The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 19, 1944 · Page 16
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 16

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1944
Page 16
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15 Thursday, October 19, 1944 UJfST CGRST OX THEATRES PROGRAMS ON THE AIR Every War Bond Is • Victory Bond! mfOX ^ i-- '- LAST SPENCER TRACY DAY SIONE HASSO - "The 7th CROSS" Stephanie Bachelor "Tilt Port «f 40 Thitvts" TOMORROW Special Show at 3:3O Regular Show at 6:45 AND LAUREL and HARDY in "THE BIG HOUSE" Hi Li- 721 19th S! ' /' TONIGHT, 6:45 WALLACE BEERY "Barbary Coast Gent" With BINNIE BARNES Second Smash Hit Benny Fields Gladys George In "MINSTREL MAN" UllhUKNIA LAST DAY "HITLER GANG' "HAIRY APE" OPENS ====== TOMORROW HURRY! HURRYI CO-HIT JACK HALEY HARRIET HILLIARY "TAKE IT BIG' Tomorrow Peter Lorr* "Isle of Doomed Men" Tex Ritter Bob Will* "Take Me Back to Old Oklahoma" OIIDALE • Phone 2-6636 Last Times Tonight 'UNCERTAIN GLORY' "JIVE JUNCTION" Starting Tomorrow "COBRA WOMAN" "Gildersleeve's Ghost" Last Times Tonight "STANDING ROOM ONLY" "Secrets of Scotland Yard" Starting Tomorrow "RIDING HIGH" "JUNGLE WOMAN" P h o n c / 7 2 6 1 Last Tim«> Tonight "UP IN ARMS" "Ref tr Touhy. Gant«Ur" Starting Tomorrow "IN SOCIETY" "CandliligM in Algtria" RIALTO® Special Spanish Films "HIM DEL CIELO" "•EDA, SANORK V SOL" THtKSnAY «:0n lo «:.10 p. m. KKR.V—News; 6:15, Sonca by Leon KKI—Krafi Music Hall. KPMC—Unhurt Heallft; «:15, S.teen Tests. 0:30 In 7:00 n. m. KKRN—Spotlight Bands; 6:00. Coronet St..iv Tell'-]. Kl-'l- Hoh Huinn KPMC- Main Line 7:00 lo 7:30 p. m. KIM'. N' P.lMnond Cram Sn n*. 7 I" International Ltid:es Ciainirnl Wn:keis Ciiion in Hehalf of Hnoaevelt and 'I niimi n. KKI —AhlK.U anil Costello KT'Mc- Henry tiladstone; >:15. LOIM.-!! 7:30 tn 8:00 p. m. KKR.V Sid" Slu-w With l)a\e K I- I Man h of Time KP.Mi:--Allen Roth: T.l.'i. \\alu T.ine. H:00 tn 8:30 p. in. KKIIN-- Wan h (he Wot Id Co R.v , S.10, Linn nnd Ahnei KKI -The Musli Shop, S 10. The .ViBlit Kddor. K PM( ' Va i ;et ir-R. «:.10 lo 11:0(1 p. m. KK.RN—Krfn WaruiK I'muialn K l-'l -.Ma x w ell House Coffee Tinie KPMC—Snip Thai VllliHti 0:OO to »:30 p. m. KKRN—Kein Connly I Jrmoi t a l < i 'enI.-nl i'f niniliier. '.i I r , Mus:, Kl'l Dma.i Shon- B I'ipen llo.i-r KPMC — Newi.. !i-|0. H«x Mdlei l*:30 la 10:00 p. tn. K KTI N"- -t io\ el nor Hi n Uei K Kl— lOlle, ,- gueen KPMC — Knlton Lewis. ,li.; 9 10, .Sews. 10:00 tn 10:30 p. m. KKRN— CooMtcr Howies: H:I5, Henry .1. Tayloi Kl-'l—Tie Reporter; 10.10. Talk by Mavo. Hew run KPMC -Payroll Guarantee; 10:10. Townsend 10:80 la 11:00 p. m. K KR.V—-Ambassador Hotel. Kf-'l — Inside the News; 10 40 Ta>!or Mnile Melodies KPMC—Wires Over tho West Coast. 11:00 In 11:30 p. m. KKRX- Thii MovinK World: 11 10, Henry Kins and His On-hestni. Kl-'l --Klnvclith Hour News: 11.10. Post Parade; 11.20. Henry KinK's Oi-( hestr* KPMC- —.N'rws- ll:ii.'. Silver Nm I'.irne: II In I'Mill Midllilht KKRN—Ten We* mn and Hif OitheKita; 11:00. News KKI-RH Hi Karfare. 11 40, Ted Weenn KKI-- Radio Kanfare; 11:40, Ted Wi-ems. 11-0.1. Musieal I-Incores. KPMC- -Silver Nocturne. ?::)0 In »:OO p. m. KKRX—Ja;n-» Abbe Obderven; 7.45. The Listening Post. K!