The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 20, 1944 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 20, 1944
Page 10
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JQ Fridoy, October 20, 1944 Every War Bond Is • Victory Bond! TONIOHT at 6:45 TOMORROW at 1:30 AND LAUREL and HARDY in "THE BIG NOISE" gy 11 P/u • ^B • •h9^K9.^ 1721 19th St.- Phone 7-7118 TONIGHT, 6:45 Re ° ular Prices WALLACE BEERY "Barbary Coast Gent" With BINNIE BARNES Second Smash Hit Benny Fields Gladys George In "MINSTREL MAN" GOON FIGHTER IS TIMID-TUNNEY By HIT;II KrMJCRTON, .IK. XI)\V YORK. Oct. :?". UP>—('nm- mander r.eno Tunncy, \vhn ought to know something .ihoiit llm subjpnt. s.-tys that to make a pood boxer you should get n hoy who \» n.iturally just a littlo tiniiil ... "I dnn't mean ho phould IIP. afraid," explains Gene, "hut a hoy who doesn't like to take a punch naturally develops the In- stinctivo niovos for good defensive boxing." . . . Since Coach Frank Murray introduced the, modern "T" formation In southern football, hie Virginia loams havp played HO games and ncnred 5S3 points—averaging hotter than IS a panic. TODAY'S OUKST STAR Sergeant Ruck Krickson, Camp Ellis. III., News: "Don't take too periouFly this holief that wo have foothall at Camp Ellis solely for the entertainment of the personnel— that's strictly for the birds. The army is a winner . . . the tinny likes to win—(hat's the most fortunate thing in the world for America." HEADACHE FOIt HOWLERS Tho gasoline company that, noes, for foothall broadcasts has bought the rights to so many hip games that it recently had to run a throe-day school for announcers so It would have enough men to handle them all. IT'S Bigger HERE! Than Ever Saturday, Doers Open 1:00 Sunday, Doors Open 12 Noon CROSBY iG&c STEVENS Co-Hit! Jack Haley Harriet Milliard "TAKE IT BIG TUESDAY, OCT. 31 Bakersfield Union Avenue Ballroom /Xarier 7 / CUCAT * In Person with /f" 39 Colorfully ; Costumed Latin I ' Entertainers! , _ f + Dancing 9 'til 1 I e THE YEAR'S GREATEST ATTRACTION, featuring | Cugie's Orchestra | | The Cugat Choir , Nita Rosa • Don j Rodney • Del Campo ; i . j>, i it "J \ / Khumbas —Congas Sambas—Fox Trots ; i YOUR FAVORITE MUSK i Dust off your dancing shoes — you'll have the time of your life! • Bring the Family! TUESDAY, OCT. 31 WATCH FOR BARGAIN ADVANCE TICKET SALE NOW! Peter Lorre 'Isle of Tex Flitter Bob Wills "Take Me Back to Old Doomed Men" l Oklahoma" WESTERN COSTUME DANCE Wednesday Oct. 25 Featuring Music of the West at Its Best TEXAS TORNADOES Prize* for Best Western Costumes Western Dress Not Compulsory Dancing 8:30 to 12:30 Union Avenue Ballroom DtUIWEIRte* OILDALE • Phone 7-6636 FRIDAY, SATURDAY ALSO Maria Montez, Jon Hall in "COBRA WOMAN" CARTOON NEWS Saturday Matinee Only Chapter 13, "The Phantom" FRIDAY, SATURDAY Dorothy Lnmour, Dick Powell in "RIDING HIGH" Evelyn Ankers, Carrol Naish in "JUNGLE WOMAN" CARTOON Last Chap. "The Phantom" ilHlHIiliil Phone 7-7264 FRIDAY, SATURDAY Society ALSO James Mason, Carla Lehmann in "Candlelight in Algeria" POPEYE CARTOON NEWS Saturday Matinee Only Chapter 3 "Don Winslow of the Coast Guard" Open Daily at 12 Noon Friday, Saturday