The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 2, 1996 · Page 43
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 43

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1996
Page 43
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THE SALINA JOURNAL SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 2, 1996 15 DAYTIME November 4-8 AFTERNOON 3:00 EB Essentials 208549 03 Lovejoy Mysteries (Wed-Fri) EQ Cristina 16641 (T) The Mask QD Homestretch QD Scoop 3839 (5) Rick! Lake 75181 (10) Oprah Winfrey 46013 (27) Rosle O'Donnell 59181 TCM Movie (Won) *** "Love Crazy" (2:00) 1641568 (Tue) **K "Always in My Heart" (2:00) 1601940 (Wed) *** "Royal Wedding" (2:00) 1678612 (thu) * * The Girl From Jones Beach" (2:00) 1572484 (Fri) ** "Man-Proof (2:00) 1549156 TMC (3:25) Movie (Tue) ** "Ace Eli and Rodger of the Skies" (1:35) 88145018 3:30 O Wishbone O Dating Game O Adventures of Batman and Robin Q OH Imagination Station fBO Jeopardy) |Q Charlie Brown and Snoopy (Mon, Wed-Fri) IB (3:45) Movie (Mon) *** "Circle of Friends" (1:42) 21670487 (Wed) "Kissing >] Miranda" (1:30) 5293780 (Fri) **K I "Sidekicks" (1:40)5164224 .$ ED (3:45) Movie (Mon) * * x "Runaway" 'I- (1:40)56268181(3:45) (Wed) **»"The ! | Indian in the Cupboard" (1:36)56202525 • : | Family Video Diaries (Thu) j 03 (3:35) Movie (Mon) "Honey Sweet Vf Love" (1:28) 49176075(3:35) (Wed) ' '' * * * "Bagdad Cafe" (1:31) 49110419 09 Early Prime (Wed-Fri) .: EQ Ramona (Tue) Brooklyn Bridge (Wed) >| EQ Wait'Til You Have Kids ED (3:45) Movie (Fri) **'/, "Mame" (2:15)31997972 EB Baseball, Minnesota (Fri) EQ NFL's Greatest Moments (Tue) Q3 Top Cops EB (3:35) Real Adventures of Jonny Quest CD Z Music (Tue) EB Great Chefs of Hawaii (Mon, Wed) Great Chefs — Great Cities (Tue, Thu) Great Chefs of the West (Fri) EQ Inspector Gadget . (T) Gargoyles TMC (3:55) Movie (Fri) * "It's Pat" (1:20)21877750 4:00 Q Q CD QD Where In Time Is Carmen Sandlego? O Kansas Live Q Big Bad Beetleborgs Q Monte) Williams 70094 O Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum (Mon) Historic Kansas: Dr. Seelye Mansion (Tue) Strictly Sallna (Wed) How to Change History In Six Weeks (Thu) Oh Say) (Fri) 56040 B Extra illB(Z) (27) Oprah Winfrey 41162 27988 89758 45988 f&) Judge Judy fB Rosle O'Donnell 824520 ID (4:15) Movie (Tue) ***» "Fat City" (1:45) 24292834 (4:15) (:15) (Thu) *** "A Doll's House" (2:00) 4060804 0-1 Tale Spin IB Movie (Thu) **» "Tiger Heart" (1:30)869115 ED Movie (Fri) * * * "Hoosiers" (1:54) 916446 QB Early Prime (Mon-Tue) BD Fall Guy 09 Christopher Closeup (Mon) Center Street (Tue) Scriptures Alive) (Wed) Illuminations (Thu) Nuestra Familla (Fri) B9 New Family Challenge fD Movie (Mon) *** "The Secret Ways" (2:00) 494278 (4:15) (:15) (Tue) **** "Hall the Conquering Hero" (1:45) 83108650 (4:15) (:15) (Thu) *** "The Ladies'Man" (1:45)83079194 EB Wildhorse Saloon