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Bluefield Daily Telegraph from Bluefield, West Virginia • Page 5

Bluefield, West Virginia
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tfLUEMGJUU UA1L.I uinivwi. Furniture Carpets Window Shades Mattings Come and select you a Go-cart from the largest and mos complete line ever shown in the city. 15 styles to select from 15 Princeton Bluefield. W. Va HIS MASTER'S I Talking Machines, We Handle Them All Victor, Columbia, Edison and Zonophone Send today for catalogues of machines and records.

Mailed free. Alsohaveafull atocfcof "REGINA 1 Mt'SlG BOXES. Beautiful little novelette entitled. "A Harmony In Two Flats," mailed free upon request. Lkmt put it off.

Write for novelette and catalogue today. ROANOKE CYCLE COMPANY. 103 Campbell West Roanoke, Vtt. JQLD HENRY PURE RYESIANDSTO WJTHOUTAN EQUAL InsisfonseftincfOLD HENRY PURE RYE Ifjour dealer cant supplyjou us we will see fhaljou are GUNST RICHMOND. VA, Radford a Brick Company Office and works at TIP TOP, on Clinch Valley Division of Norfolk and Western Railway.

We have on hand at present ONE MILLION BRICK of all kinds. Write or call at works for Qeo. Shafer, Superintendent TIPTOP, VIRGINIA Houses and Lots FORJSALE HOUSES FOR RENT BY THE Bluefield water Works and Improvement Company, HcCARTHY.iEi.g'r H. KENNEDY, Cashier. iBLUPFIBLO, W.

VA KELLY MOVERS, lo Whiskies Wines, Brandies, Alee, Porters, Been and of Uquors. OOT-OF-TOIHIPERS SHIPPED PROBPTLi' Flrst-fflAM aidlBHUard NEWSPAPER! COAL FIELD DEPARTMENT Personal Paragraphs, Social Brevities and Industrial Notes Picked Up by Daily Telegraph Reporters Local Happenings Chronicled All the News of the Nearby Towns Keystone News Notes A colored man known locally as "Black Diamond" was ran down by a train in the cut between Keystone and Barke Monday eight and killed. Hia body was horribly mangled, be- log cat in twain abont the center. M. Totz has retained from Baltimore, where he spent several days buying goods He was accompanied boiae by a milliner from Hagerstown, who will have charge of that department of his establishment.

W. A. Lindsay, trustee for the firm of Qillespie, Hash and Company, ie at tie home In Graham, where be Only One Cent s. for sale, lost, fonnd and advertisements of a like character willbe Inserted Jn this column lor ONE CENT a word, eacb insertion. CASH IN ADVANCE will be reaolred.

The price of any 'ad' can easily te ascertained by all advertisers. Signatures will be counted as part of the advertisement. TXf ANTED--Woman, either v. Mte or uolor- ored, of good character to nttend baby. Heury.

Keystone. W. Va. fPOR RKNT--Seveii room house, good con- dltion, corner Paris and Third street hree rooms on lUilelgh street. 3-la-tf M.

KMMON8. CKR LALE--One and light delivery wagon, new. Inuuire at thl3 otllce. 3-15-2W WANTED--Eight lady clerks for a retail store. Inquire at 11 a.

m. Mrs. J. M. Ray, 40 Bland street, upstairs EXTANNTBO--A position, clerk or travelinf agent preferred, by bright, energetli oting man can furnish references as to ex- )erlence and character.

Address care 3-15 ONEY TO XOAN. 8 12-fit L.J.HOLLAND. FOR RENT--Alter March 16th. one largi front room with board. Apply 707 Princeton avenue.

3-H. TOR RENT--Five room Cat with modern conveniences, over M. Smith tore. Possession given April 1st. 3-8 ot jK)R SALS--Few shares McOae Jfc Wright Milling Compftuy stock.

Paid dividend M9 per cent ialMM. Act anlck JrideJU Banking Company. 3 7-tf HORRENT--Btore room on R. R. and 8-roomed residence 209 Tyler St.

S. Strader. 2-27. SALE--A fine, np-to-date fountafn and fixtures, also a peanut roaster in rst-class condition. The entire outfit tor ale for less taan half of the original cost Address office.

3-8-ti release deeds for sale at this of- iRDER BOOKS for sale at this office. EPORTS for trained nurses for sale at this office. 1 Posted." Oards for sale at this office. Commissioners Office, March 1, 1B05. The parties in the suit of S.

Kontx vs. EllaW. Armstead, et will take notice. on the 20tn dar of April, 1005. at my fflce in the city of Biuefleld, Mercer conn- West Virginia.

I will proceed to execute lie decree rendered In said cause by the ircult court of said county on the 7th day February. 1805, when and where they are -iquired to attend with such books, papers ouches and evidence us enable me to somply with said order of court. D. M. EA8LSY, Commissioner In chancery 4t of said court.

Again what Mrs. Lucy StoYaJl.ofTilton.Ga, said after takinj Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. Hundreds of otherweak are i stored to perfect health by this remedy. YOU may ba well if you will take it Indigestion nearly all the sickness that woman ve. It deprives the system of nourishment and the delicate organs peculiar to suffer--weaken, and become iseased.

