The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 19, 1944 · Page 18
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 18

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1944
Page 18
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18 Thursdoy, October 19,1944 gft e gjfeerflfiflb Calif orntan [ MONARCH "| Ancwrr t» Pr«rlo«a P«il HOEIZONTAL 1 Pictured monarch, King V 7 He is ruler of 13 Fleet If Old French province 15 Placed 16 Shortly 19 Makes mistakes 20 Cloth measure 21 Thoroughfare 23 Hard-shelled dried fruit 24 Note in Guido's scale 26 Late American humorist 28 Set anew 30 Ocean currents 33 Area measure 34 Sloth 85 Transpose 36 It proceeds (music > 37 Animal 30 Heron 41 East (Fr.) 42 Scottish sheepfold 43 Onager 45 Expunges SO American writer 63 Land parcels 55 Indians 56 Den 57 King's residence 59 Paths 61 Expends 62 Turned inside out VERTICAL 1 Storm 2 Russian mountain 3 Bestows approval 4 Small child 5 Paid notice 6 Huge 7 Rational 8 Wave length (ab.) 9 Compass point 10 Mended 11 Unbleached 12 Bird's home 17 Either 18 Whirlwind 21 Glut 22 Rags 25 Conducts 27 Mourning hymn 28 Knock 29 Age 31 First woman 32 Was seated 38 Cuddle 40 Mend 43 Swiss mountains 44 Cleansing substance 46 Regrets 20 47 Near 48 Symbol for selenium 49 Royal Italian family name 51 Lubricants 52 Gaelic 54 Bushmen 56 New Guinea port 58 Symbol for cadmium 60 Revised version (ab.) m w 55 8 12. 30 42. 10 50 12 32. 51 THIS CURIOUS WORLD By WILLIAM FERGUSON AS LON& AS FROM AN EXTINCT REPTILE, WERE FOUND IN SOUTH AMERICA/ SCIENTISTS 5AY THE POISONOUS SERPENr MUST HAVE BEEM CORK. 1M4 BY NEA SERVICE. INC 4 PERSON WHO BELONGS TO AM 4sr*oMAur/cAt- j IS INTERESTED IN POTATO BUGS WENT OVERSEAS TO PPANCE DURING THE F/RSr WORJ-0 WAfZ, T. M. RCO. U. 8. PAT. Off. AN.SWUK: Itorket »lil|)« FUN NX BUSINESS By IIKHSHBKIUJKR "I think It's the color of your Dest nuit N|IO\V|IIK up!' ".Stop humming!" fcQPH 1»«4 BY NI* BfHVICt. INC. t. M BIG U. S. PAT. O»P. "I <ln!l't tl'll Mill uhllt In iln. do I?" HOME LAW BOOK J'inlh nliOIH the l«->.ill lull 1 .-) Ulillll i.'KMIII ||,II M . |}|.|M,n,jl liU'ill.-.i !. tioiB itinxt likely 1.0 nfn.Tt i ..... H <iaily hi'.-. The i-u'i .|ni| IU lur HIMII I ,w 1'iml 4» H K e« nf UL-Li-clali. inlc.i mul lull on Ml.,,,,a i; , „,„! .llv.iri-c II.WH, nV, . in ;, 1 1 /.„ inn it;ralir,n, <•!.-.. ruins i.Ko Hi,. \\,-\,\ ,,( > ,,nn avis. ni,i,. H i,,ii-r.-Kt " pr,,,t-rly .-..pyrusht ami liauu ,n;,,U,<. Ji ,» „ „,. ,,.„;,!. hiuidy. rrfuieiu-e b . turri,ilt-d for lint uw ol lnymeu l.y a liijinnii ( L'BC This Coupini) tB, i,tml|jultl. The Baki'rufiHd Oilirnrnlnn Infurmullon Bureau 316 Eye Bt., .\. E.. Wusliintlon i, l>. C. •I endow herewith 16 crntn in coin (.an.fuily wrapped In paper) for a copy ul the Horne Law Book. Street or Rural Route.. City _ Stiili. (Mall In Wddhlnglun, li. C ) SIDE GLANCES By GALBRAITH 'She xnypi «he n-onr« herself nut n-orkliiE lit the P. T. A. party every year, but I've never Heen her do anything lint cive orderH to tile rent «f MM!" wm^'KKfww^' tt£m2'&&w#&/ "(iqsh. ilo sou riMili/i- Hint every ila.v this w«r KIIPS on moans Just Ihat much niiint liihlipry to Ntmly later?" THESE \VO.MKN! By d'ALESSIO ". . . An J Mas Mi>ine uhcn .vim ran off In u-nrk tliio mnrntiiK . . .' ALLEY OOI' How (o \\'n\ Debates (THEN LETS r o<AY, OOOLA.C'MONV IT--"ALLEV By V. T. MAM LIN ._ MAV YTHEKIMDOF "^ HAVE SOME TALK WE'RE PlFFICULTy \ GOING TO USE . UP.' I HAVEN'T LEFTA\COMIM6 OUT TALK/MG .AWILL LEAVE FLUM<Ey STANPIM&-- \ OF THERE. WE'VE GOT THE JOWT ) BuT FAST? ' TO OURSELVES HIM INTO J NO ROOM FOR GOING- } \ ARGUMENT) WITH US 'AH. LOOK! THE AND'FAST ( T pnc ASLEEP y\ h01< OUT OUR WA¥ By J. R. WILLIAMS / I HAVEN'T BEEW ABLE TO DO / A THINS ALL AFTERNOON--I TOLD I HER. TO PRACTICE HER MUSIC ' LESSON AND SHE SAID, 'OH.FUDGE? AS SUIPPYA<=> COULD 6E.' TALK TO HER "SHE , HAS NO MORE RESPECT FOR ME B-HOO-HM.' THIRTY YEAR'S TOO SOOW /o " /t OUR BOARDING HOUSE Wtlh MAJOR HOOPLB LOOK.' ISN'T THAT HOOPLB iT WADOLINS OUT OP THE MOV/IE ?