EQ Real World I (Mon) Real World II (Tue) Real World III (Wed) Real World IV (Thu) Real World Reunion (Fri) IB Cycling (Fri) EB NBA Fantastic Series (Mon) Destination Extreme (Wed) Inside the Senior PGA Tour (Fri) 09 Wings EB (4:05) Saved by the Bell EB Local Action (Mon) This Is the PGA Tour (Wed) Motorsports Hour (Thu) Basketball Hall of Fame Gala and Golf Tournament (Fri) GQ Family Matters EB Commlsh ED Z Music Top Ten (Tue) Big Ticket (Wed) Straight Ahead (Thu) Twitch (Fri) EB Travelers EB Great Country Inns EB Are You Afraid of the Dark? EQ Mike Hammer (Mon-Tue, Thu) New Mike Hammer (Wed, Fri) EB Teen Summit 879346 BD Primer Impacto CB Timon & Pumbaa (Mon) Quack Pack (Tue-Thu) Mighty Ducks (Fri) OH Day & Date QD Praise-a-Thon (5) Hard Copy (10) Inside Edition TMC (4:15) Movie (Mon) *** "Tracking Down Maggie: The Unofficial Biography of Margaret Thatcher" (1:25) 74747443 4:30 a Q QD Bill Nye the Science Guy O Power Rangers ZEO Q Strictly Sallna (Wed) Q Access Hollywood fQ Hard Copy IQ Movie (Mon) **K "Hard Times" (1:45) 1778346 (Wed) **** "Breaking Away" (1:45) 1705490 (Fri) **x "Hero at Large" (1:45)1676934 QD Ducktales {HI Hollywood One on One (Wed) 3478273 ED Movie (Thu) **» "Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home" (1:36)7211842 SB Showbiz Today 09 30 Good Minutes (Mon) Family Times (Tue) Perspectives (Wed) Midpoint (Thu) Today's Life Choices (Fri) EQ Real World (Mon-Thu) QD NBA Inside Stuff (Mon) NBA Today (Tue) Inside the PGA Tour (Fri) §3 Auto Racing (Fri) Qj) Wings GB (4:35) Saved by the Bell EB Ski Prime (Mon) Finally: Tyson- Holyfleld Preview (Tue) GQ California Dreams ED Spotlight (Mon) PPV Sneak Peek (Fri) EB Homeworks Eft Rocko's Modern Life EQ Primer Impacto Extra (Tue) GO Step by Step G3 Wishbone (5) Jeopardy) (10) American Journal TMC (4:35) Movie (Wed) *** "Metropolitan" (1:40) 16910254 (4:36) (:36) (Thu) * * * * "It Happened One Night" (1:44)16817113 5:00 O Reading Rainbow OHO BCD IB IB (3(5) News Q Fresh Prince of Bet-Air O Election Issues (Tue) Community Access Presents (Wed) Older Kansas Employment (Thu) Creation (Fri) O Little House on the Prairie fQ Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers fQ (5:15) Movie (Wed) ** "Born to Be Wild" (1:40)18148525(5:15) (Fri) *** "Clueless" (1:37)18019069 00 (5:15) Movie (Mon) The Butter- Cream Gang" (1:45) 58266592 (Tue) ** "House of Cards" (2:00) 2948211 (5:15) (:15) (Wed) **» Turk 1821" (1:45) 16866916 (Thu) **» The Shadow" (2:00) 2819755 (Fri) *** "Junior" (2:00) 2886427 ED Movie (Tue) * is "Milk Money" (1:48) 941360 EB (5:10) Movie (Mon) ***"DickTra- cy" (1:50)96088810(5:10) (Wed) ** "Princess Caraboo" (1:36) 96012877 (Thu) **» "Young Sherlock Holmes" (1:49) 810484 (Fri) *K "King Kong Lives" (1:45)9404798 09 WorldVlew (Mon, Wed-Fri) Election Night Coverage (Tue) QD A-Team Q9 Old Country Church Songbook (Mon) Mormon