Argus-Leader from Sioux Falls, South Dakota on October 14, 1909 · Page 3
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Argus-Leader from Sioux Falls, South Dakota · Page 3

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 14, 1909
Page 3
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THURSDAY. OCTOBER 14, 19C9 TUB DAILY ARGDS-LK ADKf?, SIOUX. FALLS SOUTH DAKOTA; MADISON AND SIOUX FALLS I33 Kinds There are just 1 33 commercial varieties ' ot coffee grown. Some are extra fine, some good, some poor and some very bad. Which grade do you use? You want the best, but do you get it? The surest way to obtain a coffee of extra high grade is to ask for . of Goffoo Last Tear's Uvals Will Keel on the Gridiron Again This Year ca Cclobsr 23 mm Tested by Taste. ; . lay 25 cenlt at grocer. ( TONE BROS., Des Moines, Iowa. Milltrt of (A famout Tont Bra. Spice. DR. G. R. LA,IG DENTIST 1 Successor to Will Lilllbridga 207 Minnehaha bldg. -. ifty (Uriel McKinney & Allen, fire insurance and ... loans. '.' . . - .. . . ..... - .. . . ' -.- Wanted Doy with a pony, to carry a route on the east side. Apply at the circulation department of this newspaper. A marriage license was issued Wednesday afternoon to J. H. Wilson and Miss Mabel Hartwick, both of Sioux falls.: In a football game Wednesday afternoon between the Lowells Jr., and the Lincoln team, the former was victorious by a score of 22 to 0. A petition was filed in the probate court Wednesday, asking for letters of administration in the estate of Minnie Buls, deoeased, late of Wellington township. : . - i i . ; i. P. I. Cummins, 'rainc manager of the South Dakota Central Railroad company, who has been transacting business at Sioux City, has returned to Sioux Falls. . See the great time and coal saves. the Majestic range in operation at tne ' Maxwell Hardware company all this week. Mr. -and Mrs. Oscar Granflaten have lAjtally adopted the two-yiir-old daughter of George Cuttis. The ' pa-; iprs in the transactiin were signed Wednesday afternoon. Barnett's Laundry. Phone 50. Mrs. W. D. Greatorex and son departed for Riverside, Cal.; where they will spend the winter with the parents of Mrs. Greatorex,'' Mr. and Mrs. Norton, formerly of Hartford. W. R. Ronald, who, for nearly two years has been managing editor of the morning paper, it is reported has pur chased the Mitchell Daily Republican. Mr. 'Ronald is to take charge of the, . Republican Nov. l. ; There has been a change In the time of the suffragists' meiting, which Is to be held at the home of Mrs. Linnie B. McCrossan. The original plan was to hold the meeting in the evening, but a change has been made and the meeting will be held at 2:30 in the afternoon. The, prevailing opinion is tlytt the football game, Friday afternoon between the high school eleven and the Pipestone Indians v. ill be the best so Order Your and COKE of UP J LUMBER GO. M. E. PALMER; Manager . 222 N. Main Phone 344 "IT PAYS TO PLAY FAIR" We are the deadly enemy of SPOTS We annihilate them quickly and effectually SIOUX FALLS DYE W03K3, A. SAMELS 117 So. Main Ave. C 0 ft L . It is a famous blend of high grade " Old Crop" Coffees. Rich in the aromatic oils that produce the delightful bouquet, the exquisite flavor so much desired. OLD GOLDEN COFFEE is selected from -' dozens of samples of the best coffees. Each lot is "tested by taste" to secure uniformity. The blending is accurate the roasting "just right.'7 and Try a pound of Old Golden. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Thompson Voice 1 Piano Specialists . Entire 3d floor over Cadwell's . - music store far played. The Indians are not only heavier than the looal team, but they have a number of trick plays that they work in when least expected. uney r.ave an old Carlisle football player and Carlisle was always noted for something unlooksd for. The local team fears the Indians more than any team they have so far met. The game Is played this week on Friday instead of Saturday, to give the business men of the city an opportunity to witness the game. The game will be called at 3:30. ,. . Dr. Field, the dentist Much to the gratification of those who come Into the "city from the west and who have to use the Wlllowdale road, the -Twelfth street viaduct, which has been closed for the past two months, is once more thrown open to travel. The Omaha road has put In a new wooden structure. See the great Malestic in operation at the Maxwell Hardware company. It bakes biscuits in Ave minutes. Charles LInd.iari ' inld resfdent of Sioux Falls, whose health. , has , been none too good for a number -of years, with his family, departed for the Pacific coast. The Llnd family expects to take up its residence at Los Angeles. - ' Wanted At once. Messenger boys. Our boys make from $20 to x.HO a month with opportunity to learn telegraphy. Operators are in grent demand. Apply Western Union Telegraph company. Will Florell of Brandon," leaves Fri day for Luverne.'to undergo an .operation for appendicitis, t He will be. ac companied by a ValJ.:y .SpningsS physician. ; . , . - j t . -Rev. A. C. Shepherd, presiding elder of- the Sioux Fails district . of the Methodist church, has gone over to