The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 14, 1946
Page 3
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THURSDAY, M AlU'll HMO Three Students To Be Honored HlATHKVll.l.K (AUK.) COUK1KR NKWS PAGE THREE Senior Women Will Become Members Of Mortar Board PAVETTEVILLK, Art:.. Mul. 14. Three senior women in the Unive sity o( Arkansas have been tupped from * Blythei'llle Airport Bub WinsbQi-oiigh, public relations director for Arkansas-Missouri Power Comp:inv. is about ready to resume his favorite sport of flying, lie was working for nis private for membership in Mortar Hoard, j Pilot license when war came aloni; national organization for senior \\-o-1 and h c went out, to do his bit, for men students. 'Members of Mortar Uncle Sam. Now lie Is n civilian Board ai'e selected on the bases of leadership, scholarship and services. The three students so honored arc Helen While of Fayctteville, Dotty Bumper:; !'alritii;e. of Wabash, and Paula Oliver of Comlni;. The three will be initialed into (he organization Sunday mornine, and then be honored with a breakfast. Miss White, :\ member of Chi Omega, is a member ol the sophomore council. Alpha Lnmlxlc Delta, Phi Chi! Alpha, the Guild Ticker staff, and Mixed Chorus. -She also is vice president of the Y.W.C.A.. winner of the I'feiter Scholarship again, and the old enthusiasm is returning. Bob, who visits niythevillc al frequent intervals, inquired about private flying facilities here and id he probably will try oul the local field us soon a.s he has an opportunity. In Marketing, and a member of the Student Christian Council. Mrs. Patridge is president of the Y.W.C.A., treasurer of Kappa Kappa Gamma, member of Hie Unsi- ness School Council, member of the executive council of the Commerce Guild, aucl formerly v,as co-chairman of the Sophomore Council. Miss Oliver was recently elected He tells .some ^ood stories, and one of the best concerns a youiu; woman in Chicago who was learning to fly. she was making a cross country solo flight and became lost. She tried everything but, couldn't find where she was. so decided sho would have to make an emergency anding as her gas supply was dwindling. fi o what did she do? She started climbing her plane. With several thousand feet, between her and Ihe ground, tin last precious drop of fuel drained into the motor. Then without ixnv- cr. she started back down to earth and ultimately succeeded in landing in a convenient field. Later, her flying friends asked her why she decided to clmb he" Among the new students who are taking duul instruction under Johnny Fields is Ralph Brltlon of Steele, Mo. • • • Mary Jo !I_all doesn't mind being a merchant bill complains that the duties of managing her recently Tot Shop on Second Streel are taking so much (line that she seldom has n chance to fly. "That, just won't do," she says. * • • There have been a number of visitors at the field in the past week. I,lent. J. M. Kurcuba and Lieut, w. M. Ulllard. both of the Fourth l-'crrymg Group in Memphis piloted an Army I,-5 and h-l hero and spent the night. Paul Bowman stopped by en route from (he factory, flying n new Cub to Foil Worth. Hilly Morgan flew here from Fort Worth in his new rnylorcrafi for the weekend. G. E. White signed in from San Antonio a Taylorcrafi. R. c. Fisher of Shrcveport, La., stopped over en route home from the factory In his new Aeroiica. IJill Fason. instructor at Uowen Field, West Memphis, landed here with a ci' country student. One of Joe JJowen's cotton dusters now Is be- Priest Who Died In Jap Prison Dedicated Song To Churchill NEW YOHK (U.l'.l.-Wlnslon , foivl K n ™rrcsi>mulcnl. Wlllliini II. Clmri-liill 1ms acknowledged lluvMc ]><nin:)ll. jr., of (in. UnlH'<l Press il was disdosi'd toilny. of j As-iociiutons. who wiis Interned In LI sonn eomnosed imd i lo him by u priest who in u -In prison t lie pledged a toi-cl^n dent to deliver tlu> do the forum- Prime Mink ThroiiKH J. V. Thorn | isli consul lit Mtiiiul. 