The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on January 6, 1938 · Page 6
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 6

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1938
Page 6
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THE MOANING HERALD, HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND. THURSDAY, JANUARY 6, 1938. THREE HORSEMEN—Three of Notre Dame's Four Horsemen meet . «g«ln In New Orleant. Left to right, Layden, Crowley, Stuhldreher. Sports MORNING HERALD Section High Teams Split In Opening Games RANGERS BEAT BOSTON—Goalie Thompson of Boston diverts puck, but the Rangers win another, 5 to 3. MAROON AND GRAY BOYS WIN AS GIRLS DEFEATED ROOM AND BOARD By GENE AHERN Both Games Hard Fought with Second Half Deciding Both Issues Hagerstown High School basket- bairteams opened their season last night by splitting even with the .Frederick High School teams, the boys winning by a 20 to 12 score and the girls dropping a hard fought battle by a 21 to 14 count. "The contests were-played on the State Armory flooi In Frederick. In the boys' game the Maroon and Gray quint clearly outplayed the Frederick aggregation with 'their dazzling floor work having the home club all at sea. In the first half the Semler-coached outfit missed many shots but in the sec- "ond they found the range on the cords and opened a big advantage. :At half time the teams were dead- Jocked at 8 all. There were no individual stars. Girls Loss Game • - The-glrls" game was hard fought throughout with the Frederick •team gaining an advantage late in the third period which they held throughout until the finish. At half time the teams were deadlocked at 8 all. Experience played a big part in this contest as the Frederick sextet is composed of veterans, but it •must be said that, the Maroon and Hendrlekson, g 0 Stull, g 0 0 1 Totals 4 4 12 Referee; Houck; time of periods. S minutes. Hagerstown K. 31air, f . G. rfose, I .. M. Hose, sc . Hopkins, c .. Baker, g ...< Knaub, g ... Goals Fouls Points Totals . Frederick Myers, f B. Powell, f .. Staley, sc B. Ufterback, c U Utterback, t ..7 0 14 Goals Fouls Points RIdgeway, g ... 0 Totals ;'. 10 Referee, Houck. 9 12 0 0 0 0 Gray six. put up a great battle and with a little more experience will prove a hard team to beat. Lineups and summaries: Hagerstown Goals Fouls Points Men's Sunday School League Kendall, f Stott, -t .., Morin, t ., - Loy, c .... - Fryer, c .. Hartle, g Hoopeng'dner, g 3 ; Totals .... Frederick > Sparks, £ .. Murray, f .. Hoffman, c Siedling, g ... 9 I) 8 0 5 0 1 6 20 Goals Fouls Points ...2 1 5 ... 1 0 2 ... 000 ... 1 2 4 SEIBERLING Air-Cooled TIRES DOMENICI TIRE Go, Phone 1891 Save the Middleman's Profit $15*00 CRANE'S CLOTHES 20 S. Potomnc St. "Factory to You" JANUARY SALE 20% Off Blue & Gray Shop 4 South Potomac St. In the opening games after the holiday season, the Baptists retained their lead over Christ Reformed by a one and one-half game margin. The Baptists had high single ganie of 615 and high total of .1699. Sayles, of Trinity, had high single of 142. Gossard, of Washington Square, had high total of 376. High totals and singles were howled by: Gossard, 124, 125, 127, 376; Jacobs, 123, 132, 3CS; Hepfer, 130, 133, 368; Black, 137, 363; Sayles, 142, 361; 3. Fisher, 120, 125, 359; W. Fisher, 133, 358; Mar- ?j^ YOUP. TALE OP BBN6 HELD CAPTIVE ^ IN A DESERTED FARMHOUSE BY GUNfAEN. IS TOO NAIVE FOR THE MADAIV\ TO BELIEVE,!-~-~'BESlDES,YOUR CLOTHES HAVE A JAIL ODOR OP DISINFECTANT 1 . ^ MRS. PUFFLE IS OUT TO A CARD PARTY, SO YOU ROGUES GO AND WASH UP. —~—I WILL MEDITATE ON YOUR PLI6HT AMD THINK UP A PLAUSIBLE STORY TO EXPLAIN YOUR ABSENCE!