-*~ WAS THW A. 'TECHMICOLOR /V\\RAGE TEls! MIMUTE5 AGO SMHEM VOU TOLD U6 HE WAV/ED A GUM AT VOL) AT THE 1-TELUVOLJ TUPOT WAS HOOPLE • AT THE * ' FACTOR.V, ,S PLAIM A6 A BOIL OM SOUR MECk: I EMEhl GAY.) .THE ES6 ONj, HIS VEST/ THAT PINE PRIMT RACINiG DONE TWIMSS TO YOUR. PEEPERS, MACK/ ooes LOOK DOESNVT IT ? THE GUMPS . 6LORY/ ; HOP INTO you* DUPS- WE'VE SOT PLACES TO <SO, THINSSTOPO/ Ifix Is a Die-Hard IT TRISHA- 1 THREE MORE BEING A MOVIE CELEB PERSONAL ISNT ALL SKITTLES PPEARANCES AWCHAWAiSNE- BEFORE LUNCH, By GUS EDSON TWERE, ANDY 7 THE TIME HAS M'BOV d-OES I COME FOR ME THE FLITURE I TO HWE AHEAP- MRS. BIX BAXTERS TO-HBART TALK s WITH YOU SON f GASOLINE ALLEY JESSICA, SERGEANT SLONEVS (?OMANCeS 4RE The Eyes Have It WHAT I CAN CATHei?, I'P SAY ME is FICKLE. •meee dee A COUPLB reuows GIVING os THE ONCE OVEff, NINA By KING BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Strangers By EDGAR MARTIN COTE UV OOTfVT. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Woman's Angle By MERRILL BLOSSER HILDA CRUBBLE HEROINE ALTHOUGH SUB CANHARWYSWIf HILDA GRUBftLF AneMPTBOTORS COVER 7WE BOPV" OF LARD SMITH WHO WAS REPORT ED MISSING INTM FeeeziMd wAta OF STAUFFFft'S THE FACT THAT LARD WAS SAFE 1 AT HOM&, HILDA'S ATTEMPTED RESCUE WAS SEIN& PRAISED BV HER. FELLOW STUDENTS." SHE DESERVE ALL , THAT PUBUCITV/ SHE DIDN'T RISK so MUCH .' THAT WATBfc WAS BARELY OVER HER-HEAD NCA •IIIVICI. me. "T. M. KEO. U. ». MTTOfM COP*. WASH TUBBS "CAPTAIN TOtP YOU THAT UNCLE SAMMY IS COMIM' THIS WAY. WE'VE 6Or MORE TO DO, NOW, THAM DOP6E JAP PATROLS.' OUC 60V5 NEEP INFORMATION! A Prospect By LESLIE TURNER _ , THAT 8ASE SOURCES fOR / AT WENOAO 6ETTIN6 THOSE FACT'S-/ IS ONE... THHH6ET'EM<?UICK.' WTELLIGEMCE ANYSU66BSTIONS,MEN? SPBAK UP.' ^ FOR ALL NOCFH' ' ERN LUZON YBS, BUT ITS ALSO TH'sfe0M6EsreAse 114 T.H 1 AREA, FELIPE- IT-'P TAKE A MIRACLE TOSETINSIPEIT, 1 I SUPPOSE SO, SER6EANT. j BUT I KNOW f 1/BRY FOOT OF I ITS LAyoUT...A FBWMINUTES IN A CERTAIN 6L)ILP!N<5, ANC> WE COULD <5ET JUST WHAT WE/ SOUNDS NJEEP JY PROMISING FELLAS! tETS HEAR MOPE .ABOUf IT.' ~.r M. RE OH-Hf ;f TAKE IT EAST. AW IAY HEAD.'V2PU HAD AN ACCIDENT- 1 . VJHAT HAPPENED- 7 I CAN'T SEEfA TO RE7\E7\PERT ANYTHING' VJHO ARE YOU.V VOHERE —"^ Af»\ 1 #^ Surprise Awakening L'rA REP RYDER AND YOU' By FRED BARMAN REDRYDERi'IDONT RECALL YOU— CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER IT'S NOLLY, &UT NOLLY TVE IOST MY MEMORY.' HOI n KVI;HVTIIIN<; '!('• my turn rum—MHI'IC nlrrmly gut xiur &II niUklunh In!" MUCK ROGKKS, TWKNTV-FIFTH CENTLKV, A. D. Old College Chum? By LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS HELPLESS/IP AND WHAT A WAR IT WILL IT WAS-BY ARMED FORCE/ OUT NrXZL GANGSTERS MUST HAVE STARTED A NEW REIGN OF TERROR/ WEH / BUCK.' IF WE'RE IN YUCATAN -I KNOW OF A SPOT THAT MIGMT BE HELPFUL.TO US/ THOSE ARE 25™ CENTURY WHAT AN OLD CHUM OF MINE PROFESSOR VOGI -VOMJM VAWAITING OFANCIENTNMJI IT MEANS WORLD WAR THREEHAS RETIRED TO YUCATAN TO ALREADY BEGUN WHAT, DOC? A BOMB SHELTER? GERMANY WAS EXPERIMENTS TWENTY YEARS AGO/ FIVE CENTURIES

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