The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 3, 1996 · Page 18
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 18

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 3, 1996
Page 18
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BB SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1996 LIFE THE SALINA JOURNAL IFSASEASYAS1...2...3! When You Call Horizon Tours "A Fun Way To Travel" 827-2292 or 913-823-3818 1-800-241-6692 V IN THE HOME Argosy & the New "Flamingo Casino" Nov. 6th S15.00 per person 2 Casinos for 1 Price!!! Must have reservation In by Nov. 4th Fort Randall Casino: (Overnight) Nov. 15-16 & Dec. 14-15 Only $40.00 per couple Council Bluffs Iowa (Overnight) Nov. 19-20 * S100.00 per couple 3 Free Meals plus many extras Make your reservations before Nov. 11th ' Stay at Harvey's Hotel St. Jo Frontier Casino Nov. 23rd $15.00 per person Free Lunch plus 4 Hours of Gaming Triples/Quads are less on most trips "NEW YEAR'S package is just about finished! Give HORIZON TOURS a call for more available trips Heavenly Hawaii 10 days, February 17-26,1997 Feb. 17-19. Fly Kansas City to Honolulu. Transfer with flower leis to Waikiki. Tour of Naval Arizona Base and mountain tour to Polynesian Cultural Center. Waikiki Beach Hotel. 3 nights. Feb. 20-21. Morning night to Maui. Needle and lao Valley and Tour of Old Laliaina Town. Lois of beach time. Royal Lahaina Hold. 3 nights. Feb. 23-25. Wonderful full tour of the Big Island of Hawaii. Volcanoes National Park, black sand beaches, City of Refuge and Parker Ranch. King Kamehameha. 3 nights. Feb. 26-27. Flight to Honolulu overnight flight home to Kansas City. Round trip flights. All sightseeing as shown. 1 lunch - r—' ~ Lai Vtgai 2 Hawaiian Luau. <-* Clamotu, ExdtMMBt, Entertainment - "Iht city «(Ui Don't Forget Our Trip to Las Vegas! January 26-30-1997 Motor coach to K.C. Round trip Air to Las VegasJT •1 nights at the Palace Station Hotel. Escorted by Bobbie Paulsen & Linda Houser. 603 Washington Concordia, KS 66901 (913)243-1133 (800)628-6589 128 N. Santa Fc Salina, KS G7401 (913)825-0537 (800)842-6315 HARRAH'S-KC •Dec. 2 or *20 $1O/ea. or 2/$19.5O DAY TRIPS ST. JO NOV. 18 (Incl. lunch $l5/ea!) GOLDEN EAGLE •Dec. 9 or *17 *Sf»ECIAL DRAWING FOR YOUR HOLIDAY TURKEY! Novei *18-19...Just 2/39.95! *30-12/1...Just 2/37.95! * CHANCE TO WIN A FORT RANDALL "OvBrnightBrs"... "Coin-back! 'Quality R/T Trans. *Luxury Accom. Triples/Quads Cheaper! SPECIAL CHRISTMAS TRIPS... (2 great "values"!) > #f-CRIPPLE CREEK - DEC. 2-4. GREAT VALUE!) $79.95 p.p.d.O. MANY, MANY SPECIAL CHRISTMAS FEATURES...PIUS (5) FREE MEALS and usual GREAT PKC OFFERED YR-ROUND! CREar Giveaways #2-KANSAS CITY (OVERNIGHT) DEC. 14-15 JUST $69.95 p.p.d.O! •Lovely new Harrah's Hotel 'Breakfast Buffet 'CHRISTMAS LIGHTS •SHOPPING EXCURSION! *f=ew seats Leftl f" THANK'VOU to the many of you who are takin AUTUM ^J'^ 60S S. Ohio Salina, KS 67401. 913-827-2223 800-222-015a 888-258-2105 800-898-2520' Your New$ Source the Salina Journal 125 years- •- Winterizing home lowers energy bills MARY LOU ODLE KSU-Saline County Intension Agent- l-'ninily and Consumer Sciences Weather-stripping or caulk in cracks seals leaks in exterior As we enter the cool days of fall, it is a good time to check around your house to see what you can do to prevent energy & loss and lower heating bills when winter weather arrives. There are several low cost energy improvements you can make in your home. One is to apply caulking where needed both inside and outside the home. Air infiltrates into your home through the joints, holes and cracks in the exterior skin of the home. Caulking can be used to seal leaks. When selecting caulking compounds, first consider whether caulking alone will correct the problem or if you need to do some other corrective work. Caulking can't fill gaps left by poor construction. Most caulks work best in cracks 1/4 inch wide or less. Deeper cracks can be filled to within 1/4 inch of the surface with jute, or rope and then finished with caulk. Always read the label for ingredients and application instructions for any caulk. If the label carries a warning, follow the manufacturers recommendations. Use caulking at the recommended temperature and with the recommended surface preparation. Latex