The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on January 4, 1938 · Page 7
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 7

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 4, 1938
Page 7
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 4, 1938. THE MORNING HERALD, HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND. SEVEN' PENCIL FIGURES IN SUIT FOR DAMAGES Transport Companies Defendants in Action — A small round lead pencil will play a prominent part in the trial nf two suits for ?5000 each which were docketed in circuit court here .Monday by Sylvia P. Miller and Irvin I,. .Miller against me Blue Hidge TriUisiiortation Company, the White Star Lines and the Penn H:is Company. The two damage cases were died through Attorney Harold II. Hoffman and entered on Hie February court docket. In I he suit of Mrs. Miller it is alloRptl ihal on March 2S, 19115, as phe was about to alight from a bus of I lie defendant companies at \VHIshurg, W Va,, after riding from Washington, Pa., she stepped on a small round lead pencil which threw her to the floor, causing a foot to he wedged, in a seat of the 1ms, breaking two bonss in the foot, injuring a finger and spraining her back. Mr. Miller in his suit seeks damages for the loss of his wife's services. ANOTHER disadvantage of heavy armament is that it makes national honor so easy to hurt. Eczema Doctors __. praise it and use it uuidely. CET A JAR TODAY Resinol quickly stops the itchinq andaids nealmq FOR THAT COLD Rudy's Laxative Cold Capsules Rudy's Rex »» Pharmacy 25c Hotel Hamilton Corner OHIO TOWN MOVES TO HIGHER GROUND TO SAVE ITS NEIGHBORS FROM FLOOD By HELEN WELSHIMER. Central Press Correspondent. Sandyville, 0., Jan. 3.,-Akled by United' States army engineers and the state of Ohio, the village of Sandyville has moved, lock, stock and barrel—houses, stores and res taurants—to higher ground. The town didn't pick up Ha houses—cellars and altkks and all —because It doesn't like the background It has had since It has developed n fear of the gently flowing Candy cree'', near which it lies. No, this small town of 275 peo pie performed the year's oiitstand ing act of unselfishness so people whom it nevpr has .^een can stop worrying about flood waters. New Dam Site. Sandy Creek is u tributary of the Tuscarawas river, which, in turn is one of the main tributaries of the Fuskinguin river. It's (he Muskingum that cuts up when snow melts and rains begin. That ih why the Muskingum Watershed Conservatory district, generally conceded to be HID most compre hensive and progressive conserva- tior, developed in the United Slates, decided to build a dan somewhere to protect Ihe people whose homes are exposed and lives endangered. The officials went scouting. They spied Sandyville.- There thoy built the Bolivar dam, to carry away flood waters. The portion of the lage below the spillway elevation had to be moved, for during niper-flood periods, when (he gales of the dam are closed, Ihe water will hack up into the village, inun dating the lower portions. The strange exodus began. The new site is about half a mile northeast of the old site. "It's an old farm that adjoined the village,' says K. F. Adalr, superintendent of he engineers conducting the removal. "The farm was subdivided into S3 lots CONSISTENTLY BEST FOR LESS The New Year Is Here — So Is The GIANT with BIGGER and BETTER VALUES! EK'/KCTIVB Monday—Tuesday—Wednesday FRESH CUT GROUND BEEF Delicious CANADIAN BACON 390 FRESH PORK Loin Roast Sugar Cured SMOKED BOSTON BUTTS Creamy BRAUNSWEIGER 21c Norway Salt Mackerel 3 £or Solid Slicing Tomatoes 27c Fancy U. S. No. 1 IRISH COBBLER Potatoes 15-lb. Peck 100-11). Bag $1.50 Snow White TURNIPS 4 !bs - CHEESE LOAF MEAT LOAF VEGETABLE LOAF Full Ib. Sliced 20C Creamed Cottage CHEESE 2 TOMATOES KITCHEN QUEEN CORN STARCH EVAPORATED ML 1 JM K • • • HEINZ SOUPS 4 •• 23c 5 c 4 :' 25O 2 ^1- 250 Sun Maid 2 i^. Boxes i£c Del Monte Coffee IVORY SOAP P-G SOAP i CRISPY CRUNCHY CORN FLAKES Can 24G led. Bar $C Bars 13C 5 C QUALITY PLUS SAVINGS—GIANT VALUES 53 W. FRANKLIN ST. When Sandyville, O., was moved to higher ground business went on as usual. These are views of the to\vn restaurant where cooking went on during the actual moving and where lunch was served during an hour's pause at noon. many of which will be £or sale the conservancy district. So we've moveil 30 buildings, 30 out buildings, two stores, n small post- office and the town nail. The cosl ol! the moving comes to $SO,000. Chose Own Lots. "Each person was allowed to choose his own lot 'or his house. 