The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 23, 1952
Page 6
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23, 199! Business Jitters Reminding Many Of '49 Slump Number of Items In Day's News Point Up Similarity By SAM DAWSON NEW YORK or—Business Jitters and (allinir prices just now remind many persons of the spring slump of 1943. That earlier inventory recession curried much of the same overtone of worry lest the lon^-awalted post war depression was at hand. But the 1049 recession ended lhaj. summer and n ne\v boom started, was given R big boost by Korea, and finally rnri irio the .same Rlut of inventories that fretted the business man in 1JM9. The parallel between the spring of 1049 and today is pointed up by a. number of in the day's news. Merchants — always prone to pessimistic talk — say the post- Easter sales are disappointing, just as they found April, 1949, n disappointment. Buyers are slaying at home, the merchants in several cities say. despite bis promotional campaigns. Sales Are Behind In New York, department store sales last week were five per cent behind those of a year ago, and for the last fonr weeks sales have trailed 1951 by one per cent. The end of customer reluctance, lonp predicted, still hasn't been sighted yet. Business earnings are falling this spring, just as they slumped in 1948. Higher taxes now gets much of the blame, but not all — earnings before taxes are riown this spring for many firms, who face higher operating costs, customer sales resistance or price controls on their products. Employment Full lo (lain Employment in non-farm work failed to gain in March this year. Just as it did in March 1949. The. were the only two months of Mnrcii since-World War II, in which employment did not rise over the February total. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that durable goods producers hired more men In March than in February, but in rciail trade and consumer goods Industries employment was cut back. . Another even more striking parallel between Ihe two springs mny be shaping up in price softening In metals. With the exception of the spring of 1049, most non-ferrous metals have been in good demand since World War II, and prices have been firm — at times snaring, and at present bumping at imposed price ceilings. Melal Is ricsllfiil In (he spring of 1940, with food and lextile prices already slumped, metal men suddenly found that n Wanger Given 4-Month Term Movie Producer Hears Sentence for Shooting Agent in Groin SANTA MONICA. Calif, l/l'i ._ Movie producer Walter Waiipcr yesterday drew four months In Ihe county Jail for sliootint! agent Jen- nines Lang in the uroin. W:ilHTf-r had amused Kall£ of brcakiriK up his man-tape with actress Joan ricnnr-H at the time r,( Ihe Dec. 13 shooting. The Wangors have been estranged since then but the producer indicated today the offing. OrlRinnlly a reconciliation Is In Ihe passage of the measure upon which the referendum is sought. SECTION" 2. Whenever any referendum petition is filed. Uie oily Council shall give nonce by publication for one insertion of a Uine not less than five days nfter the publication o! such notice at which they will hear all persons who wish to be heard on the question, whether .such petition is signed by the requisite number of petitioiter.s. At the time named, the City Council shall meet and hear all who wish lo be heard off ttie question, and its decision shall be final, unle,«.s Mill is brought in the chancery Court of Mississippi County within thirty days to review Its action. SECTION 3. If the City Council sertion in one newspaper published in the City of Blytheville. a true copy of the title and full text of the ordinance to be submitted, together with the number of Ihe ordinance ami the form in which the ballot title thereof u-i!l be printed upon the official ballot. SECTION 4. If any ordinance re- ffi'rcd to the people is defeated at the polls, the city Council shall make note of such fart and shall expunge such ordinance from its files with red ink. SECTION 5. If any provision of this ordinance Is held void, it shall not affect the validity of the remainder, but the remainder shall stand. necessary /or the preservation of the public peace, healrh and safety, shall become effective without delay immediate]; 1 upon its passage. Passed: April 21. 1052. APPROVED: Dan BlorlKHt Mayor ATTEST: W. J. Malm City Clerk Automotive Hint One way to free sticky valtes to to insert the disconnected end of the windshield wiper hose into a can of valve oil. Suction, will draw the oil to the valve stems, although there will be plenty of smoke because of the oil going through th« engine, no harm will be done. When the valves are free, the windshield wiper may be connected again. finds thai such petition is signed SECTION 6. That all ordinances. by the requisite number of petitioners, it shall order a special election to determine by a vote of the fiualilied electors whether the ordinance shall .stand or Be revoked, charenri with assault] The (late for such, election shall not with a deadly «nnon with imwt to commit murrter, Wnngrr last week threw himself on the court's mercy. The court reduced Die clinrec tn assault with a. deadly weapon and convicted him on the le.