The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 19, 1944 · Page 21
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 21

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1944
Page 21
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TrulU and Vegetables No. r Rui set potatoes. J3.33 per ion; f'uyania valley potatoes, will keep all winter. .\Y. 1. $4.-V> per 100; canning tmimtnes, 85.- per luit: No. 1 table toiiKiti'os. $1 !t5 jier Inn: onions JL'.L'S ver him: melons, 4Uc each. Ye», we Imve black popt er, (.iiu box limit. Grapes. | P'iirp. yams, sweet potatoes, all kinds! of meat" and drinks. groceries, tobaccos. Open 7 da>n a week until 8 p. m. Warren served at. Guadalcanal. I'nired NEW YORK STOCK CLOSE Sl;tlr On k u n f . H c 11 n r] ;t R t»' (tprl«tn . Poultry »nd Livestock OFFERING a number of outstnrulinx year- Imp and 2-year-nld registered Hereford bulls. A. H. Karpe. Phone 0-9671. 7-19-tf ATTENTION. POULTRYAIENt Our Market la Open We Pay Top* for Fryers and Roaster* One Block West ot Plant Bakerstield Post Offlcr llOfi Kern Street Dlul 2-2458 BRADFORD POULTRY MARKET 76 FOR SALE—Two span of good work nuires. onu brood mare with colt. Mr. ! Croat. Phone 2-7068. ! , ATTKXTION j Blood-letted baby chicks, brooders, poultry pnpplie.w anil feed. \Ve buy your egg*. Chicks JK> hundred. 2211) t'nion. or 814 : L'iBluh. _ Ilhpne_7-J_OJ!S or :>-948!l. 2-1 -tf j BABY CHICKS. IK. per hundred. New | Hampshire Reds. Rhode Island Heds. Plymouth Rocks. Rock and Red Cross. New shipment «very Monday: order early. Plenty of metal feeder*, fountains and poultry medicines. Ward'* _ rarrr^ Store. 2625 Cheater 4-lJMf •ifiY CHICKS started on order. We have colored broilers, rousting hen.«. Riverview Hatchery, 215 Rol>«rm Lane. Phone WANTED TO RCY—so or so inrg* Hoi- stein or la rse Guernsey, first calf sprlnEors Phone 2-4027. Lloyd O. Rusk. Route 4 Box 578. BakersCleld. _i.:aM 71 FOR SALB—Good senile saddle horse with _ m ' w "addle. Call 2-791.I, _69 FOR SA I,K—Guernsey hull, tested: 13 months old. sheet Iron. Edison Hglhway. Bo* 32. _ M HK.X'8 fcr snle. on Hudson Drive, seventh ,in Hunt. Route 2, Box 256-A. Phone. 2 8008. 72 FOR SALM—Ono half Apalooaa half thor- ouiThhreil mare Kcntle. well reined: one well-bred paited hay gelding, very showy hut Ken le' om« heavy hay mare, suitable for small child or baby, liar O Stablea. on ro.i'l tn Kern County Pn rk 72 FOR SALIC—Yoiins Jersey cow, reasonable. Phone 8-8869. 70 FOR SALK or trade, saddle horses and work horses. Kasy terms. Milhouse llrotheis. '\-mile north of Pumpkin FOR SALE—Kresh younK cow. $100: three springer cows. 500 Kast Brundage Lano. NI:W YORK o<-t. 19 Air Iltfdllcl ion Alaska .lunoaii Allied chemi'-al and l.'ye vMhs I'ha.mers Ameri«-a.i t'nn Amr'i-iciMi <'a r and Foundry Amci.'M-nii Lotonniiivp Amei'ican R.ul. anil .^Id. Sa.i American Hotline .Mill Americtm ^melu.-f nndf Kef American '''el. snd Tel Amei-ii an Tolmrc., H American V iscoire Aiutonda Armour and Co Atchisor. I'npeka and Hanta Fe.. Atlantic Heflnimc Aviation Corporation Ilaldwin L n comotive Rendix Aviation Flethlehe.Ti Steel Boeuw Airplane „ H:n-dpn Florae Warner HrlKKs Alanufaettirlnr . California Tack Caliimot «• Her la Canada Dry Canadian Pacific C:ISP (I. I.> Caterpillar Tractor Celane Corpora t ion Chesapeake * Ohio ChrvHlei _ C'otKatc-Pa Imolive.-Peel ^'olumhin (law anf! Hlertric Com lerclal Credit Commercial lr>\'HfltnienL TI-UHI Commercial Solvents Commonwealth & Hoiithern Cmisoltilalcd Kilison ''ous'jlidutet 1 . Vultee Conl.-iincv Corporal ion Continental Oil of Delaware Crown Cork & Seal Crown Zellerbach Ctlrtins-WriK-ht Douglas Aircraft Du Pont de Nfmour l-jastern Airlines Kastma . Kodak Kleclric Anlo L'ttht lOleeiric Bout rOle-'tric Power und LlKht General Klr-ctrlc fleneial KO(K!H C.eneral. .Motors C.oodrir-h <!oortyenr Tiir and Rut)her (!rra! Northern Railroad |)fd (ii'eyhoun*! Corporation Ifomeslako Mining . . .. lliiud Heri*bey H International Harvewler Internntiona i Nnkel Can Interrifi t ifjpw Paper . .• Intern*tlo'nnl Tel and Tel Close _ 40 "l.'it .. 37 ». .. 8!) "I 4.V, *.V» ir.% (f •"* 47 O4',i 42 47 16' 1 44'i 1.1% 23% 42-\ (I4-7, Johns- Mnnvlllr _ Inn K-nnecoti _ 3Ti 'J I.ibbey-Oweni-Kord Glas* SS^ Loews. Inc 64 s * Mil-tin «.«. L.) 1H T « Martin Parr> 11 », McKesson &. Ri hbins 27". Montgomery Ward 62 a % Nash Kelvinator .'.... 