Kodol Dyspepsia Cure nables the stomach and digestive digest and assimilate all of the whole- ome food that may be eaten. It nourishes the body, and rebuilds the weali restoring health and strength. -es indigestion, constipation, dyspepsia, ur and all 'A disorders. Digests What You Eat Crockett Goodykoontz was called by the illness of one of bis children. Daring his absence J.

Bailey, of Graham, is looking after his business here. Sam Masil, of Logan, was here yes terday en lonte home from the north ern markets, where he had been purchasing goods. Detective Eugene Robertson, of North Fork, who has a large number of friends here, has gone to Hot Springs, where he will remain some time under treatment for rheumatism, with which he has been afflicted for some time. Elmer Evans, who is connected with the Keystone Electric Light plant, and Miss Anna left Tuesday morning for Bristol, wheie they were united in znariiage McDaniel'B home Is in Kouerfield, but she had been the gneet of her brother, William McDaniei, for some time They are expected ba(k today, and will make their permanent home in Keystone. Charlie Bird was badly injnred in the mines of the Keystone Coal and Oofee Company Tnesday morning by a fall of elate.

He belonged to the plate force and was mashed through the hips and cut on the head. Mayor J. Ferd Thomas is confined to liie borne on account of lllnfs-- Mre. B. W.

Saunders has returned from the northern markets, where she spent some time buying goods for the firm of Qarrett, Dudley Company, for which she has charge of the millinery department. Mrs Ed. Wilburn, of Blnefield. has returned to her home after a visit with her eieter, Mrs J. FerdJThomns.

Mrs, J. K. F. Steale is reported on the sick liat this week. R.

Thomas is in Pnlaeki, Va the gneet of Ms parents Burke Lodge No. 10, Knights of Pythias, are making preparations for tha holding of the Eighth district convention, next Friday night. Each lodge in the district will have repre lentntivea preaent act 1 an injoysble and interesting time is expected. George Landon has returned to Keystone, after a week's vi4t in Pocahontaa Dr Ephng, has moved into his new office near the bridge on Biidge street. He has titled his office up with all the most modern equipment.

Philip Klelman was in Blnefielc Monday night, attending a meeting of the Knignta of Pythias. The Keystone Coal nnd Cote Company ie building a large tank to replace the one recently washed away Tbiij company, as is reported, will also begin the construction of 120 additional ovens at once. Dr. and Mrs. 8.

Steele were in Blaefield the latter part of last week, purchasing house furnishings prepara tory to going to housekeeping. An electric banjo Is a new addition in the White Elephant saloon. John H. Rnmphf, Kimball, was a Keyetcne yesterday. Mr.

Jones, of North Carolina, ha; accepted a position as cletk in the store cf Beynolds and Shor. William Henry goes to Coebnrn and Norton today where he will look after his business interests. Preparations are being made by the merchants of our town for the second pay-day excursion from Zsnith and Cosldale to Keystone. A large crowd was here last pay-day and more are expected this time. Our merchants have received their spring goods, and tnose who visit Keyatone can get anything they want.

The following scores were made by the Keyatone Uun Club in their regnlar weekly shoot yesterday after noon: H. C. Thomas 45 out nf 00, A C. Davis 24: Dr. Taylor 32, W.

Stnart 37, R. M. Garrett, 24. The grandest display of fine mill! nery and dress goods ever exhibited in he coal field will be seen at Qarrett, Jndley Company's, Keyatone, Va on March 25 27-29 30-81. All artlea cordially invited 8 16 9t Graham Items from Our Sister City Gathered by Reporters for the Daily Telegraph jt Mrs.

J. Baier, of Bramwell, ie the gneet of Mrs. Ed Morton. Q. C.

Callsway, of Coaldale, ta a bueines? visitor in Graham. Walter Graham, of Philadelphia, was here yesterday on business. John St. Clalr, of Blneatone, was in Qraham yesterday on Mrs. W.

I. Nickels will leave today foi her home at Big Stone 6ap, after a visit of several days here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. Wells.

Mta. E. Barlow, went to Bine- field yesterday to vleit friends for several days. J. A Strlckler, formerly aeeistant agent at thle point, has accepted a position BB agent at Cleveland, Va Prof, and Mrs.

P. A Allen left yesterday for Richmond, where Mrs Allen will enter a hospital to receive medical treatment. Prof Allen will retarn here in few days to resume bis duties at the High School. NEWS OF THE CAPITAL OF THE CLINCH VALLEY Items of Local Importance and Personal Paragraphs. Norton, correspondent la in leceipt of a letter from President Roosevelt relative to the article which appeared in the Telegraph a few days since on the die crimination of freight rates ot the Flat Top and Clinch Valley coal fields.

Meeers. Chapman Glllespte, of Tazewoll, and Barns, of Lebanon, have opened tip branch offices in the First National Bank bnildlng of Norton. These are among the prominent attorneys of the southwest. It ie anp- posed that they are here to represent Geo. L.

