The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 29, 1936 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 29, 1936
Page 7
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THE BAKtettSPiELD CALttfOUNIAN, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 19So .•Selected Group Is Chosen on -Basis' of, Superiority in High School Sports " Content of a new class In the girls' physical education department was outlined yesterday by Mrs. Florence MoKlntey, teacher In this subject at the local high school. The new "Leaders Group" is llnv Hed t6 2C girls, picked by tho teach brs'of .this department, on the basis of superiority In girls' sports. Special Training According to Mrs. McKlnley, tho clasp has two advantages: First, tho girls have their first opportunity to pick a sport In which to become pro- flolont; secondly, the girls receive special training . in gamo rules, coaching, umpiring, and other phases of this work. Thus, when the glrlu •leave .school, they toko;with them complete knowledge of at least ono gaino and techniques of playing many games, ,. Some of tho sports offered -are: Archery, badminton, ten nls, handball, paddle tennis and ping pontf. To Umpire Games These girls will also assist In the freshman and sophomore classes and \vlll umpire in the intramural games ..These games are now played from 3:tp ! to 4 o'clock, rather than after School, for the benefit of those girli who rldo the busses, The new lead ens' group will bo a complete unit "aside,from the regular gymnaslun activities, and members will wea upeclal emblems, designed by tin high school art classes. << Members of Group •The girls picked for this group because of superior showings in 'sport, are: Misses Olga Anlonglo vannl, Dorothy Buckingham, Mario Brookshlrc, "Virginia Burrlss, Ksthe A Foley, Ann Ouiney, Mary.anna Hum We, Wllma gmLth. Bum Smith,Mai riot Sheldon, Andrea Shaw, Helc Surbook, Dorothy Sturgeon, 1311 ! Deguill, Huth Johnson, ISdllh mucchi, Lola Krauter, Pat McAllls tor, Grace Kossctlo, Jeanne "Wells jMinnie Leo Warnock, Moselle Wai nock, Barbara Warren and Sylvl Winer. *-*-» Newlyweds Receive at Shafter Partj Celebrating, the wedding September 12 at: First Baptist Church of Miss Efflo-ttoiebtnb and John Donakis, the t br|dal pair entertained at an evening of'dancing-and music recently at their home in Shafter. v Tho pccasioh also was the bride's birthday aJjjhlversaryv and" she received a shov^r oj/rlfta. ' : ; " > Attending.were" Mr. and Mrs. J. Tvouklis and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis M. Young, Mr. and Mrs. John Cams and soni'Mrs. Emma Monroy, John Russia, Mr. and Mrs. George An tonaros, Misses Irene Antonaros, Mlas Calliope -Antonaros: Miss Kathleen Dorsoy, Gus Aslnmkls, . jl'ony PolnoH, Tom POBCUBZO, Miss Eva Dorsoy, Mr. and Mrs. IS. Stamoulla, Manuel Kouklls, Helen Stumoulls, Nick Btamoulls, Bessie Stamoulis, Mr. and Mrs, Gus Manitos and Gus Vanctos'.; Ministers Slate First Meeting of Fall Wednesday OR their first meeting of tho current season members of the Bnltersflbld Ministerial Union will convene Wednesday morning nt 10:30 o'clock at First Presbyterian Church. The ttcv. William K. 1'tttrlck IB president of the union and the HOT. John Murdoch Is secretary. R QUIRT EM HERE HpJpEET Will Greet Stale President nt First Branch Session on October 9 To prepare for the first fall meet- ng that will be In tho form of a reception to now and prospective mem- jers on October 9, Mrs. Theron Me- Cuen, president of the local branch, American Association of University Women, has called a meeting of the aoard of directors for Wednesday afternoon. Tho session Vlll bo at 4 o'clock at her homo, 2920 Twentieth street. Heccptlon and Meet Mrs. Frank O. Swain of AVhlttler, president of tho stato association, will be tho guest speaker at the first general branch meeting to be held Friday ovdning, October 0, at the homo of Mrs. J. A. .Hughes, 2021 Cedar street. Mrs. Maurice Van Osdel will-bo the piano soloist of tho evening 1 . Mrs, Swain's address Is expected to bo particularly Interesting for it will follow the first slate conference scheduled for October 8 at San Mateo. Mrs. James K. Thrasher, prominent member of the Bakersfleld branch, will attend tho conference as stato finance chairman. She left this week with her daughter, Miss Barbara for I'alo Alto, whoro tho latter will re-enter Stanford University as a sophomore. Second