1«'« National Biscuit 24 National Cash ReKiMter 33'i Nanonal Dairv Products 2.1 National Distiller*. .11! National Lend 2-l't National power «r Light 7'» New York Central 1S-'-, North American Aviation in';, North American Company 1S'» Northern Pacific Ifi'j Ohio Oil 16«» Pacific Gap t Electric lU'j Packard Motors 5'i Pan-American Airways 31 7 i Paramount Pi( lures 1'6 '4 Penney's inft*^ Pennsylvania Railroad .10', Pepsi-Cola 83'i Phelps Dodse 2.1% Philip Morris 95 Phillips Petroleum 14 Public .Service of N. J 17'i Pullman 4H s s Radio Corporation of America 10?*j Radio-Keilh-Orpheum 8 l< t Rayonler. Ine 16'« Republic Steel 11) \ Reynolds Tobacco B 3.1 »i Richfield Oil OS Srhenley Distillery S.'i'n Hears. Roebuck llU'i Shell fnloii Oil 2r,'Sii Socony Vacuum 12 B H Southern Pacific 31'. s Southern Railway , 27 Sperrv Corporation 2774 Standard Brands 29Vj Standard (!as * Elec. «4 pfd 1', Standard Oil of California .Ifi^ Standard Oil of Indiana MS Standard Oil of New Jersey ii't'a Sludebaker 1 S "« Texas Company .' 4ti'a 'ride Water Associated Oil 1.1 Transamerica y** Transameriea * Western Air 2.1 s it 1'nion Oil of California IS'4 t'nion Pacific los'i rnltedAir Lines 112% t'uitecl Aircraft 31"« 1'nlted Corporation 1 » 4 t'nlleil Gas Imp 1 n H 1'niterl Stales Rubber 49 "4 fniled Stales Kteel fiS T (i Warner Brothers Pictures 13 Western I'nion Telegraph 4."- WesiiiiKhoune Elec. & Mlfg HHi^s Woolwodlh . 4:1*? TouilKstown Sheet A- 'i'uhf. :i9 7 n HI'V. SELL or trade, all kinds of live- M»fk. I'hone 2-:l02L-. Roy Johnson. 1 mile north of Pumpkin (.'enter, 200 yar*« of Hogkin.s Koad. #1 FOR SAF,E—Htlckskin horse. B years old; complete new outfit. Call between ,t p. m_and (i p. m. 1'hrme_8-8H7L 70 FOR SALi:—Two do/en Black Minorca IHilli'ta a - . r l 1 dozen White Leghorn liens. Phcnif. L'-8!iS:! v 70 Jlll-K COW and call for sale. Phone 2-4(124. 71 <!RXTLE. coo,, Inn ctld looklntr. colden-colored. B. I'hone _ 2-2i;o:i. 7 I'lGKONS — Mixed hroeds. 25c ea<-h. while _ y"? J H!<t _ Phone_2-7J!)2. _____ 71 FOR SALK— 12 head of Ilolsteln and c.uernpey heifei's, priced to sell. Phone '-'-H02J. 71 11LOOD-TKSTED started white chicks, 3 weeks old. Phone .l-lG-lli nr 2-G9.10. 70 Stock Market Resumes Rise in New York Dogs and Other Pets REGISTERED Red Corker Spaniel «ire for service. Phone ,')-l(i32. 69 FOR SALE—Special this week, canaries, females tl. BinKors $7. Goldfish and mows, phone 2-4587. Fowler's Pet Shop. H'-'-'_J ri _ i L!L ? 2 TO GIVE ti eood home, female Fox Terrier, about 3 months old. Call before 5 11. m. 120 I'nion avenue. 70 TWIN male Cocker ami Terrier dogs. < months r:ld. will sell by nuir only, $25. I'hone 2-9730. 7t AVANTEU— A Rood home for part-Persian kittens. Phono 2-8.1!ir>. JTHRK—Hnlf Spitz, half Cocker, bluck ami while. 1100 T street. 71 For Exchange—Miscellaneous OXR fi-Hheot Montgomery Ward washing niHrhinf lor a 2-sheel apnrlrnent house washing mar-nine. 31- Belle avenue. Kivorvipw. Phono <-4H4S. 70 Legal Notices CKRTIFICATK OF BUSINESS FICTITIOUS HUM NAME The Undersigned doea hereby certify thai he in conduct ins a Barber and Itt'iiuty Parlor business at 923 Baker Siwt. Bakersffelcl, California, under the lictitiouB firm name of Baker Street Barber Shop 0nd Beauty Parlor ami that, said firm ia coinpoffd of the following persons. •\vhnse nurnes and addresses are as follows, to-wit: John P. Province, GIG Jeffrey Street. "Witness my hand this 9th day of Oc-, J 9-1-1. JOHN P. PROVINCE. Plate of California. County of Kern. SB. On this 9lh day of October. A. D., 1944. before me. Josh Clarke, a Notary Public in and for said County and State, persona My appenreri John 1 J . Province, known to me lo be the person \vho«e name is sub- bci ibed to the within Instrument, and iicknowledffed lo me that he executed the same, 4 In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto not my hnmi and affixpd my official neal tho day and year in this certificate first above wriitfn. (Seal) JOSH CLARKE, .Notary Public in and for said County and *Slnte. OiM. 31.'. 19. 26: Nov. 2. 9 *"~NOT.rifl OF INTENTION TO~ENGAGK 3 \ TM P; PAL K OF A LCOHO LIC B EV- .I'lRACiKS.—Oi-ioher 9. 194-1. To Whom It May Concern: Notice Is hereby slven timt fifteen d;iys H fter ihe date posted, rtir- undersigned proposes to sell alcoholic Itcverapc-a at premises, described as follow)?