The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 29, 1936 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 29, 1936
Page 12
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t ' ••f^rjv • i '"• *prr- •" ^ ' '."•"^j'ig'" <-;'.-' . , ( , ( fr i t THE BAKERSP1ELD CAtlPOftNUK, '' ' " ' ' ' J "' " " ' ' ' , i'988 Baseball Fans of Nation Await Series 3m I [ HAL Yankees to Face Slants • of Strange Type of ^ Mound Freaks By GKOKOB KIRK8I5V fUnlteii Prei* Stated Wire) 1UBW YORK, Sept. 29.—While •*•* crowds pourod Into tho city on the ovo of tlio million dollar "sub•way" world aeries and G-men investigated widespread ticket scalping, Manager .Too McCarthy of tho Yankees wrestled with his tlr«t major problem of Iho series—who to pitch In tomorrow's opening gnmo against mighty Carl Hubholl of the Giants. McCarthy's choice rented between Red Huffing, Lofty domoz, Hump Hadley and Johnny Murphy. McCarthy, throughout his managerial career, 1ms ulwa,ys piny oil It tho nafo •way, and unions ho steps out of character tho Yanks' Opening pitcher will bo their No. 1 man, Ruffing, who has won 20 games and proved tho most consistent. If McCarthy decides to gamble, his likely cholco ia Qomcz. The outcome of tho series may fctngo on how tho Yankees' murderous halting array will perform Against a strange variety of pitching it has novor faced before—Carl Hub- boll's scrawbull, Hal HchiliYmchnr'n •Inker and Fred Fltzslmmons' knuckle ball. Unusual Deliveries All throe of iho niiuils' pltohnrii JiftVo deliveries thn Yanks don't uno in tho American League. In a four- t>Ut-of-BOVon garnn serins thn I trio might sllonco tho YariHH 1 1'llg Hor- than long enough for thn nnrtnnloff Qlants to creep through to victory before thn American League maraud- era got the range. The a Ian In have tho game's greatest pllaher on tholr sldn In Carl I tub- bell. Ho has run up 10 straight victories In compiling a record of Kfl triumphs agalnut (I dafeuln. lln IH counted on for two vlotnrlns. May Mnko a Million With all rMorvwl and hox wal« •old for tho flrut six grimon, tho m<r- ies will hit thn million dollar nlasti even If U goes only thn minimum four games, Dally receipts at iho Polo Grounds, whom tho flrnt two games will bn played, will bo approximately |215,000 and at Van lino Hln- dium, whero Iho next tlmio aro •oheduled, about ( Thn $100,000 radio pool will Bond* tho Kato over tho million mark. Hralpltig Racket Oho of tho blggewt demands for tlokels In world nnrles annalx threatened to causo a ticket souadal bo- cause of tho oxorbltant pi-loan quoted by scalpers—JO.50 box noutu til $17.HO and $5.60 reserved scats at J13. H wo« reported that nealpcrs had cornered more than 1100,000 worth of tlokots. ITodoral agmilM of thn bureau of Internal revanuo department, headed by Hlophon Hyun, have opened a. drive against tho sidewalk ticket Hpoculntoi-H. Hotels All Hooked Mid-town hotels report thoy urn booked for tho sorlnti and cabarotn, tavornw and othnr nmnimmont con- ters report brisk bunlno»n. Botllnif oddn continued to favor tho Yankees. Jack Doylo, liroadwuy betting cominlHHloner, quotmi tlm latest prices! a to r> uKalnnt thn Yanks winning tho Herlim; n to 5 Against tho (lliuiln triumphing; H I" C egaliiHt the Ynnkn In lh« fh-Hl name if ilubbcll pllc.hoti; ,T .to 0 iiKidnut tlm OlanlH In the flrut game with Hub bell pitching. Kurllor thn prlon on tho sorlOH wan I] to 20 ugnlnnl (hit Yanks and 1.1 to 10 UKnltml Out OlanlM. REAL