The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 29, 1936 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 29, 1936
Page 8
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vi:;'r^: MUi^ ^\^^:^^v;-^- : ^ ; ',^,-^v,---•;;,.-:'=v. *iV -.-r :•'• .•>"•'_':/-;•».4 / -; ;v?";-.,';,*• V--r*V - - ' -^ : 'XV' 1 ' '-•''•- r . - i? - '\ - "-'' • '- ' -'' * f V*- /??•; o t;j 'O - v*: j - .>-;: ; r ; " i. - - - --, . ,;•*.""• ;•- J '-.'-r' - • ii - i ' , . -,'.'."'-." *'* ' _F • ', . • . - . ' j ' . - ." . . L • V ' h . ' f ;'fe<*/.;'X "., v. . I . I -. ' - CRMER BUSINESS LOANS Rc]>orls Received From Seven Cities in Twelfth U. S. m Reserve District • Vnitctt rrcitH Lrattril SAX n?AXCISCO, Hnpt. 29. to buHinoHM hy reporting KiM Kowrvc nif'inbor bnnUn In cltlr»H of tli^ twelfth fndonil district lotulMl $^81*, OOO F IM;IO for .'pU oniliii^ Hcpt'-nilior "Jl. conipurcil With S.'JSO.OOO.OOO tbo prrrctlltlff . I bo l^odcrnl HoHfrvr HunU of l ; 'r»nr|nro niinoiinccd torlny. D.-tntm.l (InpoHltH lotnlnd $R58,000.- 000 ruitiiMirtut wllh $8511.000,000. inul lnip ilc-poNltH'JV, 000,000 Wllh Ji.OHft.000.000. fury lilHbiirMoinnnlH fhirliiK 1 m i rr $(i.?00,noo In (.-XCOOM of lo j cnl rollortiniiH nil (I thorn wii.H (i tn-t inovi'in*'iit Inl" thf 'llnlrlrt of $1.700,000 biM*fiuHn of corninnrclitl mid flnan- Cinl (nuiHiirtlotiH. A fU-rlliH- f»f $:i In for rurrcnry jilntf (ojiHcd to fund». iiflilllloMH to hunk furirlH wr-n- pfirtliilly offnrt hy n of j-i.;;oo,ooo in i-v-drrn HnnU crcdll, nnllrrly hi the fnrin of "flout," innmbor lunik nrrvt> hnliincfM rhiK Ihn word!, ponltH HI th MI Hun GRAFT CAIO Donihuc CominUtcc Issues f 53 Subpenus Among S. IV Liquor Dealcra nvl- MeC'ri'ii niul ilmin Arthur I?3AN AUTHinVH chiirm HO In nvIfU'nrn on "Mr. r-namnnita and HH Itnulford," will nnow on tho NMr- ihoiitor HlMrllnK 'niurmln.y on n new floii- Mn fi'iituro program with XHMO fir^y'H "Klniif of MH- Unynl MM u H I *>*!/' whon «)K! MtfM'ully "Kn^H to town" with Jofl Mc('r«'(i. In "AdviMittir'- In Manhatliui," un f*xt*ltliiK tlotfuUJvn Htory. ,(onn iind Jo*-!. l»olh at Uio pcal< of t)n-Ir n.»H- vo carcoi'H, promlHP on^ of moHt Two Popular Men Join Wilson Band r n Kodonil advanced BIGGER and BETTER money FAMOUS Two popular urllntw havn Jolni-.d Wilson'H linrrnony band a I. lu-urds- Icy dinirio puvlllon In the porsotiH ol 1 Kvorr-it Urirntb, Haxopbtnilnt. iind Ilnno /anutlo, Koldon voiroii Hlngr<r. who IH (ruining In pnpulii.rlty at ovory iipiHuu-nncn. othnr ninnihnro of WIlHon'H orch^Hlra an* Krcd Mur- (UnlM HAN KHANO1HCO, Hopt. Claiming now and "abnoluto" donco of liquor graft donllngH In Han , tbo l.*oon M, Donlbue o cutmnUtua today announced !