The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 19, 1944 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1944
Page 14
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] 4 Thursday, October 19, 1944 HafcetfffeRl California!! UM-MM WIT« f R€S« "UK I I " %. WR-V : - " * ' i. f .' '- ••'& . , . r'-V lM-44 3300 ENERGY UNITS AND 9000 UNITS VITAMIN "A" IN EVERY POUND — Pholn l>y Austin KHOKION BACK—Private First Clnsa Johnny C. Roberta, son of Mrs. Mary 10. Uoborts of ItiL'ij HU-<?t:t, was wounded in Xcw Guinea, Juno 2, and has ju?l boon rolurried to Debbie General Hospital, Menlo Park. Private Huberts sustained a broken back. He was a member of the glider infantry. •** No. 2 PUMPKIN CENTER No. 1—BAKERSFIELD 2125 Union Avenue No. 3 WEED PATCH County's Finest and Best-Stocked Food Stores ACK AGAIN The Brands You Prefer Yes, Whclden's Markets liave those brands 1'OU prefer. Why shop here and there looking for your favorite brands when you ran obtain them at Whelden's? The "Very Best" in Meats Shoulder Roast Steer Beef Tea Garden Syrup Del Monte Pumpkin Del Monte Peas Del Monte Asparagus Palace Tomatoes Libby's Peas Libby's Pumpkin Lihby's Pickles Niblets Whole Kernel Corn Green Giant Peas Pict Sweet Peas S & W Fine Foods B & M Baked Beans Campbell's Tomato Soup T. N. T. Popcorn Crinro Underwood Ham Dromedary Gingerbread Mix Martiiiclli's Cider White Karo tlcll-o Desserts Royal Desserts Kleenex Zee Tissue Delicious Box Chocolates All Brands Soaps Bobby Pins Rubber Gloves Steer Beef Plate Milk-Fed Veal Roast Pure Lard l-lb. Carton Steer Beef Round Steak Armour's Star Mincemeat Ibs. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^•^^'^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^™ w ^^~^^^^^^™^ gfellow Points—Not Rationed Saturd SAL October MAR ALL SIZES PRIORITIES COUPONS NEEDED . PAIR UNT 1 ass N HEF M N 1 MEAL for TISS I ounty FRESH COOKED READY TO SERVE Ibs. . ewton Washington Jonathan It's Refrigerated Avaraga HELPS HOUSECLEANING V-;-: Limit 1 Box Ona-Box Limit STKKL WOOL, Mb.Pkg I.. JOHNSTON'S TASTE WAX Mil. SANI-CLOR, Gallon — OLD DUTCH CLEANSER Old English ALL-PURPOSE CLEANSER, Gallon Brooms, Mops, Mop Handles Scrub Brushes FLOOR WAXER FOR RENT •llofleur Klamath Fall* Oragon Ruaaat Potatoes •*• sack Limit, 1 ««ck Prlcot Efffoctfvo Through Saturday, Octobor 21 Sixty Mexican Nationals Employed on Kern Farms By M1KI J.UNKS Km* tin? first limp in the history of the rnitod Slant H labor lias brc-n Imported I! rum a foreign country during this war. At present Kern county has approximately GOO farm JulicirerK from Mexico. According to X. G. Lepper, supervisor In charge of the War Kood Administration In Bakersfield, the Mexican national farm project lias proved a complete SUCCCKS in this country. He said that the workers who come here on a signed contract, which ranges from a time limit of four to nix months, are helping the farmers a. great deal in the labor shortage problem. TrainJoad after truinloud of the nationals have been brought into this country to help save the crops that have fed not only the United States hut the entire world. Agriculture is not the only America n industry tlutt has profited by the importation. Railroads throughout the west have and are employing the Mexicans in an effort to counteract their increasing manpower shortage. Excellent Workers .7. II. White, chief clerk at the Santa Fe Railway Company in Buk- crsfielcl, says the men have proved to be. excellent workers, and although relatively few of them speak English, some have made marvelous accomplishments towards bettering themselves and gaining a higher ricgree of education. He said that most of the workers are employed in the roundhouse. Approximately HO workers are now at the Santa Fe roundhouse and 22 are expected soon. Mr. White explained that applications for the workers are made through the central office in Los Angeles and In turn the J>os Angeles office makes arrangements with the Mexican government through the War Manpower Commission. It was pointed out by the United States Immigration office in this city tint the workers are not allowed to bring their families with them. If the family wishes to visit for a short period of time, a visitor's pass Is issued, however, this practice is not encouraged. If the national mar- j r WHOLE-GRAIN OATMEAL LEADS ALL CEREALS IN VITALITY ELEMENT PROTEIN rirs a citizen of this country, he mny apply for citizenship papers. However, unless he is a permanent resident, no applications may be made, it was explained. Housing Facilities Housing facilities are furnished by all employers of the Importees, H. T. Strong, assistant Kern county farm adviser, pointed out. He said that before growers may request Mexican help, he must have provided all the housing needs. He also' added that workers in some areas are employed only during the