The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on January 4, 1938 · Page 11
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 11

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 4, 1938
Page 11
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 4, 1938. THE MORNING HERALD, HAGEKSTOWN, MARYLAND. ELEVRN , How About A Bit More Attention To Want Ads And Their Economies? HERALD-MAIL INFORMATION All ads are restricted to their pro par classifications and to the regular Herald-Mall style of type. Errors in advertisements should be rppoi-'.ed immediately. The Herald-Mail will not be responsible for more than one. Incorrect insertion. Advertising ordered for Irregular insertion takes the one time rate. PHONE YOUR CLASSIFIED AD TO 104 - 105 - 106 No ads taken for less than a basis bf three lines. Count six average •words to the fine. The average word contains six ' letters. Dally rates per line for consecutive insertions: CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES Cash Rate One time *- .10 Three times .-.»..... .08 Six timea, 08 All Classified Advertising Is CASH-IN-ADVANCE Ads ordered tor three or six times fcnd stopped before expiration will be charged for only the number of times the ad appears and adjustments made at the rate earned. Special rates for yearly advertising upon request Careful attention given to am&ll WHEN AND WHERE TO PLACE YOUR AD The Classified Advertising De- toartment Is situated at the Herald- Mall. These offices are open to receive advertisements from 8 A. M, to S P. ftL daily. All ads received up until 11 A. M. will appear In edition name day and 3 P. M, will appear In edition following: day. The Ad-taker will gladly asElst you if desired so that the copy for your ad Is prepared in such a manner as to bring the greatest reanlta. CLASSIFIED INDEX The following advertisements un- Ber the following classifications are urrangred. In ALPHABETICAL order for quick references. ANNOUNCEMENTS 1—Notices. 2—In Memorlam. 3—Card of Thanks. 4—Flowers and Mourning Goo At. 5—Funeral Director*. 6—Jilonumenta and Cemetery Loti. 7—Personals. S—Bowling Alleys. 9—Societies and Lodges. 10—Lost, Strayed and Found. AUTOMOTIVE 11—Automobiles for Sale. 12—Autos tor Hire 12 A—Delivery Service. 13—Battery and Ignition Servic*. H—Body and Fender Work, Painting Tops and Upholstery. 15—Motorcycles and Bicyclei. 16—Repairing and Service Stations. 17—Tires, Parts. AccesaorUi. 17 A— Wanted —Automotive. BUSINESS SERVICE IS —Business Service Offered. ISA—Beauty Parlors. ISB—Barber 'Sohps. ISC—Kadlo Repairing. 1SD—Welding nnd Brassing. 10—Bulldlrg and Contractlnr. 20—Cleaning, Dyeing. Renovating, ai—Dressmaking and Millinery. 22—Heating, Plumbing, ttooflnr, 23 —Insurance and Surety Bond. jj4—Laundering. 25—.Moving, Trucking. Storage. •iQ —Painting. Papering. Decora ting. 27—Printing, Engraving. Binding. 2S—Professional SerTlce. 29—Repairing and Refinlshlng. a9A—Piano Tuning and Repairing. 29B—Shoe Repairing. 29C—Harness and Leather Goods. 30—Tailoring and Pressing. ' 31—wan ted — Business Servlc*. EMPLOYMENT 32 — Help Wanted—Female. 33—Help Wanted—Male. 34—Help—Male and Female. 35—Solicitors, Canvassers, Agents. ;jfi—Situation" Wanted—F«mal«. 37—Situations Wanted —Male. FINANCIAL 3S—Business Opportunities. 39—Jnvestments. Stocks. Bonds. 40—Money to Loan. Mortgages. 41 —Wanted—To Buy, UA—Wanted—To Borrow, INSTRUCTION 42—Correspondence Courses. 43—Local Instruction Classes. «i—.Musical, Dancing. Dramatic* 45—Private Instruction. <f.A—Instruction—Male. 46—Wanted—Instruction. LIVESTOCK 47—Dogs, Cats. Other Pets. 4S—I-lorses. Cattle. Other Stock. 