«Htjanco of 5a Hubponan. Tbo connnllloo convenes tomorrow In Han JOHO lo continue Ha Invontl* gallon of admlnlHi ration of wtalo li'iuor lawn nnd nllpffod Irregularl- lion fn tholr onforuomont. H. p"Hn(lmiw, (Mjunso! for the n t Hald it corns of InvoHtl- gatorti bun beon working under covor In tho Han JOHO and Han Prun- rlsco n.roa for tho past Hovoral oolcM, uncovering rvldnncc that there waH a HyHtoinnllo shakedown. for the purpose of n, payoff, In connoctlon with aotlvlilcs of thn Han Kranrlnco dintrlnt of tho Htato hoard of fqunll/atlon." "Tho cvldoiu-n H!IOWH that lhr» motioy iK'tuiilly \VUH oullont-nd," Krlrfdnian wald. "OrdorM arid rrgu- lalloiiH of tho board of oriuallxatlon wore not onforood riKalrint tho pco- pin who oontributf.-d," AHHoniblyinan ('!. C. Cottroll, Hun JOHO. nioinbor of tho -<*.* .. ^ TW6 Police Officers and Two _ i. Bookmakers Accused by —Photo by Amundsen Studio, Halter*!field notary Club is each Thursday. Arthur IS. Puccl- when tho photograph was taken, pictured nbovo at luncheon in nelll (wlxth from right, npeal<er«* . being: succeeded In tho presidency Hotel 13! Tcjon, whore it nieotw table) prowidcd at bin last meeting by Lester B. Jeffries, on hie right. CIRCUS MAGICIAN STABBED BACK "Our ovld»»n<'*» proccdun*. KajnblliiK and Ilci*rmlnK Mnii Wlio "CouldhM Bucr lo Sec Woiniin Cut in Two" Is in Custody truMnhorH havo decided on thti material to bo prummtcd In public limtrhitfH." of cfritmonlnM and J ffiilorH worn Klvon fi frr-o Jmnd nnd drurriH; I'iva Timlin, violin; .Tumtlf* 1 from their ovldonno nnd roporlH Mm AVnbb. plann. Cni-| Chtlwood. bunjo and Kiiltnr; Dnvi' lUnpny, Hlap Htrlnjur doiiblo IJIIHO vlul, and KJiimr V<»r- roll, trimipfit. The MoardHloy pavilion him thrfc biff fVonlriffn M('|HM|I||IM|, HlP roolUi nnd wiiUcrH* annunl ball Thuwlay iwrnlriK and whlHl«irlno bfilln on Friday and Hnlurdny nvr-nhi^M, with Hat unlay for coNtiirnoii. 3000 Filipinos May Not Go on Strike In general <?nforc(*mr;nt of liquor IttWH. , (United Vrenn J.eatod Wire) "BorauHU of tho many fiuHorH It. MONTUISAI., Kopt. 2».-tloorffo thn llfjuor control Hltiiiitlon. InvoMtl- r • . . , , "• , c'lreuM nmglolan, who wan In thn luittk by n man who "couldn't bear to MOO a wifman cut In two," WUH rcrrovorlng at St. LtiUn'n Hoftpltiil today. Tho 28-y^ar-old cirrus employe wan brought lo hrmpltal horo ynn- tordny from Hbawvlllc, Quebou. Do- r|iioMtlon*!d I.nlondo In tho and were told tho following Mlory: I to had completed Hnvoral oonjur- I'rcnn I,cuiifid Wtrn) \ Ing IrlehH ut a Hhuwvlllo theater Kept. I'll.—Mraro Moore ! Haturday night, bo mild, and WHH will Hlng with (lit*. (.Mileago Civic | about to thrill bin audience with Grace Moore Will Sing at Chicago rut Prm* t.cuiwti HALINAH, Hwpl. afl.—A ntrlUo of HOOO IHllplno lorn, plannod In H.vnipntliy with ing lottueo parking plunt work^rn MpT»'(M'nd to havn rrilliipworl toda with tho arront of two I'Mllplno Opera ''oinpany thin your, Paul IjOtiKoii'.', KfiifM'fil nutiiuffor, nn- rioiinrod today, making hor flrwt up- p'-aranrn In tho lltlo rolo In "Manon. " hongono Hald tho rlnloH of b"r ap. poa.rfi!in(!W wero nndorldod. Hb»s nnt pcrvlouwty Hung In opora In * ' ll|r "«°. llft ho two KlUplriOH. who rlalmnd to head tho workorH planning to M thuH nomplntoly tyln^ up HIM 000,000 