The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 30, 1936 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1936
Page 2
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•frtit&wiwffm ' LF - ~ ' if - - '.-** Jjr%.'- - r • : '•" " ••'' ' '••'•'-'••' : ---' iVf.fei.i4j -f t ;•'- : v^,v- • /<- >>;*-v>'- #•'- 'U>'^, ;/•'; •'••': >>;/• A'' -!.',.*; ^:^>,^: ^ : V<>:^^;,'^ ;; ;;, * , -• . - .•'•.--.'*'.,'-•.',•• • ' \ ;?','.-•,'.•-''•.•' -* ,- '.- - ,• ; .-'•••<. ; . ". \ *!'•.;- * -:.-- -.; .; • :.*> - , ;\v-- /^' '•' .-:- .- • \Y -,v' ' .v,,v-.--;. ."-. •>:••:-•- • < ; --o — -V'-..-* ' '-••' •;••. Vtf h •* • i - i i t THE BAK^tSMELD CAUFdtlNUN, WEDNESDAY, 8ERTE .- * "'I - * - i. ' * -1 tV - * ',• t 1 -.-'-• '--- 3>Sr-V' - VvK* ~ .J . ' F '•i Judge Says Must Confine Practice to Spine Manipulation * V: -r (United rrcH* Rented Wire) HAN KKANCIHCO, Sept. 00.— Chi ropractors in California wore undo veutrictlonR today to confine profeaalonat aotU'IMna oxchialvoly to manipulation of Uio nplne. ThlH llm- ItHllon was dftflnfMl by Huporlor John J. Van Nosirand In n. tout suit broiifi-ht by JaniRH MrUrnn (iK)mn. chiropractor anrl attorney, who uskod tho court to dptorrnlnn 'Svhflro doos chlroprncly mul and modlclno and surgery begin: DeeUlon, !u Vnrt Vim Nontrand ruled, In part: "A rhlropriirtor hnn no Uwl rlffhl to pt-rtorni npcnUkmn upon llin loi»l.h of a patient or In trcattn^rit nt tlu? oyon; no riprht to admlnlutfr or pro Hcrlbo mi'dlrlno or driigM. While X rn.yH niny IIP Includod In dlagnoftlfi or analyHlH, it cnimot bn unnrt In tho trc'fttmont of dlnc'UMo »r IllnoMn. oh appllanroH or ngtMioloa chlropr«Mlr InbJOH, lowrla or otln-r whtrh an-, clrurlv wiMUnry, do vloliitfi thi! Htattilo, but llm UBM of varloiiM (horapQiitlCB, wuch afl «loo- tro-thnrupoutlCM. hydro ittul rolorilo Ihrra|»fullo8, nrc iMribnicod lu llm prartlivi of inr*dlulnu and thortifitro frtrblddpn to RED NI CAP WN WN Sept have Cape and Hpecif llcd hey hey hat hey CUHO enam finge THREE ARRESTED RGOLDMFT _^^^^_^ fc _ _,_^ _ L Extensive High Grading Ring Believed Shattered Federal Offtcials (United /'rao Ironed Win) BACf-lAMISNTOi S^pt. 30,— On*5 of tho moHt cxt.on»tvo high ffradtng: HngH ov*r Known to cxlut In tlio Mother 7-.odo country wa« b«llcvud broken today with iho arreat oJ! tlir^o prominent Nevada county rowldnnti who wnro Charged with ooiiHiilrm^y to vloluto Uio 1034 gold ri'Horvo net. Flying Office for London Publisher fly Mr put y Atli»riii'V-( Ifimnil Llo»ifl Hrownc. who rupn-Nnnind tlio Htatu In the raao, mild: "Although ihlH mnt- MT may V»n lukon into UK* Bupromo Court on appeal, II IM tln« flrwt decld- ioti defining tho luiltudo of tlio Htatn c'hlropniotlu »*'t. Tin* wlftto IM not Jnt«rw<lert In tho uvrllH r»r dMtinrlU ol' olilroprnrtju. It innrMy miu»chl fin of the I'rett ANU19LI3H, 8opl. 80.— A ing offiro, cotifltriititod for T^ord vorhnirjU, I^indon puhllHhor, IH n-ndy for iriHiiillatlfin of npoclul at tt I -OH AnKclim ulrplnnn Official* BAld tho lion, Afftx Attkcn, 2Q*yoar-oM «on of tho IBrltlnh pf?or. would arrlvo lt*>ro this wof-l< \n »n- risnl tho work. Th'» pin no, M, transport typM Hi.»ut. Ing nU piiMOhffftrB, IH to be ftown nrrnHH iho oontlrif>nl , Ihon dlmmm- tlod for nhlpin'Mii u board Ilif* Itnr-r Queon Mary. ottlr.iniH who n i Ad t* iho in- VfiHtlgutlonH wlilffh ramiltort In tlio HrrnNtu until that high grading — Iho ihnfi of vfituublo oro from gold mln*«— w(i« conduct^ii on mich largo «f!alo In tho rich (Jrasn vnUcy- N«vadft C.'lty ar«a that It atnounfod to "a $l,000,000-tt-yi»rtr rup.ket." Thono arralgtirul bi»forn t.J. H. Coin- »)l«fljoncr J. Qulncy lU-own In l ( >il- rnil L'oiirl linro wc*ro W. JO. Moultun, North Htm .luan; bin «oo rotary, Ida JO. IMvonimrt, and Walter T.