The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on January 6, 1938 · Page 9
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 9

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1938
Page 9
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 6, 1938. THE MORNING HERALD, HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND. HWB How About A Bit More Attention To Want Ads And Their Economies? HERALD-MAIL INFORMATION All ads are restricted to their proper classifications and to the regular Herald-Mail style of type. Errors In advertisements should be reported Immediately. 1 he Herald'Mall will not be responsible for more than one Incorrect Insertion. Advertising ordered for irreeular Insertion takes tha one time rate. PHONE YOUR CLASSIFIED AD TO 104 - 105 - IOC No ads taken for less than a baali toC three lines. Count six average words to the line. The averar* •word contains six letters. Daily rates per line for consecutive Insertions: CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING HATES Cash Kate One time .- 1J| Three times „..-... 08 Sli times .08 All Classified Advertising . Is CASH-iN-ADVANCE ' Ada ordered tor three or nix tlm hnd Stopped before expiration will be charged Cor only the number of times the ad appears and adjustments made at the rate earned. Special rates Cor yearly advertising; upon request CareCul attention given to small °WHEN AND WHERE TO PLACB JOUR AD The Classified Advertising Department Is situated at the Herald- Mall, These offices are open to receive advertisements from 8 A. At to l P. M. dally. All ads received up until 11 A. M. will appear in edition same day and 8 P. ftL will appear in edition following day. The Ad-taker will gladly assist you If desired so that the copy for your ad is prepared in such a manner as to bring thegreatest results CLASSIFIED INDEX The following advertisements un- Ber the following classifications are arranged In ALPHABETICAL order lor quick references. -ANNOUNCEMENTS I—Notices. 2—In Memoriam. 3—Card of Thanks. 4—Flowers and Mourning Qoo*s. 5—Funeral Directors. 6—Monuments and Cemetery Lot*,. 7—Personals. 8—Bowling Alleys. 3—Societies and Lodges. 10—Lost. Strayed and Found. AUTOMOTIVE 11—Automobiles Cor Sale. 12—Autoa for Hire. 12 A—Delivery Service. 13—Battery antl Ignition Servlc*. H—-Body and Fender Work, Paint- Ing Tops and Upholstery. 15—Motorcycles and Bicycles. 16—ReiY-iring and Service Station*. 17—Tires. Parts, Accessories. 17A—Wanted—Automotive. BUSINESS SERVICE IS—Business Service Offered. ISA—Beauty Parlors. 1SB—Barber Sohps. ISC—Radio Repairing. IgD—Welding and Brazing. 19—Bulldirg and Contracting. 20—Cleaning. Dyeing, Renovating. 21—Dressmaking and Millinery. 22—Heating, Plumbing, Roofing. 23—Insurance and Surety Bond. 24—Laundering. 25—Moving, Trucking. Storage. 26— PaintliiE. Papering, Decorating. 27—Printing. Engraving, Binding. 28—Professional Service. 29—Repairing and Reflnlshlng. 29A—Piano Tuning and Repairing. 2!)B—Shoe Repairlne. 20C—Harness and Leather Goods. 30—Tailoring: and Pressing. 31—Wanted—Business Service. - ••- -EMPLOYMENT 32—Help Wanted—Female. 33—Help Wanted—Male. 34—Help—Male and Female. 35—Solicitors, Canvassers, Agent*. 36—Situations Wanted—Femal*. 37—Situations Wanted—Male. FINANCIAL 38—Business Opportunities. 39—Investments, Stocks, Bonos. 40—Money to Loan. Mortgages. ;4j_Wanted—To Buy. 41A—Wanted—To Borrow. * INSTRUCTION H2—Correspondence Courses, 43—Local Instruction Classes. 41—Musical, Dancing, Dramatics. 45—.private Instruction. 45 A— Instruction—Male. 46—Wanted—Instruction, LIVESTOCK «7—Dogs, Cats. Other Pets. 48—Horses, Cattle, Other Stock. 49—Poultry and Supplies. gO—Wanted—Livestock. MERCHANDISE) $'r 61—Articles for Sale. ':£& K1A—Barter and Eschangs. '#*.• R2—Boats and Accessories. 53—Building Materials. 64—Business and Office EquIpmtnL 65—Farm and Dairy Products. 