The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 29, 1936 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 29, 1936
Page 6
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TttB BAK8K8 9 S;v-«.£*#^ .,.^#i&#M^^^ '' , ] . . ' Cty Teachers' Orchestra Plans sses IV. -TIME PARTY Liberlus 0. E. S. Observes Brothers 1 -Night in Informal Way First Fall Meet o •* r PO organize for the ypor'H ac- ttrlltcH and et rplicurnnln Informality win the; keynote of n. r'H diiy party InM night of Llhertas Chnptcr No. 3*1 L'. O W. H. when "BrothcrH Nlffhl" waa cnjoyod liy 1uO or mnro membfrw nt Mil- •onb 1 Tompln. CharlPH llaro, worthy pnlron wim chalrmnn of arnmK(>mpntH, !ntrr>- Arlhtir /I'-rksnn an(i .Tanu-H K. Coat on who playd old-tlmn music on Bfwrml IrmlrumftiilM. Mo alao mado arninpr-nmnlfl for an old- fash Ion ctd oviwdHllo vhlch WUH shared by tho rrowd. J. H. Ilixon told of «vfJiitH of plo- ncrr dayH and rnfroBhmnntH wftro . . . .„» .„.. rt ,. Bnrvod from pupor Harkn which cot,- tainod doiiKhnutH ciirtonH of Ir.o cream and other dalnllf.H. and get under wny, Hio member* of the City Trncliom 1 orrhrstra will meet WodneNday ovcnlng nt HID Kmrr- HOII (irainmiir School cafeteria. Clifford I.eedy will bo the director of tlw orrhc.slrrt. Mil* Mr;iHo;i. Tim orrhecitra now boiwtH 2-1 innnbcrH Including vorallHt* a« wrl) /M In- Tim nrrhi'Ntra tippcnrrd ninny UMICH year on I'ominuulty program*. Costume Luncheon Slated by League AD T COMEDY Comnuinily Thcalcr I'luycrs Rcudy Wilh Mciloclroma u( Old Tuljcrnucle Tho audlenco will bo Invited to lil«n tho villain, applaud tho hero imd u'pnp with the horolno whnn tho Community l.hoatf-r players present "Gold in tho 1 Tills or tho l>ad HiK- tnr'H Hoeirct" horo on Wednpsduy and Thursday o von Ings a« tha first off loin 1 oven I of Frontier Days week, The thesplanH uro using Ihn Old Tabor naclo at. Twenty-first street Just fust of LTnlon a von no foi* tho old-sty In comedy mulodrnina which Spkndid Progriain for Year '*. upon both amateur and profoBBlonal talent within the L city and from oul of "'town, tho pro- grittn commlitoo of tho Kern County Munlo TencherH AHwocltttion hon outlined IL Her I on of Htlrrmlntlng moot- Ingrt for tho yoai*. Tho year'H scho- dulo was outlined at a meeting of thrj (.'ommlltoo hold Uuit night nt tho home of Mrs. Thomna "W. Mc- ManuA, chairman, at 2004 Verde HI met. Othnr inembers of Iho com* mltloo am Mrs. H. O. Mattly. Mm. Harry Rfruiri and Mra. I^auni Nloh«l«, proflldont, axofflclo member. Munlonl Jlnlis That muBln pedagoguen nave a nenso of humor will bo amplyVlomon- Mr«. UforKM Thoiruis Is matron of tho chapter. worthy Catholics, Friends to Krontlor IJayw p/irly and OOH- ttirno luncheon IM planned for T)UJI*H- rl/ty ftftcrnoon by rrumilwrtt of 7n- fnntu* Krinnd V^onRiui an llm flrnt. function of fall. ItnporlN will !>*' Tnndo for thn liiHt ynur and I'ltrotlon Imld for Iho roin- ItlK MCM.HOI). Mf»inhorH urn n«krd to firathnr ul 1^:110 o'rlnclc. I.iinnhnun will nt 1. Itf'HiM'vallnnH nhot)ld with Mrn. H. II. UohlriHon, In her now |,y noon AVwlriOH- 'day. J'Virly roMorvutloriM alrrudy h:iv« Preparations woro completed for, beon mado. ... , . , MI-N l . .1. tho large; I'roriMpr Day run* pnrty !o to provldii a hllarlnviH *?vo- tuttl «<;t th« lono for thn ontlro l week of onmrnnnlty cok'hratloii, Olcl-Styta Show Tho jiudJunco IH ruikirr] to come In cofitnmo HO that tho wliow will bo roinpl^tvly old wtylo from tho wooden ImnuhoH to tl)o family album on tho lablti in tho flrnt act of tho nii'lwlninm. • Ui!tW(ji.'U- ,'K.