4D—Poultry and Supplies. 50—Wanted —Livestock. MERCHANDISE 51—Articles for Sal*. .- 51A—Barter and Exchange. F>2—Boats and Accessories. 53—Building Materials. 54—Business and Office Equipment siS—Farm and Dairy Product*. 56 — Feed and Fertilizer. 56 A—Coal and Wood. 57—Good Things to Rat. 5S—Homemade Things. iil)—Household Goods. (JO—Jewelry, Watches, Diamond*. <jl—Machinery and Tools. 62—Musical .Merchandise. 62A—Radio Equipment. 63—Seeds. Plants, Flowers. 64—Specials in the Stores. 6f> — Wearing Apparel. GG—"Wanted—TO Buy ROOMS AND BOARD G7 — Rooms with Board. 68—Rooms without Board, fi!)—Rooms for Housekeeping. 70—Vacation Places. 71—Where to Eat. 72—Where to Stop In Town. 73—Wanted—Rooms or Board. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT 74—Apartments and Flats. 75—Business Places for Rent. 76—Farms and Lands for Rent. 77—Houses for Rent. 77A—(jarnjres for Rent. 7S—Offices and Desk Room. 70—Shore and Mountain—For Rtnt. TODAY'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE 12. Ifo 2^ 31 31 14- 25 13 IS 38 30 & 1 S 24 ZT. 13 ACROSS 1—The tongue beverage of a bell 22—Having 6—Greek letter great 9—Second son resources of Noah 10—Exclamation 11—A globule of gas in a liquid 12—Chopping tool 13—Extracts by 31—Mentally evaporation gifted and condensation 14—Masculine pronoun 15—Ignited 16—Letter M 18—Fourth 25—A flat- bottom river boat 26—A diminutive suffix 27—Therefore 28—Boy's name 30—Letter N "6—Aid 7—Stop 8—Hypothetical forces in nature 11—Quartered 13—Misshapen 17—Pronoun 19—A bird of the north seas 20—One who excels 21—Garments 23—A seaman 24—Pronoun 28—A narrow woven ribbon of cotton 29—To bespangle 31—A spigot 32—Organ of sight 33—Belonging to us 36—First note of the scale note of. j the seals 10—A malt 33^-Cry of delight 34—Footless 35—Afllrmatlve vote 36—Appropriate 37—By 38—Tremblings Answer to previous puzzle DOWN 11—Those who chase; huntera; purguera 3—Form of the verb "to bo" 4—Greek letter 6—Point of the compass 80—Suburban—For R«nt. n -KVM'%R SALE R—Brokers Real Estate. 82—Business Property for S»l«. S3—Farms and Lands for Sale. 84—Houses tor Stile. 84A—Garages for Sal*. 85—Loth tor Sale. _ , 86—Shore, Mountain, Lake for Sale. 87—Suburban—For Sale. 88—To Exchange— Heal Est»t«. 89—Wanted—Real Estate. A UOT1ONS—LEG AL 90—Auction Hales. 91—I.e(?al Notices. Announcements Perionalft BACK NUMBKH MAGAZINES—5c. Southern Book Exchange, 114 N. Jonathan St. CHAKIS & Svvavls &~ alterations. Lora Fahrney representative. S27 Hamilton Blvd. Phone 703. LEARN TO PLAV BRIDGE—Capable instructress now for nuns: classes. Telephone 25S1.__ 5lEN OLD A~jf~4'or'OKT~"PE P—N e w Ostrex Tonic Tablets contain raw oyster Invigorators and other stiin- ulants. One dose starts new pep. Value $1.00, Special price S9r. Call, write Rudy's Rexall fharmtiuy. WANTED—Names, MEM under 2C who are willing- to work for ?7. r ..OO a month while training: to become aviators or ground mechanics. One year's training 1 given by U. S. Air Corps. Costs absolutely nothing-. Plying 1 Intelligence Service. Box ii 2j i ._M ihvau k e e, ,Wis. =. «_.__.=«-» 1Q Lost, Strayed, Found LOST—License tatr 277-146 between Hagerstown and Conocoeheasne, Saturday night. Reward. Return Claries Grocery. Automotive AutoVnobilei For Sale 1,136 FORD Deluxe Coach, 1T>,000 miles; good paint and rubber; sacrifice; 27 High St.. 3rd lloor. 1S37 FORD TRUCK—For sale cheap to quick buyer. Write Box 73. Herald-Mall. FOR THE NEW TEAR WE ARK OFFERING THK FOLLOWING USED CARS 1 AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. 