The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on January 8, 1938 · Page 2
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 2

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 8, 1938
Page 2
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 8, 1938. THE MORNING HERALD, HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND. THREE Preparing for a Life of Service ILLUSTRATED SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON -Scripture—Mark 1:1-13- By the Bev. Alvin E. Bell And Alfred i. Buneber John the Baptist preae>.ed in the wilderness of Judea to great throngs of people to prepare them for the ministry of Jesus. "Make ready the way of the Lord," was the heart of his message. John pointed his own disciples to Jesus and directed them to follow him, saying, "Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world." John urged his hearers to be baptized as a sign of repentance. He also baptized Jesus, not for forgiveness, but to Identify him with sinners and inaugurate his ministry as the Saviour of sinners. Following Jesus' baptism the Spirit led him into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. Jesus triumphed over Satan in every temptation. (GOLDEN TEXT—Mark 1:3). SUNDAY, IN THE LOCAL The Church of God Summit Ave. and Baltimore St. Rev. F. h Snavely, Pastor Eunday School »H* o'clock fetornine: Service 10:30 o'clock T. P. Service 6:45 o'clock Evening Service 7:30 o'clock Evangelistic services fiiich night, vlth -TCviingrelist .1. K Riu-boiii-. St. John's Episcopal S. Prospect and Antietam Sts. Rev. Walter Byron Stehl, D. D., Rector Church School ........ 9:15 o'clock Morning Service 8:00 and 11:00 o'clock Evening Service ...... 7:30 o'clock Christmas Eve ...... 11 :30 o'clock Christmas Day ...... , 11:00 o'clock Sunday, 7:30 P. M., Church School carols. Antietam "sTu. B. Antietam and Locust Sts. Rev. F. G. Mentzer, Pastor Sunday School ........ 9:30 o'clock •Morning Service ..... 10:30 o'clock lY P. Service ....... .. . 6:30 o'clock •Evening: Service ...... 7:30 o'clock " Mid-Week Prayer Wed.. 7:30. St. John's Lutheran S. Potomac St. J. Edw. Harmi, D. D., Pastor Sunday School Morning Service T. P. Service Evening Service 9:30 o'clock 11:00 o'clock 6:30 o'clock 7:30 o'clock Howard St. M. E. Howard and Chestnut Sts. Rev. W. DeWItt Dickey, Pastor Sujiday School 9:45 o'clock JJornlng Service 11:00 o'clock T.'P. Service 6:30 o'clock Mid-week service, Wed., 7:30 P. it. Volunteers of America 210 E. Washington St. Staff Captain J. A. Dunn In Ch«rge Girls Club. Tuesday, 7:30 P. M. Boys' Club, Wed.. 7:30 P. M. Christian League, Fri.. 7:30 P. M. Sunday Worship. 8:00 P. M. St. Paul's Evangelical : Cor. High and Franklin Sts. Rev. R. S. Daubert, Pastor Sunday Schncl 9:30 o'clock Morning Service 10:45 o clock Kvangcli.stic Services Evnnini; Service 7:30 o'clock KvangeliFtic services each night except Saturdny. Seventh Day Adventist Mulberry Ave. and McComas St. W. R. Riston, Pastor Sabhalh School. Saturday, 8:45 o'clock. Morning Service. Saturday. 11:00 o'clock. Prayer Meeting Wednesday, 7:45 P. M. Church of the Brethren E. Washington and Mulberry Sts. Rev. A. M. Dlxon, Pastor Sunday School 9:45 o'clock Morning Service ....... 