The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 29, 1936 · Page 9
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 9

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 29, 1936
Page 9
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H - 4' .\. - i *' -• ••- * S i ; ; h H f- i r" I -. ht V 'Vt h -; # L i£I I'lfl' , ' '-•' ,- f . t ft <'-.' f*"ll i j . - '•• • i \r>-' ** * -. /<>. i^ ;U- •*-T 1 -. - , j * r • ^> •: (. Si \ n i •- L ' ). l^ • P^.. *»-l — •• L ^ . Lr - r i*'V . I.* . ". ,-->,, ^1 ' -V -) - - I 4 ilt-iS -' ->i». -v: 1 - ,T -'r- • _" ' H I '< I * J **j; ji • i r 1 '- H - .V j^-. . -f r \ L J ll iiT-* i * I .. .' < - -^- *'. * i •* p" \l'f I I * ** .V -S, 1 !^ -il^ - f "-. -V.J. *j- •l.'JI - V 1 V v - - v" -; - ]• -1— L - , -. -' .* •' t->- V ^* V »- < -' •., r .Uta , - V.X iai-*irT -. /- .* *\ ;^l' l^'V ,!i i .*. • • -- ••' ' J -• '- "I, ' ' .' - — . I' - - ' t. I- ** • I It ' .'. • J . I • i.:- •>'i ^y ' i IT •-J • ; • .- ' .•• i .?: " ' > - ^ .,' I L <:l i> -I <».-l n ,v:: : . f ".\ **•• V Classified »T ^' t .1. close every The Bakersfleld \ ^I!L ^_^A I --\' M\ %\ K\'* $: \ '•*• I I 1 H Phone • i ;nr>l. J'. ^J. ^^ -d -I ¥,".<' I , -. i- - "-*'- /-' n v - I - . -I ,.-,' '•-. i - , i - * f ^; • ~. i" J > L ^ " - j -' «-V'- . r - ^- • ', I- 1. v i c /- !• L 'F . L •:^. , / . *-* •'. V - * - L I' I- 1 f. .' -'• h -+ • -V •V w^; '• «•? ^v*' 1 f. - I 1 .li r H »* A" I r-' '*• BAKERSFIELD, CALlPbRNlA, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1936 *• \""- -. I f ' ^ _-IB_IIJ F I < - , f I- I \ r>' i n> -1 i- .*- .- . '* . i h , i IF, -^ i - i i .*,if • i - L • •. r.l .-: ' ^- rwr I . I '*> t!- --- hft L PV' .- 1 >. _ i. r , i - '- ,- ' W t- '-, ^ T **-•&) " V ,-3- I . .-;-r. L ' ' A- * ' TI . ..••-V"'v t t :^'S^ .' *'L^^'T| •-". a-*: '-•*..- j l .• -T;' ;. i s" V.K L »-i*V'". . Tf *l • j .1 ••-r. T ' ' F '• ;T 'i; j. - '-i^ " i.; cv.^.j- ;•*< i^vi IV .i ^. )ji ' '." «. I .J. -*;•:: '» I- rr£ ^;^: •r-i ^ T-.- -• -. ' ^ !,-' ,- >• i--*Ji iV-5* 1 'i i •* .'t 4' tn-% <• ;i. &:u *\ f: 'I•J "vf ^. '-V - -.--I * I F^^ ~^^ •» •• •• - Launched Wednesday i Officers Postpone Action Suggestion to Pay Extra Cost •f $4300 CASH NEEDED i . - • . - <- . . t •t Delay on Decision Asked by Mayor, After Long Debate by Others . V ' ' " •...•.•nan, ii • • f l n , City Council split last night •*• on the question of using $4300 in the city's WPA fund to com- r plete the amount needed for.cov- "ering Bast Side canal on either sido of Baker street, and decision was delayed another week. Councilman Alfred Siemon, appointed \ last -week to confer with WPA and city engineers and an Bast Bak- orsfleld Progressive Club Committee, f said ho had become convinced that . although the project would benefit t .private property owners, It was • - worthy of city funds because all East Bakersfleld would also benefit. AKERSFIEUD'S roaring Frontier Days celebration will begin auspiciously tomorrow night when the Coirtimunlty Theater presents that heart-gripping drama of gold and ghouls called "Gold In the Hills," or the "Dead Sister's Secret." This emotional thunderstorm will be presented for two. nights only, September 30 and October 1; at the Union Avenue Tabernacle, Just off Union avenue, not Times Square on East Twenty- first street. Friday, October Z Street entertainment from noon to midnight. Mammoth toe-smashing geMo-gether at Jaokson and Baker streets, beginning at 8:30 p. m. Cowgirl banquet at 8 p. m. at El Tejon Hotel, where the most beautiful girls from far and near will vie for honors. Saturday, October 3 Spectacular parade, present- Ing the oldest costumes, vehicles, animals and muslo It Is possible to collect In one line. -LI I 1*30—Championship rodeo at the fairgrounds. 6:00—More street entertainment and dances continuing to midnight. 7:30—Costume and fashion parade, which will end In the Judging In the City Hall (with police protection to the Judges). 8:00—Official Frorftler dance at La Qranada Ballropm. 