Conference A second conference will be held on October 17 at AVhlttler College where there will be a round table for tho southern section. Representatives will probably also attend this meeting from Bakersfleld. Swiss Club Dance Proves Successful Frontier costumes added merriment to tho occasion when a largo crowd attended the Swiss Club dance Saturday night. Awards for the best sustained characters wont to Mrs. Elmer May and Gulseppl Zancttl. A highlight of the evening was a masked" stranger In costume whoso Identity remained unknown. The stranger will appear again musquorado ball October 31 announced. Refreshments were served. Prominent California Matron on Progrm of W. G. T. U. for Convention Mrs. John C. Urquhart, state director of radio, who will address the state W. C. T. U. convention which will bo held In tho First Baptist Church October 18 to 16, has this to say of adult education: "When a thoughtful lad looks at you and says, 'Well wo didn't vote to repeal prohibition. Wo don't have anything to do with making It a law. It Isn't our fault things are as they are today. Why talk to us—talk to the grown When a serkfua eyed.- girl leaving tho group of elders who arc discus slug and stressing tho need of know- Ing the facts about alcohol, says know all those facts, but what are you lo do when every where you go drinks with liquor In them are served?' AVhen a young man ralaoil In a temperance family and home tells his mother, he has to get liquor or go thirsty, as at all dances tho punch bowl contains alcoholic In gredlents, It startles one to tho need of adult education on tho whole bev erage alcohol situation. Adults Responsible "Naturally wo are concerned over our young people, but do wo realize that tho responsibility really rests on tho grown ups? The W. C. T U. under Us Wlllard Centenary Edu catlonal Fund la endeavoring to moe this need through, various projects Tho training of teachers for sclentifl Instructors In the schools Is an adul movement. Tho exhibits visualize by charts, graphs and chemlca analyses constitute adult educalloi as well as factual proof for th young. The radio is being used as n powerful adjunct to adult educa lion. Weekly Sunday broadcasts or heard at 4 p. m. over KQFJ In Lo Angeles county. Weekly or scm weekly broadcasts are also heard I Kern county and San Bernardln and Imperial. These talks will help you to an swer the queries of disturbed youn people, who am destined lo bocom tho victims of the drink habit unles the adult voting population can bull up that public mind reslslano which will give to youth an envlro ment In whjch they can bo allowe lo exercise their reason and self-con trol. "Reforms como slowly, but the come by inking the next step an then ono step at a lime. The preset pathway Is outlined In the Wlllai Centenary Educational Fund, and adult participation Is necessary lo lake the forward stops therein. To support this education movement of the W. C. T, U. is not only Incumbent on Its members but upon every pAJilNQ its placo as the most brll- j Mlant event of the year Hi tho ca.1- ndar of Tejon Court, Order of the maranlh, a visit of grand officers set for Wednesday night at S 'clock nt Masonic temple, preceded y a 6:30 o'clock dinner at Hotel 1 Tejon. In tho starry aggregation will be rtrs. Louise Kennedy of Fresno, rand royal matron; Austin Grlswold. f Bugle Rock, grand royal patron; Irs. Lulu Belle Taylor, Los Angeles, •rand associate matron; Judge W. F. jttlrd of Bakorsfield, grand associate jatron; Mrs. Ktta Mae Vallejo of •!an Francisco, grand conductress; Mrs. Sarah Pet Us of Ix>s Angeles, •rand associate conductress; Mrs. Ynria DeMott of Hollywood, grand eerolary; John Pettls of Los Angeles, supremo associate patron, and nany other grand and past grand rala Amaranth Event Set for Wednesday Night Here officers from the northern and southern parts of the state. Now Reserving Mrs. Charles Miller, royal matron of the entertaining court is taking dinner reservations. William nniLRan Is the royal patron of Tojon Court, A class of 21 persons, the largust over to bo taken In. will bo initiated. Local Officer Ix>cal Amaranths tiro proud of having Judge Laird as grand associate patron, as ho Is tho first man from Kern county to fill this post, Tho position Is next In lino to tho highest office attainable by men, In I ho order. A few years ago Bakersfield was honored by having a Brand