66—Feed and Fertilizer. E6A—Coal and Wood. B7—Good Things to Eat. £8—Homemade Things. 59—Household Goods. 60—lewelry. Watches. Diamonds. 61—Machinery and Tools. 62—Musical Merchandise. B2A—Radio Equipment. .\ 6.3—Seeds, Plants, Flower*. ^ 64—Specials In the Stores. '\' 65—Wearing Apparel, eg—Wanted—To Bu^. ROOMS AND BOARD B7—Rooms with Board. 68—Rooms without Board. 6Jt—Rooms for Housekeeping. 70—Vacation Places. 71—Where to Eat. ,72—Where to Stop In Town. f3—Wanted—Rooms or Board. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT 74—Apartments and Flats. 75—Business Places for Rent. 7(i—Farms and Lands Cor Rent 77—Houses (or Rent 77A—Uarage* for Kent. 78—Offices and Desk Room. 79—Shore and Mountain—For Kent 80—Suburban—For ilent. 81—Wanted—To Kent. REAL ESTATE FOfi SALHJ R—Brokers Heal Estate. 82—Business Property for Sale. 83—Farms and Lands for Sale, 84—Houses for Sale. 84A—Garages for Sale. 85-T.otb for Sale. SB—Shore. Mountain, Lake for Sale 87—Suburban—For Snl*. 88—To Exchange— KeaI Estate. S9— Wanted—Heal Estate. AUCTIONS—LEGAL DO—Auction Sales. M — l.egnl Notlr-ea. _ Announcements Personals B\CK NUMBER MAGAZINES—5c Southern Bool* Exchange, 114 N Jonathan St. _____ LEARN TO PLAV BRIDGE—Capable instructress now forming classes. Telephone 2581. MEN OLD AT 40! GET PEP—New Ostrex Tonlo Tablets contain raw oyster invlgorators and other stimulants. One dose starts new pep Value $1.00. Special price 89c. Call write Rudy's Uexall Pharmacy. NOTJOK—1 will not be responsibl. for any debt.; by anyone other than myself. (Signed) Lfti-oy H. Bpjyman. Lost, Strayed, Found 10 COIN PURSE—Lost. Containing $10 bill, $1 bill, book tickets. He ward Return Jli'H. liny Troy, Hurry S, flyers' Store. LOST—Dinner ring, while gold, set with ivliitn .stones and two blue stones. "Reward. Airs. Arthur 240H Virgintr Ave. LOST—Incense tag 277-146 between Hagerstown and ConococheiiEiie, Saturday night. Reward. Return Marks Grocery. Automotive Automobilei For Sal* 1933 WILLYS Sedan, perfect shape, $120. Write Box St Herald-Mall. 1937 FORD TRUCK—For sale cheap to quick buyer. Write Box 73, Herald-Mail. FOR THE NEW TEAR WE ARE OFFERING THE FOLLOWING USED CARS AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. 1937 OLDS. 2 Dr. Tr. Selan. 6 Cyln. 1937 CHEV. 2 Dr. Tr. Sedan. Heater .& seat covers. 1937 PONTIAC 8 2 Dr. Tr. Sedan. Radio & heater. 1936 OLDS. 6 4 Dr. Tr. Sedan. Radio &. heater. 1936 CHEVROLET 2 Dr. Tr. Sedan. Radio and Heater. Dr. Tr. Sedan. 193G PONTIAC 6 Heater. 1936 TONTIAC 8 4 Dr. Tr. Sedan. Radio. 1935 CHEV. 4 Dr. Tr. Sedan. Radio & heater. 1935 FORD Coach. . .sj=i*.^ 1935 FORL) Coupe. "%>.< 1933 CHEVROLET Coach. Many other makey and models. Terms 10 suit your purse. PONTIAC SALES 18 EAST FRANKLIN ST. J'HONK 1540 The Thumma Motor Co. VERY SPECIAL PRICED FOR QUICK SALE 1936 CHRYSLER Sedan. 1335 PLYMOUTH Coupe. 1935 CHRYYSLER Sedan. 1934 OLDSMOBILE Sedan. 1934 CHRYSLER Kedan. MARYLAND MOTOR CO., Inc. Distributors Chrysler-Plymouth 5K-62 W. Franklin St. Phona 2500 PEOPLE WHO are forced to move suddenly often part with their furniture at very low prices through 'Household Goods" ads In the Classified Section. m FIND tUHflT VOU LUflNT IUHEN VOU U/ANT IT WHERE VOU LUflNT IT IN THE CLASSIFIt=D, SECTION Automotive Automobiles For Salt 1 1935 CHUVROLET 157 In. whec base, good ineclianlcal condition "< HBDUCED ON THIS . MUCH AS 331-3 PFJR CEN DOWN PAYME •30 CHEVROLET Coupe '2!l BUICK 6 Coach '30 BU1CK 6 Sedan •31 CHRYSLER C Coupe •29 CHEVROLET Sedan •33 FORD Sport Coupe •30 GRAHAM 6 • Sedilll •31 HUDSON (.Sedan '33 DODGE Coupe •33 TKnttAPl.ANR Coupe "»'J WHIPPET C Coach ....... 40 Others to Select From You Get A Butter Usfd Cur F A Bulck Denier—So Visit . 