-, Mob- loy, Novwtii ctty Jtisttoo of ihn pnftor, \VnrrantH alMo wore lK«u'*d for Bon A. HoHt and H. W. Tflll*, Novada City. Hold Ore Stolen f Jfivf»rniricnl opfirulorM fxj/1/tJnmJ that hl^li gnuJiT oro wan MtoU*n fnun vartoitH tnhwh. Hold to opnr* ftf Illicit grinding jilanU, tbon nr\ lo leglUinatn buyern. Thft roMM-vo act of 1034 prohibited tlin mito of oro unloHfl It WttH Icgltl- gold buyer, . j Moult on, in uo< QUINCY, Culll 1 .. Hrpl. ;i(). (U. A roc It which uruHhi'il o»wri a flam Ing mminlulMMldr in-ar IJrlrlofi (orlii a HcoMMod of h/tvtri inurh a" ?1!00,000 worth of ntolon In a year. Kodoral ufflnlaln namod thn rtr- utHntH art Uui "HrfthiH" of a hl«h grading organisation and Maid worn hnnOif'd*! of po iiromlm*(l Additional «rrr>.«tH but 'il tln» nporalloMH Would rcant! vvllh Uif arrcHt of tho iL]]«gr.>r] AT HARRY COFFEE'S SMART SHOP FOR WOMEN * * r t ',- \ i. i • ' ' - , ' V.;). '- "f I THE MAN TfllLORED i •' ' i* -\ 3*--- H A most imporlanl fashion on the sportswoar •cone is the mcin tailored suit...a feminine costume which depends completely upon Authenticity In detalln for its importance. That's why you should soloct yours al Hanry CoHee's ...a men's store of conaequenco for over thirty yeors,. .where every suit is man tailored of mens- wear fabrics with the precision and attention to details so necessary in men's fine clothing. FRESNO B AK £R S FIX LD -'. Firiitone and Servioi Storti, Ino, Ohntir it Tw«nly.(8«ir1h Strwl Phohi 4080 " & !\* r -*-rt r KeeneNo.2 "Little Signal Hill" (0 30.—Developing Into What might bri termed a gusher area, nardwoli's Uttle Hlgnfcl Hill on section 22, flz-28 in tlm Midway district took old time drillers back to lAltovlew days yesterday when thn Union oil Company Ke-onn No, 2 well flown red over the derrick. Tho woll was being swabtrtnl proparatory In being nut on production. Much gaa was apparent. Suddenly there won a roar and a gush which throw oil high Into tho air covering tho hlllftldo and the ontlro crew with blank gold, FtoportH from the district today aro that tno Quality-Mull No, 3 ha« recalled and IH holding a dully production of around JfiOO barrels. Thin woll camo In on Hoptombnr 12 with an initial production of around 400 barrels daily. This production has steadily climbed to tho liiOO bar- rol point. Thin well drilled by 1C, U. MurdwoU In one of thn sensations of usher Qalifornton) . *. if tho district in that H I* Jens than 2200 feet'dcwp, cost less than $20,000 and waa less than a month In drill- Ing, Alt eyes aro now on the Carl Zam- look woll which is CIOBO to Iho new Goldman No. 3 on tho 40-foot strip IM well ris being wlLbln 3ftO feet of tho ttardwnll Quality Bull No. 8. It IH roftdy (o bring In and IB only awaiting the drilling of a few hundred feet by Birch Koyer nearby. It l« tho belief of Zamloek that with escrves n Other Nation j Vast Area Still Unexplored (United rr«*«X«rt«eJrf Wire} MOSCOW, Sept. 30.