royal matron, Mrs. America Miller. Mrs. Sylvia Heagah heads tho committee In chnrso of refreshments, which will bo exquisitely appointed, In the dining room. Four Hundred Register for Night School; Study Begins ITU more than -100 adults registering for classes In local evening high school last night, regular sessions will commence this evening In nearly all groups, It was announced today by Kenneth AV. Rich, evening school principal. Late registrations will bo accepted tonight j and Thursday In the evening school office In tho administration building on F Btroet. Wide Choice Instructions will begin tonight In tho following subjects: Hookkeoplng, business English, shorthand (beginning, Intermediate, advanced), typing, English for foreigners, public speaking, homo hygiene, handicraft, Spanish (begintiers), Diesel engine fundamentals, .inathemntlCB (especially designed for oil field workers), oil fields science, machine shop, welding, wood shop. Othor classes available but nol meeting on Tuesday Include: Citizenship, Up reading, first aid (both beginning and advanced), mineralogy, Spanish (advanced). No Fees No fees aro charged In any class with tho exception of welding. Books Information and schedules of all evening cliuuica may be obtained by calling at the evening school office on Tuesday or Thursday evenings. Red Cross Course An evening school class sponsored by the American Red Cross, of particular Interest to women, will holil Its first session this evening In L.ui.1 den hall, room 104 on tho high echoo campiiM. Tho Instructor Is Mrs. Edwin ISv ans, a graduate nurse with years of practical experience nnd adequate training. This tfruup will ineel om evening each week and Instructloi Is entirely freo. Viiluo In Home Following Is a brief synopsis 0' tho course: The course In home by glcno and care of the sick Is plannei to Klvo nlmple, practical Isnlructlon. It Includes subjects relating to tho health of the Individual, the homo and the community; to tho care of babies, children, the Kick and the aged. Simple niaasureH aro taught and practiced sufficiently to enable tho student to use them In her own homo with safety and benefit lo her family. Visitors arc welcome to attend tho High School Publication Is Offering Prizes to Boost Student Subscriptions AVith subscriptions now totaling 500, tho staff of the Blue and AVhlto. ocal high school newspaper, has planned to renew, with Increasing vigor, tho campaign for 1BOO subscriptions, the goal set by Mark F. AVIleox, adviser of tho journalism classes. Classes Compete Intel-class competition for galn- ng subscriptions Is growing, with tho seniors In the load with 2U6 fully- paid HUbscrlptlons. Juniors follow vlth 180, and sopohomorcs and fresh nen far In the. rear with 28 and 10 respectively. A block of football tick- els to the Snnla Maria football gamo being offered lo the class councf gaining the greatest number o subscriptions. Tho first Issues o tho school paper for tho semester have mado appearance on tho campus. Changes Moled Tho Blue and White this year under tho leadership of Miss Hace Morton, editor, has adopted many revolutionary chantres. Inoluclliv tho new "streamline" type for th head, movie, reviews, book reviews short Btorles, radio programs, and a special column written by Ix«o H. llarl, counselor for the high school. Delta Sigma Men Meet Wednesday to Plan Events fpO HEAR reports on recent - 1 -events and plan for the contlnr season Delta Sigma fraternity Will meet Wednesday evening at 8 o'rlork nt Drury's hall with Howard Kroemnn presiding. itefrcghmcnta will bo served by a comiullten headed by George Premo nnd I^ee Brown. Among events reported will be a recent "stampede" and banquet. Girls' Glee Club Selects^Offlcers Tho first regular meeting of tho advanced girls' glee club of the Kern County Union High School was held recently for tho purpose of electing officers. Those elected announced today wore Miss Florenco Welchelt, president; Miss Ruth Lolch, vlco-prcsldent; Miss Joan Collins, secretary; Miss Huth Hlsoden, treasurer, and Miss Anita Stewart, publicity manager. Tho girls will be represented by a trio this your with Miss Barbara Bunting an tho alto, Mis* Juno 1'aquctte, second soprano and Mies Ruth Lelch, soprano. l<ator In th« month a sextet will bo chosen. Tho accompanist for the club will IM> Josephine Woods. The director will lw Miss Carol Buohiw. bnrn danco will be held In honor of tho now members In tho club. Women's Progressive Group to Meet at Mathews Home and supplies when necessary must I first class session nnd may enroll be purchased by students. ' Inter If they wish to do so. Candidates to Be Welcomed Into Legion of Moose Women, October 2 (Special to Th« California*) W ASCO, Sopt. 20.