8:00—Those gastronomlcally minded will attend the barbecue at Stockdale Country Club. 12:00—Midnight Jamboree at Fox Theater. Sunday, October 4 \ Championship rodeo In after* noon with finals In all classes. t : '• ••••• WW • i ALL-TIME • Idaho Girl's Registration Increases High School, J.C. Total to 4000 rpo rmv man u oaquln 1 mon SCO rln rmy, n i dui few PLANT CROWDED n n out droppe route • • • en » w • » PROGRAM CHAMPIONSHI ASSOCIATION KERN I- n Principal Declares New School Necessary Students Increase eve n n own irmy u maneu 1 In snt wa u n n ows on, n n Hniir nuui Invile Entire State to Frontier Days PEATURE_COSTUMES Donald Novis and Conrad Nil gel on Broadcast With Kern Group p t^^^^^^^^—~ Huge Midnight Jamboree to Be Added Frontier Feature $8000 Posted CouncUmen Kamlnski and Boden aided with him, tho former making a strong argument. Councilman Sollers led the opposition on tho ground that the city hod undertaken the project with the understanding that the property owners, who have advanced $8000, should bear the entire cost, and that public funds should not be used for private benefit despite the fact that since the project waa approved lost winter, a new WPA ruling bos increased the cost. Siding with Mr, Sellers was* Councilman Smith. Mayor Wilson asked Mr. Siemon to delay his motion for using the $4300 until next week pending further study, which was done. The city budgeted $10,000 as a fund to meet its share of any "WPA projects for which it might apply during the year. City Manager Fred Wi Nighbert reported $5700 of this hns already been alloted to a street repair project now in progress. Aid to Traffic By! ^covering the canal tho Bast Bakersfield residents hope to allow the business, district to expand northward, relieving congested traffic conditions near the railroad tracks, •Councilman Kamlnski argued, and this would benefit the entire district. Ray T. Buriim, assistant city attorney, reporting on an ordinance submitted''by local cleaners to provide a code of fair competition for their industry, said that the cleaners 1 attorney had agreed that certain i'ea- ' turcs would bo held unconstitutional and that without them tho ordinance would bo of no value. As no alternative bill was presented, tho matter was tabled. After lengthy discussion of measures governing circuses, carnivals and parades, on motion of Mr. Sollers, an ordinance prohibiting such ontertkinment from appearing in Bakersfield between August IB and October 1 was repealed. This dates from tho years of tho county fair r and was intended to prevent competition, but there is nothing to prevent a circus from locating Just out- nido the city limits and, although - harming the city's streets, operating beyond city control, Mr. Sellers pointed out. Previous Discussion 'On motion of Mr. Siemon, the city manager and attorney had previously been instructed to prepare, a new license ordinance governing circuses, carnivals and parades. The discussion was precipitated by tho recent appearance of Cole Brothers circus, to which the city refused a license. Supervisor Jay A, Hinman was present and said that although there is a county license ordinance providing a fee of $150 a day, this was not collected. W. H. IULLOS IS GIVEN JAIL TE To Serve Year's Sentence as Result of Conviction on Bad Check Charge W. H. Tullos of Bakersfield was sentenced to servo one year in tho county Jail by Presiding Judge Er- wln W. Owen who denied tho motion of Attorney W. S. Marks for a new trial. Tullos was convicted here last week on a charge of having issued a spurious check. ''The court Is convinced of your guilt," Judge Owen said. "The jury recommended leniency and without that recommendation I should havo se"nt you to San Quentin penitentiary." Court Puzzled The courts was puzzled, according to its own declaration, over the caso of Tyler Page, a handsome young man. Pago pleaded guilty to having taken a car without the owner's consent and with having committed grand theft by the same action. The young man refused the prof- erred services of an attorney and declined to make any application for probation. What is more ho pleaded guilty to both charges though they had their inception In tho same circumstances. It not infrequently occurs that a defendant will plead guilty readily as charged in order to