The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1949 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1949
Page 17
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OUT OUR WAY By J R. Williams BLVi'MisviLLB-(ARK.X COURIER' Our Boarding House with Ma j. Hoople \f BLAST copey DOS OF HE LAID THERE ON TH'STEP AM' LET M6 STEP RIGHT ON HIM'FORE HE-PMOVE--WHAT AN AWFUL WATCH DOG HE !S; rte U^NG ROOHA. I GOT Trie HABlf^ OF DROPPlriG MV OVERALLS ON THE DECK AT H0M& — TH6 NAIL9 ALWAYS OUT OF THE WAULS/ THIS WAV—THAT UfJOeR- SMALL X HAWS A LIME IH HEE£ SO YOU CAM DKV OL)T A P6W SOCKS ? GYPSIES, ALWAYS EEADY TO LEAVE OM Trie FLY/ FOR SALE Concrete culverts .12 inch Ui v 4* inch, plain or re enforced Atsc Concrete Building Klnctts cheaper than lumbei for barns chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds . We deliver Cull us for free estimate. , . Phone 6DK OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. • You Can Tell the Difference in Good Shoe Repair Kfl LT€RS ,'flLITY SHOE SHOP ill W M a I N ST. Someone to By IRENE LONNEN ERNHART , co f , risfc ,., M ,, NEA T EI ; v , CE , l i ic WOODS Drug Store Experienced Prescription 'Service Im tJi« fali. fpOD hadn't been quite honest with Jenny about meeting Liz -onover. Wlicn lie saw that phone number on his pad at the office fie lad a feeling it would be Liz who vould answer. And Liz bad not egged him to meet her. Neither .-the'd merely said she wanted aw- u 11 j to see him. When she said lliat,,sucb a crazy Teaming to see nef took possession ot him thai he momentarily lost his senses, forgot r.bout Jenny and everything else. He said he'd meet her at their favorite table in the Greenbriar: Driving toward the restaurant a few moments later he thought all it once about Jenny. He knew she wasn't expecting him home from his road trip until the tol- •owing day. and he had planned, "o surprise her by picking her up it the shop. But there was no reason why he should feel such a sense of guilt about going off to meet Liz for a few minutes. People were broadminded about such things in these :imes. And he couldn't have re- tused without seeming prudish, or giving Liz the impression he was afraid to see her again. He'd tell Jenny about it. of course." and Ihey'd probably get a laugh out of i'- He parked his car in the lot behind the Greenbriar and adjusted his bow. lie by the rear view mirror. "Now look here." he told himself sternly, "there's no. use getting excited about meeting Liz. That's all over." , Yes, it was all over. '-He repeated it two or three times on the way from the parking lot to the restaurant. But he knew the minute he saw-Liz that it wasn't over. Liz was wearing a draped hat. exotic and expensive. Her eyes, slanted, dark, mysterious and exciting; thai smooth skin, those wonderful rounded shoulders— 'Oh darling Tod, how'good it is to'-see you!" Her voice with.that husky raress in It Everything— every single thing about Liz you went for and couldn't help yourself. . "Gosh Lir, it's good to see you." She \yaved him to a chair. r pllEY sat across from each other The iighit was dim arid somehow an awkward- ss lay between them. • The waiter brought their order. . - . ; ;.';..- < 'I just had lo see you, Tod." She smiled at him over the rim of her glass. He knew suddenly that he shouldn't he here, sitting with Liz as pe had so often before, and feeling the same old way about her . . '"Why?" rie said it bluntly.' Liz bit her lower lip. "You want me to be nonest with you. Tod?" But she dJdn't wait tor him to answer her question. "I don't know why. on earth I married Jim. It was all wrong." "If that's what you asked me here,to say, it's wasting your time and mLne." Tod said roughly Yes. he'd been a fool to come. Because he'wanted to take Liz in his arms and tell her she was right—they'd both marie mistakes—his was marrying Jennyr" •••^ "It's never a waste of time ,to apologize and say you're sorry," Liz said huskily, "and that's .what I'm doing.". "In this case it's a waste." "But I had to do it, Tod." "You're only hurting yourself ind me too." he said grimly. 