The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 2, 1996 · Page 39
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 39

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1996
Page 39
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THE'SAUNA J ,' NbV^MBER'2', 'I9t>6 If SATURDAY November 9 AFTERNOON 2:00 (5) Fire Rescue/Emergency Response TCM Movie ** "Apache Trail" (1942) Lloyd Nolan, Donna Reed. (2:00) TMC (2:15) Movie *** "Jefferson in Paris" (1995) Nick Nolle, Greta Scacchi. 'PG-13 1 (CC) (2:16) 2:30 O Cabin Country Q Hometime QBDdD College Football Regional Coverage — Teams to Be Announced. (B Audubon's Animal Adventures EB Moneyweek (CC) QD Fix-it SB Rifleman ID Movie *x "Pals of the Saddle" (1938) John Wayne, Ray Conrigan. (1:00) SB Tracey Ullman §B College Football Syracuse at Tulane. BD Auto Racing ARCA Supercar — Bondo/Mar-Hyde 500K. From Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton, Ga. (Taped) EB Next Step EE) Renovation Guide EB Legends of the Hidden Temple CD Burt Wolfs Gatherings & Celebrations QD Sewing With Nancy (5) College Football Notre Dame at Boston College. 3:00 B Texas Parks and Wildlife HQ1 (3D(27) Golf Skills Challenge. From Phoenix. (Taped) fllEirZHIO) College Football Notre Dame at Boston College. B Baywatch (CC) B Ghostwriter (CC) 13 Not So Rotten Ralph (CC) 00 (3:15) Movie *** "Eight Men Out" (1988) John Cusack, Charlie Sheen. (2:00) HI Movie **x "Little Giants" (1994) Rick Moranis, Ed O'Neill. 'PG' (1:45) 03 (3:05) Movie *** "Dick Tracy" (1990) Warren Beatty, Charlie Korsmo. 'PG'(CC) (1:50) 03 Inside Business BD Mission: Impossible S3 Frugal Gourmet Keeps the Feast BD High Chaparral EB Shadetree Mechanic EH Movie * "High Stakes" (1987) David Foley, Roberta Weiss. (2:00) E3 Women's College Volleyball Michigan State at Penn State. E0 Movie Trilogy of Terror II" (1996) Lysette Anthony, Geraint Wyn Davies. (2:00) EB Xena: Warrior Princess (CC) EQ Movie **x "Fugitive Among Us" (1992) Peter Strauss, Eric Roberts. (2:00) EB Beyond 2000 EE) Hometime IB Global G.U.T.S. ES American Justice EB Benson QD Marcia Adams' Kitchen (ID Quilting From the Heartland 3:30 B Inspiration of Painting Q Newton's Apple (CC) IB Movie ** "Parent Trap II" (1986) Hayley Mills, Tom Skerritt. (CC) (1:35) IB (3:45) Movie ** "The Break" (1995) Vincent Van Patten, Rae Dawn Chong.'PG-13' (1:44) QD Managing 03 Other Side of Racing QI Hollywood Report EB Shadetree Mechanic CD Scooby Dooby Doo EB Movie Magic EE) Hometime EB Ship to Shore GO World of Collector Cars OH Quilt In a Day 4:00 B Kansas Arts Today B Historic Kansas: Civil Air Patrol B Access Hollywood (CC) B Arthur (CC) d (4:15) Movie ***» "Gallipoli" (1981) Mel Gibson, Mark Lee. (2:00) QD Early Prime BD Fall Guy (CC) 03 Country Crossroads SIC Bonanza: The Lost Episodes ED Movie * * * The Long, Hot Summer" (1958) Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward. (2:00) EB Inside NASCAR ED Real Adventures of Jonny Quest EB Road to the NASCAR Championship: Atlanta EQ Hercules: The Legendary Journeys HD Management Today EB Great Balls of Fire — Burns and Explosions EE) Desert Triumph EB Land of the Lost EB America's Castles EB BET Shop ® Joy of Painting CD] Sewing Connection QD Praise-a-Thon TCM Movie *** "You're in the Army Now" (1941) Jimmy Durante, Jane Wyman. (1:20) 4:30 B Kansas Arts Today Q Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (CC) B Magic School Bus (CC) QD Evans & Novak (CC) EQ Southern Stage BD Senior PGA Golf Tour Championship — Third Round. From Myrtle Beach, S.C. (Same-day Tape) ED Taz-Mania (CC) QD Scan EB Ren & Stimpy (CC) CD Hometime QD Sew Creative TMC (4:35) Movie ***» The Usual Suspects" (1995) Stephen Baldwin, Gabriel Byrne.'R 1 (CC) (1:45) 5:00 B Kansas Arts Today Q Dr. Qulnn, Medicine Woman (CC) B Joseph Holmes Dance Theatre: Lunch Break at Blue Beacon B News(CC) B World of National Geographic (CC) ID News IB Avonlea (CC) 00) (5:15) Movie ** "White Water Summer" (1987) Kevin Bacon, Sean Astin. (1:45) ED Movie ** "Dutch" (1991) Ed O'Neill, Ethan Randall. 