*tH Uioro \v|i| bo com- innnlty BltitfJiitf whon surl) old fn- vorltrH UH ArinJrt Itoonny, Hllv«r Thnmrln ArnonK Din Hold, (Joo/l Old HiinuiHM- Tlrnn, Mwr>nl HoHin U'f Jntdy, Tho GUI Clrr-y Maro, Thr-rfTfl a Tav- orn In tho Town. 1 Want a Ulrl Jimt» l ho nirl Thai MurrK-cl Poor (Jld Und, and Till Wo Meet A f; * Lin, Atom Miihlr MI.rated In tho Jlnka pin lined for tho of October 12, when tho inem- will bo rtHlccd to coma In ccw- tumo to burleHciUQ fnniouH miiJifclana and cornposorH. HkilH will bo pro- pared to Uuklo th« HslUllltleH of tho toachcrH. Tho jtnlcu will be In tho form of a dinner at a place to bo an- nouncc.d later. What IH new In piano pedagogy will be brought to tho membera at the BOHidon, November 0, when MrH. W. C, FIclHhcr will report on a teachers' conforonce to bo conducted by Angela Ulller. fainoiw pedagogue and com- In I«OH AnwelnH early thlH fall. ChrlHtrwiH Hplrlt will prevail at tho bo a program of Christmas carols and other music. Psychology Topic A rovlosy will bo nrewented on leaching materials rvlotlng to Christmas carols for younk people, both tor singing and Instrumental use. A luncheon and round table discussion on psychology of music in F » » ^ mous Stallions and Saddle • --f f • MounW "Represented in Work of Miss Brown Lovers of homes and lovora of art will bo equally grateful for an ntructlon t« Met for January 11, when exhibition of oil, water color, pastel hint* will bo given teacher* on ntlm* and etching portraits of horses and ulatlng pupils' Interest In music and tt few dogs by Oladyn M, Brown, general Instruction procedure. young Angeles artist. They aro To v help tho toacherH keep abreast hanging In tho foyer of Fox theater of current musical attractions, a re- where they will remain until Satur- vlow and dlscuaslon of current con- day as a tribute to Frontier Days* certs, RH well as a review of new [They aro to. bo seen by all theater- musical Invention, will mark tho soa- wlon on February 8. "California Composers 1 Day" will bo observed on March 8. It in tho IrUonllon of tha program commit- too to Invlta it famous California composer hero to play his own compositions. This is planned OB a public meeting. A birthday party to mark tho founding of Iho local association will bo held on April 12. Tho program will nonHlBt of a review of recent publications on music and A two-pJuno program is being considered for May 10, and the Bub- Ject for tho last meeting of the year on June 14, In being loft open for December 1-1 BCHHlon, when there will ' tho time being. he held Wednesday evening at Kf. Krnnr.lH whonl hall by Inn inemhorn of r.ho locnl t:atnolle ptirlHh. Hrldgo n.nd five hundred will bo flio painnH of tho evonlng and appropriate prlzftH will ho given. Awardn will also ho mado to Mm mnn and woman ndJudged to lio wonrlng tho most iiuthontc Frontier Day cos- tumo. (Jut'Htw arriving In tlm« to hogln play promptly at 8 o'clock will r«- a bonus of 100 points on lliflr A Hpwlul prlzo !