•'! --Roveille Rnunduit; 7.15, Sain Haven. KI'Mc—Top Tunes; 7:40, We:ir» .News; 7 :Jo. News. 8:00 to 8:30 «. fti. KKIIN — Fleet H-ooil l^wlon: d.13. \'i, tor • Mai i I.PH. KI-'I— .fnhnny Alurniy: 8:1S, T. H. Mlakiaton KP.Mi; -Shinty Valley KnlkK. H:.'(0 tn 11:00 n. m. KI-:R.\—Micnkriin> club. KI'l-Alhei: Hi.meniHker Hour; S <."., I'l.nid tlarum KP.MC- .H»|-p.v .lop and Ralph: 1 <"/. lo Vniir NeiKhhorhoofl; Jj:ri5, I,ani and t Jinuer 0:00 (n 0:30 n. m. KKR.V—Ni-,vn 01 tho World: 3:10 Nevv-.»: n i:>. The Woman'* 1'nci- Kl'l- Nen-h Period; IMj.'i, ?->lunnl .Ini ceripon . :»:ir ( l,(tir>- Smith K I'MC --Uon Ue Carter U.l.0 ,\aiii'-N and I'la- f « in t he Nev H. 0::tO in 10:00 n. m. K i;.':.\ --Hi eaKfa.-*t HI Sardi M Kri--N."i'i.. ft:4il. i.;. 1/8 Abroad; •' I". I!, nny M.nisl'N'Id. KPMC- M I 1 . S A.; 'J.Hi. Amu:.mi .Jennifer LoKnn 10:li:i tn 10:30 K. in. Ki:i:\ run Mi me; 10:10. .la.U l!.-i(h ,-i ml 11 x Hm» Kl'l Tilhuniiii Kitihcn: lu.l.'i. p«icr ( le I .inn ' f ( 'lo^eupH. KI'.MC S<-w.«; 111 I.,, Tn i >•'« Honni; Pa i t -.'. IO::lO lo 11:00 a. m. KKIiV M.. Ti ue Sun • . ]" ...",. 'The Annl .leiniina Show Kl-'l- .Mini Miiry |n 10. Ac llaki-t. KI'MC—I.nnrheui, With Lopez; 10 40. N'rvvn Mehmd the News 11:00 tn 11:30 H. in. KKR.V Hmikhace Tallinn; 11:15. Ifland Alelodie.a Kl''l — Onlilin:; Light; 11.15, Today's Children K PMC —nilrlH and rjnda From .Neivbei-rN >.. 1 1 .10. \\'all/. Tune. I 1:30 In I Mill Noon k I-;II.V -i ;iilinrilli Man ir. Kl-'l Wi.nn-i: in While: H 10. lii-ilv Cio. Ill" . KPMC -Not man Chiitiei. 114,,. Sjimmy K;i>e. P::00 tn I'1:30 p. m KKIIN- N.-UM u! Hie Wot Id: U I" l.mal Neus- KM o, lloll> wmid Star Km in Repoiter: 11 10. Ma is; 12 10. Noon Tune No..k inn 1 I KlltAV A:00 In «:.'!« n. in. KF.nx- Mn-tt- and Madness; iJemotrata for Dewev. fl:30 to 7:00 H. m. KKItX -Mnrninif CliiBsii-s: ti.45. Tliu Willard Mes«eri8er; 6:00. Aluniiul Reveille. KKI—Tom Owem<: 6:40. News. KPMC -Sln»i<:al C'lOL-k; 6:50. On the l''ari.-.. 7:0,1 to 7:30 H. m. KKR.V—News; 7:15, Marlin ABron»k.v. KKI—(jrai-me FUtrhei ; 7.1i. I-'leutwnnd La vvum. KI'MC— NI-WH; 7.15. Melodies of Today. KI'MC—Ni (Mils. P'::iO to 1:00 p. m. KKR.V—P.I nveel the Lines. 11.10. The Khml 'I rouhaili in K l-'l —I'cppei Vi turn's l-'amily. 11 -10, KI'M'' - -Ciiiiiili-.v I'ommenlaior. 1 1 •( r, Mu»i. . 1:011 In 1:311 p. in. KKR.V--Sam lla>e.«. 1;|0, bob Ni.hols. KKI— kslnlii Wife; 1:10, Stella. Dallas. KPMC--Walter Compton: 1.10, Open House. 1:30 It. -MM) p. m. KKRN- Time Views the News; 1:40. Muddy Twisa, 1.00. Krlwiri! .Inriirti!-, n Kl-T- Loten/.o .lonea; 1:40, YouriK Wiilcler HI-IIWII. KPMC—Headlines to Harmony. 2:00 tu 3:»« p. in. KKItX —When a Cirl Marries. 1 10. 1'ortia l-'ares Life. i.t i[-t;.Ai. I'01,11 tCA L,^ 1) VJCHT I.HK M K N T TEXANS! Listen to Senator W. Lee O'Daniel (Pass the Biscuits, Pappy) and His Hillbilly Boys in a Program Sponsored by The Democrats for Dewey Every Morning Mondays Through Saturdays KERN-6:15-6:30 TECHNOCRACY ON THE AIR "Calling All Americans" Thursday, 4:45 P. M. KPIY1C FRED WARING Ms KNNtYLVANIANS 8:30 P. M. We Caler to Private Parties SOUTHERN KITCHEN 604 Chester Avenue Phone 3-1371 Open Dully 5 I'. M. to 9 P. M. Open SnlurUn.v f» p. M. to 