TWO- FI5TED FLAVOR IN THIS 'MAKIN'S'J TOBACCO MINNESOTA BEATS WASHINGTON, 14 TO 7 The University of Minnesota, unbeaten and untied In ll« last thrnn years of piny, oontlnuod Its \in- broken string of vlotorlos born KM- urday by defeating tlio Unlvorslty of Washington Huskies, H to 7. A crowd of 40,000 persons saw the oloso, hard-fought gama, played under Idoal conditions. The scone MM Whitman Work, Minnesota full- buok, smashed 2 yards through Washington's right guard to scoro Minnesota's first touchdown, early In tlio seuorid quarter. Referee "Hobby" Morris, extreme right, tosses "touchdown arniH" In tho fllr, while doep In tho tunglo across tho gonl line lu Hork. Dizzy Dean Says Yanks Are to Win (Ai»»(itnie<t I'rem l,rn»fit Wire) OKLAHOMA. CITY. Bopt. 20.-Tall, tiilkallvo "Dlziy" Tn>an drawled today that ho will bo tlm first 1007 holdout, that tho YunltN will win thn world Horlos und thai tho Cardinals bavo too many "bush loaguorH" on tho loam. "No matter what thoy have on thdlr oonlraot, I'm not satlHflod," said tho tornporttmonlul HI. Louis hurlor. "They'll havo to do better by rt guy who plluhnd his arm off Irving to got Ihnm In tho world sorli'H ihiin I think thoy'ru going to do, "Tho third host Imll club In iho National Loagua will play iho Now York Yankoos In the world series. Tho Cardinals and iho Cubs aro bot- Icr than I bo UlantH. "And I think th« Ynnkoos will bnat. thorn. "Injuries boat us out of tho pennant, oven If wo uro u bunch of bunli Innguorn nxi.'opl for four guys." Dean didn't nanm tho four but nt Wichita, Knn., yostorduy ho said Loo (Uppy) Duroohor was (ho only first class player In tho Infield. Also h!n proitani barnstorming lour with "Pepper" Mfirtln Indicated his high rnspoot for tho "wild liorsu of tii.j O«ngo." Hut tlm uwuul DOHII bfMisirulruiHH wnn go no. "Carl Hubboll?" ho ropputod whnn nskod oonuornlng his oplnlnn <if HIM GlantH' aco hurlM*. "llubbnll's tlio bi'Ht pltchm- In thn game, Including lloaii." mild tho "grout ono." English Woman Becomes 0 . One of World's Greatest Owners of Racing Horses I«y ItKIsrnY AfcLICMOHK United l r r«» Surf Corrupandint T ONDON, Bopl. 21). — Dorothy J ~* Panel, a short chunky 31-year- old hearing a Mining resemblance lo I'rlncess Juliana of Holland, soon may hoc.omo ownor of ISng- premier nicliiK stable. At a llmo when many of I3n«- "H moBl famous ownnra nro K!V- Ing up or rostrlctliiK their stahlOH liotuuiHo of the trnmondouB oxpunso Involved, Miss Pagot, who IM known In nuwttpaper roudnrs as tho "nation's woallhlosl Mplniiter," IH buy- Ing and buying. Only reontly M|H< Pfitnbllnhuil an uuotlon record whun shn paid over $70,000 fur a yearling in (ho OoiioiiHlur NuleH. If sho con- iliuion purcluiHtng at her pronont nito. It won't bn long boforo only iho AKU Khan and Lord AH tor will havo morn horsos under sllkn than who iihow a profit and tho latter xvn* forced to roly a ifiwit dual on stud fflo«. CondltloiiN aro BO bnd that tho Jocltoy Chili will rnrut shortly to consider inethodri or hnlplng owners. (CuniTltlil. ItlSn, liy ttnltml Defeats Dave Levin for Title After Furious Bout in Philly <Ameoiattit front Leaiet Wire) pHILiADULPIlIA, Sopt, 29. — •*• Dean Detton, 202, of Salt Lake City, emerged from two hours of furlouu wrestling with Dave Levin, 196, of Jamaica, N., Y,, oarly today as tho recognized world hoavywelght champion in Pennsylvania. Tho end of the bout, the winner of which tho Pennsylvania State Athletic CominlsHlon announced It