The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 20, 1944 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 20, 1944
Page 12
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12 Fridoy, October 20, 1944 gahcrflttelti Calif ornian I BASEBALL STAR | An«wrr to rr«vlo«» Paul* HORIZONTAL 1,5 Pictured baseball player 30 Us 11 International language 12 Royal Air Force (ab.) 13 Negative 14 Novel n _ , 16 Part of \vhea: 9 i url . 18 Addend " l road . „. 39 Within 1 !5 ear 2 (ab - ) 21 Belongs to me 18 On he ocean VERTICAL 1 Possess 2 Observe 3 Measure of area 4 Steal 5 Dull color 6 Sped THIS CURIOUS WORLD By WILLIAM FERGUSON OUT OUR WAY 7 Provided that 28 Exclamation 8 Finish 22 Like 23 Either 25 Accomplish 26 Music note 27 Exclamation 29 Lost color 31 Forbidden 33 Explosives 37 Beverages 41 Rough lava 12 Near 13 Indium (symbol) 44 Missouri (ab.) 15 French article 46 Bismuth (symbol) 48 Toward 49 Sesame 51 He is third baseman «i» his — 63 Born B6Morindin dye 67 Honey maker 58 Exist BO Virginia (ab.) Bl He is a star 62 At no time 20 Bow slightly 22 Skill 23 About 30 Barrier 32 Container 33 Barium (symbol) 34 On account (ab.) 35 His sport is 40 Therefore 46 Malt drink 47 Indian army (ab.) 49 Spigot 50 Sick 51 GoLf device 52 Male 54 Evening before 55 Auricle 24 Egyptian sun 36 Sainte (ab.) god 37 Humor 27 Account o' 38 Heavy metal 57 Per (ab.) 39 Print measure 59 Myself Jl bl m 2.1 IZ. 51 32. •44 CAN SWIM ALMOST TWO MILES AN HOUR, \ •' AND CAN SWING THROU6H THE T(?EES AT ABOUT SIX HOURS PER MILE...BUT ON LEVEL GROUND IT IS SIDK tJLANCKS ]',v GALlUtAITII •^r^m^,^' 1 IfiJi^Kj'iiM?^ "I reall.v rlirin'1 hnvr (he time (<> Minrc or rmiucli Nlirlt). «n EO luinllnc tlilx >cnr. bat 1 couldn't lurn liuun old .Ilin IIITC—hr'il <lli> nl ln-iirlbrcuk if lie illiin t Kft liln rreiilur full hircl limit '." FtJNNV BUSINESS By IIEKSHBKKGKR •lle'n cilmuhtcil—In 1 '" IM-I-II Irjiiii: lu pliiy tin- St. I.uiii» IHucN "ilh onv By J. R. WILLIAMS COPR. 1944 BY NE* SERVICE. INC. WAS FIRST esoueHT TO BY NEW AMSTERDAM IN 1668. -.. Nl REG. U. 8. P»T. OF». JO-20 WASHING WINDOWS, SMALL PANES ARE BI6 DIFFENDERFER, OF THE U.S. AR\\Y AIR CORPS HAD A TOP SPEED OF COULD STAY ALOFf rn/o CARRYING TWO MEM. (1909) COPR 1944 BY NEA 5ERVCE. INC. " T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OfF. CANNOT MOVE ABOUT; AND MUST SPEND THEIR LIFE ROOTED TO ONE SPOT. WHO WAS THE FIRST PRESIDENT TO WEAR. £OA/& T&OC/SF&JQ WHO WAS THE FIRST f PRESIDENT I A.NSWKK: Alailisiin \\as tin- fii>l (i "Tlir lone u-iiH'llin