The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 30, 1936 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
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Wednesday, September 30, 1936
Page 11
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i . \: f-i Yankee Outfit -•^>4 McLEMORE (Untied preta Looted Wire) YORK^ Sept. 80.— Th* diants in six! That's ipy nick- el'9 worth on the nickel series • , m • ' ' which begins today on the banks of the rubbishy Harlem. And I wouldn't advise you to risk more than a nickel on the selection fot as > you may know I have been In a temporary slump as a forecaster for the last decade* My last base* ball winner was Cincinnati In 1910, and tho .series had to be thrown to get iner home. My pick of the Giants was made without effort I didn't look titf ft. single batting 1 average^ compare & single fielding record, or study a isingle health chart. I didn't even ring tip the rival managers and ask , their unbiased opinion. Because I know Hubbell the Carlos would be up on iho little hill for the Giants in two games and maybe " three, and that's reason enough for me. I don't go so far back In baseball—I can't Write on ]\fatty and Bender and Plank—but I've seen a few of the hot 'uns and when the chips are stacked up high I'll gamble with the long-legged, closeimouthed Oklahoman 'and that swallow-diving screwball of his, .-'•With-that baseball In his hand, Carlos is my idea of a tough guy. t For the magic in that left arm is , Snatched by the granite in his heart They've yet to send a man to the plate he wouldn't look in the eye and let him have it. I know that f and so do you if you saw that all- ,_...-— vrt «ir star-game in '34 when, with those (V YORK, baggy pants of his flopping about in Minor Riot Don Do Rosa, Santa Clara's flashy Stanford, last season Rose Bowl halfback, provided the thrills as champions, 13 to 0, at Palo Alto. Santa Clara, opening its season Here's Do Rosa ripping off a with a new head coach, whipped sizeable gain around right end as ^^^•^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^hj IB^^JiMa l^^^fc^fc *• i^ ^ • •!!!• .fcj^--* ^^l h • ^ ^ • • ^ ^^» -. _l ^^^^•^••^^"^^^^^^•^^^'^•^^^^^^^^^^•^••^•••^•••^^•^•••P^B^^BB'WlBVBHHIIHHHPBBVA^^BvB^^HpVMV^^^H^^^^HHM^^HMBIHB^^M^^^^^rtHHkHBMM^feBB^^AIA^B^BM^^ta^^B^^Ml^^^^^^^^^B^^HA^H^^H — • • --•—-— • • -• — - —• - - - i • i i — — '- ' - ™*™^^™^™^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^••^^^^^^•^^•^^^^^•^^^^^^F^^^^^^i^MHI^BB^Bp^^Bi^BBlHVllHB^pMBBllBBBBIIIAll^BlBB^Bl^H^HQIM^^^^^BBHB^^B^HA^ltQ^^^^^^plB^^^^^fBBAA^M^M^^MiHfeyflH^H^^^^^HM^^M^^M^B^^^^^^^^B^^H HUBBELL AVERS HE IS NOT SO GOOD AS DURING YEAR OF '33 he eludes the outstretched hands of Jack Brigham, Stanford back. Coming up may be seen ITorko (No. 10) and Xagar (No. 16). both of Stanford. Sept. Owen Hubbel said today ho Is By SCOTTY TIES TON i soda ted Press Leaded Wire) 30. — Carl his ankles, he fired that hot and not the pitcher now he was In 1933. cute one of his down the slot to mow On the eve of another world Be- down Ruth, Qehrig, Simmons, Foxx ries, climaxing the most successful and Cronln. And if you happened to season of his career, he spoke long- miss that one, but caught the 1683 lflgly of a tlme whon went her made world series in Washington, you still know it. For Hub got two down there and the manner in which ho difference to his pitching. "Three years ago I wouldn't bo stilled the bats of such busters as *°ndwin* what kind of weather Now I. This was tho Hubbell who wott 26 games and lost only six this fioaeon, who carried and Inspired a crippled Goslin the ol* goose of the Potomac, I * e ' 11 havo '^r the Crohin t ':Manush,and Myers/was so I "He the Qunsmne," h