20 'rom THE USED OAK MARKET U Frederick St. 1'hone 2206 The Thumma Motor Co. Buk'k Dealer. THE S-'DAY" briiviNo"T'iiiAL SEE US TODAl'-FOR A tlOOD Bin '37 STUDKBAKEK Sedan fvj; '36 FORD DeLuxe Sedan j<; •35 FORD Sedan JjJ '35 WILLYS Sedan -;-l '33 DODGK Coupe jJ» •32 U11KVBOLKT Viet ^ •32 ROCKNE Sedan -^ •31 NASH Sedan {•» •30 BtllCK Vlclnrlii }lf '31 STtlDEBAKl-:it Coupe .... lo^ •32 ESSEX Coupe J4J •30 STUDKBAKKP. Sedan 141 •30 STUDEBAKKR Coach l« '29 HUPMOBILF. Sedan J; '30 OAKLAND Coupe ' a Open Evenings FLEIfiH MOTOK CO. 670 Oak Hill Ave. 1'hone 2300 PACKARD A Safe Place lo Buy Used Cars 1936 FOliD Sedan (Deluxe) SjjL'- 1934 PlA'iMOUTH Bus. Coupe 2'Jj,. 1931 CHRl'SLER Roadster . 295.00 1929 FRANKLIN Coupe .... 1J5.0C 1929 FRANKLIN Sedan Hj.OC 1,928 FRANKLIN Sedan 14 3 .00 COSTON MOTORS 24 W. Franklin St. Phone 625 THE BEST PLACE IN TOWN To Buy :i Uaeil Oar Is Rt • . J S. SNOWBERGER & SONS Because They Are Safety Tested Come In and See What Safety Tested Means 19S7 OLDSMOBILE 8 Trff. Se Radio & heater ........ 1936 01.DSMOB1LE 2 Dr. Se Built-in trunk 1936 PONTIAC 8 TrE. Sedan 1135 CHEVROLET Sedan 1935 -FORD Coach 1931 OLDSMOBILE 2 Dr. Radio & heater 1934 DODGE Sedan 1934 BUICK Coupe ........... 1934 CHEVROLET Sport Coupe 349 219 E Washington St. Phono SOI Open Evenings Until 10 O'clock dan 5899 dan. 599 C.49 ;™ •>« dan 399 399 R & G • CARS AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES 1937 FORD DeL. Fordor Tonr. f<eiv. 1937 FORD DeL. Fordor. ivew. 1937 FORD DeL. Tudor, with heater 1937 FORD Tudor. 193G FORD Tudor Touring. 1936 FORD Tudor. Radio & heater. 1936 FORD Tudor. 1936 FORD DeL. Cpe. Radio, heater 1935 FORD DeL. Tudor. Radio. 1935 FORD DeL. Tudor. 1035 FORD Tudor. 1935 FORD Coupe. 1935 PONTfAC Coupe. Radio, heater 1934 FORD Tudor Deluxe. 1934 FORD Convertible Coupe. 19.14 FORD DeLuxe Coupe. 1932 FORD Coupe. 1930 FORD Model A Coupe. 1S37 FOR1> Pickup. 10.16 FORD Pickup. 1932 FORD llodel B Pickup. 6 FORDSON Tractors. NEWMAN AUTO COMPANY Phone 74. Srnitlisburg. Md. TODAY'S BEST BUYS You can't get something for nothing, you know i.t—We know it —We don't promise it. JUST GOOD USED CARS! AT THE RIGHT PRICE 1937 CHEVROLET Mstr. Del,. Sedan, with radio; black. 1936 FORD Sport Coupe. ErpHpped with radio and heater. 1934 LA SALLE Sedan. Blue, Fleetwood body, in excellent condition throughout. 1936 CHEVROLET Mstr. 4 Dr. Sedan. Finished in gray, fine condition. • 19S6 CHEVROLET Master 6 Coach. Black finish with red wire wheels, fine condition. 1986 FORD Tudor Sedan. Trunk mode] equipped vrlth radio. 1936 CHEVE. Std. Town Sedan. Black, nice appearance. 1935 BUICK DeLuxe Sedan. Equipped with radio and heater, tine condition thruout. 1935 CHEVE St. Coach. Black, has had excellent care. 1935 FORD DeLuxe Tudor, with radio. Has had excellent care. 1537 CHEVROLET Dump Truck, new Hercules hydraulic dump body, new rubber. FORD & CHEVROLET TRUCKS, J /i ton panels, 1% ton stake and dump bodies. Many Other Makes and Models Priced Accordingly Terms to Suit Your income HOFFMAN CHEVROLET SALES, Inc USED CAR LOT 313 W. Washington St. Phone 458 Look For the Bipr Neon Sign "Between the Railroads" Autos For Hire TAXI—Graham taxi 20c. Miami Cab, comfortable year round. Serv- icea nyplace.Pau 1 H. John -so 11. Motorcycles and Bicycles 15 :OMPLETE line of bicycle parte, tires & accessories; repairing. Twlgg Cycle Co.. 43 N. Mulberry. Repairing '-. Service Stations 16 ;AR WASHING 75c—General re- E airing & battery service. Amrose's Garage, rear 3.1 N, Jonathan Business Service Business Service Offered 11 JILAS3—Sold and replaced In automobiles, mirrors, window glass. Glass Shop. 11 N Locuat. Ph 2693W 18-C Radio Repairing MILLER'S RADIO SEHVICE All Mak-s Repaired. Open' 8 A. M ti 9 P. M. 4 N M^ilberrj^Fh^ejjjl Iniurance ind Surety Bond* 21 STATE AUTO, Compensation * rir« Insurance. 3. B. Burgesser. 