« also an- for tlm I'uttorHon will ncninipanlfd n) ilio plnno hy A. M. Ming. ! Ml'H, • Elected to District Encampment Oflice Mrn, Mini rim Van OHili-J will be heard n t thn playing not only for HIM rominunlly Hinging but for (h" Inrlili'iitfil iniiHlr of thn play. Mlw;i «MarJor|iT PulrbrirthH IH thr of \\\ii rrif'luitrainu utid an it, bun coinpk-tiMl wnnliH of n*hearmilM In proparatlonH for tho SOCIETY lurid bland." Al AV. N'ovlIU- him b«'Mi flt.rlnddlH- | adrulnHiun ik-Uistn will bo wold at ilia trlri dnpniy Knimlpntrliirc-h of link- l(Jo(Jr . Hffl(ltri MP . HlHn I1V(l Hublo at Kiiwiiiipinfiil, 1.0.0. F. A.-- i \ V ii,iumir« i:inlliii W HI oro ia Wlgli- « ' by R 'I ho will attnnit tfrand onciiinpmMit, Hun j |, ol ,,| .JoMf' Ortobnr lli In 10. Hfvnrnl ("mi- MI (ri(?nUl (Ihll ,, HLrt . ( . lH ,„ Ortobnr lli to Ifi. Hfveriil lon nifinbitm and ladltm i.»f th Illary will ninUn (In- trip. FCATUR Minn iJorothy Do/iahoo In Chairman nf ih<> uNlmr'H ronimill^o. Hho l« hnliiK uHMlHlnd hy Mrn. MarRiin-t Hagn and M|HHCH Klornneo McCul- leu, .lean ('(impboll, Klennor Kmlib, lHiiln'1 MorrlH, Lillian McNumara and Jv'jth")- MnHHctl, Grand Prizes Are Awarded at Party won b *»Mh Bnind uwarrlH Walter Kamliifikl utui MIH. lluhly at lh*i liiHt nf ii H<M|«-H nf publli: curd ptirtli'H Klvcn hv llaruhl Hrown Auxiliary No. MiiX. \'ot< i-;»n» nf l ( 'or- WIITH. Saturday (tvonlntf In ia) hull. for tho ovt-nlnK wcrr gl\ en to •H lMl»y Ki'll.v. Mary H. Smith, Mah"l Kanilimkl, H. A IllcUn and .1. H. Monroe Tra\ol prl/x-H wont in Ml'H. Kimilnnh I mid Hlevo II. A. WII.M tho door For Slx-Yeiir-Old Two caknH, ono of them a pink and whliu confection with candles, gave blrihdiiy Hls'niflcanco lo a party pi von by Aim. K. J. l^unceford of iflvervlow for her won Donuld, «go yoarn. A gift, shower \viiw pro- Tho cakes were sliced and at. tho rcfroHhniont liour, favors were passed and iced (lulnllnN served. Chi Id ron at tending Included: Donuld r.^ujice- Janice Olbson ford .loyrn Klolfln JucUin l^ft Nelda Hobbs i N'liomt Uowsor Luco- Krnia Alia ford Tornrniis Kujan Uuzr«| Leo l-'ern Htoker Wanda U,o Hllllo 1'l.ohbH Donovan Mltchnll Howard Alia Marilyn Afidersnn Hcvorlny Alia Nutllv Andrews * * * IHN Chaplin Mary rhn.plIn. whoau be- to Vidward CurtlH has been lh«» moilvi! for Hevorul parlies, was by Mrs. \V. W. Webb, 11401 a vi; n UP. at a smartly up- 1 Infnrrnul buffet wuppcr Hat- unlay evening from G lo 7 o'clock. The function also took the form of a UlU'lien nhowor. C'lustorn uf nsierH and candles appointed the (ahleM The wiMldlng IH Hchodnlod for Bun- dny. (hrlohr Ian rhiirph Intcrostliij? 1'arty To honor Mra. WUinlfred Hogan, former roHldent, Miss Beulah Blair, 5:iO A street, entertained at two tables of bridge. Mra. William KusHdl wa« awaKdcd tho high score prize und tho hoBtcss earned the conHolailon award. OuesiH woro costumed In Frontiers Day attlro, and many of the frocke were procloiitf heirlooms. goers through tho courtOHy of M!BH Brown and Frank G. Heller, theater manager. . Noted Mounts j Not only aro tho studies lifo-llke according to pornons who have seen tho subjects, but they are decora- ti\>o. It Is obvious that Miss Brown IB versatile, her mediums being so varied, and It IB equally certain that sho is as sure in her technique as in her understanding of animals. In the local exhibit the pastels aro best. At Pomona tho- display came in for much acclaim, recently. One o'f tho heads, "Roloi," a pastel, Is a portrait