first hvurilril I'rrNiili'iit. Hlul I.lnfulll THESE WOMEN! By d'ALKSSIO Oin't ><>u Jn»l tell mi' I'vo hud enoiii;!, wlthiiut Mirkim: n I (IKK in nir?" ALLEY OOP ?s«t So Fawt Bv V. T. HAMLIN 10-11 CDPB 1>M BV Kf * RrBVICE INC T M BtG U 8. PAT. OfT ••Fr—»li—umlil >»» "-nil Hit* lm>> I "Xoii'll lim<- I" K«'l i" liiic iinil wait i.i'liMlulr lur nil-, solder'.' I Ivfl my ] .Mmr^uirn—«r're »lmri of lii-lii Ihcw llliisM"- hiinif!" I 'III.''"! ' HOW TO CAKIi FOR PI-ITS I 1<MV N. lr< .1 lim)-<- iiM'! < jl I P 1'of <iOf:S it 1!'J * .1 I S. pit I I'M I N II nil ' it li.l I H^-. ! .1 I'I'i'S, i-uidlr-h t-uin-.i |n>;h. unit olln-r pi>l N IH l<i|i! in »i,n|)li-. ( U-.f i m\\" in iin ullriii-lim I!" .|..-IM" l.ii'ikli-l |in-|,i,r<Ml l.y our W:isl,H,Kl"n lull utimi l;un>all. fni-tnl to iiny cim- ki'i-pint! lui- iii-lf in ll"- li'inic. TI,"Ti' in u |I|I-»I>IIIF ami c.llcn piuiu in raisins |i<?ifc iliu iiclii »«y. Ten n/iiis. jioslpal' 1 .—^ i L'sc r rhi« ( Tlie fii.koi Hfl«'IJ California!! iMformal inn Bureau, 316 Kye SI.. N. li., Wablllnglon 1, J.). t'. I em lu«(i hCTfWlth 10 cfnls In "/in (rai-pfully « r:i|'lic-d in |iai>(.T) for it i*.py uf the buoklct Cai'e of I'ols. N&me Street or Kurnl Kuute.. Ciiy.. (Mid Id \VaHhiiiKton. I). C.I BALONEY/ WHY SHOULDMT 1 GIT AS MUCH DOUGH A6 VOU? THIS MACHIME DOES TH' SAME K.INDA WOIK, OMLV ABOUT TEM TIMES AS JOBS.' SMALLER BUT TAKES TH' BUT VOU AlN'T GOT MO RESPONSIBILITY/ WHV. IF I MADE / THAT'S JuST vJHV THEY'LL WEVER BE ABLE TO GIT TH 1 WORLD PEACE SET"T LED-HUMAN MATURE.' PART OF THE WORLD PETA.CE OUR BOARDING HOUSE Wtih MAJOR HOPPLE T. STILL SAV IT THE- MA3OR. \ME <=Avrt OOZING COT OF THE NVOVAE: AMD CRABBING BUS/-~TENi MINUTES BEFORE THAT, AT TME GLUE WORKS, HE POINTED A GUN AT ME AS SERlOOS AS BUFFALO BILL.' HE'S BIS, 80T HE AIN'T ^. TUOlM<^ / l€> THE. GRIND PRHTWHARD AT TtAT= OFFICE MACK?—-DO VOD FEEU CO/VMNU3 OFF THE GPOOL * LET'S CIMCU IT, BUSTER. ittLEMlND.LEf\NDER« THE GUMPS Man to Man! By GUS KlfeON j BUT. SHE HASN'T HEARP \ REMEMBER THE . FR&M HIM IN MANV \ OLP AOA&E. MONTHS-HE MIGHT H«VE V ABSENCE MAKES FALLEN FOR A NFTY NUR-SEVTHE HEART OR ONE OF THOSE BEAUTEOUS AUSTRALIAN BABES— <S-ROWFONDER* 8-BUT ORLS ARE \£y°U ASKED FOR MY HUMAN BEINSS.TOO-^ HONEST OHNION- HERE HOW MUCH LONGER PO J IT IS-1 PONt THINK VDU YOU THINK ILL ^X CAN EVEN BEGINTO HAVE TO WAIT? f\ NOURISH A FAINT HOPE *-nU.THE DAY AFTER FOREVER. GASOLINE ALLEV Collector's Items SPE4KIN' Of ON THE NIOKMANPV I HAP EMPTIED MY •CWFT AN' WAS TU/?MIM' AROtlMD. THEM I SPIEP A MECHANIZED ENEMY OUtFlT ON .SH0KE kVAlT/N' FOI? THE NEXT WAVE OF LANDIN' BOATS. i KAMMED INTO THE se/iCH FULL SPSED AHEAP. AT f/ THE SAME T/ME I K LETTIM' DOWN MV I?AMP. By KING MV BOAT StVAUOWED 'EM LIKE A SIC-MOUTHED BASS TA<ES A PLUG. » / •/.