—With 6tily 37 per cent of Its territory explored and proflpoctcd, known rcnervoa OJ! coal, Iron, oil arid othor natural re- sourcefl In tho aggregate are greater than those of any other nation In Birch Hoyer pa««lnK through the the world, accordinff to Ivan GublOn, crovloo which exlrttn In that neigh borhood hlB chnncoft of having: trou* bio with bin well will bo overcome. Tho a. O. M. O. Company woll which dropped from JGQO barrelH a day to 16BH than 200 barrolM when tho Zam* lock loMt ttrj circulation In tho crev- ico IB Htlll cloin«r. btit llttlo oil. tt out, however, It will again bo one of tho bfeftt in iho district. FRUITVALE OIL LIMITS BY MAGNET-SEYMOUR M: lion Oir^ COMPANY struck tho oil annd In Ha mour No. 2 at We«t Krultvalo fioM, BooLlon 21, 29.K7, and has comontod 8%.Inch caning ovor U at ,W>7 foot. When tho Hhut-off ha« beon tft»tod awl yk«y<id by tho Htulo divlnlon nf oil and gafl. onerator« will drill thn oil fcann prcuaratory to bringing in tho well. ThiH in Iho fourth well drilled by Iho company In thin neighborhood. which extended production to tho woHt. Tho now well IB un in- Mdo locution. Tt. 12. lllckcrbon is manager or (ho company. Wing Dam Will Be Salvation to Fish SAt.'lUMIdNTO. Jt<w*t<l Sept. 30.— Tlio C. C. M. 0. Slates Second Line Well For ItH next project in tho Will- chairman of a council for tho study of ftuch resources. Gubkin, on the -baata of a survey begun lows than 10 years ago, reported tho following known reserves an of January 1, 1036; coal—1200 billion tons, an In* crease of COO per cent over resources mapped at the timft of tho rovolu- tion, placing the U. S. S. n, second to tha United States in known ro- sources. Oil—8200 million tons, 80 per cent of tho world reserves. United Statew In second position. Ferroua MotAls—-Rich Iron drcft. 10,012 million tons; iron ore quart- zito containing from 85 to 45 per cent of iron, 260 billion tons. Manganese Claims Sweeping Manganeflo — Three-quarters of world deposits concentrated in the U. 9. S. It. (No exact /Jgurea given). Copper—17 million tonq, 16 per cent of world dopoaita, placing U, S. H. n. in fourth place among: nations poBHQHBlng copper reaervoa. Lead—4,480,000 tons, 11 per cent of world reserves. Xlnc—9,030,000 tons, "10 per cent of world depoftltB, at* compared with known deposit* of 1,100,000 tons in loin. Nickel —Rich • dopofllta not yet completely surveyed, discovered in Aktlublnsk, Kola peninsula, 33VADA fortune in gold 1yas today, by Ifi-year-oia Jean Kuatpr who four years ago ivas told by her grandfather: "Hemember this Spot and come back to it when I'm gone; It weatiB a fortune to you," The grand fat her, Jefferson A. CasBcrly, Nevada City miner, died lust week after mentioning a burled fortune and telling of a nugget which ho had placed In a safo deposit box In the Merchanta National Bank, Sacramento. Death Launches Search Until the San Francisco girl heard of her grandfather's death and hla mention of a fortune and tho nugget, Hhe attached little significance to her trip into the Mother I^ode hlllfli wHh* .the elderly miner four year* ago. It was then that he indicated a spot and told her: "t have burled aomethirig there. Remember thla place woll. Wh her iitti*i;thdttfht to the until H4r gf4ttdmther <Mod. 1 L k. I *•» _ . V _J_ ' t - - ft fortune to you." undbj? tiioi direction, of • fc. Hacks of; the Wellrt-Jlrarird. Trust and Saving Cofnpahy>, Gas- serly's Bafo dei)os|t box wo* opcnea. An U-pound .nuggret,. valued at ah- proJcUnalely $5000. waa tri the box. It had boon placed there four months ago, Mac It, exacu.tpt*t)f the Casscrly «s* accompanied MUs Kutter hor$ the »earch for thajiiddon wealth mentioned by Cassorly four years ago and again when ho was dying. . "T'm certain r will reco&nizfc the, place wJiere