The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on January 6, 1938 · Page 5
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 5

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1938
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 6, 1938. THE MORNING HERALD, HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND. OFFERINGS AT THEATRES ACADEMY LAST TIMES "DOUBLE WEDDING 1 ' It was left for the Inimitable William Powell and his charming colleague of the screen, Myrnn koy, to immortalize the trailer in celluloid. This Is Ihe combination which co-stars for the seventh time in "Double Wedding" at the Academy Theatre. The picture is Metro- Goldwyn-Mayer's adaptation of Ferenc Molnar's international stage hit, "Great Love." And again, as may be expected, the screen adds to the charm of the original. No morei laugh-provoking picture has been on a local screen in years. Powell and Miss Yoy were delightful in "Libeled Lady," •"After the Thin Man" and others, but their combination of talents has reached its peak in "Double Wedding." "MERRY-GO-ROUND OF 1938" SHOWING LAST TIMES TODAY "Merry-Go-Round of 1938," the rollicking, rib-tickling mirth-and- melotly hit which opened New Year's eve at Henry's Theatre, is first sight for pretty Doris We'ston and Sailor Wayne Morris in "Submarine D-l," the current Maryland Theatre attraction. First authentic film of Uncle Sam's submarine service, "Submarine D-l" stars Pat O'Brien and George Brent. showing last times todny. Featuring Ihe cream of radio, stage and screen entertainers, the cast's great lineup includes such names as Bert Lahr, Billy House, Jimmy Savo and Mischa Auei dubbed 'the (our horsemen of hilarity; Alice Brady, Louise Fazenda, Joy Hodges, John King, Barbara Read and Dave Apollon and his famous orchestra. The picture introduces three new song hits, already popular on the airwaves, "I'm in My Glory," You'n My Dish" and "More Power to You." Bert Lahr sings his famous woodchopper song (rora the Broadway show, "The Show Is On." And inimitable Jimmy Savo gives a hilarious interpretation of "River, Stay 'Way From .My Door." Norman Alley's publicized mo- lion pictures of the bombing of the U S S. Panay, thirty minutes of pipping, truth-baring, exclusive scenes, are also on the program. This Gust Disgusted Minneapolis, Minn., Jan. 5, (m.—Giis Beck, operator of a liquor store, is going to quit using the telephone. After four holdups, he purchased a pistol, vowing to use it it another robber appeared. Later two men held him up while he was-telephoning bis wife. -The gun was tucked away under a counter, far out of Beck's reach. Scottish chieftains were deprived of .most of their powers in 1748. A NICKEL DRINK-WORTH A DIME cllcckd COLDS and FEVER flmt day LIQUID, TABLETS Hrntlnche, 30 Snlvc, Nose Drops Minute* Try "ntih-My-Tlfiin"—World'a Host Liniment 666 • WARNER BROS. THEATRES • ACADEMY • STARTS TOMORROW, C • LAST TIMES ,TODAY "DOUBLE WEDDING" COLONIAL • TOMORROW — SATURDAY • Continuous 1 Till 11 P. M. 'THRILLS! Plus " RADI ° PATROL" CARTOON — NOVELTY MARYLAND TODAY We Believe the Most Thrilling Picture in History Is PAT O'BRIEN-WAYNE MORRIS FRANK McHUOH DORI GEORGE BRENT IS WESTON U.OYO"BA'CON * nnt NitJMM Htiiri • A COSMOPOLITAN nODUCTKM • PrtwiM k> NAUIKIt MM. itrmi nn IT rmt *.n Wtrm hff M* I'twfiRM KlmM-rrMitSlwlkrrrMt PLUS — FLOYD GIBBONS In "PLAYIN0 WITH DANGER" SCOTT'S SCRAP BOOK By ?LJ.SCOTT MAKIM4 A 120-FocrT ; ^XIDE. FROM OHE.Tfe.EE. oF LOO$E FROM. •AfriLE.<E5 -HAVE ABouf ^KEA^-HEP "fftE. XlMlfof IK on -rttE S-TAM.P COPYRIGHT. 1938. KING FEATURES SYNDICATE. Inc., GRAB BAG. One-Minute Test. 1. Who is chairman of the U. S. senate foreign relations committee? 2. Locate the 'Galum dam. 3. Name the most famous of Dante's works. Hints on Etiquette. It is customary to tip the waiter in a restaurant 10 per cent of the bill. Words of Wisdom. Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else.—Sir James M. Barrie. Today's Horoscope. Persons whose birthday occurs today are inclined to disregard the dictates of their conscience and intellect. They have to flght a ten dency lo "stray." One-Minute Test Answers. 1. Senator Key Pittman, Democrat, of Nevada. 2. It is in the Panama Canal Zone, a U. S. dependency. 