-— Mra. Tlpton Mnthewa will entertain tho members of tho Woman's Progressive Club at tho regular meeting. Thursday aflernoon, coinjnencltiK at Final plans will be nuulu ilurlntf tho business session, for tho reciprocity luncheon. Representatives from all Iho 10 federated clubs In tho county aro ox- pt'dod to bo present. Tho county TEACHERS' PAR IS JOLLY AFFAIR Club Year Launched With Frontier Days Fete and Square Dance Desks, books and blackboards wcr* forgotten Monday evening when members of the Bakersfleld Teachers' Club gathered one hundred percent for a Frontier Days party in tho library at Emerson school. Prizes for the best crop of whiskers went to Al Ebersolo and for the best costumes to Miss Merle Scales and Miss Dorothy May Gibson, Miss Lovlna Parshall "called" for square dancing and all entered into the spirit of the occasion with Mat, Music was furnished by the Hill Billies orchestra, and vocal selections followed by the orchestra members. Allen Lambourne, instrumental music supervisor added a song "Tho Martins and the McCoys" which was warmly applauded. Providing tho surprise of th« afternoon, a set of Franciscan pottery was presented to Miss Sadie Clendenen In appreciation for her work as president last year. Miss Virginia Getchell, president, conducted a short business meeting', announcing that the October session will bo held jointly with the California Teachers Association and a general staff meeting and will be devoted to legislation. Mrs. Mary Lavers, legislative chairman, xvtll be in charge for tho Teachers Club. In November, a fashion show in planned with Miss Evelyn Cavala as chairman. Miss Helen Knight, welfare chairman, heads tho committee for a Christmas party In December. Mrs. I. E. Porter, member of the stato and city board of education, arranged for motion pictures of the party. meeting Is to he held at 10 o'clock In tho morning with Mrs. George Owner, presiding, In tho auditorium of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The luncheon will he nerved In tho social ball of tho church, by tho ladles' Aid Society, Mm. Franklin PU-riv AVriiy. flute chairman of legltilntlon will ho the afternoon speaker, Reservations should l>c sent to Mrs A. R. Hecks, president of the I,aillcN' Aid or to Mrs. B. T. Stewart's Store, tele Body Lice On Chickens and Birds at it MARRIAGK MCKNSE.S Marriage licenses Issued September 27 in Reno Include UIUBO lo Mack lllnes, Gfi and Thulla Froser, CO, both of Bakersfleld and Bill Gill, 21, Tuft -and Maxlno Stanley, 18, of Fellows, citizen who values a sane and stabal Ized government and security for his child and his home." •> * * • • Patrons Club Will Sponsor "Ramona" Tho Patrons' Club of the local junior college Is sponsoring tho lat esl technicolor success, "Ramona,' tho story of old California, In a theater parly at the Fox thuutot October 3, 4, C, 0. Tho money ob taincd will bo used for the annual revolutionary changes, including tho outstanding student In the .Jun lor college. Phillips Music Company's SCHOOL OPENING of Used Musical Instruments An exceptional opportunity to save on instruments suitable for school bands and orchestras. Every instrument has been thoroughly sterilized and reconditioned and is covered by our guarantee of complete satisfaction. Prices and terms are well within the reach of everyone. As stocks are limited an early selection is to be advised. 1512 Nineteenth *• Street PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY Phone 1398 F IFTIS1SN or more candidates will foe welcomed Into Woim-n of tlu> MOOHO as tho I5vn G. Htarkcty class October 2 at JJrulds' hall at 8 o'clock. A'lsltors will be present from Tiift and Vlsnlla. Refreshments will be provided by tho October social com- nltleo nnd entertainment by a committee comprised of Mesdamen Willam Case!, 1-flO Slocum, John Yan- ccy and Leonard Thompson. l'»Id Honor Tho hlghopt honor of AVnmen of ho Mooso was bestowed on Mrs. Htar- key of Lynn, MassachuHOlls, when . tier uppolnincnt to tho uftloo of Brand j re»BiMH of tho C'ollogo of Mi-Bents, was ] affirmed at Ihe International confer- | unco of Women of tho Mooso In Chicago in July. Sho represents more than 900 chaplors In tho United Blates, Canada, Hawaii and Alaska, j Immediately following her Installation clyiptoifi throughout the country are having Eva Starkoy clasw Initiations. Klijoy Party More than 100 men and women of tho . order and their families and frlonda gathered at Druids hall recently tor a Frontier day dance and costume party. 