17 Netclev Bldg. Phone 638. Repairing and Reflnlthlng 21 . SACK—Reupholsterine & repairing furniture. Mattresses renovated, work llrst class, reasonable prices. Ph. 2.10C.T. .12 Center St. 'OLLOWING our yearly practice e will repair or recover your irnllure durlnir thf month of lurniiuro <IUIIIIK lllt inutin. « January. Phone 1910 nnd our rep rcsentatlvo will call. Ecachlcy Relchard FurnUuin Co. IBPAiniNO, reflnlshliiB, rouphols- terlng St. cabinet work. Smith St Snvder OabltKt Shop 817 8. Pot'm'o Employment Help Wanted—Female 32 ilXPlflHIK!NOKl5~iioip. \viiitrcss and kitchen. Must ho over 2."> yrs. a«e. Aftcrnoor nnd -evening work. Roxy Iteitaiir«nl, 280 Freil. 81. BXPB.RIBKCED girl or womnn, white or eolored, general house- .vwk, JRif. reaulrtd. 120« Oak Hill. umiMunuomi I IS'THIS A SOUND ARGUMENT—H | OR JUST NOISY TALK? 5 | Well, if one of the men is maintaining that | Want Ads pay, it is a sound argument, sure 1 • .enough. And if the other man claims that | Want Ads don't bring results, that is noth- | ing but noisy talk. Employment Help Wanted— Male _ 33 FARM HAND—By month or year. (Jive age & family. Write Box SfJ, Herald-Mail. 1,111.^1. "^ >tl.L13"l^" ,..-.. -,••- -,,„ start. Protected roule. /.one Manager promotions for best piouuc- crs Route men now earning MO to 560 week. Write LOYD'S Ol> AMERICA, S3S Cooper St., Camden. N- J. jTEN WANTED—$75 a month paid to many men at first and more later. Local manager of nationally known company wants to lire several men for work in this locality. Prefer men who live on farms or in towns outside of Hagerstown. Deliver orders to farmers, render service and do other work. Farm experience very desirable. Car necessary. Permanent work. You only need to give your name and address. Box 76, c/o Herald-Mail. SALESMEN 1 to sell electrical appliances; experience not necessary. We train you. Modern App. Inc., 40 S. Potomac St. TOUXG mali IS to 21. neat, free to travel. See Mr. Gorman, Hotel Maryland S tc 0 p. m. No phone calls. WANTED—Man with car to take over profitable Rawleteh Route. Established customers. Sales way up tills year. Must be .salislied witli earnings of ?30 a week to start. AVrlte Ttau'lelKh's Dept. MDA-CC-10I. Chester, Pa. Situations Wanted—Male 37 EXPERIENCED farm hand wants steady place. Good home preference to wage.s. Box S3 Herald. WANTED—Position as chauffeur Sat. afternoons & Sundays. Highest references Write Box 79, Mail. Financial Business Opportunity 38 BUSINESS—For sale. Fresh meals and groceries Doing sood busl- ness. Write Box 82, TIerald-MaiL Money to Loan—Mortgages 40 MORTGAGES—On farms, 5%, 10 to Ifj yrs. Consult us. L. S. Spans:Ur. 2nd Fl., 2nd National Bank Bldg. MONEY TO LOAN—On good 1st mortgages. 6%. H. P. Hartman. la N. Jonathan St. MONEY TO LOAN ON MORTGAGES W. MURRAY BAECHTEL Agency 304-6-6 Second Natl. Dank Bldg. MONET TO LOAN OK MOUTUAUES N. B. ROWE, 26 N. Potomac St MONEY TO LOAN ON MORTGAGES GROH REALTY CO. 13 Summit Ave. MONEY for First Mortgages. H T. Brewer, T. C. Lindsey. 2H-15 2nd Nat Rank Blile. Ph. 2<81 Musical, Dancing, Dramatics 44 DANCING LESSONS—Every type of dancing and technique taught. Strasser's 54 W. \Vaajj ; _P.h 4 _l.lijlJ; Livestock Poultry and Supplies 49 CUSTOM hatching: chicks, -poultry supplies Larro feeds. Martins Hatchery- Phono 40S7F13. CUSTOM HATCHING — Marshall Hatcher., .Memorial Blvd.. E. Phone SOM Chicks on sale at Howard's Feed Store Phone SO6^ Wanted—Livestock 50 POULTRY — All kinds and eggs wanted. Zimmerman t Wlshard, Cor. Church &. Jonathan. Ph. 2271. Merchandise Articles for Sale DAIRY BOILERS—New 2 H. P. tuneless Boilers, meeting state inspection. Priced reasonable. Hagerstown En"Ipmont Co. Ph. 146. ELECTRIC Gold water pump for sale. Cost $165: will sell S2B.OO. F. Pryor, Willlamsport. Md. ELECTRIC MOTORS—All types and sizes; als> accessories & parts; repairing a specialty. Hagerstown Equipment Co. Md. Ave. Phone H6 ELECTRIC~MOTOUS & PARTS— Nev