—-UM-/V\—AH— MY SERVICES SHOULD BE WORTH $S",~~ EH CT WHY.YOU BI& LU6! * < ^" c -YOU WOULDN'T PULL A FELLA OUT OP A RIVER UNLESS HE WA$ WEARING SOMETHING DRY THAT'D F1T i YOU ! MAKE TH STORY WITH A LOT OF SHOOTING IN rr AN' I'LL. CUT HOLES IN MY HAT TO BACK IT', UP I tin, 137, 354; Baker, Smith, 342; Lehman, 131, 345; 120, 336; Sweeney, 334; Harper, 120, 333; Young, 129, 333; Deavers, 124, 332; Krotzer, 122, 332; McDonald, 331; Mobley, 125, 330; Basore, 126, 328; Lippy, '328; R. Beard, 320; Brandenburg; 325; Spigler, 323; Snyder, 120, 322; Kretzer, 321; King, 122; Johns, 120. Tuesday's Results St. John's S; St. Paul's M. E. 0. Trinity 3; St. Paul's U. B. o, We Brothers 3; Brethren 0. Christ Reformed 3; St. Mark's 0. Baptists 2; Wash. Square 1. League Standing Won Lost Pet. Tircttotu HEATERS '.-. $9.95 C.R.POFFENBERGER 33 E. WASH. ST. OSHKOSH THe World's $1 44 Best Overall ...... J' HOFFMAN'S 15 North Potomac St. Baptists Christ Reformed Trinity St. John's We Brothers .... St. Mark's Wash. Square, , St. Paul's U. B. . St. Paul's M. E. , Brethren 13 11 11 11 10 • 6 B 4 3 4 4 5 !) 9 11 12 15 .800 .780 .733 .733 .687 .400 .400 .267 .143 .000 GAME CALLED OFF The basketball game between the "Y" varsity and the Waynesboro CCC quint scheduled for last night on the "Y" floor was called off when the CCC five failed to put in appearance. The "Y" varsity was on hand and ready for a real battle with a good sized gathering on the floor to watch the contest. AFTER all, there is something to be said for the Japs, While resorting to the practices of barbarism they don't pretend to be Christians. YGRAPPLERSTQ OPEN UP SEASON Meet Harrisburg Y Mat men in Opening Even Saturday at Local Y Saturday night the Y'. M. C. vtrslty wrestling team will i bark on one of the hardest schet ules ever undertaken by the Re Triangle grapplers. The meet thi Saturday will be with the Harris burg, Pa., "Y" learn and will ge underway at 8 o'clock. Last yea these two teams met here and capacity house was thrilled wit: the matches. Harrisburg is represented by mighty strong team but Manage Hurry Doub and Coach Harr; Eavey are of the opinion that th locals have one of the stronges earns since wrestling had its In ception at the "Y". A majority o the boys that appeared on th Charity Show card will be listed 01 the local team. Book Good Teams The lineup for the locals wil include Teddy Myers, Shank, Walk er, Ilnyer and Potoroff. Admissloi has been placed at 25 cents for thi, meet and tickets will be placed 01 sale today by members of the tean o_r fans can obtain the pasteboards at the "Y"'desk. Other teams that will be met thig .season include the Gerninnla Club of Baltimore; Carlisle "Y"; Wash ingtoii "Y"; Cumberland "Y" and the Wayneshorn "Y," Several othei meets are pending with strong op ponents. EXCUSE IT, PLEASE! Old Liners Will Invade the South Maryland's basketball team wil! get a good line on its Southern Conference outlook when it invades Lexington to play Washington a Lee Friday and V. M. I., Saturday night. The Terns will make the jaunt well prepared by practice sessions and four actual combats. Coach Burton Shipley is using a first team composed of George Knepley and Waverley Wheeler, forwards; Charlie Norton, center, and John McCarthy and Coleman Heaflley, guards. Knepley, Wheeler and McCarthy are letter men. Norton is a big soph and JTeadley is giving his complete time to tlie game after a couple of short stabs at It in previous seasons. Supporting the starting five are: Eddie Johnson, center or forward: Milton Mulitz, guard; Adam Ben- gocchca, forward, and Francis Bonnier, Bill Ilea and Pershing MondorfT, general utility. TALES IN TIDBITS Messrs. Slaughter and Hopp Coming Up Stable Doesn't Know When Horse Is Ready Bill McKechnie Sees Hope at Cincinnati By BILL BRAUCHER Central Press Sports Editor New York, Jan. a.