctioneer, -phone IS-F-2. 52 •Legal Notices MOUNTAIN ORANGE ,., , COMPANY /.vV* Arvln, California NOTICK Is hereby given that by resolution of the board of directors of the Bear Mountain- Orange Company, at a .meeting held on September n, 1988, 'an assessment (No. 50) of Two , Dollar* per share was, levied upon Uhe issutd and outstanding shares of i stock of this corporation, payable to qardy, Arvtn, Kern County, ™. . . w ^, J* Any, shares upon which thla as- «nt remains unpaid on the sov- day of October, 1936, shall be afllnquent and subject to five per ....... -------- BUCKSKIN stallion, 2V4 years old, Broke to rldo. Well bred. Good stock saddle, shows little use, 1521 Thirteenth. 52 WOMAN JURY SI'BUDY ANT10CH, Calif.. Sept. 30. (U. P.) This city's first all-woman Jury brought in a verdict In a $1500 damage suit within ono hour after going out. Superior Judge A. F. Bray complimented them on their spued over the average malo Jury. Business Cards ARVIZU'S CONCRETE PIPE Anything Concrete Gates and Valves All Work Guaranteed Yankees— 1)| Magglo up: Hall one, Inside. Strike two, Hwung. Ktrlko Dl Miigjjlo funned, swinging, a, lUHty,tluul .ultcu. crowd gave off a cheer for Hub- three, Dl T« bell. U eh rig up: Strike ono, called. Hall one, low. Bull two, outside,. Foul, strike two. Oehrlg borrowed Man- cuso'a rosin bag to dry off his hands. Foul. .Strike threo, CJahrlir fanned, swing-ing and the crowd gave another big cheer for Hubboll. Dickey up: Strike ono, called. Rtrlko two, swung. Hull one, outside. Dickey grounded out to Terry unassisted. No runs, no hits, no errors, nono left. Giants—ott up: Bnll ono, outside. The ball almost slipped out of Huf- fing'B hand before ho completed his motion. Ball two, outside. Tho mime steady rain continued to frill In the inflold and tho Infield WUB getting very muddy. Foul, strike one. Foul strike two. Oil doubled,; down tho left field line. Ho picked out a slow ball and toed off on H. Hippie up: Hippie saertfle.e.fl Huffing to who covered first Phoni 20 Arvln, Calllornli L. W. HUNT, GEOLOGIST Petroleum and Mining Engineer 220 H.bert.lde Bldg. Phont 1711 Rnld»nc« 2(23 Twentltth Phont 28H-W LAUNDRY SERVICE Liundry Strvlct UnttMlUd—Tint It Our Blogtl T»n Oltlerent Btrvlou and Zsrlo OdnrlMi Dry Ctiinlni CITIZENS LAUNDRY Sixteenth und 0 Strtetl Phon< 151 TKN head of saddle horses, weight ; from 700 to 1200, $26 up; some odd ' colors. linkcrsflefd Corral, Brundaee, ' l<ane. r,4 ! DORS and Other Pets REGISTERED Scotty pups, reasona- ablc. Qrovo Auto 'Court, avemio. Highway 89, south. Union 62 Wanted to Buy-MlsoeHaneous WANTED—Old burlap and rags,.Buying: bottles and other Junk. Call 2170 for pick-up wagon. 