anc used motors control devices. We repair & rewind all sizes, any make or type. UREENWALT ELECTRIC CO. Phone 337. „,. SALE—One oil burner, cheap. Phone 1542.1. - Apply S13 Frederick St. FURNACES — Pipe, hose, belting, pulleys, plumbing supplies, Ol FICE FURNITURE Hagerstown Haulpmont Co.. Maryland Ave. Phone H6. WASHING machine & wringer rolls. Jon^a /MM,,,. ^. Ice, 2< Summit AVe. Phone 24. IHING machines repaired, parts wringer rolls. Jones Appll. Serv- Coal and Wood 58-A COAL — COKE — WOOD Hlrh Quality Plus Good Service LEISTER COAL CO. Phono 778. GO VV. Leo St. "Wo Make It Hot For You" JlSTIUBUTOns —O. P. Automatic Ooal Burners, AVERS liliOTIIlSltS !',r. Illl W. Antletnin St. "Original" Pa. F3gg and Lump Coal All Hlzes of Pocalionlas, Run Mine Phono ouo-noi ^_ GEORGE'S Creek Coal—$4.50 truckload of six tons; gliiKle ton, ?4.7K or 85 per cent lump at same price. Phone 1311J. Smith Coal Co. QBN. RIOD ASH LYKENS VALLEY Furnace, Heatrola Special $8.f>0 W. M. HBATTY. PHONE 120S.1 'OCAIIONTAS - Nut or >tove. Ponn. lump. Lykenit Valley, pea, nut or stove. Mine run A stoker cnnl. Call or see PEOPLES COAL CO. Phone 20»« 10 MoCom»e_Bt. THE SE1CM1NGH Impossible li f ton accomplished by Classified. Adi. Merchandise Household Goods ANOTHER practically new enamel range, a real buy at ?29.75. For- sy'the Storage Mil! St. Open Evngs. CLEARANCE SALE Of All Ooal Ranges llesiters and 'Oil Circulating Heaters Convenient Terms SHOCKEY FURN1TUKR CO. 2S-30 Summit Ave. Phone 1270 MAPLE dinette.set, 2 .maple' occasional chairs, studio couch, ironing board, toaster, elec^: maple stand light, maple end table, porcelain top table, curtains, 2 pr. alike; - electric refrigerator; all new. Mrs. Chas. K. .Miller, Holler. Apis. Phone 2:lSf).T.' ONE ten piece dining room alllt, one Hoosier kitchen cabinet. Martin Storage Co.. i>01 Fennsylvaniii Ave. Radio Equipment AUTO Radio, Motorola, good as new. ttasy to install. Will sell cheap. Apply 230 East Ave. Wanted to Buy WANTED—500 cords of wood, cord wood or slab. Call Hagerstown, 2455. Rooms and Board Rooms With Board 67 SUMMIT AVE.-235—Front bed room and board with use of phone. Phone 1481-R. Rooms Without Board BELL Apartment. Potomac St.-N.- 302—Desirable room suitable for 1 or 2 persons. Phone M37-J. NORTH END — Well furnished front bedroom. Phone 1117R. ROOMS—Centrally located; reasonable rates; running water. New management; 32 S. Potomac. Union League Hotel. 1 LARGE front furnished, suitable for 1 or 2. Second floor. 136 a. Potomac. Rooms For Housekeeping 6S CHESTNUT ST.-54G—3 modern furnished rooms, private bath, electric refrig. Adults only. $7 week. FRANKLIN ST.-E.-11S—Two furnished rooms for light housekeeping. No children. Apply 2nd floor. WALNUT ST.-N.-3G—Rooms for light housekeeping; good heat, lights, hot water. Nicely furnished rooms for light housekeeping:; 3 unfurnished, 3rd floor. Apply 22 Randolph Ave. Real Estate For Rent Apartments and Flats APARTMENTS—27 High St., ?13 mo.; IS'A N Foundry St., ?2.75 week. Call 1S4S-M. APTS.—503-507 S. Potomac, 15 W. Ant., Hill Crest Road, 22 N. Potomac, Public Square, GROH REALTY Co., 13 Summit Ave APAKTM1SNTS—Modern, furnished and unfurnished. Apply 1st floor 2IG S. Prospect BKYAN"~PLACH and 1st So. Salem Ave., __. _ bath, new liard- _wood lloors. Automatic heat 4063F4 FAIKC!ROTIND"~AVE.-37—Furnished apartments for rent; reference required. Apply same. FAIUGROUNL AVE.-114—1st floor, 3 room apartment; conveniences. Apply 533_Brow^ Ave. Ph. 105,1-M. Pn'AKK"MN~ST.~w7-6"i6 — 4 Brooms and bath, electric refrigeration; large porch: hot water all year; hea 1. furnished. AtUl 1 ts. FIVE ROOM APARTMF.NT — All conveniences. Apply 1G1 Summit Ave. HAMILTON BLVD.-S34 — 4 rooms, bath furnished. 2nd floor. Refrigeration. Phono 1026M. HAMILTON BLVD.-1131—.1 rooms, modern, hardwood. Apply 51 W. Franklin. Mrs. Ruben. Ph. 1C50R. HAMILTON ELVD.