The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on January 5, 1938 · Page 3
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 3

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 5, 1938
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 6, 1938. 1HE MORNING HERALD, HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND. THREE MINISTER SPEAKS • AT UNION MEETING Rev. Paul B. Wellington • Talks on Prayer at' : Monthly Session Rev. Paul B. Watllngton was speaker at. the monthly meeting of the Hngersto\vn W. C. T. U. held yesterday afternoon at the First Baptist Church. In discussing the subject of the meeting, "Prayer," Rev.- Mr. Wellington took th" ocassion to censure church members for not standing firmly for prohibition. Miss Emma Eakle read the "The lioad Hack" which is a record of 1937. In the article il was stated that a number of states and counties voted dry. The meeting was In charge of the president, Mrs. Frank Roln-er while Mrs. W. A. Menefee had charge of the program. Announcements were made that on January 14 the Youth Educational Conference preceded by the fellowship supper would be held a; the Church of the Brethren and "Ten Nights in a Bar Room" will be shown at the First Christian Church on the evening of January 13. •The organization voted to give ?50 to the Frances E. Willard Educational fund of the National W. C. T. TI. The next meeting will be held the first Tuesday afternoon Bt |he home of the president, Mrs. Frank Rohrer, Hill Crest Road which will be in the form of a •Biles Tea. Revival Services to Open Tonight Evangelistic services will begin at Salem Reformed Church, just off the Cearfoss pike, this evening at 7:30, to continue each evening, except Saturday evenings, until January 36. The congregational singing will he directed by Michael C. Horsl and Mrs. R. Paul Smith will serve as pianist and director of the choir. The messages will be brought each evening by the pastor, Rev. H. A. Fesperman. WASHINGTO P. T. A. MEETING THURSDAY The Washington School P. T. A. will hold its first meeting of the New Year on Thursday evening, January 6 at S:00 o'clock. An interesting program under the direction of. Edgar King will be given. Miss Frances Grimes will speak; on Family Hobbies. All parents, especially fathers, are urged to be present. Refreshments ill keep- season will the be pre ing with served. ONLY~~WOIY1AN DIPLOMAT Mrs. Enid Elder Perkins is chancellor of the Nicaraguan legation In Washington— the only American woman to hold a diplomatic post with a foreign country. She has held the position during seven administrations. Mrs. Perkins believes every young person should he trained to work, and has brought up her two daughters -with that idea in mind. The full-length fitted black vel vet wrap with small ermine collar is the popular selection of the younger set for evening wear during the holiday festivities. Don't Neglect a Cold Rub soothing, warming Musterole well into your chest and throat. Musterole is NOT just a salve. It's a "counter-irritant" containing good old-fashioned cold remedies- oil of mustard, menthol, camphor and other valuable ingredients. That's why it gets such fine results —better than the old-fashioned mustard plaster. Musterole penetrates, stimulates, warms and soothes, helpful in drawing out local congestion and pain. Used by millions for 30 years. Recommended by many doctors and nurses. All druggists'. In three strengths: Regular Strength, Children's (mild), and Extra Strong. Authorized R. C. A. RADIO Dealer Frea Trial On Any Model Shockey Furniture Co. 28 - SO Summit Arenu* Estate HEATROLAS Phone 2041 CARVER'S 32-34 N. Potomac St. Stylish Winter Clothes for men and women ... on EASY CREDIT TERMS PEOPLES 67 w w " h I STORE Street SELBY 'ARCH PRESERVER" SALE BENTZ & DUNN 35 North Potomnc Street In Hlfleratown HOW'S YOUR HEALTH Kdlled hj l)r. I.UK" r.nlililoii For the \ew York Acndemy of Meillctnr, Self Medication The physician who rails, against self medication is always a little subject to suspicion. He appears Ike a prejudiced preacher. Yet the old saying, "He who .reals himself has one fool for a physician and anolher for a pa- lent," was coined by laymen, and not by physicians. Extensive experiences, and recent ones in particular, have substantially justified the oft-repeated Warnings against self medication. These warnings appear especially warranted when drugs of un- :nown nature an'd potency are used. Picking at random, we have recently witnessed the disasters caused by "trick" diets. Persons who lave starved themselves or have .ved upon an unbalanced diet have jeen known to develop a multitude of disturbances and diseases. Including tuberculosis. Some have died. The indiscriminate use of seda- ives of Ihe barbituric acid variety have led sometimes to very grave and occasionally fatal disturbances ,n the blood system. A drug for