3. "The Divine Comedy." HUNT BEING MADE FOR 2JMACKERS Men Also Are Accused of Posing as Federal Officers . Two young men, driving a Wesl Virginia automobile, are being sought by officers for allegedly posing as Federal agents and attempting to hi-jack a slot machine at a Western Pike tavern early last night. The story is told that Ilie men walked into the tavern, flashed a "phoney" badge and said they came (or the slot machine ihat was in the tavern. When he proprietor demurred (lie one said they were federal officers and were operating in (lie county with the Sheriff's permission. At this point the wife of the lav- ern owner walked outside and see ing West Virginia tags on their machine, became suspicious and so advised her husband. While the wife went to the teljphone to call the Sheriff Ihe two fled from the premises. According to reports hi-jacl-ing of illegal slot machines is not uncommon here. Owners and operators are always fearful of entering complaint because of 'he ta ct the machines arc illegal, it is said, and thus the hi-jackers make a clean get-away in most instances. • Rhinestone clip brooches in dramatic shapes continue to be very popular. HOW'S YOUR HEALTH Eilllnl by Or. l.ntfn flnl<lx<n' J-"f>r the A"eiv V ork Aundcmj of Medicine. Facial Blotches To ease the stinging soreness A and aid healing, bathe with Resinol Soap—then apply Johns-Manville ROCK WOOL . 111,11. ll-lll Jlclllllll Coni»:ir«- iMir prices. Plump •!»<> BETTER HOMES, Inc. THE HEW UNIVERSAL presents A TEN STAR FUN FROLIC with the 4 Horsemen of Hilarity BERT LAHR • JIMMY SAVO BILLY HOUSE • ALICE BRADY MISCHA AUER • JOY HODGES PANAY BOMBING FRIDAY — SATURDAY BUCK JONES In "Boss of Lonely Valley" A Little Psychotherapy Psychological treatment in gynecological (diseases of the femn 1 : reproductive system) and obstetrical cases is reported to have yielded excellent results. Studies made of patients operated on tor various gynecological disturbances reveal that an appreciable number continue to complain of disturbances and pains. The fault cannot be laid lo the surgical treatment. These patients, in addition to their organic conditions, are suffering from psychological and emotional disturbances which of course could not have been corrected surgically. Economic didicullies, so cinl disturbances, various lypes of fears and marital discord contribute largely to the persistence of symptoms in Ihese patients. A number of clinical workers believe that because of the many emotional conflicts resulting from personal and social restrictions to which women are subject, "pelvic symptoms are exaggerated more readily than others." In cerlain cases, there is no anatomical or functional basis for the symptoms complained of. The symptoms are useful to the patienl In lhat they defend her against real or fancied threats. This of course does not imply that (he patient deliberately lies about her symptoms. Bvit she does unconsciously though effectively, hide behind them. And here is the difficulty. Such a patient is sick in every sense of the word. She describes a var- iely of symptoms which point to disturbances in the reproductive system. Upon examination it is found that she is entirely normal or that tho morbid condition is insignificant. The physician attempting to convert tho case from a gynecological to a psychologic character oflen meets opposition. The patient does not want to face her psychological difficulties. Ami yet, if such pa- licnls arc to be treated effectively, psychotherapy must frequently be employed. Here all the physician's skill must he brought, into ?lay, (or the patient's confidence must be gained, her emotional and psychologic biography must be elicited, her anxietyy must be lessened or removed, and she must be helped to face and accept the reality ins id of retreating from it. PRINCESS ANNIS, Md., Jan. 5 ) __ Charles W. Goldsborough judge of the Orphans' court here, paid a line of $1, assessed by Magistrate R. Mark White on a charge Goldsborough drove his automobile 40 miles an hour through town. JUDGE PAYS FINE "LIFE OF ZOLA" IS LEADING PICTURE Ten Best for Year Selected by Cinema Critics and Reviewers 'The Life of Emile Zola," Warner- produced, la the No. 1 picture at 1937 In the opinion of lending cinema critics and reviewers of the United Stales. With critical interest again moving ahead lo a new high, the Paul Mwi! alarring picture, polling a grand total of 453 votes, emerged as the outstanding production of the year in the 16th annual "Ten Oest Pictures" symposium conducted by Tlio Film Daily. The other nine "Rest," as determined by the critical canvass, were named in tins order: "The Good Earth," "Captains Courageous," "Lost Horizon," "A Star Is Born," "Romeo and Juliet," "Stage Door," "Dead End," "Winterset," "The Awful Truth." For a second time in the history of the national Film Daily poll, the total number of votes cast exceeded the 500 mark, 531 newspaper and magazine , professional fijni critics and reviewers in all parts of the United States participating. Their reading public exceeds 25,000,000, it is estimated. "Zola," which took an early lead and maintained it to the end, led "The Good Earth" by 29 ballots when the poll closed. Other pictures to receive more than 300 votes were "The Good Earth," "Captains Courageous" and "Lost Horizon." 