of the bay «Arab stallion owned by W. K. KeHogg Institute at Pomona. Ho has been trained for liberty Jumping without a rider In the show ring. Another Is Ho do los Reyes, tho Palomino stallion owned by Dwlght Murphy of Santa Barbara. "Karaim," another bay Arab fital- J . *-. tot* 1 SSOOlATKD Woriich Students m^^f . ' L , - ' ' "•of the HaUcrnflcld Junior Col* lego will hold their first dance of the season Friday night following the game between 'the Itenegiides and Sanfa Uarbarti Slate Frowh. Plans ure going '.forward rapidly (o make tho affair a signal one of fhe fall term, according to Miss Juno Heynolds, president of the association. Barbecue and Datice Will Be ig Event' S^urday night: t Clubhouse .1 V Tho ollnmx to fcsttvUles this ; week will bo the gala barbecue and dance to be held at the Stockdato Country club on Saturday evening, when old- time western hospitality will prevail, according to tho women of the club who will bo hosLeases. ducats aro invited to attend In frontier Day costumes. The barbecue will b& served from 6:30 to fl:30 o'clock ( permitting all participants In tho rodeo timo to partake of tho __ .. M .luscious beefs that will bo TV/TRS. RUTH TEEL, president of under the direction of Charles Caato* J<TX Horace IVfann P. T. A. announces | Bakers field premier barbecue chef; Dancing will continue throughout the evening and other diversions \^ western spirit aro planned. : Mrs/ J. C. Beggs, president of the tho first meeting of tho season Wednesday at tho school auditorium, The study group will meet at 2:30 o'clock after which a short business Mra. tl)o M. Cl. Nunnelly Burprlscd with a gift; Hogun waw proHcntcd with a .Damaaceno pin which M!HH .Blair brought from Japan, and Mrs. 1«. A. Ucford of Ventura, received a gift which tho hoHloss selected for her in Alaska. At thn refrenhmcnt hour In tho garden, tablo was centered with flowerH and favors were bottler* of Japnnooo porfumo tied with butterfly bowa of paper ribbon Hlgnlfylng happlneuH. UuuHtH Included: Meadamea — Frank Manon William H I*. A. Lioford (Vrjntura) MIHH08 Dorothy Homervllle, Nora Burlco «* * * Wedded Hero" Weddings of the -week Included lion owned by W. K. Kellogg institute, trained for stock work, was tho winner of the Arab stallion championship at tho California utute fair. Of Prize \VlnncrH Among tho etchings arc Hex McDonald, tho greatest saddle horso of his time, the most famous slro in American saddle horse history; Chief, of Longvlew, winner of the stallion division of tho five-gutted stake of tho Kentucky state fair for threo years, owned by Mrs. "W. Uoth of San Wlnnifred Hogan (Hollywood) M. Q. Nunnclly 1'rl/iH WI-IM way and ln-r . bent In M|-h. \\ \V. Ui-ovU it)) nun. Hilly, for iho I Hiyrt ruHltiino. |t,i. H Wl'Wtl. A. .S. Kan I. U'lVluiM. Joe I'Voylvy, ((. I{. 'II Unbly uiHl It. L. FuwU . The IH-.\I nttculur i in'ft ing of ihfi iiuxtllury I* KIM lor OHohcr '1. nt ' which lime rlorilon of utt'U'crri lur tho yrjir will ho that uniting Miss 1-Jolon Christina I. iit I p lrnt Presbyter- O.irnor of Tulure und Stanley K. rho hrlUo. who In the ! Kltzfforald of Portcrvllle. The riles of Mr». Allot* ('huplln, IH a pvoro reutl Monday night by the* Rev. fn\orlin In various rlrcloH, IncludtnB j crenel Charles H. Mulnio. pastor of nuiHlml Kruupp, nocUI orKi'nt/uUonH i First ChriHtiaii C'liurch. ut his par- niul HIP uril*M' uf thn Kan torn Ktur. I nonage, UUOI Hunaet avenue. Sho MM.S bi'C'ii iin oft'lvMM 1 of Hnkern- * * * flr>M Owptfr. (.). 