The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 30, 1936 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1936
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EDITION COMPLETE ASSOCIATED PRESS LEA9-t> Wlh£' THI LEADING NEWSPAPER OF tHt SOUTHERN SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY FULL MO fexCtUSlVC UNITED PRESS REPORT VOL. XLVI 14 PAGES BAKERSPIELD, CALIFORNIA, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 80, 1936 TWO SECTIONS LAST EDITION No. 52 YANKS LOSE FIRST GAME •* * * * * UNISTS DENOUNCED BY ROOSEVELT -ROOSEVELT SCORES REDS SHIPPING WAR- -WORLD SERIES PRESIDENT SCORES FOE FOR DRAGGING IN RED HERRING AND MAKING FALSE ISSUE IN FIGHT By SANDOR S. KLEIN (United Prcm Leased Wire) YRACUSE, N. Y., Sept. 30.— President Roosevelt was on /Continued on I'age Six) - .» • » - TBXAN ACUUITTKD I..OS ANCJEt,l3S, Hept. 30. (A. P.) Acquitted of murdering Thomas PattOlr by a jury which found he hilled another man In dcfenwo of hi*. wife's virtue and hit* own life, James Henderson of Alpine, Texas, observed tods y his first day of free dam since July 4. CANCELS JtBCOUNT PUBA luVNSING. Mich., 8ept. 30. (A. P.) Louis B, Ward, who was defeated by Representative Prontlss M. Brown for the Democratic nominator United States Senator In the ent Michigan, primary, withdrew Ills petition for a recount. INDEX TO ADVERTISERS ' ANN'S BEAUTY »At,,. ATLA« MACHINE WOBK«. BARN, THE..,...,.'..., ..... • CNZINO'8 AUTO SERVICE .BROCK. MALCOLM, COMPANY ......... 3- COFFEE, HARRY. ....... .. tU ADOBE MOTOR HOTEL fAMtLY SHOE STORE.... rUCKlNOER. DIGIER.... FOX CALIFORNIA... ...... tOX THEATER'... ....... •• QRANAOA THEATER ...... HELM, ED... ..... ......... HOOLE & CO.. J. A ......... . ............ » HORHUNO, PAUL.. HUFF, JOHN R... ...... ••• ..... • ....... I JOHNSON'S FIRESTONE TIRES ....... , KIMBALL * STONE,... ...... . LA GRANADA BALLROOM ...... ....... LANTERN, THE... ........ ............. MAJESTIC GRIU..,...,. ............. ... MANOARIN, THE...... ............. •••• MONTGOMERY WARD A COMPANY NILE THEATER.-, PECKHAM * FOSTER ....... . PEKIN 44ERB 00..., .PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY,.., PRESTON. DON C. - -' --It THEATER., m THEATER f . SPRAY MARKET. CAfE.....;„,. HERB CO........ MOTORS......,; J the political firing line loda>% ready to follow tip his cam- paigiV opening speech before the Democratic state convention lierc last night, with another major address in Pittsburgh tomorrow night, In the roaring atmosphere of a political convention, and in two-fisted, hare-knuckled style, the President began his personal* ~~~~ campaign for re-election with an attack on those of his ene- rnles who call liltn a Communist or insist that he willingly receives the support oC Communists. That was his theme, but U led him into a biting denunciation, seasoned with familiar Irony, of tho Republican regimes preceding the new deal, anil friendly refer^^^ye^mm^^'^> , oilre^'was aUs^pflUttcil 'und -per ,riorial» friend^ IX . Smith, at least tlio President's political enemy, speaking on an anti-new deal theata, will compete with htm for tho attention ot the radio, audience tomorrow night. ! . Speaks to Nation Mr. Roosevelt spoke, directly to a Democratic state convention that had Just renomlnated Governor Herbert H.' Lehman and the other members ot- the sUito administration, but he i jgROkti Indirectly to the nation ,n.hrdugh the facilities of two coast- 1 to-coast'radio networks. ThotiQ who bry Communists at him aro dragging a red herring across tho trail, aro promoting a false Issue, he said. Ho went Immediately into historic'precedent. , G. O. P. Dodges Facts "This practice is aa old as our democracy," he said. "Avoiding tho . f acts—fearful of the truth—a mall;" clous opposition charged that George Washington planned to make himself king under a British form of government; that Thomas Jefferson planned to set up a guillotine under a French revolutionary form of government; that Andrew Jackson soaked tho rich of tho eastern seaboard and planned to surrender American democracy to 'the dlcla- ' torshlp of a frontier mob. They Women and Children lo Leave First; Everybody May Depart CAPITAL ENCIRCLED Band of Rightist Steel Around Metropolis; Attack Soon (Cooj-rUhted. 