717 Rum- ner street. C-16-tf WANTED—Small hoist, engine and dry washer. Will pay cash. O. H. Mornivrny, Florence hotel, Twenty- first and I. 53 JOHN W, CULLITON PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT INCOME TAX SERVICE. AUDITS. SYSTEMS 205-6 Pr*l<ill«n«l Bultdlni Finn* 4I«I PAYNE &*SON FUNERAL DIRECTORS NlflilMftlh *nd C StrMtf J. C. Payni j. Bract P*yn« Fftd P*yn« DOUGHTY-CALHOUN-O'MEARA Funeral Dinotort and Ambulsnoe Sirviei MM Truntun Av«nu«, at N Btml Phont M? Ud» Att.ndmt Bonding Oil lo third. Luzsserl came in to tho pitcher's box for a short conference with Ruffing. Huffing blew on his hands to warm them up MancuBo up: Foul, strike one. Thu Yankee Infield was plnylng In clone on the grass. Ball ono, outside. It wus almoHt ft wild pitch und Dickey had to lunge to make the catch MBIICUBO hit a sharp liner down tin left field line for a. single, scoring Oil. It was a well hit ball and there wao no play on Ott at the plate. Whltehead up: Foul, Htrlkc one Whltehead popped to Itolfo wh made tho catch In front of the plate Murphy wan warming up in th bullpen for the Yankees. Jaukson up: Ball ono, Inside. Bal two, outside. Strike one, swung Foul, strike two. Foul. Bull three Foul. Jackson filed tc Atlas and Pacific Ughilng. Declines were scattered and Inconsequential, Transamerlcft WHS active but steady. POULTRY, BUTTER, EGGS (Vallfd fn-m l.rnitil Wirr) I-OS ANOEUKS, Sept, 30.— Butter Kxtrns, 37 HO. Prime, firsts, 3'Uie. StnndnrdN, 3<c. Undcrsruilcs. BAR SILVER (Amoeinlri /'rrm t,(n*ctt \\'lrt) NEW YORK, Sept. 30.—Bar sliver ulet and michnnKCd at 4^- n ic. tVnlttrl Prett Lcnttt NI5W YORK, Sept. 30.—New York stocks closed: Railroad* \ Atohlson 7SV4 Hall (more *. Ohio 14 H Chesapenko & Ohio 67'i Krie 16% (Sroal Northern pfd. .,...> 39% Illinois Central 26H Missouri Pacific 2»i New York Central 44ft Northern J'nclflc 27U Southern Pacific 43 Union Pacific 136»4 Industrials American Can 124H American Tel. & Tel 172 Bordens Caterpiiinr Tractor Cities Service S0% 4 Columbia Clna 19H Consolidated C!a.« 42-U Torn Product* 69'i Curtlss-WrlRht 6% First National Stores 47 t-'ox Film "A" 30H General Klectrlc 4f> Oeneral foods 40 Gold 1'tust Farm Implements Also Claihi Attention on N. Y. Market in Today's Activity Goodyear Tire and Rubber.. International Harvester .... IntiM-natlonul Tel. & Tel.... JnhnR-Man villa . 13 .HSU . 4SH Dlmagglo In whort. renter. H WHS i high fly whloli iJlmagglo caiupe< under. One run, two hits, no errors, on left. Seventh Inning Yanks—Powell up: Powell singlet sharply to left orl tho first pitch. It WUH hlN third straight hit. LnM^rl ui>: t 8trlke ono. culled. Ball one, otitHldR. I^oul, Htrlko two. Ball | two, Inside. Strike throe, I^aiuserl fanned swinging. It was a fast breaking curve which completely fooled Tony. Selkirk up: Strike one, swung. Bull one, high. Ball two outside. fouled to Dickey just behind tho iluto. No runs, no hits, no errors, none eft. Eighth Yankees—CroseltI up: Foul, strike ono. Croaetll doubled Insldo third >aso. Ho overslid the bug In the slimy mud but got back wafely be- 'oro Barlell could put tho ball on ilm. it was a Brunt piece of bane mining In the mud by Dronettl. Piny wua held \\\i whlli» th<> players wiped hemsolves off with towels, Holfo up: Foul, strike one. It was on utleiuptcd bunt. Ball ono. outside. Holfe bunted In front of tho iluto and the ball got away from Hubboll with Crosetti (,'olng to third rind Holfo snfo ut first. The ball :ook n bad bound between llubbell's legs