- 1!U:> M Street. Bakersflrkl. Pursuant to sij''h intent ion. the undersigned is applying lo the State Board of Equnliza- t ion for issuam e of sn alcoholic beverage license (or 1 licenses) for these premises as follows: On Siilo Beer Licensee, Anyone <]p*lrJnfr to protest the tasuanct* of nurh licensed) may file a verified profcfat vrllh the Stale Board of .Equalization at Sacramento. California, fltnting grounds for ilenial as provided by law. The premises nre not now licensed for the sale of alcoholic hpveniBCs. AMOS JERRY KARR, O'-tobpr 1H. FOR CONVENIENCE THE IAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN agents listed btltw will ree«l»t classified atfvtrtitinf and s«b- scriytions at the regular rates. AIUIN Kay Knnwle*. Arvln Pharmacy ROTTONWILLOW K. V. LiniilmBii. Carrier DELANO UnKpri Cliai Store nr E. E. Klppjr, IMann Carrier GKAI'EVINK Swear* Service Stnllnn KEKNVILLK DISTKICT Anil* IU. Walker FELLOWS Waiccnner'* New* Dialer LEBEC Lehfc tioffei' 8bop LOST HILLS J. L. Ntnl> Htore MAKICOPA Gate Clt» Phurmicr McFARLAND Frank CaHer MrKITTKICK-BELRIDfiE Karl Hillary Service Station OILDALE Ollriale Tharmaey SHAFTEK Shaffer Oruc (.'ompanr TAFT Marlpona New and Cliar Co. TEUACHAPI Vau«han'« Unit 8t*r* TUPMAN Elk Hills Mercantile Co. R. V. l.nnnlmnn Carrier WASCO 4, Strlncham Drue Blore Clatilfled OtlHams Olate 10 A. M. Tbe Vatlfnrnlan will not toe reanen- •Ihln f» crrcra In Cla**lfled Adver- A tl*lnt taken a»er telephan* anlrM vnrrertlnn I* ma^ JmmedlaMli after first Inaertlon. Befnnd* an paid feivertlslmenU muat na eallt* for within 8<) day*. T-TIII ter filly Service XK\V YORK. Oct. 1fl. (UP)—The stuck market resumed its ri»e in the Itite trndln^ today after mild correction in the earlier denlings. The general average reached a now high since July l."i. 1944. while full stocks were ;it their best since July ]fl, 1944. The utility stork aver.TRe slipped buck nfter touching a high since early January in the previous seswion. Leadership continued poor, ac- rordiiiK to the financial district. National Distillers, which opened on a C. r >00-shure block, topped the list in turnover with Texas Pacific Land Trust second. Other actives included Xorth American Aviation, National Biscuit. GrahaVn-Paltfe, National Power. Sovithern Pacific and American International. International Silver preferred ran up 10 points to a new high on one transaction. Other special issues had gains ranging to more than two points and some pre- ferreds gained as much as three points. Steel shares narrowed small losses late in the day, while the motors balanced off minor gains and declines. Oils were mixed. Airlines were firm and aircrafts around their highs. Johns-Manville and KennecoU equaled their highg in their respective sections. New highs were made by such issues as Douglas Aircraft. Lerner Stores, Philip Morris, Certain-teed preferred, 17. S. Rubber preferred, and International Paper preferred. Cotton Futures XKW YUKK. Out. 19. <JP) —Colton futures rontinupd to fluctuate within u. JIHITOW i-HiiK*? today na traders awaited details on the cotton export prOBratn. l.iKht liquidation and hedging against the MP\V crop movement \vap absorbed tlirniiKh mill hnyinK and covering;. Lale afternoon values were 5 cents a hiile higher lo 5 cents lower, December 51.85. March L'1.82 ;ind May" 21.81. Kntures closed 5 to 15 cents a bale lower, December 21.84. March 21.80. lluy 21.SO'rt 21.81, .Inly 21.80. October <l!Hf>) 20. SO. Middling .«POt 22.43 nominal. Los An£*>l«s Cash Grain I.O.S ANf.Kl.ES. Oct. 19. (/P)—(Prices quoted nre c.vt.. field run. In cat-lots only.) California, barley, Krai!inn 40 His, bulk $2.32 'i<ii 2.3V.2. California yellow milo. No. 2, Intlk $!.ir-lffl2.20. California wheat, hulk. No. 1 hard or s.ift white »2.70*J> 2.7J. No. 2 oats, 3f> Ibs., b\llk'.vlS 1 2. 07 ',4. Government Bonds NEW YORK. Oct. 10. <f>— The closlnt prices of bonds on the New York Stot-k Kxchalltte: S',<». fi'J-5(i. 100.IS. Alter M. 2U*. 