1830. lij AMwUted l>r«u) lTADKlD, via Paris, Sep. 30.—The - evacuation of children from Madrid has begun. The government sent orphans of the civil war and children of militiamen lighting at Lhe front to Valencia and other cit-) lea on the ^odlterranean COUBI. I Tho tniniBlnr of the interior announced, further, that facilities'ffideholddrs From Cabinet (Vnltcd Pr«sg Leaned V?lrt) TOPEKA, Kan., Sept. 30.—Governor Alt M. J-.andon throw sharp emphasis today upon his demand for enforcement of the merit system In all government departmentti by declaring that, if elected president, he would bar party officeholders from his cabinet and would"" cut across party lines in search of tho moot competent members available. Three Promises The Republican presidential nominee, In an unusual press conference at thc executive mansion, followed up National Chairman John D. M. Hamilton's advance refusal of a possible appointment OB postmaster general, by saying: 1. That "one thing is certain, no man could over bo simultaneously a member of my cabinet and a member of the national Republican) committee." 2. That he would not hesitate lo choosp the most competent men available for thc cabinet, regardless of party. 3. That President Roosevelt's recent civil service extension order foiled to Indicate any progress to ward tho merit sj'Htcm because it merely "froze" the present officeholders in their John. Works on Speeches Governor l<andon plans to work on speeches he will deliver in a forth coming campaign trip to Illinois, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana and attend to routine business. He also may get back.into the political picture In an active way this week. Saturday he will attend a football game at Jjawrt-neo when Kansas play* Waahburn; 1000 Men^ombat San Berdoo Fire (Attoofatrd I'rett Lotted Wire) RAN BKRNARDINO. Sept. 30.— With 1000 men on the flrt» line*, forpHt rangers worked desperately today to prevent a fast burning blazo from sweeping into Han Be- BREAK SEEN IN SALINAS CLASH (Aitoclatfd JVr«« Lfatcit Wire) S ALINAS, Sept. 30.—First In- dlcatlon of a break tn the lettuce strike deadlock wa* seen here today when a labor •pokes- man »ald he would a«k employer* to reopen negotiation* on the disputed preferential hiring point which caused a walkout of 3200 workers. Walter Cowan, vlce-pre*ldent of the California State Federation of Labor, announced he wa» planning to draft a letter to the Grower-Shipper Vegetable Association, asking that the preferential hiring demand of the union be decided by arbitration. Refusal of the employer* to grant thl* demand brought about the 27-day strike. Cowan said the union would not drop the preferential hiring demand by stipulation before arbitration, but "would throw the measure In for arbitration with other demands once arbitration commenced." Failure to Agree, Will Mean Shutdown at Midnight PROSPECTS GLOOMY HUBBELL OUTPITCHES RUFFING; STOPS FOE BOX SCORE vast watershed IB miles weat Flat*, a tho mountain* here. The fire, still burning wildly along u 3-mllQ front, was advancing up the slopes of brushy canyons, threatening to reach the limber land* and possibly tho upper Lytle creek canyon country, one of the chief water source* of tho San Bernardino valley. Flvo' or 0 mile* to the north 1* the IMS Angeles county playground at Big Pines, and Wrightwood, resort center in the pine* on the north slopes of the range. ..