forestall a more detailed investigation of his record with Its attendant consequences. In this instance, however, the district attorney's office aald no past record against Pago had been- disclosed. Sentenced to Jnil Judge Owen sentenced Page to servo nine months in the county jail and ordered that tho sentence run concurrently on each count. Tho court today appointed Attorney Donald Kendall to represent Augustus Weaver, an elderly man, on a morals charge involving a young girl. This case was continued until October 6 for arraignment. The trial of J. T. Adams, accused of having driven an automobile whilo intoxicated, waa set for November 17. Attorney Edward West will defend Adams, who, In an automobile accident, is alleged to havo injured Mrs. Georgo Bahrenberg. Kornaehon Trial Set Trial date for Jano Fornachon, accused of having murdered her husband, Victor Charles Fornachon, 41. has been changed from October 0 to October 33 at the request of her attorney, AV. C. DorriH, who is 111. Farm Laborers' WageJp 20 Pet. "DLANNED as ono of the most colorful events of the many scheduled for Frontier Days woek, a great Midnight Jamboree featuring Hollywood celebrities and a host of other entertainers has been announced for Saturday night at Fox Theater. Doors of the theater will open at 11:30 p. m. and music of many varieties will bo played up and down the aisles until midnight, when tho popular JDIck DicUson, winner of last year's silver-mounted trophy, will take charge as master of ceremonies. Invite Celebrities Committees on Frontier theater publicity and those In charge of Frontier night entertainment hope to bring Edwin Arnold, Monte Blue. L.e,o Carrlllo and other celebrities here for the show. Tn addition, there will bo 10 entertaining acts on the specially designed Frontier stago. They ,wlll feature Delores Stillman in a trick horse act, Monto Montana, Joss Kell and his famous trick mules, tho popular hillbilly group of Southern Stars, an accordion band, Lois Knowles and the Troubadours, a Swedish comedian, Tillle and Ed Bowman of riding, roping and "clowning" fame, the Joymakers Minstrels and Miss Bertha Hall, champion California outdoor girl. Tickets on Sale Many other entertaining features also are being planned by the committee. Tickets for tho Midnight Jamboree are now on sale at tho Fox theater box office. With tho sale of tickets limited to tho theater's seating capacity, early purchases are urged by committee loaders. TV/ITH the registration of Miss " Aileen McFaddon, a Junior student from Idaho, tho total enrollment in the Bakerufleld plant of tho Kern County Union High School and Junior College District reached 4000 this morning, it waa announced by H. A. Spindt, principal. This represents an increase of approximately 210 students over last year. At Shafter High School, tho registration now totals 224, an increase of 10 per cent and at Mr- Parian d there aro more than 140 students, an Increase of U5 per cent over lawt year's enrollment. Plant Crowded Concerning the Increased enrollment, Principal Spindt said today: "It Is my earnest hope that tho Bakersfield plant will not bo required to house, more than 4000 students for any great length of time. The only possibility then to take care of further IncreaaoH Is by the construction of a school tn East Bakersfield to house either some high school students or tho Junior college Htu- dents. As was announced sometime ago, an architect has been employed to make studies for such a building." Growth Kxpected "The probability is that growth of both high school and Junior college will continue for at lea«t five yearn moro even though there be no further increases In population In thin district. The reason for this is that tho classes down oa far as the fifth grade are as large, or larger than previous classes up to that age. There Is every probability also that the population of the district will continue to increase bringing with it Increases In the number of high school and Junior college studentH. Under these circumstunccH tho board of trustees Is faced with tho of moro building Immediately. are now being made as to how Much additional building can bo financed." ^.