1937 OLDS. 2 Dr. Tr. Selan. 6 Cyln. 1937 CHEV. 2 Dr. Tr. Sedan. Heater & seat covers. 1937 PONTIAC S 2 Dr. Tr. Sedan. Radio & heater. 1936 OLDS. 6 4 Dr. Tr. Sedan. Radio & heatej.-. 1936 CHEVROLET 2 Dr. Tr. Sedan. Radio and Heater. 1336 PONTIAC 6 2 Dr. Tr. Sedan. Heater. 1936 PONTIAC 8 4 Dr. Tr. Sedan. Radio. 1935 CHEV. 4 Dr. Tr. Sedan. Radio & heater- 1935 FORD Coach. 1935 'FORD Coupe. 1933 CHEVROLET Coach. Many other makes and models. Terms to suit your purse. PONTIAC SALES IS EAST FRANKLIN ST. PHONE 1540 The Thumrna Motor Co. GUARANTEED USED CA US 1937 FORD DeLuxe Touring. Radio. .•eater. 1937 FORD Tudor. 1936 FORD Tudor Tourlne. 1936 PLYMOUTH Coach. 1D35 PONTIAC Coupe, with ridlo. 1S35 FORD Fordor Tourins. 193' FORD Coach. 1934 FORD Cabriolet. 1933 CHEVROLET Coup«. 1933 FORD Tudor. •• • 1932 FORD Coupe. 1936 FORU 167" Truck. 1931, INTERNATIONAL Chassis. 1935 FORD 157" Truck (complete.) 1930 FORD 131" Truck. 1930 FORD Panel. FORDSON Tractors. NEWMAN AUTO COMPANY Phono 74 Smlthsburs. Md. REDUCTION SALE DECEMBER REDUCTION SALE OF BETTER USED CARS PRICKS REDUCED OX THIS LOI AS MUCH AS 33 1-3 PER CENT \'OTR THE LOW DOWN PAYMENT WITH KASY TEHMS ON BALANCE YOU MUST ACT QUICK—THESE WON'T STAY LONG ^ '30 CHEVROLET Coupe 5 40 '30 OHRYYSLER 77 Sedan SO '2<1 BUiCK 6 Coach •"' '.10 BUICK t> Sedan *» '31 CHRYSLER 6 Coupe S;_i •2!) CHEVROLET Scdnn 3.. '33 FORD Sport Ootipe HO '30 GRAHAM C Kedan i •> '31 HUDSON* ti Sedan ->0 '32 DODGE Coupe 310 '33 TIORKAPLANH Coupe V. '2!l V/HIPPirr (i Coach M •10 Others to Select From You Ofit A Better lined Car From A Biilck. Dealer—So Visit THE USED CAH MARKET 224 FrrilLM-lck St. Phone 2206 The Thumma Motor Co. Buick Dealer. 'THEY ARE MOVING OUT FAST At These Exceptionally Low Prices They Can't Last Lmiff A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY TO SAVE 5 ? S See Us Today—For A Good Buy 30-DAY WRITTEN UUARANTKB •37 STUDEBAKER Sedan ?7(f, •36 FORD DeLuxe Sedan l/.j '35 FORD Sedan 425 '35 WILLYS Sedan '33 DODGE Coupe '32 CHEVROLET Viet •32 ROCKNE Sedan Ml NASH Sedan 1S5 '30 BUICK- Victoria 175 31 KTUDEBAKER Conpe .... lli."i '32 ESSEX Coupe 145 '30 STUDEBAKIOR Sedan 140 '30 STUDEBAKER Coach 110 '29 HUPMOP.ILE Sedan S5 '.'10 OAKLAND Coupe 75 Open Evenings FLEIG1I .MOTOIt CO. C70 Oak Hill Ave. Pbone 2300 ' VERY SPECIAL PRICED Foil tJIIICK KAT.K 1936 CllllYfUER Sedan. 1935 PLYMOUTH Coupe. 19.13 (.'I/HVY.SI.HR Sedan. 19II4 OLDSMOUILIO Sedan. 1934 CHRYSLER Sedan. . MARYLAND SIOTOR CO., Inc. Distributors Chry»lcr-l'lynionth 56-62 W. Franklin St.. Phone 2500 WHEN YOU open Che Classified Section yon open the door to economy. muauiiiifflimiiiniiiiiiiiiiBiiiiiiiiii IS THIS A SOUND ARGUMENT— OR JUST NOISY TALE? Well, if one of the men is maintaining that Want Ads pay, it is a sound argument, sure enough. And if the other man claims that Want Ads don't bring results, that is nothing but noisy talk. rj^ Employment See Our Fine Selection of I>ate Model Used Cars lodaj Oncn FveniiiKS Until 10 O'clock j. S SNOWBURGICR ,t SONS 213 E. Washington St. Phone bOl PERMANU.S'T ,1OB ot ;n Clerical and executive e*l Box 7S, Heralil-Muil. TODAY'S BEST BUYS You can't get somethinB for nothing, yon know it—W e know it — \Ve don't promise it. JUST GOOD USED CARS! AT THE RIGHT PRICE 1937 CHEVROLET Mflr. DeL. Sedan with radio; black. 1936 FOUL) Sport Coupe. Kiimpued with radio and healer. 1934 LA SALLE Sedan. Blue. Flei-lwiMid Ijody. In excellent condition throughout. 