• • • • -. i »»» Poor Parents Want Children Returned (Aitoctatet Prett Looted Wire) MEMPHIS, Tenn., Sept, 30.—Three day* ago A young couple beaten by poverty and hardship gave up their three umall .daughters to a welfare agency "«o th« .chlMren won't of, aFcMenT^fh* to leave Madrid for eaa'te: cities. Citizens traveling l»v government territory must carry a police permit, officials said, with a special permit from the ministry o£ war If they cross an army zone. TtKBEL BAND OF STEEL, CLAIMS (Coiu-rli'htid. 103«. br AMtxilttM Prui) BURGOS, Spain, Sept. 30.—Tho Insurgent high command announced! today that their Fascist armion had j a etrangle-hold on Madrid, ringing! the government capital with a vlr- ! tually completed baud of steel, ' | With the encircling movement, basic feature of the Fascist tactics, drawing to its plncer-llke close, tho insurgent junta declared the direct attack on Madrid would begin immediately. Kail Imminent They predicted Imminent fall of tho capital and said a planned uprising of the Rightist elements of tho population of Madrid in tho final .hours of the drive would climax It* capitulation. Madrid was pictured In wild confusion in announcements from Fascist general Headquarter*. Anarchists Control 'Women and children were-reported being mobilized for a last desperate defense. Anarchists, tho report* asserted, were getting tho upper hand of the people's front aoclallat government. The Insurgent,Infantry supported by field and heavy artillery and combat aircraft, consolidated battla position* on a 260-mile front, ringing tho Spanish capital on u 40-mile radlua. (Still reported held by government force* and open to the Socialist territory on the Mediterranean waa the 40-mile sector from Guadalajara, slightly northeast of Madrid, to Aranjuez, Important communication center to the south.) The junta named General Fran cisco Franco commander-ln-chlef, with the title "chief of the Spanish army," and notified foreign govern men to of his appointment a* chief of nil operation* for the final push General Franco, in personal coin rnand on tho southern front, with headquarters In fallen Toledo, started two column* toward Madrid. Two Drive* One drove on Illesca*, mid-point of the Madrid-Toledo highway, with the double objective of starting the at tack on tho gate* of the capital and cutting off the large Socialist army retreating slowly northward from Toledo. The other column wo* advancing from Toledo northeast to Aranjuez Fall of that important highway and railroad center, it wa* believed would cut Madrid off completely from communication with the rest of Spain. ____^ October 11 to Be Gen. Pulaski Day Men Accepl bul Bosses Reject Proposal for 60-Day Truce I.ATK IH'U.KTIN SAN KKANriSC'O. Sept, 30. (A. P.)—Federal Arbitrator M. C. SlosM ruled (mlny Owl thn I9'.I4 longshore award oxplrttH ul inlil- nlglit tonight. The derlHlon loft shipowners mid nmrliintc unions only H few bourn (11 complete no- KollntloiiM to proven) Ilio strike ur lockout of 37,000 worker*. NK\V YOKK Anierlcnn League AB. M. II. I CroNt'tll. SH ...... \ Holf... Sb ........ ;i UIMaggln. of .... 4 • Oi'hrlg, 1b ., ..... 3 Dickey, r ---- .... 4 1'ovvoll, If ........ -I Selkirk. rf 1 Huffing, |t O. 1 a 7 N -i 1 0 0 Totals 7 !4 NKW YOKK National Ix<uicuti Gen. Chiang May Reject Tokid Demands and Present Own AH. H. Mooro. If B 0 BHrll'll. MS .,..,,. 4 1 Terry, ib 4 I ••••^•S •.s* w*p ••WfK^ymvQ?-&Wt < 'w?