The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on January 4, 1938 · Page 8
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 8

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 4, 1938
Page 8
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THE MORNING HERALD, HAGKRSTOWN, MARYLAND. TUESDAY, JANUARY 4, 1938. WHATi NO SLEIGH BELLS?—No, no sleigh bells, brothers.. .The gali are biking here and there In St. Petersburg, Fla. Sports MORNING HERALD Section '"- J ''~.-- •-"---•- ~ .- H Two Changes Made In Gridiron Rules OVER THE WAVES—Horace Dodge, wealthy Detroit sportsman, tunes up speedboat Ddphlne IX on Indian Creek, Miami Beach. OFFICIALS FIGURE BOTH WILL AID THE OFFENSE Fourth Down Passes over Goal Line Only Ones Counting a Touchback Edgewater Park, Miss., Jan. 3 (ypj^-The football rules committee of the National Collegiate Athletic • Association announced today two changes in playing regulations, both ot which will aid the offense. For the 1938 season, only fourth down passes back of the goal line •will be ruled as touchbacks. That was the most drastic alteration. The other change applies to a ball going out of bounds between the goal lines. It will be put in play 15 yards from the side line instead of 10 as heretofore. Announcement of the changes "William S. Langford, . of New York City, secretary the committee. of "Hereafter," said the statement, "any forward pass (excepting those made on fourth down) which becomes incomplete behind the goal line, will be treated as though it struck the ground in the Held of play. Help For Offense "An incomplete forward pass behind the goal line on fourth down, will as now result in a touch back. "This change, it is believed, wil be of material assistance to the offense on goal line plays, as i will enable the Held general t< employ his full repertoire of attac] at all times." The rules committee of the American Football Coaches Associ ation had recommended the changi in placing the hall 15 yards in from of the side line. . In its announcement of thif change, the rules committee said "This change applies when thi ball goos out of bounds between the goal lines, or becomes dea( within 15 yards of the side line, ii which case it shall be put in play at a spot 15 yards from that side line, instead of 10 yards as here tofore." "The development of passing both forward and lateral, has made more leeway desirable, and as ii is not practicable to widen the field of play, the committee took this means of providing more el bow room. This will also aid the offense on short-side plays when near the sideline." Guardsmen Face Two Hard Games Tonight the Company B baskel eers will travel to Mercersburg, Pa to take on the Mercersburg Ma roohs , one of the best indepenen quints in that section. The Guards men have been showing markei" improvement in their piay and ar apt to spring a 1 surprise on the Ma roons, Which team just recently dropped a hard fought battle to the Manbeck Bakers of this city. Coach Dudley is expected to have his strongest lineup on hand foi ' the game tonight and Pennsy fans will see a mighty clever bunch of cagemen when the Guardsmen start the battle. On Weddnesday night on the Ar- nipry floor the Guardsmen will clash, in a preliminary game to the Markets contest, with the Waynesboro Y five. This game has all the earmarks of being a natural as the visitors always are represented by a strong aggregation. ; FIREMEN'S LEAGUE TO ELECT OFFICERS A meeting o£ the Firemen's Softball League has been called for this Sunday at the Pioneer Hook and Ladder 2 o'clock for the purpose of electing officers for the coming season. Six teams made up the circuit last year, namely: Hook and Ladder, Antletams, First Hose, Funkstown, Boonsboro and Williamsport. Officers holding posts at present are Charles