The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 30, 1947
Page 5
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MONDAY, JUNE' 30, 1947 BLYTHEVTLLE (AUK,)' COURIER NEWS Congressman's Words (rk Laney Controversy Over Location of New Hospital Continues New Stomp Honors Utah Settlers STATES POSTAGE • I..ITTLE ROCK, Ark., June 30. ! — Gov. Ben Lnnejr today critical Rep. Brooks Hays ;or saying last week thai a was "inconceivable" that the Memorial Hospital would be built anywhere except- in Little Rock. The Little Rock congressman said thai since the Veterans Administration hospital would be In the capital city that It was "inconceivable" that the University Medical School and hospital would be located elsewhere. That's a big word," the governor said. As fur as lie was concerned. Laney added, location of the school and hospital depends upon wliat is made iitniiluble to the state, regardless of the location of the Veteran's Hospital. "We want a proper facility," the chief executive declared, "and we arc going to gel n pro|>er facility before the state spends millions of dollars on a memorial hospital. We- don't expect a city to build the buildings for us. but we do expect that there will be space for us to build and expand. "If satisfactory arrangements cannot be worked out with the City of Little Rock," he continued, "then it is tlie business of the board of trustees of the university to ;n- estifate the possibilities of anoth- location. "I don't think there is'any cnies- ion that the present University , Medical school needs more room-." i i*.'iney explained that his tmer;.n TTs merely that of a citizen of Ark- I nsus. .| isn't my school." he said. "It To honor the Utah Centennial, the Post Office'Department will issuo this commemorative three-cent stamp, with first sales at Salt Lake City, July 24. It was on this date 100 years ago thnt the fust' settlers entered the Valley of the Great Salt'Luke. READER'S VIEWS (This letter for the Renders Views section of 'the Courier News was addressed to the writer of an earlier ' letter which was slKned "A Working Man" and dealt with --he inability, of Blytheville mercliums to agree' on the Wednesday aftfii'- noon sununer schedule for store hours. The letter follows:) Dear Working Man: Yes you are right In saying thib Is a sad day In Blytheville H .so happened, since my employer was out of town, that I had the opportunity of attending two of the retail merchants meeting (the first one uml the last one). I'll say the day is as sad for most of the employers as it is for the employees, bee * us ? ''"* '"^^ of thcm have w< J Ik , ed liar , d '" "*** lo Bet all retail merchants to cooperate in the plan to close all retail stores an Wednesday afternoon In order t> give all employees a half day off to ^. j.->n L in> sciiuoi, lie suiu. i« » , , , maintained for the people of Mic- , res ^ ° r do the tnl "S ne or sne choos ' tfite. and Is therefore to the inter- st of everyone that we build a realer school capable of rendering i .greater service." 'ine Bluff Netmdn Wins Southwest Open Singles LITTLE ROCK. Ark., June 30. UP) — George Dunklln or Pine Bluff, Ark.,, won the Southwest Open tennis singles title here yesterday when he defeated . LesMi Longshore or Anniston, Ala., '3-6, -:i. (j-'l in the finals. In the junior singles, John Bell Keeble of Nashville. Tenn., defeated Walker Harris of New Orleans, 0-3. 0-3. 3-6. (i-3, in the title latch. Steve Polls of Memphis and [lanis defeated Keeble and Harry 'orson of Greenwood, Miss., for the junior doubles rrown, 5-7, r,-i. d-G. C-0. es to do. I think all of you will join mn saying: that it Is just wonderful to get the half day off and I tiiUi! we should find some way to thank them for the time and effort they have spent in trying to mane Miis Plan a success. I agree with you when you -said there are several things that can be done. I think the employees of all retail merchants of Blytheville should cooperate, not for the purpose of 'Joins anything contrary to the A'ishc-s of our employers, but for the pur-' ><jse of fighting for the good .hlngs that they are willing tc jive us. If the right !ili-<\ or pressure had i>een applietl to the right plae^ at .he right time v/e probably wtml 1 - I't be worklnt; on Wednesday afternoon. Ninety-six per cent of the Merchants voted In favor or cluslna on Wednesday afternoon. With thi.i Airport News Rains and low ceilings of the past week have hunipi'mt flylm i»t the Municipal 'irjxnl I'O.M al- l'ouj;h iiitrnuiUent ;i'.