an<l ho was unable, to make any liluy. Th<! official scorer ohnrgi'd lliibboll with nu error. .Holfe WUM c.n-dltcd with a fincrlflce. Dl Mnyijto u|i: Dl MagKio lined to WlflteheaU, who catiKfit Tho' ball on his shoestrlnKM and doubled Holl'o off first. It was u sharp hit liner which Whltohead was barely able to mwre. The piny was mado no fast that Crosettl was held at third. Oehrlif up: (Jphrljf wan lilt, by a pitched hall. Ho fell down In Iho mud trying lo K p t away from it. Dickey up; Ball one, Inside. Dinkey grounded out to Torry untiH8lstr.'d, The crowd went Into a wild ovation. No runs, one hit. ono error, two left. Giants—Terry up. Htrlke ono, called. Terry lined lo eonteu for a single. H was a Hhnrp hit bull anil Terry apparently bothered by lilH bad knee only jobhled to firnt. Oil up: Ball ono, Inside. Foul, strike one. Ott bunted down the baseline and bunt It mil for a hit, sending Torry to second. Hippie up: Hippie bunted down tho third base line and was out. Tlolfo to Go.hrlu. Torry advancing to third and OtU to second. It was H sacrifice for Hippie. MancuBo up: Bnll one. outside. H wns 'i fnet wide of the, plutp, Bull two, outside. Bull three, outside. Ball four, outside. Mancuso wus given an intentional base on ball* filling the bases. Whltehead up: Ball one, outside. Bnll two, high, Tho Yonks hud two men warming up in the bullpen. Ktrike one, swung. Foul, strike two. Ball three, low. Hull four. Whttn- head walked, forcing Torry In with a run. Tho official scorer gave Hubbell a hit on bin grounder, which bounced awny from Iji/.zerl. CronoUl WUH Klvt'ii an error on tho throw In to the plate. Dk.-Uey WUH also given nn error when he let the ball get away from him. Huffing was having considerable trouble controlling tho wel bull. Jackson up: .Strike one, swung. Htrlke two, swung. .la<;kson protested Unit he only took a half swing. Hall ono, wide. Bull two, wide. Foul. Huffing called for n new bull and I'mplro Candled otouii extras, 37c. Candled Hclit dirty »iunrturd!>, 35\4c. Candled light dirty nxtruM, !9c. Ciindled clean Htiuidards. 2So. Candled checks. 29c. Medium Egga Candled clean extras, 'JSi\ Candled llfht illrty extraM, SSo. Candled clenn standards, I'fic, Cumlled llglit dirty stnaOards, !4c. Candled checks, 24c. , Small EOO« Cnnrlled clean extras, SOft. Candled light dirty extras, 17c. Case counts, 2Rc. Poultry Hens, Leghorns, "'.4 to 3'4 Ibs., 14n. HeiiH, l<egliorns, over 8*4 anil tin to 4 IhH, IDo. Hens, l,t>Khorns, ever 4 Ibs,, 1B<\ HCIIB, colored, yVi to 4 lt>a.. SOc. liens, tioiored, 4 Ilm. and up, 2.V. Hrollnrs, ovor I and up to Hi Ibs,, 20f., over Mi and up to 214 Ibn., 20e., Fryers, Leghorns, over 2H and up Fryers, colored, 2% and up to 8\i Ibs., 17,-. Fryors, colored, over 814 and up to 4 U.K., Ifsi )(ijnvicrn, uoft bone, Bnrrod Hocks, over 4 Ilm. ami ni>, 2(>c.*r», i*oft bone, other limn Barred Itorks, user 4 Ibs. and up, SOc. Stage, 12<'. Old nioslerH. PC. Duclitliigf, 4 c /4 ll>». and up, 14«. Ittn'UllMKH, umlor 4'^ lln\.. 12o. tllll dUCKR. llC. C.ei-Be, 1C,,-. YIMIIIK luin turkeys, 13 lt.n. and up to IS U,R.. IK.