Intturo crop, worn nr on vagritnny OIIIITKON. Tlioy nro (.:. U. MnnniUvnH and Maniml L nt/,. Unto OnnuUt, proMldont of tlm Klll- plno liihor union, a prlvuln <-orpora tlon ronlrolUid by irnnutn, ImMight. about tho labor londoni' arrnnt and Hald thfi pair did not ropnmont tho union In any nmimor whalwoovnr. Mnanwhllo Krownr-HhlppnrH Htudli'd flovornor I'Yanlc Morrlum'H pc/p-o plnn and labor InuilorN mnrliod tlmo will In lottuco lui I*VMH( Ing and whipping rtnntlmintl nnluunporod by picket Sharp Reductions in Air Line Rates (United fret* hrtiitrd Wire) ANMKLKH. Si*pt. a» A nharp Inn In pa.NHfiiK'Jr air ratcH to tipproxtinatn fair-H ol 1 rii'Nl'i'.laHH rail travel wan unnomirrd h»>rn today by hiftiilal and WcHtnrn Air, November t . Pho rodui'tlon, IIH innoh UM US por WHH finnoiinood for thn on tiro air linn HyHit-m and wan uriinrod nn to Anmrlcan rallroadH," to Trafflu Mana«;or rn U Uio wpll-known trick of Hawing n woman in two. The wuoilon box with tho womun In^Ido wdM plumed on two otuilrH. Mo ralwed tho HIIW In bin rl«bt hand and WUH about to perform thu trick whim an onraK'*d wporlntor leaped aeroHH tho platform and wtahbod him In tho back (tf tho nerk with one of bin own Hwordn. Tho Hpuutator wlio bad wlnhod tu re»etu* tho "victim" from hlHcctum and certain death fled. 1 lenry \V. Howard, f.l, WHH . n.r- rented by pollen and brou^bt here for i|tii*nlloninK. I'nlk-o Hald lio did not deny attucUliu; LaNmdr but apparontly Moward'H vrrnlon of tho fray dlffr-rH inaiorlally from that tol«l by tht^ magician. Howard luld pollco IID wan noTvotm and hurt challenged tho imififlclan lo a duel, lip rontendH they wero fcmcliiK when tho blow wan Htruck und Lalondu WHH not takon by nt . NV CUHDHKN KAT OI.AHM F'OUT OUFCUtn, On.., Hitpl. -' (U. 1'.)-Throo Port Orl'ord i-hlldrrn vort If KlaMH wan ^ood for rhlrk- It abould aid their dlKCMtlon too, M<» thoy bad broken K!HHH for Innoh •>on. Lawrnnoo Churrbtll, It. and a nun, U. and a dang lit or, -i. of Mr. anil MrH. H. M. Ha^ntlalo havo ahowoil no Ml p(To.o(H ol' tholr il|i»t. lIICK HTUMPS MICTTOUH Ore., Hopl. H». U. P.) Patrolman (*. U. HtepberiH and U. IT. bavo a Htandln^ bet on rtuineH. Murdli-U figure* that In each friunu tho winning team IIIIH a m-oi'o i\vlre UH lai'K'> or IIUUM than Dm loHlnK nine. All went well until they encountered a t to 0 Mi-ore. Then HlepheiiH objected when llnrdlclt eruitended onn WUH twlc« an many IIH nothing. NEWS HAWKS Itivulyii Kniipp und Itny \Viilhnr S HOWING at tho Kox toilay and WrilooHiln y IH "Bulldog K*H- tlon t " Htarrlng IQvnlyn Knapp and Hay WalUor, In u newupaper nlory of aoMon and thrills. Ton noted comedlnnn of «lngo and ncreon appear lt» ono hlhirlouH scene a« tho M'lnnerB of a newspaper cnutoHt. Tho main attraction Hliowing on the donblo program i« "Hwtng Ttm^," with Kred AHlntrn and (linger HogcrH, Victor Mooro and Ilelmi Mroderlrk, who are all ex- vaudi'vllliaiiM nnd appear logother In thlH Hong and dance production. A Walt Ptsney MioUoy