1936 CI-IEVIIOLET Mstr. 4 Dr. Sedan. Finished in gray, Iinu condition. 1936 CHEVROLET Master 6 Coach. Black finish with red wire wheels, line condition. 1936 FORD Tudor Sedan. Trunk model equipped with radio. 1936 C11EVE. Slil. Town Sedan. Black, nli'c appearance. 1935 BUICK DeLnxc Sedan. Equipped with radio and heater, fine condition thruonl. 1935 CHEVE fit. Cnaeh. Black, lias had excellent care. 1935 FORD DeLnxc Tudor, with radio Has had excellent rare. 1937 CHEVROLET Dump Truck, new Hercules hydraulic dump hodv, new rubber. FORD ,<t CHEVROLET TRUCKS, M: ton panels, IVj ton stake and dump bodies. Many Other Makes and Models Priced AwrdiftRrly Terms to Suit Your Income HOFFM-VN CHEVROLET SALES, Inc USED CAR LOT 313 W. Washington St. Phone 45S Look For the Big Neon Sign "Between the Railroads" Autos For Hire Motorcycles and Bicycles 15 COMPLETE line ot liirycle parts, tlre.s .t accessories; repairing. Twigg Cycle Co.. 43 N. .Mulberry- Repairing i Service Stations 18 CA~R WASHING 50o—General repairing & battery service. Ambrose's Garage, rear 33 N. Jonathan Business Service Business Service Offered GLASS— Sold and replaced In automobiles. mirrors, window Blass. Radio Repairing 18-0 MILLEI'.'S I'.ADIO SERVICE All Malt-a Repaired. Open 8 AM f. 9 P M. 4 N Mulberry^ Ph._jig»M. Insurance and Surety Bonds 23 S'j'-VTE AUTO, Compensation & Fire Insurance. J. U. Bnrgesser. 17 Neglcy Bldg .J'J'SK-l'- 3 -^^ ™-Repairing and Refinishing 29 I^TLLrTvvTNG unr yearly practice ' we will repair or recover your furniture din-ing Hie numtli "i Jamm-v. Phoni- 1910 and our rep- re.«enta"(tv<' will fall. BracMey Ueiehard Fiirninire._^o. F. j7~G~ACK—ReuphnlsterliiE & ro- pairlnB furniture. Mattresses renovated work (irst class, reasonable prices. _Ph._2S05J_ 32 Center 3L_ pTEPATRTNG, relinishlng, reuphols- terlnc & cabinet work. Sinill; 4= Sov<l_erJ'a_liiiicl._ Shop. 2.1.7 S. 1'ot'm c. Employment 32 Help Wanted— Male Help Wanted— Female .MIDDLE AcV:iTlady or .»cllfod girl in adult family. Will give a g,...d home small wages. 4:IS Mechanic StrpeL __ Mrs.^ ( VI'IL Bja'^'ks^— -___ 33 MAN~\v7TiT"CAi:— «:lll wi-.'k ni> and go.,d finnr,, for man ID supply farm win ...... >•!'» will, lilg h- est quality guaranteed motor ml*, cli-ausers. ,-ilock and poultry ivmi;- dics, other hiimi! and farm l.i'ii.l- ncls In big demand y.-ar around. Must, be satislied with ?il« week ill start. Protected route, '/.am: Manager promotions for best Producers. Route men now earning *-0 to MO week. Write l.OYD'S OF AMERICA, S3S Cooper St., Camden, N. .1. He!p Wanted— Female 31 rm hand; referc 71 _lIei'alil-Muil._ Situations Wanted—Male 37 \VANTKD—Position us chauffeur Sat. afternoons .t Sundays, lllffh _est rpfcronccH Write Lin x_70._ Mail Financial Investments, Stocks, Bonds 39 GUARANTEED Income Reserve— No spending of money. Let me explain features. Mark Mellor, 1 IDS _OiUv_J I i U^Ave^^Hagej^qwUj^JdiL^ Money to Loan—Mortgages 40 MORTGAGES—On farms, 6%. 10 to 15 yrs. Consult us. L. • S; Spangler. 2nd Fl.. 2nd National mtiill_ljlilg._ MONllTv TO LOAN—On (rood 1st mortgages. 6%. El. P. Uartman. 16 N. Jonathan St. MONEY TO LOAN ON MORTGAGES W MURRAY BAECHTEL Agenci. 