peak season. In this county, they are helping throughout the entire year because of the even rotation of crops in this region. Worker* Recruited The workers for agriculture aro recruited in the southern country by representatives of the United States government. Since September, 1942, when the borrowed labor program was begun, more than llfl.iJOO workers have crossed the border of the United States to aid in producing the food of America. The program is administered by the United States department of agriculture. The railroad program was started in May, 1943. Under this agreement more than 40,000 men have been shipped out. Carrying on the recruiting work fo rthe War Manpower Commission, which handles the railway project, is the United States railroad retirement board. Recruiting for agriculture is done by the representatives who go into the small Mexican villages for volunteers. After the worker has volunteered, he is run through the process of section, fingerprinting examination, photography, and preparation of immigration papers and the work contract. Before the contract is signed, the workers are always given an explanation of the rights, protections, and obligations to which they commit themselves. Examinations Given Examinations are given in Mexico City, where the nationals are put on trains and sent to the United States. Mr. Lepper, ythe local AVFA head, said that there ia no central California distribution office. The workers are merely dropped off at the locations that have applied for them on the Journey up the state, it was explained. Mr. I*epper addefl that the farmers make applications for the workers through the WFA. Transportation Furnished If, for some reason or other, the worker wants to return to Mexico before his contract has expired, he must pay his own transportation home. Otherwise, the United States furnishes all transportation. States included in the program are California, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, "Wyoming and Colorado. 13. T. Smith, chief clerk at Southern Pacific, declared that some of the railway workers are doing semiskilled labor. He said that S. P. employs 740 nationals in this division. Rate of Exchange One problem still to'be solved Is the upset of the Mexican economic system as a result of the great amount of money the workers in the United States are sending 1 home to their families. It was pointed out that the value of the peso in relation to the American dollar lias been upset tremendously by the high degree of exchange. Morton's percolator, pot or drip maker MAKES GOOD COFFEE BETTER Twenty-fourth and Union BAKERSFIELD ICE AND COLD STORAGE BUILDING PHONE 7-7422 SPECIALS for FRIDAY and SATURDAY Corned Beef Briskets (;K.\DK w—NO Points _^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^___^__^_^^^^^____^_._-^.^-.. ^"-^p— Fresh Side Pork . . . . Ib, 36c Lard ..•••• . . . Ib, 28c ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ •••^••^•^•^•^•^••^••••••••^••^•••••^^••••••••••••••^•••••••••••••^^•••••^•^•^•^•^•B Ib. carton 20c American Cheese, sliced, . . . Ib. 42c Pork Sausage . . Ib. 39c TIPE 2 Hamburger GRAUK C ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^k^^_^^k^^^^_^^^^^^^_ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H Frankfurters . . Ib. 29c i 39c TVPK a Round Steak e 35c ftRADK H Chuck Roast lb.28c (Blade) KADK B Rump Roast . i 2oo (Bone In) RADE B Short Ribs . . Ib. I9o GRADE Points Wo Carry a Full Una of Lunch Meals SHERIFF WARNS REFUSE HAULERS CARS ON LOOKOUT FOR CITY VIOLATORS laving rubbish blown from uncovered refuse-haullng-trucks strewn about the property in the La Cresta- Skyline areas is certainly not fair to the residents in this district," was the opinion voiced today by John E. Loustalot, Kern county sheriff, concerning the conditions caused by the negligence of the rubbish haulers. Sheriff Loustalot said that there are patrol cars constantly on the lookout for violators of the county ordinance No. 369, which requires all vehicles carrying- refuse to be covered so as to prevent any rubbish from falling to the ground. Special emphasis is being put on the fact that not only are the truck drivers allowing part of their loads to blow from the vehicle, but some are dumping in unauthorized places instead of the location set aside for this purpose, it was explained. According to Clifford F. Baughman, deputy health officer of the Kern County Health Department, the situation has become so acute, arrests are now being made instead of the previous warnings. Already 11 have been given 30-day suspended sentences on charges of violation, with the warning that if brought before Judge Frank Nor- eiga's court again, the accused violator will have to serve his term in • * i jail. Those sentenced Tuesday were: J. J. Brown, 1025 O street; Al Matzenbacher, 716 Castiac