Carter's Interests. Chief of Police W. T. Dean, In company with Crit Dnlp, police, succeeded last night in arresting John Trent, noted mountain moonshiner, who occasionally made aiddle Norton Jieadqnartera for the distribution of his goods. Trent went heavily armed and declared he wonld never be taken alive.

The officers surprised him by waiting at a point where he was accustomed to pass. Trent carried a lantern, bnt this wae in the officers' favor, and before he realized the situation they had blm covered with gnns. This arrest gars far to break np the moonshine traffic of the town and adjacent community Al'x Collier, who was well known in the business, has just been sentenced to 12 months connfieaent in the Wise jail The officers of Norton are to be congratulated upon their determined efforts to BOS that the moonshine business shall not be carried on in Norton. W. J.

Willetts, who la president of the Norton Coal Company, here from his winter home in California. Messrs. Phelps Company, of will open a large department store In the Bolce-Beli building on Park avenue. Robt. Steele, of Lebanon, has secured 8 Bite in tbe west end of Nor- MRS.

INA H. LOWRT. You Can Feel Better at Once! When everything seems an effort, when you feel tired most of the time, when you wake'up every morning' as tired as you went to there is something wrong. Nature is protesting against some neglect en- some abuse. Nature protests more often against nerve neglect than any other cause.

Remember, strength is not in your muscles--the muscles smiplj the Nerve Force tells thuii In Even you! hi am dntx not work by itself--the substance in brain eelk must have energy to do its tins must be nerve force-the same gieat power-of-hte that controls eveiy oigan of the body form of weakness, or sickness, or disease, conies from a lack of Nerve Force to keep the orpans working properly. When one speaks of 'a good constitution," one simplv means a strong, healthy nerve system. VVhen the sjstrm is not strong and well- nourished, it follows itably that one is easily run down--just as Mrs. Lowry describes. "For several months my system had run down and I felt all worn out, tired, did not feel able to get out of bed In the morn- Ing and felt juat as tired when I got up as when 1 retired.

Had no appetite and looked pala and sallow. A friend who had used Paine'e Celery Compound a couple of years ago, and who recommended it very highly, Induced me to try It. 1 felt better at once and I found that at tha end of six weeks it had changed me into a well woman, and I cannot say too much I its praise. I shall take a bottle every Spring Fall and feel sure a it IB all the medicine I shall need. Very truly I a M.

Lowry, 3109 Dunham Kansas City, Mo. (Worthy Matron Order of Eastern Star; Reo, Sec. Kansas City Friendly Aid Society.) Paine's Celery Compound is giving new Force to thousands dav feeding and restoring the net vts to i full strength. It never fails to bnilil up the run doivn system to full, ruddy health. Two days' treatment proves its marvelous power.

You feel at once. Try Paine's Celery Compound to-day. Take just one dose 3 cm go to face the hard part of the day's trials See how much belter you See how much more easily the trials roll away. Paine's Celery Compound feeds the nerves--restores them to their strength--gives them new power to send vitality and health to every part of join bodv, new courage to your heart, new anima' tion to your brain Remember this--Paine's Celery Compound is the prescription of one of the most famous physicians this country has ever known, Prof. E.

E. Phelps, of Dartmouth University. All reputable druggists recommend and sell Paine's Celery Compound. WELLS, RICHARDSON A CO. BURLINGTON, VERMONT.

on, new the ice plunt, for a large lonring mill Work on same will legln at once. There are no new developments in railroad circles The recent Lonie rille and Nashville movement la etlll shrouded in mystery. W. Ford Fnrnitnre Com (incorporated), has purchased the stock of groceries of fbns Hsll sr. The groceries will be disposed of prorrptly.

This arrangement gives fnrnitnre company both store oome of the Hall bntlding, which will be filled with a lirge stock of nruitnre, pianos, organs, etc. Messrs. Chapman Qlllpspie, at- of Tazewell, referred to above tfill, we learn, represent the interests of Zimmerman and others who irar- chased the large coal tract from Ueo Carter ia Wise and Dickenson 30nnties. Mr. Chapman will spend part of his time at the Norton office INCREDIBLE BRUTALITY.

It wonld have been la brutality If Cbas. Lemberger, of Syracuse, N. had not done the best be conH for his suffering son 'My boy, "he says, "cnt a fearfni gash over his eye, so I applied Bnck- en's Arnica Salve, which quickly lealed it and saved his eye." Good for bums and ulcers too. Only 2oc. at all ding rtorea.

CAPRANI rOCAIIONTAS, VIRGINIA. Contractors for all kinds of stone brick and cement work. Coke ovens a specialty. Estimates furnished on short notice. All work guaranteed Call For West Virginia Brewing Co Special Export FOR SALE BY ALL.

E. Stuart, Mgr. KBYSTONB, Wasr VIRGINIA STOP AT Graves' Restaurant WHEN AT ROCK Meals at All Hours, Board and Lodging at Reasonable Rates, A. A. GRAVES, VA NEWSPAPER!.

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