DufTey, president) E. Shank, secretary and treasurer and Blair Nichols, business manager. TOn CAN SAVE time, money and trouble by buying and selling the Classified way. SEIBERLING Air-Cooled TIRES DOMENICI TIRE Co. Phone 1891 Clopper & Neikirk, Inc. Outfitters to Particular Men ON DOWN THE SPORTS TRAIL By PAUL MICKELSON New York, Jan. 3 (/p) — As per- laps the only bonaflde hole-in-one expert in the country, possibly the rlohe, I'd like to submit my final report on the strange and goofy occurrences associated with the Final report is Associated Press ucky business. correct as the National Hole-in-One Club has closed' its books for good after two 'ears of compiling, checking and re- learch. The idea of the organization was o discover how many aces could le certified. The total for 193G fas 1.5G7 and 763 for 1937, makin .n average of 1,115 for each yea )n the basis that there are on lillion golfers in this countr imple arithmetic shows that eac ear one golfer out of every 89 ose their vest buttons by Bring th ucklest of shots. Most aces ar cored in Indiana. Texas, Mlnne ota, New York, Georgia, Callfot la and Washington. Fewest ar allied In Vermont and Nevada. It's hard to believe some of th erformances of the boys and girl ith horseshoes but here are som f them for 1937: Marion Coulter of Richmond, Inrt. ot one on a 330 yard hole, thi ongest of the year. Shortest wa 65 yarder by H. E. Symons o Detroit. Ten others scored ace n holes from 300 to 325 yards. Three aces were scored during ewspaper hole-ln-one tournaments ne of them by 14-year-old John ,aunins of Monroe, Ga., who bag ed one in the Atlanta Journa ournament, which marked his firs ttempt at golf. Four others go ces while practicing for ace tour aments. John G. Sutton, San Francisco as the oldest acer. He got his ce at the age of 74 and got a 7£ ir the round at Menlo Golf Club, Aces helped produce two of the ost remarkable rounds of golf in istory. Mrs. 0. S. Hill of Kansas ity got one on her record-shatter- ig 86 at Indian Hills Country Club; ans Weiss, St. Petersburg, Fla., ROOM AND BOARD g".'.",-.'^, ». By GENE AHERN WtVE GOT A COUPLE OF GUYS DOWN AT CENTRAU.OiUDGE,WMO SAY TWEY ROONA AT YOUR PLACE! —--"-THEY WERE PICKED UP ON NEW YEARS fAORNING FOR STRETCHING THEIR CELEBRATION TOO FAR\-~~--ONE OF'EfA, A WILD WEST SORT OFGUYr~ WAS TH 1 WORST \-~HE INSISTED ON TRYING TO RIDE A BICYCLE 'THRU - AND THE ELDER OP THE TWO,DENNIS,IS rAY .UNCLE ! •—SEVENTY-SIX YEARS A PROBLEM CHILD V-""~ DON'T TELL fAWS.PUFFLE ABOUT THEIR ESCAPADE,IF YOU SEE HER l-^-"-WHAT CAN I DO^ENNIS,™,^ GET THEM RELEASED ^ AND UNK ARE THINKING UP AN ALIBI NOW ON THEIR WAY. EXCUSE IT, PLEASE! Oh boy—I'm jetting closer 1, cored one on the 6th hole at th 'asadena. Golf Club and flnlshe vith a 63, nine under par and thre .nder the course record. * * * Golf's longest hitter, Professiona immy Thomson, blushed when Ii ot his. It was scored while h' r as giving a lady a lesson from ; idles' tee at Lakeside, Los Angeles t measured 68 yards.. Gene Tunney, ex-heavyweigh oxing champion, got one on a 17 arder at Pinehurst and he cele rated by serving champagne ti 'cgro caddies. Smith Talbert, 17-year-old Ala leda, Cal., high school boy, le ace champ of the two years etting four since August 22, 1936 A New Zealand golfer starlei n idea. Noting it cost him to' inch money for each of. his thre. ces because (he boys expectei to celebrate, he took out a $25 in surance policy for enterlainmen expense after each ace hereaftei Several Americans, bothered by wholesale treating, did likewise When Laurence Polk, Chatta nooga, Tenn., started play in a four some, his mates wanted him to join ill a bole-in-one pot of $50 each In case an ace was scored. Polk fused. He felt sick when he got an ace on the 3th hole. # * * R. E. Thompson, New York