smooth and honeyed it bordered on the downright artistic. N f b String Is Endless ^_O£ course, there's tho chance that Giant team through ono of tho great he won-'t be able .to weave his magic C8t late season drives in recent major this time, because nobody's string is lenff«o history. Still ho said, endless. But no one can call you a "They're all wrong about me being sucker- for betting ho will. Hubbell, fastftr - J had m °™ B P ee <* in 1933 and as modest as they come, doesn't be- "• didn t take long to get them going lieve he's got tho stuff he had three M? out ****** ™* c ?, th ?"V Now curve one way to left-handers and another to tho right-hand swingers, Stepped Up io Hit "But you can't get by in this league on any ono pitch," Hubbell continued. "They learned to hit the 'screwball' by standing up in front of the plate and hitting it beforo It broke. Then I tried to throw them TAFT JAYSBlfi GAM 15 TAFT, Sept 30.—Lrfsa Kienholx'A Toft Junior College Cougars, who successfully upheld tho best traditions of the Maroon and White, by soundly trouncing Santa Maria Junior College 10 to 0 Ofi the coast last Friday, will make their initial homo appearance Friday evening at Martin field against tho Ventura Junior College Pirates, who are on tho Cantor tho third consecutive year, •TJTANGMAN 11 Howard Canton- AJ *wIno, wrestler of somber cognomen returns to. the mat hero tomorrow Qventn&to attempt a task in keeping wtUT his size, that of giving Brother Johnathan a drubbing on the mat This affair will have all tho grace »a.nd culture of a battle between an elephant and a rhinoceros according to Buck Buokanan -who takM plcnmiro In making matches of this kind. "They arc tho two roughest guys I've ever signed up," Buchanan declares anrt he hn« not forgotten Col Herman and Louie Miller .and sundry others of their stamp. , "What a beating the old mat will take when thoso two babies totter around with their combined 442 pounds in movement! Unto* Water Just by way of diversity tho card will bo adorned by tho appearance of Myron Cox, the lifeguard that imtos the water find spends most of his time wrestling, and Smiling Jack McCarthur, the scowling Irish mat vllllan from Missouri. Pcowee Opener BUI Grub, of Compton, a light heavyweight, and Bobby Cotoman, Beach, Just out of the mid- t division, will appear in the card's 30-mlnute opener. CITY SKH1E8 CHtCAOO, Sept. 30, (U. P.>—Tho ubs and White Sox opened Chicago city series in three years at Wrlgley Field today with Biff Bill Leo facing tho 21 winner of tho White Box p staff, Vernon Kennedy, Tho American Lcaguo club won the last city SCANDINAVIAN WRITER fast ones inside. What really needed wan a curvo, but I ddn't have oho,"- •*"^ J For tho past two yoare Hubbell has been working on his curvo. Has Better Curve "Now I think I'vo got a better curvo than I over had. That's why I had a good year." Hubbell eaid he did not think ho could pitch his best without threo days rest and scotched tho suggestion that ho go to tho mound every other day against the Yankees. "I might get away with it, but I doubt it," he said. j Tho record book isn't all that gives the lie to Hubbell. Bill Terry says he never had more, and 1C Bill Is right even the homicide squad of the Yankees isn't a good bet to boat him. *;•-•; ^ '•••-•• Hurler Not Knough? Did I hear someone say that one pitcher — even a Hubbell — wasn't enough to ,win a series? That's right, but a guy like Hubbell can make it; powerful tough for tho other side to tako tho marbles. Glvo Hubbell two and the Yanks must .take four out of the next five to ', . ^ - _'_ '_ - . • (Ooiittnued onPage Thirteen) STANDINGS W. L, - L .