^••••••^.•^•••••.•^••^•••''il m*\m*^^^^ i i .,—^.- , COMMANDERS TO BE PHDHONOIIS Birthday Also to Be Fcled at Meeting of Harold nafitatantn In their i-cwpoctlvo W/"ITM "ylppees" and vrhlsttlng " by irrepressible WhlskerlnoB evident over the microphone. Home- thing nnw on n "Cnlifornln'H Hour*' brondcrtMt. nakoraUeld and all conimunltloH of Kern County re- i ir ra 'nk Stockton. Arvtn-Wccd Patch; celvod a aalnto Inst night on the K 0 m<at Frlck. Korn Lake; and Gro- evo of Frontier Daya, and Conrad vor Kugltt, Old Ulvor-Pannma, Nagol Invited the entire Btate to l*arry Nourso, U*\vson l^owo. Kd the celebration. Kern Murdoch, Harry Thompson. K. O. *T^HE third annual Kem county 'cotton picking contest, sponsored -*- the Kern County Farm Bureau, was launched last night when the committee in charge met at the county Chamber of Commerce building with Forrest BVIck, chairman, presiding, It waa decided to hold the contest about October IB, with the field selected to be announced later. The contest la expected as in past years to draw contestants from all San Joaquin valley, and each contestant must have picked at least 600 pounds of cotton in a day. They< will have Uuls CaBtaneda'a 1934 record of 888 pounds in 10 hours to ahoot at Caataneda likewise won in 1935, but picked only 791.81 pounds. Finanro Group 12d Murdoch wa» appointed finance chairman laM night, with the t'ol- PROBE TRAIN DEATH TOMORROW i Harry Fowler. Shnftor; P. A. Dunford, Hut low: .1. IS. Regan. Oolano-McFarland; h (Inquest Into Tragic Mishap at i WIM Crossing Will Be Held bv Coroner attend Count.* Brown st ern. big hntfl and brilliant Hhlrtn, tho women In tlghl-wataUu!, long-wktrt»>d old fashioned gowns, oeeupliHl Kont» of honor In tho Major Urtmtlnutltng Thoater In IAW AngolcH, giving an enihuaiastio reception to tho local performers. Duvltl Hroekman'n orch«*Btm and tho "Calif ornlu'w Hour" chorim blended their munic to the \veHtern tlietne of tho Frontier Unyfl Haluto. "ope'nlnK of nomlnatlonB ! "InKlnu nrrnnffempnts of "An Old of Private Harold Brown | Cowhand and "The Kmpty Saddle in a manner whlrh won the upplaune "Past post commanders* night" will bo obBerved by njeinbor» of Pri- vato Ilnrokl Brown PoHt of tho Veterans of Foreign Warn Wednesday evening, when they will also celebrate tho "birthday" of the local poet, in a Riant party at Memorial hall. A. O. Mumlen, past department junior vice-commander of tho V. F. W., IIH wwll aa bolng a pant commander of tho BukerHfieUl post, will preflidu at tlie moetliiff, at which all offices will bo filled by past command era. Another bigliHg-ht of the meeting j will bo the for officers Post for the coming year. Mucilcal entertainment will be provided during the rourti<* of tho evening by tho Hoyal Texann. and re* frcHbmentH will be nerved, It IH an- nounc^il. The meeting will get under way at 8 o'clock. Past post commanders of tho local V. F. W. unit are aH follows: IflL'fl, Mat$ Campbell, now of AVacthlngton, D. C.; 1927, A. D. Munden; 1928. II. J. Chapman; l»29, August Ariey; Ifl30, O. N. Boone, who t» on leavo from his poult Ion on the Bahrain iHlands in Per«Ian gulf und will attend the meeting; 1931, ThomaH D. DounH; 1932. ThomaH J. Carter; 1033, Morris Keener: 1934, Walter J. Kanv insld; 1935, b. Q. Taggart. who in also nerving HH department Junior vice-commander. Mother of Local Woman Dies, L. A. talent content winnerH j Mitchell and Korrent Krlck will the program witli Nagel und i loot the flelrt to be picked. 1 UonnW Novis. the i^alifornia tenor i will moot at U'eod Patch gin Wed ncsdft.v afternoon for this* purpose. Serving as field contest Iteglnti will Harry Fowlor, Ned Barlow. J. D. Harrow, Frank Stockton, T>avo Threowitt und l^>Hter Wick. Wagon will be T*i»w8on I.*owe, C. B. his debut In bis native ntato after winning acclaim in tho CMU*I nlnco in«2. Tumult UOUH applause greeted hlH rendition of "Treen," his opening number. 250 Krom Kern Moro than 2CO Kern county real j I dents, the men In luxuriant whisk- t Dickey, Harry Thompson and lA>yd i Frlck. Prl/oa 1935 Awards offered will approximate P*>J" • i Union Cemetery to a NON-PROFIT CORPO* RATION, which means that all Income goes Into the Cemetery treasury. -U to conducted for the benefit of the public and not tor individual profit. (Astocialtd Pret* Ltaied CHICAGO, Sept. 20.