12. H.. und WHN re- i Oiicydan-Hordor Wedding ronily i-ntrriulncd nt a parly Klvun Simplicity and beauty were merged in appointments for thn wedding this morning ul 8 unlock of M|SB Yvetto J. Ouoydun, thr» oldcwt'daughter of Mr. and Mrn. Joseph K. Uuoydun, by offlorpi nt (lie homo of Mm. f.'l rover Hhiu-Ki'llonl. .UlcmllMtf iho kltt'lion shower Hut- iirdav • TELL-TALE CONTROLS— Te// you what happana when you turn the dials. LIGHTNING STATION FINDER-A now in elation tuning fast I!! SPLIT-SECOND RE-LOCATER—Makes ioieign stations easy to log and ro-log. AND A SCORE OF OTHER FEATURES I Don't buy any radio until you have soon, heard and operated these new Zeniths. Models from $29.93 up. For Beat Reaultn, Use the New Zenith Alt-World Antenna SyBtcm, $3.60 WITHAM & BOOTH Kox Theater 2015 II Street Our Kxperlence AHHUICK Your Snllufnrtion Phone 283-1 Enroll Now and Save $25! (Wring This Ail With You to UP! Urdurtlon) Among the many eurcrrs lluit bilious women, few HIV moiv i able, or offer a greater future than Ihul of HKAITY CUL'J'URE. The ilemuud for skilled operators e\- ceedfi the supply. Our ^radiwkvs step inio penuaiieiU, . profitable jobs. Investigate now. ers Wa Hurry WutkhiH Maurli-n Van : Smith Lola HOBS i.'lyde lllnlup MISHC'M — l)orlM Doughty lloli>n Juggard I .on too Hamilton A I ICQ Uebor Chaplin HuoU Kruiti South Mr. and Mi'rt. Adrian MoltiooU, luoii Diu'uln Mtreet, and iholr threo rhlldivn, Uur, Martha and Tummy huvu returned from a vacation spent at. IAJIIK Ueach. Mra. Molhook and (ho children were oHtiibllNhed at tho 1 teach oily for Uie past two months nnd wero Joined Iho la«t fo»ir \veflkn hy Mr. Molhook. Mrti. Molhook'a paront«, Mr. und MVH. !. IJ. Her, woro alHo momborM of thn party and KiiKHts for two woolen woro Mr. and MI'M. tjowlu Young. (Votitinwcd on /'nyc Ftftttcn) usiness Women of City Attend Dinner Fifty -BO von members, Including 14 now affiliates attended an Italian dinner of the UuninoBH and Profos- Hlonul Women's Club Monday ovo- nlnga at II Trovatoro Cafo. Tho losers In u mombershlp drive, headed by Mrs. IjOtllo Myers, entertained tho winners, headed by Miss Ann Dudley, and tho new members, Tho Frontier Days Committee will meet Thursday evening with Mrs. Fred LaverH, chairman, at her homo, 2204 San Kmtrtlo street. Francisco; Sweetheart on Parade, also owned hy Mrs. Hoth. the world's champion flve-galtecl naddlo horso and undefeated champion In fine harness. Tho only water color In the collection shown here are Uosana and foal, an Arab nmro Imported from England, the daughter of Skowronek, twice champion of England, and "Mescal." Miaa Brown brought tho display to Bakerafleld for tho pleasure of horse- lovers and art-lovers and will return for It Saturday. Past Presidents to Be Hostesses Past presidents of tho United Spanish \V;ir Veterans Auxiliary will entertain at a card party Wednesday at Memorial hall with MrH. \V>ltcr Cooper and' Mrs. C. N. Potter as hostesses. Prizes will bo given for tho best Frontier Days costumes. WlnnorH at a recant party wer.e Mr.