The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 29, 1936 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 29, 1936
Page 14
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LOST For Sal ulomobl utomobllit Per Sa For Sale—flutomo For Sal Mliotilliitoui Female Help Wanted I • . I -v Soeclal Announcements Financial Hrlenllflo palnloftH, HR. 15 to H5 jfallonn of juire wnrm water nurd. Acute and rhrotiln Amazlnff rcHultH, 18 ymirH* DOCTf>n« J. II. ANH ELIGANO11 COrjCMAN. ChlropniP- lor*. 105 O(?f>. JIny HldK. Phono 012. Of) You Pay Monthly 110.56 for 12 monihtt ro- MOTOR t-nronrlltlonlncr, rrboHn bnJlrtlfiK, i-atntlnff. body nnd work. iluHl prlcOH In town. Hoc Hob McCormlfk or Boh Hnyder. 2120 Phono 3840. f>.l I-Coat Planl Why Pay Mor«T ^Bo paymonta Inclurta ALT* charK0»: You Receive 1100 200 llfl.fif) for 16 month* 300 $20,81 for 18 month* Proportionate raton for othor umounti. Qulckl Confldontlal! No r«-nhtnors! NO RAT.ARY AHBIONMKNT8 or contrantii roflimnced. WANTTCD or morn Boauty Htrrot. Boauty operator, 3 ycar« nhop experience. Anntln ftchool, 1513 Klghtoenth r>2 BXPKRIKNCMD BOOKKRBPKR and STKNOaRAPHlSR WANTED APPLY THE EASTK.IW, 1620 NINKTEICNTIT BTRBKT. 52 r 1 [in '•' U24 Hevcnleenth fllreot PnrklnK IC1 Tftjon HOHSKMI-:N ATTENTION— soe Mui- hiill at Panama Shop, Tuft road, for real Nhoolnff anfl irlmmlnK h a thocr. Houto fl, Uox (H, Phono 484 52 OAPAMM3 arid experienced white Hchool girl for nfrady part-llmo work. OnNlrahIn ponltlon. Apply NKW »tucco (itore building In Wteftrt of good dlvomlflod farming dUtHct. fitticoo houwo if desired/ Waned to Houw 815 WANT TO RteNT (small house. leant Twmily/lm wtrte ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^i^^^^^^^^^^^^^j^^^j**^iAmf^^f0mff^mfj PKUMANKNT, reliable' renter wantH .* * .- ^ < .^ A . HJ_ '"-*• -**•+ 2-bedroom unfurnlnhed October ]8, Uofrwrehcea. Klrl. Phone 3847. house One b 51 Help Wanted—Salesmen For Sale to KXPKRT trfio topping. Wood for wain. Phono 40r>!*. J. W. ANY AMOUNT I.OANKD ON YOUR HOUHEHOLD PACRAOK TIIANHI'MCH— Planon, fur- nlturp. buBKHB". pncltagoH. Opon nil thft time. Phonn t.228. 820 Eighth A. I-. White. .ft» TIRISR sold on limn pnymftntn— no finnnro or carrying charicefl. A. rrlfdman Whnnl fd Tiro lOx^ Phono r, 3 7V LKT IIH flffuro your ovnrhaul Job, trurkw anrl antOH. Rnirrlndlnff, hon- Clunrantaed work; nxpnri inn- H. T. P. T'ylo, 1412 Twonly .fourth Mtr pnl. _ _ MITCHCOCK'H OARAOfB. rnar of 423 I-Mowor Htninl. Phono 2471. Wn«t equipped Hmall whop In naknraflnld. Tnmt worthy norvlon. lD«tlmiiti»n plvnn, 01 REPAY IN BHJMI'MONTHLY OH MONTHLY PAYMENTS BISK US -•• Opportunity for ri»nl mormy In rltr*»f»r-tn- fl«ld. A quality Hn« of iipc^HsltlPH Hold on a pnynmnt. plan. Opportunity for nil, fxpr»rl»ri''^rt or InnjcpnrlniR-ft/J. I'nipnr HHMlHtnnon Rlvnn to thowo H«- nrfrvri, NO Itivnfttinont rnqulrnd. Apply JI30 Nlnoiftonth Btrcnl, hoforo 10 H. m. . . -«_d...