played the last nine holes back ward in one shot, hooking his 18th hole lee shot into the 10th hole cup Willie Hoppe scored a 175 yarc ace and felt so elated he began a billiard comeback that swept every thing before him. On his 10th birthday, W. E. Helm Biloxi. Miss., dropped an ace on the 10th day of the 10th mouth on the 10th hole of the Biloxi Country Club. When Eugene Grabenstatter, Niagaar Falls, N. Y., scored a double eagle, he stuck the ball in his liag as a souvenir. A year to the. [lay, he ran out of balls, picked out the lucky one and—you guessed il. hie got an ace on the 5th bole, 153 vards, at Cherry Hill golf course. * * + Many famous golfers — Johnny Goodman, Beatrice Barrett and Ed Dudley—got aces. Goodman used ils to win the "champion of cham- lions" tournament at Lakeside Golf Club, California. John Dawson. famed amateur, save a fine demonstration of how golfer can go from Ihe ridiculous o the sublime. Playing the third iole in the Denver invitational, )awson hit two automobiles off the ee with wild shots, breaking a window in one. On the next hole, 160 yarder, Johnny plumped his ee shot into the cup. That's enough ior me. It takes noky guys to get lucky shots. In listing their food preferences, lulled States CCC hoys designated pinach as their favorite vegetable. Marketeers Risk Record Tonight After winning twelve straight games, all being played on their home court, the Dorsey Marketeers will go on the road tonight, traveling to Cumberland to take on the Cehmese five of that city. Just how strong" the upstaters are can not be ascertained as no line has been received on them. The Markets will be somewhat handicapped in this contest as they will be minus the services of King Kong Keller and also Lea Young, who found they were unable to make the trip. But despite this fact the Markets should lie able to present a strong combination with Stonebraker, Morin, A'dams, Chub Keller, Basore and Hankey. The team • will leave early this evening from Semler'fi Sport Shop and all players are urged to be on hand promptly at the time set. WEDNESDAY NIGHTS NEW PLAYING DATE The management, uE the Dorsfiy Marketeers and the Company B basketball (cams have announced that starting this Wednesday' all of their week-clay games will he played on that night on the Armory court. Previously the games were played on Thursday night. Company B will have as their opponents the Wayneshoro Y five and it is understood that a strong quint out of Washington, D. C. will oppose the Markets. APPLE SALES OFF The small sale o[ apples during the holidays left storage houses still with a large supply oil hand, growers .reported today. The holiday sales were not as large as anticipated. Best grade of apples now are bringing $1 a bushel. TUB AUS In the Classified Section *re ns varied as your naedi. BAKERS PLAY METHODISTS Central Pennsylvania Champions to Appear in Contest Thursday A gala sports night is promised Thursday night at the Odd Fellows Sport Center, when the Manheck Golden 'Tornadoes meet the Central Pennsylvania A. A. U. champions, Hie Fifth Street Methodists from Han'isburg, who are having the finest season in their history, being undefeated to date, and have won all their games from strong teams with a good margin of points. After the basketball game, a dance will he held from 10:30 to 12:30 p. m. all for the price of one admission. A preliminary game will start off the night's program with the Victor Eagles meeting the Antietam Juniors at 8 p. m. The Manbeck-Harrishurg game will fol- lok at 9:15. Defeated D and E The Fifth Street Methodist team will he remembered as the only ndopendent team to defeat Davis iiul Elkins College last year and are considered tops in the Pennsylvania capitol city. Playing for the Methodists this year will be Warren Leady, A