The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on January 10, 1938 · Page 1
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 1

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, January 10, 1938
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MONDAY, JANUARY 10, 1938. THE MORNING HERALD, HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND. FIVE THINGS OF THE SOIL By DAN VAN GORDER Qunsllnn* ft lawns, Rar.lcns. poultry, llveatnrk. im-liiinllnB anil irneral farming are dlm;u»iinl in Ihls ilniiarunsnl. Rff<ler« have hero aci-m to Oil Information anil ailvlre furnlshril liy our agricultural editor. Inquiries on phatfB of anils and rron» "111 1>» anuwpred by return mall. Aihlrta.i Inters to The lleraM Information nurrnti, Von Gonltr service, Inc., ttnshlns- ton, I), c. Roaches Difficult to Control According to an announcement of Federal Bureau of Entomology antl Plant Quarantine, ,-. largo portion of. all money spent lo combat common house insect pests is expended In war on roaches. Dwellings, hotels, hopsitals, business offices, store rooms, in fact, wherever man goes, there, is no immunity to the invasions by this insect. Methods of combat are frequently more important than kinds of weapons employed in attempts to rout tins pest. Roaches are nocturnal in habits, that is, they are active at night or ii places where little 1'ght enters. Thus, they often exist in great numbers, yet remain undetected for a long time. Around kitchen sinks and cabinets, in pantries and cellars, and especially behind radiators and under baseboards are preferred haunts. Here they hide during the day and emerge at night In search of foods, preferring sweet and starchy materials, although almost any crumbs and refuse will attract them. Prevention is the main key to roach control. If all foods and .scraps are kept Ugh ly. covered so few odors reach the insects, roaches will largely disappear. But in seeking ways to comba these invaders it is important to note where they IJve. 'ndiscrimmate distribution of -epellants may prove nseles's unless the exact occupied nooks are located and treated. Therefore, the first step in roach CLOTHE the ENTIRE FAMILY at a SAVING at the R. & G. Dep't Store OFFICE EQUIPMENT Hagerstown Bookbinding & Printing Co. TELEPHONE 2000—2001 Johns-Manville ROCK WOOL HltMVn-ln Method Coni|inr« <mr price*. Phone 370 BETTER HOMES, Inc. comliat after preventive steps are taken Is lo locate the Infested areas. A light turned on suddenly at night In the infested room causes the insects to scurry back ID these places, thereby revealing the roach habitats. Sodium fliiortdu is perhaps the most effective all-round roach remedy. This ,,owder is poisonous In man as well as infects and should be used with care to prevent mistakes and especially to keep it out of reach of children and pels. In some instances c,"' ilcssness has let! cooks to include this powder in foods, thinking it was (lour. Therefore, it should be plainly marked and kept in a safe place. Also, in using it where food is stored, caution is necessary. Otherwise it may be freely dusted wherever roaches exist. This powder causes death both by contact and as a stomach poison. It is believed to paralyze roaches, inasmuch as they are seen runnin. about wildly as soon as the dust is introduced into their biding places. Blow the powder behind baseboards, sinks and other places where Ihe Insects live, using any effective type of dust gun or blower The measure of success depends on how thoroughly a! these nooks are fllled with the (lust. Sweep up and burn the paralyzed insect daily. Usually one goon dusting is adequate for several weeks. There are several poison bails used by housewives in their warfare o.i roaches, also free use of sltlpliui often repels tho insects. Sma cracks along baseboards and aron.ld sinks should be flllfd with putty plastic wood or otl r filler aflel the voa'ches have been routed Readers may obtain a free copy o£ our roach control guide on request t-) the editor. WALKWAY ENDORSED The proposed five-toot walkway exclusively for pedestrians along the east side of the Post Office lot has been given the unanimous endorsement of the board of directors of the Chamber of Commerce. A letter to this effect is being sent to Representative David .T. Lewis informing him tliat the Chamber considers the proposal a progressive step. Gibraltar was part of Spain until (vpturcd in 17!)4 by a British and Dutch fleet. WARNER BROS. THEATRES MARYLAND TODAY Kay FRANCIS PRESTON FOSTER • ANITA LOUISE • WALTER CONNOLLY VERREE TEASDALE • VICTOR JORY • LOUISE FA2ENDA • Directed by STANLEY LOGAN PLUS — NEWS EVENTS — CARtOON — NOVELTY ACADEMY TODAY Plui • OSWALD COMEDY SCOTT'S SCRAP BOOK HURRY HE. CAN. qR.OUKD dorl'M C. CA.LHOUM To AME.HD -fun 11.5. PRESIDENCY, AKD CREA-TIK^ <\Mo ^s\f-x:^^ul PRE.5I DEXfS / OME. f^R- -fftE. KORrTH AUD 'fHE OTHER FOR -ffit SoiHftyrb BE. IN (CrXLtAOUM WAS VICE 'ENf FROM 1825 TO QL.IDER.-5 BUlLf A. DECA.DE. BE.FOR.E. -TrtE- WRjqrt-r BRafrtER.5 • PE.Slq.MS By RJ. SCOn BICYCLE LICENSE PARLEY PLANNED Owners of Bikes to Be Invited to Discuss the Plan MA.KY -ypw ° P PI-AMES A-R.E. SrlowM ON S-TAMPS OF E.QUA.