304-5-fi Second Natl. Rank Bldg. MONEY TO LOAN ON A, 1 GAGES N. B. ROWE, 26 N. Pol...mac St. MONEY TO LOAN ON MORTGAGES GROH REALTY CO. 13 Summit'Ave. 5% MONEY for First Mortgages. H. T. Brewer, T. C. Lindsey. Musical, Dancing, Dramatics 44 Horses, Cattle, Other Stock 48 LIVESTOCK of all kinds bought sold ,t exchanged. Saddle horses for lilre. .Sum Pashen._Ph._40_94F2ji Poultry and Supplies 49 CUSTOM HATCHING — Marshall Hatcher . .Memorial Blvd.. E. Phone in; 2.1 Chicks on sale at Howard's Feeil Ktorc_Phiiiie i S06._ Wanted—Livestock 50 Hjm>7lY~~\7l kinds and etSKt- wiiiiliMt. Kiiiniieniian & Wlshiml, Cnr Church it, Jonathan. Ph. li2M. Merchandise Articles for Sale 51 ~i'yLl-TcT~KK:^(.:old walnr pump fnr sale. Cost S1B5; will se.ll ?23.00. I-"". Pry or, Willijnn_Kp_o_K,__MjT. KV.KCTKlC~MO'L'6KS—All types and si>cs ¥ als ' npcessories fc parts; re- palrinK a specialty. Hafferatown KnuipmcnM";^.. Aid. Avc. Phone HG EUSCTRIC .MO'rORS & PA RTS— NRV anc' u.sed motors control devices. We repair & rewind all sizes, anv make or type. GREENWALT KLECTKIC CO. Photic 3fl7^ FIIKNACES — Pipe. hose, belting, pulleys, plumbing supplies. Ol'- Fid-:" FURNITURE Hagerstown Equipment Co.. .Maryland Ave. Phone 140. WASHING mTTrllines repaired, pai .t wringer rolls. Jones Appli. Ser ire. 24 SnimilH^Ave. V'hoim_jJ... Coal and Wood 58-A High Quality Plus Good Service LKIHTER COAL CO. Phone 77S. 69 \V. Lee St. "\Ve_MaUo_lt _Hot l'"or You" L) 1 "ST HI UU7oTlS — O. P. Automatic i 'oal Unrncrs. AVKUK HIlOTIIliP.S Rr. 31) W. Aritietam St. "Original" i j a. KKS and Lump Coal All Sixes of poL'iihontas. Run Mine Phonn OOO-itOl GTON. IlED^AS^mr^Ki^XS VALLEY l''urnace, I-Ieatrola Special SS.50 W. M, BEATTY. PHONE 120S.1 POCAHONTAS — Nut or stova, Penn. lump. Lykens Valley, pea, nut or stove. Mine run & stoker coal. Call or se« PEOPLE'S COAL CO. Phono 20Sfi 10^McCoimi^__^St ^^ Household Goods ANOTIIEU praelieally uew enamel range, a r.Ml Imy at $211.75. F HVtlic Storage .Mill HL_O|>cn Evngs. "USED RANGES & IIEATEI'.S l-:ierlrio R.-ulgo All Pol Coal P.ange Oil Bur • Circulating Heater ('.in venlent Terms SIIOCKEV FUI;NITI;I;E co. 2^-1111 Slmirult Ave^ PliolIJi I2_|J) MAKE Till-: acquaintance of the Classified Section. Reading It Is not only pleasant and Interesting but profitable as well. Me rchand i se_ Wanted to Buy WANTED—500 cords of wood, cord wood or slab. Call Hafc'erstou'ii, Rooms and Board Rooms Without Board •8 ANTIETAM. ST.-E.-230—Large front bedroom for 1 or 2. Apply same. BELL Apartment, Potomac St.-N.- 302—Desirable room suitable tor 1 or 2 persons. Phone 1437-J; ItOOMS—Centrally located; reasonable rates; running water. New management; ?2 S. Potomac. Union League Hotel. 1 LAKGE front furnished bed room, suitable for 1 or 2. Second floor. Jj!fi g^_Pgtqmac. ^ r _.^^_.,Rooms For Housekeeping 69 GUTL"FORD~AV L^~- S20~2 larse furnished rooms, enclosed porch, Ka- rus'c. Adults only. WALNUT' Sr7 N."- ii tf—Rooms for Hffht liousckceptnr;; good heat, J^LB"tij_._J;^t_\yatpi'._^ __^. Real Estate For Rent Apartmenti and Flats 74 AXTTm'A.M STM3M23—New 2nd Moor r> rooms and bath; 3rd floor 4 rooms and hath; possession Jan. 1st. No children. Apply 1st lloor 121.13. Antietam St. \"p'|'B.—.n"3-B07~s7~Potumiiu. 15 W. Ant, Hill ('rest Road, 1!2 N. Potomac. Public Square. CKOH UIOALTY Co., 1,1 Summit Ave p"Xu(i \1NS—1415 acre farm, Sharpsburg District, $4500; !ll:l-915 Maryland Ave.. double frame 52250; 619 Washington Ave., sacrifice: beau- APARTMENTS—Modern. furnished and unfurnished. Apply 1st floor JiHi S^ Prospect 1RYAN PLACE 1st So. 4 room nnd Salem Ave., hath, ueu- hard- .1 tloorrf. Automatii! heat 40U:tF4 FAlllGl'.OIJND AYE.-37—Furnished apiirtments for rent; reference rc- iiuirud. Apply same. ^ i-'ArKTrRoVfNb AV.IO.-lT-l—1st ;{ room fipartir.tmt; con veil i floor, 'VVJ": liOO.M APAUTAI^NT — Alt conveniences. Apply 1C1 Summit Ave. » I-MIANKLIN ST.-W.