«». Waller Kamlmskl, Mr*. I/. Buckley, Mra. Felice Loustulob, MrH. I*. \V. l^awley. draw and Mrs. ICuin- Inwki, traveling. On Tuesday evening, October 5 the past presidents and past command- era will hold a potluck dinner at 0:30 o'clock at Memorial hall, followed by cards. Mrs. Ed Porsel and Mrs. 13. C. Thornton will aot as hoHtesses. *r V *r+t*m. «4I* •.*•- f- ?T *• A^^fe* «•« +J + IV+ V »»*•***• B^'.^** | - tit div •'•' and social hour will bo held. The women's organization of the^club, and Mrs. Lloyd Stroud head the committee in charge of the fcto. i j _ , Eagles to Entertain at Dancing Party Eagles will be hosts to their lad lea ,, , . ^ 1A ^. at an Informal dancing party to be assisted by Miss Marjorle Barrett of he ld Wednesday evening at the lodge the home economics department, will executive board will serve refresh- merits. Tho public Is invited. The plans for visitors 1 day at Kern County Union High school, Friday, October 2, aro being completed by Mrs. H. R. Smith, general chairman. Tho program has been arranged around the topic, "An Informed Membership." Mrs. Terra D. Marlon, repeat the fashion rovlow presented In Sacramnto last spring by a non- homo. Tho party will bo tho first of a series planned for the season. Guests may wear frontier costumes competitive group, sponsored by the and prjze8 win be awarded to those Ttern County Chamber of Commerce, who financed this project, The adjudged the best. Ono of the best local orchestras theme ot the fair was 'cotton and haa been signed up to provide mel- . all tho garments of this group are ody for tho dancers. John Urner is mado from tho various types of cot- cha irman of the committee In charge.- i ton materials. An exhibit of clothing made from cotton, wool and silk, a school project that won second ewcepstukea at Sacramento in competition will also bo modeld. This exhibition will require CO girls, a constant procession across tho stago of tho auditorium from 1 until 2 o'clock. Mrs. J. II. McNaughton, tho president, ba« appointed the following to .insist Mrs. Smith: M<-sdams .1 r C. Fitze, William 15. Patrick, Maudo Watts, J. W. Voorhtes, B. L. Kofahl, J. Dean. R. I*. Perry, Roy bouden, Anny Siebert, R Grainger, T. J. Clanln, Kenneth McDonald, Harry Langc, Henry Laecker, Mllo McKeo, Harry Ashby, TJ. J.^Warnock, Velma Greene, W. L.. Brads haw, Carl Nalr, Tr W. Pinnell, L. C. McLaln. H. L; Tllton, C. B. Anderson, P. C. Piffer, George Landry and 1^. \V. Hort. • » * M EMBERS of the executive board of Lowell P. T. A. met with Mra. E. S. Eilery at 1:30 o'clock Monday, when a yearly program, organized by Mrs. Gcorgo Landry. Mrs. 15. S. TSllery and Miss Joso- phino Stone, was read and approved . Ways and means of making money were discussed and chairmen appointed. Those present were Mew/James 351- more- Burnett. C. Clary, Gcorgo Landry, Kenneth MacDormld, G. D. Fie- sen, Henk Peavcy, W. N. Sutllff, B. O. Garrott, T. ^V. PInnell, Ora Crawford and J, F. Martin. Refreshments were served. » * # A meeting of the executive board of William Penn P. T. A. will be held In ,Bcale Park Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock. Mra, Richmond Young, president, requests all board members to be present. Admission will be free to Eagles and their friends. Japan's youngest first crop (GREEN) North Dultola Mr. inid Mr«, l^oulM Selford and their daughter. Miss Lillian ami their son Alfred Holford. arrived rocotitly from Velva, N. D. t