would rocognUe ao tltleholder, came after two hour*, flvo minutes and 62 dooonds. A capacity crowd of 9000 wan on hand. CommlsHlonor Joseph Ualney of tho Pennsylvania commission presented Detton with a belt "gmble- matlo of (ho world heavyweight wrestling championship." Startling End Tho end camo with startling suddenness after Detton clamped a murderous toe-hold on Levin's left log. Tho leg htifl boon weakened previously by a similar hold. Tho pain xvtts too much for Levin. Ho noddod to tho rotoroo that he had enough. Toe Holds Did It Up to tho tlrno Dotton clamped his numerous too holds on Lovln In the second hour, the latter soomcil to cxperldnco llttlo difficulty wriggling loose from tho westerner's grasps. Local Ball Teams Win Tilts Sunday Monarchs and Ciann & Ross each won tholr gnmos played on tho California and T street diamond Sunday when Claim A Tlosn defeated Ul Giorgio Farnin 11 to 3 and the Monarch* trounced Delano 0 to 2, With DInory on the mound for tho Monarchs and In great form, tho Monarchs took n.n early lead whloh they held throughout tholr till. DInory struck out 13 men and wiui backed up by a fast infield. MONETARY EXPERT COATIW VM. <i.\HltlN»N MiH ANOI'II.I'IM, Hi-pl. '.'IP (A. I'.) Chnrlln Ctiali'ii, AUron NCKI-II hi-nvy. wHght. i-ollld..)! li.nlc.lil \vllb Niish Onrrlnon t)f Hun .lono In a 1'i.rnund bout fouturltiK notion. 1C tint flwtio proitilnonrn. Hnimy Vnldr/., Tui'Htin, Ail/.., ff-nlb- orwi'lght, In ninli'lii"! IIKH|IINI Toby Vigil of Kon Anguli'H In tho olhnr Inilf of Iho doiibio main ovont ut Olymplu Auilltrifluni. RING ECHOES CHICAGO.— Utywln Wnlliu, 127. r>«!rnlt, outpointed Pat U'fi, Nnw YorU («). ____ NKW YOIIK.— ICurU-o J37, Mnly. oiitiKilnlfti) 182Ji, I'lHMnirjIt (10). AIONTKKAI,. , IMonlrciil, oiitpointod Ilalllm- (10). rl. X|v(p, A JY man who can turn out a nout nnd to«ty "maklnV cigarette In 10 seconds — like JCRMO Himh dooa — • deserves tho attention of othnr "roll-your-ownorB." JCSKO him n rotil measBgo.IIoBAyR:"I)oinK < crinipcut l ' Prlnco Albert stays put In tho jmpor —doesn't spill out tho ends." That •pedal P. A. procona takus out tho "bite." The biff red economy tin holds enough P. A, for 70 or more grand cigarettes. Try P. A. yourself on our apodal no-risk offer. Here it ia: IUU rourulf 30 »w«l! clf*r*tU» from Print* Albkrt. U you don'l find tb«m |h«, u»t. MMr*U-)roiw>owa cl« »r*lt*t you «»»r tmokcd, nrtum lh* pocket tin with the r*it or tha totweco ia It to u* *t uny tlm* wllbln • monih from tWf d»l». «»d wo will rafund full pur- «kw» pHe», plu* poiUt*. (Slinid) R. J. RcyMw* Tobtcco ComptBy. WlnHon-StUm, North C«r«UM. Pipe imoker* favor Prince Albert too. CANTON, Ohio. — KrlU Mil, Pittsburgh, outpointed Jncltln Moral-bind, J'|7,_Cnnluii (10). DAI.TIMOIIK, J\ld.—J»i< lfll!i, UnUnrsfloliI, uutpolnlpil N Ciiinarulii, l!10,_No\v Orleans (l(f MIAMI. Kin. — .li.linn.v l)i>iin, unollM, N. (',, nu(|i(il IH! Tony Monln, 110, Timi|Hi (8), NAN fKANCINrO.