The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 3, 1996 · Page 5
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 5

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 3, 1996
Page 5
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THE SALINA JOURNAL OP-ED SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1996 AS T BY GEORGE Frankly, my dear, we don't give a damn Deep down, we like jBill Clinton because tie is a scoundrel .- "/ think you like me because I am !h varmint. You've known so few fjyed-in-the-wool varmints in your ^heltered life that my very difference holds a quaint charm for <yoit." « — Rhett Butler to Scarlet " O'Hara in Margaret Mitchell's •^ "Gone with the Wind" •i Jhy does everyone think the scandal-ridden Bill Clinton is going to win reelection as president of the United States Tuesday? .« For the same ^scoundrel Rhett vjButler, not the vir- ^tuous Ashley £Wilkes, is the hero *of the Great Amer- *ican Novel. !, Not that the real .President Clinton ;is as smooth, or as jhandsome, as the "fictional Captain «Butler. If he were, Jwe might be look- ;fiig to repeal the Amendment, limits presi- reason the GEORGE B. PYLE The Siilinn Journal -«Jents to two terms in office, just so Jwe could be seduced over and over ;!a*gain. •J But the fact is that Americans ^love rogues and scoundrels — if Svte think that they will sometimes "\urn their oily skills to the benefit of those who could use a little help. The American heart has always had more affection for the poker player who donates the occasional kitty to the home for widows and orphans than it does for the self- rightous pillar of the community who usually turns out to be a cold fish, or worse, behind his well- groomed facade. Though few will admit it, tales of Clinton's alleged dalliances with women actually raise him a few notches in the eyes of many Americans. His wife, after all, forgave him. And he got the Family and Medical Leave Act onto the books, improving the lives of millions more women than he ever damaged. Good boy Bob Dole, on the other hand, dumped his wife and daughter. And he didn't do even do it for the love of another woman — Libby came later. He did it because he was so devoted to the Senate that he had no time for any kind of domestic or romantic life. Efficient. Serious. Even more honest. But not charming. From Huck Finn and Rhett Butler to "Casablanca" and "The Sting," our common stories tell us that the really good things are done by the people with friends in low places. When it comes deep soul-searching time, the people who are fully capable of lying, cheating and stealing, yet choose to put it on the line for someone less clever and resourceful, are the good guys. Those who are so very, very good and honest all the time are, at the moment of truth, more worried about maintaining their reputation in the community than helping unlucky folks out of a jam. Bill Clinton talks about a place called Hope, where he was born. But he grew up in Hot Springs, Ark., where boys walked their mothers to church past casinos and brothels. Certainly, there were the proper people there who told young Bill that lying was wrong. That cheating on your wife just wasn't done. Then he probably saw those same proper people scurrying out of the gambling dens and houses of ill repute in order to get home to their picture-perfect wives and children. More impressive was the fact that the people who told young Bill to be honest and faithful were the very people who told him that blacks were lesser creatures than whites, that the Vietnam War was noble crusade and that one encounter with marijuana would turn him into a blithering idiot. When Bill Clinton, like a great many other bright young people of his generation, figured out that those people had been lying to him about blacks, lying to him about Vietnam and lying to him about marijuana, he probably took LETTERS TO THE JOURNAL ,Law enforcement has taken a wrong turn '" In 1980, the voters of Saline •.County nominated me as the " -Republican candidate for Saline "County Sheriff. Many of you re- iihember me and what I stood for ' ''then. I have not changed. I still be• "lieve in the best law enforcement for the people of Saline County, ' young, old, rich or poor, their ' rights and values and their prop- 'erty. I believe they have the right Vfor these to be protected with the '''b'est law enforcement possible at " the least expense possible to you, ; the taxpayers of Saline County. ' ; I watched the primary election ' and noticed the people of Saline ' ;'County voted on the issue of not 'taking a pay increase. 1 •'"• Glen Kochanowski has said he would not take a pay increase while in office. Why should he? IJe • "will have a retirement from the '' • city of Salina of more than $30,000 1: a year, plus a salary of more than '' '$50,000 a year from Saline County. 