^. ,-vt-. Situations Wanted—Male t lflXr»W»ire.VCIHD In ; Rroi*nry and 1 wcirh of any kind, no. 201 IJUILDINO 8-7-tf SALARY ««rvlro wtatlon. work. \VI«h Marrlnd man of fiiillder« atlonMon: Ar*» you for a in^rhanln? lOxpnrlflncml pluinlinr ami painter. Work rnannti' Jonoph Ardfin, 1412 K«n- 63 POSSESSION about October 15, One of tho moBt comfortable woll-built homeH on largo corner lot in northwoHt district, on two piivod BtreeU; largo living room and don, threo'bedrooms, Bleeping porch, cement floor living room porch, two baths, double garage and tnald quartnrs, hardwood floors throughout, CoBt $13,000. Owner will HU'crtflco for $8500, Bhown by appolntmont only. Harry Hake, 1523 Twentieth PRIMAVEIIA PAKK— Thrce-bedfoprn houwd, lanre lot, frtilt, «hade, double garage. All In .oxcell.ont condition, $4050. Term* to reBpon»»)lo party, S6« I>oyd Band K, Tho noblnson Agency, 1M5 Cheater avenue. 62 „ KLY furntflhftd' 4-room modern home, ftlose tn. Must nail. Price 130dO; termw, Floyd Dutilap, Phonjtt a j 'ff t § Vl i I _'* 8!X*KOOM house, wouthwftBt dlnirlot, ' high school. Owno'ra loaving olty. Prlfl.ed 14260 for quick suto. Howard Nichok Inc. 9-26-tf house In R very flno neighborhood In Wast BakerH- flold; lotn of «hade and »hrubb«ry, flrih pond, banemenl, oto. Only »37fiO ( If.OO down, $37.50 monthly. Howard NIcholH, Inc. 0-26-tf $4975 buyft 1 aero with G-room houne, larjfo »lenplng porch, hardwood floorH, tilo pink, automatic heater. lot» of shado and fruit. $2000 worth of ohfoken houso and equipment. Just outBldo of city on 09 highway. Bouth, Howard Nlchol«, Inc. 9-25-tf Wanted to Bu GOOD 4 or G*room modern house, $500 down, $30 a month. Also want good equity for clear luxurious 6-room Krazinr Mountain Cabin. Bakerwfleld Rnaty, 251fi K, phone 790. 9-2G-tf ^* ^ ^^^ ^f r. _^ _ ._ ^ .. _.^ _^ ^. —i. _ _i—i—•—i— • MATTR1CRS rrnovattnK *^"d rebuild- Inift $2.00. N*«w maltrfKHon madu to (ir«1f-r. Knrnlturo manufacliirlng. upholHlArln* and roflnlnhlnff. Mean Kurnlturo fJompany. F»00 Kant Nltin- tonrith Hlropt. Phono POPl'IiAli PIANO, morlorn, riipM. thorough. Yaw Kontor mothml. 1,n«- nonn In your hom«, $1. Charlotte ll-P-in. MON10Y FOtl fifMfOOl/ KXPW Confldnntlnl norvlco to nalurlod peopln and houHOwlvoff. 810 Hnborfoldo U]dK. Thono 2200 Kern WANTED— Work of anv kind, 1ft old, honnftt. reliable. 1010 K. Pbonn 1H7A-.1. MAN' ami wlf« would Illco to havn Job In out-of-town curnp. Phono JUNIOR COM JOG 1U atudnnt work for room, board, Mnutll Hal., Hun., uiut Imfom ami ufUir «Ji£!' yl- m !- l ^.'J^A-l!g K J ?-?-,• -.T- ft 4 - WANTT5D — T'alntlnK. pap*rhanglng nnd Untiritf. ISMtrnaUH froo. $fi2fiO—A modernized home on Oleander avenue; two-story In delightful irroundM. Kirat floor: ontranco hull, Mvlnfr room, dining room, kitchen and «un porch; sueond floor: 3 largo ,„,.,„ . (Jt . lt ., ,. lt bodroornH and 2 uleoptng porches, i TWO acres outside of city JJmlts; city For Sale—Improved Farms Now 2-car guraffo. and drlvoway. Think of thfl prlco on Olaandar. Hhowri by appolntniflnt only, Taylor & Taylor, 1600 Cbostor avonuo. honn 712. 52 water, IlKhta and ffaa. Now In alfalfa, JtiBt tho thimr for home out of town. lilnwy terms. 