1'rlxes were won by Mrs. John Yuncey and James Kb.- zlar. Tho refreshments commltloo wnw comprised of Mrs. Harry Krough, Mrs. Ann Thompson, Leoiuml Thompson and Wlilliim S. Ca«t:l. unslsie/d by Mrs. Leo Slocum and Mrs. John Yancey. Tho chapter IH planning a float in the Frontier Dnys purudo, with Mrs. T. K. JiuvlH an rlmlrnmn, a*- slsted by Mcsdaines Harold liruotne. Wllllum Croft, Frank OreenoiiKh, John Dowd, John Yancy and Ulcnn AVaro. Visit Taft Several from here attended rooent Initiation servlce« and eiitfrtalntnoiu In Tuft. In tho group worn Alniwrti. and Mosdanies C. L. Uirmii, W. F. i.'ascl, l-.eonard Thompson, .lohn Dowd, Glenn Warn uiul Mr. J. David lAlrrt, vlco-protmlenl of the California Mooso Association. 2 o'clock. The meeting will be held on tho lawn of tho Mathews home, and Mrs. John Halo, president, will pn-Hldo. Stato Assemblyman Rodney T,. Turner of Delano will spoult on social ball of tho church, by tho if you want to keep your poultry "Federal Courts, Their Set-up and ladles' Aid Society, Mm. Franklin absolutely free from lice, here's the Their Functions," and Attorney AV. PU-riv AVray. Koto chairman of quick, cheap, easy way to do It. 1,. Bradshaw of UuUersflold will dls- leglHliitlon will ho the afternoon Simply sprinkle the chickens with c-uss I ho amendments which will ap- I npenkor. Reservations should )>c sent HLIIACH. s Ifting the PO»'«l«r pear on the huHot at the November to M,, ; V R. Hecks present of Ojroujh *££«£*•*„ »™& £ election. i the lenities Alii or lo Mis. u. i. • . . lll , rlnk i ft ,».„ mft *ie Mrs. August Souole will lend In | Santom at Stewart's Store, tele- * ™$;. e ^de? ta your coW? and t'ommunlty singing mid will present phone do. j u!n nouse , B . it's guaranteed safe— Hpecla.1 numbcrM. The new year i lloMteKnon for tho meeting next. . j >llt Burp death to lice! In Handy huoka will he distributed at this j Thursday will be MosdamoH AValter sifter dms 25« up at all Drug. mooting when the treasurer, Mrs. I Ntool, M. 15. Sanctuary and AV. E. 1 (jrnrery. Seed Stores and l*et Shops Thomas Faulkner receives the dues. I Wa««on. ' Adv. "Look A T ALL Three" A prominent motor car manufacturer says: "Look at all three," referring lo America's three most popular ears. And to follow this bit of wise advice, it is necessary to go lo three different car agencies. MAYTAG Rosedale Women to i ConveiMMHi Friday j "Kitchens of tho '7 Cs'—Whut Ar«>j They'/" Iw tho InloreHtlng topic for! the meclhiK of the 1-Kwcdalo Farm) Homo 'Department lo b<? held on Frl-' day afternoon at 1:30 o'clock at the hoinn of Mrs.' Andrew Hclinforth. Miss Dorothy Wilkinson, holm- demonstration agent, will bo the at the meeting. ft JJclicait-' e flavor lasts Schilling To see America's three most popular washers and ironcrs just come to Urner's. Here you will see ALL THREE side by side, where you can compare them and make the selection of YOUR CHOICE without the confusion of "high pressure" selling methods. Be Sure to See All Three ABC EASY MODEL 10 Square Tub Model Famouw from const to roast. A washer ugenry that IH the cmy of every dealer unable lo obtain It. Mod<;ln range In price from $ 74 SO ,„ 129 50 Cash for Old Gold Do Not »«l| to Stranger* Wickersham Co, Genuine Repair Parts for All Three Makes Skilled mechanics and genuine parts insure real Kulist'fiction in the rupuir of your Avasher. Every job guaranteed. Wringer Rolls and Repair Parts for All Makes Largest Stock of Washer Parts in in Kern County MODEL 136P Cumbliica streamline beauty and wturdy construction, A truly great lino of precision built washers and Ironers In a. wide run KB of models priced from MODEL IB Uomlnont leader in the industry *liie« 1910. Prestige and quality unquestioned. A. most complete line of washer and Ironer models ranging In price from 59 50 to '134 50 54 95 lo $ 159 50 PURCHASE ANY MODEL ON EASY MONTHLY PAYMENTS DAVID E. URNER 1925 "Eye" Street Telephone 1280 , ,, .

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