'No wonder he said he will not take ' 'a pay increase while in office. •' "Let me ask you, the voters of ''Salina and Saline County, this: '• 'Who do you think will do the best J job as your sheriff of Saline Coun' ty? A person who has a sincere de' sire to serve the people. A person who does not have a retirement and is willing to do the same job for a lot less money and who believes, as I do, that the criminals today have too many rights and law-abiding citizens have too few. I think we have put our priorities in the wrong places over the last 20 years. I think we are spending too much money protecting the criminals and their rights and not enough on protecting the law- abiding citizens. When I was with the sheriffs department, we spent more time patrolling the county, checking buildings and looking for people about to commit an armed robbery, rape or other felony. We did not have check lanes and officers just looking for the Dill's. I am not for people getting drunk and getting in their car and killing someone, but I do think there is such a thing as overkill. My father told me a long time ago as a law enforcement officer "you don't wear the badge to impress people, you wear it to protect and preserve the lives and property of the citizens of Salina and Saline County with common sense." I know both candidates and if you believe as I do, I ask for you to support and vote for Dennis "Butch" McClintock for Saline County sheriff. — GENE HINDMAN Salina NEW AUTO'S '96-'97 Finance Up To 100% Of Purchase Price On New Autos As Low As A.P.R. USED AUTO'S '95-'96 As Low As 7.9 % AP.R. USED AUTO'S '89-'94 As Low As .5 % AJ>R. everything they told him about right and wrong and filed it away in the same drawer. He's been making it up as he goes along ever since. We say we disapprove of this anchorless philosophy of life, but we cannot help but admire those who do it well. This freedom of thought has allowed Clinton's generation to lead America away from racism and sexism, away from an approach to government that helps the rich get richer, away from an idea of family that is hierarchical and imprisoning. We believe, deep down, that the fast-talking smoothie is smarter than the pious preacher, and a better ally to have when times get tough. That's why we are going to give Bill Clinton another term as president, and why we shouldn't turn I Smoky Valley | * Tree Spade & Nursery * Let Us Help You With Your Tlransplanting Needs! We also buy select trees. 2592 13th Ave. Lindsborg, KS 67456 913-227-3111 The Large tt Tree Spade In Kant as Great Plains Federal Credit Union 2061 S. Ohio 605 S. Ohio 504 N. Buckeye Salina, KS 67401 P.O. Box 620 Abilene, KS 67410 (913) 825-4621 Salina, KS 67402-0620 (913) 263-2309 800-477-7886 (913)823-9226 nr~™- 800-369-8536 NGUA nnual Percentage Kate I ~~ Starting modestly,-add diamond links lor every special occasion. Make owning the diamond bracelet of your dreams an affordable reality. Meticulously handcrafted in precious 14k gold and set with select VS quality H color diamonds. A. $664.00 B. $2699.00 |ADpAiN<r The Elegant Way to Celebrate Life's Special Moments Available Exclusively At Some of the many reasons to vote for Senator Ben Vidricksen Proven, Effective Leadership Born & Raised1 in^ the ^thJDistrict Chairs Two important Committees: Transportation Committee & Joint Committee on State Building Construction Strong Supporter of Childrens Issues Strong Supporter of Education Consistently votes for Lower Taxes Supports Lower Property Taxes 123 N. Santa Fe Discover Downtown Salina 825-0531 Your Trusted Professional Authorized Add-A-LInk Fine Jeweler. Enlaraed to show exauisite detail Chain GF. s Copyrighted^ Supports Welfare Reform Voted Against Same Sex Marriage Seniority with Committee Leaderships Voted to Lower Taxes on New Home Supports Local Control of Schools Introduced and Passed Expanded Public Transportation for Elderly Voted to Repeal Legislative Pension Plan Worked Successfully for a New National Guard Training Center in Salina jfi Worked with Salina Airport Authority & Chamber of Commerce for K-State Salina and Expansion Introduced & PASSED Two Bills to Ban Smoking in Schools Banning Smoking in State Capitol Endorsed by the Kansas Farm Bureau Endorsed by the Kansas Livestock _ Association Endorsed by Kansas Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other Business Organizations. Named Number One Supporter of 1C Supports the Public Right to Vote on ^onsdtutional Amendments Worked on Strategic Planning & Action Grant Program that Became Law For Smaller Cities Including Salina Endorsed by Taxpayer Organizations Will See that Highway 81 Four-Lane is completed to Nebraska 46 Will Continue to Work on the Growth of K-State Salina Will Continue to Work with the Kansas i Highway Patrol Training Center at .,', Salina and its Expansion 9C^ Has Credibility Among His Peers jjfr Will Always Be Honest and Forthright JC. Vice/Chair Kansas Turnpike Authority (|§ Dedicated to Work For Each Individual Voter is not all talk. His actions in the Kansas,; Senate have provided our community with a strong; voice that has responded to the needs for greater, economic growth in North Central Kansas. Let'Sfj return Ben's effective and proven voice back to> Topeka to represent our needs and concerns. ;^ Pol. Adv. Paid fur by lien Vidricksenfor Senate, Al Siiiwan, Chair., Mary Liby, Treats. •>•

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