Kay Kycer, Harry Jamas, Tommy Oorsay and Bands In "SWING FEVER" Boy Soien, Sent «f Pioniirt In "Sunset Serenade" Final Chapter, "Tiger Woman" CARTOON News CHAMP BLADE TEAM—Tho fiRhtlng Blade eleven who hnvo. battled thorn into first place and who will SPO notion against tho Rlues tonight are: left to ri K ht, backfield, Bud Cox, right halfback; Allen Heeger, quarterback; Mike Powell, fullback and Krnie Nichols, left halfback. The line, Ed Knapp, right end; Evay Vappn.s right tackle; Joe Kroeker, right guard; Don Slddal. center; Wylic McDonald, left guard; Bud Long, left tackle; and Gerald Foto, left end. Baseball Extension for P. C. Is League T.O.S ANGKLKS, Oct. 2ft. (UP) — Possible extension of the Pacific Coast League baseball season from 23 to 27 weeks was expected to be the main topic of discussion today as an executive session of the league convened in the Biltmoro hotel. In the past, the 23-week schedule has resulted In an unquestionable distribution with some of the teams playing as few ns 12 games with weak teams and as many as 27 with strong teams. If the schedule were extended, loach team would play each of the others 27 times for a, ISH-gumo season, ending September HO. Kxtonsion of the season would, however, conflict with the present dates for the governor's cup series. Representatives of tho various coast teams are expected to decide whether to abandon or continue the series, which this past season, was finan- ciully successful for the first time in its nine-year history. Clarence Rowland, president of the league, said the change of ownership of the San Diego Padres would eome tip for approval. Other topics included attendance at the eastern meeting of the National Association of Minor Leagues In Buffalo, N. Y., December fi, raising the draft price from $7,000 to $ in.000 and other matters "pertaining to the good of baseball. 721 19th ST 12 Noon Tomorrow Doors Open 11:30 a. m. CARTOON CARNIVAL FOR KIDS From 6 to 60 8 — Funmakers — 8 Chapter 12 "DESERT HAWK" and [5 Z'l Regular Show ^ AlHor Same Price Bruins Chance Still Good for Bowl Bid By fiKXE FRIEDMAN T'uitod Press Staff CurreKpondent I/)S ANGELES, Oct. I'D.—Mayhe it doesn't make sense to figure that a team could go through the entire first half of its season and win just, one gaiiie and still be a potential candidate for the New Years Day Rose Bowl football game. Hut that was tho situation with the Bruins of the University of California at I>os Angeles today and there is enough of a story that goes with it to develop a degree of logic. The Bruins broke into the winners' circle for the first time last week end when they gave St. Mary's Civilians a thorough drubbing and when it was over Coach .limmy T'he- lan of the losers tabbed them as stronger than either California or Southern California. Their opportunities will be better from now on when the California members of the Pacific Coast Conference meet in the second go-around of their wartime schedules. For one thing, when the navy shuffles its personnel about after completion of training courses next week, the UCLANS will suffer fewer losses than either California or .Southern California. Although they will lose