—Farmera in widely scattered Bcctlonu of the country have another problem, ono they havo not experienced for aix or seven yean* — a farm labor shortage. A survey shows thousands of farm jobs available in Mississippi, where the labor problem in the cotton harvest Is described as acute, Arizona, New York, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut. CCC Enrollment of Veterans Resumed Enrollment In tho veterans' contingent, Civilian Conservation Corps, will be resumed between October i and 16, according to word received by Prank S. Reynolds, Post No. 26. American L^p'on, front Colonel H. A. Brlngham, manager of tho veterans administration in L*os Angeles, Application blankn may bo obtained elthyr at Ixiglon hall hero'or from the Ix>s Angeles office. ISUglbillty requirements havo been modified to include veterans not receiving public relief. Other requirements remain the same. Tho veteran must havo served In the armed forces of tho United States during a war period. Those who havo had previous service in the Civilian Conservation Corps may re-enroll, provided ono year has lapsed ninco their latft dls* charge, and provided their discharge WOK honorable. Thero are many vacancies In tho various southern California veteran**' equips, Colonel Brlngham informed tho local legion post* Howard de Courcy Claimed by Death Tho Reverend Father Joseph B. Howard, pastor of St. Francis Catholic Church, and bla assistant*!, tho Reverend Fathers Fred Crowley and Thomas Farrell, Uavo been attending a retreat held at the Jesuit Retreat llouso at JvOH .Alton. The Reverend Father Farrell camo hero from Kt. Theresa Church at Fresno, nucceed- Ing tho Reverend Father John lllg- gins, who was transferred to tho Fresno parish. Htar funeral services for Mrs, Katherlno Bell flweezy, 43, native of California, were held at 11 a. in. tptlay at the I, on AngMon Undertaking Company chapel, with burial following at Korea t Uawn Mo- piorlal Park, Olendalo. Born In Tularc. Mrfl. Bwoezy moved to L.OH Ang^lea recently with her hunbaml. T.. Guy Sweexy, who ban been it conductor for tho Koulhdrn Pacific railroad for 2C» \ yearn. Mru, Kweezy wow a member* of the Highland Park Lodgn of tho Kafltcrn BUr, and lived at. 2820 Idoll Pret* Leased W<re) LOS ANQKLE8, Sept. -29,—Howard de Courcy, Pacific coast manager of International News Photos for more than a decade, died unexpectedly of a heart attack at a banquet last night. Born in San Francisco, the 02- year-old news picture executive once toured In vaudeville a* a singer in a team of Newman and de Courcy. . i n i. i SMC * i -r A • majority - of the jobs ar« tern- 1 OCnOOl UHlCial IS porary during the -harvest season, -?"-' 1 t:;- >' -i - *' JI V- 1 '' ' 40% of the salea of this L ' Cemetery goea into the Perpetual Care Fund to insure L , f , r > Perpetual Care 1 i , L \ " " ' ' 1 ' V Office at the Cemeteri Telephone 1 - ' L .' h |L . but there are report* of need for good "hired hands" In some sections ouUide the drougth area. Wages paid for farm labor have increased 20 per cent in the last two years, according to the U. S. department of agriculture. • j j -. i r INJUNCTION* DKNIBD SANTA BABBARA, Sept, 8». (A. P,—T«mponwy Injunction against police seizure of "hor»e racing" slot I machlnos waa denied by Superior i Jud^o t>al Mf; t«mmpn of Saeru- h^ld'tlb^y are virtually i - "I. Back From Session • ' j ' " ^V^IWHBhA^^^V^^W * L. £3. Chenoweth. city siiperlntend- cnt of schools, waa back at his official duties yesterday after attending a meeting of the California Elk* Association in Oakland lout week end. Five thousand Elks were in attendance. Superintendent Chono- weth, who waa tho first president and organizer of Uje state association, presided at a breakfast at which Governor David dclilojtx of I'lorlldii tho chief speaker. Oovernor la national ruie:r,r.JJ: : ;v/-/;- Odd Fellows Lodge Xo. 444 will confer the second degree upon a class of candidates at 8 o'clock Wednesday evening, when