Tabernacle Choir (Tue) Highway (Wed) Joy of Music (Thu) Americana Sunday Sampler (Fri) B3 Carol Burnett and Friends EB Club Dance EQ Ren & Stlmpy (Mon-Thu) ED A-Llst (Mon, Wed-Fri) Politically Incorrect (Tue) 9970853 EQ Santa Anita Today (Mon) Today's Hunter (Tue) Triathlon (Wed) World Championship Wrestling (Thu) Pro Football Insider (Fri) |Q Up Close ED Outdoors (Mon) Men's Journal (Tue) Spanish Fly (Wed) American Angler (Thu) EB) Renegade ED in the Heat of the Night EB (5:05) Family Matters EB FOX Sports News GQ Saved by the Bell EQ Supermarket Sweep 03 Business Insiders ED Pet Connection (Mon) To Be Announced (Tue) Company of Animals (Wed) Year by Year (Thu) Fights of the Century (Fri) EB Go for It) EB Furniture to Go EB Clarissa Explains It All 63 Quincy 00 El Doctor Cindido Perez CD Coach [9] QI) Kratts'Creatures Q3) Home Improvement (10)(27) Jeopardy) TCM Movie (Mon) *** "Little Caesar" (2:00) 1620094 (Tue) **x "A Dispatch From Reuters" (2:00) 1697766 (Wed) *** The Sea Woir (2:00) 1664438 (Thu) ***» "Key Largo" (2:00) 1551910 (Fri) *** Two Weeks in Another Town" (2:00)1528682 TMC Movie (Tue) **x The Last American Hero" (1:35) 6674143 (5:15) (:15) (Fri) ** "Ernest Goes to Jail" (1:20) 69301069 5:30 Q Nightly Business Report fHBGD(27) NBC Nightly News Q Roseanne O IB GD(5)(10) CBS Evening News B Heusner Bicycle Rodeo (Mon) Sall- na & Its People (Thu) (5:35) Community Connections (Fri) B National News EH0E) ABC World News Tonight fQ Goof Troop •03 Movie (Mon) ** "Meatballs Part II" (1:34) 777346 (Tue) * "Ladybugs" (1:30) 872853 (Thu) ** "Head Office" (1:31)536007 ED Movie (Mon) *u "American Cop" (1:31) 979742 (Wed) *K "Modern Problems" (1:31)922896 03 Movie (Tue) ** "North" (1:28) 236037 Qt) One In the Spirit (Mon) God Squad (Tue) On Main Street (Wed) Faces on Faith (Thu) Lifestyle Magazine (Fri) EC Carol Burnett and Friends EQ Superock EQ Dream On (Mon, Wed-Fri) EB Thoroughbred World (Mon) Outdoors in the Heartland (Tue) Baseball, Minnesota (Fri) EQ Sportscenter EB Granada to Dakar Rally Wrapup (Mon) Drag Racing (Tue) Auto Racing (Wed) Sportsman's Quest (Thu) EB (5:35) Family Matters EQ Saved by the Bell GQ Debt GQ Business Tonight ED Lassie (Mon) Kitty Bartholomew: You're Home (Wed) EB Home Pro EB Tiny Toon Adventures EB Screen Scene (Mon-Thu) News (Fri) 63 Notlclero Unlvlslon ® Bill Nye the Science Guy QD Wishbone TMC (5:40) Movie (Mon) * * * "Jefferson in Paris" (2:20) 97837075 6:00 BBCSQD Newshour With Jim Lehrer BIIO Q BO IB GO 03) (5)(10) News Q Home Improvement Q Historic Kansas: Dr. Seelye Mansion (Mon) Strictly Sallna (Tue) How to Change History In Six Weeks (Wed) Oh Say) (Thu) 92939 Historic Kansas: Civil Air Patrol (Fri) €KS (27) News (Mon, Wed-Fri) News Special (Tue) [Q (6:15) Movie (Mon) * * The People That Time Forgot" (1:45) 74621810 (Tue) ** "A Chorus Line" (2:00) 8893132 (6:15) (:15) (Wed) * * "Oh