- - ' i . •* PERFECT CONTROL - I COAST LEAGUE Portland Oakland 3 . Yesterday's Itesuits Oakland, 2; Portland, 1. LHUe World Scries W. Milwaukee (Amer, Assn.) 3 Buffalo (international) l Yesterday's RoBults At Buffalo— R, II, Milwaukee 1 7 0 Buffalo 2 4 0 Heving and Bronzel; Harris and Grouse. ROOTERS TEXAS LEAGUE II : T 'V-. 'p .-I '. - i /,. r J - ,1 ' V- .( y^.ft cjW* <#X «*«• «+ W4at IH "CELLOPHANE" WRAPPED n • •- •i ' ; 4 THE MUD CIGARETTE -• j i. se .'. - j.._ ' .-• H^. LX r : V> "i" •" -"'V" > :v. f vv/-s -- -'V . - . f- I '-- '• -• 2023 Chester Avenue ' ^' -<• If AND I.I t. - I MttOlQM ^ ''• -\ r- '>-' MEAT^a 3S^o|iOc i • ,y • -•• v.'<i-V 'jffii&srm ^^-•K?*-l'-***-t ff^V,v^" •4^^^ ftsyst,** \'r. *'i^i--l^ 1 ',. .--l^i. • '. .t- ^^^jw^m^^^^.^--'? h &^^ > - •-• .'. r. h ' h 1. *'V T .W>' '&, i 'Ts.' 1 ^'^' '^tf •>£ ^4^ :* ^»:^1^1B^ •: t: •:,•> - I.." , - , -.• «'l ^ h**Wft rf -' .•• ' •+•!.- . -j .-_. /• Dallas 2 Tuisa 2 Yesterday's KesultH At Dallas— H. H. Tulsa 3 13 < Dalian ,..*..., 11 11 J Stein, Selway, Mll»tead and Jaok eon; Marberry and Kensa. 1 llp ' *^"*^P^^^^"'" •"'"• ' TAFT MAT FEATURE TAFT, 8«pt. • 80.—"t,ort" Patrick Finnlngton, Landsdowno, who bc- came somewhat chagrined last weok when ho had to take Yukon Jako Jackaon down Hollywood boulevard for a wheelbarrow ride, after being beaten by t)io swaah-bucklliig, nomad from the Alaskan wilds, has agreed to meet Earl "Wildcat" Me- Cann f rugged Bait Lake City middleweight, Thursday American Ixsglon night tho THE MAT (Associated Prcsn Lca**d Wire) NEW YOKK—Davo Levin, 195, Jniimlca, N. Y., threw Chief Little JVolf, 218, Trinidad, Colo., 29:21; Dean Dctton, 202 t Salt Lal«o City, threw Harry Fields, 242, Philadelphia 18:30. HORIZONTAL 1,7 One of the better modern - writers* ^ 12 Small wild ox, 13 Wrong. 16 Back. 17 MongreL 18 Early settler. 20 Epoch. 21 Pair, 22 A former time. 23 To peruse. 25 Half an em. 26 Nocturnal animal. 28 Poem. 30 Small lakei. 32 Neuter pronoun. 33 Inclination. 35 Toward. 36 Annoys. 38 Inlet. Answer to Previous Puxile 1:11- HMH lUMKI ' •»» " W FVW1 mm isaasm GI aw HHHH 50 Disposition. 52 Scaffolding support. 54 Upon. 55 Preposition. 57 Oceans. 58 To challenge, 60 Above. 62 Scandinavian U Engines. 15 Calm. 18 Nominal .—value. 10 Knock. 22 To place. 24 Period. 27 Musical note. 29 Circuitous roads. 31 Neither. 33 To scatter. 34 Arid. 36 Seed bag. 37 To harden. 30 Exists. 42 Male cat. 44 Accomplishes, 45 TO exceed. 47 Also. 48 Trunk drawer. 40 Alleged force. 63 ^ ntry * 41 Still. 63 She Shaftcr Gets Ready to Play McFarland BSU, Sopt. 80,—Coach Bill White's Shatter High varsity in getting; ready for Us first game of tho season, which will bo with the McFarland Cougars Friday on tho Mo- Farland field. Prior to the game, the local high school student* will hold a rally here to which the publio is invited. Ominous news from tho Cougar Institution indicates tho McFarland varsity recently defeated a Waico team composed of it* first and second strings, 19 to 0. Coach Chuck Flanagln of tho Cougar eleven has developed his ball club in a hurry if this is true, OJB he had few veterans at tho start of the aeoson. However, he has a heavier team than usual, according to reports. OPEN GATK8 EAIUA' POLO GROUNDS, N, T., Sept. 30. (U. -P.)—Despite tho cold and threatening weather, gates to tho Polo Grounds, scene of tho first world series game, today were thrown open at 8:30 a. m. 43 Street 44 Duet. 46 Child. 4? Molding, a —~ many year*. VERTICAL 1 Specimen. 2 To habituate. ri 3 Secured* 4 Sun god. 5 Platform. 0 Brooch. 7 One for whose 49 Slovak. u*e a thin* is 51 Burden. done. 8 Doctor. flTo observe. 10 Aurlculate. 11 Her books have been —— from the 50 Ell. Norwegian. 81 Point. r -*— —• •* -^T ^^ ^^ -w ^ 52 Afternoon meal. 53 Before. 55 Form of " 56 Toward. 