—Today's candidate for the award to the most appropriately named hall players is Enos Slaughter . . . ftnos, champion slugger of the American Association last year, will join the Cardinals at St. Petersburg. . . . While we're about it, a fleet-footed youngster named Johnny Hopp comes to the Cards from Rochester . . . and that seems to clean up the odd names department. • • * When a smart betting stable doesn't know when a horse is ready to win, who does? , , . What brings this to mind is the recent, victory oC "Escohigh at Miami, paying $571 for a ?2'ticket . . . the mare is trained by Plain Ben Jones who saddled more than .100 winners last year. . . . "She was lame and broken down," said Plain Ben, "and I just entered her to see 1£ she could run. She takes clioppy steps and I didn't think she had much of a, chance. But she got down two lengths in front, and tfeey stuck her number up, so I guess she won." . . . Yep, Ben, guess she did. Here it's still VlcKechnie, new winter, but Bil manager of the Cincinnati entry, is on record with l violent statement to Hie effecl .hat the Reds 'will not finish lasl . . no telling how excited Bil will be when it's time to^go south Bill likes Ibe pitching stall ie'11 bave at Cincinnati, with prom sing youngsters like Whitey Moore and Johnny Vander Meer to go witli ,efty Grissom, Paul Derringer Sene Schott, Ray Davis and Al Hollingsworth. * * * That criticism heaped upon Don iuclge for a poor showing in Alls- ralia recently just goes to show . . the nub o£ the squawk was to he effect that when spectators laid ?7.50 for tickets they were ntitled to a world series or some- hlng . . . well, Mister Budge lardly ever disappoints but I guess ie's like the rest of us ... now nd then comes one of those had ays . . . and how much oE that 7.50 do you think goes to Mister udge? . . . you're right again . . he gets a dime. # * * Great pitchers sonielimes are eslined to remain with inferior and 1C Van Mungo is forced o his flinging for Flatbush this ear wllh Simon Legree Grimes racking the whip over him at ev- ry opportunity, Van need not leel hat he Is the only case In history . . Walter Johnson did it ... ud any number of others . . . and begins to appear that Mungo Is olng to remain with Brooklyn, 1 right. Hockey, basketball and the six- ay bikers are doing all right, uinis ... in 17 nights at De- olt's Olympic, more than 200,000 persons attended hockoy games... Cleveland has been setting new records in the new Arena, selling standing room only for the Barons' games In a house that seats more than 10,000 . . . Madison Square Garden, in Now York, has beei packing them in regularly . . . it's a great year for winter sports. C. D.OfAPin League Standing On Thursday evening the nrsl half ended in the C. D. of A. Bowl Ing League with the Faith team .1 winner. The champs took three from Charity and Love won al three from Hope. Bowlers rolling over 100 were 13. Cover 122, M. Fratianni 115, M. Supan 109, M. Rentier 104, M. Cromer 103. The Love team had high single game with a count o£ -147 and were also high for the match with 1257 pins. Martha Rentier had high single game with 133 pins for the first half while the Faith team holds a single game mark of 493 and also high total with 1339. The second ifilf starts this evening. The standis: Won Lost Faith 35 7 Charity .