Dolano lodge membera will bo gucstH, bringing with them their own candidate* for second degree. Fred UolmcH, noble grand, today asked a full attendance. The state champlonHhtp rltualtsUc team will be welcomed home by Bakerwfleld KlkH at tho regular meeting ut 8 o'clock tonight, lie- ports on la«t weck'0 Oakland convention will bo made. Entertainment and a buffet supper will close the meeting. f Mle*H Atynmi FYochlich has taken over tho proprietorship of tho Hab- crfeldo Building Arcade Cigar Htand. It WUB announced today. Miss Froehllch InvItCH the public's put- ronago dally except Sunday from 7:30 a. m, to 6 p. m. Undershcriff Tlea Pyle i« tAklng his accumulated "dayu off" in tho form of a brief vacation this week, rteputy Achton Jensen Is plnch-hlt- tlng for him at Kern county sheriff's office. Members of tho American I/oglon drum and bugle corps w«re requested today by Commander B. J. Miller to meet at Ixjglon hall at 7 o'clock tonight to prepare for the Frontier Days parade on Saturday. The state forestry service controlled a brush blaze at the edge of Kelso valley, on the east slope of Plute mountain, yesterday afternoon, limiting to 100 acres the area burned. She leaves, in addition to her band, a daughter. Mm. J. IX Sha of HnkerdfJold. Radio Band Will Accompany Songs Community Hinging led by the Southern Blwrfi will feutum tonlght'n neBitlon of the; Frontier Days kangaroo court, Kd Benedict, ISust llalc- ersfleld parndr chairman, announced today. Popular rango HungH und request ntiml>crff will bo Hung. Mr. Benedif^ ostlmated that 2000 peo$>lft ju mined 15ai»t IJnUnrHfleld streets at one tlm« la*t night a« tho kangaroo court tw?guu motlnK frontier justice for lack of coMlumoH and whlHkci'H. Ijfttor, tho |wrU»l)h> Jail! of local hearorH untl rtivw unr<»* strained "yippoeH 11 from WhlnkerinoH | In Ihw theater au*ll*»n<'e. Tribute to County Connid Nugnl'H tribute to the county, "the Hminhiiio land of nwretest frtilts/' conductod hl« stnto-wido followora through tlio Arvin flower fleldH, then to the oil capital of Marl* copa and Taft, thrtuigh the rich agriculture HocllotiH of the valloy floor up tho river canyon ty Kenivllle, land of movlo heriws and vlllivlnH, to the Mojnve. Desert, tho fumed Yellow Aster mine of Ilandtiburg uml tho Golden Cjuoon of Mojavo. Thn tour ended tn BaUersflold with un Invitation to till to attend Frontier Days next week end. Letter* from Mayors Oeorge 12, Wllnon of Bakm-ttfleld und K. O. IGm- monn of Taft in appreciation of the miluto won* read. Klne Performer* MlHB Belly O'Brien of Bukorsfleld WIIH tho first local ixirformor, rendering "Tho Liltlo DumoKel" In her clear (soprano with the HUrenoua of an experienced radio nlngcr. Tho Kern MountalneerH, down to "UawlC Pint*' 1'oole. boro out tho dictum of the talent HCUUIH that they wur« an outHttmdlng Callfornlu hillbilly band. They choso "Tho I^oat Indian" for their selection. Lloyd "Liltlo Mack" Combs, who said ho brought His beard to California because of tho Oklahoma drought, accompanied hln yodellng rendition of "Dear Old Daddy" on blH own guitar, hit* voice Bearing to heights belying hlH tnaucullnc wbtn- kern. Donald Jones, Taft Union High School music Instructor, C!IOKO "Did I Hemember?'* demonstrating grout ability. Concluding the local pcrfonnHncpa j M'oj-e Max BHylrwH, Jr., anff Jlobort \ Ix'o, accuinpllfiihed piano du*«t team from th« local high school and Junior college, who played "The WItchofl Krolic," and Ilolwrt Btoddard, h«rl- torio, who onded thr program wllh "Tho Lonesome. I toad," hi* Hplendld volcn Ix'lng accompanied by Brookman's orchfHtra. IhtllotN Invited LI^tenerH are Invltod to vote for I heir favorite among the nix ru;t« before midnight tonight, mulling their votoH to "California's Hour," nidlo KETtN. Tho winner of tho mall vote receives $40 mhlltlonul the chance to compete* In tho finals. Announceinent >va*i niudo that MIsH Hollaco Hhaw those of 193R, which wore $125. first: priMj, $00 Hooonii, $40 thii-d. $20 fourth und $10 fifth. In addition, j tho regular wag" pounrtM will IH> paid nil It was* voted to (shorten the contest to U bourn this year, which may loavo tho ItMiour rtM-oixl of 19;U Htlll standing. Picking will begin at ? a. in., wllh eni'h entrant fnrntohlng two 10-foot nacks and hl« own helper. JutlgoH will deduct 1 to 10 po\ of tho weight at oiu*h wotghltiK if cotton IH not picked clean, or If it i not picked clean in tho field. Complete rowH muHt be picked and no cotton nuiHi l>e left In the boll. Tho helper will remove tho mickn from tho field. 