11 1'. M. Opc-ii Sunday 11' Noon to 9 P. M. • Southern Fried Chicken • Virginia Baked Ham •Thick Juicy Steaks -ALL THE HOT BISCUITS AM) HONE* YOU CAN EAT DELICIOUS HOME BAKED PIES SERVED WITH WHIPPED CREAM "Jim" and "Helen" Lovcgreen—Proprietors • Quick • Careful • Convenient We Specialize in WH1LE-YOU-WAIT SERVICE Complete Stocks of Leather and Rubber EXPERT CLEANING AM) DYEING VICTORY SHOE SHOP 1523 Twentieth Street Aerou tnm !1*n«er Mrrtantil* LET "Things Worth While" Brighten Your Life KPMC at 3:30 P. M. LET IVERS FURNITURE COMPANY Brighten Your Home Tbr H«m« <|iMlltr Mtrlr and Bmtutr I* VnrnHurr 625 Nineteenth Street Phone 4-4711 1 KTI— When a rjiri Marries: 2.IS, Pnrtill Fn.r-pn Life. KP.M' 1 -Handy Man: 2:1», Mutiny on the HiEh Seas. 2:30 t« .t:(H) n. tn. KKItX— \\ hat's l)niii', !:»«•> KKI- .Ins-. Plain Bill: 1:40. K.ont I'.-idc. Kanell. KI'MC—Cahb;iK<--« nnd QneenM; 2:45, Su Ivai ion A i my. 3:00 tn 3:30 p. m. KKRN — Api>i-.iiiliiici,t. Wim I.if.- KM --llmiil 01 I,ill-; 3:1."., star I'l.'l.vlliillKP. KPMC. Cnft'tn Ii, pen ling: 3:10. I.nst Knipire. 3:30 In 4:00 p. m. Ki:l:.V—Mum, : 3:45. Blinl Troiilimlniir. K I-'!-- Rost-rna ry; .'{.45. Women o!' A I'H'I I- .t KI'.Mi 1 - --Thine* Worth Wlrle: 3:40. Johnson r.-iir.ii.v. I.-no to I::t0 n. m. KITIl.V—.N'ews n' HIP Winl.l: 4 III. l.o<al Newc. 4 t:,. Report l-'rorn I'arjli, . 4 _'",. lilammiiUK Yesterdays in DM I'aliloniia. Kl'l Doi'Kir Kale: 4:15. News of (he Wnilrl. Kl'.\ll'--l''illi,.i Lima. Jr.; 4:15. Heal I.iff Sic i ies. •I:HO III .5:11(1 p. m. KKRN-Ami:/ anil Virginia: 4:45, II,ip I Ian tKan Kl-'l -An Halo-i's Not.-honk KI'MC - World's Front I'aBc; 4.45. S.\ niphoni' Sv.-inj.' Ji:00 lii .->::<{) p. m. KI-:i:.S Terry and tin.- Pirates. .". :J 5 li'.li TIIM-V Kl'l -a K. for IU-li-an : 5:15 News Period KI'.Mi ' --I'lni I; rait.-r; 5:15. Superman. r>::i() to H:00 p. m. K KRN'--.Jar k Ai matrons; 5:45. Captain Midmnh' Kl-'l - Aivin Wilder; 5.45. Elmer Pet erpnn. KPMC -Adventnies of Tom Mix; 0:45, N'Kht Ne\v:< Wire Political Picture Aids in Catching Pickpocket KVAXSVILLK. In,].. Oct. 1ft. (UP) I'nllcp fiiiind ;i gnil use for ;i political campaign picture. A. V. I'.urch. Ke- pulilican candidati- for auditor of the state, had a picture made of a political gathering ho adressed at Mitchell. It shinvpfl a pickpocket with his hand in another man's pocket. Police had an elrargement made and arc sfjire.hing for the culprit. AT MARINE HASE .Marine Corporal Hubert \V. Dun- heck, n;!. lias been returned to the I'nited rifter L'^l nionhts of duty In the south Pacific. His last combat duty was in the Marshall islands campaign. The young veteran is the son oC Mr. and Mrs. C. Collins, of 1505 Orange Drive. He is at the marine base, San Diego, awaiting reassignment and a furlough. By MTtS. ANNE .PABOT Onp of the easiest of Klfla to crochet— one of the pleasantest sorts of gifts to re- reivp! Crochet It in one Htrulwht plere— fold one edge bnck to form a small collar— sew the sleeves up to form a tight tuff, t'se white wool, bine satin nineties nnd I It's for lied Jacket use—violnt. (fray, deep rose wool for nn older woman to wear as a ".shoulder" wnrmer about the house. To olilaln fonmlnte croi-hetinK inHtrne- I Ions for the Open Croeltet Shcnilderette l Pattern No. Mil send 15 <enls in roln. plus 1 cent postage, your name, address and the pattern number tn Anne Cabot, 't'lie Bakersfield Callfornian. 