-TOR.IAO- With arrival Saturday at City Hall of sample bicycle licenses which Hagerstown is considering adopting here. Mayor W. Lee Elgin said that before an ordinance licensing bicycles Is brought before City Council, he win invite all bicycle owners 10 an open meeting of the Mayor and City Council to discuss Ihe proposed plan. Scores of bicycles have been stolen and never recovered in Hagerstown in the last few years. The police feel that if a 50 cent annual license is charged and these | licenses must bo displayed on all I bicycles in use here, it will be quite simple to break up these thefts. It s also felt that motorists, with the tnow'ledge that bicycles carry a license will have more respect for a )icyclist, knowing that the bike •ider has as much right to use the streets as himself. The police vould have a right to recall' a license in the case of. flagrant viola- ions of the traffic laws, such as gnoring boulevard signs and traffic ights .which many bicyclists are low doing. Bicycles are licensed in many cities. The sample tags were .hose used in Indianapolis, Ind., ated one of the best governed and uanaged cities in the country, and s r eillsville, Wisconsin. The men—and their womenfolk— who transport and utilize nitroglycerine in the Texas oil fields are brought to tho screen as the heroes of. "Danger Patrol," RKO Radio drama headlining Sally Ellers, John Beal and Harry Carey. Above are Carey and Lee Patrick, tlie latter playing the role of a wife of one of (he "soup" handlers who is killed while driving a cargo of nitro. Lew Landers directed. AFRICA.. COPYRIGHT. 1938. KINO FEATURES SYNDICATE. jnc.i TRAP IS DISCOVERED BY YOUTHS OF CCC GRAB BAG One-Minute Test 1. Who is the new district at- lorney for New York county? 2. Xame the capital of Wyoming. 3. What is the Maginot line? Hints on Etiquette When strangers move inlo a home neighborhood, it is good taste foi Ihe older residents to pay them Castaways Wanted "Waldorf Service" SAN FRANCISCO, Ian. 8, (/P). —Passengers of the wrecked liner President Hoover expected "Waldorf service" and complained of the food while they were castaways on rocky Ho.ish.olo Island, the ship's crew declared to day in replying to complaints ot misconduct. Sam Cohen, steward's delegate, denied published reports the seamen became intoxicated, molested women and rioted. "We took off all the passengers in less than nine hours without -a casualty," Cohen said. "Does that sound as it the men were drinking? MISSION OF MERCY. HONGKONG, China Jan. S (#>). Three complete medical units, staffed and equipped by the League of Nations, landed at Hongkong today prepared to combat, disease and disaster in war-ravaged China. Controlling smallpox and typhus fever, which already is present and may assume epidemic proportions unless checked immediately. is the first mission of these medical units. Edmund Kean was considered Ills greatest tragic actor nl the early Iflth century. HONEY BREAD A Bread Sensation MANBECK'S Air-Conditioned The Vine*. CodVo »» Snle Todny CHEER CUP COFFEE .... Ib. Donlilc Vinir Mimer Bnrk fiunr- mitpc If you ilon't think mi. Triangle Food Stores ar. informal visit. Words of Wisdom All growth that is not toward God is growing to decay — G. Mac- dcuald. Today's Horoscope Many persons whose birthday occurs today possess almost limitless enthusiasm for lite. They live deeply because they refuse to be idle. ' One-Minute Test Answers 1. Thomas K Dewey, who gained fame as special rackets prosecutor. 2. Cheyenne. 3. An elaborate system of fortifications built by France along the border between France and Ger- nmny. House Insect Control Directions for controlling roaches, silverfish, water-bugs, and most house plant Insects are included in a new condensed leaflet now ready for our readers. Simple remedies and preventive measures are recommended. Readers may obtain this useful information free on request. Ask for your copy today. And, lest your particular problem is not covered, ask tho editor for any additional insect control assistance you need. Please enclose a 3-cent stamp with your refinest. NAME POSTOFFICIS STATE STREET OR ROUTE Address letter to THE MORNING HERALD Agricultural EBi- tor, Box 152S, Washington, D. C. Pennsy Considering Penal Farm System HARRISBURG, Pa., Jan. S, (/P)-— A penal system to replace county jails with industrial farms and nut the entire prison set-up under control of a high commissioner was considered today in Pennsylvania. The recommendation came in a report from John D. Pennington, superintendent of the Pennsylvania industrial school at Huntingdon and former secretary of welfare, submitted to Governor George H. Earle's commission studying probation and parole. CONTINUOUS 11A.M. to 11 P.M. M«t, 10o • 20e — 15c • 25o ROVING COURTS TO PUNISH SPEEDERS Harrisburg. Pa., .Ian. S, (/P). — A system of "roving" courts to punish Pennsylvania traffic speeders will open in 11 districts Monday, with three dozen offenders [acing the possibility of losing their licenses for at least 90 days. Governor George H. Earle authorized