131 mer F. Karpo, 1517 lOlghteonth street. 0-29-tf NIOW 5*rooin hotino for Balo, $4300; t&OO down, balanoo Uko rent. 242 tin Htr^nl. Highland Park. G2 Lost—Found—Strayed T,OKT. SunrJny, on K A. highway, box contalnltiK Mt»vnnil ImtH unrl nurnn'M 4-U-tf i Business Opportunities |2 IIKWAHO for return nf'bliirH por Hr«al SHU nainplo ounn, toHl dmvninwn. l«70 Cbnulftr avnnuo, HlflUVICI LOST—Onw r«d hour, IIIMI noen Hn(ur- day mornliiK by brldKn at llonvnr rump. Hnltahln reward. Phonn " Ntatlon for Icaao and nmrtll for HiUo. A fi-rornor location. T. V.'H Corner. Khiiftrr. *•> —J Personals FOR HAr»rc~~$'l7fi huyn flrnull rim- luuriuil bulldiiiK fully oaulppod In downtown I>UM|IIOHH district. Kolly nnd Bon, 1712 (.Ihoslor Avo, Phono :w:i, HA VIS yon liny old rjnthrm, hnunnhold or,hrok«u furnHurn to bh r(*palrei1 luul piiNHftfl «v«r to poor nt roHt'.' flood will Hnlvage. Ulna Twcinilnth. Phono fin07. KOIl HAI-l'I -Il-lon lino IrunU Sa-fl. H«inl, In porfnrl un iilitnty *>f worU with nalo. Tall T> Hlrel, Tai»fl, f'allf. * ' -- • - A 1 'A I NT] NO. jiaprirlnfiE—day or eon - flrst-rbiHH work. Very reu- *. HNtliiiatdH dhoerfully fur- Cilv« rn« a bur.x. Palntt-r, an t!»»llootf>r and l.o ci'fMlll. tnanafcnr. Now omployed. Dowlro clianuti. l-o«al man. Kxporl- «m-«id. Murrlod. Uox ail, Tho JCXPWHT .liipanftH« ffftrtlanor wiuitfl worU. Dny, mouth or uontraot. 2206 K Htront. Phono IlfiH. Situations Wanted—Female !>UI'3HHMAKINO, alterations; will roino (o your homu. Phono ft08II-\V. i'nil nftnr r. p in. . ' L " . I 315 l<AliV wimlfi worU by hour or day. HLJVH a iftMHl !i~lj«drooin IIOUHO. o lot, iKtar high nchool, about (1 yaurn old; nonere to foundation, frarrift conwtruotlon, composition roof. Tomm $200 down and $25 monthly until paid for. Prloo Htanley, 1700 K Htreftt.. ^ UDI80N HIGHWAY IJU8INESS imONTAUE CORNER LOT, 7Bx 126 KHMT. NEW, MODERN, 4- HOOM PLASTERED HOUSE; LAWN, SimUUnEUY. CALL AT WHITE HOUSE, EDISON AND EXCHANOE STREET. For Sale—City Lots -_^^_^^.^ fc _^^_^^*^^__^^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^^ - «^_^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^ji^^^^^j ^^^ HIOTTbANP PAUK lot for Halo, on Ray Btreet. Price $300. Phone' or call at 107 L* was. ALSO MANY LOW PRICBSD j CARS 1931 CHEVROLET COUPE $295 1931 FORD 2-DR. SEDAN n 1930 CHEVROLET RDST. f * f •i ^ 1929 FORD ROADSTER 1928 BUICK SEDAN 1928 JORDAN SEDAN 1928 PONTIAC COUPE 1928 CHRYSLER COUPE i 1929 BUICK RDST. 1928 DODGE SEDAN 1927 BUICK COACH • 1929 OAKLAND SEDAN $196 $116 r •. L $185 $95 V $75 L $95 F 1 $95 $ 85 $ 85 $145 HIX-ltOOM homo, nouthwest district; now; will nmUrs attractive rather than ro-ront. 3. Ifil- wood. 102S "Ky«" TWO bodroorn homo on Kentucky Htrfiot; ffuratro, lawn, Hhado trcoa and oxtra nnowc*r In roar garage; IIOUHO only built about a yoar. Total prlro $2000; termi*. lOlmor F. Karpo, I&I7 KlKhtpnnth Htro«i. *-*-' OO1NO na«l. «?ar; Tulp.H, Olilnhoma nnd ArkaiiMiiH. \Vnnt pii.rttoH to rthnrn isxpiniHu. Iminlrn Mrr*. HtirUi 1 . Mount Wrniin <'nf»', lOdlHon Illffh- way. or 'i-tnlht mnilh'uiwl of Huln bnu