11:00 o clock T. P. Service 6:15 o clock Kvening Service 7:30 o clock Prayer Meeting and Berean Bible •Wednesday. 7:30 P. M. Christ Reformed Rev. H. A. Fesperman, Pastor W. Franklin St. Sunday School 9:20 o'clock Morning Service 11:00 o clock ' P Service 6:30 o'clock Evening Service 7:30 o'clock Grace United Brethren Rev. G. 1. Rider. Pastor. SundHj -school ........ »:»5 o'clock Morninq Set-vice ..... 11:00 o'clock "What Experience Teaches" C. E ......... ........ 6:30 o'clock Evening Service ...... 7:30 o'clock "Who May Be Saved" Jehovah's Witnesses Church 704 Chestnut St. A. F. Laupert, Service Leader Watchtov-er Study Wednesday. 7:30 P. M. All questions of the Bible will b< fully answered. Assemblies of God (Bethel) Howard and Spruce Stl. Rev. Ralph Jeffry, Paster Sunday School Mornlnsr Service Evening Service 9:45 o'clock 11:00 o'clock 7:30 o'clock Gospel Tabernacle Pentecost Ross and Lanvale Streets Rev. L. E. Gilbert, Pastor Sunday School ........ 9:45 o'clock Morning Service ..... 11:00 o'clock Evening: Service ...... 7:30 o'clock Prayer meeting:, 2:30 P. M. Thurs. Union Chapel Corbett Street MRS. OLBV1A HARBAUGH Sunda\ School Superintendent Sunday School ........ 2:30 o'clock CoUasre Prayer Meeting every Thursday. Trinity Lutheran Potomac St and Randolph Av«. J. S. Simon, D. D., Pastor Sunday School ........ -9:30 o'clock Morning Service ..... 11:00 o'clock Holy Communion i P Service .......... 6:30 o'clock Evening Service ... ---- 7:30 o'clock Holy Communion First Brethren Antietam and Mulberry Rev. prank G. Coltman,. Pastor Sunday School ' Morning- Service Y. P. Service Evening Service 9:30'o'clock 10:45 o'clock 6:30 o'clock 7:30 o'clock The Salvation Army 324 W. Washington St. Capt. and Mrs C. Langley Andrews SUNDAY ' Sunday School ........ 8:45 o'clock Morning Service ..... 11:00 o'clock Sunday Sch'J. Ridge Ave. 2:30 o'clock V. P. Legion .......... 6:30 o'clock MONDAY Red Shield Club for .'Boys, 11-20 years — 7 P. M. TUESDAY Teachers'T raining Class 7:35 P. M. Bible Study Class (Public) 8 f. M. WEDNESDAY Life Saving: Guards for Girls. 11-18 years— 7:30 P. M. THURSDAY Corps Cadet Class (Younff People) 7:30 P. M. Bonn League for Women 7:30 P.M. Band Training Cla«s Mala voice party practice. S P. M. FRIDAY Youne- People's Sinfftnir Class 4:00 P. M. SATUIIDAY Open Air Service, Court House Plaza 7:30 P. M. St. Mary's Catholic West Washington St. Rev. Fr. J. Francis Leary, Pastor Masses Sunday Morning; 7:00. 9:00. 10:30 o'clock Evening; Devotions ---- 7:30 o'clock .. Che Mark 1:5—"Make ye ready the way of the Lord." St. Mark's Lutheran Washington Square Rev. Roy L. Sloop, Pastor Sunday Scliool 9:30 o'clock Morning: Service IOM5 o clock "The Increasing 1 Life" f P. Service 6:30 o'clock Evening Service 7:30 o'clock "Spiritual Depression!;" Christian Science Society 235 N. Potomac St. Sunday School 9:46 o'clock Horning Service 11:00 o clock Communion Service Subject: SACRAMKNT Golden Text: I Cor. 10:16. The cup of blessing which we hleps, Is if not the communion of the blood of Christ? The bread which we brfiak, is it not the communion of the body of Christ? Wednesday evening testimonial meeting: 8:00 o'clock. Reading room. 235 North Potomac St.. "Pen Monday and Friday, 2:30 to 4:30. where the Bible and the Christian Science textbook, by Mary Baker Kd'Jy may be read, purchased or borrowed. St. Paul's U. B. Franklin and Locust Sts. Rev. F. Berry Plummer, D. D. Pastor Sunday School 9:45 o'clock Morning Service 11:00 o'clock "P&iil and Hamlet—A Contrast" Sr., Int. & Jr. C. E. ... 