The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1946 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 14, 1946
Page 2
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SAUB TWO BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MARCH, 14, 1946 Will Celebrate Engineers' Day Banquet Last Night Launches Festivities At Fayettevifle FAYETTEVILLE. Ark., March 14. —Students.' In the University of Arkansas College of Engineering will celebrate 'their 3?th annual Engineers' Day Friday. The festivities will get under way wilh a banquet at 0:3. p. in. Thursday, at which lime the identities of St. Pat and St. Patricia, wUq'iWill rule over Ihe campus for tli'<j dfiy, 'Will be made known. Four,, girls have been nominated for the honor of reigning as St. p.ilricia. They are Betty Alexander of Meua, Betty A'ycock of For- roct City: Llbby- Doak of Utlle Rock, and Johesboro. Jean Stevenson of Following the banquet, the engineering students will stage n fireworks display, after which they will gather up their paint brushes to,- paint, shamrocks—the emblem of- their college—on the walks of the campus.' The engineering students will have breakfast together F morning, and at 10 a. rn. they will Forgotten Hew York Mansion May Glitter Again With UNO NEW YORK (U.P.5—The choice of New York as Interim headquarters of the United Nations Organization may bring glamor again to an almost forgotten mansion which was one of the big town's showplaces In the glittering SO's. The mansion, dwarfed by skyscrapers and nudged Into obscurity by more modern buildings, is al the northeast corner of Manhattan's 50th St. and Madison Ave. It was used during the war as a Women's Military Service club, and now it has been offered to the Security council of the UNO while UNO's general assembly Is In session. It would be a mtlng hlghpolnt In the otherwise dull old age of the structure which was planned by Ihe famous architect firm of McKlm, Meadc & White. Stanford White, who was at the peak of his profession .when he was killed by Hnny K. Thaw, designed the interior while Joseph M. Wells, another brilliant architect, planned the building's exterior. Kaces Courtyard The mansion was bulll in 1883 bv Henry Villard, then president of the Northern Pacific fUilroad and father of Oswald Garrison Villard, author and editor. It cost $595.000 to build, without meet in convocation at which time 5 considering Ihe price of the land. While's ceilings In the old Madison Square Garden. Augustus Saint-Gaudcns sculptured many of the mantels and John LaFarge painted murals for the house. Im]»rted marble, Siena and Carrara, wns used in the (;ic:it double staircase. Motto Is 'Tax' The inscription over the marble mantel In the entrance hall sug- Qnllery Is one of' 50 arc museums University Will Receive Picture Arkansas Art Gallery Selected By Academy To Receive Painting FAYETrEVlLLE, Ark., Mar. H._ University of Arkansas Ait gesls Itiat p«rh»ps the house is about lo fulfill the destiny which Us builders plnnned for it. The molto Is "PAX," or pence. The younger Villard snld Hint, surprisingly enough, no other buildings hncl ever stood uiion the site except several old shacks, or possibly some Indian cnbins. He said the task of removing the hard rock with old-fashioned hand drills and yallerics throughout lh e Unllcd Stales and Canada which have been selected by the American Academy of Ails and Loiters lo receive one of Ihe SO painlinys, drawings ami water colors puichased last year by the Academy from the Chllde Hassan) Fund and exhibited at Ihe Academy parly this year. The University of Arkansas Gallery win receive Orvillc Peals took ninny months. Only light j"--ludy for Etching," according to blasting could be useil, because ihc nnouncement by Prof. Ralph , bulllers were afraid of damaging M. Hudson, head of the Unlver- all senior engineering students will be' daubed "Knights of St. Pat." A free motion picture will be and Vitlard only lived in it for one winter. Financial reverses forced him to move, and in 1886 given for the eiiginceringr students h c sold Ihe property to Whltelaw in the afternoon, and Friday night the days event will end with the annual dance. Students in the College of Engineering have been preparing for the festivities for several weeks. Shaving by men students in the College has been taboo for several weeks, and a "beard Judging" contest will be one of the features of the day. - ,' '" All Lung Scars ' .Are Not Caused By Tuberculosis NASHVILLE,'Tenn., Mar. 14 (UP) —The South's reportedly high t\i- befciilar rate. may be at least SO !