-. Viiiinu lorn lurk«!?s, over IS lhs..lflc, lle.ti iitrk'-irHf t»'tbn. 'Rml lift, 34iu, -- IHH toui turkeys, 14c. OM hen turkeys, 14r. Slontgomery \Vnrd North American 31H 1'aclfle Gas Klectrlc 3fi'.-j Hndlo Corporation 10U Safeway Stores ,. 30H Sivars-Hoebuek 86H U. S. Hubber 34 >i Union Carbide & Carbon 87 United Aircraft 2414 Warner Brothers 13Vi Western Union S6H \VestlnKhouso Klcctric .....140*i Wool worth 63',4 .1. C. Penney 01 Tninsumorlca 13 V4 Metnls Amerlcftn Smelting ............. SO Anaconda 3SH H*i.hl«hem Steel 6SH International Nickel 81)4 Ke.nne.cott Copper 48^4 Ui'puhllc Slael 23 U. K. Steol 70 Vanadium Htcel ....2SH Tobsooo and Sugar Am«rlcRii Suirar BBH American Tobacco "A" BSVi American Tobacco "H" 100*4 Cuban American SiiR-Hr 9% Groat Western Humir 8t>(4 II. J. noynoUis "«" 66 Oils Atlantic lleflnlng 27H Conaoltdntrd 13H Mexlcun Seaboard 30\4 Phillips Petrolomn 41H Shell Union 24 Standard of California 36 Standard of New Jersey 60H Soeony_Vaouum 13J» ;;;'.'.; isU i Afunrlatfi Pre»» Leaned Vfirt) NEW YOHK, Sept. 30.—Farm 1m- plcmenlfl and other specialties held the principal buying attention in today's stock market, a number advancing 1 to S or more points. The utilities also were In demand. Many of the leaders, however, held to a comparatively slim groove and dealings were quiet. Traders wero inclined to step carefully in view of the European currency devaluation moves. At th* same time domestic business progress was a sustaining influence. Among conspicuous gainers were: J. I Case, Deere, International Harvester, U. S. Rubber common and preferred. Columbia Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Commercial Credit, U. S. Steol, Bethlehem, Oen- eral Motors, Chrysler, Allied Chemical and International Paper As Power preferred. Union Pacific dropped a point, but X, Y. Central and Pennsylvania were a shade Improved. International Nickel. Columbia Qaa and North American wero a bit ahead. Bonds were a trifle mixed, aa were grains. Cotton moved forward. Call money renewed at 1 per cent. Tuxns Company Tidewater Ass n, new Motor* Auburn Motors SBV4 Chrysler 12Hi General Motors B9 HmlHon , IS'.i Packard Motors Ktudohaknr Tlmken Holler I Equipments American Car Foundry American Locomotive, .. Hatdwln Locomotive. ... Ct'imml Tank Stewart Warner 14H 61 68 *; SAN FRANCISCO STOCKS fAitociattd Prttt Lfotef "Wtr«) SAN FRANCISCO, Sept 50.— Closs Crown Zellerbach com vto 11% Crown Zellarbaoh pfd A 106 IM QlorRlo Fruit Corp com 14 Clonorul Paint Corp com......... ll?i L, A. Gas & Electric pfd.........I06*fc Marchant Calcu. Much, com 26% Pac, Ons & El«c. 6 1st pfd...... 32U Pac. Gas & Elec. «H l«t pfd Pacific Lighting com -. Pacific LlKhtlng- $6 dlv pfd 106 Pacific Pub. Ser. (new) com. Plg-n Whistle pfd Hopubllo Pete n. P. Rchlcslnger A com Southern Pac. Golden date A Southern Pftc. aold«n Gate B Standard Oil of Calif 16 Tidewater Asno. Oil com. 18 Tidewater Asso. Oil pfd 103 Transamerlca Corp 13*4 METALS MARKET L, A, PRODUCE MARKET L'Gc. Sijunliw, undi'i- 11 ll>s. per iloKen. 