flllliiiif Hliitlun nl "'>rlt^'« NOT ri'MpmiKlMn fnr hllln oiiiil raot^il by otbcr ihan iny«olf aflur Kept bur ~'l. lUIIrt. (HlKiifd) Alboi t Sohools—Ins! r uotlon TAP! TAP! KM lh« pnpulnr thing to do. f'liiMH for .voting pp«»p|*i Hliirtn 7 n'doi It Thurnday ovmlng. ln- ntriictlon by » tap nrMnl \VHlliun Hhfffl«*ld bi'lnKM Mollvwnod t(, you. MIHH MAUTIN'H of thn ItAN'CI':, trtfin SCHOOL (illt)j wantM poHltlon. .lap- Uoniii ami board. Want to lHh lanuuatf". Hun nt avonnc. It V Jtl<;i''INIC]i nilfldlo -Hgnd woman, placii In utottuTloHM hotiin, no mntin .•blldrrn Phnnn l«r>0-J or \vrlto iv f>. KOU WALK—Two-room houne; ul«o G-rooin unflnlMhcd IIOUHO and lot, noxlf.0 fr-ct. ia» JCanl. Twoiity-flrnt Phone SI50-W. fili TWO (i*rofim fl for »a1n ( good J.".^f»0, torniH. Alflo $1000 tip. Llobon- Phono 118. plaan CORNER LOT on Jowott Lane. 60x107, Ideal for your new homo, being flacr!flood for $450. Pay $200 down, balance monthly. Hurry Hake, 1523 Twentieth. _G3 FOR SALE—Four lots 60x152 on comer of Fifth and L streets. All improvements in and paid. $405; $60 cash, $10 u month. MHO corner lot on Cheater Lane, 45x 145; pavotfient paid, $950. Reasonable terms. Phono 1279. 51 $500 and up buyH a 50-foot lot In Alta VlHta, tho most deHlrablo retddence dlatrlot in BakerHfleld. Restricted na to rauo, building nostH, location of homon. c*n. Wo itiRjce tho price, you tna.ltvi tho terms. Taylor & Taylor, IflHO Chewtor Avo. Phone 712. «-27-tf Oil Lands .^_^^ t _^i^_^^ ta _^^_.^^__^^_^^fc.^^ fc ^^^^ ^f^f^f^^F^^T^^F^^f^^r^^^^^r FOR HAMS, inidft or lease—100 foot frontupo on ISrllnnri Highway, In 2300 bloclt. Call at whlto IIOUHO on corner. USED OAK DEPT. 21J 2 Chester Avenuo * Phono 423 hewolc USED CAR DEPT. 18th and N or 20th and M 1708 Phone 421 USED CAR DBPT. Twenty-second and "Eye" Phone 420 ETWEEN 8 A. M. AND 6 P. M. PHONE G300 FOR ALL DEPARTMENTS For Sale—Automobiles For Sale—Automobiles For Sale—Automobiles BUY YOUR USED CAR FROM THE AT THE f I " NOT KKNI'ONHIIII.K ft»r I'lllw con unwind with tin* Shady Urovo prior to Sciif'-niliiM- I 1 ,., UHMI. Kiln Orury, 2 3 1 « 1 M i Mtrr-<*t M <'AU— UnliiK (o Toxnn. roni pan y, hHi» Itny nxpoimoH, nfl'M- I p UK rail M hi Mi»»lrn, NMI dayw; fr«« tt)fnrniaM(tii. I nlrrnii Ihnirtl Law of Klrtit Nallnnal llmiH biilldltiu. fill Ml TnxnM HIIAMA for rhlhlriMi. Clunn nflnrnoon, Otrtton, vob-n . |Mihtnrn, iitayn, panlo- inlnin, reading. Mlnw Martln'M Si-hnol fif Mm Manrn, NWO <'hctiHir iivr-niuv IMmnn !'N7-.I, _ __ WIO \Vll.h wnlnrl inntthanlriilly '"• niiMi with i-linniftrr mnitt b« omploycit, with fnlr ml u cat Inn, who \vinh to b'tltnr (h(MHMo)vnM hy Ha In I UK In thnlr *tmro Hint' fnr Hontrlo ri»frl«- and air foiKlltlnnlnif" 1 \Vllln fully. Ullllllt'M IUi\ M-fiftft. Tho < 'nllfornlnn. tnutu havn cinployrnnut. In rifflcn work. I'll one 70II1,, t WANTKU- Ijuindry worU Will In my homo or yutirn. I'hoim I5KO-U. M 1 1.>I >1 .K - Af 1 101 > lady W|H!IOH mm) I Ion In inolht'ih'NH hdinit. Lola ntotl, IUi7 Lincoln nvuniio. Olldalo. -^-__»— . .. . , -f^. *- — •• -,---.- V-- -H-- •.-.