><jr cent less than estimated because a relatively harmless fungus leaves calcification, or lung scars, similar to^flipse deposited by tuberculosis,.'two Vanderbilt University physicians, Drs. Amos Christie anrl J. c. Peterson, said today. 'The doctors' have made a study of, about 3,000 reported cases of tuberculous and have come to the coticluSiort that many of the. lung scars inay have been cause by a near-by structiu-efi, Villard, himself, sUirtled several young female soldiers not so long ago when he was showing a friend through the house, coming to a room with several bunks Inside it, he turned to his companion, sayIntf: "And here Is where I slept." People along Madison Ave. can't help but chuckle at the thought of the old mansion coming back into the limelight. for a while, anyhow, the mighty LOOKING AHEAD w«0t«l I UNION duty bound as a loyal citizen to Geora/O Not Worried say: The American people will IX ri + • i know all about this sooner or lat-1 Over Election LOWS or. ff they give the matter some thought and act quickly, they still! ATLANTA, Ga., March 13. (UP) — may take their choice. Otherwise i JJUlc opposition apparenriy had ci?- Ihcy will yet Collectivism like it i veloped today In connection with TIME FLIES the recent New Orleans Federal Appellate Court ruling lhat Negroes are entitled to vote in Clcort'ia pri-i maries. Despite talk of calling a special session lo preserve the "white primary" in the slate. Gov. Ullis Arnall said yesterday thai "not a single soul" had asked him to call the legi.sliiture into extraordinary session — - ... _. . e to amend Georgia's election laws. ;1; . Boil, schools, If you listin v .'ilh "ddvess i,,. delivered in Dallas.! Armill said lhat, us a matter of .,nly half an ear lo Iheir vocal Texas, a few months ago. He .say.s. filct . he had received many letters came to- the unhappy peoples of other lands who arc now starving I by Ihe hundreds every day. , I 7fere Is a fair question: How Busy In the United States today can anybody Identify destructive, re two ways of thinking—the alien, rcvQlutlonisl movements at high-brows call Ihcm "opposing siyht? 'ihey wear respecinbi. French pioneers of air fighting in World War I carried bricks to be thrown into the propellers of adversaries. owcpts," Orators in both camps anus and have patriotic slogans. a lot alike until they get How can we pick them out? The down lo brass tacks, com- best answer 1 have ever heard j iftely away from abstract general!- came from J, 1'. SfilK-riing in tin siity's department of art. The Chllde Hassam Fund, from which Ihe paintings have been purchased. Is not a monetary grant but instead Is dr-ilved from a col lection of paintings, watcrcolors and pastels in the ixissession of the urtlst at the time of his death. The collection was bequeathed to the American Academy wilh the. sltpu- Intlon thai the works be sold from lime lo lime, and Hie accumulated income from the sales nsetl lo pur- selves as weaklings. The oflei voting, it would permit (lie big cit- skyscrapers will be forced lo lake | chase paintings, drawlngg and elch- second place- -and like It. Reid, vising the cash lo start re- juilding his fortune. Villard was n man who loved ;pace, and he saw the «reat, Brow- ,ng city crowding in around him. Hc knew that the time would come when even his great house would be hard-pressed by other buildings literally pushing against it. Hc deliberately decided, no matter the cost, that Ills house would face n courtyard—in the European manner—and he built six houses to encircle it. The six houses cost him $850,000 to build but this was small polu- loes lo Villard, nn Illustrious business adventurer who almost all his life had lived in an era of high business excitement. spending huge sums was the normal thing for (him, Expensive Driveway Half Moon News Mrs. Marll Mitchell of Long Beach, Calif., who has been vlsit- ng her mother. Mrs. Nora Ught- fool, and family, for the past month, has returned to her home. Mrs. Mitchell was before her marriage, Marie Llghtfoot. Mrs. John