grandfather sttJcl he had buHed something," the girl said, ' Until iho apotlH ftiuhd ari<I tin! excavation mad6, iho girl will hot know tho nature of the treasure, it any, whetlier; Jief gi'anclfathor merely \vafi indicatmg the nuppoaed of a veit»i or -Whethor he imagining something when he hlnte<l at a treasure. F • SALT WATER FLOW BECOMING PROBLEM FOR -1 Klninath rivor hits boon tnrnnd lo lt« inio mouth along tho norfh hunk with a cihuimel upproxlmately 180 In width hy moiinH of a clnin, (liuirg" U. Nordenholt, tllrou- Lor of natural rosuuroon, said today, Tho dam VVMH undor noiiMtructlon by tho department for a your and mtliJ w/itor oltfht fort 1» pitHKlng ovor tho bar wltli flf«pth Hlofidlly fticrouHliig. \Vh«n ih«i fnlm> mouth of tlir river. Mbuiit L'SOO foot south of the prcMonl uutlot.. WUH olosod by wluU action Uiht woeU, Churlea Kmlth, fluinlmldt county nuiiiiigrT of iho VVorltH I'rugnidts AtlitUtitstriitlon, through whoso L ( o-uimrtttlf>n tlto HtrutMiiro WUH cornplot^d, lin uruVn-il In cr|ul(Hncnt which holt) in rcadlni-HB for iho f iho Lruo olmmtol. Tho WHU fsffniit^a fctaplf»mhnr IBi The \vhiK <lam \viin crociad 1) ow of thu bi'Hof uf finli uulturUu that tho growing dopictlon of Htoolhead urn] Afilmon In iho Klumath rlvor wa« ouuHpd, to Homo nxtont, to In- uOltlty of UI^AO apocloH to ontor tho rlvnr during Iholr s|>awnlng HAaftonn, which MO frprjuntuly colnold^cl with Ibrt tlin^w ihn mouth of tho rivor WHH totally itiins area on tho West Sldo, thoh vl)oro!l8 llon « were known prior to ChanBlor-Uunrield Midway Oil Com- l " c rtiV ° Ulllon - v , I ^B^H^K imny will, /or tho first lime, drill a ftot'ond-Uno well, No, 24, at a location 425 foot west of No. 17, on aoc- tlou at, 32-43, which it OWUH entirely. Triuinvaal First In Gold Gold—Hcoond only to Transvaal. (Ko oxnct figure* fflvon.) Buuxlto—21,650,000 tons. Apatite—Two billion tons, placing U. H. S. n. In flr«t placo In world. Miosphorito—60 per cent of world Tho company now is operating Ihroo Bli'lngn of tools here. Electric- driven rotary machinery i» being, - -- -- u«oc3 at two lino wells 'on tho cost tlo|> ?7 lflf sufficient to supply entire man of Mootlon 21. No. 10 is in tho 1 worW^wlth Phoaphorlto hlH report with of oil an ml and in duo to bo completed Hhortly. No. 'JO wan upudded Inst week. VV. P. No. 1 in bulng Uvllled Rt n::00 foot with a Stnr dHlllng ma- chino on unction ZR. Thin IB an out- pOHt Honking H HoulhwoNt oxtcnnlon of tho oil mindM. Aft/*r finding tho Soviet Population Votes on Rulers Uudkln ho Htat< kilomotora which constitute tho territory of tho Soviet Union, only 8,200.000 Imvo been prospected. A SCtBNTIKIG I1ASIS CLEVELAND. Hept.. 30. U. P, • U ^ ^b * two \Villaiu8 MundB unwuturatod, op- Municipal .ludgo Loulfi Pfttranh of- ontturH contliiuua to oxplora ahead 1 rervci ma own reclpa for atrttllng beer and HI-O nuld to have picked soniol parlor arguments. Two men with comparable to thoso In Pan blackened eyes appeared before him '« Jiurna l^e Ko. 08. Dig- charged with stirring up a rumpUH IH extremely hard and troqk bits I" an argument aver the proper way S ALT water coming with the oil In Increasing amounts ut Moun\ lain View field Is creating a problem new to the East Side, and operators already are considering plans for UB dlanona.! at somo future dato whon present arrangements aro Inadequate. Other fields In the Balcersfleld district arc shallower, and tho water produced Is not no salty.. As an oil field gots older, tho oil