their left halfback, Johnny Koesch, who hns done most of their scoring, they have two other good running backs in Vic Smith and Jack Boy. California, the current conference leader, will suffer tho heaviest loss, eleven top players including star guards Rill Ilachten and Dick Madigan arid first string backs Jim Mulr and George Quist. V. S. C. loses Speedster Gordon Gray, among others, and Washington its star center Gordon Berlin and high scoring fullback Keith Decourcey. The Bruins get another chance to redeem themselves tomorrow against St. Mary's Preflight, but the hip game on the coast won't be until Monday night at Los Angeles when the Washington Huskies get their chance for revenge against Southern California for the thorough drubbing they took in the Rose Bowl last January 1. Behind the story of that game Is the season-long campaign of Ralph (Pest) AVelch, coach of the Huskies, to get his team "keyed" for that game. In the Washington dressing room is a big sign which is changed every day. It reads: "Only .. more days until we meet the Trojans." ^ ^BB^ ~^^ay «/ ilk to the Music of Bob Sisson and His Orchestra SATURDAY in Kern County's Most Popular Dance Spot in Downtown Bakerseld Within Easy Walking Distance ON THE CORNER OP SIXTEENTH and "EYE" Admission CUc Including Tax Servicemen 50c Including Tax ROLLING HILLS RIDING CLUB Will Sponsor Amateur Calf Roping and Miniature Rodeo With Steer Riding, Pony Races, Etc. Sunday, October 22 2:00 P. M. Sterling Road and Oregon Two Blocks Off Miles Street Phone 2-2789 Louis-Conn Query Troubles Matchmaker By JACK CTDDV T'nll»d Prpwi Staff Correspondent NKW YORK, Oct. 20.—Little Xat Rogers Is not only the busiest matchmaker in boxing history, but he soon will he the diz/.lost if enthusiasts keep flooding his phones with quei fes about a Louis-Conn fight. "What's the matter with people?" Rogers demands as ho comes storming out of his cubicle, with sparse dark hair awry and spectacles askew. "All day long those phones keep going: Louis-Conn! Louis-Conn! Louis-Conn! and me up to my ears in work—makin 1 matches for Ike Jacobs—72 shows in a year. Swiftly I'm goin' nuts." The diminutive parier of gladiators is in a first-degree dither. All is confusoin with him. The sltua tion is completely screwy, he ex plains. We are at the peak of war. Louis and Conn are in the army. Xo one knows when they'll get out. He and Mike Jacobs don't know when or where they'll fight—or if they'll ever fight. But every day, the stories in the papers—"they're goin' to fight over here; they're goin' to fight over there"—"Louis says this; Conn says that"—sports writers call, checking—mayors .oC cities call, to get the fight in their town—managers call, to get their boxers on the card—and the fans swamp the phones. Boxing writers grin delightedly at Nut's perturbation, although secretly they sympathize with him. They hope Rogers gets "hotter"; because sometimes when he gets "red hot," he screams. Mike Jacobs screams when he gets "hot." Nat has been Mike's head matchmaker for nearly five years; so now Nat screams too. The writers sympathize with Rogers because they appreciate the tremendous task confronting him now: Arranging for 72 Bhows at Madison Square Garden and St. Nick's arena in the year ending next October 1. This means making matches for 504 bouts, including preliminaries and emergency brawls. It means match, ing 100S opponents, omftting: substitutes. No matchmaker in puglistic history every attempted anything like this; and particularly none in wartime when presentable pugs are scarcer than elephant wings. This unprecedented boxing schedule resulted from Jacobs' radio contract with a razor company for 52 Friday- night shows in a year and the decision to stage 20 Monday-night cards, as usual, at St. Nick's. REPULSE ATTACK CHUNGKING, Oct. 20. (UP)—Chinese troops have repulsed invading Japanese forces about 10 miles southwest of Kweiping on the Kwan- Umg-Kwangsi border and are pursuing the enemy, a communique said today. Chinese troops were reported to have scored successes in attacks on the enemy in tho Pingnan area. Tonight, 7:30 P. M.--KERN CLASSES for Beginners in VIOLIN SI art in),' November 4 Classes From 10 lo II A. M. anil 2 to :< I'. M. 2321 Pacific Drive For Further Informal ion Phone 3-UU8!) Colonial Inn 700 Union Divert From the Usual Across Street From Topper Motel ^ Chicken) 5-Course Steak ) Dinner Hut Biscuits ami Honey The Best and Biggest in Bakersfield PROGRAMS ON THE AIR TURKEY DINNER and DANCE Saturday, October 21 Fairfax Grange Hall Serving, 6:30 P. M. Dancing. 8:30 P.M. DANCE EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT BEARDSLEY DANCE PAVILION "Where They All Go for Fun" / Beardsley Dance Orchestra Admission 50c, Plus Tax Dancing 9 to 1 "MYSTIRY BROADCAST" "SONORA STAOEGOACN" Final Chip- "Stcrjl Sirvica" DANCE EVEKV SATURDAY NIGHT EL PATIO PAVILION IMi Ml lei Writ of (irrrnflrld un Tuft Highway NO HKTTKK PLOOIt IN KEKN COUNTY Mu»le hj Ol>i;i.l, JOHNSON and HIS KIIVI'IIM KANCH I'AI.S DANCE WIIKHB VKIENU8 MKRT B. K.-(Hnster) KVANB WITH HIS VICTORY UANOK OKOHBSTRA KVKKV HATUKDAV NK1HT UNION AVENUE BALLROOM Modtrn and old-lime danclni—no )Ht«r- bucglng—every Saturday night AdmlMliin OOc Plu. Tax n In I FRIHAY «:00 to fl:SO p. m. KERN"—News; 6:15, 8ong« by Leon Payne. KKI—Waltz Time. KPMC—Gabriel Heattsr; «:15, Screen Test. 8:30 to 7:00 p, m. KER.N"—£potliKhi Bands: 6:56. Coronet Story Teller. KKI—People Arc Funny. KPMC—Double Or Nothing. 7:00 IP 7:30 p. m. KKrtN"—Earl Godwin; 7:15, Ted Ma lone. KKI—Amos and Andy. KPMC—Grral Momenta In Suorln; 7:07, Today'* War Commentary; 7:15, Lowell Thomai. 7:30 to R:00 p. m. KERN—Happy Island. KKI—Sports Ntwsreel; 7:45. Cabbages and Kings. KPMC—Lone Hunger. 8:00 to 8:30 p. m. KERN—V.'atch the World On By; 8:15, ParUpr Family. KKI—Music. Shop; 8:13, Fleetwood Lawton. KPMC—Jan King: 8:15. Waltz Time. 8:30 to 0:00 p. m. KER.V—Oangbusterg. KKI—Duffy's Tavern. KPMC—Allen Roth. 9:00 to»:.10 p. m. KERN"—Tom Brenneman's HiffhllelH*. KKI — KurloUBh Fun. Kl'MC—News: 9:16. Cecil Brown. !»:!IO to 10:00 p. m. KERN'—Henry J. Taylor; 0:45. Citizens Comml-.tpe Aeninst Proposition No. 12. KKI—Joa-\ Duvis and Jaik Haley. KPMC—Fulton Lewis, Jr.; 9:40, News. 10:00 to 10:30 p. m. KERN—Vii'p P-rcHident Wallace: 10:15, Ral Tauuiin Orchestra. KKI—The Reporter; 10:16. Manchester Bodily. KP.MC—^San Franclnrn Opera. 