Buck has been visiting her son, BHHe Buck and Mrs. Buck In Corpus Chrlstl, Texas, for the past two months, A. D. Baker, seaman first class, who has been home on leave has returned to his duties at Gulfport. Miss. five members and two visitors were present at the home of Mrs. Llshtfoot Tuesday night, for the W.S.C.S. meeting. The lesson was m Ks from contemporary American and Canadian artists for presentation to museums in tin; United Stales and Canada. The American Academy of Art;; and Letters was founded in 19(M they their nipt Ihem, you must stale your ' :, ,„; business in n few words. Unlor- ... .,. ' innately it is not possible to stale two creeds briefly and clearly. Sericius Problem .. rt would not be necessary for person of average ability to m' from w:ls ""'^ lo college and study a year in order to learn the difference. The problem is not that complicated. On the other hand, I can't cover I tie case in one newspaper column or in a letter of two or three pages. It's not that simple. Everybody owes it a HUlc .serious thought, however, before it is too Nothing ,was ever more serious to the people of this continent, their children and their grand- people. Collectivism offers these, which mean mcdioericlv for everybody. Individualism offers opportunity, a ..-hnltongc; no sort stuff like security. Us rewards are for the eiu'ri'ctii;; not the lazy, individualism offers personal liberty and individual freedom—freedom in ex F - prcsslon, freedom in business and frccdcm in worship. These appeal to man's noblr? traits. Individualism offers these, with the highest standards of living for everybody Ihe world ha.snyet known. SHE SHOPS 'CASH AND CARRY> Without Painful Bnckach« Many sutF^rera relieve nagging bacVacli* (Illicitly,, onco they discover tb»t the real cause of tKeif iioul'lt- tuny te tired kttlnrys. TKtklcIiK'yriru-eNiiture's chief way of talc- ln:< tlie oxot'33 RcUls unJ v/asto out of tlie Uo<vJ. 1 Hey )ic-!ii most iwojjle pasa about 3 pints a day. Ufhcn disorder of kidney function permits lioiioiious matter to leirmln in your : rriayciVJS'.-niiat'iriBbackache.rheumaUcpaiiii, ktf p:mis,1o^-;of j.ep ami cneryy, pelting uy Mitjhla, twclliny, imffinefs under the eyes. he;u!uch<-3 and dizziiwsa, »c(|utnt or scanty r-;i::,33£*3 \vitJi H.iiirUny n^J burning scnue- timts rhovvs OIL-XL- ia something wrong \vjih jrour kMntys or Madder. Don't wuhl Ask yi,ui- druggist for Doan'a I'illa, a stimuli)nt diurvlie, tmti aurcessfully by imlUonj for over 40 years. Doau'a uive happy relief and will lj«lp the 15 miles of kiJiiey tubes Hush out poisonous wnstc from your blood. Get DOHA'S Pills. and was Incorporated by an act ol children, than this dispute Congress for the furtherance of literature- and fine arts in the United Slates. Waller Damrosch, iN.s1ltigu>h«tl musician, composer and conductor, Is president of the Academy. bsnign or self-healing htstoplasmosls. form of "Belief that the fungus is soil or rtust borne in the area between Uie Appalachian Plafoau 'and the Mis.sissipoi Basin was expressed by the physicians after tests mado on 1,500 students at Vander.bilt University. They found lhat 79 per cent of the students from Tennes- scc and 83 per cent of those from •Kentuckv reacted lo a histoplas- niin skin lest compared to only eight per cent of the students who came from. New Jersey. Read Courier News Want Ads. But even Villard. with all hls|°" AtrlcD - whlch wfts dl « uss "> vision, probably didn't realize that' the group Prayer was offered by this courtvlird" within less than 50 Irs Hawkins, and Ihe group was years would become the most ex- dismissed by sentence prayers af- pcnsive automobile driveway for any private houses In New York. Oswald Garrison Villard. so of the builder, told reporters thai he was extremely pleased by Ihe pro posnl to use the homo for UNO. Villard, formerly editor of the old New York Post and The Nation, said that he hopes the UNO eventually will' take over the entire block. The former Villard house Is now owned by Ogden Reid, president of the New York Herald-Tribune, uiu his sister, Lady Ward. It has more than 35 rooms. Many of the original decorations remain, chiefly ii the great hall, the staircase and the elaborate while and gold music room. The architecture was based 01 that of a renaissance palace ii Florence. The vaulted celling of Ih main entrance hall is an exquislt example of mosaic, work, and re 'minds old-timers of Stanforc Read Courier News Want Ads. Too Late fo Wanted to Buy .