-915— 1st floor. 6 room apartment. No children. W. Frn..k Wolfe. Phona 64R. LAK1N APARTMENT—S. Potomac St 5 rooms and bath each. Phone »90 or 2430. MODERN apartment, 4 rooms and bath, hardwood floors, newly papered; janitor service all year. Plenty heat and hot water, 527.50. !-iagerstown Realty Co., 12 W. Fran]din_St. Phone U6. IOTLEK" APARTMENTS—Very dc- .sirable five room apartment; poss. at once. CaU Mr. Harp. 2254M. OAK HILL & POTOMAC AVE.—3 rooms &. bath, all modern. Phone 1059M or 5SO. OAK HILL AVE.-715—New 6 room modern, automatic heat: immediate possession. Phone 2564 or 2221M. POTOMAji AVE.—3 room apartment private hath; rent reasonable. Possession at once. Ph. 1239-J. POTOMAC ST.-S.-220—3 rooms furnished. All conveniences. Apply same. POTOMAC AVE.-1006 — Desirable 1st floor, oil heat; no children. ?50. Potomac Hills. PROSPECT ST.-S.-118—1st floor, suit bachelor offices or elderly lady; two pleasant rooms, bath, heat, Enrage. Feb. 1. Ph. 42EW. PROHI'ECT ST.-S.-112 — 3 room apartment exclusive location. All conveniences. Phono 10 or 1524. p'rfK TIOlMtAOK-930—II rooni.4 anil bnlli. AdultK lmmedin.le possession. Phono _1 OJIIJ. (TlfodM upartrnont. elevator service, Farmers & Merchants Bank Bids:., fa. W. Washington fit. Phono 108. Buslneai Place! for Rent 71 SMALL store room or barber shop, » W, Side Ave: 270 S. Potomfto St. ,Pliono_449:.T.._^ Farms and Lands for Rent 78 1'KNANT with slock, equipment; 110 acre farm near railroad, Big SprlllK Dlsl. Koo Oeorgo C, Sny- dnr, 509 Ornml _Hldjr.._l'li. 2303. "usS"A~6LA¥siiriS5~Ad^-fou can phone It nnd charge it, Real Estate For Rent Homes for Rent 77 A MODERN HOME Should have an Antomatlc Gas Water Heater Installed. Be sure before renting. BRICK" noUBK^T"bedrooms, bath., living room nnd kitchen. In the 400 block North End. Low rent. Apply Milton Kohler, 417 North Potomac St. BROADWAY-124—C .rooms. Possession at once. Apply 122 Broadway 'phone 1373 BELLEV JE AVE.-14—6 rooms, bath, furnace; reasonable rent. Jan. 1st, M. Uerksoi: 43 W. Franklin St. FUNKSTOWN Md. — Main St., house, city water, 'Wits. Heat- rola Rent reasonable. Poss. at once. B. P. Sowdcrs PRANKLIN ST.-E.-324—77 Madison, etc. Immediate possession. Apply 119 N. Potomac St. Ph. 1291R. GOOD 6 room house, 500 Ridge Ave. Water, electric. $10 per month. Guy Doub. Ph. 20SSJ. GOOD HOUSES—30'. Reynolds Ave., 210 Fairground, E03 S. Potomac, Western Pike, Broadfordlng Rd GROH REALTY Co., 13 Summit Ave GUILFOHD <.VE.-62D— Widow _-' sires to share furnished home: all venlences. Apply same. MODERN six room brick' house, hardwood tloors. 2 oar. garage. Frederick Rd. Write Box 87, Mall MULBERRY ST.-S.-252 — 6 room house, conveniences, poss. about Jan. 1st. Apply 254 S. Mulberry. POTOMAC WE.-1203—6 room house, garage, hardwood floors. Good location. Mrs 11. L. Knelsley. Ph. 1524. SALEM AVE.-548—6 room brick house, alt conveniences, newly papered, garage. Apply 540. Poss. Feb. 1st. SINGLE HOUSE North End for rent. W MURRAY BAECHTEL Agency. Rmj. 304-5-6 Sec. Nat Bk. Bldg. SUMMIT AVE.-926—Modern 6 room brick; new furnace, newly Papered Garage. Ad. Box 8p_c;o_Mall. Wanted—To Rent 81 FURNISHED room, private bath, by gentleman. Can give refer, Write Boxjnjjerald. Farms and Land For Sale ood roads J1600. John Sir\viEElAMSPOnT--l32 acres, rm. stone house, J^rm.^liarne 'n'gfon a St!'.' Baltimore, Kg—Good limestone, 4 nillet ,uuu. ^. **• " "'^oo'., ore St. Phone 28S3._ lTAT^FT™iriamiri-2 set in ap- oies cherries, berries, g p , pears; building 39 . "'i,/ 0 Em l E. ira^ r j;^c'i^! dI f7>K-. ^^,^gW^Srolth_sbur R _^ J LJnl.can For Sale 84 Houses For Sale x PARM TRY & COMMERCIAL Properties. WMURRA.Y BAECHTEL Agency, Rms. 304-5-6 Sec. Nat. Bk. Bldg.