—Itnr liiiiii'l- li>llprp, 218. Ninv YorU, out|iuln(<Ml 1'hll llrulinlior, 10(1, Ulniibii (III). Lniidditlo and Lord ainnoly, nf Punt IMirby. Oak» nnd Ht. l.i'HM- wlnnurx, urn unions tho notnd ownoni roduclliK thnlr Htiihlen. Lord LonHdala, who did not altniid tho Hi, LCRQI- inrntdiK hnonunn "I could tint afford II," KIIVH I'lioliiK In not worth It whin lnxcfi trikn hnlf or civni'y |nirn« named h.v a unit. Olhflrw who iiliiindonrii t'uulng urn Lonl Howard Do \ViiU1nn, VlH>;oun( Ht. linvldn nnd tho Mnrclilonown C!iinon of Kc'dli'Mlon. And Lord Axtor In HP- vcrnly riMlui-ltiK hln rnrhiK coinmlt- inniilii. Minn I'liK' 1 !. hmvi'vcr, IH undnunlod. When hho wont Into rachiK noinn nix ymirri I»KO H)II> dnclarnd nnihliiK would Ntop In-r until aho won Hi" blur ribbon of the turf—the KiiRllHh Ucrby— and nplmivhlly nnihliiK will Hlop har. N|ii<ndn $1100,01)0 Hhe IIIIH miHlH well civer.fOOO,Ono on Hho urentod u noiiflullon hi rlrol«* four yi>*r* u|to \vh6ii Mho liotlaroil the Agu Khan, fabulously wealthy Indian potrntAt*, In a bidding: duel. Every tlrne tlin Ann offered « prl«a for » oo|t, M!M Pnget went lilin $noo better. Finally she ma«}« him quit. A f«w diiyn later »bo did (tin mtin'a lo Lord Glnnoly, Beftiro Mho took up hor««fi, Ml«n rug*I, who U t|i« only dtnuvhtor of tho Unroii of Oueonborouirh by bin fli-»t wit*, Pauline Whitney of Now York, \v»» InUntoly lnt»rc«t«d In rftc- Ing uuioinohllod and *n«nt llOO.flyo in a Hlncle year tor a fl«*t of Rtntlay*. liar liiQom* In pnld to b« nearly a million dalUin* annually. tlavlnit « ruDlnr tublo In Kngland In-1vt>n more of a «nmbl« than In tho United P(at»«, Tl)ero ar» apprdxl- nmtoly BOOO race hon«ii In Unftland (he lotn.1 prize nionay nvallnblo In nil raco nitfelliiffN In hrt>voen two nnd a half und thrco tnllllun dollarn. C'oMly Nport Huoh horse could win roiidlily $500 a .voiir. Hut the <io«t of kopplnit a hoi-He, ovon Norry onun whloh won't win u ruon UurliiK tin ontlra llfutlnte, In HiMiiothlnK Hko $KOO to f 1000 a year. Tho Atfn Khun and Lord Derby aro M to bo tho only OWIIOTH In I!)iiKlana HORIZONTAL l.flEnBllsh banker. . 13 Elevalei . 14 To rescind. 18 Container weight. Ancwcr io Previous Puxzle 16 Payment buck, 17 Existed. 10 Conjunction. 20 Typo standard 21 Northwest. 23 Therefore. 24 Court. 28 Cry of pleasure. 20 Anything Bleeped. 20 Half an em. 30 Fotld. 32 Long-drawn speech. 35 Oleoresln. 36 Coffee pot. 37 Paid publicity. 30 Monkey. 39 Of the thing. 40 Conveys. 44 Senior. 45 To pore. 48 Wigwam. VERTICAL 2 Mourning 40 To help. 4 Cravat< 51 Shower. 5 Like. 83 Learning. fl Microbe. 54 Islands. 7 Custom. 60 Harvest. 8 Tennis fence. 68 He Is h6ad of 0 Uncloses. the moat 10 Note in scale. powerful - . 11 Craw. bank. 12 Cry of sorrow. 34 Form of 50 He comes from 1 4 Sun god. 65 South America a line of - . 15 He is a - 57 Postscript. man. 18 He was once a (Pi.). 20 Sound of Inquiry. 22 Sheep's coat./ 25 Data. 27 Pretense. 28 Sea eagle. 20 Badge of valor 31 Little devils. 33 Wrath. 34 Challenges. 35 To come In. 40 Dogma. 41 Earth. 42 Neuter pronoun. 43 Slight repast. 45 Fairy. 47 Rubber wheel pad. 48 Drone bee. 49 Tree. 50 Debutante. 92 Neither. 53 Pound. •be." :FUD JIM DAY Is tnoro than traditional •*- Intorest here In the 1936 world series for a former resident of nakertifield, Monte Pearson, la now an aco hurler with the Now York Yankees. Pictured In action IB Monte Pearson, who in 1027 played baseball In a league organized by C. P. Hopson, of this city. « In those days young Monto had plenty of stuff on the ball. Of course he lacked tho finish and experience now manifest In his pitching, but he showed more than casual potentialities at that time. Now, on the eve of the world series, hundreds of ball fans here will bo Interested, Intensely so, If Monte goes on the mound for tho Yankees to touch off his smokers, break his sharp curves and exercise his cunning change of pace at tho expense of the New York Giants. Presence of Pearson In the Yankee camp gives this city