output gradually declines and the water Increases. Santa .Fe Springs field, east of T.os Angeles*, a larger and other field than Mountain Vi&wv produces 60,000 barrels of salt water dally,, which Is disposed of at conwldorablo expense. Oporatorn there havo a co-operative Bystem of plpe.Unoa leading to a central, collecting bafcln where the oil Is sktiiimed oft and the water Is discharged into a 20-mile sewer to the oooan. Recent plans call for enlarging the «lzo of.tho eewer to 42 Inches diamdtor. It, has been sug* seated that the excess -water from Mountain View, amounting to 6000 bitrrels dally, be pumped down to a piece of atklll land south of Arvin. Amnrlcan'a Jiurpa Italo Petroleum's b Prospects Bright Judged by offsets going up in the vicinity, Jttilo Petroleum Corpora- tlonfl Cauley No. 83 on MRctJon .1C, 28-27, will be a successful producer, extending Premier , ; .jMeid %-milo south. Amerlca.n Kxploratlon Company has tlmbcrH on the ground for a north offset, and Italo is propar* j Ing to drill No. 34 at a location 500 feet cast. Capacity of the now well has not beeh gauged, but clean oil has been ballad and a pumping unit Is being Installed today. Ketfn Hlver oil aro needed cimllmmlly. to ralae children. Whiston Ready to Spud in This Week *^^^^^"^^*^****^^* . ' r Installation of a No. 12 S. B, j Union Tool draw works,' la about concluded at H. L. "VVhiflton's Tur* ner No. 1 In northeast Fmltvalo field and spudding Is slatfed to talie place thla week, commercial production here will extend thla portion of tho field two locations east In section 23, 29-27. Mr. Whlston erected the 130-foot wooden derrick and is doing the drilling, since ho IB both sands are opr-n to p.rbduoUpA' 6 from j a rl » contractor and,a drilling con- tho who*? of tho 10^-inch casing sit tractor artd has an'office on the ad- OIL AGREEMENTS Vlnlng l>, Tlnrkor and Kdna MHIor t(i rilNhop Oil T'onipU'iy duhui Haptomhor y. 1030, ono-otghth ty, H-ycur drlillng rlaiiHA, WCH( uf MouihwflBt Quurtor, Nectlou 1. 2830 feet to bottom at 2 Joining K. \Vhlst6n lease. Wire) MOHCOAV. Mnp|. no.— Tho p (lou df tho Sovlot t/nion foday wnn uffordt»il a now opportunity to tultn a purt In rullnff tJi« nnUon whon tho C'onjnntnJwl purty oprnod HH ranHH for tneinborn for Uw ttrat thno »lnco TUo tnvltutlou won in Iho lunl four yonrH a nutuhor of i'onununlfllH havo dlml anil many othiM-N luivo boon oxpollod ilurlnx Ihn Viirloim "rhttilkaH" or rtannlngM, In which vltitn^ntn H\»«pt?rlml of din- loynlty wore tloprlvml of /uortibor- »hlp. • Appllontlonn may bo filed after November I. Utmost euro, It \vnn nnnonnrod, will ho \mo\l in ncl^otln no l-'nink ,lnpp| r*t »ix to Kolly &. Son, rtiluicf— - Aftnrfgnni«nt of l«a»e on • flint hulf of north WOKI quartur, BfC- lion 8, ai-1'7, roAorvlng I per cent royalty. Son, Uml!ed ( to British — ActMlKiiinont of ttbovo, uor oout uvorrldlng roy- nlly. Htninlrird Oil of California to TV IT. AndcrHuti. Incorporated — Hummdar of n«rconu!iit to lean*? «outh*ant quur- tor, tuition i»S ( ^8-80, Arlxtitia Oil Company and Atncrl- run Nnpthn OU Corporation on tor into uKrooniflnl changing laase on wouihOHwt gunrtor MOO! Ion 81, 28-118, nmkliiK ruyuliy on wollH of IO»H than K'Ofl bari^tn dally on&-l\vMfth and If ovor that amount. YOUR HOME CAN BE HEATED AND NOW . . . AIR CONDITIONED IN ONE OPERATION * • rentier ays Johnson's Supply Only i it* mm IH whn«« loyally to Hovl^t r^ffhno In lioyoiul doubt bt» nrroptod. hlp In the OommuntKt pnrty m^iinn mnoh