-61G— 4 rooms and bath, electric refrigeration; I:U-KU porch, hot water nil year; beat furnished. AduH.s. If \TlTLTON 1JLVD.-S34 — 4 rooms, bath furnished. 2nd floor. Refrigeration. Phono 1926M. HAMILTON lU-VO.-li;il—"» roonm, inoilern. hardwood. Apply . r ,1 W. Franklin. Airs. Ruben. Ph. IGFiOR. HAMILTON BLVD.-915—1st rtoor. 6 room apartment No children. W. Pro.ih Wolfe, fhons 54R. LAKIN A PA HTMTONT—S. Potomac St., 5 rooms anil bath each. Phone DUO or IM:'.O. ^^_ MUHI'JllN apartment, 4 rooms and bath, hardivood doors, newly paper eU; j an Ho t- service all year. Plenty heal and hot water, $27.50. Jlatrerstown Realty Co., 12 W. Franklin St. Phone 166. XIC1SLY furntshnil apartment. Couple with no children. Apply 602 Sim set Ave^ ^_ OA~K"filfvT, Jfe POTOMAC AVJ3.—3 rooin-s .t bn.tli, all modern. Phone lO.'im or 580. OAK HILL AVE.-715—New 5 room modern, automatic heat; Immediate possession. Phone 2564 or 222IM. POTOMAC 3T.-R.-220 — 3 rooms fur- ni.siied. AH conveniences. Apply s;i in e. __ . ___ POT O M A C ~~A VExlO 0*6~ —Desirable 1st lloor, oli heat; no children. STiU. Potnmac Ililla. PUOSPECT KT.-S."n3" — 3 Toom apartment exclusive location. All convenience.-?. Phone ] 9. or 1524. 6 ROOM apartment, elevator service. Farmers & Merchants Bank Bklg.. 5i. W Washlnpton St. Phono 108 Houses for Rent A'AIODWKN 1IOMJO Should have Automatic Has Wat IT Heater ln- H tailed. Lie .sure before rent I lil-tOAD\VAY-llM—(i rnnniH. POKSCS- Kiun at once. Annly 1-U Hroail\vay or 'plione U73,_ ____„ 'Lri<3LLE"VJIi3 A VE^'-14—(i rooms, bath, furnace; reasonable rent. Jan. 1st M. Derlcson. 4:t W. Frank 1 in_SL__ FUNKSTOWN Md. — Muln St.,, city water, lights. Heat- roJa. Kent reasonable. Poss. at once. B. K _Sowd?r» _____„ VllANKLIN S'l.-K.-32-l—77 M'adlson, etc. Jin mediate possession. Apply 119 -N'. Folomac SI. Ph. 1^201 R. (jOOD HOUSKS—301 Reynolds A" 210 Fairground, 503 S. Potomac, Western Pike. Brnadfnrdlnf? ltd. GRO3I Kl^ALTi" Co., 13 Summit Avc If A.MILTON BI^VD.-lllS — G room, modern house, $3.'i mo.; para Strole-Wrisrht Insurance Agency Phono 1^06. GUILFOUD „ VI3. -629— Widow desires to share furnished home: all conveniences. Apply same. " " AfUjTiTKItlLY ST."- S"2J2 — 6 room house, conveniences, pos'.s. about .Ian. 1st. Apply ~>r,4 H. Mulberry. POTOMAC \VR.-lTd3— 6 room house, garage, hardwood Honrs. Good location. Mrs H. L. Knetaley. Ph. 1524. SINGLE HOUSE North End for rent W. MUIIHAY BAISCHTEL Agency. Rm.t H04-5-6 Sec Nat- Rk. Blds^ Wanted—To Rent " "" " rivale i.'i:i;XISHl']r» room, private haU7; by KTCntloman. Can pivc references. AVrito Box 77 Herald. FlIiJKP.KCT.rvBCE couple; no children, df.sire Iiuuse $25 mo or unf. apt. $3_(): writhe fully Box 65 HerfUd. Farms and Land For Sale 83 GOOD -l'/i A. berry, fruit, chicken farm, 'State road, $1600. 30 A., Chewsville pike, priced right. 125 A., new buildings, running: water, f. M. City, {4800. Othar farms. S. L. v -_yo"_"_g-_l 36 _3._J^pcust St. S rm., 8 rm. frame t( bouse, bank barn, 50'xlOO'. Good 1 iinos tone land and priced very reasonable. (Jourt Realty Co., 214 2nd Njitl. B.-Liik lildg. Ph. MSI. TRUCK l-'A [l.