111 expressed appreciation ii'i; ii y mers in this vlcln- seeds. These iilr- pvesident of A'jsociiitecl Women Students. She formerly served social cbainnan and secretary of [ship until all the fuel was none A.W.S. executive committee. She rather thnn Inuding under power. "Well, they al'-vnys told me when in trouble the more altitude you have the better." she explained, "So I decided 1 had better get as hU;h a.s I could before I tried to New Theater Manila's Finest Saturday & Bimdiiy, Mat. 1 o'clock Sunday i Tuesday Nljhtg, 5:3t o'clock All other nights, 6 o'clock. planes have many use.s. especially in an aurk-uluirai country. dk-ated j Simulr,.. w tti, (he WHIR'S composer Ihe Hev. H. 15. liakkcr, a Koman Catholic Dutch priest. Cluiietilll Touched "Mr. Churchill was very touched I by your account of (he circum- UrK- [stiuu'i's In which (he tiong was dedicated 10 him," the consul wroU to Mi'btiiijiali, "aiul Us most grateful to you for carrying out Mr Hukker's dying request lo send him Ihe manuscript." In his letter to Churchill. Mc- D'Hiuall expluined that Fathei < tlying when respon- tcnt to i. Church- to llio iis active in Y.W.C.A. v.ork, a mem- of the Women's Athletic As- iUion. the Student Senate, and marshal of Tri Delta sorority. « • , ; Mrs. Anderson Heads Demonstration Cluh Mrs. W. O. Anderson was elected president of Armorel >lome De- monstratlon Club at a meeting Tuesday at the Club House. Other officers elected were: Mrs. T. R. Watson, vice president; Mr;. Robert Hadye, secretary and Mrs. N. C. Pallerson. reporter. Chairmen to serve are: Mrs. Wat- . son, better homes; Mrs. "W. L. J • * Smith, recreation; Tvliss Pcngy V r in- f Two visitors from Minnesota re- son, scrapbook; Mrs. R. L." Adkis-i cently stopped at the municipal air- son, garden; Mrs. C. C. Elliott. I port here enroute to Hoi Springs. Gene Flcemaii's airport at Manila is a popular rendezvous these days for air enthusiasts \vhn reside across the lake. A number of Manila au<l Lcachville people ai'e learning to fly. or plan to do so tills spring. On e of them is Mrs. r iceman, who has been flying solo for some time now and who hopes to qualify for her license this summer. canning; Mrs. J. J. Danncr. 'home ground; Mrs. W. Lawson. poultry; Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Watson, cloth-- ing; Mrs. W. Metzgcr, nutrition ant! Mrs. Watson, -!-H Club. Mrs. Anderson presided at the meeting and Mrs. Smith led group singing. The devotional, given by Mrs. Smith, \vas followed by prayer. Following Hie. business session, Miss Cora Lee Coleman gave a demonstration dn cooking'a - complete meal in an electric oven. Anti-Closed Shop .Jest Case Delayed They said Minnesota will have scores of landing lields complelcd the end of this ycnr. many of them Ion*; hnve been in use others arc being completed for the •ronvenience of air visitors to Iho state and for those home folk who Last Time Today 'THREE STRANGERS" 1'cler Loire News and Comedy ± Friday "THUNDERHEAD" with I'reslon Foster mid Koilily AIvDowell Serial it C»>int;ilv CHICK THEATRE 'Where Happiness Costs So Little" Week Days: Starti at 7 p. m. T EL DORADO, Ark.. Mar. 13 (UP) —Hearini; of the case oi L. V Keelig and J. E. Bledsoc, expected to be a test of the Arkansas anti- closed shop Constitutional Amendment, today had been post ponce: until April in Union Count} Chancery Court. I Judge w. A. Speer ordered post-' ponement of the case, originally set for hearing yesterday, because; answers had not been filed to an amended complaint. Keelig and Blertsoe, former Lion Chemical Corporation employes, claim they were discharged in violation of the stale's so-called freedom to work amendment. They charge they were fired by the company at n union's because of failure to pay union dues. Read Courier News Want Ads. Phone 2611 for Prompt • Road Service 9 Tire Recapping • Halt cry Charging • Washinpr and Lubrication • I'ulisliing and Waxing • Expert Ford Mechanics • Truck Tires—any size Hours--6 to 6—7 Days MARK'S AUTO SERVICE Ash at Second Street Last Time Today DOUBLE FEATURE "There's Something About a Soldier" with Tom Neal :nnl Kvelyn K:iyes with KnLert \Villilims and 'GIRL IN THE CASE" Jiinis ('urter Also Short Friday anil Saturday DOUBLE FEATURE 'THE OLD TEXAS TRAIL' with Koil Cameron anil "Fuzzy" Kniyht "ALLERGIC to LOVE" with Noah Beery Jr. Riiil Martha O'Driscoll Serial: "JunBlc Queen" Chapl. 