$i'''F'A' f wtflw«r\«pr>;> ^u v. s *tNo! • ~ciflc cottSt sliip bwtters arid ntarl»' MH».CU*XIJ ci ...... S time union leaders met today hi ii ""-"•- > -"* J "'last desperate effort to settle longstanding grievances am) avert a cpast-wido shipping shutdown expected at midnight tonight, when H. o present working contracts explr*, 1 u. o i 13 '.-«•: »y (JKOIUiK K1UKSKY d'nttril I'm* l.raurd \\lrn P OLO GROUNDS, New York. Sept. ,'lO.~-Oii u rain-swept Held which made playing conditions tlio worst in world ; serifs history, Carl Hubbell, lean, left-handed pitching genius A. ! from Meeker, Okltt., hurled the New York Giants to a 6-to-l 3 ! triumph today over the Yankees in the opening game of the 0 lO.'K) world series. A misty drizzle started in the tlrst inning, o increased to n steady rain which by midaftenioon made the o i Held almost unlit for plav. Water stood in pools behind 111 second base and at oilier*' 0 places on the Held during the J,' t late innings. The dreary, "", rainv duv held the crowd to I>«P n'y into tho IHIX»-« iwshtnd third 1 ir. ()h(| * bn«i- iiml IJolff nwilf> a desperate i,,, V, . attempt t«i cnti'h It hiilf falling Into \Yliili' the blcacher-iles sour- uio iw*. K.MII. Thr bull hit Dickey'* rkid for cover, und funn In thn eov-; nngrr «n«l h<' walked out to the i erod stnixlH yelled (it t'onwilssloner pltclw'a bus Hhaklng his right hand K. M. LiimllH and tho umplroH to j where IK- WUN struck. Strlk-i three, call tlio Ktttuo. Uubbnll Biooit out'. Mancuno was raited out ou strikes, mound in the mud and with' »« "»«*«» lo lh « llm *"« ! and hlt thc Bull ime, low. Strike two, . V'oiil. A l)rl«k shower was now. l-'oul. It was a high A. Jackson, 8l> Hubbell, p ." with heart ami hand 4 ! (illimoo tho murderous array of YAH- UtiO lllttOI'B. Mttgiilflcent Triumph It u-ii* a iiutKnlflconl triumph In thn ttlooinl'-dl Hdltlng tit world m-rlcr (4uodol»d preti Ltatet Wlrt) WASHINGTON, Sept JO.—Pre«l dent Hoo*eveJt ha* designated October U a* Pulaaki Memortnl d*y in commemoration of the ono hundred and fifty-seventh ana*ver»*tT of the death of .f" " " Pula*ki, the Poll*h mortally wounded Prft» SHANGHAI, Sept. 30.—China and apan reached an impasse in their iplomatlc relation* today. Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek, urrylng to Nanking by airplane. 'Ill meet Japanese Ambassador Shi- eru ICawagou und,'according to Chi- eso source*, reject tho four Japa- eso "demands" presented as a basin or peace. In return, Chiang will 'resent four demand* to Japan, The general, long conciliatory in il* attitude toward the Japanese, wo* understood to have yielded to Total* 31 6 9 27 12 Score by innlnga: Yankee* .............001 000 000—I Prospects Gloom | Giants , 000 Oil 04X--6 As the dlaputanta' committees Sumnmriew convened for the eighth time thteL 13 *™" 1 —Hubbell, Oro*«tu, plckoy. _ = _ week under supervision of Federal " unB lM ' t . t .^ 1 . l""-^ cl . klr| V Kartell, j ot u, allowed only ncvnn hit*, oplk «trik« one. Foul, strike two. .Huffing xvulki'rt in to tho plate and motioned to Dickey to rotno out and tnlk to him. They held a brief eon- ff»rpno« and th«n Uufflng went back ,™.t ^v...* ,.„. „,-,,.,,.. to tl ' n mound. Whltehead grounded Uubbnll. stripping liftwwn; 0 '"- Croeetll to Ohrlg. pitches to dry his hand* on a r«*lii i , J»»*«>n up; Strike one, swung, bag. and pitching HH If ho was Jimt j '*i» «"". «Ut«ld». Btrike two. swung, warming up for tho big battle In-j *trlke three, Jackson AVO* called out mnad of being right In the middle j on utrlltes. No runs, no hits, no errors, none Conciliator Edward F, Mcarady, there wo« tltUo' Indication that a deadlock reached In new contract negotiations would be,broken. It was generally believed that unless the waterfront worker* and *wa- men, and the otnployer*. can reconcile . Mattouno, bnao hit*— Powell. Homo rttnu— Selkirk, lUirtcU. Bacrl- ; flem- their duep-weatcd differences during today'* conference, Pacific ports from Hcattlo to San tliego will l>o tied up. Truce Proponed The union* lost night accepted aj__, propomil of the National Maritime! H |t*pG Commission tliat a 80-day ti-uoo h« j •*• **• *^" Tdpplo 2. llolfc. Double play* i>ad and Terry. l.