10:30 tn 11:00 p. m. KERN—The Doctors Talk Jt Over; 10:45. Harry Owens. KKI—Inside the News; 10:13. Medals in Music. Kl'MC—San Kianciwro Opera. 11:00 to 11:30 p. in. KERN—This Mi.vini,' World; 11:13, Henry Kintr and His Orciionlra. KKI—Eleventh Hour .News; 11:16, Post Paradi-; 11:^0. Peter de Lima. KPMC—News; 11:15. Silver Nocturne. Two Star Halfbacks Clash at Coliseum LOS ANGKLES, Oct. 20. OP)—The individual exploits of two young halfbacks, Jumping Johnny Roosch of U. C. L. A. and Jolting Julius Davis of St. Mary's Pro-Flight, will be tho crowd magnet as the Bruins and Airdevils clash here tomorrow in the Memorial Stadium. Roesch is the sophomore sensation who had gained «31 yards in 5'JVfc minutes of playing time, scored seven of his team's 10 touchdowns, und compiled an average of more than 10 yards a minute. Davis is the lad who came very near beating the Southern California Trojans last week in Fresno, lie came to the Airdevils unheralded and unsung, with only a littlo experience with the Clarksburg, Mo., high school team to recommend him. Relegated to the "goof squad," he soon won the respect of Coach Jules Sikes. The Trojans say he's one of the best they've seen. A BETTER BLEND FOR BETTER DRINKS OLD HOMPSON BRAND GLENMORE DISTILLERIES COMPANY IQcorporiced LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY 65% Grain Neutral Spirits Blended Whiskey 86.H Proof 11:30 to 12:00 Mlilnlcht KKRN"—Tod Owen»' Orchestra; 11:55, Newa. KFI—Radio Fanfare: 11:40, Ted Weemi! 11:55, Munlcal Encores. Kl'MU—S'lvor Nocturno. 8ATCRDAY fi:(MI to (i:80 n. m. KEfl.V—Rhythm for Saturday; 6;15, DemoeratR for Dewey. 0:30 to 7:00 a. in. KKRN T —Freedom on the Laud Forever; 6:45. Musicale Reveille. KKI—Tom Owens: ,6:45. NV\vs. Kl'MC—Musical Clock; 6:55. On the Farm. 7:00 to 7:30 ft. m. KKRN*—Newa; 7:fu, Martin AKronsky. KFI—Today's Heroes; 7:15, Fleelwood Lawton. KPAIC—Newjp; 7:15. Melodies of Today. 7:30 to 8:00 a. m. KKRN—News Commentary; 7:45. Rhythm Ranch T'tiK KFI—March to Victory; 7:45. Sam Hnyea. KPMC—Top Tunes; 7:40. Weill's Newa; 7:46, News. 8:00 to 8:30 a. m. KF.RN—Fleetwood Lawton; 8:15. Victory Marches. KFI—K. C. Jamboree. KPMC—Music: 8:15, Rainbow House. 8:30 to 0:00 a. m. KERN—Breakfast Club. KK1 — Melody Roundup. KPMC—Rainbow House. 9:00 to 0:30 a. in. KEHN—Newa of the World: 9:10, Local New«: 0:15. 10-L'-4 Ranch. KFI—News I'eriod; 9:75, Consumer Tune. KPMC—Hello, Mom! 0:30 to 10:00 a. m. KERN—Chatham Phomx'r—Lois Long: 3:45, Tran.i-Atlantk.- Qui/.. KFI—Alex Drier: 9:45, Los Ancetps County Medical Association Talk. KPMC—Swap and rhop. 10:00 to 10:30 n. m. KERN—Music; 10:15. Collins Calling. KI-'I-—Adventure Ahead. Kl'MC—News: 10:15. Al Williams. 10:30 tn 11:00 n. m. KERN—What's Cookine; 10:55. or^an Prpludo. KKI — Here's to Bahe Ruth: 10;40, News. KPMC—Luncheon With Lopez. 11:00 (o 11:30 a. in. KF.RN—Radio Kids Bilile Club. KFI— Opportunity Theater. Kl'MC—A to /, in Novelty; 11:15, Lani Mclntyre's Orchestra. 11:30 to 12:00 Nonn KERN—Fannie Hurst Prfsmls. KKI —Wilt- Chest Spoiling H-e. KPMC—Ueorge Stcrney's Orchestra. li:00 to 12:30 p. m. KERN—nnm State vs. Great Lakei Kootball (lame. KKI — Noon Farm Reporter; 13:15, James Alihe. KPMC—News; 12:15. To be nnnounced. 