The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on October 11, 1971 · Page 48
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 48

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 11, 1971
Page 48
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Your Health Problems Surgery May Help Rectify This Heart Problem By DOCTOR MEDICUS Q. I have a condition called "mitral stenosis with acute de­ compensation." Can this be corrected permanently? I now take medicine for high blood pressure and also "Aldoril 15." I am 26 years of age. A. Mitral stenosis is one of the commonest affections of the heart to follow upon a siege of acute rheumatic fever. The edges of the two leaflets of the mit­ ral valve become inflamed and tend to stick together at the ends. Then scarring follows and the opening through which the . blood passes to the left ventricle becomes very small, blood backs up in the lungs and the heart becomes overloaded. In young patients, mitrali stenosis is one disorder that often responds very well to proper heart surgery. The matter of "high blood pressure" • complicates ii io L nmiinininminiiL!' ..iiiimnmninB picture a little, since ordinary cases of mitral stenosis don't . usually suffer from the common kinds of high blood pressure. At your tender years, it seems hopeful that a good result could be accomplished in the operating room. Sometimes only,a "split" is needed to allow the valve leaflets to open Coleman American New Company Name James F. Coleman, Hutchinson, today announced approval by stockholders of a new corporate name for the recently merged Coleman Transfer and Storage Companies and American Automation Training Centers. Coleman is chairman of the board and chief executive officer of the combined companies. While each of the operating companies' will remadn the same, the new corporate group will be known as Coleman American Companies, Inc. . There are seven companies operating in the Coleman American group: Coleman Transfer and Storage, Inc., Hutchinson; Covan World-Wide Moving, Inc., Hutchinson; Coleman Transfer and Storage of Nebraska, Inc., Omaha; American Automation Training Centers, Inc., Kansas City, Mo.; National Meat Packers Training, Inc., Kansas City, Mo.; Automation Credit Co., Inc., Kansas City, Mo.; and American Properties, Inc., Kansas City, Mo. Coleman American is a publicly held company with its stock traded over-the-counter. and function better. But if the valve is. badly damaged, it might be necessary to replace it with an artificial structure, and the long-term outlook is then less certain. A heart specialist can make the proper evaluation of these matters. His advice should be sought and followed. Q. Could you tell me what the reasons could be for a woman's menstruation cycle to be irregular? Like skipping three to four months at a time. Can this be harmful to Chamber Sets Health Plan The Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce board of directors have unanimously approved a health insurance program for small businesses through chamber membership. Blue Cross and Blue Shield will be the company handling the program which will be available to member firms with less than five employes. Mont McGillivary, Blue Cross-Blue Shield representative who will institute the program said that about 200 firms would be elibigle to, come under the program. McGillivary said the Chamber-sponsored association program would provide greater benefits than are available to individual Blue Cross-Blue future babies? Also, how is it corrected? A. Your age is not stated, but the handwriting suggests the early post - adolescent years. Many women have trouble "getting started" with their menstrual periods, and "skip times" of three to four months may occur with what is called "anovulatory bleeding." Ovulation does not take place, although all of the other development of the female apparatus seems to be normal. Long times of- non-bleeding are interspersed with times of frequent, sometimes quite heavy, flow. It is possible that you are suffering from one of the causes of "amenorrhea," such as deficient thyroid or other endocrine imbalance. A less common cause is known as "Stein- Leventhal disease." These patients are very overweight, and have difficulty with ovulation because the envelope or capsule around the overies is very thick and tough, and does not soften to allow the egg to rupture through. The pituitary and adrenal glands must function properly for normal menstrual activity, and some disorder of those structures could be at fault. There is no adverse effect of such irregularities upon future babies, but the matter may not come up, since women with such a menstrual history as this one often find it very difficult to get pregnant. Correction depends on the cause of course. Sometimes only patience and time are required. With some girls who have great difficulty with their period regularity, a pregnancy To Our Out of Town Friends Bring Us Your Cleaning And We'll Have It Ready For You To Take Home THE SAME DAY • One HOUR 1 "inmimim: THE MOST IK DRY CLEANIN9 in HUTCHINSON DODGE CITY 525 EAST 30 2601 NORTH CENTRAL NORTHGATE VILLAGE SQUARE COUPON MUST ACCOMPANY ORDER 2 DAY COUPON BARGAINS Tuesday, Oct. 12 Wednesday. Oct. 13 Men's or Ladies' 2-Pc. Suits or Each No Limit Ladies Plain 1-Pc. Dresses Our Dry Cleaning Guaranteed to Your Satisfaction or Your Money Cheerfully Refunded ONE HOUR SERVICE— MONDAY thru FRIDAY 'TIL 4 P.M. SATURDAY 'TIL 3 P.M. Hutchinson Churches Mlh in • series on Hutchinson churches Jewish Community Center The Hutchinson Jewish Community Center, 16th and Main, is a development of the B' Nai B'rith lodge with the families partaking of the simple but intense ceremonies of. the Jewish religion. The Jewish congregation here is under no control of a national organization, entirely on its own as are other Jewish churches. It meets on Friday, once a month. The Synagogue can hold a service with 11 adults present. The congregation is small—a dozen families—and not large enough to support a rabbi but rabbis are called in from Wichita and other cities to preside in the high holy days. For instance, Harold Robinson, a student rabbi from the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, was in charge of the Yom Kippur or Day of Atonement celebration the middle of September. A dozen Jewish families in Hutchinson took the lead in developing the Jewish community Center — among them the Shambergs, the Gordons, the Farlands, the Snyders, Lilliam Smith, the Kaplans, the Silvers, the Goldbergs, the Finkelsteins. That was in 1944. The building was started Sept. 29, 1950. Frank Finkelstein was the first president. Dr. J. S. Spitzer is current president. The two high holy days are Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashannah. A rabbi is brought In for these two celebrations. Several Hutchinson youngsters have observed the Bar Mitzvah. 