the speeders court In his decree that all drivers going more than 50 miles an hour should be punished. VETOES ORDINANCE. Los Angeles, Jan. 8, (/P). — Mayor Frank Shaw today vetoed the anil-picketing ordinance adopted Dec. 30 by the city council. Shaw said ho recognized the desirability of a regulatory measure but said the ordinance was ambiguous, unenforceable and would injure both workers and employers. FOOD SCARCE Shanghai, Jan. 8 (/P). — Living was so bare in Nanking, China's captured capital, today that the Japanese embassy cook needed the entire day to gather ten eggs for a reception to the returning United States embassy staff. Roller Skates O.McKEE Authorized R. C. A. RADIO Dealer Free Trlnl On Any Model Shockey Furniture Co. 28-30 Snmmlt Avenue Estate HEATROLAS (*hone 2041 CARVER'S 32-34 N, Potomic 81. USE A CLASSIFIED Ad—You can phone It and charsre it. rol , fl adofhe screen, . , , . Kay Francis, plays the title role in .he screen adaptation of the Kathrine Dayton-George S. Kaufman stage success, "First Lady," now showing at the Maryland Theatre. A potential death trap, which [night have swallowed lip a hun- .er or some of the Appalachian Trail hikers who inight pass that way, was discovered Friday by a ?orps of CCC boys from the Boonsboro camp while working on Dahlgren Ridge, above Boonsboro. The trap was an old stone well, 105 feet deep, abandoned over halt century ago. A badly rotted top would have given way under the weight of a person, precipitating them to the bottom. The fall alone undoubtedly would have been fatal. The CCC crew was removing brush piles scattered along a fire fire trail when they stumbled upon the well. Old residents of that section say the veil is over a century old, having been built by saw mill operators by the names of Hoffman and Long and was used lo supply their sawmill engine with water. A warning sign has been placed over the wcli and a new top w be placed over it and guard rails built around It next week. Peaked cashmere hoods are be ing worn at St. Moritz, Switzerland, for skiing. The hoods are moslly made of ong, narrow scarfs in light colors to match the jumpers. Ski suits are usually in dark colors. PAID TO DANCE" SHOWING, TODAY ONLY AT HENRY'S The underworld and gangdom at .urge is chock-full of rackets, many of which have been revealed before on the screen. But Columbia Pictures' latest thriller, a daring expose ot one of the most vicious •ackets ever lo he unfolded on the screen. Is "Paid lo Dance." Starring he-man Don Terry and lovely Jacqueline Wells in Ihe leading roles, the film features such ca- p.ible players as Rita Hayworth, Arthur Loft and Paul Fix. "Paid to Dance" tells the story of the taxi-dance gals and the men who rule them. Risked Life So She Could See And Diet Galveston, Tex., Jan. 8, (/P).— Dora Itelsner wanted to go back to school. Blindness stopped her career as an honor pupil two years ago, when nhe was only nine years old. She mlased school—antl playing with her chums, and the sunshine and flowers. Doctors told her it was a brain tumor; that ah operation would endanger her life. Dora made up her mind. She was on the operating table six hours. Dora's friends will go to school as usual but Dora never will play with them again. She died yesterday. July used to be the flfth month of the year. r Qua! i ty FURNITURE AT LOWEST PRICES The OrlRliinl Miller's Furniture Store 31 S. POTOMAC ST. DOIT ELECTRICALLY THE CHEAPEST WAY POTOMAC EDISO.N CO. 20% Off Suits & Overcoats JOHN D. MYERS 20% Off AH Clothing MUSEY & EVANS 59 West Washington Street BENTZ and DUNN Slenderized Arch Preserver FOOTWEAR Double Automatic IRONMASTER $7.95, But $1-00 For Your Old Iron makes it $6.95 - 50c Down Balance Monthly Modern Appliances, Inc. 40 S. Potomac St. Fhone 2505 / am an advertising man For over thirty years I have been writing advertisements for national advertisers—shoes, soap, cereals, automobiles, radios, tobacco, blankets, tooth-powder. To me it is the most fascinating work in the world— learning about the merits of merchandise and then telling people about them—bringing greater comfort, and enjoyment, into people's lives — introducing people to new pleasures, helping them to get the most for their money. Besides being fascinating, it is satisfying. My intimate experience with advertisers has shown me that, except for rare exceptions, the manufacturers and merchants of this nation lean over ba'ckwards to be sincere and honest. The law of advertising is simple once one understands its working—the more people know about the merit of a product, the more people buy it. The greater/the volume of sales, the less the cost to manufacture. Savings in making mean either lower prices to the.consumer, or greater value put back into the merchandise. ' , As an advertising man I can sincerely affirm that it pays to read the advertisements in the newspapers—for news of new things, for news of bargains and savings. There are thousands of other men—and women—devoting their lives to advertising writing, who will tell you the same thing. They know!

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