caulks vary widely in quality. An acrylic latex, or an acrylic siliconized latex can be used as an exterior caulk if not exposed to standing water. The life expectancy of latex caulks varies widely so check the label for use and the guarantee. Silicon Rubber is a quality caulk for exterior use. It has excellent resistance to moisture and air. It dries quickly but takes practice to apply. Some skill is required to get an attractive caulking job with minimum waste. Take your time and follow instructions. With a little practice, you can obtain a very good bead directly from the tube without further finishing. Prepare the surface properly be- V CAR HINT fore applying any caulk. Remove all dirt, rusty material, and any rotten wood. Use a wire brush to get out all particles in the joint. Dig out all old caulk. Instructions on how to cut the plastic tip for correct width of bead and angle for application are usually given on the label. A smaller cut works better than a large one. For best results, push the caulk into the joint, don't pull. Other types of caulk include rope caulk used to seal such areas as double hung windows. The expanding form caulks in spray cans are excellent for filling large gaps. A seal and peel clear caulk is designed for use as an interior caulk. The caulk seals cracks during the winter, then it can be peeled away during warm weather. It works well to seal double hung windows that are not opened during the winter. Seal and peel caulk dries clear and may be more desirable to seal some windows than applying plastic film. Plastic storm windows A low cost energy saver is the use of interior plastic storm windows. The advantage of an interior storm window is that it covers all the cracks and joints in the existing window and reduces air infiltrations and heat loss. For a plastic covered window that you will barely notice, use the heat shrink plastic. This plastic is applied with double stick tape to the window frame. A hair dryer held next to the plastic eliminates all wrinkles and leaves a clear, taut interior storm window that can be removed in the spring. Narrow foam weather stripping around doors and windows can not only make a home more comfortable by keeping out cold air, but also help save on energy bills. Self-sticking foam weather stripping is available in a variety of widths. Start with a narrow width to be sure the door will close after the weather stripping is applied. If cold air creeps in under exterior doors, purchase a wide rubber weather strip that fits across the bottom of the door. Both stick on and screw on types are available. Check hardware and discount stores for a variety of products that will help keep the cold air out of your home. Close storm windows and lock double hung windows to insure a tighter seal against cold weather. Now's time to prevent cold-weather car woes Dear Readers: November can be a harsh month for weather in many areas of the country, so now is the time to start ^ thinking about preventing car trouble in cold, freezing weather. You don't want to be stranded! Inspect your vehicle for the following five points. 1. Check the battery for corrosion on the terminals and HELOISE King Features have a mechanic tighten and-or replace cables that are loose or frayed. 2. Replace windshield-wiper blades that don't clean properly or that screech when they're on. 3. Look for worn belts and bulges in hoses. With the engine off and cold, press on the middle of the drive belt to make sure it has proper tension. It shouldn't move more than half an inch. 4. Since temperature affects tire pressure, read the owner's manual for recommended cold-weather air pressure and make sure you have the proper tires. 5. Clean grease, dirt and debris from the radiator using a garden hose. Change coolant every two years or after 30,000 miles; replace the radiator cap and thermostat after four years or 60,000 miles. Thanks to the Car Care Council for these hints for an annual car "physical checkup." — Heloise. VIEWS ABOUT PUBLIC EDUCATION J3. conversation with. 