10 Also Cartoon RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. 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Mother's Oats (PREMIUM PACKAGE} OPEN G:«; STA11TS 7 p. m I,its) Time Today 'Objective Burma' Krrol I'l.vnn William I'rincc N George Tobias \c\vs of Ihe Day Also Shorls Friday and Saturday Springtime in Texas' Jimmy \Vi\kcly Dennis Mnorc Serial: "The Master Key" Also Shorts li:ikkiT. who luul sorvtril us iwi'lsb >rk'st of Muntok, DLiukLi, 811111:1- tru. wi\.s lnlL'i'ncLt with otlur Dtilch rlvllliius iiiul Ilrlllslt ic 1 - jt'os. cluiivlilH's 's|)o«!cli of April 27. 10-11, so inspired till! |>ili'M, Mfl»ni;»'l siilil. Ihi^l lu> wt to luiisti' the words of 'Al-tliur UUKli dough's "Sny Nitt," which ClniR'h- III luul (|»oti'il bi'djvu ijnrlluini'iil. MvDoiJKUll was Ilc'i'lug Java In Mnrrh, .IIM2, wlii-n Ills ^li'l> wus sunk In Hit- liullun Ocean. Ho n'iU'hiMl siiinutiu In n lUt'hnut and wu^ Inti'nuMl ;(t I'uU'inUiiiii; Juil, whi'io In. 1 ini'l Fill her ll:ikl:cr. Nearly GO in-r crnl of the (irli:in:il llllOll'lOl'K (lll'll dlllillc lllr I'llMlllI (hive yt'uvs. In- sii\<l, anil Futhoi llakkcr himself siici-nnibi'd <in .Him 16. 111-15, ill Ilic ajjf i>( 'U. Mury !SI Before hi' dint l-'alhcr Miirl)oiii;iill to live,- the son|» when the war ended s inude for him by Shier mi, head of the music t, College of St. Mary- sulch, nl. Bait. Luke City, Utuh. "l-'iithe Bukker was n J >:ofl- volcecl II e mull with u black Van Dyke b ird," the correspondent wrote l< Churchill. " 'Gentle' Is the woi best, lo describe him. Dm Insii his mild exterior burned fires of al both for his faith nnd his li'lli • prisoners. Wllh other priests id brothers he labored In inn- uikeshiJl prison hospital lie linir mid Mnluy to prisoners Interested in Ihose 1« i;uiu;es. lll» eholr aw inonthlj e.iint'1'rls. somehow, and despite hnvliu; no musical Instrinnenls, he found lime lo compose pvollflcnlly Tills Is only one of mnny composl- lons. He wax the busiest and best ovcd mail In prison." QUICK REUEF FROM EXCESS ACID MILK Blytheville's Food Headquarters Superior Quatih *^*LJt~ \mm**m-m*-m Overtwomillion bottlMOf UttWILLABD TREATMENTh»Y«b««inol<Horr * du. tobWM AcU. Sold on 154.T.' trlalt Aik for "WIMftfl mttttuf' which fully uvUloi tl>l< trcMmcnt—Ira*—M BLYTHEVILLE: KIRBY HI-WAY DRUO CO. ROBINSON DRUG CO. ARMOREL: ARMOREL DRUG CO. SHORTENING White Ribbon 4Lb. Carton - - 75' I Super Suds; 1 Ocl:inim I'mv- ilcr. All fin- On Side at 10 A.M. 1'rltlay •i. P.M. Saturday 28c CANOVA FOI.C.KUS MAXWKM OLD JIIDOI: Lb. Glass Jar Pride of Illinois No. 2'/2 Can 19c I.I.MAS, IMNTOS. '-NOKTIIEKN T Lb. Bag 12c I'INTOH, f.KKAT NOKTIIIillN 5 Lbs. 50c;'10 Lbs. 98c Fresh Country Doz. 33c SHIBLEY'S BEST 25 Lb. Bag $115 Temple Garden 16 oz. Jar 33c PURE IU oz. Jur Pineapple Peach Grape 45c Peanufi Butter CANOVA Pint 37c Quart 64c Bring Your 9 Spare Stamp R-39 Sugar Stamp 5 Lbs. 35c 10 Lbs. 69c MARCO 32 Oz. Qt. Jar lOc TERS and SHRIM SOAP BATH SIZE 2 for Regular Size 3 for - SAUSAGE All I'ork I'otind 35M PORK CHOPS,. ,37 HAMS Whole or Half LI). BACON Co u n try Dry Cured. I,b. 38 |SHOULDERS 38 And Full Dressed SOUPS 1/t Chicken ('hickrn Noodle Cream Mushroom f I 1 1^ B Atmc Brand ^ A £ C Salad Dressing r >1 65 25ibs.1 25 Best Cream 2 Lbs. --13c 5 Lbs. - 29e lOLbs.-50c FRUITS^ VEGETABLES CELERY Crispy Stalks Each RADISHES Garden Fresh Bunch BANANAS Golden Ripe Lb. PORK CUTLETS 35 1 CHILI I'otiud Slicks 35* CHEESE SPREAD CHEESE In 19 BEEF Fresh (iround 1'ound TOMATOES Lb. 290 GREEN BEANS Stringiest Valentines Lb. ENGLISH PEAS STEAKS, ROAST & STEW NEW POTATOES I Red Triumphs Lb. 81c FRESH PORK SHOULDERS HAMS GREEN ONIONS She//ofs Bch. CARROTS Texas Quality Bunch I CAULIFLOWER Snow White Heads Lb.

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