- 21 21 Love 15 27 Hope 13 29 THERE'S NO WASTE when you classified ads. Every one of these Hds hits tho mark, tor they are «o arranged that all Interested rend- jfo out (or results armed with ers seek them out each day. BAKERS MEET METHODISTS Central Penn A. A. Champions Will Oppos Locals Tonight 1 Tonight on the Odd Fellow court, the Manbeck Golde Tornadoes engage one of th best amateur quints to appea here this season, the Centra Pennsylvania A. A. IT cham pions, Fifth Street Methodists who come here with a cleai record, not haying lost a gam this season. • In Al Kitcli, former star of. tin William Penn High School, tin Pennsy team have one of. the grenl est guards in tlie Harrisburg sec .ion, and with tlie aid of Warren ^eady, have been able to stop 11103 of the scoring of their opponents. The Fifth Street team have a ligh scoring average, getting around 40 points per game, am lave won many titles during thi past four years, during which tinn heir have held their title agains 11 comers. Bakers Are Clicking Players on tlfe Manbeck squat re clicking better and shaping nto a real quint that promises to "o places after they have some nore games under their belts. Al ve starting players are good hots, and with two or three of the layers "hot" will be able to give lie visitors at least a good game. T ot having the experience, they an hardly hope for a win, b\it lay be able to give the Harrisburg team a close game. . This game will start at 9:15, with a preliminary game between the Victor Eagles and Antiefams starting at S P. M. Following the games, a dance will be held, with Smiling Bill Parker's Orchestra furnishing the music. The total admission for fhe bargain bill has been announced at 35 cents. The largest crowd of (he season is expected, and about 500 seats are available Cor the game. Probable lineups: Manbecks Ohler Maddox Loiter Pos. F F . C HarrfSburg .T. Mulligan . . B. Brubaker J. Glace Penn .......... G ..... W. Leady Hauver ......... G ..... Al Kitch GAUENTO BY KAYOE Orange, N. J., Jan. 5 (ff) —Tony Galento, roly-poly Orange heavyweight, knocked out Charley Massera of Pittsburgh in 45 seconds of the third round of a scheduled ten-round boxing bout tonight at I lie Armory. Galento weighed 218, Massera 185. COMMERCIAL PIN LEAGUE STANDING Kendall Oilers and Coca Cola for third place and in the Having completed the first half of the schedule and roatly to resume hostilities in the second half, the standings and averages to date are as follows: Panghorn won the lirst half ii a roll-off w;;h Statu Roads aftei both teams tied for lirst place hon ors. State Roads by losing in the roll-off automatically finished ond. tied roll-off Kendall Oilers emerged the victor by taking two games out of three. Those bowlers and (earns in line (or prizes so far are as follows: High three games, Slate Roads, 1802 pins; high single game, State ioads, 636 pins. High single game, B. Bradley, 157 pins; high three lames, Cearfoss, 427 pins. There was a meeting last night at the Hoffman Chevrolet sales- •oom and x several important sub- ects were discussed and the main loint was the prizes to be award- id. They are very liberal and should give every bowler some- hing worth wbile to work for, es- lecially the attendance prize, .'lilch is to be a gold bowling ball or a watch chain. Mac Schindler vill be sponsor of the team tor- nerly kno.wn as Doraey'a Markets nd which will now be known as Mac's Rug Store." Averages of 100 or over for 20 r more games arc as follows: II. Rinehart, 115.3; W. Bradley, 14.4; P. Himes, 114.3; R., Cear- oss, 113.4; Ripple, 