*ft on -New YorU (A. I,,.), 7; N. Y. (N. lj.), 7. Bit«e on bnll«—Huffing 4, Hubbell 1. KtrlkivOUIH HubU-ll H. Uufflng &. Hit by pitcher— »y Hub bell (Uehrlg). Ujnplrc*--I'flrmun, O«lsel, Mngerkurth and Hummer*. Time—2:40, ,» . «. MM, JacltBon, T»vo- h,, K the Yiinkn' two big berthas— JA>\> Ott, Crownttl. ! oehrig und l.tlll Uk-koy. t)oorg» HelklrkH 1 home run Into tho an ^ 1 I Ja ?* n . <!8 * ^ lement « 1 mod« effective beginning today. The' " * ~'" '"'' ~'~ ~ upper right field tier In tho thlnl inning was the only run made otf Hubbell. .THk»> Powell, Yank*' outfielder. wn« tho only player who found Hubbell'* pllclilng to his liking. Ho made two Hliiglen and u double. Until tin- liutt of tho fifth, llubbull wan lockinl In a llKht pitching duel with tU'd Ruffing. YutikiM'»' rlght : handed ace, who won "0 gunu-H tjurlng the regular aeawjii. • employer*, hoyww, rejected the' proposal until thoy Wi>r» guaranteed ' it would iwid to a definite nnd 'por- j manent HCUlement. n hi* cabinet and will take a strong land. Japanese Dcmnnds The four .Tapanesc demand*, according to ChlneHO eources, were: 1. A grant of autonomy to the flvo j lorthern province*: llopol, Chahar, I Sulyuan, Hhantung and Hhansl as a uffcr Btate against Mongolia and j Ruiisla. : 2. Economic co-operation with Japan, meaning lower tariff* on Japanese import* and granting of mining, communication, agricultural and in- tUBtrial rights to Japanese explolt- ng interest, including tho South Manohurlan Railway. 8'. Tho right to ntatlon JapaneHe troop* In tho Yungtw river fort* and on Haiman island, to protect Japanese Interests. The Japanese now aro allowed only to keep troop* n the treaty port*. 4. Thc right W examine textbook* for the purpose of MuppreMltig anil- Japaneto education by cenvoriug any reference* to a united China and all derogatory facts about Japan deaptte possible hlfltorlcal accuracy Clilnene Drnmnds The Chinese counter demand* were outlined thus: 1. Immediate withdrawal of all Japanese bluejacket* thrown into the j this controverxy." Shanghai area following tho killing! Judge SiO*s Called of a Japane«« Bailor and the wound-' ing of two other* two week* ago. 2, Immediate withdrawal of Jap- troop* holding Fenglal in in Oregon Area fUnttisd rreit I.tatcil MAR8HK1J5UU, Oi-e., Sopt ao. fighters turned to rehabilitation today ti.» fire* which ravogwl i novilhrrn Oregon mibBkln) und military rule wan llftod In tho •trlclien Uundon nnd Prospcf ur«»». PLAY-BY-PLAY With scarcely 18 hours remaining until union \vorhors wem TV- peeled fv leave their Job*, McOratly gloomily Indicated that >exterday'» meeting* had brought no substantial result*. It was believed 12 major difference* remain in be settled. Thd «mptoyer», through T. 0 „ Plant, chairman of their count conv--1 further search of ruins, mltlee, wrote « lettfer to the marl-j Iimnedlnti; danger to other time e«mml»iiion (it Washington, in* of Coo* and Curry Counties dlcntlng they believed a trutxi, with no provisions for ultimata conciliation, would bo wortiil*ij». Employers' ,8t«l«nienl "Hlow Btrangulatioii 1« in procoM and the Nltuatlon In NO critical that employers cannot with duo consideration to their obllRHtloh* consent to a conttfiuancn of UIPHO intolerable conditions for any period beyond absolute necenslty." the tnossogo said. I'lant said thn ««mploy<»r« "ttfo not Kirnt Innlnjc Yankee**—Crimotli up: Nail ono, outside. Hull