^.cr count. Cnrmction on the original charge could have bronchi a one to 14 year prison sentence. . or parts of orGinanccs, in contlic: with the provisions of this ordinance. be and the same are hereby repealed. SECTION 1. The City Council hereby ascertains and declares be less than liltecn days after the! thai there will be in the near fu- ordcr therefor has been made by lure the enactment, of certain or- the Council, and said election .shall! dinnnccs, resolutions and other' lie had and conducted as genera! I mailers concerning the general wel- j municipal elections held in Ihe City 1 fare, and that, unless there is a' of BLythcvllle. Not les.s than seven \ limit, fixed within which refercn-' days before any special election I dum petitions may be filed, there' called to vote upon any referred is danger of loss of life or properly,' CAMERA TELLS TALL TALE—Apparently, cither the Washington Monument now comes in the convenient portable sixe, or actor Tony Curtis has been doing some tall growing. Aclu.-illy, the photographer saw the possibility of an unusual camera angle, and produced this illusion. metal shortage had lurned into i». surplus. Users of metals stopped buying and prices slumped fast. Pessimists cried that with the bellwether metals In a slump "the depression is hern." Hut in the summer that tide turned. Now Ihe textile industry has ils own "private depression," and food prices are well below llicir former peaks. Will metal prices meeting of the American Zinc stilulc in St. Louis (here will be ORDINANCE NO. SJ1 AN ORDINANCE I'lXINO TIIK TI.MK I-'Oll riMNH OF IlKFEIt- ' IINDUM I'KTM'IONS I'ltOVIDKH FOR fly AIMENDJIKNT NO. 1 TO TIIK CONSTITUTION OF I Tllfi STATE OF AHKANSAS, AND ItKOUI.ATINfi Till; 1>||O- ('Kl)UIIK TIIEIIKON ! BE IT ORDAINED by (he City Council of Ihe City of Hlythcville, Arkansas: | SECTION 1. All referendum pe- i-riiiions under Amendment No. 1 t/>- ordinance, the City clerk cause to be published for one in- and that therefore an emergency and this ordinance, being plenty of zinc this year to mecl I Arkansas must he filed national demand.;, diaries R. Im:o, ! city clerk within thirty vice president of the St. Joseph , Lend Co., n leading zmc producer, predicts a surplus nf 120.000 tons by the end of the year. ease? The first to show signs of it is Three Clalmnl II English sovereigns made land grants to colonies for .^vcrnl dec- offered in American markets !it|a<lcs after Ifinfl ami Nebraska lay slightly below the ceiling price of 1 in the claim of Ihrrp British colonies: Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Virginia. lead. Some foreign lead is bcinp 19 cenl.s, the trade rcpnils. '/.'me men are told at the annual' Constitution nf the State of' with the days after Planting Seed We have for sale a limited quantity of Northern Grown WABASH SOYBEANS, OGDEN SOYBEANS. COTTON SEED Henderson - Hoover Seed Co. Highway fil Soulh Phone 2860 Only 4 More Days! $ 5l)OWN $ 1 A WEEK For a firess ng No Carrying Charges! Hubbard & Son FURNITURE Phone .4409 Blytheville Ark. See if now. 1 KJIuofocsC Today's Big Difference in automatic washers— At Leading Dealers Remember! _ GssGSS MERCURY IN MOBILGAS ECO 7 6 Bottle Carton 25 flu! Dcpoiit Pick up a handy six-bottle carton of Coke —be ready to serve refreshment to family, hospitality lo friends. lOTTlID UNO(« 4UIHOSI1Y 01 IHt COCA-COtA. COHP4HT sr COCA-LuLA B01TLING CO, OF BLYTHEVILLE t o rtgMtrrd (-oj« mvl. -- - _ £> 1957, rHE COMPANY 1,415-MILE TEST \Vlial a test to prove Mercury and Lincoln superiority! This year's run rovers a l.-li.i-mtta cruirre from Los Angles to Sun Valley, I<i:iho -]on;cst .inri tniiR'ncst \ff\ in Mohilgas. Kcoiiomy Run history, lload elrvrv ttim* rnnRO from helm- sea lovcl in Death Valley to 8,010 feet in Arizoru mountains-. Hut Ihe toucher the ciiurw, Ihe more evident Lincoln an>l Mercury superiority. Mercury mit-p,>rrormrd ail others to Win both Ihe e^nd Swrepsukos pri?j- and first place Class C trophy. Lincoln won Class G ami un.* Mercury's closest competitor for top Sweepstakes honors. Lincoln Again Besl in Class- Runs Second in Sweepstakes Mercury, the car thai challenged them ail, has done it again . . . won thn grand Swecp- slakos prize in this "world series" for automobiles. And this isn't Iho first lime! Just look at Mercury's three-ypar-in'-a-row record: three out of three times winner in its price class; two out of three times Sweepstakes winner acainsl oil cars in every class! Look at Lincoln, too. Lincoln won Class G first prize, and provided Mercury's closest competition for top Sweepstakes honors. The Mobilgas Kconomy Run is open to all cars nf every make. ?^very car is a stack car, selected at random by the A.A.A. To assure an cqua; chance (or all, regardless of size and weight, ton-miles-per-gallon performance* determines the winner. A 1952 Mercury Monterey Special Custom Sedan with optional overdrive swept the field with 5f).71SS ton-miles-per-gallon, averaging 25.4003 miles per gallon. And the engine that did it is Mercury's famous V-8. The Lincoln Capri Sedan with Hydra-Matic transmission won its class prize with SS.!)OS5 ton-milcs- per-gallon, averaging22.3562milcs per gallon. That's something to think about wlien you buy a new car. Mercury, which for months has been challenging the industry to match it, has now prored its superiority for economy! Right now, in our showroom, is a 1052 Mercury similar to the one that won this official, impartial test. Why not stop around and Rive it a try? No obligation, of course. "Tnn-Tnilrp-txT ;ail"r\ rquij= Iho r ar TtlcV r-rjih r ,-., nr ,_\ muluplied by mil cstravrtcd. divided by iillor.xilgtKtuieLnl. MERCURY-AOAIH PROVED "AMERICA'S NO. 1 ECONOMY CAR" STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Walnut at First Street

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