12:30 to 1:00 p. ill. KERN—Ohio State vs. Great Lakes Konttmll (lame. KFI—Smllln' EC! MrConnell. KPMC-—Ueurpe Barry's Orchestra. 1:00 to 1:30 n. m. KERN—Ohio State vs. Great Lakei Kootball (Jame. KFI —N. n. C. KPMC—Billy Rogers' Orchestra; 1:15, Ract'S. 1:30 to 2:00 p. m. KKRN—O'.no State vs. Great Lakes Football Game. FILM' STARS * LLOYD^ NOLAN, CLAIRE TREVOR CO-STARRED ON MUTUAL'S "RESULTS INC." Action,^ euapenae Tand lota'of ro< mancejare In atorafon Mutual listener* to - "Result* • Inc.", the new aerlca starring Lloyd..(Solan (left )«and (Claire ^Trevor, Don't Miss "RESULTS, INC." Saturday Night 10:30 P. M. ON STATION KPMC 1560 on Your Dial LET "Things Worth While" Brighten Your Life KPMC at 3:30 P. M. LET IVERS FURNITURE COMPANY Brighten Your Home The Home Quality. Style Bod Beauty In Furniture 625 Nineteenth Street Phone 4-4711 r AIIVERTIM5MKNT I'OI.ITICAI. ADVKKIISKMKM TEXANS! Listen to Senator W. Lee O'Daniel (Pass the Biscuits, Pappy) and His Hillbilly Boys in a Program Sponsored by The Democrats for Dewey Every Morning Mondays Through Saturdays KERN-6:15-6:30 KKI—N. T?. C. , KPMC—Dei Courtney; 1:45, To t» announced. 2:00 to 2:30 P. m. KERN—Ohio .Slate v«. Great Lakes Football Ciatne. , K.K1--.V. B. C. KI'.MO—Navy nulletin Board; 2:15, Football IJauir. ',':30 to 3:00 ii. m. KK.RN'—Attpr tho Game; 2:4a. Hello i-iwfjct hen 11. KKI—Il>: pert Hushes; 2:43, Reserve. KPMC—Foothill! Unme. 3:00 to 3:30 n. m. KKHN—teiiward Tmnliimon; :i:lS. Music. KKI---Klnee 1'earl Harbor; 3:15, I Sustain Wllisa. KPMC—Football Game. 3:30 to 4:00 p. m. KKRN—Contemporary Composers; 3:56. News. KKI—Curt Massey; 3:45. Religion in the NOUd. KPMC—Football Game. 4:00 to 4:30 p. in. KKRN—C!allup Looks at the Election: 4:lf>, Blut Mn(inee. ^ KFI—Tlie World's Great Novels. * KP-.IC—Footlmll Game. 4:30 tn 5:00 p. m. KKR.X—G. I. Hill of JliKhts. KKI—On the ScoutinK Trail. KPMC —Football Giune. * 5:00 tn 5:30 n. m. KKRN—Hairy Owens' OrchvalrR. KFr—Traffic Tribunal; u:15, News Period. Kl'MC- -Football Game; 6:15. &lu«ie lor Rei.-.embi ance. 5:30 to «:00 n. m. KKRN—Bns'ton Pops Symphony. KFI—Football Ilcview; 6:40. Ulr.ier Peterson. KPMC—Cowboy Troubadour; G:45,«Ni«ht News Wlie. GET YOUR BETS DOWN If you've ever laid a fin on a football game or held a kicker. <• * * * Or fallen in love, or bought a car, ordered hash, or walked across the street on Saturday. # * * * Then I salute you as a man who knows a thing or two about the joy of a good risk well taken. * * * And now I suggest you peel a fat sura off your roll and bet it on a lot of hungry kids. Toss it in humanity's kitty*, and MAKE IT PDQ. PETE • Known also as the War Chesf. ON THE HOME FRONT VOTE NO on No. 12 Hear MRS, GRACE McDONALD Editor, Farm Reporter Member State Agricultural Board ANTHONY G. MAUDS' General Manager Western Dairymen's Co-operative Association KERN Tonight, 9:45 BACK ON THE A BIU£ HCJWORK PffGG rqi.iTir.u. _ADVKUTINK.MKXT Don't Miss "The Democracy of Socialism" TONIGHT, 7:45-KPO Dial 680 Write for S. L. P. Platform Socialist Labor Party 2091 15th St., San Francisco 14

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