1 i'tivl MR tho picker free to continue work, and helper* will **» paid $ for their day'n work by the t oininittfo. Th*»y may not contofltuntH In tho pit-king. KM try may 1m obtained at the Kern County i ('hambor of Commorco building on North ChoHtor avonuo or at any of + tho gln« throughout the county, H! WAH announced today by J. II- ! Hmlthoy, chamlwr necrolary. lunch ! contoBtunt munt haw a former om ; ployor certify on hid application that '• ho ii»H pickfHt «M much a» 600 pound.s of ctit-ton in ono day. •> | Inquoat Into the doath of Mrs. i James Williams, -o. of Wasco, who 1 wan insiantly killed when her auto; mobile WIVH stmok by a speeding pus- i songor tniln on a grade crossing | one mile- south of Waeco yesterday when tho | aftornoon. will bo conducted by Cor* Mr. Mitchell, j oner X. C. 11 ouzo at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. Tho body is at .Tan/en fun«rttl parlors In Shatter pending completion of the formal Inquiry, after which tho remain* will bo wont to Mrs. Williams' former homo at Anaheim. Stalls on Tracks Tho tragic accident occurred when tho young matron's automobile ntnllod aa gho wan Crossing: tbw tracks abend of the Grand Canyon Limited, northbound Santa Fo flyer, Kroson with horror ns the engine went dead, leaving her holpleaa in the path of the oncoming locomotive, Mrs. Williams was unablo either to start tho car or to Jump from the machine. Striking with terrific impact, tho onRtne hurled tho woman's body 100 feel into ,the air. ii \\ivs reported. while p«rt« of the automobile were carried almost half u mile before the j train waa brought to a hall, ^i ; Knclne Oerailed j "Pony" trucks of the locomotive woi-e derailed by tho crash and the i train wan bold up for several hours | while workmen labored to repair the ; engine and get II out of the way of i » new engine n«nt to complete thw • run. Williams victim. Is 01* tho l James accident Application blanks for tho contest I employe husband of, the reported to be an rroamery. Complete $60,000 School Warehouse Democratic Rally Planned for Taft Work haft bt»«*n completed on the $00.000 \vareuoucu) of the Bakersflcld ; city nrliool district and the finished building wtt« accepted by tho city school board at ti tvoent speclal ui^ctlnK, it was announced today. The warehouse is located near the I Santa FV tracks on I* street near 1 Fifteenth street. The architectural i plariN were drawn by the office of i I£d\vln J. Syrnmos and A. J. Hen's rlckH wan the contractor. n i The warehouse includes a garage. : loading platform. iuoniic<» and equip- Arrangemettts today were announced complete for two Penio- cratic meetiiiKH In Taft thin evening, with Colonel William Kvans. I^>H An- golea attorney and originator of the CCC, dialed to appear as Riiewt of I ««nt rooms and \vlll IIOUIM the CHI- honor at it dinner mooting at Fox I pentor and paint whopti u» well as hotel and AJH principal Mt»eaker nt a [ the other mechanical departments of (tubttoquont rally In l«lncoln School i tho Hohool syntein. auditorium. Tho buitdliiK 1* of reinforced con- A talk ou tho topic. "Why I Am u crcte. Uemocrat," will bo given by Mr. Kv- ] The contrast for Insurance on tho ana at the inosM mooting, at which j district's fleet of butw* and auto- Mayor H. C. ErnmuiiH of Taft, chair- j mobiles waa let to tho Hoberts Inman of the Demooralic Ontral Com ! wuram-o Company at the premium of mlltee. will preside. Tho HOHHIOIIH $362.58. Other bids on the insurance are being held under Joint wponsor- ; busine** were Collins und Mortensou. ship of the Young Democmtw Club j $4;iti.on and $6^^.76; KUm-r Kaa>e, of Tuft and tho county central com- j $&M.T* and $707,75; Thomas W. : Manus. 1 J397.15 $U06.3tJ, and Mltw York. W. C. Young Leads Police Marksmen i n KOUMKR SLAVK, 91 LIVINGSTON. Tonn.. I'U. P.