-— '--» H -^- -- «^-.m ^-^. -\-*-' '" -' - •- < - — -..^^— uMK LAUNIHIY Work rallnd for. <1idlvorf*d. Around circle on Highway I'hono Financial For Rent—Rooms $311110.00— A bountiful country north of tliq rlvtir on Hoborlfi Niuvly piilnti'f], l^lyi- nlrn roornH, iiMM|t-rn. bntli, larg" Hlonplng porch. lurKe pliiHl«riul haHiMnnni room, Si-cur RtintKo. I Kit bl'/o 100x300 foot. Taylor Af Taylor, l«tiO Chenlur nvotiuii. Ph'Mir- 7IU. For Sale—Automobiles nsnrc KOIl HA LI 1 /* -Modern (J-room IIOUHO. with t r»r 2 IKM-PM. Junl outHhln rlty. TorniM or caHh, HOI Hovontoonth , Motol TCI Tojon. Tol. 1573-.!. u ic It' v IUAV Mi;r-n no YOU (twin HAK- KIISKI10M > M KHCII A NTH A Nl > JM((^I''IOSS1(>NAI. M10N? Aro your uivuunlN pimt duoV If HO, wo will !»iy your lnllH nnd allow you to r«- pay thin at noun I to UH In fimall tiKMithlv I nn I all men tH with only H q nonilniif carryliiK rharuiv No 1'1'ill- .SUNAL KN'lHiHHKUH AU1J HK- QUITU';i) OK V(iU Noil I »o YOU HA VM TO VUOlMin YOlUl KUUNI- 'I'dHI 1 ; OH ('All. Prompt, rnurtnnnn null ronfldrntlal unrvlon without r»>il tapn Cull nt our office, hifiatod Tuylfir Arrado Illdtf.. ItlttO IMA NO "MWlnif movi'mmi!" l>y "Mac hlniMnlf." radio \V(1XAI, dally at 11:-Ift p in l cuiirpir'. IU ICHMHIIM fill All rnniMitM launht. Open ovnnlnRM. Modern Munln HtudloH. Taylor Ar- in HKN pri-ftiirnd. 1KHH-W, - wo r 1*1! it Liilio Htroot. I 'hour Builders CAiiri'-;NTi':ii Halty. Nt» .|i»b loo lai|;n or f.innll. KU that roof hnfum It i l.ut nn flfUMT your Job. IOOK \V. IIA VK doiilrabln rootu for MUITI; n»oin JtiM off inodnrn hath. l'hnn« and pnrUIni; i'paf4'. Mm. Hbaw, -IHOli Ma- pin avMiinv HMMHH for K"U - Wllb'lUt MH'H |u oil flri.lM. HMALL 6-roojn IIOUHO, with garawc and lurKn Mlcnpliif; room; modern, lovely yard; cluHo to Alia VlHta on 1 flumping plant IriNtallod SUItUL Jorfor-Mon. A!HO a l!-acro truct Join- I UK *'lly limit*, 2 Rood wollw wltli plant lnntnllotl. I"»oal wllh dlront. Inqulro ul KWO l-iiclftc. 5il $4000; 5-room inotlorn houHn; flno dln- trlct; nlall nhowor, corner lot, hlff inuplo trcos. lly nwiior. Uox 10-1*. Tim * % nllfornlan, Hit Koll UIONT 1 tc I lunton, with Phonn f.:tti:i'\\'. or $l7f'0 LIU'HO ;i-hodroom hounn on Park Way, nrtar «c^n>o|, ;i iiliinUn to hlfili Hnhool; ri'Htrlclcd dbttrirt; a houio- Illin place. $1000 raHh; JtiO uunithly. Taylor /C Taylor, 1000 (Miostcr avo- nuo Phono 711!. f.l HUT NOT CHEAP! Note tho prices. No mutter what tho price, ovory ear wo Hull niUHt gain for IIH a new friend. Our reputation is valuable—it in our buHlncsa. 1930 Hulclc Hoclun I > ackard Hoduu Ford coupn 193G Kludn. do luxe Din. Bed. Htudo. do luxo Oir.. sod. Ford do luxo sedan L)o Soto coupo 1U31 Studc. Com. 8 ned. 1034 Chovrolot do luxo coupo Uttoked by tho Famous 'Studchukor pledge: 5 DAYS FHJflJfl DIUVINCi TRIAL, o J!»30 $275 $% $01)5 $5115 $375 $105 $345 $575 Every car we sell is first inspected, then reconditioned, if found defective WE DO NOT SELL A CAR THAT WE FEEL WILL NOT GIVE GOOD SERVICE USED CAR LOT Just \Veat of Fox Theater 1929 Pord roadster 1930 Ford