MOUNQ cartoon, "Mickey's Moving Uay 1 * and l r ox Movlotono Nevn com- pIctcH tills program. ON RADIO HIT" PROGRAMS "tAUOH WITH KEN MURRAY" MINSO-LIFEBUOY PROQRAM KVCRY TUESDAY ftVATION I NEW TIME KERN I 8:30P.M. ^^^^^^^^^^^m^^^^^^mM m MMm m ^^^^^M^^M^^^^^M m ^^ m ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M m ^^M m ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M m m m M m ^^^^^^^^^^^^^M m ^^^^^^^^ t M^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^WWH^^^^^^BHHP^M^^^BimHPW^^^^^W^P^^^P^P^^^BPW^^^P 'BIG SISTER" RINSO DAYTIME PROGRAM MONDAY THROUGH THURSDAY STATION I NEW TIME KERN 111:00 A,M, Arcad gem f On the Air t KQO'KPO — Nutlenil Broadomtlng Com- puny—Supollei proorsmi lo: KFI, K£CA, KF8D. KOW, KEX. HOMO, KHQ, KJR, KQA, KOA, KOHL, KDYL, KOIR, KTAR. KFRC-CBS—Don Lee and Columbia—Sup* ptlei proorumi tei KHJ, KOfi, KD8, KMJ, KOW. KFBK, KERN, KOL, KVI, K5L. KOIN, 5tOO to 0:30 p. m. * KKttN and network—TTanimcrHlcIn lu Hall. network—InHtrtnnenlallHtH. \VtiX A N- Frontier Days Reporter; ft: 15, TlocordlngH. ICNX—Mnurlco'H OrchftBlra; 5:1G, Buddy and (.tlngnr. 6:30 to 6:00 p. m, KI*3UN «- Pope.vo thij Mallorinan; fiMTi, to hr> unnoilncod. Mf' network—iIruHs-CuIs. AVtiX AI—UocordliiKN, KNX—-Jnrlt Armntrong; B:4D, Orphan Anrilo. 8:00 to 0:30 p. m. KtOIlN and network—To bo announced. NIK! network—linn Hornln. WiiXAT—Neww KlaHhcn; 015, Dinner Concert to ti:45. KNX—Travul Aid ^Drama; 0:1C, Irictulsitors ; M •, ^^^HB^I^P^^I^^^^^^I^^^^^^I^B^P^^P^P^^P^V J r L I I (United Frets teated wire)' SAN FHANCISCb, Sept. 20.—The San Ifiuhctoco county Grand Jury In an extraordinary session, today voted a blanket Indictment of conspiracy to commit bribery against two San Francisco pollco officers and two alleged horse race bookmakers. Lieutenant Henry Ludolph, one of tho defendant*, was charged with receiving a bribe In a separate indictment, The indictments, charged that'Lu- dolph and Officer James Allies^ between May 1938 and December 1936 accepted ?175 a month from Lewis and Samuel Bober in return for "protection" of their bookmaking establishments. Tho Bobers wero indicted on tho blanket conspiracy charge. Bench warrants were issued by Superior Judge Elmer Robinson, who wan called to his chambers by Grand Jury Foreman Molt Q. Brunton at 1 a. m. Tho indictments wero re, .„. „ . , ._ . turned shortly before 2 a. m. They WO Myers hxpCCt to Be | represented the'first definite moves in a year-old Grand Jury investigation of alleged police graft in more ROUND RACE SET TO GO Back in New York on October 21 6:30 to 7:00 p. m. KKKN u ml nntworlc — Tho Caravan. NI.t<; network - Packard Hour. AVtiXAI-— flMfi. Tonic TIIMOH. KNX— Muflloiil; 0:45, Dinner Uan- HUIlt. 7:00 to 7:30 p. m. KKUN and network — The f'aravun. NUC! network — Parkurcl Hour, Wrt.VAl- -bot'H Diuice; 7:15, World KNX 7:15 KKRN KltnfT Uopfl Hollywood; nniiiiin Fair. 7:30 to 8:00 p. m. and m-lwork— To bo an- 7:40, Klrango as H NUC* network— Marry MrKlnlny. WtiXAl- KHblnnff. Vlrulnlu lieu; Or II HIM) Sally. KNX -Newlywods; 7:40, Kln« Cowboy. 