The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 19, 1944 · Page 15
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 15

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1944
Page 15
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can always depend on Schilling flavor Z> tm s^ Schilling: PEANUT BUTTER Eighth Army Closes Net on Cesena; Resistance Fierce Bv ELEANOR PACKARD . Oct. 1!). (UR>—Thrcp col- unins of KiKlHh Army troops drove .•m.iinst C'psfMia tmlny with a. Cuiiii- di.'in siilifiil sppiirlipuiling thp nttnrk nftfr I'orciiiK ;i crossing of the I'is- riiilollo river to pxtiiblish a bridge- lioart in tlip outskirts of that Indus- ti'iiil ;iii(l communications center on tlie Rlniini-Boloffiiii highway. Although the Ki«hth Army forces met increasing resistance ns they neared Cesena, the Germans were putting up the heaviest fiRhtlnR in Italy on the Fifth Army front, where American troops \verp steadily hacking out pains in yards in the drive toward Bologna. The Canadian units of the -Eighth (it one point were less than a mile and a halt from C'esona mid. two other columns approaching from the east anil south where no more than •> miles au'av. The Canadians forced the T'iscia- tello against stiff opposition about a half mile of (he rail line which parallels the Rimini-Bologna highway. On the right flank. New Xealand- evs pushing along the Po valley's main artery from Macerone. cleared the village of Rufl'la, 3 miles due east of Cesena. 1 In tiie 8'iulh. British troops con- i tinned their steady advance through ! the foothills of the Apennines and | were approaching CYlincordia, only ; ono mile south of Cesena, the first | l>ig terminal point on the highway I westward from Rimini. ! Roach Savin | Indian troops also operating in | the British sector broke a week-long I battle to reach the Savio river, i where they cleared the town of Ro- versano and continued ~ miles northeast to take Ai|iiarola, approximately -',2 miles southeast of Cesena. Headquarters disclosed that a f!er- nian-noncommis-sioned officer, who de.serted the Nazis, reported that the Kighth Army's terrific artillery fire had been so demoralizing many Germans would surrender if provided "safe opportunity." He said the Germans had threatened reprisals against the families of de.serlers. On fhe Kiftli Army front, the Germans brought up strong reinforcements in an attempt to check the American drive on Bologna, but the I'nited States Forces managed to eke out limited advances in bitter fighting. You Can Rely on These AT YOUR GROCER'S NOW II m HIII iniiiii > Mint HI '. A&P U celebrating its 85th birthday by offering you the grandest values at its command. For over 85 years, A&P's policy of buying many foods direct from growers and producers and selling direct to you has resulted in savings. Visit your A&P tomorrow. You'll find that today, more than ever . .. "IT'S TIME TO TURN TO A&P." Potatoes U.S. No, I-Idaho Russets 98-lb. Sock (Approx.) Apples Cauliflower Yellow Onions Sweet Potatoes $3.39 3 "»-27 ( and Yams 5*12* 3 "«-24< Stewing Hens £1 < tt Grade A ... Fully Drawn . . . V J. Hamburger Beef Roast Lamb Shoulder Freshly Ground . . , Grade B—7-Bone Blade Cuts Cross-ut Bone-In SLICED LIVER — EASTERN PORK 27$, 25; 25; 22clb. Delicatessen} Large Bologna-Slietd . . . 29e Ib. Spietd Lunchion Mtat . . . 42c Ib. Mel-O-lit American Cheti* . 35e Ib. Persian Melons ,„.4° Tokay Grapes 2, b , 23 C Utah-Type Celery , b .7 c ********* IBLETS 13X CORN-OFF-THE-COB 12-OUNCE CAN No-Points Needed! Sliced Beets Pink Beans Venua Prince • • • Brand • • • • Sunrlpe Jumbos Ripe Olives Mushrooms witt Enriched Flour Drifted Enriched Flour Cubbison's Melba Snow Toast Kellogg's All Bran. Cream of Rice Nestie's Cocoa Bosco Choc. Drink Light Bulbs Rinso . Oxydol No. 2 , Can 1-lb. Pkg. Pint • Jar 4-or. Can 10-lb. Sack • Sack 7-oz. • Pk B . 10-oz. • Pkg. 18-oz, • Pkg. 13° 58° Mission Bell Tollet Soap 8-oz. » Size 12-oz, > Jar 40 and 60 Watt Large ' Pkg. Large Pkg. 