'You're married, I'm married If that doesn't settle things, I don'l k/iow what could." The color drained from Liz's beautiful face. "You're married?" "flight." He shut his teeth firmly together. Xll he wanted iow was to get out of there. Liz fumbled in her purse for her compact,and he saw that tier slender hands were trembling. eucss I can't blaine you," she said. "There's not even any use now trying to tell you how it aJI happened." They looked at each other for a second or two. and he could sec thai Liz read in his eyes that nis being married hadn't changed things much. ' . , . "No," he said coldly, "there's no use either one of us trying to explain, and there's no use our seeing each other again." Driving home! he kept thinking how bright Liz's dark eyes had grown when he said that. He'd been afraid she was going to cry. Liz, of all people! Cynical, witty, sophisticated Liz verging on tears because they weren't ever going to sec each other again! • •«..; he reached the apartment and Ma told him what had happened be quit thinking about Liz. like a man waking 'from a dream. He was furious with him- sell for having hurt Jenny He couldn't bear to think o! making her suffer The quickness with which Jenny forgave him and her trusting attitude, were almost more than he had expected. Now. the thought of Uving in a trailer camp was anything but appealing to him. but then he owed it to Jenny to try to make her happy. Living in the apartment with his family had been hard. Maybe when they were alone together, even though it was in nothing more pretentious .than .a trailer, they'd get along oelfer^ ' ! • Jenny's happiness was his business now. lie must remember that, and not think about Liz at all. He must flght to keep her out of his thoughts. But after their meeting, it wasn't going to be easy. (To Be Continued) Accidents cause 42 times as many deaths among us. children as does infantile paralysis. Soybean Sacks new 10 or. FALL SEEDS Alfalfa, Rye, Wheat, Oats & Vetch BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. 1800 \V. Main St. Phone 856 - 857 RENT A CAR Drive Anjwhert VOD Please ' Simpson Oil Co. Phon. 937 6 45 •"^ *. S*'*^* «> "9*' y ^ s ' our kitchen is modern. We bought ft CHASe CORPORAT/ON and paid tor it out of our income." BRANN TILE & FLOOR C • Asphull Tile Floors • Hardwood Floors • Rubber Tile Floors • Rock Wool Insulation • lyealher Stripping .' • Ornimcnlal Iron Work • Tlaslic Tile Walls AH Work Guaranteed A. L, (Al) Sullivan, Jr. Harold C. Brann ilJ N. 2nd. 2462 Phones 43fiO PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Our years ot experlence^as- sure you that when 'you present a prescription ordei to us. it wl» be expertly compounded Irom fresh pure drugs You can be sure at Rothrork's ROTHROCK'S DRUG STORE 00 ^ Q •^ r- STUDEBAKER Cotton Picking Contest Specials 1919 Slutlebakcr 1-Ton Pickup—'50 Arkitnsaa license, very, very Io\v mileage. 1916 Chevrolet l'/i-Ton Cab & Clmssis—'50 Arkansas licence, S25x?0 tires on rear, motor and, body in yoorf .shape. - in 12 International Vj-Ton I'ickiip—an excellent truck at a very low price. 1939 Dodge Vi-Ton—a good, low priced truck. FOR REAL SERVICE—FOR REAL VALUE Chamblin Sales Co. Railroad and Ash Phone 888 ST U D E B A K E R FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOHUB Ha! ,Bur \ SOORY, sur 1 NEED I «NT SEUL JUST XJGII A DRAWING TAMO NOW ' / I AUEADY HAMS 1 ^" v ' . HAT ITEM READY To GO. iw "" "*! \() IO-/3 ' ^ "Just take this right back to that butcher and ask" him if he thinks you're dumb enough to accept sue.; a bony steak!" PRISCILLA'S POP He Works by Night BY AL VERMKRI --. - NK5HT r G01NQ TO WAKE REALLY MORNING . NOW OR NEVER' BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LAKB I5 STAUCUP'S BOAT STILL APIOAT THERE'S SOMEONE IN THE COCKPIT. VDU'D THINK Ht'D GIVE A SHOW K3 WHOEVER's WIOWDKK. YES. BUT SHE'S DOWN BY THE HEAD SHE SHOULD PiUNGE ANY MINUTE / .1 iluitpof the justi b*k>w. Buck CAPTAIN EASY BY LESLIE TURNER . HUM... SCREECWMS HAS STOPPED. BUT I CAN'T LEWB WITHOUT SPE&K1WG TO HER. THERE GOES HE, JACKSOM. CADDY! HE LOOKS EYER SO HAPPY NOW ' CMHY MID I HWJE- X LOOfc.Glfi! , „„,„ ER.- SUDDENLY BEEN HHERE GOES/ EMMETT 1 CALLED HOME, to LIKE J SARA.TOOll I* CO*IM TO SAY OOOD-BY TO-JSSI-. «.-^i WTHYOU! BUGS BUNNY v/HATA ROTTCN I GOTTA OO SOMETHIM'... T AIM'T SOtP OWE PROSRAM/ GIVE "EM TW RAZZDCRRV »V NAME AN' rJUMBER, FOLKS/ GET A PROGRAW/ BY V T. HAMLIN U9W BEFOKE YOU GO AFTEfZ OOFS KIDNA.P' EES.IP BETTEE BEIEK- >»U CM V.HM YOU'RE 6ETTING INTO... IS MILLIONS OF YEARS TWE PA5T...AK)D PASSAGE TO AND FEOM IT 15 POSSIBLE <?NLV BY THE TIME- MACHINE.- AS A. PEACE OFFICER FACING DANGER I* ALL IN A PAY'S , BOOTS AND HER 0111)1)1 KS BY EDGAR MARTIN 80CKS,VOUftt StWo 60 10 OhVt

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