roadster 1928 Ford tudor 1933 Dodgo coupe 1934 Dodgo sedan 1932 Chevrolet Hcdan $05 $175 $150 $450 $025 $350 '35 Do Soto Airflow Sedan '35 Do Soto Airstreaui Sedan '34 Bulck Trunk Sedan '35 Dodge Coupo '35 Chevrolet Master Coach '35 Ford Tudor Radio 34 Plymouth Do Luxo $995 '32 Do Soto 6-wheel Sedan $750 '32 Chrysler C Coupo $745 '32 Dodge 6 Coupo $G95 $595 '31 Ford Victoria '32 Ford Victoria '32 Ford B Sedan $595 $495 '31 Chevrolet Coupe $395 $395 $325 $325 $325 $295 $285 1930 PLYMOUTH AND DE SOTO DEMONSTRATORS AT GREAT SAVINGS They aro easy to buy. Ask about our terms 11*34 Chevrolet mat. coupe $405 1930 Chevrolet roadster $175 (<K» .- I,-' Help Wanted—Male HKNT » t iHHph»(*»ly fiirnbihrd upl tn ui'Ualn bi>inn, bi'ly IMuinn ' f'-ri'.'d <'all at MM (ianr MIUM ( |J*'l|t" t _ , ._,»,..- _ -- r-l _.^^^_-..-_— -*-- - .....-» - - »— --— HooMM 1'Xtll IlKNT 2:*0 Ihirdlntf iivomio. lll\«rvlrw. t>ll worluMa pro- it 1! fini 1. (Micntor avrnuc ooin clhrltH. hi nnnn rilphni'M, of- clorlut. ca'tlilcrti, i !|IIHH " \" Mrn- pl'-ymnnt AM**ncy. I till! AND fo. i/n>. MAN WANTKO I :.sp«-rlcnrn ( | In rn pairing f urn It urc and d»-ll\ ri'lng. Hrfni I'lict'n MMiolrcil Apply Valley l''iirnltnro. Inc., 'J40V t'hi'Hlt-r avniiun. r.n l-'olt HKNT l.'.'y b '^ r - - ^ —- l ^••^^ T — — -- l - — — - — i M>MH fnr rc-nt, I-!MH» In, JII.UO pi*r wi'iili; all roiulltinned. I'lintm fi'J. front room, parlitnit npai-o; fur t Mcundrr. Phono HO 11 it M*<r I in. A HACIUKHMO- $0000 homo for $1000. On HouthiwBt corner Spruoo nnil Twontloth HtrootH. Six roouiH. flroplaco, hardwood I'Uiortt, lawn, Hhudo, Htorugo alioil, nldowalkH. curbs, In ox- neighborhood. Horrow tins Imlnrttto If you lutvnn't oiiougli. C'liuido U» Blodgot, Pluinn IMfi. COMPANY, INC. 2ttOO ChoHtor Avenuo Clioster Aveiuio 19IU Plymouth coupe 11»H4 Plymouth sedan 11)34 Plymouth tudor $275 $5C5 $525 rocks PHONE 6822 62 lee 1D31 Dodge 1%-toii flfltrk. $295 1931 Chev. IVj-ton Htuko ?295 1!»35 Kortl VS pickup $-195 1933 Chev. IVj-ton Htuko $435 UAK13KSFIKLD OARAGB2 USED CAH LOT Just Went of Fox Theater _ -r m h h For Rent—Rooms With Board IF tire or Salary WANTI'IM Two Phnnn 7II. .1. liond room noil hoard for two and car Hpac«. VI-S H ntrooi r. Vacation Pnndtt Avnllublo MONKY AT ONCW NO IIKO TAPW NO KMMAUHAMS1NQ INVlfifiTIOATIONS Courtcoua and Conlldontlul WANT I'll* Truck driver, Knl \alUtn Army MM-lal rtorvlor, ItlOU Hrrvlro I clrc«t. oiTTHii)!'}"MAN"" \\Tni 'CAU Wcill'ii DopurlMHMit Htnro, hold KOOIJH depart inonl. Hoo Mr. I'aul. \VO1M«1> UUo tn havn fnw morn Irucli ««i M nr luiftlMOMM pr'opln for VMOt» ParU \Vnv. tf j MoNTKUlfiV homo of adobo brlcU, s . lin-atid In hl«h-claHM HoulhwoHi district. Throw bndrooinH. larno Uvlntf room, dlnlntf room, rccvnllon hull, attractlvti tiln bath and Ultobon. bannninnt with hoailiitf Mynlom; nmld'H room with bath, 2-eur gar»K*'. l»on't full to «u« tbl« If you want unn of UakrtrHflPld'H nlrewt ioff. Phono Tor uppulntn»«nt. H. i'lurn. Phonn l«art. IN" LOCATION AV1SNUQ - f * v .1 I ri -i 4 For Ren i Help Wanted—Female WAITIIKSSKH. liotnl Tinibbt, hen porn. M IMIOMI iiphiM-w. Im i if flee ch-rUn, (NUiht"fB, «'lan« "A Linployt linn t Aw «"icj-. HH'J Nine Phiinn rtO'.'ll Kolt HI': N'T Uufurnlfh^a dnph>x for .