^ Arcade Bldg. FOR SALE—Deiilrablo homes, lots. busineVs locations. Insurance. Allo rents collected: 1st mortgage fcans 6°%: Chas. E. Fry. 1100 Hamilton Blvd. Phone 2391-J. GOOD BUY—323 Llnganore Ave 7 room's hot water, garage, »2800, single' frame, N. Mulberry, hardwood floors, large lot. Cheap. John L. Uwaln. Phone 20S9J. SUMMIT AVE. — Double $ room bouse bath, furnace, etc. $3800- GROW RBALTVT Co., 13 Summit Ave SOUTH END—Small dwelling. |1350. North End-attractive brick. 8 rm ilwl lure- lot. lovely trees and si"'ubberf; remarkable value. Double brick, modern, bargain, unusual opportunity for investment. Centrally located. 4 story brick apt., reasonable price liberally financed Farms one to 300 acres. N B Rowe 26 N. Potomac St_ W7~WASH ST.—Single ' brick, corner property, large lot, low price. John E. Taylor Agency, 309 Arcade Bldg. Hioni S38. WASHINGTON AVE.—3 story double hrlc!r, excellent condition, very desirable for APts. Call Thurman C. Llndsey, Court Realty Co.,214 2nd Natl. Bank Eldg. Ph. 2-181. , ROOM home, South End, f!250. New modern house. Vi A. lot, edge City bargain. Brick apt. property (6 apts.J, N. End, $10,000. S. L. V. Young, 136 S.__Loclist. Auctions—Legals Legal Notices 91 ORDER NISI— * , Ellsworth R. Roulette, Assignee, versus Albert H. Gunnell, Sally K. Gunnell. No. 13.626 Equity. In the Circuit Court for Washington County sitting as a Court 0£ o! : d 1 e U red,' By the Clerk of the Circuit Court, this 22nd day of December, 1937. that the sales made and reported by Ellsworth R. Rou-i lette, Assignee, for the sale of the real estate In the proceedings of this cause mentioned, be ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary be shown to the Court on or before the 14th day of January next: Provided, a copy of this order tin Inserted In some newspaper published in Washington County, at least once a week for three successive weeks before the said last mentioned day. The report states the amount of sales to be $2,925.00. TRUE COPY—TEST: EDWARD OSWALD, Clork. Classified Display Notice.! BID FOR TRANSPORTATION The undersigned .solicits Mdfl for furnlnhliiR bu» and transporting pIlM from the Pondsvlllo hchool litrict to Smlthshurc. Bids will bo received up until 12:00 o'clock Noon, Tuesday, January 18. Copy of specifications may ba se- ured at the office of the Board of Education. Tho right Is reserved to reject nnv or all bids. HOARD OK EDUCATION OP WASHINGTON COUNTY CYRUS D. BELL YOU CAN SAVE time, money and trouble by buylnK »n4 »lllng th» Classified way. PLEASE! When answering any of these ads, either by writing or in personal interview, kindly state that you saw the advertisement in the Herald-Mail. This will immediately identify you as a progressive quality reader, aid the advertiser, and insure you the very best service. Classified Display Classified Display Notices NOTICE OF, STOCKHOLDERS' MEETING The regular annual mutiny of the atocfcholders of The Home Builders Savings and Loan Association of H*ger»town. Washington County. Maryland, will be held at the Association's office at 128 West Washington Street. In Hagerstown. Maryland, on SATURDAY, JANUARY 15, 1938, it 7:30 o'clock P. M., for election of directors and officers and transaction of such other business as may come before the meet- lnK ' CHARLES C. DITTO, Secretary. Financial Financial CONDITION OP THE NICODEMUS NATIONAL BANK, ls : TO CALL MADE BY COMPTROLLER OP SECTION 2511, U. S. REVISED STATUTES ...ana and discounts .....:" ...........11,287,120 30 UnffceTsiatea' 'Government' 'obligation's;' direct' and/or' fully Caah^aiances'wlth other banks, and'c'ash Items In process of collection Oilier assets • Total Assets * LIABILITIES Demand deposits ot individuals, partnerships, and nc^deposTts ot iiidivim'iaisY partnership's','and corporations 659,242 94 5,163 33 6,831,241 70 2,215,291 29 --- ]2 96 checks outstanding ...... ••• •••.