to spend tho wlnlor horu. They aro guests of John J. Ujvl at hlu Hhaftor ranch, tho two famllloM having be«n friends In North Dakota. They arrived Friday hy motor. FRATERNAL CH AFI N G SOOTHED, COMFORTED OAP and OINTME MODERN WOMEN Not Stiff •rtnonthlyptln n&dcUliy .nwYuui »tr*iu, *xt>o Chl-«hM-t«ni DUmuuil Hi re )»l>]ewu]fivBQBk»iRtllt». »fleoUr». CHICHESTERS PILLS TH* PIAUOMO are open lodav lo am! i *• .,, ro il- All llranchvs of Counwtohgu by tikitlvd, Lirvtmvd I ntt true t Our Ueat Hccommmidtttion; Stale Hoard Khml AUSTON BEAUTY SCHOOL , 1513 Street Air, und Men, \V. T. AuHtun. 4 _ *. " •bUti Riifc<My*Tlm" COLDS FEVER flnt day 30 B*u LlnlMMt W. B. A. Card Party MemberH of tho Woman's Benefit AftNociatlon will Hponnor a card party WeOnettduy night at K. of K hall on Uiko strout for juniors of tho or* ganlzallon. ftrldtfo and fivo hundred will bo plnypd. I*rl7.ea \vl\) bo given. Tho eommllteo In charge, comprised of MemlamoB H. W. Roberta, chairman. Uny Ooff. O. T. Eaalor- burg- «nd W. O. Holding. i» being lUiHiBted by M!RHCH Charily Bmotzor and Mildred My or a, Sequoia Circle Mootinj; A Bpcclal meeting of Sequoia Circle No. 300. Neighbor* of Woodcraft, will ho hold at Kagles hall ut 8 o'clock tonight to ontorlnln vigiiora from Tuft und Dt'.lano. MrH. Y. Ji. HlokOH, guardian neighbor, IH aaklng a full attendance of officers and mo inborn. Cnliulonla Lodge Claud** H. Ashen, worshipful man- tor of Caledonia Lodgo No. 486, I* 1 . & A, Mo has called a special meeting- fatf Wednoiday evening at 7:30 o'clock for tho purpose of conferring a necond dogreo of Masonry. Pel- lowcraft Ma»onn aro cordially in* vltod. Cancel Meeting OUQ to the fact that Mra. Blanche haa boon culltxl out of tha a coiuinlttoe meeting of Hummer Clrclo No. 107» Order of UriiIUouMoa, to have been held at her home l^'lday evening has been canoe lied. consists only of greenest tenderest, first-crop leaves ^~* • on Days Only! To give you the finest green tea, we maintain our own tea buyer in Japan. He selects the first-crop leaves from the famous tea-growing sections. This insures the delicate flavor so sought after in green tea. But the true story of this tea can be told only to your palate. So we leave it at that—with' just the suggestion that you try Tree Tea. . We guarantee complete satisfaction or refund your money. f T ^ THE TEA OF GOOD TASTE V i, Nine BLUE-WHITE Diamonds NO MONEY •T,. A WEEK H1RB UELANO Uun to rhango in rioM Lodge No, 440* 1. O. O. 1>\ will ont«rtain Delano mem- on Wednesday night al Odd hall* Cheater avenue, The #eco»u1 degree tvill Iw conferreU on will » EIGHT perfect Blue*White Diamonds on the sides, in addi- • tion to the glorious center Diamond, make this a ring of j beauty! 14k Solid ^hitc Gold mounting. Sensational va * "' -" for TWO. DAYS ONLY at $29-85. NO MONEY DOWN, $1.00 •week. No interest. Written guarantec v EXCHANGE Special 50c Dinner ALSO L De Luxe 75c Dinner Best Meats Fresh Garden Vegetables Charcoal Broiler Bakerttield's Finest Cafe t. Francis Cafe j j ji^' ^' ^_^i 1717 Chester Avenue (AUo We Lunch, t .i bo welcumcU, - 1 I ^^ •• '. *; •••'.*.'. -'-:'. -',.jr, /^;r. -A- ., _ T .,-.,.'.,-...^ '+.•;.,-^ . -.', ';:«.:';-. , .">_\ V ' ^ '" - ( '^.'^V'-^'vV' . ,' •A\^:-i-&^^%*&^ E Shoes lack STREET Swentng*

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