709 Mission St.. San Kranrlsco 3. The new fall and winter Issu* of the Anne Cabot Album contains dozen* of nc- lesmiry set Ideas, cifts. Christmas toys, warm sweaters, mittens, fascinators! Trice 1 5 cents. Hava Your Eyes Examined Open a Charge Aeeount GLASSES • Thnt are right for your eyes anil your job. CONSULT DR. R. F. ABRAMS OPTOMETRIST 1507 Nin*t««mth Street Phone 2-7335 rTrTTTTTl Open Daily at 12 Noon Starting Tomorrow BIO NAME BANDS in "SWING FEVER Roy Rogors in "SUNSET SERENADE" Last Times Today "THREE MEN IN WHITE" "OUNSMOKE MESA" Bricker Flays New Deal Intimidation in Kern Talk Continued From Page One RKTl'KNS— "It's good to get it over with," says Daniel Garcia, 5;!. who escaped from Utah state prison farm -3 years ago and recently returned to oonlple-to a three-year sentence for burglary, involving the theft of a claw hammer and level. Chinese Take Town Near Burma Road rilUXOKIXO, Oct. 10. (UP.)—r-hi- nese forces captured Yan^luiiiK.viten, 5 miles southwest of the -Burma, road town of Mingshih, and have repulsed a Japanese counterattack, a commti- nifiue said today. American air forces continued to hammer at Japanese installations on the Burma road and set numerous fires in the Manwing-Muse areas about 50 miles southwest of Mang- shih. On the front, Japanese moving south along the Hunan- Kwangsi railway, were reported halted west of Hsingan, 30 miles northeast of Kweilin. Chinese forces recaptured Tajungkiang, -5 miles northeast of Kweilin. On the west river front in Kwangsi province Japanese attacks from bases at Plngnam and Kweiping were repulsed and the Chinese recaptured Kongchow between the two points. Observers credited the, twin successes in pushing the Japanese back slightly on the Kweilin and west river fronts to fresh Chinese troops organized from Kwangsi province militiamen. to know what's good for them." the Republican vice-presidential candidate said. "But I trust the people, and insisted that they should know- all the facts of their government." The candidate said that government must be kept close to the people. "The more history that Is written in local communities, the freer and happier we will be." he stated. "This is the opposite from New Deal philosophy which Insists on secrecy and centralized authority." On Free Schools lie. asserted that the term of government has reached into every home, and is now attempting federal domination of schools. Schools must be controlled by local authorities, and must never become an avenue of propaganda, he said. Governor Rricker said that in the past 12 years, a powerful bureaucracy has been built up in Washington employing ".500.000 people. 