5 7 South west. - J KAP1NO into a taxicab in front of tho .offloe, ducking out of it as It passed tho clock tower; reversing my hat and raincoat and doing a handstand !tt imitation of a circus fcer- former on a holiday, t throw off all pursuit and mado my way rapidly to tho shattered onk tree three hoots and a holler from the Buffalo wallow just south of town and thus eluded all enemy spies. Thrusting my hand into the hollow heart of a lightning riven oak troo 1 brought forth a n-late batch of dispatches which, decoded, read as follows; "G. H. Q. Intelligence Service: "Albert nordon and Krod Damtal of DescnnRo Park havo Just returned from their annual hunt in tho high Sierra with two door aa trophies. Ono wan a 140- pound MUG buck with four points* while tho othor wag a impound Pacific buck with tho regular forked antlers. Tho eyo guards on tho iattor woro 6 in- camped four days near Kings river and trekod hick to Cool- Idgo Meadow. Mr, Mordcn is an employe of the Honolulu Oil Company at Round Mountain. "While they were hunting thoy met a black bear and told him to "go away*' and recognizing the voice of authority, he wont" "MAT1 KARA" "Chief of Intelligence Service: "Billy Bumnn, 11-yoar old aon of Qoorgo Simian, superintendent of Associated Oil Company wont along with his dad to hunt dovoa In the country north of th<i Kern River field. Never had shot a flhotgun beforo. After his dad had missed several shots, ho said, "Dud lot me try it," Ho got tho limit of 15 doves in 20 minutes; then turned tho gun back to hiH father who managed to pull down five* Next day went out and got tho limit again. U was a 12-gnuge flhotgun. "GAKGON ZOLA." X1 Leader Terry Is Listless Over Prospects of Team to Win Series, Mac Says ny IIKNKV MCLKMOHK (Vtfittd Prett Leaned Wire) YORK, Sept, 30.—I, Honry McLomorc, wins the don't care who And you're n sucker If you do. Tho Yanks In four straight or tho Giants in four straight, what rloos it matter? That's the way I feel after talk- Ing to Bill Tqrry In the GtnntB* dressing room at the Polo Grounds. I wont out to Interview Terry yesterday all hopped up over tho no- HCH. I was honnfttly excited about iho thing. And thnt wan perfectly natural. New York's neven or eight millions wore talking of nothing ^^ - -: in Dramatic Setting for the Series *" ' ^ . j » ' 4h*4*U*^*^^^p1*«4«vH ' ' '.' ••.' ' ' ," t . - By GEORGE KIBKSEY (United Pro** teated Wire) T\TEW YORK, Sept. SO.—Ba8ebali*8 big tent opened today with cma of the greatest attractions IB world series annals—the perfect pitcher ngalhat the deadliest hitters. •'"' Carl HubbeiU lean, left-handed pecan grower from Meeker, Okia,, stood like Horatlus at the bridge ngftlnst the Yankees' murderers' row which spread destruction through the American League. It was the supremo climax of 1938 baseball—the Giants, tight-lipped and grim, battling behind tho cooU calculating efficiency of Hubbell/ winner of 16 straight, against the swaggering Yankee wrecking crew, loaded with TNT from leadoff man down through the pitcher, Charlie Cited) Rutting, a 210-pound coal miner from Nokomto, III. Only ono flaw loomed in this dramatic sotting—the weather. The forecast was for overcast skies with probable rain and continued cool weather. Unmindful. 52,000 tans headed for the Polo Grounds, home of the Glnnls. Mart Kuslt for Seats The maddest pregatne rush for world scries tickets the national pastime hits ever experienced was under way. Bureau of Internal revenue agents wen? unable to cope with tho situation. Speculators were ask- Ing and gelling $20 for single game $5.50 tickotH. Stritw dt tickets for throe games, with a face value of $16.50, woro bringing $UO, All reserved seats for the first six ffamoH havo been sold for several days. At 9 a. m. 17,000 unreserved ono, when thoy grandstand seats, 4,000 bleacher played Washington?" \ Honts. and 3000 tickets for standees "Oughtn bo bottor. Them wore a | wcro placed on sate at the polo lot of empty seats at thoso games In i grounds. T •" *' . ft • -L _......