Kitch, Joe Mulligan, Bruce Bru baker, Foster Hqpkins, Jack Glace Tippy Speraw, William Beible and fed Henry. All of these players are former stars of William Penn High School, who have played together for sev- ol al years, and have just about won every title and tournament they lave sought after. They have won .he championship of Central Penn sylvania for the past four years id have the best shots in their section which is noted for good basketball teams. Have Good Record Basketball fans who desire to lee a strictly amateur team that •ates with the top-notchers being inexcelled in pass work and tricky shots will take advantage a> the uirgain bill offered for thirty-five :ents. Manbccks have won eleven out of thirteen games, and hope to nake a creditable showing against he well known Harrishurg team. John Keats, considered one of he 12 greatest English poets, died l- 26. Sunday School Bowling League The Sunday School Bowling League will start howling tonight the continued co-operation of the captains and members this promises to be a banner year. Women Alleys 1 and 2 Orchids. Jonquils vs m:hids. Alleys 3 and 4—Tulips vs Roses. Aellys 5 and 6—Iris vs Lilacs. Alleys 1 and S—Violets vs 'ansies. Alleys 9 and 10—Carnations vs Daisies. Men ALL-AMERICAN By Jack Sords FboTSAH. &JP, XSoW S-TARRlMS- AT fbRWARP o& TH& -TAR Aeeus 1 RASKefSAUU Men Alleys 11 and 12—Christ Refer 1 vs St. Mark's. • Alleys 13 and 14—St. Paul's ., vs St. John's. Alleys 15 and 16—Brethren vs 'e Brothers. Alleys 17 and IS—Trinity vs St. aul's II. B. Alleys 19 and Square vs Baptist. M. . 19 and 20— Washington A POPULAR official, in a free land, is one who ha? never been called upon to do his duty. Victor Hoisery Defeated in Game The Victor Hosiery quint lost ;< hard fought game to the Mount Alto five Sunday afternoon on tho I. O. O. V. court I))' the count of 30 IP 19. This was Ihn most exciting gam'! the Victor hoys havo played this season and until the last two minutes of |11ay was anyones game as Hie score was either tie or one to two points difference until I hat time. Victor Hosiery Goals Fouls Pts. Bishop, f 3 1 7 Weber, f 3 Martin, c 3 Montgomery, g 0 Nye, g •• 0 Reed, Totals ... Mount Alto 9 1 Goals Fouls Creager, f Baker, f lones, f Shields, c R. BHtner, c Bittinger, g Bittner. g Kline, g Totals ....I " 3 211 Referee — Mellinger; scorer — Deflage. USE A CLASSIFIED Ad—You can phone it and chsirire It.' ^^^ OSHKOSH The World's 'Best Overall $1 1 .49 HOFFM AN-'S 15 North Potomac Street COPYRIGHT, 1937. KINO FEATURES SYNDICATE, I*. January Clearance SAL ALL TOPCOATS, including Steinbloch Men's and Boys' Suits All Men's & Boys' Leather & Wool Jacket? All Men's & Boys' Wool and Silk Scarfs All Lined and Unlined Gloves All Men's and Boys' Sweaters All Robes and Smoking Jackets All Boys' Tweedoroy & Woolen Knickers All Boys' Hose and Knit Caps All Leather Goods All 50c Silk Ties' • 39c or 2 for 75c All 55c Wool Ties 39c or 2 for 75c Al!65c Silk Ties 49c or 2 for 95c AD $1 Silk Ties 79c or 2 for $1.55 All Boys' Ties 25c or 2 for 45c Special Lot Of Pajamas Sizes A-B-C-D-E At y 3 Off All the merchandise listed above is our Regular High Grade Stock. You owe it to yourself to take advantace of these UNUSUAL VALUES Now! "We Never Charge for Alterations" The Blue & Gray Shop "Where Quality Predominates" 4 S. Potomac St. Phone 481 HOrtPCC Trademark Ker nuurct 0 „ P . t , n , ofi Salvage Crew By FRED DOCKER WHWfe TH\S ABOUT A HAIR VOli'RE HOT TO Ptfr OUR SAOUEY IU AHY, CRKI.Y TVUWC? L\v<e tttff ARE VOli? VUE'LL BE BROKE A6MM i vou SUSY keep TH\WG& HERE AT HOSKE.' \ 1 UL 'TEHD TO THE BUSINESS! I ^AE^N.T TH\S TO BE A SECRET BUT I BE A NMLUOWWRE SOOW.' H6 IS 601NG TO PQT TOE IMTO THW HAIR RESTORER -AND WE'RE 60IMS TO TRY TO SAVE / •=>

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