6:30 o'clock Eveninc Service 7:30 o'clock "Such a Time as This" Presbyterian Washington and Prospect Sts, William S. Mesa, D. D., Pastor SiiTidnv Prho'ol ........ 9:45 o'clock Mornlii? Service ..... 1 1:00 o'clock "The Clsiim oC a Prophet" Vesper Service ........ 4:3U o'clock "True Religion" C "E ................. 6:30 o'clock Prayer service Wed., 7;30 P. M. St. Paul's M. E. N. Potomac St. Rev. J. E. Kemp Horn, Pastor Sunday School ........ 9:30 o'clock Morning Service ..... 11:00 o'clock "Js the Church Doubting 1 ?" Epworth League ...... 6:30 o'clock UvenfriK Service ...... 7:30 o'clock "What -Must I Do To Repent?" iUid-week service Wed., 7:45 P. H. Zion Reformed N. Potomac St. Rev. Scott R. Wagner, D. D., Pastor Sunday School ........ 9:45 o'clock Morning' Service ..... 11:00 o'clock Holy Communion Y. P. Forum ... ........ 7:00 o'clock Evening- Service ...... ' 7:30 o'clock Holy Communion Church service Wed, 7:30 P. M. Washington Square M. E- Washington Ave., "at the Square" Rev, Lloyd G. Davis, Pastor Sunday School ........ 9:45 o'clock Mornine Service ..... 11:00 o'clock Y. P. Service .......... 6:45 o'clock Evening Service ....... 7:30 o'clock First Baptist W. Washinoton St. Rev. P. B. Watlinaton, Pastor Sunday Scliool 11:45 o'clock MorninK Service 11:00 o'clock nine Service 11:011 o "The Oi-eatesl Personality ?. P. Servli!- «•"• "' i. j-. OK,.,u r 6:15 o'clock Evening Service 7:30 o'clock "Co On" QuartiM-ly cbnrcli business meeting Weil., 7:3(1 I'. M. Church of the Nazarene West Side Ave. and Church St. Rev. C. L, Arnold, Pastor Sunday School 0:45 o'clock Morning Service 11:00 o'clock Y. P. Service 7:00 o'clock Evening: Service 7:30 o'clock Mid-Week Prayer Service. Wed. 7f30 P. M. Cottng-e Prayer Service, Fri., 7:30 P. M. Emmanuel U. B. Summit Ave. .and Howard St. Rev. Paul Hotdcraft, S. T. D., Pastor Sunday School 9:30 o'clock Morning 1 Service 10:30 o'clock "Taking- Religion Seriously" Y. P. Service 6:30 o'clock Evening Service 7:30 o'clock Revival Meeting Revival every night at 7:30. Christian & Missionary Alliance Tabernacle 128 N. Mulberry St.' O. R. Degelman, Pastor Sunday School ........ H:00 o'clock Preaching ............ 3:00 o'clock Preaching ............ 7:45 o'ck»'l; Prayer Service TIIP.S.. 7:45 P. M. Bible Study Fri. and Snt.. 7:*5 P. M, First Christian South Potomac St. Rev. Wm. M. Norment, Pastor Mornine Service ...... 9:30 o'clock "Christian Experience^ Sunday School ....... 10:30 o'clock Int. C. E ............. 6:30 o'clock Y. P. Service .......... 6:30 o'clock Evening Service ...... 7:30 o'clock "The Soul's Vision" Church Night Wed., 7:30 P. M. Ebenezer A. M. E. 40 W. Bethel St. Rev. A. L. Criglar, Pastor Sunday School Morning Seivlce T. P. Service Evening Service 2:30 o'clock 11:00 o'clock 7:00 o'clock 8:00 o'clock Second Christian Church 65 W. North St. M. F. Robinson, Pastor Sunday School 3:30 o'clock Morning .Service 11:00 o'clock ?. P. Service 7:30 o'clock Evening Service 8:00 o'clock Asbury M. E. Jonathan, near Church St. Rev. M. S, Jackson, Pastor Sunday school 9:30 o'clock Morning Service 11:00 o'clock "Man's Viewpoint of fiofl" Rpworth League 7:00 o'clock Evening Service 8:00 o'clock "God'.