400,000 of whom could he sent into the army or into war jobs and thus increase the efficiency both of the government and of the military and war industries. Hoiisecleaninc N'prilcd "There will have to be a housecleaning," he said. "The sunlight of truth must be turned into the dark corners of New Peal manipulation, and the man to do the job is Thomas E. Dewey." Tie told of the tremendous tax burden now placed on every person in the country by the necessity of supporting this bureaucracy. "There is a $2000 mortgage on every person in the country.'' be asserted. "Taxes must be borne either by human labor or the utilization of resources." The vice-presidential candidate expressed confidence that the House of Representatives will IIP Republican, but said that there will be a closer race for a Senate majority. Hoiiser Flection Asked "Fred llouser must be sent to Washington to establish a Republican majority in the Senate." he said. Governor Bricker was introduced to the crowd at Griffith Stadium by Philip Wagy, chairman of the Kern County Central Republican Committee, and Senator J. R. Dorsey. Senator Dorsey expressed disappointment that Governor Earl Warren was ill and unable to attend, but said that his illness was not believed to be serious. He also introduced Mrs. Bricker to the crowd. Preceding the rally at Griffith stadium, Governor Bricker was welcomed at a reception of (iOO Republican party workers at Bakersfield Inn. The candidate promised workers that if California goes Republican, the whole Republican ticket will be start tho trend of government hack to the people of this country. "The Xe\v Deal represents government from the top down, and maintains that the people are not capable. But the people do not \vant to be told what to do, they want to do what is right," the candidate asserted. "The Communists In the New Deal are organized. Are we as well organized to get out every vote on election day'.'" he asked. Governor Bricker said that Democrats all over the country are turning to the Republican side. "There is every reason in the world for that," he asserted. "The Democratic liberal party is no more, and in its place Is a bureaucratic domination based on the power of the executive." I'ower Dangerous "They have built up power which they say would be dangerous In any other hands, but. is all right in the hands of Xew Dealers." "The Republicans have every reason to be encouraged, but they face a hard fight." the candidate stated. He pointed out that Republicans are facing a campaign of intimidation, lie said that governmental agencies such as the OPA, WPB and bureau of internal revenue were being used to coerce the people of this country into supporting the present administration. As an example of the tremendous propaganda, machine employed by the Xew Deal, he pointed out that there are persons on the federal propaganda payroll. "The American people can't be propagandized if we do our job." lie said. "They must be educated to recognize propaganda for what it is." Chairman Wagy introduced Governor Bricker to party workers. He rend a telegram from Governor Earl Warren expressing regret that he was unable to he. present. Governor Warren in his telegram said that it was necessary to send to Washington men who would cooperate with teamwork to match the teamwork of our fighting men. In answer to questions at the end of the meeting. Governor Bricker said that the Xew Deal refuses to courtmartial the army and navy officers presumably responsible for the Pearl Harbor disaster because of political reasons. In answer to the question, "What do T sav to a man who tells me he is better off than ever before?" the candidate said to tell him that this represented the materialistic philosophy of the Xew Deal which put dollars above human rights. Governor Bricker was presented with a copy of "Those Who Serve" by Miss Jeanne Herrington. At 10:.