2 hiiiuiiljt-, U Ids. per duxMi and up. Capons, undnr 7 Ibn., Zilr. Cupoiid, 7 Ihs. and up, 2Sc ulibltH. H each, No. 1 \vhitc-. 3 ',4 to 4H Ibs. liabhltH, No. 1 mlxuil filers, 3H and 4'X. Ibs. each, lie. Uulihlls, No. 1 old, r-c, COTTON FUTURES «, , « < A HtM'ialtd 1'rret I.raffil Wire) NI-JW Yt.UUC, Sept. ,10.—CotIon advanced further on aotlvn biiylnx in- fhicncod by reports of rains In tho caMcrn I«>|| and i-ontlnuod m-tivlty In the cotton cloth miirkpt.s. Trade and mill Imylnn \VIIN IC|IOI-IIM| active lull lifter fhowliiK net adviinces of 18 to 21 poliHi), prices i;ii!ii><l ^lluhtly llinlcr Increnseil hedging nnd roallstlliR. t>e- eemhiir snld nt) lo 12.ZW and wan rul- liiK around 12.1S1 with Ihe Keneral inar- km showlnu lint advances of 10 to 14 imlntn In tho inkl-aftM-noon iimrhct. Futures closed barely ulettdy, 8 lo 10 blither, October 12.23,- December 11.ld4jM2.lR: January 12.10; March lM.12'j)!12.14; May; July H.tiS«'lI.»9. Spot steady; middling- 12.U.1 LOS ANQELES STOCKS (Unilcil t>rmt t.ratrrt Wire! Industrial* Mill Anked Chrysler l'liunli> Ncnii .... i;|r,|ji- MillliiK DougfaH Aircraft Tnylor Milling .. I S3 _ 10 * I.1H Bank! '"ItlreiiB NiitloMHl ...... Security l-'lr«t Kullonul Mlicclliineoui A. lllVdHlllHMll R>V ciflc Fining r 2(i1 Public UtllltleB A. Qnn Hint I'lc.-, |,rd..lOC Purlfln <.|UM Slid ICInetrlC.. 8«»» »trlkr> two, Strike two, culled. (Selkirk grounded to Terry who threw to Kartell forcing Powell at second, Selkirk wu» safe at flrnt. i Huffing up: Hull one, low. Foul. [ one | 0 « | Htrlkei on«, Tho bull ft-ll in tho PI-CBS sw.'Uon alruoHt hitting a i;mpiro i-Tinntui K avt« it to him. i^nc Caa and Klec A .,., 31 Jackson filed to IHMngKlo In center. I Pacific J,l|chHnK com. '... M scoring Ott after the catch. Man-i Ho Cuilf. Icdts-on coin, ... s; '-•nso held second and WhltuheuU So - '"", lir - '•>)'•"-">? i lfd " rjy* fif M > I K'.'. Calif. I'.dlHoii :,'v -'7V» 107 37 f»4 (Aitoclntnt Prffi l.ratifA IVIri^ LOS ANOELF..S. Sept. 30.—Beans: ,ocal Kentucky AVondors 4<96c, fancy polo 6c, fair 2*403c; Rre,»n pod 2U4C 3c, bent 4c; brown sued SWtpSn, h*»t 'ic; Uiiadalupo irreen pod iH^'^c; San IMejjo county pole Kentucky Wonders 4c; local and Kan Uloiro county .Inias 2®2Hc, fancy pole 3e, poor 1® He lh. Brussels sproiitti: Davenport, Penca- dern, Snnla ('ruz uml San Luis Oblspo beat 4fj5c Hi., fair 34<Ji3Hc, No, 2» Hf2c; Davenport 50-lb. druims, Iced, $3.25. Corn: Local Oregon Kvergreen 60® 7f,c, few KQijj SBc lug, fair 40f||GOc, No. Local Bnmswlcks, best 4®5c Ib., fair 3o; Kudotns, bewl 35J3'.4c, ordinary small I',4i8r'2c Ib. (InipeB: Han Joariuln valley seedlonn lV4«il«ic, best 2o Ib.; Muscats 2«i«iP3c; Ktbinrs, boHt 2<82^4o. noorer IVic; Lady Fingers 3c; Hod MnliiRiu* 2^4<B> !!Hc; local Concords 3iJi4c Ib.; Kucori- dido Muscats 2Hc; local wlnn stock 7-lnftttuJela »20«J2r,, Muscats, 122.609 27.50 ton. Lettuce: Ouadalupe and Santa Maria dry pack 4-doBen $2.00n(2.2f> crate; G-doreil $2.00, best $2.15?f2.25: Lorn- poo 4s $2.f.0»2.f.r,; 8nn Hits Oblnpo 4« f2.40f7>2.r)0, fm $2.35; Hallnas 4H $:.3J(ii' 2.50, best $2.60, fair $2.00^2.26, poorer $1.75 crnt«. Peas: Cluadalupe pole, best Sc Ib., fair BHfr7V4c. poorer 3H<i ! 