69-r.fl, res.. 100.16. BROADCASTER BITS¥—Private First Class Bitsy Grant, Atlanta's Mighty Atom of tennis, Is sportscaster for troops in New Guinea. Local Noticos TAX NOTICE CITY OF BAKBRSFIELD NOTICE IS HEHEBV U1VEN THAT: 1. The tuxes on all personal property secured by real property and one-half of the taxes on all real property und public improvement assessments tor the fiscal year 1944-45 will be due and payable on the first day of November 1944. and will be delinquent on the fifth day of December 1944 at 6 o'clock p. m. and unless paid prior thereto, eight per cent will he added to the amount thereof, tind If said one-half be not paid before the twentieth day of April 1946 at 5 o'clock p. m. an additional three per cent will be added to the amount thereof. The remaining one-half of the taxes on all real property and public Improvement assessments will be payable on and after the twentieth day of January 1945 and will be delinquent on the twentieth day of April 1945, at 6 o'clock p. m. and unless paid prior thereto, three per cent will be added to the amount thereof. 2. Taxes may .be paid In full at the time the first Installment la due and payable, as herein provldde. 3. Taxes may be paid beginning October 25th. 1944 In the oftlce of the City Treasurer and Tax Collector in Room 1. City Hall. Bakerafleld. California, between the hour* of » o'clock a. m. and ( o'clock p. m. on each and every day of the week except Saturday afternoon*. Sundays and holiday!. Bakersfield, California. October 14, 1944. . ' WALTER W. SMITH. City Treasurer and Tax Collector. Oct. 14 to 27 inc. Quiet Trading Marks San Francisco Mart SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 18. UP)— Quiet trading, with small change in most issues marked the stock market :uorning session today. The average rose 2 cents to $35.74, while 15 issues gained. 7 lost and 18 held steady. Western Department Stores preferred lost ',2 and 1'acific Lighting common was down 1, selling ex-dividends. Siiick— Last Aircraft Arcexsoi tps 7'i Anglo-C'a lifornis Hank -4 l ,ii CuhnnlKi SUSHI- 9 Ontral Kureka „ 2.IF, Crpnmprlen of America 11 Crown Zellerbach pfd 10L''i Kmporlum-Capwell pfd „ filT* K.'n-nsworth 13 *i Opnern! Motors _ 64 % M.-ijjnnvox 8 T a Mart-hunt CulriilatmB 2^U Mpnaneo Manufacturing 1. 40 NuiomoH Company . . 10 '^ North American Investment 5I*| Pacific C!a« & Electric 3.'! '.4 rnrifii; Oas * Eloc. (i pfd 37'i I'.-iPific Lighting, ex-iliv «T,'4 1'arific Puhlir Servii-e ii?4 Philippine L.OIIR Distance 3fi R. i-:. * n. Co « H. K. & H. Tt. Company pfd f,9 Kheem Mamil'acturinB 1S K ' s Itirhfiflcl Warrants T.i Southern Pacific 31 'i Tide Wnter Oil 1 fi rmrrrnil Oil 14 «4 Western Depart. Stores pfd., ex-div 2S 12 Issues Up on L. A. Stock Market LOS AXGELES, Oct. 19. <JP>— Plu'a Kigns predominated in early trading today on the Los Angeles Stock Exchange with ]2 issue* up, 5 down and 10 unchanged on an early active turnover of 6000 shares. Stocks advancing were Consolidated Steel preferred, Lockheed Aircraft. Solar Aircraft, Standard Oil of California and Universal Consolidated Oil. Menasco Manufacturing:. Pacific Lighting and Southern California Edison common reversed to a downj ward trend today. stock— Close Consolidated Steel coin Cunsolida ted .Steel pfd Lockheed Aircraft Manasco Jlamifaftumid Pacific Gas and Klectric 1,'aclfic Lighting Republic Petroleum Ryan Aeronautical Sinclair Oil Sontag Drug Stores Southern Calif. Kdisun com. Holar Aircraft 4*, Standard Oil or Calif 36 \ Truneamerica 9 : !» I'nion Oil of California _ 18% Universal Consolidated OH 14 1i ... 1 4 'at ... 25 ... 21 "4 ..1.4(1 .... 54% '.'.'.'. 14 .... 26 Vi Los Angeles Produce I,OS ANCiKI.KS. O.-t. 19. UP)— Trading in fruits and vegetables was rather slow today. IjtUtiice. loofto uppleH, cauliflower, r-arrots, broccoli, lomatuefl, celery and beans slightly weaker; squash firmer on best: cautulotipeH. honeyrjewa and I'eraiana firm to slightly stronger, Apples: Per cwl., Washington .lona- thanH $ii.r>0ti 7.50; Idaho Delicious »7f(iS; Wat.sonvilla BellRfleui's. 4-tier $4.50(9^6. Lettuce: Dry pack. Hanta Barbara county, tian Luin Obispo county and Watsonville. crates, 4 doz. }2.50@-3; & doz. 11.766-2. Cauliflower: Local Snowball, lettuce crates, untrimmed, 75o3»!l; Hants, Clara county, 20-22-lnrh $i. 75^3. 20; Oceano Sturdee. crates $2.25. Carrot*: Bunches, lorul, ft doi. 11.60® ].<»; Ired crates, Santa .Maria, 6 doz. tn.2DO3.75; topped local 60-lb. sacks »i.:,-.wi.riO. Broccoli: Santa Barbara county Iced crates I4.75I&5; Santa Cruz M.7&'"a l &i local 8«7'9u lb.» Bnuash: White summer local, Han Diego county and northern, luga »1«|'1.60. Italian local, fcan Diexo county and northern lltf 1.50; yellow crookneck. lugs, local. San Diego county and northern tKtiil.fiO; banana, local and Han Diego county 2'/jc Ib. : Hubbard 3c Hi.: Table Queen, local and Han Joaquln valley lugs I1@1.SO. Cantaloupes: Local and Litllerock Hale'a Best, jumbo 3G« and larger H303.26; honeydews, Han Joaquln valley. Jumbo 6s-8s and standard 9s-U'n 12.45; Persians, loose, local and San Joauuln valley &c Ib. : t-aaabas. San Joaouin valley jumbo 6B-8a $2. 