street, Oildale; W. A. Ballard, 1600 K street, and L. S. Cross, 530 Goodman street, according to court records. There were five more cases heard by Judge Noriega Wednesday, Mr. Baughman said. I MATCHES FROM BOMBS MELBOURNE, Australia, Oct. 10. (lp) —Unserviceable American bombs szived Australia from an acute war time safety match shortage, the Australian scientific liaison bureau disclosed today. Ninety tons of phosphorous were recovered from discarded United States army ammunition, enough to keep a little fire In the mntch situation. ENJOY INEXPENSIVE PRIZE-WINNING MARMALADE L It's Easy To Make Anytime With This Simple Recipe 6 Medium Steed (2 Jfr«. S 6 OHM Water CupLcaioo Joke (About 6 f t Package M,€J>, Ptdfa Level Cape S«0ar (Measured ready, /or uee) Cut oranges in cartwheels with very sharp knife to make slices thin as possible. Discard the large flat peel ends. Sliced fruit should weigh 2 pounds. Put sliced fruit to &-quart kettle. Add the water and lemon Juice. Bring to a quick boil; boil gently for 1 hour (uncovered). If pee] is not tender in 1 hour, boil until tender. Measure the cooked material. Due to boiling, the volume will be reduced below 7 cups. Add water to make total peel and Juice exactly 7 cups. Put back in kettle. Stir in M.C.P. Pectin; continue stirring and bring to a full boil. Add sugar (previously measured). Stir gently until it has reached a full rolling boil and BOIL EXACTLY 4 MINUTES. Remove from fire; skim and stir by turns for 5 minutes. Pour into jars. If you use pint or quart jars, seal hot and invert jars on lids until Marmalade begins to set. Then, shake well and set jars upright This keeps the peel evenly distributed throughout. NOTE: Thi* recipe works well with Navel Orange* or Pafen- das. When tithe* variety u overripe and peel i* ao/t, use Lemon Juice instead of )£ *cup. (Be to discard mny 9eed+) This recipe make* 7 pounds of prise* whining Orange Marmalade. S 6. 7. Phon* 3-0961 t I I I I I I I I I I I I I FROM Cookbook Here's a stew with the savory goodness that only wine can give. A treat you'll enjoy to the utmost with California Sauterne. Try a bottle today. Wine Advisory Board, 85 Second St., San Francisco 5. Lamb Stew Sauterne Cut 2 Ibs. lean lamb shoulder Into 2-inch cubes and place in deep bowl with 2 sliced onions and 1 or 2 peeled cloves of garlic. Add l ! /i cups Sauterne or Rhine Wine, cover, and let stand in refrigerator 2 or 3 hours. Discard garlic* take out meat, roll in seasoned flour, brown in 4 fbsps. hot oil in kettle* Add wine and onion, and 3 cups water; cover and simmer until tender (about V/i hours). Add vegetables; season well, and cook until tender, about 20 minutes. Serves 4 to 6. UY WAH BONOS TODAY...FOR TOMORROW ITH'S FARM MARK THE BIST FOR LESS THIRD AND CHESTER Friday and Saturday, October 20-21 POTATOES Russets or White Rose. Big 15 Pound Mesh Hag. SPECIAL APPL Perfect Cooking Apple—SPECIAL ... Ben Davis or Winter Pearmain. BY THE BOX—ONLY ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m TOMATOES • * Red Ripe Canning Tomatoes. SPECIAL—LUG $1.95 !*•*#• CEL Large Stalks of Utah-Type Celery, SPECIAL^EACH „ UTTER Pure, Fresh Creamery in Quarters. SPECIAL—POUND BEN HUR COFFEE Paeked in Vacuum-Packed Jars. Percolator, Drip or Silex—SPECIAL—POUND *•*•**»»•••*•**•*•' •-^^^^^^^^B— ~ ~ — etty Crocker Soup Vegetable Noodle Soup Mix. lOc Size Packages—SPECIAL ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H SUGAR C. and n. Finest Pure Cane Sugar, SPECIAL CORN MEAL Sperry's Fresh Ground White Meal Big 3?i Pound Package F ROAST Rump, Seven Bone or Chuck. SPECIAL-POUND !••*' FRYERS Fresh Dressed, Young, Colored Frying Chickens. SPECIAL—POUND RS or CONEYS Hoffman's Better Maid. SPECIAL—POUND ••«•••*•*••••••< >••••>**«*•*••• I CHICKENS Young Hens for Stewing or Fricassee. SPECIAL—POUND MOONEY'S Eighteenth and Union v These Prices Effective Friday and Saturday, October 20 GRADE • CHUCK ROAST V«ry N!c« Pot Roast . . . PORK SAUSAGE Flno for Breakfast . GRADE • SHORT Rl Cook With V«K«tabl«s . Ib AMOMTBD COLD MEAT S Pound 25-lb. SACK Globe A-l FLOUR Par Sack •••••••••• ^—*—~—^~—i^—^—~—^^ No. 2 T.hachapl . . . sack $2.15 LONG WHITE POTATOES Commercial ..... sack $3.39 GRADE • c I ROUND STEAK Nice for Swiss ...... Ib mmimmmmmwm^****** _ , QMADK • c I SIRLOIN STEAK POIind ********* mmmmmmammmm _ , ORADEB c I RUMP ROAST Choice Oven Roast . . mmmtwmmmmwm PURE LARD l-lb. Carton ^^^^^^^^^.^^^^^^^^^^^•^•^•^^^•^•^^^^^•^^•^ •^•••••••••••••••••••••^•^•^^IIIIII^II^PB^^PW t**amam*^^*^^***am^n OLD SOUTH Grapefruit JUICE No Point* ..... 46-oz. can i I I I I I I i EARLY OARDEN Monte EAS N0 Point* . . . . No. a can 4SSIZI LETTUCE Each . . . . ••••••••••••Vvi ^^• rANCY NOMTHKRN LES PIPPINS . ... btx $3.49 •ELLEFLEURS. btx $2,69 DELICIOUS . . btx $3.69 -•'*•;> < LKj-'<l; I . XI ' 1 I .

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