weight reduction, self administered by many, was responsible for a number of deaths and for the formation of cataracts. The most recent example of disaster following self medication with a drug combination of unknown quality Is that of the GO- some deaths resulting from the use of the elixir of sulfanilamide. Another danger in the lay administration of drugs has recently jeen called to our attention hy podiatrists and public health au- .horities. This concerns the in- itilation of nose drops into infants' nostrils for the relief of nasal congestion. In a number of cases the oil so deposited was aspirated, that is, breathed into the lung, and there caused a type of pneumonia. Warnings have been issued by medical authorities urging the ;reatest care in the use of oily ma terials in the respiratory tracts of infants. Like precautions must be exercised in the use of oily nose drops hy debilitated elderly people, and adults weakened through llness. When the oil enters the lung, it acts as a foreign body Irritant and sets up inflammatory changes fa- •orable to the invasion of the tissues by bacteria. The pneumonia may then develop. FASHION HINTS The most striking thing about evening dresses for the young set this mid-winter is thtir sheerness. Dainty pastels, pink, blue, orchid, in net, organza, lace and tulle, are the favorites. Wide girdles, little jackets and othe • decorative details that glisten are used. A pink net. dress posed over pale orchid, and with orchid shoulder slraps, was one lovely model for the young miss. Sequin birds, flowers or bow knots are being used for hair orna ments. FACTS AND FANCIES Stuffings The kind of stuffing to use with meats depends on personal preference. With pork, \' is a good idea to choose one which is not too rich, letting the pork itself supply the delicious flavor. For this reason, n apple stuffing i: a. favorite, be- ause the apples lend the right amount of tart to make the whole dish enjoyed. Witb veal, a meat which contains little fat, the richer dressings may he used. AGED SISTERS HAD $10,000 WASHINGTON, Jan. 4 (/P).— Two aged sisters who suffered near-starvation in a squalid flat they had crammed with more than ?10,000 in currency and coins, rested in hospital beds today. The money, was discovered by representatives of the Southern Relief Society who found Miss Olivia Hale with a broken hip and her sister Roberta suffering from burns on the shoulder. Both women, believed to be more than DO yea •? old, had been injured doing house work. Money was tucked in furniture, vases and cushions. Along with the cash wer laboriously- sketched reproductions of checks, long since cashed which had been given the sisters by Scottish Rite Masons and others. Four persons counted the money for 12 hours and then were not finished. It represented contributions made to the feeble old women for many ears --and unspent. Each of the bills bore notations of the donor's name. Some of them dated hack 10 the years just after thi, CI/M War, ELECfToTFnGHTS FATAL TO TEN MEXICO CITY, Jan. 4 (/P).— Ten men were killed, said dispatches today from Guadalajara, In fights over municipal elections In Jalisco state. Several were wounded. Peasant and labor groups charged municipal officials In some Instances were "Imposed" hy "poll- tlclaim." Birds fly In "V" formation so that oach bird will he exposed to full force of prevailing winds, scl entlnts believe. ROOM AND BOARD By GENE AHERN S"HELP rAE, JEDSE ,THIS IS TH' TRUTH \-~~ /Afc AN'YOUR UNCLE WAS SITTIN'IN A QUIET CAPE,fAULLIN 1 OVER ATOfA AN' >5ERRY?~~-iN WALKS SIX TOU6U HOMBRES AN 1 THROW A CIRCLE OF GUN-METAL AROUND US >~ THEY MARCH US OUT TO A BIG BLACK CAR AND DROVE US TO AN OLD SHACK IN TH'COUNTRY THEN THEY BOUND ANt> 6ASGE-D US UP FOR THREE t5AYS'£-~- SAY, •DON'T YOU BELIEVE US, NEFFY 2 OH,COrAE ' I KNOW THAT YOU ROGUES HAVE BEEN IN JML SINCE NEW YEAT=CS DAY ! ""•**"• PAW, THAT TALE OP YOURS IS TOO FANTASTIC TOR AARS.PUFFLE: TO BELIEVE ' • OLD" FASTER AT COOKIN6 UPS AM ALIBI =~ WASHINGTON DAYBOOK By PRESTON GROVER WASHINGTON, Jan. 4.—Youngish Senator Lodge of Massachusetts buttoned a "prevailing wage" amendment to the special sessions housing bill that is proving as tough for administration members to handle as stinging nettle. The amendment provided that n building jobs inaugurated under the 90 per cent housing loan guarantee, all workmen shall be paid the "prevailing wage" of the locality. That means, for all practical purposes, payment of the union wage for carpenters, bricklayers, stone cutters and the like. The President wanted, instead, the English meth6d of paying workmen on an annual basis in Its housing program. He suggested that method of payment at a press conference as a means of rednc- ng costs so as to stimulate building. Apparently even Senator Wagner at New York, father of the housing legislation, was not wholly clear the wage