6<!i I'tsmo- Uceano, fair 707J4c, poorer SVi^uu, fancy 8<fgl4(!; Kallna.s bush, 60 Ib. Peaches: Yucnlpa Krummels, best SHffSe, medium SWSfS'.ie, Hmnll IVi 2e.; chiimplons, medium 2mj3c; San Jouquln valley Siff-ta; Ullyoii lat«» 2S4 iSSc; velvet clings 2o; local Snlwiiys 2«2'.ic fair HtSl&c, poorer lower; Utah Klhnrlas, bunliel l,««kct, cold | mor«Rt>, 2-lu-h, 2.10^2.26; 2ii-lnch, $2.40 Potatoes: Stockton \\1wconstn Prides Booii. too few unleu reported to quoto; f»lr $2.0002.10 cwt.; choice $1.354^1.41); "KH »!>!» fl.SOfll.Sl; Klttmnth Pslls V. S. No. 1 Hussets $2.00tfS.10, few $2.15 cwt. f.tiiettalei rrest f<ratmi Wire) NEW YORK, Sept 30.—Copper quiet; electrolytic spot and future, $9.75; export, $O.SO@9.85. Tin firmer; spot and nearby, $4«. future $45.70. Les.d steady; spot New York $4.<SO@> 4.6»; Host St. Louis, $4.45. Zinc dull: Hunt Si. Louis spot and future. $4.Si. Quicksilver. $V3@97. Iron, aluminum, untlmony. platinum and wolframite unchanged. LOS ANQELES LIVESTOCK (Aisoclatfd I'rfit Leased Wlrt) IMS ANOELKS, Sept. 30.—Hogs— Recelpta 460; strong to IDo higher; grain-feds »10.70®11.25. Cattlo—Receipts 900, holdovers 433; steady to weak; fed steers Jfl.S5C7.GO: Imperial Mcxic-ana $6.70; heifers IS.2& <U'i6.Su; cowa }4.50®S.40; cutter grades I2.7&O4.2S; bulls to 16.00. Oitlvoa—Receipts 400. holdovers 488; steady; few vealera to $9.60; range calven »7.00; mockers J6.60®«.«0. Sheep—Receipts none. Good wooled Iambi quoted to J9.00. CHIOABO GRAIN THE WEATHER Ssn' Joaqnln, Sacramento ' and Santa Clara valleys: Fair tonight and Thursday; little change In temperature; changeable winds. San Francisco bav region: Ffclr tonlKlit and mild Thursday; Ion locally In early morning; cenue west winds. Northern California; Fair tonight, And Thursday but fogs on the ooasf, little change In temperature; gentle to moderate northwest winds off the coast. Sierra Nevada: Fair tonight and Thursday; no change In temperature; gentle changeable winds, mostly southerly at high altitude. Hullnas valley; Fair tonight »nd Thursday but morning fog in lower valley; no cluing a In temperature: northwest winds, Southern California: Fair tonight and Thursday but morning clouds or fog near coast; little cbong* in temperature; gentle northwest winds off tho coast. llublioll up: llubbell hit a bounder: to LHZzerl ami the ball tsol away ! from him. Muncuso play. Selkirk made to thn nluin Hi. , , diiKout und WhlU'lu-iul ul» Ncored during the confusion. Hub- i liell ruceil all tho way u> third bow.! Mooro up: Klrlko one, culled. Kiiul. Cnllf. HUM 8 yfd.. . PlK-lflir It. It Oil! a wllil throw > l'«'*l"c Wi'Htrn , „ . " irtiw ! stunclaril Mil '.f Calif.. l)ttll ttolnif to ' i,,,!,,,, uu of ,;.„!)( 31 43?, 7H 14 '* 3i,S 21V» ' 7 Hi fAifoelateit Prttl l.vattd Vftrt) | fllU'AOO, Bept. 30.— Win-Hi: I>oc., $1.12H'fn.13; May. 1 ll.llHin.lm; July t'orii: Deo.. SiS 8!>'4<;: July, S5»ic. Outs: Dec., 41'ic; May, July. 37»4c. ••a\*n>f. .>i-»u. JJi* \* yi '; "**"•• R0 'i c ' : Ma - v ' n> -' 38'<i Harlcy; Dt-c., 7?c. ono, oiitwldc. Moun- . KToundBrt out, OroHctli to <5<»hrls. Four run«, ihrci? hit*, two L, A, CASH GRAIN > , j,.