113.3; J. Hilderand, 112.5; M. Schindler, 10S.7; . Keller, 10S; Trovinger, 107.8; 'offlemyer, 107; P. Kniss, 105.S; . Hammaker, 105.7; P. Thomas, 05.3; Musey, 105.3; Knepper, 05.2; Smith, 105; J. Bentz, 1CM.S; Tiilmer, 104.3; E. Alton, 104; W. cavers, 104; W. Nigh, 103.5; W. ays, 102.5; dine, 102.5; M. Wolfe, 02.4; Conrad, 102.3; L. Kendall, 02; P. Baker, 101.8; J. Rineharl, 01.6; L. Spicklc:- 100.1; Knode, '0. The second half starts tonight at e Coliseum bowling alleys at S clock, as usual. MEETING YORK TEAM The Hagerstown "Y" swim team ter two wins in meefs with ayncsboro will invade York, Pa., •iday evening for a meet with (he rong watermen of the York "Y." embers of the local team will ave from the "Y" here at 5:30 clock Friday afternoon. The reg- ar'lineup will lie used against ork, according to Deen Marquart, anager of the local swimmers. THERE'S A COMPLETE auto ow of good used cars at most nsonable prices in the ''Autos for le" column of the Classified Sec- Ion. MARKETEERS FACE FAST FIVnUMDAY Heavy Guarantees for Remaining Teams Force Admission Raise Starting with the game this Sunday afternoon on the Armory floor in which the Dorsey Marketeers op- p^ose the Regal Clothiers, formerly known as the Rinaldl Tailors, champions last year of the Heitrlch Cup League of Washington, D. C., the management of the Markets announced that the price for all Sunday contests would be 35 cents for adults and 15 cents for children. In view of the fact that the balance of the schedule for the season brings nothing but the best road attractions and the cream of the quints in Baltimore and Washington to this city, the advance was necessary to meet the guarantees. Such clubs as the Heurich Brew- era with Tllffy Leainans and other stars, F. B. I.; Boze Berger's Col- ege Stars; New York Americans; Philadelphia Spans; Pittsburgh Pirates and possibly a return enragement with Olson's Terrible Swedes will be brought to this cily. This Sunday fans will be treated .0 a double header that will send .he Guardsmen againtt the strong Lithuanian five out of Baltimore and the Marketeers against the Clothiers. Two excellent attrac- ions. Among the victims of the Jlothiers is listed the F. B. I. nd W. P. A. quints, the latter com- 'eted last year in the tourney at Denver, Col. Members of the Clothiers have leen playing together for seven ears and all hail from the same leighborhood in Washington, learning their first basketball at the Gnllinger Playground. Stylish Winter Clothes for men and women ... on EASY CREDIT TERMS PEOPLES r STORE 67 W. Wash. Street FOR THAT COLD Rudy's Laxative Cold Capsules Rudy's R «"" Pharmacy Hotel Hamilton Corner SECOND NATIONAL It's Old Enough To Speak For Itself SALE Suits and Coats Reduced! GROUP 1 SUITS and T'COATS Rej. Price Up to $21.50 Alpallama SUITS T'COATS Reg. Price $29.50 Group 3 SUITS Formerly Sold Up to $24.50 C LOPPER&NEIKIRT^ 11 West Washington Street M m. HOMER HOOPEE etnnrk Rettutered Patent Oltlcj, Subject to Change Without Notice By FRED DOCKER Deliyer^^oy—(\yho_ha8_ forgottfenwhcre t to deliver tlie ice cr«iim)- ^ .. ..^ . .» w »w« e, v Kvyu vvm;n; L\f UOllVtl Ulli 1UIJ yeah, now I remember, to Mrs. Klotz's bridge club." OH SURE'. XRECOGMIZE YOU NOVO -BUT WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO —i VOUR YtS AU RIGHT -BUT Wk~W VOU DOIU' VJVTH THW COAT ? , IT EXPEMSNE; YES-I DECIDED TO ^ET A 600D ON£ WHILE. I WAS AT IT-, >ou tee, A-> ABOUT TO <^O BROKE AtfAIM, HAIR ftESTOREr^, BUSINESS, I'D BETTER STOCK UP FIRST- BEFORE. THE CRASH COM(?S - VVHATS COME. OVER HER ALL OF A SUDDEW

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