25©:.'. 35. Tomntoeri: Local, San Diego county end Ventura county, lugs 4x5s to &x6i K@2.50; N'lpomo and San Luis Obispo 5x5s to oxtis 12. 25W2.1 Til): Santa Maria 5xCs and &x«s 12. 25^2. 50; Lompoc, 2-layer 4xfis to 6x6a ll.50itfl.7D; Santa Barbara, 2-layer 4x5s >o. r ix6s $1.7502; stems, San Diego county, 3-layer 12.76®;). Celery: Local Paacal 20-22-Inch crates 11.75342: Santa Clara county 20-22-Inch f2.7S®3.25; Oceano Sturdee crates »3.2S; I Ian and llllpltas Sturdee, crates $3® 3. 26. Means: Kentucky*, local, Han Dipio count.- and northern 80100 Ib. ; limas, local and San Ulego county. bush 104/'12c Ib. Los Angeles Livestock LOS A.N'OKLKS. Oct. 19. (UR)— Cattle salable 1300. slow, cows steady to 3f>c lower, other classes steady; few medium to 'good belters 112.50914; good heavy heifers 113.50; medium to good cows, 110.25012, cutter to common $7.75®10' funnel* and cutters $5.26W7.BO: medium to good bulls 18,50^10.75, cutter and common $7.50iS'9.^6. Calves valable BOO, steady to 'J5r lower; medium choice range calves $11&13.2S, cull and common S6.7&4JHO. Hogs salable 500, active, steady; medium to choice 1*0-340 !b». 11,75, heavier weights 115: good to choice sows JM.L'SW 15: feeder pigs higher, good to choice $11. Sheep salable 150, no sales; good tu choice wooled lambs quoted $13. 50014. Poultry and IMS LOS ANGELES, Oct. 19 (UB— Egg*: Wholesale price* consumer gride: large. trade A 55W56c. grade B 340>37c; medium, grade A 4?<r60c; small, grade A Itelail price* to consumer. Large, grade AA «7®68r. (rude A «4©66c, grade B 42O44c; medium, grade AA SCOtOc. grade A 64<U'«Oc email, grade A 300!7c. Candled graded egg* to retailer* (cases); Large, grade AA 61HO5(c. trade A 6(0 67c. grade U 3703»c: medium, trad* AA 60@52c, trad* A 48®63c; •mall, grade A 3S032C. Butter unchanged at OP* celling*. Los Ansjeles Hay LOS ANGELES Oct. 19. (./P)— Alfalfa and grain hay price* were unchanged today. Carlo! arrivals: 15 wheat, 5 2 corn, 3 oats, 7 mllo, 11 flour, 4 II hay. gfre Safecrgfieth Calrtorntan Thursday, October 19,1944 YANKS KILL JAPS FOR DIME A DOZEN— Those eisht men ami one officer rrprrsont uno of tho most unique, Jap-figliting: outfits in the pouthwost Pacific. Oullod the "Dime-a-Dir/en cinli" .-ifter tht>ir lojuipr, Lieutenant Raymond AIo?.= (center), of Meilford, Ore., protnised to hand out a dime for every do/en Nips killed'. The group lias racked up 47 down kills, are pictured here receiving their dimes and membership certificates. Left to right: Private First Class Manuel Alvlrex, Los AiiB'elps; Private First Class .Morris .Manuel. Winchester, Ky.: Corporal Karl Doll, Xorl h Hollywood; Staff Serfreant Richard Kovvitx, St. Paul, Minn.; 'staff tier- geant Harry Schulte, nnrj-, S. I).; Staff Sergpant H:i]pli Brodin. Spooner, Aflnn.: Staff S'M-Koant Al'cx McLran, Grafton. X. D.. and Private First Class Kayrnond Catlrelll, Heheka, .Minn. Their division, tho Amerlfal'. fotiglu at <Inadalcanal and Bougainville. IN DEATHJSKED INTENSIFY SEARCH FOR WAR VETERAN'S SLAYER NEVADA CITY, Oct. Ifl. (U.R) — A coroner's jury today found that Henry I^ewis, LM, a south Pacific war veteran, died "by criminal means as sheriff's officers continued a search through the timber and brush covered hills east of here for William K. Kbaugh, 37-year-old bearded hermit, as Lewis' suspected slayer. Authority was added to the search by an additional recommendation of the coroner's jury that Ebaugh, who has evaded officers for the past 10 months, be brought in for questioning. Lewis' body was found Monday near an abandoned mine tunnel where Ebaugh apparently had been in hiding while sheriffs deputies sought him on charges of killing cattle. The coroner's jury formally decided that the death of JjCwis, recently discharged from the army jecause of battle injuries, was caused "by gunshot wound by criminal means by a party or parties unknown." Sheriff Carl Tobiassen abandoned hope of capturing Kbaugh by a mass search of the 25 square mile area In which he is believed to be hiding and declared that the hermit would