0£ course he didn't get the same neighbors but he got land worth as much or more than which he left. The new villas- is laid out in accordance with modern village planning, a decided improvement on the haphazard layout of the old town. The dwellings surround a commons, where Ihe town hall postoffice and stores are located A park-playground is also being provided. There is an eighi-incli sewer line laid in the main street, will six-inch lateral lines to each dwelling, and each house also has a graveled driveway and all existing concrete walks and septic tank? are being replaced. All lawns will IF you ARK rorsoxno BY URIC ACID Read, Our Offer—Do This Is Uric Acid In j-nur hlooil cnitsln] "Arlhritlsj" *tIfT Jointst ""re tuns first Hicuinntlc linln-i; iK-urHIs; ncu Hlntiller weakness? Kidney Irrl tfitionV Up many times at night? "Worn Out'"-' "Acid" Stomarh? "cnU-h mid" easily? Skin Hcliy? N'o. "npp"? Nervous'.' \VAXT A T.'ic BOTTLE? (Rogular Prescript, ion Quantity) Kor more than 4."» yp;irs Tlift Williams Treatment has been help others to comfortable days Tn hrlpfn oltO 1 full slzf of The Wil Hlltlfit Will No i hoi Me give nrid rep?. S Tlii* ;irlv( .ami 1« f'cn<H he wcnl mi n A. WlhUA.MS COMPANY Offer .MR — n:i K.-ist Humplnri. ('nun. Stylish Winter Clothes for men and women ... on EASY CREDIT TERMS DEOPLES 1 STORE 67 W. Wash. Street LET US GIVE YOU A DEMONSTRATION Hoffman Chevrolet Sales (Incorporated) p 140 W. Washington St. See Hagerstown's Largeit Display of Good Furnlturt at Reasonable Prlcoi MEYERS & BF-RKSON, Ino. 41-43 W Franklin St. CLOTHE the ENTIRE FAMILY *t a SAVING at the R. & G. Dep't Store BUY YOUR COAL -FROM— CUSHWAS' Phone 2200 and get THE BEST be graded and seeded and existing small shrnhhiiry will lie moved. Each property will have individual deep wells.'' lUust, of tlie houses aren't valuable structures. Moving charges may sound pretty rtteep considering ihe Ji'.'i'fe!:' real worth, .lust, the same, when (lie government, takes a nian't ]ot, it has to set bis house down some place. People didn't catch the spirit of goodwill to neighbors down (be river banks all in a minute. Women wanted to stay with their gardens. Old men wanted to sit under the cherry (roes and grape arbors their fathers planted 100 years ago. A new well and an electric pump were small com pen- Hal I on. Move Or Sinkf But the (owii moved! It had to —or sink! "The people went over to the neighbors on the days the houses were moved," Adair explains. " nif-ht. a house would be at home and no one had lo sleep nut in the whole procedure. When the restaurant, moved, the owner stayed inside and cooked as it went. It was stopped at noon While she served meals." TJie relocation of Sandyville nearly completed, didn't lies in until Aug. -it. Two churches, (he school building, and the grange hall will remain oji the old site because (hey are on higher ground. Except in flood times, the Bolivar dam will hold no water. People, coming hack to the village they used to know, will think they are victims of -i mirage when they see a (own rising up where once were fields of clover and timothy. Then, sighting a Barren waste where Sandyville used to be, they will be sure of it. The town, so they will have to be told, has moved. Three Dry Dams. The Holivar flam : s more than a mile long and has a maxim inn height, of 97 fret. An earthen dyke will hold back the waters—when there are wafers. This dam is one of the three so-called dry dams of this project. Eleven of the M dams of Hie Muskingum Watershed Conservancy district create permanent lakes ranging in sizv from -150 acres to 3,550 acres. Plainfield, also in 'he conservancy district^ is (o be moved in ils entirety very soon, and part of V/ has to pick up foundations, too. Ohio, in brief, is going to look decidedly different than it did a year ago. And it's all because pen- pla can't live lo themselves alone, any more. You ha~ e tn think of the folk beyond the creftft, down tho river! Fruit Growers to Gather at Parley A number oC leading fruit growers of Washington county will go lo Washington today for a two- lay conference of Middle, Atlantic fruit growers. The meeting em- H'aces growers from Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia. Delaware and Virginia. K P. UohiJJ, 2nd, K. S. Dillon, ;>oth of Hancock, uml G.L.S. Carpenter, llagerstown, members of .he executive committee of the Maryland State Hortienllural society will be among the Washington county growers who will at- lend. The conference, it is expected will provide added authority inherent in cooperative, unified action toward proper objectives in matters of (rans port at ion rales, Federal regulations and government : iid. 11 is planned to ci-ganize a permanent conference at this meet- ng. DEPOSITS OF CLOSED BANK ARE INSURED Bel Air, Md., Jan. 3 Hart'ord bank of Belair, with de- posils aggregating $846,000, closed ts doors tuday and became the