'PG-13' (1:47) Q3 Movie ** "Only You" (1994) Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey Jr. 'PG' (1:48) QD CNN Worldview (CC) BD A-Team 03 Highway EQ Hardcastle and McCormlck EB Racetalk SB To Be Announced ES Politically Incorrect ES College Football Big East Game EQ Movie ***"Darkman"(1990)Liam Neeson, Frances McDormand. (2:00) ED Flintstones EB WCW Saturday Night (CC) EQ Highlander: The Series EQ Movie "With Murder in Mind" (1992) Elizabeth Montgomery, Robert Foxworth. (2:00) QD How to Succeed in Business EB Discover Magazine EB Doug (CC) EQ Home Again O This Old House (CC) (D Victory Garden (CC) QD In the Prime (CC) TCM (5:20) Movie **» "What Next, Corporal Hargrove?" (1945) Robert Walker, Keenan Wynn. (1:40) 5:30 B Kansas Arts Today B IB CD(27) NBC Nightly News (CC) 03 Salute to the American Teacher {Q Movie *» "Empire Records" (1995) Anthony LaPaglia, Rory Cochrane. 'PG- 13'(CC) (1:40) 09 Pinnacle 03 Adventures of the Black Stallion CD Bugs Bunny, Bugs Bunny, Rahl Rah! Rahl EE) Strictly Business EB Rocko's Modern Life (CC) EQ Home Again CD This Old House (CC) QD Sunflower Journeys 6:00 B Kansas Arts Today BCJ IB (3(10) News B Home Improvement (CC) BB(5)News(CC) B Coronado School 6th Grade Mem- ories B Entertainment Tonight (CC) B Aerial Britain IB Simpsons (CC) IB (6:15) Movie ***x "Fat City" (1972) Stacy Keach, Jeff Bridges. (1:45) IB Movie ** Thumbelina" (1994) Voices of Jodi Benson, Carol Channing. 'G' (CC) (1:34) 03 Capital Gang BD College Football 03 Our House ES Super Bloopers & New Practical Jokes ED Movie *** "Sudden Fear" (1952) Joan Crawford, Jack Palance. (2:00) EB Talent Roundup EQ Week in Rock EB College Football Texas at Texas Tech. EE) College Football Scoreboard ED In the Heat of the Night (CC) EQ Family Matters (CC) EE) Weekly Business EB Arson: Clues in the Ashes EE) How'd They Do That? EB Aaahhll! Real Monsters (CC) EQ Mysteries of the Bible CD Step by Step (CC) SOD Lawrence Welk Show QD Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (27) Baywatch (CC) TMC (6:20) Movie **» "Judge Dredd" (1995) Sylvester Stallone, Armand Assante.'R'(CC) (1:36) 6:30 B Kansas Arts Today B Siskel & Ebert B Mad About You (CC) B Kansas Teacher of the Year B Inside Edition Weekend (CC) IB Chiefs Update BCD Andy Griffith IB Simpsons (CC) 09 Inside Politics Weekend EQ Real World (CC) BD College Football Southeastern Conference Game — Teams TBA. EQ Illinois Instant Riches EE) Tim Russert EB Rugrats (CC) GO Seinfeld (CC) (5)(10) Wheel of Fortune (CC) TUNE IN TOMORROW ALL MY CHILDREN Continuing Skye, Janet and Erica's plot to scare Marian to death, Janet carried a crowbar (like the one she killed Will Cortland with), and appeared to Marian dressed as the Grim Reaper. Janet panicked when Timmy's dog carried Jonathan's wallet into Trevor's house. Noah, Belinda and Jack learned Rose is married to Grady, who is a hit man. Grady told his boss he will kill Belinda and Noah, who knows Grady was ordered to kill Rose, if they get in his way. Shots were fired when Grady went to the Pine Cone Motel where Belinda hid Rose. Adam realized Brooke was jealous when she said his affair with Liza did not bother her, but might bother the children. Tad and Gloria shared a kiss after helping Jamie and Junior celebrate Halloween. Edmund and Maria reluctantly welcomed Dimitri and Erica back. Skye still has not spilled the beans about Maria and Dimitri's one-night-stand. ANOTHER WORLD Vicky and Bobby got to know each other while stranded after his truck broke down. Jake was jealous when he found Vicky and Bobby sleeping in the bed of the truck. After more paranormal-like activity, the