8:00 to 8:30 p. m. ICKUN am] network — Win. Hard; 8:15, Ttnnfrnw of Mounted. NUC not work- AIIIOH und Andy; H:I5, T^um nml Abnor. WiiXAl — Hollywood on Parade; X:i:». WHS Kent lire. KNX — Harry LOP'H Orchestra,; 8:15, Volco of Hollywood. 8:30 to 9:00 p. m. KKHN itiul notwork — l.auyh With Ken Murray. NUC network — l^eo Ilalsnuin'H Or- choHtra. W6XAI— Oub Uoportor; 8:45. Illtn unrt HIn<»oreH. KNX— Uoinaiico In Hhythm; 8:40, KKRX 9:00 to 9:30 p. m. arid nut work — Warlng'a NMf network— l»t-ath Valloy L»uy«. WfiXAl— NewH KUiBhes; »:I5, World Variety to 9:45. KNX— NCWH; 0:15, r.aff Parade. 9:30 to 10:00 p. m. KRN and network — I'n«Mii*K Pa- rude; 0:45, Muurlou Spltulny's NMC not work —Good Morning To- nlffht. WtlXAI — Rhyllmi and Homanoo. KNX — Al lo'onn' OrchoHtra; 9:46, CrockottN. 10:00 to 10:30 p, m. KIQHN— World In Review; 10:10, .Mininy Dornoy OrrhoNtrn. NHO nntwork— Newn Flashes; 10:16, Hotel Ht. Kranola OivboHtra. WOXAI— All HnquOBt Program. 10:30 to 11iOO p. m. WOXAI— All Request Program. (Vnittd /'rfas.r/caflfd Wire} NWW YORK, Sept. 20.™Police oficorts from New York to Newark, extra section nhuttlo planes from Newark to Ijakohurnt, N. J., dotallod hroadcaHtlng over nationwide hookupH will mark tho tako-oCf on an arouncl-tho-world air race bo- twocn IT. H, Kklns and I.GO Ivleran, Now York newspaper men, tomorrow night, It waw announood today. Both f lycra— Kklns representing tho ScrippH'Howiird newspapers and Kloran tho North America^ News* paper Alllanco—will embark on tho dirigible Illndenburp nt 10 p. in., Wodn^.'Hday, from Lakehurst and will disembark tit Frankfort, Germany, whoru they will take coinmorcial plunen for tho far cast In efforts to reach Manila by October .16 to niako connections with tho Pan-American Airways piano for Kan Francisco. The flights are designed to demon* strato thy speed and dependability of modern commercial aviation and will end with dashes across the continent ^ from Han FranolHco to Newark over regular commercial lines. "Both flyers expect to bo back In New York early October 21. The flights will bo clocked by the National Aeronautical Association. The flyers will broadcast late today over a nationwide Columbia network from 0:115 to U;45 p. m., 13ST., and over NBC's red network from 0:35 to 0:45 p. m. tomorrow. Action Dismissed Against Wallace (United Press r.cnacd Wire) DBH MOINISS, Iowa. Sept. 20.—A suit brought by tho Nesbltt Fruit Products Company, .Los Angeles, against Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace was dismissed in Federal Court today by Judge Charles A. .Dewey. Wallace bad issued a ruling November ID, :li>3f>, which said that orange- Juice produced by the company was adulterated. than a. month. Deputies were dispatched Immediately to 8,ervo warrants on the quartet. Judge Robinson set bail at $1000 each. Return of an indictment against , . Ludolph climaxed a long Investiga- ' tlon of his record. Tho police lieutenant appeared before tho Grand Jury three times previously, and told In detail tho status of his bank accounts. ' j ' lAiriSKSONATION NOT KALSI3 MONTHKAU Sept. li!