* Viewpoint of Alnn" Zion Baptist Jonathan and Bethel Sts. Rev. Cnarles P. Comer, Pastor Morninff^Service 11:00 o'clock Sunday School 2:00 o'clock J. P. Service ...- 6:45 o'clock Kvenlnj? Service 8:00 o'clock SUNDAY IN COUNTY AND SUBURBAN CHURCHES gT. PETER'S EVANGELICAL CHURCH, Clearsprlng, Md. Luther L. Hare, pastor: Sunday School ........ 9:15 o'clock Jlor nhiK Service New .Churc T. P. Service ..... 10:30 o'clock Member Day 6:3(1 o clock CHEWSVILLE 0. B. .CHURCH, Rev. B. R. Andrews, Pastor: Sunday School ........ 5:30 o'clock MonihiE Service ..... 10:30 o'clock Anniversary Service T. r. Service ... ...... G:45 o clock gT. PAUL'S LUTHERAN Church, Western Pike, (deal-spring Parish) Luther L. Hare. Pastor: unday Schoo! ........ » « EALEM EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH. Bfikersville, Harry M. Young, Pastor: Sunday Scliool »:3" nY.lock Morning Service 11:00 o clock Holy Communion y. P. Service 7:00 o'clock JTRIN1TY LUTHERAN CHURCH, Smithstiirg. Md., C. M. Huddle. Pastor: Sunday School 0:00 o'clock y P. Service 6:0" o clock Evening Service ...... 7:00 oclock SHILOH U. B. CHURCH, Rev. E. i>. Andrews'. Pastor: Sunday .School S:30 o;clock Y p .service 7:00 oclock Evening Service 7:-l5 o'clock CHURCH OF THIS UNITED BRETHREN IN CHRIST. Boonsboro Coarse, F. L. Stine. Pastor: EOONSROHO— Blhlc School 9:30 o c ock Holv Communion .... 10:30 o'clock Worship 7:00 o'clock i.^..~ ..,»..H..« i,, services ouch cve- cxccpt Snlurdny. nlnf? at 7.30 KKNEVCII.A - Blblo School V. P. Service Worahlp Blblo School MOUNT I.HNA— Blblo School .... Holy Communion . fi:,10 o'clock ,. fiHIi o'clock . 7:30 o'clock 10:00 o'clock t:30 o'clock . 2:30 o'clock SALE.NI BKI'OnMKD CHURCH, Coarfoss PIK Rev. M. A. Foipor' mnn. Pnstor: Suiulny School 10:00 nVIimli Bvnnlim Service 7:30 o clock EvniiFcllsdc services each cvc- fclnif during week at 7:30. 7,ION LUTHERAN CHURCH. Wi! liamsport, Rev. W. C. Huddle, Pastor: Sunday School 8:30 o'clock Morning Service 10:30 o'clock Holy Communion V. P. Service 6:30 o'clock Evening: Service 7:30 o'clock "The First Communicants" Holy Communion JIT. TABOR LUTHERAN Church, Fail-view, .Md. (Clearspring Parish). Luther L. Hare, Pastor: Sunday School 10:00 o'clock .Morning Service 9:00 o'clock Y. P- Service 6:30 o'clock New Church Member Day ST. PAUL'S EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH, Funkstown, Rev. Harry M. Young, Pastor- Sunday School iMorntng Service Y. P. Service Evening Service 10:40 o'clock 9:30 o'clock 6:30 o'clock 7:30 o'clock WILL1AMSPORT METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH, 27 E. Church St.. Rev. Robert H. Hillcr, Pastor: .snnrifiv School ........ 9:30 o'clock Morninp Service ..... 10:30 o'clock "After Inventory, What?" v. p. Service .......... 6:30 o'clock lOvi-ninp Service ...... 