\i—fitT acres, 10 room house, hank barn, all outbuildings, well, - cisterns, fruit, herrle.s, running' w:i t ci", ( J f> % n ft w fence, n c w Dual Jlltfhwiiy, chuicii .t Hcbool. L. I','. K'tipharl. Phone 1717. r;u~ACR10S—Limes tone land. Brick hoiiM!, barn, etc. Well, cisterns & liKOII ilEALTV Co., l':l Summit Ave COU11TBSY AN'l) INTELLIC.KNT 101 and arrange a classified ad with service await you when you call an ad-taker. PLEASE! When answering any of these ads, either by writing or in personal interview, kindly state that you saw the advertisement in the Herald-Mail. This will immediately identify you as a progressive quality reader, aid the advertiser, and insure you the very best service. ANNUAL MEETING The annual meeting ot th« Planters' Mutual Insurance Company wilt be held at the office of the Com- mny, No. 31 North Jonathan street, J-lagerstown, Maryland. Saturday, January 8th, 1938, at one o'clock P. M. EDWARD M. TENNEY. Secretary. Real Estate For Sale _ —•^—— — Farms and Land For Sale 85 ,,Q . I p.-rti ample hulldiriKS. run, „£ wale?'' electricity J7.050.00. O. jr. Uldcnour. Sinlthsburg. ~~ hard FOR SALE—Desirable homes, lots, business locations. Inmnact. Also rents collected: 1st mortsaee loans 6%. Chas. B. Fry. 1100 Hamilton Blvd. Phono 2331-J. IF A HOME or property tor '""•I- ment. we hove them In i all sections of Haserstown anil suburbs at low prices and on easy terms, See us tor good buys. Strole Realty Co.. _ __ . __ _ _ SUJl5ffT~A.VK. — Double £ ™°m house Imtli. furnace, etc. ?3800. ALTV Co.. 13 SummltAve SOUTH END— Small dwelling. |1350- North End-attractive brick. 8 rm. dwl lard- lot. lovely trees and shrubbcrv remarkable, value. Double brio iV modern, barsaln. unusual opportunity for Investment. Centrally located. 4 story brick •Tilt reasonable urice. liberally financed '''arms one to 300 acres. Si " Rowe_J!_6__N. Potomac St _ W~WASH~ST.— Single brick, corner property, large lot, low price. John TO. Taylor Agency, 309 Ar- •ade Bids, Phone S38. WASHINGTON AVE.—3 story double brick excellent, condition, very desirable for Apts. Gull Thnrman C. Llndsev. Court Realty Co., 214 2ml Mail. Bank IJldg. Ph. 24S1. I ROO.U frame IiouS) Wllliamsport S1000 Can be financed. HARGAINS m F4.RM CITY COUNTRY &. COMMERCIAL Properties. W MURRA1' DA13CHTEL Agency, Tim*. 804-6-8 Sec^ Nat. Bit. Bld- Auctions—Legals Legal Notices ORDKR NISI— MuComas-Armstronff, Inc., E. L Hook Corporation, versus The Blu Mountain Tandy Co., a corporation. In"' the Circuit Court for Washington County sitting as a Court ° Ordnred' By the Cleric of the Circuit Court, this 27th day of December 11137, that the sales made and reported by .Tos. D. Mish and K Stuart Bushong, Receivers, for the sale of. the real estate in the proceedings of thin cavise mentioned, be ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary bo shown to the Court on or before the 19th dav of January next: Provided, a copy of. this order be inserted in HoniH published in Washing-ton County, at least once a week for three successive weeks before tho said mentioned day. This report states Ihe amount of anle.H lo be $13,000.00. TRUE COPV—TEST: 10DWARD OSWALD, Clerk. Public Sale Classified Display Notlcet The annual meeting of the atock- holders of The Savings Bank of Wll- liamsport, Willlamsport, Md. for the election of directors, End the transaction of all such other business as may properly come before the meet- Ing, will be held on Thursday the thirteenth day of January between the hours of two and three o'clock i. m. at the office of the Banking loom In Williamsport, Md, CHARLES S. KABP-EB, Cashier. Public Sile By virtue 01 a distraint Issued on suit of John A. Shaffer vs. Marlon L. Goodheart, I will sell at public sale at 1910 Va. Ave., on FRIDAY, JAN. 8, 1938. at 2 p. m., consisting of good household furnl- U TJ3RMS: Cash. V. P. COOK, Constable. White, Auct. OP PERSONA!, PROPERTY Tlte undersigned Executor of Clara E. Coffman, deceased, will sell at public sale at her late