^, i 4*»o, -iali'il I'rmt l.canfil Wdr) L<i8 ANOHLKS, St'lll ?.«—Current FUNERALS WANT TO BUY—Eleotrto light plant, not le»s than 800 watts. Jacob Ca" - RouU A Bpx_*|?.. NlnHi Iniiliij; . . . . . . .. ., „ .. \-unkn Powell up: Ball one out- I'Vd.-rul-Klutc MaiUct Now* Si'rvlos | writer. Ball two. Inside Strike two, Bla<1 , ,,,, wtl ,, g ,. ullni](M , Ol|t )a )l ,| n* follow^ .ITK-M <j uo i«.i ar« cwt.. j u ti u LI j •* i in i swung. Ball three, outside. Strike i 0 Ten-v " .fluid run. In i-urluu«l« only); i Hall machine and TOO! WOrKS i three, UuffiriB fanned swinKlng 1 1^^,-} „„• Strike me .«ll 1 i Aruentliie corn, uuick .lellvery, bulk No ruiu, one hit. no errors, one su-ik* two, called. I.amri grounded' *"" U ' out, Whlluhfad to Terry. Hfelkirk Up- Htriko one. Price* Are Rlthf—24-Hour Service "OGNCRAL MACHINE REPAIR WCLOINO AMD MANUFACTUHINO TwtMty-nrtt and Unl*n Annul Legal Notices m ^ „ The Board of Trustees of the Kern County Union Hljrti school District ,ro*Jn acco on school Ing to »pec or - rTTC - onu on left. The umpire held up the while Ihe Kroundkeepei-fi some dry dirt for the plt*her's box. Tho boson were no muddy that they could barely be seen and white chalk Wai sprinkled on them bt-twocn in- nlngu. , OlanU — Th« drowd applauded Hubboll when ha oarno to bat. Htibbftll up: Hubboll fouled to G«hrlK wild nia4« a rtiuntitir ontoh in front o£ tho OlanU Moors Up: Moor* jdietl to Dlmag- in Awo center on tlto firat butt. , . Selkirk frrounUod out, Whltfli.-ad to 1'*rry. .?(o runt, no htu, no errors, none left. 4 • * CUNTS AUKHCKBD Kp WIN (Continue* Jfro win. R 4n*t at a burden, 1 rtk UWw <U.t» ^ t.'alttwnla wheat, hacki-d. No. 1 noft or No. I hurii whit*, »l.«5tfJ-«TH. nin l/.-irlcy. mi. Ic-'l, 44 |li». No. 2 l.ilghl uv>.l<:in, 46 Kin.. $l oD-,il 07 •CallfurnUi l«!lo, low. tl.CO. , . . l.W.; No. 1,1 No. 3 yel- INTENTIONS TO WED J t SniHb. JJ, IXMI An«nle», nnd K»*lo y, Dentyn, It, TWt.' ' K(»l!:Hl < ICH--Kunerttl service* for Mrs, N«lll« Koi'hler. 49. of Dnluuo, were i-oniliK'tcd ut I'uyne & Sou chap«t at 2 o'clock tliU ntttirnoiin, Inter- m«nt following In Union cemetery. Mr«. KiH'hl"-!', a nuttv«> of Warr*n- ton i;rov«>, 111., had tnatin her horn* i 111 Delano for IS ycuin. Klin In »ur- ' viveJ Uy her luitbiunl. I), i.. Ko«h- 1 lor, a son. TAifUB, anU two brothers, William McCnUhy. of CtilCRBo, und ' Fitink McCarthy, of Antiouh, Calif. ' lJOUKMAN—Mu»« for lhmry A. Uorr- i suati, 74, or Arvln. wait at St. KrauclK Church ut ]<) thin morning, followed by tnt«rm*nl III ]tal(»r»flela MeuiorUl Park. HIIM- wy ««rvie«ti w«r« conducted at tb» S o'clock Isjjt Union MBNTS Changing Conditions ) HANGns'Geconomk conditions necessitate p«~ riodic analyst} of investments. The personnel of our Investment and Statistical departments will be pleased to assist you without cost or obligation. J. A. HOGLE & CO. MtttlXM xttv voxjc m>cr HOS Seven teeuth Phone 3S<0 ifyi-^'^m^^^f^feFj'p^uJ sl.i^.^riS^svM'Lvm.p^^,,/.^

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