•/• Deposits secured by pledge of loans and/ or investments /'r'"' Deposits not secured by pledge of loans and/or investments ....: • Total Deposits 6,141,194.42 Dividends declared bu't'not yet payable and amounts set aside for dividends not declared • Prife?red C stock, : 2,650 shares, par 1100.00 , per share, retlrahle at »100 per share. ' Common stock, 1500 shares, par ?100 per share. Surplus • Undivided profits—net Reserves for contingencies • Preferred stock retirement fund Reserve for dividend payable In common ^_ ^ ^ Total Capital Account .„, „„,„„ 193,081.09 _ a,94S,llo.dJ J415,000.00 . 130,000.00 . 47,073.74 . 45,653.54 8,000.00 83,933 03 9,320 00 680,727 28 Total T Ia.h ill ties • 6.831,241 70 MEMORANDUM: Loans 'and Investments Pledged to Secure Liabilities United States Government obligations, direct and/or fully guaranteed .; Other bonds, stocks, and securities Total Pledged (excluding rediscounts) Ple(5 Igi : inst State, county, and municipal deposits Against deposits of trust departments 328,924 SO . 231,318.74 97,606 06 ; 328,924' 80 I 'coimty'of' Wa'sh'lngton, KS: • ' T n'i 1 n,.,a« H Npwman cashier of the above-named bank, do solemniv swe'al that the abov^e Statement is true to' the best of my knowledge and" belief. ' THOS. H. NEWMAN, Cashier. Sworn to-and subscribed before ""'"''fM'pIBB'Y^Nitar/'publlc Having rented my farm situated on Mt. Etna road, S miles E* Hagerstown, Md., I will sell on THURSDAY, JAN. 6, 1938, AT 12 O'CLOCK i The following personal property • _ 7-HEAD OF HORSES-7 8—HEAD OF CATTLE—8 Consisting ot 7 milch cows and 1 heifer. 35-HEAD OF HOGS-35 f Sdd"fi tS in 2S00 of a n P ne° timothy ^""''1^1'Ji'dunk ^nd' a 'lo't^f ^UcleS too numerous to mention. Everything will positively be sold regardless ot price, as. I. have no use for them. TERMS OF SALE: Cash, no good's to be removed until settled for. CLYDE W. SMITH. K TV. Eigenbrode, Auct. '• . • - .• ' Leroy Fookler t Son, Clerks. Having rented my farm situated on Concrete Highway 3 miles from Cavetown, Md., 1 will sell on MONDAY, JAN. 10, 1938, AT 11 O'CLOCK The following personal property: ONE REGISTERED SORREL BELGIAN DRAFT STALLION No. 19629, GOLIATH. Foaled May 13,1934. Heavy bone, excellent type, weight approximately 2000 Ibs.. . 7 Sorrel Mares, ages 3 to 9 years. 2 Bay Mares, 7 and 8 years.. • - .-.••1 Roan Mare, 3 ! years. a - . . . . 1 Gray Mare, 7 years..-, 1 Bay Mare Colt, con/-ng 2 y«ars. 1 Bay Horse Colt, corfsng 2 years. 5 Excellent leaders. Possible 6 mares In foal. . Pure Bred Big Type Poland China Hogs Bishop strain Barred Bock Pull«t«. Kauder'a Blft Type White Leghorn* FARMING IMPLEMENTS: McCormlok-Deerlns «no; 1 new John Deere No. 3 mower. Parouahr disc drill, .l"^-j—-:iiU'niirVni drill, Mc-Dcerlng pulverizer, Mc-DeerlnB aide delivery rake, Mo-DjerjnJ dm bio disc, Jtc-Doerlne 8-«. binder, binder traotor hitch, Mo-De«rlnl( corn planter, fertilizer attachment, 12-ft. Parquahr weedor »nd Medjr, New "lea Inly loader, New Idon. manure nprcadcr, Farnuahr non-wrap nuimiro sprcnder and lima spreader attachment, 4-hof.« wagon, 18-fl shelvlngs, 2 New Idea steel wafiroild with l«-ft. hed, horse Mke, 4 Oliver. walkliiB cultivators, » Oliver 40XX harshare plow>. 1 Oliver .408 bar- slinrc, plow, 10-20-22 tooth harvowa, double shovel plows, nlnfU shovel plo\Vs, corn rpverer. | Hav fork and rope, forks, traces, breast chalni, looker itloki, fan ohalnr!; milk .tools, milk scale. .Infle, doubu and trlpl. Ire.., spread- . era, etc. • . < . ' . . . .''•.. ^ , HARNESS: 4 seta breeohlnm, « a«ts Yankee-fronU/brldlti, e»ll*lm i leather nets, leather halters, wagon saddle, lead »lni, .plow llnM, ch«» i lines, etc. All machinery and •qitlpmint i« pr'»dtlcallr new and In f«ij condition. TERMS OF SALE: Cash, nothing removed until »ttlid, R.B.WY&ND. J5lg«nkrod« A Frleet, Awli. K«H1« * BMN, Citrti. ' \

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