lights went out in Vicky's home during her Halloween party. In the attic, Kirkland spoke with Ryan's ghost. Josie was upset that she pointed her gun at Gary, who surprised her. Grant fumed when Carl accused him in public, and in front of Shartene, of killing his own brother. Carl brandished a dagger at Grant, who crashed the Halloween party. At the Halloween party, Sofia kissed Nick when she thought he was Matt. Maggie proposed to Rafael after learning she can get her trust fund now if she marries. Anxious to get his hands on Maggie's money, Rafael agreed to marry her, then fumed when she said he would have to sign a pre-nuptial agreement. Cindy fantasized romance with Gabe, who was on a date with Loma. Soap opera summaries for Oct. 28-Nov. 1 • By Nancy Reichardt, United Feature Syndicate SOAP SCENE • Call COMMUNITY llnaRH5g'rP»?»T»1CateaQrv 7627 AS THE WORLD TURNS Noticing that Jones and Mark were wearing wedding rings, Connor did not tell Mark that she loves him. Connor later cried on Kirk's shoulder over Mark's marriage to Jones. After announcing his marriage, Mark told Mike that his split with Connor had nothing to do with his quickie wedding. Just as Barbara suspected, Martin admitted that he lied he was not a pilot when his plane, carrying him and Lisa, crashed, in order to restore Lisa's faith in men. Barbara and John plotted against Martin, who lied to Lisa that he was mugged by teens when, in reality, members of the Chinese cartel beat him up. Mike saw Diego (Umberto) talking to a mystery woman at the site of Umberto's "death." Lily went to the crash site to check our her suspicion that Umberto (Diego) may still be alive. Diego (Umberto) was torn about rescuing Lily when a tree limb fell on her at the crash site. The judge put Ryder under house arrest after Dani botched her testimony at his hearing. THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL At the Forrester showing of Grant's designs for men, Brooke stunned everyone by proposing to Grant. Grant accepted Brooke's proposal after recalling her request that he go along with whatever she did. Realizing Brooke was trying to teach him a lesson, Ridge told her he is still marrying Taylor. Taylor later told Ridge , that he can opt out of his marriage proposal if he wants to. Maggie and Dylan said good-bye to Jessica, who said she was going to visit her father and then attend school in London. Mike abducted Maggie after Sheila nearly strangled her because she ordered Sheila to stay away from James. THE CITY Nick went into cardiac arrest following his liver transplant surgery, but he and Lorraine later celebrated his recovery. Nick became upset when he learned someone else had been bumped from the list of liver transplant recipients in order for him to receive a liver. Danny and Ally made the best of the situation after Carla trapped them in the dark room together. Tony was uneasy when he later noted the closeness between Ally and Danny. Carla agreed to divorce Tony in a year as long as he acts like a husband until then. Carla interrupted when Tracy turned on the charm with Gino, but Carla is only interested in his money. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Sami provoked a catfight with Carrie at the ski lodge where Carrie and Austin had planned to spend a romantic night together. Sami wrecked the room and cut her own face, then had Carrie arrested on an assault charge. Mickey got Carrie out of jail, but Sami had her arrested again for violating a restraining order to stay away from Sami and Will. Jack, who is worried that Jennifer might reconcile with Peter, was as shocked as Peter when Jennifer handed Peter divorce papers. Kristen is worried that John will tell Marlena that he and Kristen are planning to elope. Sexual tension between Marlena and John was broken by Kristen when she screamed while