7::tf o'clock "Clean Up Your Own T,ifc" Prayer Meeting Weil.. 7:30 P. M. BEAVER CREEK Church Service CHRISTIAN , 9:30 o'clock Kev. T. AV. Howen, of Norfolk, Vn., will preach. Sunday School 10:00 o'clock ST. JAMES BRETHREN CHURCH, Lydla. Md.. W. S. Baker, Pastor: Sunday School 9:30 o'clock jvj 10:30 o'clock ' . Servlcrt ...... 7:30 o'clock toprlnnin • of evangelistic serv- Icex for two wcck.i, (•'AIRPLAY CIRCUIT OF THE CHURCH OF G01). Rev. Clar- cnco McGnlia, Pastor: FAIHPLAY— Blhlo School 3:00 o'clock r.OCUST VAI.I.KY— Hiblo School !):30 o'clock Woi'Khlp 10:30 o'clock .Prayer and Praise, Thursday, 7:30 ST. JAMES KVANGEI.ICAL AND REFORMIST! CHURCH, Wolfi- vlllc, Mil., Rev. Edward T. Plltt, Pnstor: Afternoon Service 2:00 o'clock BIG POOL U. B. CHURCH, Rev. H. C. Kottler, Pastor: Sunday School 9:30 o'clock V P Service 6:30 oclock Evening Service 7:30 o'clock Beginning evangelistic services continuing durinR- week. OTTERBEIN U. B. CHURCH, Rev. H. C. Kottle:-, Pastor: Afternoon Service 2:00 o'clock WILLTAMSPORT U. B. CHURCH, Rev. H. C. Kottler, Pastor: Sunday School 9:30 o'clock Morning Service 10:45 o'clock \ r . P. Service 6:30 o'clock Evening Service 7:30 .o'clock Prof. A. C. TV'ertsch. Superintendent of Qulncy Orphanage and Home, Qniney, Pa., will be the speaker. MT. M 0 R 1 A H LUTHERAN CHURCH, Forville, Md., C. M. Huddle, Pastor: Sunday School 9:30 o'clock Morning Service 10:30 o'clock Holy Communion ST. PAUL'S REFORMED CHURCH, Western Pike, near Clearspring Md., Rev. J. W. Huffman Pastor: Sunday School 9:30 o'clock Alornlng Service 10:30 o'clock ' Holy Communion V P. Service fi:30 o'clock . .......... Annual congregational meeting Friday evening, Jan. H, at 7:00 o'clock. ,'l. JOHN'S R Ji F 0 R M E J CHURCH-, Clenrsprlng, Md., Rev. J. W. Huflrnan, Pastor: Sundav School 9:.10 o'clock ' dav School ........ 9:.10 ococ . . Service .......... *>:30 o'clock Evening Service ...... 7:30 o'clock Program hy Young People. THE CHURCH OF GOD, Samples Manor, J. E Stephen, Paolor: Sunday School ....... 10:on o'clock livening Service ...... 7:30 o clock Kvangellfltlc xervlcft each evening at 7:30. __ THE CHURCH OF GOD, Broadfording. Md., J. E. Stephen, Pastor: Sunday' School .. iMornlnPT Service 9:30 o'clock 10:.1lf o'clock CHURCH. OF GOD, Chcslnul Grove, Mil,, Rev. G. R. Taylor, Pastor: Sunn-fly School . V, P. Sfirvlcfl ..,,, •<•, ftvenlnpr Service rrnyer Service Thtin 10:00 0'clncU . 1:,10 o'clock 7:30 o'clock . 7:30 P. M. CHRIST FA'ANGELICAL AND REFORMED CHURCH, Cavetown, Maryland, Rev. Edward T. Plitt, Pastor: Sunday School ........ 9:15 o'clock Morning Service ..... 10:15 o'clock Holy Communion Y. P. Servic-j ......... 7:30 o'clock Catechetical Instruction MT. CARMEL U. B. CHURCH. Rev. 0. R. Sechrist, Pastor: Sunday School ....... 10:30 o'clock ' .Morning Service 9:30 o'clock CHURCH OF GOD, ML Briar, Rov. Gardner R. Taylor, Pastor: Sunday School • ---- .. 10:00 o'clock Prayer Service. Wed.. 7:30 P. M. BETHEL U. B. CHURCH, Rohrersville, C. R. Sechrist, Pastor: Sunday School ........ 9:30 o'clock Y. P. Service .......... 7:00 o clock Evening Service, ...... 7:45 o'clock Evangelistic Service Evangelistic services each eve ning during th2 week at 7:30. CHURCH OF GOD, Zittlestown, Md., Rev. Gardner R. Taylor, Pastor: Sunday School ........ 9:30 o'clock Morning Service ..... 10:30 o'clock TRINITY U. B., State Line, Pa., N. W. Brechbiel, Minister: Riblo School ........ 