>—With n twinkle \VKDS r and a spring In hlH step. in his eye 91-year-old and • last 23- r and i y<*ar-old Clnromont poprano who haa Po- htui last was moved down to captured a ncore of "odd followw" In ! »«nff n»*n? a« Moloiat with Iho an Odd Follows mooting. A largo | monu Colfaig* (Heo Club and crowd enjoyed the fun and the Ku«t ! mttn >' frlon<ln locally, won BakorHfleld nheriff may be expected back, Mr. Benedict said. vote. i MONUMENTS t f (U. P.X lnndi*J • leg of The Councilman and Mrs, Hurry Smith left early this morning: for a four-day holiday in the .southland, where > they wfll visit the Los Att- gelee County Fair at Powionn. ' Oscar Saul, 6-ye&r*uld Bon of Mr- and Mrs, Max Saul. 1303 Twentieth street, haw been taken to th^ Stony [ft^M W* Brooh provontorlum, accordlnff tp .F * , .^- ' ' - ^ ^1, - - _ , ' ~^~ - Delano Matron Is Claimed by Death DEUANO. Sept, 29.—Mrfl. Nellio McCaHJiy Itoehler, wife of Dell H. Koehlen died at Keene Monday evening after an eight months' Illness. The body is at the Payne & Son funeral parlor* In B&kersfi£t4 awaiting 1 funeral arrangement*, She leaven her husband, one eon Tag us. and three others living in Chicago. She had Uve4 in this community »lnce 1921. AT LAHKHUR8T , -K. J.. Sept. Sft. airiiriblis l -lihdtabury diLjri compietltig the ntnth cro»«.in|f of the r; Ifi^o Kckener, e oo-mptvny, Annual Red Cross Roll Call Planned Sergeant W. C. Young, who j Robinson Crusoe Buck walked to ranked third In tho Uukernflold po* tho parson'a with Olllc Medium Melice department liming of pistol Donald, 66. and waa married. Th* tnarkKmon for Auguat, today tupped Negro 1« a former slave. the Hepiomher rankings with an av- onigo of 97,6. O. (I. IIiH'kman, nwnlHiunt chief, la tn second place with an uvrragu of 9ft; Patrolman J. II. botiiiffhury. who was down In thlrl^jnl.h place with an average of H6.0 In Augunt, U now third with a weuro of 92.&0 for Heptembcr; Lieutenant M, V. Oray- son IB fourth. tfl.&. and Kergeant Krwl Noergaard, who headed the U*t last month, i« in fifth «pot with an average of 88.5. The ucorew arc for slow flro pistol f i SALE ^^^^Vfe^^V vV^v ^^^^fb f^^^* ^VHvVpV *^^* T t^^^t^^ ^^^^^^^^^ *f^^^^^^^ I I I I I t alwtir^ The UludenUurff ca.rrlw3 I I - , • _i ' -•-,-.! . I J - '- ^ ' • ', Jt.l *J, . . .] Plan* are in progrcna for the annual roll call conferenc* of the Bak- orsfield chapter, American Red Crona, to be held October 21, with Mr*. W. B, Liyon, roll call chairman, in charge. Mrs. Jennie Anderson, executive veeretiiry* announced today that under the leadership of Dr. Julen Woln- berg of CCC Camp Fulton, 19 »tu- denU have completed the HUndard cour»e in flmt aid. At CCC Camp Inyokern, with Dr. William J, Reed a« Instructor, nine men have completed the ntundard couroc and ono th« advanced tsourtw. In co-operating with the American H«*d Crow*. !h«*H*> <*lii*tiw»« havo met \ with requirement* of study, demon- nlraUon and gnuten and will noon ttM&lve certificates from Kdwln IT. Carroll, dlwtdr of first aid in tho fttciflo shooting at 25 yards range. Prices at Market Subject of Action 4 t I I I I I Unlil October 1 Final Opportunity i i The Kern County Retail Grocer** Merchant* Association hus filed suit against J. B. and O. H. Sean* doing; business as Bears Market and! The Market Spot to restrain the defendants from an alleged »ale of articles below cost, or from adv*«r- Using or giving away any article or product for the purpose of des-| troy Ing competition or injuring convj pctitors, according to tho pUUntlffai i civil complaint. | plaintiff association Is repre*-! by Britttttt.* Mack. Tn the; complaint it IB alleged tho defend ants i*old articles, at leea than cost for the purpose of destroying com peililou to Buy at WHOLESALE OR LESS I I t I I I I MANT PESIGNS TO CHOOSE FROM I I I I I I I I I ^ » ED . HELM f .tfonu/ntnfs :>: •i-j - v , 1 . r l * I l t • >: ' ANP BAKER 130 i „ ^-- *; **' -' .' '" -i I— " •-.f fe, . -rfvo 1 'I '"•. I. i '*> . i '- *: • :-• - - • ., . l , . • * ^.^^';^;^ --• * i h ' ' - , < • " H . ^-. -' .if' , i. .1-

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