>. (U. P.)— Krnest Provost was acquitted here on a charge of Impersonating himself. J le was arrested for impersonating "lOritcst Provost" at a poll during tho last provincial elections. Police explained It was a "big mistake," and tho case was dismissed. I'OIVKYK IN HAKIfiKSFlHLD Popcyo the Saltormun. a xmlquo radio feature of interest to children and grownups alike, Is now being broadcas.t over KKRN three limes weekly, on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 to G:-I5 p. m. ERSKINE JOHNSON GEORGE SCARBO HCE CARTOONIST SAN FRANGSCO CCA5T DiSTANC OCB4N SNVIMM1NG-. EOCARR1UL POUNDS IAMOUS FOR OUTDOOR tPS ANG8UES, AUF MONI L ECTO4 2 ACE FEATURES Continuous Tonight After 7 and 8:45 p. n. RANDOLPH SCOTT BINNIE BARNES HENRY WIUCOXON "THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS" PLUS CLAIRE TREVOR "STAR FOR A NIQHT" "MU. DEEDS' Girl Friend Has u Now Jioy Friend' 1 NILE Thursday Opens Today The Cedars "A Place That's Different" Brundagc Lane, 2 Blocks Hast of Chester Avenue b (Next Door to Former Location) STEAK AND CHICKEN DINNERS Mixed Drinks Music and Dancing Every Night ri Plenty of Parking Spucc All Well Lighted Look for the Sign The Cedars FRED PRRSTON, Proprietor HAROLD OAKLEY, Manager -' ;:V- : -' State pafe 2023 Cheater Avenue L UNPKR NKW AND AMERICAN MANAG1SMI5NT QUALITY FOOD PRICES COMPLKT8 35c to 50c '' Tables for Ladies Floor Show ollette \ unf M, •.-.m.^^f ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^*^^r^^^^^^ ^f^^^^^f M^ ^^^^^^^^^Ulff PlONWR m J Mile* (son •y. h' llobcrt Taylor \; j . ' T HEUStt' big',' aitrdcUonti make up the program showing today and tomorrow at the Fox California .theater, Tho first Ja the exciting romance, "Hte, Brother's "Wife,'! co-starring' Uobert Taylor and Barbara Stanwyck with Joan Hersholt and Joseph Callela* Tbo second Is "Charlie Chan >at the Race Track," a thrilling mystery with Warner Olancl, Keye lAiko and Helen Wood, The third attraction is the technicolor Mickey Mouse cartoon, "Mickey's Polo Team." Latest news events com» plete the program. ow fiKATtST AMERICA'S FRED GINGE* OGE voly Walker key SALE rday 3—Ad ssion NOW ENDS WEDNESDAY 3 Bid HITS Your Friendly Thaatra Robert TAVLOR Barbara STANWYCK "HIS BROTHER'S WIFE" I ^ r Warner OLAND "CHARLIE CHAN AT THE RACE TRACK" MICKEY MOUSE "MICKEY'S POLO TEAM" DAY AST EATU RACY MAN ACTS—3 1QHTLY Served oc KTA ran way row erth ATS COC KTA ROO THE LANT F , I Starting Thursday, October 1 ( at 6 p. m., we will again serve our ' ; FAMOUS CHOW MEIN f r ' ' -. * I n Cooked to Order. Cbm«'«nd' Try It, You'll Enjoy It ' " ' i i - " '• Oik and Bmndaft Lam / '~ ' , •+ •• - i - * * . - - *" . Phone 1703 '. : V J 1 /i ' — I 1 -f * *•. ^ -\ : r J ' f *. '.''-.** •.

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