9:30 o'clock Mr. Edward I. Besecker In charge. Morning Service ---- , 10:30 o'clock C. E ................ 6:30 o'clock Mr. Earl Minnich in charge. Evening Service ...... 7:30 o'clock The revival will continue next week, heginninjr eacil evening at 7:30. WILLIAMSPORT CHURCH OF GOD MISSION, Cronise Barr, Pastor: Sunday School ........ 2:30 o'clock Evening Service ...... 7:30 o'clock Prayer Meeting Thursday night at 7:30. Each Thursday night-we hav- "Dispensational" study of the • ! ln£ a, ". 1 Bible. OIL OFFICIAL BEGAN CAREER AT^HANCOCK K. R. Klngsbury, who In 151!> he- name president at the age of 43 or the Standard Oil'Company ol California, and who died of a heart at- lack while aboard ship In the Panama Canal, formerly worked as a fireman in tho company's pumping slatlon near Hancock, Md. He was with the company 40 years. The Standard Oil Bulletin, containing an account of Klngsbury's death and activities, slates thai after he was graduated from Princeton. University and the Columbia University School of Mines, he wns offered In 18!)7 employment with the Southern Pipe Line Co., of •Clmmbei'Shurg, Pa., a subsidiary ot the parent Standard Oil Co. His first job was H simple one merely counting lengths of plpo as they ere unloaded from freight cars to horse-drawn trunks. His salary was JfiO n month. Later hn was a Urn-' man In a pumping staMou near Hancock, shoveling conl Into a hand truck and delivering It "Into three voracious boilers." These were the times of a 12-hour day and a 7-day week. From that time on he rose rapidly into more responsible positions with the company, which, at the time of President Klngsbury's dealh, had assets of more than half a billion dollars. GROH HEARING IS POSTPONED The hearing of D. W. Groh, Jr. on a charge of violating a section of. the city building' code with respect to the brick wall at. No. 18 North Potomac street, was postponed from yesterday until next Friday. He will bo tried before Justice John D. Dunn. PROMPT ACTION la necessary In replying to tho attractlv« offers .ID tho Clasaltled Section. OFFICE EQUIPMENT Hagerstown Bookbinding & Printing Co. TELEPHONE 2000—2001 BIG INDUSTRIES SQUEEZED IN '37 BY TIGHTENING OF MONEY FLOW By FRANK MACMILLEN New York Jan. 3.—The fate of American business In 1937 was bound up with the willingness of the American people to lend, and to hire, money. A twelve-month that started out with business surging ahead, with williisg lenders and eager borrowers, drew to a close with (he industrial peace faltering and the President telling congress at a special session: " An immediate task is to Increase the use of private capital to create employment." Flow Of Money Lessons. The first three months of last year saw roundly $1,000,000,000 of corporate security issues sold, more than $300,000,000 a mouth. In late November and early December the monthly rale was about $76,000,000. This year's total may barely top $2,000,000,000 even with tlie good early months. Last year It was more than ?3,500,000,000. Industries dependent on the free flow of . the people's savings—insurance money, bank money—and on free spending from great corporation treasuries, were hard hit. Steel, the