'cakes RED STAMP VALUES Chef Boy-Ar-Dee Mackerel v ' Spag. Dinner 15 C 11° 21° 18 C 23 14° 29 e ONLY A&P CAN OFFER YOU THESE BIG VALUES! Vegetable Shortening 61 Flour She'd 1 . . Cake Flour % Rice Puffs W . Spick B s rh °o w . n Polish Sultana &< . . Salad Dressing • • Marmalade A 3 -lb. Size No. 10 Sack 44-oz. MAC Pkg. MM 8-oz. AC • Pkg. T Ajar Pint > Jar 1-lb. Glass 19 C Superior Certi-Fresh Fish! Nerthtrn Lake Catfish 44 C Ib Fillet of Ling Cod 45c Ib' Sable Fish Steaks 42e Ib. Eastern Haddock—2 to 3 Ib. Avq. . 20e Ib. ********* No*Points Needed! Green Beans F i£ d h Tomato Sauce Royal Gelatine Cider Vinegar Mot t . . A&PPeas ..... Grapefruit Juice sup"!™ Libby S Pickles . . . Miracle Whip D^ . . Picfsweet Big Peas . . Ritz Crackers ^^ 0 . . Boraxo Friskies Dog Food . . . Waxed Paper Sunnyfield Oats No. 2 4 C= Can 19 8-oz. re • Can 9 • Pkg. O Gallon Jug 20-oz. I Be Can 10 46-oz. Can 26-oz. Jar Pint Jar No. ZrfBc Can 19 30° Kitchen Charm • • Pkg. 41 Can 13 9 c 125-ft. Roll Large Pkg. v, - Bit No. 1 Can Cheese j»™ «u5v*r Evap. Milk White House • • • BLUE STAMP VALUES Tomato Juice Peaches C-H PepHJr Catsup . . . • • Can 10 No. iVt A41 Bokar Coffee Fresh Eggs VIGOROUS & WINEY OLSON COUNTRY SIDE GRADE A Carton 65 GALLO-PORT MiL SHERRY, MUSCATEL fifth CRESTA BLANCA WINES, PORT OR SHERRY ...... Fifth, SI .12 PIUMA-SAUTERNE — OR BURGUNDY flfth Can Chill Sauce K .m. . . . ^15° ALL ADVERTISED ITEMS SUBJECT TO STOCK ON HAND is EIGHTEENTH and "EYE (TAXABLE ITEMS ARE SUBJECT TO TAX) WHITE SAIL LIQUID WAX loHIt' IVORY SNOW 23' URGE PACNAOE DUZ GRANULATED SOAP 23 LARSI PACKAOI LIFEBUOY HEALTH SOAP OIVI TO THE WAR CHEST FOI A TRIPLE NEEDI 1. Oyr fifhMii force* 2. Our ew» et h»m* 3. Ovr i«ff«ri«9 •Illtt gfte gahtrsttelb Caltfornten Thursday, October 19,1944 ] 5 Get this Anniversari) GIFT! • «.<f package of Pillsbury Pancake Flour with your purchase of Pillsbury's Best ^i«t<!^^ Flour For three quarters of a century you housewives of America have been buying Pillsbury's Best. Now, in celebration of our 7*<t\\ Anniversary, we want to show you how much we appreciate your loyal patronage. So, from now until November 11, EVERY PURCHASER of Pillsbury's Best will be given, at tin e\tra cost, another famous Pillsbury food—a full-size I'.i-pounJ package of Pillsbury Pancake Flour! HERE IS YOUR GIFT COUPON | PILLSBURY'S BAKING GUARANTEE! Use Pillsbury's Best EnrichcJ Flour in ANY rcliablerecipe. If you don't agree that you get better baking than with any other all-purpose flour, write Pillsbury's Home Service Department, Minneapolis, and you'll promptly get back the added-up cost of ALL your recipe ingredients! 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No. 1 White Rose POTATOES 10, b . 45 Concord Grapes, Crabapples, Quinces* Pears, Pear Tomatoes FOOD CITY BECK'S BAKERY 1612 Eighteenth FRUITCAKE ORDER NOW FOR YOUR HOLIDAY NEEDS SPECIALS FOR THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY iWE HAVE WHAT WE ADVERTISE Del Monte Oolden Solid PUMPKIN New Crop No. 1 Largo Walnuts 39' Cudahy's TANG Lunchion Mtai can wWG Kraft's Famous MIRACLE WHIP 39c Full Quart Jar . . . Starkist White Meat TUNA No. W* 4IU ran "fTO Gold Medal POPULAR BISQUICK Del Monte Fresh COFFEE 29' Burgess Large SHRIMP .. .35 C PURE VEGETABLE SHORTENING FLUFFO 3 -Jb, carton 54c Sacramento Fancy Tip* ASPARAGUS 23 C Planter's Salted PEANUTS Del Monte SEEDLESS RAISINS . 2 15-oz. boxes Sunshine Famous Hi-Ho CRACKERS ... 19 C Sperry's White CORN MEAL . 25 e •erger's Sliced Fresh DILLPICKLESr 25c Smokeless-Ashless PRESTO-LOGS ..49 s Bundle off 6 . Kabinet Wax Super Size Waxed Paper in box. Delicatessen Dept. Armour's Star PICKLE and PIMIENTO LOAF , b . 39 e Sliced for Sandwiches Kaukauna Club SMOKED CHEESE 7%-oz. Roll Sweet Mixed PICKLES Pt. 33 . Bulk Leiderkranz CHEESE 4-oz. *% §» c Pkg. Cudahy's Spiced Lunch Meat * Ib. Challenge Farmer Style CHEESE 25 ••• Liquor Department SCHENLEY RESERVE A Fine Blend of Prewar Whiskies and Grain Spirits 43 Quarts . . . Full Pints... Hiram Walker's IMPERIAL Full $«%& Pints .... <•• DIXIE BCLLK Distilled London Dry Gin 90 Proof 45 Quarts . .-. FOOD CITY-—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD C(TV—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY

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