[•;-.• *T" ^x '* • //V?>.>/'" , ^^(1, WHEN I COT TO ENGLAND, I FOUND I'D CAPTL/tfEP A TlCE/2 TANK, TWO OSEKLEUTNANTS, 14- HeiNIES'AAM MOTORCYCLE. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Now, \Vait Bv EDGAR MARTIN LUCK AT THW SHOULOf/T TOUSH THATS Ti-<E WAN ROYALTY- A* VOOVV 6\vi!t c&^--, • •ItvG^- —— =- ^ .t-M (j • -^^^ ID rj ' / t ,-'-i •--'" ^>r:"t-i«fe:=f SJi V ^|^H» ^'.:_,!\r fckl- «^s«^^»»»>Ci- -'y---/c»-2< FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS He's Hopt'less Bv MKRRILL BLOSSEB I'M GONNA WITHDRAW WVSELF I HAVS THE CAMPAISM AND VOTE 1 J YOU FOR. HILDA MYSELF/ ^AV UFE--AND IF SHED BUT SHE DIDN'T SAVE YOUR LIFE/ YOU WEREM'T EVEN IN , THE LAKE; I KNOW- BUT i MIGHT t HAVE BEEN! AND IF i HAD BEEN IN THE LAKF, I MI6HTA BEEN DROWNING /-AND 1 WOULDN'T EVEN BE HERE IF (T HADN'T BEEN FOR HILDA / ^ WASH TUBBS Target Selected (c«6«>-«^ •7g^ By" LESLIE TURNER f ISN'T THIS \ THATS BWHT, WfAIN. W JAPS 6UILT 3AP BASE AT \ \T WITH FILIPINO LAB08,50<3N AFTER INEMDAO ONL/A \BATAAN.,.THEM PISMIS5ED ALL -~ f W MILES NORTH hHMHHl FELIP t 0'THE VILLAGE IAIHEBE1 MET VOU SEE, THEY THOUGHT 1 WAS PRO-JAP, SIR... AMP THEY NEEPEO A SWLLBP CABINET MAKER ANYWAY, FELIPE LEARMEP THE\R BASE, WISE TO HIM AND HE HAD TO SKIP AFTER HE JOINED US, WE WORKED ON PLANS TO RAID WENDAO BUT (SAVE IT UP AS IMPRACTICAL... SE5IPES.WE HAD WO ; WAY TO PASS ON AWV INF0R-/ ^^> —T MATION WE'D 6ET jr-f WE'VE GOT A WAV TO PASS IT ON NOW.' ' RED RYDER Will Reform Work? £O YOU STILL CA>5'T , MOLLY;* YESTE.RDAY 1 A LITTLE TODAY 1>\ A LET'S WA\T, > LITTLE BEAVE.K ? SHE ISN'T A^ ' ORDINARY OUTLAW-' I^VXY^E WE CAN ps STRAIGHTS.^ /•) |^rO ,-M\Y ' i-O—1' ^ HER. STRAIGHT- OUT YOU WITH By FIIEO HARMAN i' HER A CHANCE TMoHT HER IGNORE GOOD' t I'LL FIND HER A^ HOLD KVEKYTIIINO I«C. T M. MS. U. «. P«T. Off. ".Not lirulbrrt HIUIK /\uil I've bvcu itlUr them >U UMM mouth* far • d»«l BUCK ROGERS. TWENTY-FIFTH CENTURA. A. D. The. Leader By LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS •WOLF wrm WILMA MEM ? WWV.BUC ------ ------- PERCY U<3 THE COME-ON IN YUC/VTAN I DON'T KNO PRECIGEUV ft t/^B.DOC ?/ I DON'T KNOW,)! 'WANTB U<3 TO «Bk ICUCKOO CLOCK -r—— -if- -3) DC>trr-ic5iri N^ •. y • CVM » rv^j uuvi / .A I RO/V\KI KNOW DEFINITE

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