construction trades, the, heavy, machinery business sickened when tbp. life-blood of money failed to flow Into the making of new homes, new plants. Great financial houses In Wall street felt the results o! their failure to foresee that, with disconcerting suddenness in late autumn, people and institutions Would not be willing to buy the securities SECURITY OFFERINGS BEHIND LAST YEAR 1927 '1929' '1931 Smaller sales of securities hamp based on figures from "Commercl Wall street had contracted to sell foi corporations' expansion needs. Some Blame The Government. The cause? Authorities disagreed, some widely. The National Association of Manufacturers mentioned .heavy taxes, a year of costly labor strife—with perhaps more of it to come, and government regulation of, and competition with, private industry as "stop signs" to money seeking a SHILOH LETTER Shlloh Jan. 5. Services for Sunday, January 9: Sunday school at 9:30; Senior, Intermediate and Junior Christian' Endeavor at 1', evening wrship and sermon at 7:45. Mrs. Alice Rowe, Mrs. Ella Plura- nier, Mrs. Myrtle Holmes, Mrs. Elsie Trovinger, Mrs. Katie Staley, Mrs. Alice Plume, Mrs. Ella Price, Mrs. Ruth Fouke, Mrs. Frances Gaylor, Mrs. Edith Itueyer, Mrs. Florence Baker, Mrs. Helen Hemphill, Mrs. Alice Keller, Mrs. Olevia Havbaugh, Misses Dora Fonke, Erma, Nellie and Mildred Itneyer, members of the Ever Ready Bible Class, visited the County Home at Bellevue last Sunday afternoon. A Christmas and New Year's program consisting of readings, stories and hymns was presented by the class. Visitors during the week witn Mr and Mrs. Samuel Baker were: Mr and Mrs. Tolly Spence and daughters, Helen and Dorothy, Finksburg; Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Staley, Mr and Mrs. Benton Trovinger and son Benton Jr., Mrs. Myrtle Holmes, Misses Virginia G^f.^^Se Miller, Bud Munson, Gilbert Plume and James Splzzo. Mr. and Mrs. Preston Nitzel were New Year dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Thomas Miss Elsie Boppe was a Sunnaj evening supper guest of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Lewis. Mr. and Mrs. John McNalrn butchered two fine porkers last Thursday at the home of Mr. and ™ Paul Petrie and family. Mrs L M. Fauke, Mrs. Florence Baker and Mrs. Frances Gaylor, vis.ted M, and Mrs. Wilmer Pnce Mr Price has been confined to his bed for several weeks. Mrs Clarence Thomas and Mis. Olevia Harbaugh were Tuesday vis- °ors with Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Lynch and Mrs. Alice Lynch who is critically ill at her home at Hope W The Ever Ready Bible Class presented Mr. Wilmer Price with a nice basket, of fruit. Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis en - tained at a turkey dinner on Christmas day. The guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis, Miss Elsie Boppe and Miss Pearl Paden. Mr. Samuel Boppe is spending some time in the Lewis home. • Last Sunday visitors with Mrs. Alice Plume were: John W. Grey, Alex Grey, Oxford, Pa.';. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Moran and sou-Mil- ton, Jr., of West Grove, Pa.; Alex Plume, Confluence, Pa.; Mr. and Mrs. Lester Plume, Martlnsburg, W. Ya. and Miss Rose Lagenstein, Hagerstown. Mrs. Ida McKee and daughter Mary, were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs.' Emmert McKee, aramount. Mr. and Mrs. John Petre and daughter Pearl, were last Sunday night visitors of Mr. and Mrs. John McNairn. Miss Nellie Itneyer entertained her Sunday school class on Sunday afternoon' at her home. Delicious refreshments were served to the following members: Mrs. Edith Trovinger, Mrs. Carrie Dehart, Mrs. Ruby Cullers, Mrs. Jane Dehart, Misses Eva Louise Price, June Price, Jane Zimmerman, Frances Yeakle Doris Price, .Virginia Lytton, Iris Fouke, Kathleen Holmes, Mary Morgan, Julia Hull, Evelyn Itneyer, Jane Smith, Hivelarid Stevens, Sophia Uzelac and Glendora Henesy. IT'S A DATE Chicago, Jan. 7 (#>) — It was two days before Christmas when a cocky barber held up a fashionable dress shop and remarked to the clerk, Mabel Greiner, as he carried out an armful of merchan r dlse: "Drop in some Sunday at tfte showup of crooks at the detective bureau. Maybe you'll see me." Miss Griener is going to do just that as soon as the robber and his :ompanion are brought back from Waverly, Tenn., where' they were arrested. MAKE THE acquaintance of the Classified Section. Reading: It is not only pleasant and interesting- but profitable as well. '1933' .1935 193t7j ered business enterprise. Chart I: al and Financial "Chronicle." clear highway into business use. Some economists blamed the situation on a normal let-down following a rush of business and a sharp lift in prices as industry got into swing to make up the production of deficits of the depression. In spring, said these economists, buyers in many lines got overstocked, and "the bottom fell out" of a dozen important commodities. Mother Knows That when, she was a youngster she took Father John's Medicine for colds—so now she gives it to her little girl to increase resistance to colds, and to develop more vigorous health. It's successful use by millions during the .past 83 years is a most convincing proof of value. It must be good. Use Our Monthly Payment Plan *,;; On al! purchases over $10 MONTGOMERY WARD A CO. West Washington St. Roller Skates R.D.McKEE Save the Middleman'* Profit $15.00 CRANE'S CLOTHES 28 S. Potomac St. "Factory to You" Pastor Answers Famous Writer J. E. Kemp Horn Pastor St. Paul's Methodist Church Replies to Rollo Walter Brown's Article In December Harper's Magazine "An Observer Warns the Church" Sunday Morning Service, -January 9 i A free and frank, consideration of this famous article will be made and examined. PUBLIC CORDIALLY INVITED ROOM AND BOARD By GENE AHERN f WHY, NIECE,GAVE YOU THE IDEAjTHAT TERRY AND I WERE IM vTAIU?— WE'VE BEEN OUT OF TOWN FOR THREE -—-YOU KNOW WRESTLER OF rAlNE" • WELL,! TOOK HIKA OVER TO NEWTON TO ENGAGE IN A MATCH I SIGNED UP FOR ', YEHj^-AND I /\if WAS HIS SECONDl -^.IP THAT TI-0 TRUTH, PARS, PUFFLE,YOU CAN CUT ME UP IN CHUNKS TO BAIT A BEAR-* TRAP \ WRESTUN& MATCH AAUST HAVE BEEN OONE WITH rVv\RP,ORS \~**YOUR WRESTLER CArAE HERE THE NlSHT YOU WERE 7.OO fAILES AWAY AND BROUGHT ME THAT FERN,TO SQUARE HIMSELF 'fFOR THE TIME I CAUGHT HIM AND , TERRY WRESTL1N6 IN MY ROOAAJ . i 6 LEAPS AND A SLIO& TO TH6 PRONT

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