more than a casual interest In the outcome of the final games. Pear-, son has made a great name for himself In the big time and was one of tho all-star players designated as suoh this year by popular votes of fans throughout tho nation. From Bakersf leld Pearson went to Fresno, thence to Oakland and finally, after seasoning in a lesser league, to Cleveland where he was with the Indians in 1935. When Cleveland had a chance to swap him for Johnny Allen, tho club did so and has regretted it ever since. Now the Bakersf leld boy, after a fine initial record with the Yankees, awaits with that squad, the opening of the 1936 world series and Its dramatic climax in New York. Mechanical Trouble Halts Speed Trials fAaioclalcd I'reit Least A Wire) CONHVILLK SALT PLATS, Utah, Sept. 2!).—Mechanical trouble brought to an abrupt end lato yenlerday Iho nolo drlvo of racer Ab Jenkins us ho swi>op of world motor car records. li'ollou'luif uro iho records not by Ab Jenkins today, with tltno or din- lance, Jenkins* now record and Ihe old In order: Ono hundred miles, 100.67 miles per hour; 187.89 (Cobb). Ono hour, 170.0097 miles; 167.69 (Cobb). Two hundred mlloa, 171.05; 181.58 (Jenkins). Vivo hundred miles, 108.44; 109.03 (Jenkins). Thrco hourB, 108.4B; 169.02 (Jon- khifi). Ono thousand kllomolors, 188.64; 169.41 (Jenkins). Six hours. inB.94; 157.33 (Jenkins). Ono thousaiul mllon, 165.73; 100.35 (Cobb). • • • « i » KKOQ IIUNTBH EHHS VISAL1A, Sopt. 29. (U. P.)—C. Orajoda, while frog hunting, mistook his foot In tho darkness for a frog and Jammed his epoar Into It with all h|8 might. Friends were unable to extract tho spear- A physician likewise fallod. Then tho VI. salla fire department was called out to cut away (ho handle from the epear before the latter could finally bo extracted. 4 « ». SURPRISE GIFT ON WAY U10 KALI), 111., Sept. 29. (U. P.)— D. Pccolj would llko to BOO his sis- tor's face when sho unwraps the package ho snnt her in Jugoslavia. Ho Mont hor a wauhtng machine, tho first, ho believes, to bo seen In the llttlo village where *ho lives «nd whero washing IH 'dono In wooden tubs or ponds and streams. JHJCK 110GEUS, TWMNTY-FIFTH CENTURY A. D. Portland and Oaks to PlayJLast Tilt (United Preit Lettied Wire} OAKLAND, Sept. 20.—Portland and Oakland meet hero tonight In tho fourth and possibly deciding gamo of the Pacific coast league pennant playoff series. The Beavers boat tho Oaks three straight games at Portland last week. Vlii'y need ono more Mctory to give them tho 1930 TROY'S L1NUUP INTACT LOS ANOEblSS, Sopt. 29. (A. P.>— Troy's two-team lineups, which swamped Oregon Slate 38 to 7 last Saturday, remained intact today in practice scrimmage for Oregon next week-end. Coach Howard Jonos let it be known he was satisfied with virtually overy player on his squad. Only ono shift appeared likely. Boyd Morgan, a sophomore, pushing Homer Beatty for the right halfback berth. Owen Hansen, ailing back, may be ready for action Saturday, the medical staff announced. Ho has had sore ankles. LOS ANGELKS FIGHTS LOB AXOEbBS, Sept. 30. (A. P.)— Wally Hally's thudding fists convinced the referee, but not the Me*» lean gallery, that ho outpointed Franklo Castillo In tho opening professional boxing show at tho Eust Side arena last night. Midget AVolgant, ox-top ranker, lost a hairline decision to Perfeoto Lopez in the soml-wlndup. Thoy wore rematchml today. L. A. PRO FOOTBALL LOS ANGKLE8. Sept, 29. (A- P.)