two. low. strike ono. culled. Hall ihroo, ln*lde, Strike two, called. Oroselti grounded out. IJackMon to Tt-rry. Nine person* wore known to ho ! Uolfo up! Ktrlkn onn, called. Striku | dead n* tho result of destruction of i two, called. Bull one, outitldo. Uulfe j tho two towns. Fifteen person* *till j grounded oui to Terry, iimumlmr'il. i were niliiflliig, and It wa* believed It wo* a weak grounder which •J their bodle* might be found during j bounded down tho first btmp line. 1)1 Mtlgglo up: Dl .MaiCRlo grounded out Uurtell to Terry. Ho hit the flr*t pitch, an en*y grounder, which liartell had no trouble handling. wa* minimized today a« den*n fog rolled In from thu ocean, UldliiK fighter* No run*, no hit*, no error*, nono in bringing under control the flame* ! which havo blncttennd thousand* of j acres Of lh« foothill country of thl* region. Kottmtry official* wald the only loft. Oi&nt*—Moore up: Bull ono, outside. Hlrlke One, enlist). Ktrtko two. •wung. Moons fll«-d to 1'owell who barely had to movu out of bin track* to wake tb« cHlch. i loft. Third Inning \ Yank*—Selkirk up: Strike one, | called. Melklrk hit a homo run into | tho tipper right field atandn. It was j « line drive, hit with terrific force. ' Tho rntwd lot out a grp«t cliner. 1 Uufflng up: Huffing hit In front or thf> plate tuul was thrown out. < Hubbel to Tfrry. CroMclll up: Crosetti popped u> • Whltulieiul un the gruHti txu:k of 8«c i ond. A fine m Is I.v i-.iln cuiulnued: : Kolfc mi: Strike ono. called..Bail i ono, out«id<\ MA.IICUOO wip^d the ball I off bcforw tovHlng It LmoJt to Hub- hell, l-'oul, strike two. HoUft: singled i to right, the ball bounded pant \\'hlt»>i«cud'« outBtn-tchetl gtev(i« V( Maggio up: Ml >tnggi« < *tngl9<] Khitrply to right on tlio flrnt ball pltchiHl. Hi-julltiK Holfc lu utroiwl. Terry ttfid AVhlu-hmd caruc Into tlii! box to t»lk to itnlibel). Then thfly went back to their position* nulokly, Cirhrlg up: Strih* 1 one. tailed. Bull oni\ high. Miincutio hail to reach i OVIT His ucud -to makn tho catch. 1 Htrlkp two, called. t!«'hrlg bounccO i out. Hubbell to Tt»rry. • Ono run, three hit*, no errors, two i toft. (Hants—Hubbell up; Strike one. : Kwung. Hubtwll HliiKlvd to oonter. | It wan u low lin«-r which Just graced : over Kiifflng'H upstrtttchwl arm. , MiK;m up: Hull oi\<>, outside. i Htrtk» one. falletl. Htrike two, I fwung. HJill two. high. foul. Kout. ; Koiil. Strike thr«e. Moors funned. a* to what action tho comml*-1 M«, an whl!*, <dty official* from all Utoh propoiw* or 1» authored to take t mvn« of southwestern Oregon met li» «,,v .«t» n .i.,n of time* to bring 8t M(tn ,,, fl)tld to p u n for construe- dung*r *pot at prenent In the *UU> wa* YMh*U, In central Oregon. FIro wa* reirarted there !«•*« than a mile from the city. It ;>»» believed It ....... could bo checked, however, unle** a j ball but Powell made an *a*y catch i 1>B . 11 . to third. Hartell hit the bull Htrong wind Bartelt up: Htrlkr ono, swung, j »i»-tnglng. Hail onr. ouUldf. BarU>ll lined to ! Bartell up: BartPll singled down l'ow«>|| in left. It wo* a hard hit ' tn ° right field foul !ln«;, m- tiding Hub- any i about a pvrmiuimit Mittlomont of north China. Japanese surrounded a Chlne*o garrlaon there and threatened war after an alleged attack on a Japanese. The Chinese garrUon withdrew peacefully. 3. Suppression ot all Japanese *pon»ored nocletie* opposing constituted Chinene authorities, particularly a group Indulging in smuggling in north Cblna. 