\ In nlcit locathin. KuM SUhv dults phtmn ii,x:t; FOH Ui:\T I room furnlf.ln'd In court nilultM onl,\ , no e I'M tl l-'orrt-Ht In- 7*1 ;i — - and for rrni. furnish* 1 *!, nuo'hlno '* OI,KANl>KH avotnin homo If Hold at onrp; C!OHO to hlvl\ ni'hool. llaN hardwood floor*, luo dralP, throo hndrouinw with ^looping porrhoH npHtah'M, Huy thin for liomrt or Inromo at fftSBO. You inimt act dulrkly ttt got thin bargain. I'hono for uppotntniont. K. M. Clarft, phono Hl'Jrt. fil II Nlr«*ot. t. - 1100 lot. KINANCW COMPANY «300 CH1S8TIQ11 AVK. I'llONIQ 3J.20 7-ui-aa-ir WANTK1* •-Wninan 1U« of ovt-r hint wllh h'>u«fkflOplnHf »ntd i-nokluK <- f.;tnn-\v. NI'\V 4 room bo\int«. !\b'»itnroy furniture, cliHMrlc rrfrtticnitor. clo«o In. iIlM and no pots. M»int be p*r- nrnt Itcfnroncos Phono 1!' i I -.1. -^^ - -1 woman f'»r L'tM»6 Man Mmldto rhono MI worli. Si'lHHH, Kb'l lo uorh for boa id anil rot'in and Mnall wu^o, Phumi Vlf^ E-l >I'-HN f> room uufurnlHbPd hovino; nil. I" uano ami tnodoru ft-room hoin« In blook on Nlloa »troot. Largo This IM a r«al buy for homo or il. Your opportunity for u ho hurry. $40U down han- Price Stunloy, 1700 K «tro«l. 61 Kurd trunk stulun J93f> Plyuiouth trunk uedau 1935 Kord Hpoclul coupo HKJfi Willya do luxo HGdau 1035 Wlllyn coupo tiUIO Ford aport coupo Ford coupo ChryHlor 75 rondator 1938 Cltovrnlot coach 1920 Chevrolet beduu 19UG CJhovrolot roach Dodgo Korcon side, runa good Open KveiiiuKB and Sunday PHONK 831 $7-15 1085 $5SG $425 $305 $245 VBUV GOOD TRANSPORT $85 $40 $22.50 I'hevrolqt coach '30 KHSOX Bedan, good 'H9 Ford roadator '1!9 I'outlac coupo '28 Pontlac nadau '29 Kord coupo '28 Durant sedan Dodgo Btidan, nina good $35 $SG $95 $125 $85 $110 $75 $25 52 M 'as Konl coupe, oxtra good $120 Many of ThuBo Cars Aro Worth Double tho Price IJAKKKSKIKLU MOTOR CO. 20th and Eye. Phono 1724 53 ONI 1 : of tho hewi buy* that hutt burn offot'ftti In UakaruflfUI. Hl\- ro*»iu tnodorn UOUHP, two bathx, lllo «lnU. burdwood floors, nutonmUu 41-'» I'nlnn uvoniuv riimio S7J!;.)-»_ U'H-HOOM mtlaijo In i-ourl. I'^awt j; No rhlhlrou. 1 T> I t • \\ bUNomont. furnuoo heal, foot lot. Hv«% bloi'Htt from 151 oonth uud CMimtor. $7750. Tonti«, ; u»3l Jlf'HH) down, $0f» tnoiilhU 1 . Howunl NU'holf, Inn. S-Bo-lf 1930 Chov. trunk Hodan 1929 Hutck Hport roadslor 1929 Ford sport coupo 1929 Chevrolet cabriolet 1932 Ford 8 coupo. U. S. 1934 Ford Bport coupo T1SHMS AND TRADES Open Bvonlnga and Sunday TWENTY-FOURTH ami CH1SST15K $745 $105 $105 $135 $335 $4So 37 good uacd cara at prlcea you can well afford. Sold on easy terms. Get yours now. BAK15KSPIELU USED CAR (RENEWED, GUARANTEED) 1936 Ford do luxo sedan, radio $785 1930 Ford regular ueduu $695 1935 Ford do luxo coupo $595 1934 Ford do luxe sedan, radio $495 1934 Ford do luxe coupo $4G5 1933 Ford sedan $395 1932 Ford coupe 1931 Ford sedan 1930 Ford coupo 1929 Ford coach $345 $295 $265 $145 MANY OTHER GOOD VALUES SELLING AS LOW AS $25 e's 16th and Chester. Opp. Courthouse Phone 701. Open Evenings 52 MOTOR COMPANY L Successors to BROWN-BOYD MOTOR CO. Used Car Lot Now at TWENTY-SECOND AND H Distributor for HUDSON. TERRAPLANE PACKARD 1929 Hudson sedan 1930 Dodge sedan 1931 Oakland sedan 1931 De Soto sedan 1932 Studebakor sedan 1932 Hudson sedan 1933 Terrapluno sedan 1934 Ford tudor $165 $245 $245 $295 $345 $365 $425 $445 1935 Chevrolet 2-door sedan $545 1935 Terraplano dlx coupe $625 1935 Hudson coupe $725 Big Group of Cheaper Cara PHONE 3955 79 Auburn cabriolet, custom job with is selling out bis entire stock of used cars, preparatory to quitting business. Huge savings on every Phono 5S2S p party. on, S3£:>. a04 Klht ooupo. oxcvlknt IIH. Private btreol. w^ TWENTIETH AND M Phono 263 overdrive and many extras, never 1 car. But they're going fast sold. Hupmoblle 6 demonstrator 1934 Plymouth del*, coupe trunk sedan with overdrive, new I 1934 Ford coupe, radio $545 $465 car guarantee, Better hurry, i 1983 Chrysler Imperial coupe $445 Discounts up to $250. H. C. LANDSTROM 2210 Chester Ave. at 22nd TIHKS sold pn lime payments—no or carrying 1 charges. A. 1932 Dodge sedan 1935 Willys 77 sedan 6411930 Chrysler 77 spt. sedan 1920 Chrysler sedan 1929 Do Soto sedan $375 $365 $296 $175 $176 Whnol * Tire Exchange, nil) KlRhtenth, Phono 6373. 63 To Bulurted pooplo on Just your signature. Loans Arranged Iminedtntuly NO EMUAIIHASSINO INVESTIGATION GASOLINE ALLEY Extinct By KING £01 Haberteldu Building. Phono 7-23-tf ^. . . . _ _ ^^_-___^___^ _ . . . _ _ __ _ . MONEY TO LOAN for building new IIOUHOH tn Bakersfield! 6.0 per cent interest; pays out in 140 months; also $500 to $2500 to loan at 7 per cent interest; one or more yearn' tlmo on approved roal estate uocurlty. R. A. MOORE & SON 1615 Eighteenth Street Phono 433 D BILL FOR 77.60 — PLUMBING ALTER ATIOMS. I OIOM'T ORDER THIS! MO, BUT THE CLIFFS WAT WERE IM MOUSE DID. SAID VOLVO PAV FOR IT. I'M SORRV, BUT THIS ME ATT BILL IS RGLV OP TO TUS GUFFS. TH5V KEPT POTTING; MB OFF SM BEAT •^^*; BUT \ CAM'T 85 RESPONJS1BLE FOR MV /XhslTS UQUOR BILLS. RAN UP A BILL FOR $86 FOR DELICATESSEN AND GAVE ME A RUBBER CHECK. ITS HARD LUCK, MR. LGGER, BUT THE"/ LEFT NO FORWARDING AO Most of these cars have been completely reconditioned, -"' TRADES—EASY TERMS '§ Open Evenings and Sunday 2829 CHESTER AVENUE 62 " f •«" 1936 Chevrolet touring sedan $746 1936 Ford de luxe coupe $736* 1935 Dodge touring sedan $69B 1935 Olds touring sedan $695 THESE CARE LIKE NEW i ^ * • ''*•-"'. Thirty Others to Choose Frow 1616 TWENTIETH STREET In Middle of the Block 63 ED to borrow 12500 on K»tat Bftkerjtflold property — modern 5-room houbc. Writo Uox 417, Tho Callfornian.' II REO SALES AKD SBRVICB 1986 Dodge do luxe sedap ;|796 t»33 Podge 6 w. w. aocUn 1929 Ford coupe, h . I 1 1 - •-•i:'- -i .1 f - ^ ' •- ,' , , ".;.;-• / - H - V - "/- lf *i,f ' '-!-'-•,, '• \ v ^ -:- .' .: '- •• "- ' *" VV. I . J •f.- ; -•>. 1 1. M". _H t t-

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