-t'lncis of ''My- ib!o" weather koril I'cal pilots IV.'on completely urmmded mvi hud little apparent Kluut, on im a- nouut of'uil truffle. A Illsht of six Cessna HO's T'.O'U Newcastle, I rut, landed here las', week en route to an aerial tour of "Old Mexlc.).' The flliOU Ml lere for Shrovt'p-n I La., iroui whifc It will head for Texas City. Texas, and tlien pick IJT> 'lie watev rou'.e Brownsville bi-fnv crosslivj ine border. 'Hie return lup ulli tnkn I ho ljroii]> buck to Newcastle via the Cessna factory at \Vichlta. Kmi, Ii the llliiht are LI. Cornell 1 , and M:'.< U. L. \Vestern, Or. antl Mrs; J. A KcM'nnl, Dr. and Mrs. John Arnold, Miss iMyrtle Murlry, '1'iin Cauneii, Keimclh llurki, Miss Kli nhs Lee and Harold llouser ant (IllllUllUT. When Ills Cessna 140 ran out of BUS over Ulylhevllle last week. Hny Luker or Louisville, Ky., arrived it'* :ni "any purl in n .slonn" decision anil made a forced landing | on the East-West road Immediately Smith of the old American Le- Kiuiiht jjas to tin- silranded plane ml !!.'\v It li;u'k In Municipal Held, iut because or soft spols on the Wei road. tl:f plane hud lo bo nislied actv.>s a ditch im<l onto lie American Legion field in be 'luivii mil. l.nkw's introduction lo lie 'Teal Ihiun" In Iciived l.indhiBS '.iiHi' only iibaiit n month alter he ii:ul In'cn issued Ills private pilot's license, he told alrpnrl officials. tj. C. Ncwcomb made, his first s"U> illnlil last week. A. A. l-'rrth'lcksuii leceived his private pilot's license last week. Transient jiiliils laiullnu here during Hie past week InHndnl [lie lollnwllly; H. II. Akin of I'ort Huron, Mich., Ci'SMia; Ur. ,\. A. Wliltljilch ot Milan, ImL, Cessna; H. 1), 1'etite or t "i. —s MECHANJCl kk. (crnlnut up lo Jl 7i pi'i v>«i'L. SlH'dnl. li*J rfQlnlnij in QLilcrnobit* melon, LotJ*- wojk, vclJIrtfi, onJ aulomol!v» dfdrhlty, /TPlovod for G.I. Italnlrg. tain wliitu )uu I tarn. Call or muil rcupon ul one a. OR'AUQHOH'i S.CHOQL -ot MECHANICS rrcll, Texas. Rllnson 150; J. K. l''nlfoid of Kvansvllle. Intl.. L\is- eomb; T, J, Coliway o( Tyler, Texas, lleechcmrt; n. A. Kmllli of Khrevi'iini't, I.H , Acronea; Julian Wolfe "I Chinlestiin. Miss.. Aeron- ca; KnlH'i't M. While, Ch.uli'slon, Ml>8., Aeronca lilll lierry of I'ori Worth, Texas, Wueo; Oils Whcrlcy of Tupelo, Miss,, fXcarman. Rubber was used as a shock all- .soi'liliiy iiBcnt. on ordnance vehicles as lona auo as the Civil War, !l ovcrwhelmlng nriJorUy it seems ri- ' B '" n :lll ' riol <l n " South Illiihway (11. diculous that one or two merchants I™" Amerlcau I.cnion Held-no Ion- would have nerve cnoni-u tu refuse ! licr '"" ks likc "" » s n>ort and Luk- to cooperate. II makes us sad 'o cr (llcin ' t know he wn.s close to the id think the day has come when on<r or two men can tell a whole town when we shall work nnd when \v: shall rest, but on the other hand it makes us very happy to know Die day has not come when one or two men can tell Us where to spend our pixy check. Dear workingman I agree with yon in every way except in the way you sign your name, since there are so many working niyihevllli! Municipal field so he .vet his plane down on the r.i'avel road heading West. I load Plying Service personnel men we cannot guess who you are Come on out In the open and snv what you think — you are Irce lc i speak. I remain - Another Working Man Horace R. ISax.xn *m$£ l.ct a Singer ex- jiui't put your in.irliinc in first class running ortlcr. ^^ Hcasonahlc diaries, l^iiinatc fur- iiishetl in iitlvance. SINGER SEWING CENTER 111 W. 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