_ I - ] 1 -. l' about this one, "How do you Bill? (Jetting a little on "Not me! And why hhould Tl It's ft some more ball games. Isn't it?" "Do you think It'll bo ns good ns tho Gtaiita hens." It'll be a «oU out i ou "lion't know. Novor mw -am." FJW'dollaf neat* w<?r6 sollthg for twenty dollars, HO gront \vus the demand. Sports pages • were filled with stories about tho two tannin, and tho front pnyres told of special trains, loaded with hysterical fans, arriving for tho baillo. Outwldo tho Polo Grounds, half a hundred ragged guys, determined to got at leant Htandlng room, ant on rloUety stools Waiting for tho Httto» to open. Homo of them had boun thon^ for u week. Then 1 talked to Terry, and my enthusiasm wont limp. Tie's the manager of tho Glojitw — the man who'll Iwul thorn Into battle— and for 30 minutes ho talked of the series a« dlttpnsBlonataly as a fishmonger dlscuttslng tho nrleo of frossen halibut. Uoforo ho fin- ishod 1 actually fislt llko running outsldo and telling thoso follows sitting ouUtde tho general admission gates to take thoso fifty cents thoy woro clutching in their hands and go spend it on a good movie. Quoted ConvcrtmUon I'll quoto a few linos of our conversation to show you how keyed up Terry Is over tho. series. Eva Shorb Gives Patty Hard Game Pre*» tested Wire) HUMMIT, N. J. ( 8cpt. 80,—Kigh- teen-year-old Eva Shorb of Canton, Ohio, in out of tho fortieth women's ffolf champlonnhlp, but mark her flown a» ono young lady to watch In the future. Comparativply inexperienced now and nioro oolMuuffht than other- wiHo »ho hits tho gamo ana tho cour- «KG to make a immo for hernelf, Hho fUmoat dM it ycwtarday when nho KHVO frocUltvfaced Patty Berir, also )8, of Mlnnmipotlft, worries galore In tho flrnt round of tho national tournament at tho Canoo Brook Country Club. Mian Borff won, i up, by holdtnir a putt after AfiBB Shorti had mimed hera on tho eighteenth irn&n but before that tho blonde Kva had the Ilttlo American favorite .nhaklng her head and wondering how tho tour- nanumt would look from tho side- Odds Favor Tanks odils continued to favor to win the Beriea, Th« the «iroet was betting 8-5 r of Joe McCarthy's will play better than thoy did dm in«- tho roRiilar soaflorrt" "Don't know. Maybo they wil nnd ntaybo they won't. From what I've «oon of world <mrt*« the toatns pluy about the wimo n» they do in rcRular ffamofl. Tho players may tnlio a fow more chance*, but that's about all." Pitching inferior "Is your pitching staff tho be«t you over had with tbo Giants?" "No. Tho 1933 one waa much bol- ter. I hnd four good stArtora then." "1« tho toam oxcitod about piny* Injf tho Yankees for tho title?" "Not much. Somo of the kid« are a bit excited, but they'll got Broadway betting v also <tuoted the Tonka favorites, and reported the heaviest bolting on tho world roriea tn 10 over that." That'H hot wluff. trm't it" Knough to mako any reporter catch a cab back to the offtco and writo a i>owerful piece about tho QianU and the Yankeen, mortal enomlofl, moot tomorrow on tho battle ground in a duel to death for tho championship of tho world. It munt bo, becauae a lot of 'em nro doing it. But—and pleaso pardon my profanity—I'll bo d will. Tho betting fraternity paid a great tribute to nubMI'a Ditching g^niua by making tho Giants favorites to win the first gamo at 7-5, While Hubbell will be trying 'to scons his 17th consecutive triumph* ih« Yanka Imve a little record or thoir own hanging In the balance. They will be aftor their 13th straight world Berios victory. The Yonka knocked off the Pirates in four straight amcH in 1927, repeated against the Cardinals in 102S, and duplicated tho feat against the Cubs in J932. The lout time the Tonka lost a world aerie* gamo wa« to th« Cardinals. 