'Lioise. Lyncfi 1 have spent a lifetime dedicated to the education of our youth. I believe in a strong and vital public school system that provides equal educational opportunities to students in all parts of our state. I believe it is inappropriate for your tax money to be used to finance an expensive voucher system for private schools and religious instruction. If the state were to fund vouchers, less money would be available to current school districts. Further school consolidation would be inevitable. Because I believe that students should demonstrate a mastery of standard curriculum, I support Quality Performance Accreditation which allows for maximum local control. Society has a fundamental responsibility to provide our young people with the finest foundation on which to build a rewarding life. This benefits us all." THROUGH PUBLIC EDUCATION THE FUTURE IS OURS ELOISE LYNCH for State Board of Education Pol. adv. pd. for by Lynch Campaign, Mike Mattson, Chairman PRUDENT TOURS 10% otf (or new reservations to persons under 65 who have not travelled with us. Applies to all motorcoach tours of 9 days or less. Offer ends Dec. 31,1996. December 5-7 Kansas City Christmas $209 5-10 Christmas in Kentucky $479 27-1/9 Tournament of Roses $1,119 January 29-2/4 Yellowstone in Winter $619 February 4-14 Can. Winter Carnivals $779 Florida Coastlines $1,189 Caribbean Cruise $1,319 22-3/10 27-3/9 March 18-20 18-24 18-25 20-25 22-25 April 1-12 5-13 11-26 14-30 21-27 24-27 24-27 26-5/8 May 6-10 8-10 15-21 June 2-17 Oregon/Calif. Coastlines $1,219 Call for New Free Full Color Catalog 1-800-658-1734 108 N. Main, Hillsboro, KS 316-947-2353 Sandhill Cranes/Platte River $189 House Boat Holiday $599 Texas Wildflowers $549 Iceland Interlude $999 Glory of Easter/Crystal Cathedral $619 Southern Gardens $879 Cajun Country/New Orleans $629 Washington, DC/ NY City/Boston in Spring $1,139 Paraguay Adventure $1,959 Springtime in Kentucky $499 Spring Mystery Tour $329 Branson Music Extravaganza $369 Carolina Coastlines $979 Pella Tulips & more $349 Pella Tulips $189 Spring in the Smokies $529 Don't Miss A Single Play 1 $^95 Cable Installation and a donation of any non-perishable food item for Salina's Emergency Aid Food Bank r " now through Nov. 15, 1996. Some restrictions apply. Offer available in cabled areas only. 2 Days Only At JGPenney CATALOG PURCHASES FBI. & SAT., NOVEMBER 8 &9 JOST ASK FOB YOUR "ONE DAY" DISCOONT WHEN YOU PLACE YOUB OBDEB Order Fri. & Sat., November 8 & 9 from our 1996 Fall & Winter catalog pages 2-730, 733-789, and 798-1404. 1996 JCPenney Christmas catalog pages 2-419, 426-433, 490-569 and 571-632. This discount may not be used to purchase Fieldcrest® Royal Velvet® merchandise, Krups® small appliances, JCPenney Value Right items or gift certificates. This discount may not be combined with any other JCPenney coupon or discount. TO ORDER CALL TOLL-FREE 1-800-222-6161 DICKINSON THEATRES; Many people write to God. Somebody is answering. GREG K I N N E A R Central MallP' DEAR GOD : Sat. (M :35-*4:20V7:1 0-9:40 IFGI Fri. & Sat. (*1:35-*4:20)-7:10-9:40 Sim.(*1:35-*4:20)-7:10 Mon.-Thurs.(*5:10)-7:35 OUTRAGEOUSLY FUNNY!" "A 'Working Girl' for the 90s!" .l.'fff rain. SIVH SMOMH'KIVII U WHOOPI GOLDBKKG ASSOCIATE Sleepers Robert DeHIro Brad Pitt Centra! Mall;' I Central Mall,"' Fri. & Sat. ('1:25-'4:10)-7:05-9:45 Sun.(M:25-M:10)-7:OS Mon.-Thurs. C5':05)-7:40 | Fri. & Sat. ("1:15-'4:00)-7:00-9:50 Sun. (*1:15-*4:00)-7:00 ' Mon.-Thur3.('5:00)-7:45 Bette MIDLER WIVES €&&• Central Mall-" Bill Murray Sunset Frl.('4:45)-7:00-9:15 Sat.('2:15-'4:45)-7:00-9:15 Sun.C2:15-'4:45)-7:00 j\ Fri. & Sat. 01:45-*4:30)-7:15-9:3 | Sun.C1:45-'4:30)-7:15 J Mon.-Thurs. ('5:15 )-7:30 JON LOVIT'Z in HIGH SCHOOL Frl.('5:00>-7:10-9:10 Sat.('2:30-'5:00)-7:10-9:10 Sun. ( < 2:30- > 5:00)-7:10 Sat. ('2:20-'4:50)-7i05-9:15 Sun. (*2:20-*4:50)-7:05 Mon.-Thurs. (*5:05)-7:15 11 AN EXCITING NEW VISION." LEONARDO DiCAPRIO CLAIRE DANES 1 WILUAH SHAKESPEARE'S ROMEO JULIET Mid-State ;> i Fri. C4:45)-7:00-9:20 Sat.('2:15-'4:45)-7:00-9:20 Sun.('2:15-'4:45)-7:00 Mon.-Thura.C5:00)-7:20 We've gone world wide web! Now Dickinson Theatre* Pplicy: No children 1 yr. & under ure allowed in auditoriums showing PG 13 & R rated movies after 6:00 p.m. ) Primetime Show s 3 75 . £vening S 5 50 . Children/Seniors $ 3 50 24 Hour Siowline: 825-9105 j/Heoriag Impaired .<v?y^vx7y/y./yyxyyyx^ Your News Source (dp Salina Journal *?yy???y^.?5r75r7W;^^

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