residence on Poplar Street in Funka- town, Maryland, on SATURDAY. JANUARY in. 1938, the sale, tf begin at 12:3C o'clock P. Jr., the following: described household furniture and personal property to•wit: 1 H. C. A. Radio, table modelj 1 drop leaf, 6-leg table, 1 drop leaf, 4-leg table, 4 beds, bed springs, 2 wardrobes, lot chairs, lot dishes, cooking utensils, carpets, riigrs, 1 shot gun, and many other articles too numerous to mention. TERMS: Cash. No goods to be removed until settled for. JOHN D. HOLLYDAY, Executor. R. Vf. Eigenbrode, Auct. IUC SALE OF REAL ESTATE By virtue of a power of sale contained in a mortgage from Jefferson Davis and Bettie L. Davla, his ivife, said mortgage being- dated October S. 11)29. and recorded In Liber No. 184. folio 1S5, one of the Land Records of Washington County, Maryland, default having occurred under the covenants therein, the undersigned assignee for foreclosure and collection will sell at public sale in front of thn Court House in Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland, on TUESDAY, JANUARY 4, 103S between the hours ot one and three o'clock P. M.. all that tract or par-, eel of land being located at Eakle's Mill in Washington County, State of Maryland, and, containing: on* and one-fourth acres of land, more or less the improvements consisting- of a two story brick house and frame stable. This Is ii.i: trucking • land and lies convenient to a hard surfaced road, and there is also an electric power line running along: said property, making 1 electric current avallaMe for this property. TERMS OP SALE; One-half the purchase • loney in cash on the day of sale or the ratification thereof by the Ourt and the balance in on* 1 year from day ot sale with Interest from the day of sale, the deferred payment to be secured to the satisfaction of the undersigned, or all cash at the option of. the purchaser. HARRY BRINDLE, Assignee for foreclosure and collection. Fred White. Auctioneer. Public Sale ClioVsvllie, Wash. Co., IVId. Sale Starting at 10 A. M., TUESDAY, JANUARY 18TH, 1938 8—HEAD OF HORSES—8 mart- coming 7 years old, works any place hitched. C Dollie, bay mare colt coming 2 years old. 18-HEAD OF CATTLE-18 by side; 1 fresh by day of iad ffl clcM T pivinp pood supply oC milk. 4 Heifers. 2 Brills lariro enough for service. 1 Fut hull. 1 Fat sleor. . 31— HEAD OF SHEEP— 31 Consisting of 30 ewes and 1 buck. 50— HEAD OF HOGS— 50 barrow 2 twenty o I i »i rlns harrows, sixteen tooth spring harrow, oubl- disc rol e- p 2 sets of hay carrlaKes. lota of double trees, single tic.s triple trees jockey sticks, forks and .shovels, corn sheller, grain cridt'e briar scythe, breast chains, log chains, butt traces and apread- PI-'V wheel burrow, set blacksmith tools, hay fork, rope am] pulleys, two l.orHfipower Fairbanks Morse ^i-soitiic engine, McConnlck-Deerlng cream separator, :t iron kettles and rings, hog gallows, 3 sets tripods, butchering table, 2 butchering planks, l 1 meat benches, Davis swmff cnurn. Complete line nf farm ^oars. Also about 1200 or 1400 bundles of fodder. TERMS Ol' 1 SALE: Cash and no articles to be moved until settled for. FRANK HAMBURG. Auctioneer, Kigenbrode. Clerks, Havtlc & Hartle. Lunch stand privilege reserved. OAKY DOAKS Trademark Applied For U. S. Patent Office, Or Buccaneers, Or Something •y R. B. FULLER <&HJLB OUR FRIENDS SLEEP, A BRIG, OR SCHOONER, OH SOMETHING, SLIDES INTO THE COVE... BLAST1T, XUaO TUSH'S ITS SAILS ARE FURLED, OR WHATEVER VOT CALL FT...

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