— Los Angeles professional football opens its (tonaon October IS with a game between the local Bulldogs and tho Sullima Pttokera, officials announced today. Grid Lineup Shows Fast £ Battles in P,rospecl * for Week End Lea»ed Wire) YORK, Sept. 29.— Six oufc standing games h'ead this week's grid menu as the football season gets into full swing. Features on tho week end pror gram will have to compete with the world series for interest are C6r- nell versus Yale, Michigan versus Michigan State, Notre Dame versus Carnegie Tech, Ohio State versus New *York tinlverslty, California versus St. Mary's and Louisiana State versus Texas. The Yale-Cornell encounter monopolizes attention in the east with Ducky Pond's Ells making their In* Itlal start against the "Big Bed" team of sophomores tutored by Carl Bnaveley who Is maklns his debut oa head coach at Ithaca. Army is not expected to have too much trouble in Washington and Lee and Princeton's eastern collegiate champion Tigers have a set up In Williams. Other eastern gamea pit Oil Doblo'e Boston College 11 against Northeastern, Harvard versus Brown and Columbia versus Maine. Notre Dame Opener Notre Dame's Ramblers .open tho 1936 season against a tough opponent In Carnegie Tech, but Elmer Layden is expected to pull his boys but ahead despite hie gloomy predictions. Tho middle west's other feature— Michigan versus Michigan State, will furnish tho answer as to whether Harry KIpke has shaken tho Wolverines out of their past few seasons' lethargy. Tho Interactional schedule finds Ohio State entertaining Mat Stevens' New York U. Violets, while Vander- bllt .comes north to tackle Chicago. Illinois, which barely eked out a decision over little Depaul last week, is expected to have tough sledding, even before it opens Its Big Ten season when they tackle tho Washington U. S. Bears of St. Louis next Saturday. Bob Zuppke's team, however, Is not the only one of tho Western Conference in imminent danger as Indiana meets Center College, Wisconsin plays Marquette and Northwestern takes on Iowa. Minnesota is not scheduled. Outstanding In South In tho south tho outstanding contest seems to bo the Tennessee* North Carolina game. Tulane meets Alabama Polytechnic, Duke tangles with South Carolina and Alabama's Crimson Tide plays Clemson In other "best games" of the district. On the Coast Out on tho Paoiflo Coast California's engagement with Slip Modigan's Galloping Gaels headlines the week end card. The Stanford Indians, after an upsot defeat at the. hands of Santa Clam last week, will try to come back against Washington State. Washington vs. Idaho and U. C. L. A. vs., Montana also ornament tho far west program. - * » » - . WALLY IIALLY WINS LOS ANOELK8, Sept. 29. (U. P.)~ Walty Hally, youthful Los Angeles featherweight, pounded out a close decision over Frankle Castillo In the ID-round main event last night at the reopening of East Side Arena here. Tho referee's decision to Holly was booed by Castillo's supporters who felt he was entitled to at least a draw. Hally weighed 120%, Castillo 129. YOU DIDN'T KNOW ME-YET YOU GAVE ME CREDIT IN LESS THAN S MINUTES" Downed by Pnllndian By PHIL NOWLAN and LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS WRIT Sihertown TIRES BATTERIES CAR RADIOS HOME RADIOS (>oo<l rich S ily«>i-t<iu n '•OMIHl "> I <> rt- s m.vrnrt TWENTY-FIRST AND K PHONE 711 t .* THt NATIONAL JOY SMOKE THE PA/f? W^^E23 OCTOR. MAM- r THAT FOR A

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