subject, for he was on both sides ot the issue in the same day. When Senator Lodge offered his amendment, Wagner said, after some colloquy: "I propose to vole for the amend ent if there is a roll call." A few hours later, when the bill had been passed and sent to con ference with the House, Senator Wagner told reporters the Lodge amendment would have to come out. He explained it would bu den the Department of Labor to determine what were "prevailing wages" in different sections. But a deep seated reason was obvious. If prevailing wages are paid to workmen building these houses, the President's hope of scaling down the cost will go a-gllmmer ing. A carpenter's wage in many sections is $11 a day. That is the prevailing wage" payable under the Lodge amendment. That is $56 a week for five days. Experience indicates that house carpenters work perhaps 30 weeks a year at their trade, whch makes their an- lal pay $1.650. The plan originally contemplated in the housing bill was to encourage mass production of $5,0l 1 and $6,000 houses by large contracting companies which could provide year-round jobs. If a carpenter worked the year around—50 weeks—at $11 a day, his annual wage would be $2,750. But that would not cut the cost of building the house. Under the English plan the carpenter's 30-week wage would be spread over 50 weeks, perhaps with some increase. Thus the. carpen ter would build houses for 50 weeks instead of 30 weeks, turning out more work. This would reduce the cost of each house. His 30 weeks at $55 a week becomes 50 Weeks at $33 a week That is $6.66 a day, finite a cut from $11. Labor officials have disapproved the idea. If some compromise should be struck to boost the annual wage from $1,650 a year to, say, $2,000 a year, that would give a carpenter $40 a week, or $8 a day. But labor unions say there Is no assurance that more than a tew will get year-round work, while the ol hers, working Ihe same old part time for less pay, will worse off. Housing officials, on the othet hand, sny that unless costs are cut there will be no housing boom and rio work tor carpenters 01 plumbers. A compromise has not yet been found. PLAN FOR BANQUET The Cigarette -Bowling League 01 Ihe Eagles will hold their anmia first half banquet on Thursday January 1,1th at 7 o'clock In the Ei.gics drill Room, due to the that no other date would suit t.hi nkwnriln. II Is hoped that n fill membership ot the Icngue will bt on hand. be Trees 100 feet high are found orth of the Arctic circle. Pour a little chili sauce over boil ed cauliflower. AUTO CRASH COSTLY TO FREDERICK MAN Suits of Various Kinds Greet Franklin L Notnagle Franklin L. Notangle, Frederick farm machine salesman, who on November 29 last figured in a triple auto crash near Benevola, this county, spent anything but a happy New Year's Day. He was sued twice for damages on December 30 as a result of the crash and on December 31 was sued in equity by his wife tor separate maintenance. Notangle, who paid a fine of $250 for driving drunk, was sued for $2000 damages by Herbert Cohn, Baltimore, whose car was damaged, and. for an undisclosed amount by Elizabeth Wright Powell, a Baltimore nurse, who was seriously hurt. His wife, Helen M. Notangle, in her equity suit, says she and No- tangle married in 1925 and have four children. She says he has an income ot fully $7000 and that during the last three months spent $2000 in having a good time. He was ordered in this suit to pay $100 counsel fees and J2d pe rweek alimony. Cites Colored Hair MANY CAREER WOMEN The Internationa: Federation of Business and Professional Women numbers a total of 64,594 American "career" women in its membership Sydney, hair stylist. "Colored hair is the thing in Paris," declares Sydney, New York hair stylist. "The first thing one notices in doing the smart spots, is the shining; colored hair that-forms an aura of light around pale faces of society women. It all adds to the glamor so prevalent in Paris. For evening, the more extreme and startling the coiffure, the better they like it." AMAZING MAMA Danville, Va., Jan. 4 (f) — Three of the offspring mothered by a grey cat here are nice or jugh kltteiiB but the fourth Is Utterly a rat. The cat caught a baby wharf rat and gave It to her three kittens to play with. Now the rat nurses with the kittens and the strangely assorted family lives In harmony. MONEY DISAPPEARS New York, Jan. 4, (#"). -• Police and officials of the Bensonhurst National bank In Brooklyn puzzled over how $25,000 vanished from the bank's vault while everybody was at work. Bank officials told police the teller, William Behan, put the money in the vault at 4:30 p.m.. yesterday. Three hours later when he entered the vault with $33,000 more, he found the first sum missing. Scottish chieftains were deprived of most of their powers in 1748. 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