blunder in his attempts to evade capture. Admitting the 275-pound "wild man," who has eluded- searching mrtlea hunting him for alleged cattle rustling; since last fall, could live indefinitely off the country, Tobiassen said "He would pick off half a dozen people in a search like that without getting caught," the sheriff declared. However, half a dozen* deputies continued to scout through a "5- square-mile nrea where Lewis' body was found Monday near an abandoned mine tunnel which Ebaugh evidently had used as a refuge. But Tobiassen pointed out the powerful red-whiskered fugitive could escape detection by men within a few yards of his hiding place. Storm Batters Chaotic Path Across Florida RAIN SQUALLS, HIGH WINDS LASH COAST; CROP DAMAGE SEVERE TAMPA, Kla., Oct. 19. (UPJ—A tropical hurricane battered a de- ftrnctivo path acress central Florida's rich citrus fruit belt today, causing heavy damage to crops, property and communications. Heavy rain squalls, riding the of 300-mlle-nn-hour \vlnds, lashed inland along- tho west Florida coast and moved north and northeastward toward Jacksonville, mowing down thousands of citrus trees. Damage to the crop was expected to run into millions of dollars. Jacksonville already was lashed by winds of 65 miles an hour and power had failed there. Torrential rains fell, and the weather bureau warned of high tides from Day- tonn Beach to the Georgia line. All shipyards nt the booming war center and military base of Jacksonville were shut down and city officials estimated 150,000 were off the job, boarding up dwellings and preparing to meet the full force of the blow. No loss of life had been reported in this area, although seven persons were killed yesterday and many injured as the storm passed over Cuba. Trgent warnings sent residents of beaches from Fort Myers to Sarasota, Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg to places of safety. Thousands residing along Tampa bay were sheltered last night and this morning in r'-ibllc schools and churches in Tampa. Miami escaped the full force of the storm but was swept by winds of 00 miles an hour during the night. No damage was reported either at Miami or Miami Beach. In south Florida, thousands of evacuees who had fled from the Lake Okeechobee region where hundreds drowned in the disastrous 1928- hurricane, were given refuge on higher ground. om NKA FIRST OVER THE LINE—Wherever there are Yanks, there you will find American Red Cross workers and doughnuts. These girls—Janetto Diefendorf, left, of Greenwich, Conn., and Georgia Carson o£ Providence, R. I.—were first to pass out doughnuts to Yanks on German soil. SOLANO KILLS SHOOTS SELF; JEALOUSY GIVEN AS MOTIVE FA in FIELD, Oct. 19. UP)—Sola no County Law Librarian Madeline Chadbourne, 4H, shot and killed her husband. Warren, 45, early today and then seriously wounded herself, Deputy Sheriff Jule i'ritchard reported. Tile deputy said the woman, who also is secretary to Superior Judge W. P. O'Donnell, told him she had become jealous, quarreled with her husband, and then shot him just as he was dressing to carry out a threat to "meet two girls in Lake county." She shot him in the head with a .44 caliber pistol, I'ritchard said, and then fired into her left side but a rib turned the bullet from her heart. "I wish I had killed myself. I want to die," the deputy quoted bet as saying. Physicians at the Fairfield Hospital where she. was taken, said, however, that she would live. AVarren Chadbourne, a prominent Solano county rancher, figured in the news only last week when he was disclosed to have been left the bulk of bis mother's $5000 estate. His brother, Glenn Chadbourne, was left only a one-dollar request. The mother, Mrs. Edith Chadbourne, died October 7. Glamor Girls of Politics TradeJBlows LUCE, HELEN DOUGLAS MEET IN VERBAL BOUT IN NEW YORK FORUM XK\V YORK, fir-r. |o (P.K)—TUB political world's two ulainnur Kirla drew on sucdn t;|r,\ P-: uitliout pad- dine in tho Ileriild-Trilitiiip forum la«t nifflit. nppnosi'iit.itivp f'l.Mv Hoot h 1/tife nt-i'onn.) nift Hr-l.