°,0 the vice-presidential can- elected, and emphasized that is was i didnte left Bakersfield for Tula re to the responsibility of local workers to ! continue his campaign tour. 1700 PLANES HIT REICH TA6ETS - BOMBERS, FIGHTERS LASH MAINZ, MANNHEIM AREAS LOXDO.V, Oct. 19. UP>— A thousand more American heavy bombers attacked Important military objectives today in the Mainz, Lurlwln- shafen and Mannheim areas of southwest Germany, Some 700 fighters flew with the Flying Foti-esses and Liberators. The three cl.ies on the Rhine have large ruilyards and numerous war industries include armored vehMe works, ordnance and oil depots and chemical plants. Mannhehn was hit by Mosquito bombers last night, while others of the wodden craft bombed Hanover. The armanda flew through a heavy overcast. It was the first limp in six days that United States Kiglith Air Force attacks have*been, directed beyond the Rhineland city of Cologne, 40 miles from the battle of Aachen. Mainz is a city of 159,000; Ludwig- shiifen 14-4,000 and Mannheim 284.000. Hannover is one of northwestern Germany's most important industrial and rail centers. Mannheim, on the Rhone, is a major supply point for the lower end of the Siegfried line. One bombor was lost. A t'nited .States communique said .Id heavy bombers and 2,1 fighters were lost yesterday in attacks on the northwest German communications centers of Cologne and Kassel Warren's Condition Good, Says Doctor SACRAMENTO, Oct. 19. <UW— Governor Earl Warren spent a restless night at the hospital where he is under treatment for Influenza but his general condition is "very favorable," his attending physician. Dr. J. B. Harris, reported today. Doctor Harris said the governor's temperature tumbled to a subnormal 97 when the influenza fever broke yesterday, but was normal this morning. He added that Warren probably will be kept in the hospital ''for at least a week." CALLOUSES To relieve pain, itopprtMur* on the lore (pot mad quickly remove c*llou*e*—UM the** •oft, cushioning, toothing pad*. Sold everywhere. DfSchollfZinw* Begin Winter CONFIDENTLY... SMARTLY Top Your Outfit With a New Hat! ADAM Union Made $5.00 to $10.00 DUNLAP Smart Designing $7.50 to $10.00 RESISTOL Comfort-Feature Hat $7.50 to $10.00 Home of Nationally Advertised Brands Van Hcusen Shirts and Par-Tex Suils and Topcoats B. V. D. Shirts and Sportswear Adam, Dunlap, Resistol Hats Sportswear WEILL'S MEN'S STORE 1315 Nineteenth Street SPECIAL! PRE-BIG GAME MATINEE! FRIDAY. OCTOBER 20 SEE This GRAND PROGRAM Between 4 and 6 P. M. The Hilarious All-American Riot Plus OFFICIAL. AUTHENTIC ON THE SPOT SCENES The BATTLE for the MARIANAS " And Latest WORLD-WIDE NEWS at the Doors Open at 3:30 Show Starts at 4:OO Show Ovor at 6:OO HORSE RACES BAKERSFIELD FAIRGROUNDS Sunday Afternoon TROTS PACES RUNS Full Card Fast Horses

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