first banking institution in Maryland to go into receivership since !!!;{;!. State bank commissioner. Warren F. Sterling, announced the bank's board of directors voted for ihe receivership as of. December 31. The commissioner Is to be the receiver. "The closing was due to certain loans which were continued in the bank after the holiday period which did not work out as anticipated due lo general economic conditions," Sterling said. All but approximately $25,000 Nuptial Bared Max Heliinilli Ohm, German wine salesman, whose arrest by immigration authorities disclosed his marriage to a former baroness, is pictured above. Ohm was arrested In liallimore and officials disclosed his marriage in October to Baroness Lillian Maiileuffel, who was Lillian llopkes, Detroit society girl. She said Ihe marriage will be annulled. worth of the total deposits were insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance company, the bank commissioner estimated. The payment might be arranged wilhiii len or fifteen days, he added. HALT THAT COLD! Put the Brakes on It Fast With This Four "Way Treatment! No cold can be given an inch! The more rope you give a cold, the more you do to hang yourself! No cold is a "light" cold. No cold can be ignored or neglected. The cold that is pooh-poohed today is the cold that takes a serious turn tomorrow. Deal with a cold in a businesslike manner. Treat it for what it is —an internal infection! Treat it with a cold medicine not a cure-all. The Treatment That Answers I Grove's Laxative Bromo Quinine (LBQ tablets) are what you want for a cold! They are expressly a cold treatment, and not a "cure-all." They are internal medication. Bromo Quinine tablets do four important things in the treatment of colds. First, they open tbe bowels. Second, they check the infection in the system. Third, they relieve the headache and fever. Fourth, they tone the system and help fortify against further attack. Grove's Bromo Quinine tablets are nothing new or untried. They have been In use over 40 years and are the largest-selling cold tablet in the world. That, in itself, is enough to assure you of their efficacy and dependability. Play Safe! The moment you leel a cold coming on, do the wise thing. Go right to your druggist for a box of Bromo Quinine tablets. Start taking the tablets immediately and you'll usually break up the cold in 24 hours. Bromo Quinine tablets come in 35c and 60c sizes. The 60c size is the better "buy." It gives you almost 20 per cent more for your money. Ask your druggist for Grove's Laxative Bromo Quinine (LBQ tablets) and insist upon getting what you ask for. It's your money you're spending! OFFICERS NOMINATED. The newly organized Funkstown sh and Game Association nominated officers last Friday and will <;lcel next Mondiiy nigl I .T. R. Hay Klaek clerk lo the Hoard of County Commissioners, and a well known sportsman, tfas nominated for the presidency without, opposition. To the Ladies! Managing llic American home is ft business. Bi# HusiiH-.HS, demanding intelligence, industry and enthusiasm. To the ladies, the telephone is mn , nift A r o. J. Much of llieic lives revolve around it. Calls lo llie simps and elnrea save time mid energy i'oi* leisure arlmties. Calls to-— and from—their relatives and friends make life worth living. JJnnfly exlensitni Inlfiftlionat — -for the Icitchcn or bedroom — are especially Jiacfiil lo the modern woman. And cost two cents a day. Telephone Your Order Hagerstown 9900 AND POTOMAC TKI.KI'HOM HAl.Tl.MOltK TI'I'V :;:t Summit A\« THK CUciSA ( OME'ANV M. f. M.\<;AM,\, MBT. SUBURBAN DAY AT Leiter Bros. Money Is Stolen at Filling Station Thieves sometime after 11 o'clock on Sunday forced an entrance to the Sherwood filling Station at the Intersection of West Washington and Winter streets and stole approximately ?15 from the cash drawer. Entrance was gained through a window. W. C. Splelman, local poiloKle* employe, reported to polio thli morning that an overcoat M2 and a pair of gloves coelltii 15 were stolen from his parked car last night. Although there are no flowers visible to the human eye at Dinosaur National Monument In Colorado, bees gather large quantities of honey (or winter use. The honey coniee from microscopic ground plants, scientists believe. emu MARKETS 118-120 W. Franklin St. 4 Plenty of Free PARKING SPACE Turn Over a New Leaf-Serve Yourself and Save! One visit to a modern Acme Food Market will convince you that this is the 1938 method of buying food if you want to get the best at rock-bottom prices. Make a resolution to buy at the Acme and you'll save a lot of money this year. OPEN DAILY FROM 9 A. M. TO 9 P. M. OPEN SATURDAYS FROM 8 A. M. TO 11 P. M. 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