-n riahauan DotiRl.iH. Dfniiii-r.'iiic r/nnlidatp for Coimross and wif<> nf I'apiain Mf-1- vyn PoiiKla«. I lollx \\ m,,| a, (or nfnv soldieritiK In C'ltina. Surprisingly. .Mr- 1 . I.'n-o ,-ili,-in- doiicd her vcrlial sluirsintr attack ami fouulit in classtr style, spar- rint,' delicately and dancltic away— at otic point as t'ar away as the yi-ar .">•((! I'. ('.. which she ^aiil was the year China thought of disarming tlif world. Onlv once did Kepres-pt'itive Luce uni'iirk anvihinR ro^emblinpr her quip-snap punch. Thrit was when she said tin- "fourth-term ca nd idate" i« naming hi>: peace plan after another by Henry the Fourth of Knsland: "Tin- Great Sirs. Oahagnn. apparently in trim despite her trip fncn the west coast, displayed a milling 1 attack against I lie historical jaMiIng of her opponent. Some of Mrs. da. hatan's iiolitiral roundhouses starter from the bottom of the depression. Both contestants spoke on the (heme of peace and who should handle it for the nation, but the Issuo narrow eil down to the faci. that Itepresentatiyo I,uco \vnnted 1 >ewcy to be elected President and Mrs. dnhiiCTii wanted President Roosevelt to be re-elected. US. CASUALTIES IN EUROPE TOLD 29,842 KILLED, 130,227 WOUNDED SINCE D-DAY w.\smNGTO.v, Oct. in. <uj>>— I'niteil States army casualties, exclusive of air forces In France, Gef many and the Low Countries, from iJ-Uay through October 3 totaled 174.780, tho war department has announced today. These included 29.842 killed. 130.227 wound?d and H.7U minting. Casualties of the Seventh Army which landed In southern France are included. Total army casualties In all theaters through October fi were 334.89-", nit increase, of 1-13.602 tdnce the last figures aniioutired by the war department on October .". The navy lists KS.I77 total casualties through October IS for navy, marine and coa.^t guard personnel. This pives a grand total of announced service casualties of 453,- 07J in all categories. Tho war department explained part of the Increase was due to a revised and Improved statistical system which permitted more up-to-date reports from previously. A time lag of about 15 days still remains between actual casualties and the receipt of individual reports for counting; at the war department. The flpurcs announced October 5 covered the war through September 21. Today's total Included 73,562 killed or dead of wounds, 208.392 wounded, 48,4<>! missing and 52,537 captured and interned. fi. SIX. HALF DOZEN PHILADELPHIA. Oct. 19. OP>— James IX Six, one of the six six boys in the armed forces, is home on a furlough. Four of the other six six boys are in tho army and the .sixth Six is a sailor. Roosevelt Club Formed by Delano Democrats at Meet \\ TRIAL REVEALS HUMAHPIRIT LEGAL BATTLE RAGES OVER MocDONALD ESTATE IIOLTA'WOOD, Oct. 19. (UP.)— While most of the spirits flitting through the legal contest over AVar Worker Eugene llorton MacDonald'.s $70,000 estate were invisible, at least one feminine vision was human enough to pose for photographs—in the nude—jurors were told today. She was Mrs. Carl A. AVickstrom, wife of an Oakland banker now in tho army, Thomas Jarboe testified. Mrs. Wlckstrom thought she was a reincarnated vestal virgin and posed in the nude while MacDonald took her picture, Jarboe said. He said MuuDonald showed him the pictures the first time, they met. Mrs. Wickstroin herself had testified in tho case, describing seances at which she said Mrs. Shannon Carter presided. Msr. Carter IB defending her right to MacDonald's estate while his parents charge she mesmerized him into willing her the money. Earlier Jarboe said that it was his mother's dog and not spirit philandering which sent JlacIJonald from the haven of his home to that of the Carters. COt'RT WAITS FOR HARVEST WEST POINT, Miss., Oct. ]!).— Court can wait. Corps can't. This was tho judicious decision of Circuit Court Judge John C. Stonnis here. After a conference with members of tho bar and county officials, Ktennls postponed the October term of Clay county circuit court hern until December, to permit jurors 11 nd witnesses to continue their work of harvesting the county's bumper crops. 