4. A Btno-Jap*4ie»e uuder*tanding giving China a free hand In ea*t Hope! province, now practically autonomous. S. P. Co. Buys Biola Branch; Approved (Unitet Prut tieate* mrtj Meanwhile, Judgn M. ('. Bios*, fed-! eral arbli«r who provided during! arbitration of dlaputeo In tho 1024 strike, waJf projected again into tho waterfront tanglo when ho wa* called upon to determine a technical point Involving exact time -of expiration of working contract*. Doughboy Symbol Calledj^y Death t Allocated Prett LeoMtd W(rti) GREAT FAL.L8. Mont,, Sept. 80.— The World War private who often told of po*lng for Jo Davidson'* •tatue "The American Doughboy," which *yn»bolt»ed lha Untt«d State* army Jit Franc*, 1* d»»d— hi* 4W* ended by a ahoigun charge tired Into hi* ch<wt. Coroner terowd tt»e 4B»|i«, of 44, ft A. B. Place lion of u now Uandan. They were considering bulldlnfc a 'model city." .— ........... <» t » " ' • — Republican Makes Answer Jo Landon WA8HINOTON, ««pt. 30.— Sud- d«nly riujlgnlntf hi* po*t a* c hair- man of the HiKtitti Heourlty Board, John O. Winant, former Republican governor of New Hatmrohlre, took to tb» campaign warpatli today to defend the Now Peal Hoclnl Security Act ogalnut Governor Air M. Landon'n oritlclam. Hi* flr*t cpeech wit* *cheduU»d for tonight at New York, the Democratic National Committee announced. Bueaklnir with him (at 10:90 JE. 8, T. over CBS) will be Ml** Grace Abbott, former chief of the Children'* Bureau. Wlnanl resigned In a letter to Pre*ldent Bocae v el t, who named him a* the RepMblicdtt tn«otb«r of the three-man board la*t year. The forinijr governor »ald that aince I he of It. i without knowing It. He had hi* bat Terry up: Hall one, high, l-'oul, I stretched out and the ball bounced Mtrike on<«. Hlrlko two. «wung. | off ot ^ without Bartell swinging at Terry singled pa*t Cronettl. who i "1>made a diving attempt to get the :• Terry up: Strike «n««. swung. The ball which fulled by lnch<»«. s rain began to tncniute In Intensity. Oil up: Klrlkr one, rHllod. Foul, Hall on*. outni<lf. Font, strlku two. utrtke two. Ball one, high and out- i Hlt11 two - outside. Hall three, Inside •idc. Ball two. oulalde. Ball thw. i nlul low - I'i«*key dug U«- ball out high. Foul. Koul. l n oul. Rail four, j '* t'"-' 'l |r t- foul. Tprry fouled to Dick<?>'. who made the catch In front of tho Yankee dugout. Ott up: Hull one. Inside. Ball two, Innlde. Ball three, high and outside* Hall four, outside. Ott walked, flU- Ott wslkcd. nipple up: Hull oni>. outwliie. Strike one. cnllMl. Bull two. tnn|r>e. Htrike two, awung. Foul Hall throo, out*)da. Ripple popped to CroMUl. No run*, one hit, no error*, two ln K th * left. i Ripple up: Strike one, swung- Kfrond InnliiK i Strike two, called. Bail one, high. ., j Ball two. low. Ball three, high. It Yank*—«ehrlg up: Hull on«. In- j«-»» raining hardftr than ever now «lde. Strike one. culled. Htrlko 4n d Ruffing wa* having to w|p* two, foul. Ufiirlg grounded out, T*rrj' to Hubbell. who covered flr*t. Dickey up: Ulukey rolled out Whltehead to Terry on the tint pitch. A alight drlnile »taned a* Powell com« to bat. hi* hand* off after every pitch. Strike three. Ripple fanneii. cwiog- Ing. No runs, two bits, no errors, three lett, Fourth Innteut Tankee*—Plokey up: Bail one, out- Powell Mingled sharply over Bar- } »ide. Bail two, outukl*. Strike one. tell'* head. The crowd cheered the called. «trOw two, called. Btrtk* Tank*' first bit- • three. Dickey wtw united out on Ivuxeri up: Strike one. called, strike*, •" -i Ball one, ouUtde. It WM almost a Powell up: Ball one. hj«h. ' Strike wild pitch.. Ball two. tow. F»ul, i one, swung- B«U two, outside. Cotnin»rco Copmianicn to- Ball three, ouudde. Utrtk* two. B«U1 thtw, 1-uweri w a* called out |» 0 well doubled 'down th* ' Hn«. inqueet would b« Wtt« ft. uon-parUwui agency whot« mfember* *houl<J ttot be active politic*, he wa* rmdgnlng to *p*ak Ko run*, oivv hit, no errons. one i <£%'j?t ll 3M}>3&t

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