Godl Book II" (1:45) 74665254 (6:15) (:15) (Thu) ** Thank God It's Friday" (1:45) 74569026 (6:15) (:15) (Fri) **u "Phantom of the Paradise" (1:45)74536798 fQ Movie (Mon) * * * "Snoopy, Come Home" (1:20) 961891 (Tue) *** "An American Tail" (1:20) 9251211 (Wed) The Little Riders" (2:00) 5753780 (Thu) **is "Dragonwortd" (1:26) 500736 (Fri) **n "Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird" (1:28)485427 ED (6:15) Movie (Thu) * * "Mighty Mor- phin Power Rangers: The Movie" (1:35) 90693945 Inside the NFL (Fri) EB Moneyline (Mon, Wed-Fri) 03 In Living Color 09 Inspiration, Please) Effi Waltons (Mon, Thu-Fri) Will You Marry Me? (Tue) Breakthroughs: Amazing Things to Come (Wed) ED Movie (Mon) *s "Westward Ho" (1:00) 716162 (Tue) ** "Wyoming Outlaw" (1:00) 691853 (Wed) *x Three Texas Steers" (1:00) 576544 (Thu) ** Texas Terror (1:00) 355007 (Fri) *M The Trail Beyond" (1:00) 230798 EB Dukes of Hazzard EQ Beavis and Butt-head EQ Politically Incorrect (Mon-Tue) 6632075 Dally Show (Wed-Thu) 6676419 Paul Reiser: 3 1/2 Blocks From"Home (Fri) EB Horseworld (Mon) Coach Fisher DeBerry (Tue) Coach Sonny Lublck (Wed) Coach Tom Osborne (Thu) Coach Dennis Franchione (Fri) EB RPM2Night EQ Highlander: The Series (Mon, Wed- Fri) Movie (Tue) *** "First Blood" (1:59)421619 CD In the Heat of the Night GB (6:05) America's Funniest Home Videos EB FOX Sports News EQ Family Matters GQ Hope & Gloria GQ Money Club fD Animal Bites (Mon) Room by Room (Wed) History Alive (Thu) EB Beyond 2000 EB Hometime EB Doug EQ Equalizer EB Hit List EB TuyYo 20278 TMC (6:15) Movie (Wed) *** "Blue Sky" (1:45) 89924308 (6:20) (:20) (Thu) ** "Drop Dead Fred" (1:40)59813533 6:25 ES Cyberllfe 6:30 BOD Seinfeld O Mad About You B Wheel of Fortune (Mon-Wed, Fri) B Strictly Salina (Tue) BBS Entertainment Tonight B Inside Edition fB CD Wheel of Fortune (Mon, Wed- Fri) QJ QD Home Improvement 09 (6:45) On the Set: Larger Than Life (Wed, Fri) 00 Crossfire 832029 QD No Relation 09 Courtship of Eddie's Father EQ Singled Out (Mon-Thu) Week In Rock (Fri) EQ Dally Show (Mon) 6656655 Politically Incorrect (Wed-Thu) 6690099 EB Board Wild (Tue) Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference Week in Review (Wed) NBA Action (Fri) EQ NFL Prime Monday (Mon) NHL Hockey (Tue) Outside the Lines (Wed) Weekend Klckoff (Thu) PGA Golf (Fri) EB English League Soccer (Mon) World's Strongest Man Competition (Tue) Auto Racing (Wed) NHL Hockey (Thu) Motoworld (Fri) GB (6:35) America's Funniest Home , Videos GQ Bzzzl EQ Designing Women EQ Steals and Deals ED What's Your Hobby (Wed) PPV Sneak Peek (Fri) EB (6:35) Next Step EB Hometime EB Rugrats TMC (6:35) Movie (Tue) **» "Career Opportunities" (1:25) 30238921 (6:35) (:35) (Fri) ** The Jerky Boys" (1:25) 30176137 movies, television, art, etc. We're on top of it. 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