mnro than ih u political party of imy othor tMiuntiT- H. conffi'H many rlghtH which othor lllviciiH do not onjoy. Mu> "tJlrtalor»lil|> of th« tho a.noo.OOO incm)>orn of th« ( •umnnintMl purly nrhmtly rulo a ItUHBtiui poptilitllon Of 170.UOO.UOO. Weed Patch People Return From East Approve Contract $4,587,676 Total \VASI riNtJTON. Sept. yO. war depurtmnnt linn approved award of u con t met for $4 ( fi87,070 to Bent Hrothern, Inf., rxnd Griffith Company of IAIH AiiRoloft for coiiHtrtiiHton Of the iliun, main Onm and wing- ilnms, nnO >vorkn of DIP Concha* dum. Now Maxltfo. CHRYSLE AIRTEMP I t I I I I I I W10KP PATCH, Hcpt. 30.— Mr. and Mm. lioM*v Krlok and «oi» tioroil nnd VVuHor Krl^H. howl or UYtok'i* futh«r t have rolurnoU from a trip to Iho Mint. Tl\« Krh'kn woi*o jjono SU rtnya druvo TUOO tnllrm, vlHllliig 17 uiut I'Hutulu nntl Mexico, A fwinlly roiinlan pirnlu W«H for thrm In n park hi UOR I own. ltt*ln.tlvi*a >V*M-O nlHi> Tlltlnolft niul Toxnw, u^; fi»ulur«(i of tho \voro two hiir IPUKIIO KMIMPH 4it (itioiulnnco nt tho ut UulluH, TOXUH, uiul the M'ronllor rolahwUou at l*'ori Worth, TOXHK, anil at tho Jinva Bluto fair, Hovcrul ilu>H at NUyura Kulln both on tUo I'anatllaiv tuul An un- lean MkloN, aiul ttio Cui'tobatl Thoy rvpovt uU tho fuuultiit vtsitoil dry bocAUHo ot t)io U except W»eonnln. On tho return (rlp» huwovtr, thoy woro in many thunder Is Now Ready I I I I This nationally known automobile munufucturcr has entered the flelcl of home heating and air conditioning with new and tfready advanced equipment. Siinpliliecl. Depend- ble. Quieter. More economical. Now it's possible to buy equipment engineered uml built j BELL-ANS TOR INDIGESTION by one company "Matched Units" . dial lit together. Airtemp. It's po«siblc to buy . . heating Savos space. . . nir conditioning , AM Chrysler designed. In trip chl> For RENT or SALE Complete GASOLINE OUTFIT With Steel Derrick Delano Home Scene of Birthday Party and Drill Pipe 1'L'MHNG UNITS DELANO* Sept, ao.~<Mr«. Harry Htm entertained tnformnUy on Tufeday night nt hop country homo wast of town, honoring: Mr. ilteU on hU ttlrthtltiy itnnlvoiiuiry. ylny *>»" iwrty with tho h»h» irup«t xvmx* Air. ami Mm. Ho* M. Ul«u, Ji*., their daughter. Hltu*, and sotu HoiwH, M Carl KAUK. Ml«» Carlotta Now niul Unctl Oil Well Uoufhl and U wit ml Atlas Supply Co. . B. ARMSTRONG, Manager 0700 Cheater Avenue Phone 1598 NEW Winter Air Conditioner Airfcmp'fi NKW Winter Air Conclilionor is revolutionary. Coiuplclo. Vcnttlulos, IlHers, hcola, humidifies nnd circu- I lates hcnllhful air. designed for homes. modern and cfllcicnt sstem ever I I Airlemp provides the NEWEST and also most complete Summer Air Conditioner ever built by one company. It matched the Winter Unit. You may have year 'round conditioning at one installation . . , or one unit at a time, I i SUN KONO HERB CO. OONaUtTATION* FRBB Womlerful hftrbft for chronla mid of n trouble. for nil kind* of llvrr, TELEPHONE 1388 FOR ESTIMATES, OR CALL AT . " . - r THRASHER MOTORS ^ p f ~ Airtemp Distributor for Kern County STANLEY P. DOWNIE, Manager * j *, - - j Chester Avenue at Twenty-sixth Street ft f- 1 1 ' V \ \ I F -rr -' 8250 K Tw«n\y*third t 1 H -V - i- •F- .-- ±f- *- ' * ' ' 5 f -i - I , F'f 11 i i . L x r V • . .. ' ',',.- 'I'- • ' t ' '' ' ' •- i * * ' -' " ' - *:J- : - 1 * " " " ' ' •• ' ** j ' >'~- * '* ' •]"• • ' L * -- .•.-•- . ; -• ,. ' ' j^ -*- **>P- r j :-f •-' V'^Cr' " •^to^,^

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