10 years ago. Their Fourth Clash The all-New York sarle* marked the fourth clash between the Yankees and Qlanta. In 1821 atid 1923 the Giants won and In 1923 the Tanks triumphed. Only one active player survives tho previous "subway" »ei> ie», Travis Jackson, Giants' captain who got into the 1923 series as a plnoh-hlttor. Aerial Attack Is Plan of Renegade Coach Jack Prost still ha» hi« UenegadoB up in tho air jitorally about tho Kiunn here Friday ni*h't with tho Haiita Barbara State Frouh. The Jayive mentor haa told hi* leant it mimt brunh up its passing at- t«cH if it hopes to make a dent in the tough Oaucho Babes from Hard- erland. Wild Bill Hackney appear* to bo onft of lh« best pass receivers on the team at present. Jack haa a number of (rood ptuw henverti on his I Th» squad Including Maddux, PJorruccl, STUNG TOMORROW NIGHT 8:30 o'clock Another Whale of a Card Bakersfield Stadium Nineteenth and V StretU L " •'• .!!•• Main t«.l—Tw» Out «f Tl»r»« r»«» Two-Hotr t\m» Brother Jonathan UUk tt 211 P«U«tf« - h Trout and a fow othora. Barbosu, Incoming flanker from tho Drliterw ! may run Bill a close race for (magging honors. The main tank in front of tho ttenegtufoa seems to be to work out n passing combination which will click cotiBlntimUy, «•*• Jnvunilo 0-men reproduce the! sound of tommy-Runs by repeat!UK ' nipidly, "ha*ha*ha-ha-ha/ bearlnw j out theories of ftecisfmSgU that it'a u ; crime to lunch. J vs. Howard (Hangman) Cantonwine •f OlMln»»U. Ohl^ at 221 Thtu v* tw« r*nak «0r14 anri Can to* win* Or«th«r Jonathan «t kit «wn «&IM »VU n«vtr t«m* !• BakvnfUU aitln. Out «f Thrw Tim* Ll«lt Fatto BUCK ROGERS, TWENTY-FIFTH CENTURY A. D. Trails Strange Pair By PHIL NOWLAN and LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS Myron Cox •^ ^—. _.. . ^^^^^— "^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^P^^^^BI^^W^IP^^B^^W^^^^^^BH^H^^B SHE COULD uoTARouse MM. Th* V.nk« at 212 i SEEME TAKE ALL STRENGTH OUT -HE WEN' STANTLV SLEEP ILL JUST HAVE "TO FOLLOW THEM WITHOUT HIM / FAR DOWAf 7V£ TUMMEL SHE QUA vs. Smiling Jaok McArthur HEP »OU WHO ESCAPE OUT OUGHTT OF — ~^^f -• ^ LEA TOUCH sue Th« R»«»h-h««n ThN ttMi ttM Uww. Pr«Umf0tnr*-OM Fftll—a*. Bill Grubb Callftrat*, ui4 A V W*l|bt tf ITt PMH4* f f vs. Bobby Coiaman tf LftM tU«h. C«ait«r*l«. at 11$ 1-^ i < • -r,/u -y.. ' •• .-• r r-: '*! - * v;v -^ -. - ^ ^ •*; '*.' v;;**- <.- w •r-. i. • . i ••, ^ K .*t , - : . •-.- :* t ^..V '- ,' 1 .]' -*-y ••l-r. f w + •£2 •'I, • :• f;A i'^- 1 '*• • .' >-*& I) .'' ^v I* & *-1 V V 'I •'- ' ),' - 1' v i-. • in ^ i ii (*%£' &% -' • *.j\' tfM wr ^ • SH i<ltf VM *:*• .->' *l. f. h-.' r--\- - * ^ * - **" Vt-t • ^f— l • T I — —r -r ^ ^^H ^^r^^f ^rr -r ^— ^^ - ^ ^ • T ^ —n- ^^n T •I W*rt< War. taUrtfWM Chatter Na. It Bwfc 8»tiuL»««i, Kate^MMr .1, - -. "•' S*att . wla at Jtewx 4 Blaaaart v •»* W*.ta« Mo. ,'^-- t_ J ''l r |>S L V'i' -*1 •^ ,1. ^ --.'.' .':- • -' --I _l F r • • - '--. \ •' * *• — ± - i - •* •v. ,) * I I • m -' ..--.--.-,. I" "- * ' . ^ .- • '• , 1. .1 - ' '.- • " • -.' -- - - f n 1*— -p>« ^ ^^9^" ' ^--.- ' *' •;- *lMSa yipfpi *«**.•£$$ • - .•'-L 1 _.fcj **,» • -1' &IM4. W»»4 aa4 : AiS? fftiM-;! J\ w® hffli: . i/-'-.i- r t Tf i -•<• 1-' 7 • - -!..'' r :?il- 'T l'**3 -' >.'-*. ^S. if .- '.'• ,„*."-S-,-•<"-o-Ht % I .-,,n -- - - t f • 1** .- •• "/.I • n v m mm tit 'f!*£ sffl ^SSJ _ia*« fS&Si '^ t 1 '

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