••in-i 11 Tir-iuUiiirl.onil <:>., For Rent Cull 2H77. 1 h -[.];• IH tv/ecn "Individualism" and "Collectivism." Those are the names that test describe them. The former may call themselves Democrats or Republicans or Conservatives. Tiie laller may be Nazis. Communists. Facists or Central Planners. Here, they are revolutionists. Vital Decisions Although 1 know somebody is going; to call me an alarmist. I'm er which refreshments were serv- d. Jlmnile Bruck. waterlender first lass, of Philadelphia, Is at home for ten dny stay. H,* will leave Sun- ay to report for duty. Leslie' Watklns who !has bcim visiting relatives In fian Diego, Calif., for the past two months. ms returned home. Mrs. Eric Ray Walls Hospital. a patient at For Sale. , Lay. Sin-rial pr I.H.I:-:!! Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With Little Worry Eat, talk, laugh or sneeze without fear of insecure false tcetli dropping, slipping or wabbling. PAS- TEETH holds plates firmer and more comfortably. This pleasant powder has no gummy, j;ooey, pasty taste or feeling. Doesn't cause nausea. It's alkaline (non-acid). Checks "plate odor" (denture breath). Get FASTEETH at any drug slorc. Modern astronomers do not ook for new slars by gaifiiiH;, but. by studying photographs of llie heavens. COLD PREPARATIONS liquid—Tabtau —Sahr» —NOM Drop* Ham >otiiS*d miUioiu lor jtan. Thousands AJSOHTED HEAVIE5 CHICKS ^K O ;» _ Guarantee Heavy Breerfi 300 -$20. SO (Poiiliv«ly No leghorn) egg j j. <g s««io».v~.M.ntvOrii« ,nnX "cco'cn roic rxOMrr SHIPMENT lOOu - $oo.bU UVE MUViRlf GUARANTEED We p, y f ol ,<, 3 , ATLAS Dipt. ,K.\R St. Louis, Mo. TIME... To Have Your Clothes Restyled-Remodeled For Spring and Summer Wear Our staff of skilled seamstresses working in our own shop assures you the finest in tailoring. Bring in your garments tomorrow! For Better Cleaning— Quicker Service ... Ready in i Hours-Ti HUDSO CLEANER CLOTHIER TAILOR 320 West Main St. Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2612 Cash Buyers for Property! Did you ever notice that in my ads I not only jive you the DOWN PAYMENT on the property, but also Die exact amount you are to puy. You know the price before you consult me. A good way to adver- lise. List your properly with me. My commission is 5%. H. C. CAMPBELL Office: 120 S. 2nd SI. I'hones 446 or 2930 Gel as many as you wish But remember, you must enclose one ilaleil eihl and 25 cents for every two spoons you MAIL TO Kroner, Dox 1122. Cincinnati 1, Ohio. AND DATED END FROM BAG OF HOT-DATED SPOTLIGHT OR FRENCH BRAND COFFEE Foiger's Coffee Hurnko Shortening l-Lb. Crln. 19c Tenderon! Van Camp's 3 Pkgs. 25c etti C'try Club Dinner 25c Evap. Peaches l-Lb. Bag 36c Baby Lima Beans 2-Lb. Bus 24c Cigarettes All Popular Brands Crtn. 10-Pkgs. $1.79 Buy 2... Double your savings KRAUT No. 21/2 Size 14c SPINACH, Country Club No. 2 12c Palmolive Soap, Bath Size, 2 for 19c •$ Salmon, Swiftwater, No. 2!/2 Tin 27c I BROOMS, Red Bird Ea. 89c BAKED BEANS, Van Camp, 12 01. 9c Peas, School Day, Tiny, No. 2 can 16c Fruit Cake, C. C. .2V4 Lbs. 1.29 Y-8 COCKTAIL 18 oz. Can 15c HUMKO 4 Lb. Crtn. 75c Pork & Beans, Miss Saylor's, 1 3c Wright's Silver Cream Polish, jar 19c GRAPEFRUIT 10 1,1). SEED POTATOES Cert. CABBAGE PLANTS ,10 ONiON PLANTS .12 TOMATOES Firm. Slicing AQi Quality. T,h. fcV GRANGES Florida. S Mi. Mesh AVOCADOS For Salads Kach 15 APPLES Wincsnp it Delicious Vonnd Bl-:r,IN\INT, MARCH 2< KROC.KK STOKKt W1M. CT.OSi: KACH TIH'RSIIAY AT NOON FOR Till: Sl'MMKK MONTHS. SKIDOO CLEANER 3 For 25c MERRY WAR LYE 3 For 25c PUREX Yi Gal. Size 28c MILK, Country Club, Tall 4 For 35c CRACKERS, C.C. 1 Lb. Box 17c SYRUP, Brer Rabbit 16 oz. 15c CHILI, C. C., with beans* Con 18c Grapefruit Segments, CC, No. 2 24c Baby Foods, Gerber's Heinz, 3 foV 20c COCOA, Mother's, !/ 2 Lb. Box lOc Matches, Diamond Brand, 6 for 25c Bluing, Miss Peggy, 16 oz. bottle 9c LINK SAUSAGE ..Type 1 • • Pan iui SMOKE 18 CHILI Roll 30 PORK LIVER You ^L n-er 21 C WEINERS SIM'KK DEI.UXK I'ound H & H WHITING COD FILLETS 1'onnd 29 C OYSTERS Select. I'int OYSTERS FUKS-SHORK Standard. Pint

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