having a nightmare about losing her baby and John. Marlena confronted Kristen after learning she did not keep a recent appointment with a doctor. Franco was pleased when Bo and Hope argued over her demand that Bo resolve his lingering feelings for Billie. A mystery man has been following Wendy. GENERAL HOSPITAL Luke planted pills on Nikolas as part of a plot to get him deported, but fumed when Bobbie told police she borrowed Nikolas' coat, and left pills for her patients in the pocket. Stefan was pleased that Laura publicly accused Luke of trying to frame Nikolas, and then aired their dirty laundry in public. After arguing with Bobbie, Luke packed a bag and told Laura he would be staying at his club. Jax's father, John, warned him not to tell Brenda about his mystery past. John warned Sonny to stop digging into Jax's past, then sent a thug, who failed to beat him up. Mac told Felicia that he wants to go back to private eye work. Katherine fantasized about marrying Mac, but is worried that her image will be ruined if he resigns as police commissioner. Gail knows that Kevin faked his breakdown. Alexis and Dara worked to get Kevin released from jail. GUIDING LIGHT Annie returned to Springfield after Phillip helped her get through withdrawal symptoms at the Bauer cabin. Annie struggled for control when she got home and found Josh and Reva in a happy family scene. Reva told Josh he has to do what is right for Annie. Worried that Rick will reveal the paternity of her twins, Blake reminded Rick that Abigail would be devastated if she learned Rick had slept with Blake. To keep Hart and Dinah apart, an invalid Roger moved in with Hart. Holly was shaken when Marina asked Eleni what was wrong with Meg, who has Downs syndrome. J gloated Michelle turned to him when she thought something was going on between Zachary and Lucy. Matt rejected Nola's help in dealing with Vanessa's death. ONE LIFE TO LIVE Dylan told a surprised Marty that he got a quickie divorce. Patrick was pleased when Marty told him the news about Dylan's divorce. Patrick and Marty stole the book of Irish Airs from a man, Grant, who bought it then refused to sell the book to them. Worried that Cassie would be harmed, Dorian tried, but failed, to help Elliot meet secretly with Viki to deprogram her from killing Kevin. Carlo lured Viki and Kevin to the Waterside Inn, and left a loaded gun for Viki. After Kevin got Cassie and Dorian out of the room, he and Viki struggled over the gun, which went off. After Antonio warned Bo that Carlo's plot against Viki was a go, Bo failed to get Elliot to confess his role in the scheme. Carlo lied to Alex that he would give her a second chance, then told Antonio he plans to get revenge against him. Todd taunted Carlo about Alex's faked pregnancy when Carlo asked him to stop printing dirt about him in The Sun. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Jack insisted on a celebratory dinner in Diane's hotel room after she accepted a job in Genoa City. Diane insisted she does not want a relationship with Jack, who insisted just as strongly that he is a changed man from the one who dumped on her years ago. Dru did not tell Neil that she changed her mind and signed a modeling contract with Ty and Tate, even though Silva had reservations about the contract. Holding the button down on the phone, Kurt pretended to call the police and have them check out his background to prove to Kay arid Esther that he is not a wanted man. Victor flew Betty, Hope and Victor Jr. to Genoa City after Betty told him she was worried about a depressed Hope. John urged Ashley to forget about Victor and their past romance, while Victor asked her to befriend Hope. Nina admitted to Chris that she was devastated when Cole admitted he had recently slept with Vlcki.

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