'Tioth "Zola" and "The Good Earth" topped the previous high number of votes for one picture—410, polled by "Mutiny on the Bounty" in 1336. • Of the ten best pictures, seven showed here at the Maryland, two at tho Academy (Including one which appeared at both Maryland and Academy) and two appeared at Henry's Theatre. ARE NERVES ON EDGE? VO U R WHEN YOU open Che Clnsslfietl Section you open the door to ecoi IF you are weak andnervous,can't eat or sleep, and always feel tired, A on may need Dr. Piercc's Favorite Prescription. 11 aids in calming the nerves, and it stimulates the appetite and increases the flow of gastric juice, so aiding digestion of loud. Thus it helps supply the body with strength and rncrev. Mrs. Ida Cooley, 1417 C St. N. E., Washington, D. C., Hays: "I was weak and tired all the while and my nerves were bad. Shortly after I started taking Dr. Picrce's Favorite Prescription I noticed a decided improvement in my appetite, and then I gained rapidly." Buy it m liquid or tablets from your druggist today, TO THE LADIES Phoenix, Ariz., Jan. 5, (IP). — Arizona women have cracked another Held heretofore man'a own— trapping. Mrs. Nellie Moore, Aguila, -Ariz., reported to the state game warden she caught 40 coyotes, 18 lynx, 19 gray fox, two badger and four fo:tes 11 November and December. TUB old Model T radio-equipped, would give the organ interlude a fine tremulo. NEW BUDGET A T G L A N C E Washington, Jan. 5, (if). Here Is the President's budget in brief for the fiscal year 1939 Expenditures ,....' $6,860,000,000 Receipts' $5,919,400,000 Net deficit $ 949,600,000 Debt total at end of year $38,538,000,000 For the 1938 fiscal year ending next June 30 he revised his figures to estimate: Expenditures $7,408,600,000 Receipts $6,320,500,000 Net deficit $1,088,100,000 Debt total end of year $37,60S,600,000 'Ane" Quickly Relieves Keedysville Lady's Constipation and Indigestion Says New Herbal Compound Was Only Treatment To Ever Reach The Roots Of Her Complaint. We invite every suffering man and woman in this vicinity to give ANE" a fair trial. One of the recent cases to come to our attention is that of Mrs. Mary . Hess. She says: in a recent conversation with the "ANE" man who is meeting local people daily at Cauffman's Cut Rate Store, 30 E. Washington street in Hagerstown. "For a long time I have suffered with constipation, also indigestion caused me an untold amount of worry. If I ate any. of my favorite foods, especially meats that were not well-done, I would hav.e to take soda to get any relief. This made me very miserable. It really seemed impossible to find anything that would give me any real relief. Is it any wonder after I had heard how '"ANE" had helped so many people here in Hagerstown, that 1 turned to "ANE" after I had tried everything I knew of to get relief from this condition. I can honestly say that, now, I am completely free from all those ailments. Indigestion seems to be a thing of the past, I eat what I want and do not have to suffer in the least from indigestion or gas on the stomach." "ANE" is being sold and recommended by Cauffman's Cut Rate Store, 30 E. Washington street, in Hagerstown and by its agents lu nearby cities. The "ANE" man is at Cauffman's daily, meeting local people, explaining the merits of this new triple-strength herbal MRS. MARY HESS compound. See him today and also learn how "ANE" may help you. HEALTH BOOKLETS FREE. Blair's Drug Store, Waynesboro, Penna. Williamson's Drug Store, Frederick, Md. Smithsburg Cut Rate Store, Smithsburg, Md. Craft's Cut Rate Store, Greencastle, Penna. Cauffman's Cut Rate Store, Brunswick, Md. Cauffman's Cut Rate Store, Chambersburg, Penna. Lambert's Pharmacy, Berkeley Springs, W. Va. J. A. Heller, Hancock, Md. Zimmerman's Cut Rate Store, Boonsboro, Md. . . People's Pharmacy, Williamsport, Md. IF YOU ARE looking: for a. pood used car you will find tho bifirgrest variety and the best, values in the "Autos Cor Sale" column of the Classified Section. BUY YOUR COAL —FROM— CUSHWAS' / Phone 2200 and get THE BEST Fletcher Valentine knows tobacco so many other independent experts he smokes Luckies! I 'VE bought 4,000,000 pounds of tobacco at auctions in the past ten years," says Mr. Valentine, independent buyer of Westfield, N. C., "and my bread and butter depends on making the right bids. That's why I have to know tobacco values. "Now I've smoked Luckies ever since 1918, and the reason is, they suit my taste to a'T 1 . Nobody knows better than we tobacco men that Luckies are made of the finest center-leaf tobacco." Yes—and that isn't all... Luckies' exclusive process, "It's Toasted" takes out certain irritants naturally present in all tobacco—even the finest! The result is that you will find Luckies not only taste good but are easy on your throat. Surely, independent experts like Mr.Valentine make good judges of cigarettes .,. Sworn records show that, among independent tobacco experts, Luckies have twice as many exclusive smokers as have all other cigarettes combined! WITH MEN WHO KNOW TOBACCO BEST )]"$ LUCKIES 2 TO 1 I«». Thi iniflnn ToUcto Ctmttnr

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