0HM0N {r"Sons FUNERAL HOME TCOftKtOMlfGaKNMUl 134 East Sherman, Hutchinson MEMBER BV INVITATION ^JJj^ seems to get matters straightened out, for reasons that are not always very clear. In many cases, hormone or medical treatment is effective. With Stein-Leventhal disease, a I I I I I I I I I i Does More Than Help Shrink Swelling Of Hemorrhoidal Tissues Due Tb Infection Also Gives Prompt, Temporary Relief in Many- Cases from Pain and Itching in Such Tissues. When hemorrhoidal tissues swell, become inflamed and infected—it can be very painful for the sufferer. But doctors have found a remarkably successful medication'which is so effective that it actually helps' shrink swelling of such tissues. And it does more. In many cases, it also gives prompt relief for hours from the pain and itching in hemorrhoidal tissues. This medication is obtainable without a prescription under the name—Preparation H®. Tests by leading doctors on hundreds of patients in New York, Washington, D.C. and at a large medical center verified Preparation H gave similar successful results in many cases. When you consider Preparation H offers so many benefits- it's no wonder millions of sufferers buy it each year to obtain this relief. See if it doesn't help you. There's no other formula like Preparation H. Ointment or suppositories. surgical operation may be nec- tute for an adequate consulta- essary. tion, medical history and ex- In short, there is no substi- amination by your personal phy- Have a heart The "heart" of pick-of- the-crop cabbages used for Frank's. Tenderest. Tastiest. Frank's. All heart. Look for the spring- green label. Versatile. Add butter to kraut and apple sauce. Mix well. Top with spareribs or sausage. Bake until meat is tender. Cans or jars. Kraut juice, tool siclan. Very probably, you will gain considerable reassurance and relief of anxiety by such a visit. Page 12 The Hutchinson Newg Monday, Oct. 11, 1971 SHAPE UP! If you're out of shape start exercising now for Fall Fashions and Activities! You feel better, you look better • Slims and Trims • Tones up muscles • Massages out stiffness. • Relax after a hard days work. Gym Dandys Belt Massagers Joggers Massage Rollers Trim Cycles Electric Bicycles RENTAL - SALES - SERVICE 1si570lain — MO 2-2375 Iff Our new 280 SE 4.5 costs almost three times as much as the w average M car. But we think there are 10,000 Americans who can appreciate the difference. The average car buyer could be taken aback at the price of our new Mercedes-Benz 280SE 4.5. At over $10,000, it is not only well above average, it is some $2,500 more expensive than the highest priced domestic luxury sedan. Whether it's worth that difference to you may be answered only by what you expect of a motor car. The 280SE 4.5 is a touring sedan in the best European tradition. Designed to provide every motoring comfort for a party of five. And engineered to cope with driving situations that vary from the descending switchbacks of an Alpine pass to the 100 mph cruising speeds of an Autobahn. A concept so different from that guiding the design of a domestic "luxury" car that Mercedes- Benz engineers used the Niirburgring racing circuit as its final testing ground. Its engine is unlike any built in America. An, overhead-cam, fuel-injected 4.5 liter V-8. It has no carburetor. Instead, a computer . monitors engine speed and load, temperature and altitude, then electronically meters fuel to each cylinder. This more precise method of fuel delivery provides high-speed touring capability with the greatest possible efficiency. The fully independent suspension was designed for ruts and bends, not just boulevards and turnpikes. It's so roadworthy, Road& Track contends that "no domestic luxury sedan is even in the same ballpark." And to match its performance abilities, Mercedes-Benz engineers have equipped it with four power-assisted disc brakes, ventilated in front to resist fading. The result is an automobile that performs with equal aplomb on the 174 curves of Niirburg­ ring, or the unwavering ribbon of a thruway. And an automobile that is further endowed with almost every comfort. Power brakes and steering. Electric windows. Air conditioning and tinted glass. Electrically heated rear.window. An AM-FM receiver. Even a central locking system that secures all four doors,' the trunk and even the gas port at the touch of a button. In addition to the 280SE 4.5, Mercedes-.; Benz builds two other V-8 touring sedans in similarly miniscule quantities. The 280SEL 4.5 is identical to the SE except that it is longer. Longer in the Mercedes-Benz sense—an increase of four inches that is trans-' lated directly into rear-seat leg room. The 300SEL 4.5 adds air suspension to the list of performance features unavailable on any domestic automobile. In total, these three high-performance touring sedans will account for less than one of every 400 cars sold in the United States this year. If you can accept a car that "different," take a thorough test drive. Discover the real differences in a car built to be the best—not the best seller. us year. Mercedes-Benz of North America ». ™.—„.„..„,....,...„„.... Our $10,000 touring sedan at the Nurburgring, where for twenty-five days Mercedes -Benzenlsu^^ Bevan Motor Company 108 West First, Hutchinson, Kansas 67501 Phone: 316-665-6171

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