8000 PENNIES STOLEN HOUSTON, Texas, Oct. 19. (UP) Deputies are looking for penny thivps who made away witlt a wnsh- tub filled with 8000 of the 1-cent pieces. NAZI WOMAN ,WARRIOR DOWNED—Attired in full battle dress of German army, this woman was cut down by heavy Allied fire somewhere in Holland. This Is first authenticated ciise o£ woman warrior In German forces. Picture taken by Allied airborne photographer. Tho Delano Roosevelt Club was organized recently at a dinner at Delano by local Democrats support- j ing the President'? re-election. Rodj ney Turner, former state assembly- iman from the Forty-first district and 'other prominent Kern county Democratic leaders were speakers. Mr. Turner, veteran county political figure, reviewed the acco-.n- plishments of the Roosevelt administration. It is necessary, Turner continued, for the voters to return Sheridan Downey to the United States Senate if this state is to have a liberal- minded senator in Washington, George Haddlcan, elected chairman of the local Roosevelt Club, said his organization would co-operate closely with other Democratic groups in the county. Mr. Haddican's local aides include Dr. T. TJ. Meehnn and Walter Chuck, city and rural finance chairman, Mrs. W. F. Belts, secretary, Joe Vinlc and Freeman Coleman, advertising managers, and liar- old Brownnteln, publicity chairman. Joe Lewis, well-known Buttonwil- low rancher, said that in speaking with farmers of his district he found that many who had prospered during the past 12 years did not desire to return to tho depression period of Hoover and the "normalcy" of Harding and Coolidge. Burrell Jesse and Joseph A. Bios, Taft, predicted a strong Roosevelt vote in the West Side town. Barbara Johnson, of Democratic headquarters in Bak- crsficld, said that the party's biggest problem was getting out the vote. Delano Roosevelt Club headquarters are at 014 Main street. Present at the Democratic dinner were Mr. and Mrs. Walter Chuck, W. Perelli-Minetti, Mrs. W. F. Hetts, Mr. and Mrs. George Haddt-, P. R. Lynch, Rodney L, Turner, E. jr. Buruni, Joe H. Vink, William A. Hallock, Freeman Coleman, T. L. Aleehan, Ollle Logan and Harold Bronsteln of Delano and out-of-town guests Vance A. Webb, John Riordan, Burrell Jesse, Joseph A. Bios, and Eugene V. Harrington, of Taft; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lewis, Buttonwillow, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Sullivan and Barbara Johnson of Bakersfield. QUADS START TO SCHOOL GALVESTON, Texas, Oct. 19. (UP) Equipped with shoulder purses and book satchels, the Budgett quads— Jeraldine, Joan, Joyce and Jcanette —are now trudging off to school daily. Enrolled in a private kindergarten occasioned newsreel photographing of the four little girls for the twenty-ninth time in their five and one-half years. IN SAN DIEGO Corporal Tom D. Ballard has been with a quartermaster truck company in France for 18 months. Hi! brother, Sergeant Robert Harry Bollard was one of the first marine* to go to tho south Pacific. After two years service, he hag been returned to San Diego where he awaits a medical discharge. They are sons of Mrs. Maud Ballard of 3531 North Chester avenue. EXIT SWASTIKA—Citizens of Eupen, Belgium, freed by th« Allies, remove the last sign o£ years of N'azl occupation by ripping tho hated eagle-swastika sign from a building. (Photo by Bert Brandt, NEA- Amce Warpool photographer.) OBITUARY NOTICES IIKKSI.AN ) IIK.NKV— Funeral services for Henry HrcHlund, 61. who died October 12 al a lucal hoaintui. • will be held October 20 •» t ;> p in at Mo^son -Mortuary, the Iteveivm' Jutni's il'Kunc offk'ittunj;. ]m*'i in-lit will be in L'nion Ccint-tury. ESQI/IVKI.. t'KI.IPK —Funeral services lor l-Vliii- Kwumvt-i. 2:!, ubo diod October 17 ;u u loiul hospital, will be held llriolnT 2'. H t. 1- f O p. 111. at Ihe lloiison ibirtuary. llio Itevi-rcnd Joseph Loguda ot'fii'iiuiiiK. -\fr KM'imvel IK survived by R HiMer. MarBi:erUii 1'Vliz. .Mexico. SIIOKH, JKNMK—Funeral services toi Jfiinie Shorb. OU, who died October IS ut a local hcvpital. will be held Oc- loher L'l at 9::>0 a. m. at tit. Joseph's raihoho Church, the Ueverend 1. T. Kurly of f iriatirtf. Interment will be In Cicenlawn Memnrls.1 Park. Rosary will In- condiicie<! f)ctobcr 30 ac 7:30 p. in. at i :rc ,-u!au-n Ctiupol. Kurvivins Mr*. Shorb are two »onw. 3o«sph H. Shorb, Tail; Ou-: A. Short). Bakersfield: a ilauKhter, Hdri?. Van D» Mark. B«krrsficlil: 11 Grandchildren and £iv« Kl'eat-arandchlldrtn. UNION CEMETERY Furnishes MONUMENTS FLOWER CONTAINERS GRAVE MARKERS AT LOWEST PRICES Office Within the Grounds Monumental Display at Cemetery Entrance Phone 7-7185 Flickinger-Digwr CHAPEL Distinctive Funeral Service •! Moderate Cost Phoira 7-7M1 Chetier Aveiiue at Thirteenth J. C. Fllektoftr • Frank Dlgtor AMBULANCE SERVICE DAK and NIGHT

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