Mitchell for a short visit witti his parents. George E. Hill , nd J. A. Redfleld, well known Sioux Falls traveling men were registered at the Portland at Yanktcn Wednesday evening. Superintendent of Schools- W. M. Malr is out in the. country this week visiting schools in the neghborhood of Valley Springs. Don't miss the big chicken pie dinner and supper at Catholic Ladies' Sample sale In the Auditorium on Thursday; 25 cents. - ... The Royal club wlU be entertained Friday afternoon by -Mrs. Charles Arndt, at 801 Seventh street west. Lost A diamond ring between Eighth and Tenth street. Reward of $100 if 'returned to this office. Mr. and Mrs. James Bryson are home from a two weeks' Visit at different points in Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Wlliam Greatorex of Hartford, were county seat visitors. Give the Fretful A ""'" Indian Cora.s,u. . ". rosturn CereST h V . Pkgs. 10c and 15c. The Memory Lingers' POSTUM CEREAL CO., Pipestone Indians III Gome to Sioux Falls for a Game Friday .fternoon The Madison and Sioux Falls high school team will meet this season after all. A contract has been entered Into whereby the Sioux Falls boys will go to Madison and meet the gladiators of that placs on Saturday, October 23, Sioux Falls was willing to give Madl son this date from the very outset, but inasmuch as Madison played in Sioux Falls last Thanksgiving da the Madi son management held out for Sioux Falls to play the Thanksgiving day game this year in'that city. -This Sioux Falls refusid to Jo and explain ing that it had always played at home on Thanksgiving day and the practice had become a sort of unwritten Jaw This made no difference to Madison. they insisted upon the Thanksgiving day game at Madison or non Under these conditions Sioux Falls was fore ed to drop negotiations for a Madison game. Hwever, Madison has slnco made, ar rangements for a Thanksgiving dfy game with Mitchell and not being able to get any other team for October 23 fell back on Sioux Falls. rne two teams played two games last year, each winning one. It is un derstood that Madison has practically the last year team intact for this year. and Is playing fast bail. . On the other nana tnis years Sioux Falls team ib almost entirely of new material, but the team is playing fast ball, and they have been anxious from the very out set for a game with Madison. The rivalry between the. two teams is strong and if the proper railroad arrangements can be made Sioux Falls will send a large bunch of rooters to Madison to watch the game. Pipestone vs. Soiux Falls. If the present weather prevails on Friday there will most likely be a large crowd, out to watch the football game between the local high school eleven and the Pipestone Indian team. The game has been fixed for Frllay afternoon, this week, for, the accommodation of the business men who claim that Saturday is too busy a day for them to get out. The Indians are playing good football. The have had tne uenent of an old Carlisle coach for the past six weeks "m l it is under stood that he has drilled them on f number of trick plays. , The Indians pulled off one of these play? an thfr Luverne team recently an-1 got. away with it. The red men will stand. watching any time thy huto po?us.- slon of the tall. The Indians are a trifle heavier than the Sioux Kails boys. but the locals are playitix fast team and they do-not fear tha Pipestone. braves. The game will be started at 3:30. which will give ample time tor all to get over and see the contesv POTATOES I OUGHT AND SOLO If you wan! to buy or sell a ear load of potatoes, write H. C. Newell & Co., Sioux Falls, S. D. Watering Down Drinks.. The American cocktail ta an abominably unscientific drink, for the plain and principal reason that the alcohol in it goes to the stomach In toe con-centrated a form. Strongest sherry, 23 per cent, alcohol, is about as far as the boldest stomach should ever venture in. the way of strong stuff. Brandy and whisky should be grogged, that Is watered down until it is about a sherry strength, even ciucb. weaker. Whisky is about SO per cent, alcohol and Bliould have at least three or four times its quantity of water mixed with it. N. Y. Sun. Polychrome Statue of Joan. During the recent Joan of Arc fetee at Rhelms a polychrome statue of the French heroine was erected in the cathedral. This statue is a composition of silvered bronze. Ivory, marble and precious stones, and is the work of P. d'Kplnay. :" Youngster bowl of Post Toasties and cream, and restore good nature. A delightfully crisp, golden-brown food with a charming flavour that wins old and young. LTD., BATTLE CREEK, MICH. ' THE SONS . OF: THE SOIL V They think deeply and decide definitely. ' wW They know Beer i a Nature beverage. h lii Palatable, Satisfying, Healthful fflly -SJ jUfl , Their fathers knew its value. U - Their sturdy families prove its Vilr frj "I l 1 ; healthfulness. flW DI71E70 t "' A V C. W. ANDERSON They can afford the best. fJ STZf JJHILK iSS jS 1 ' . M jr. Sioux Falls You find 'm their nome Q f v S k Tei.Son.11 n! 661 THEO. HAMM BREWING CO., St. Paul, Minn. SOUTH DAKOTA BAPTISTS MEET Conveotton Opens at Mllcbsll for five Dajs Sesslcn-F.eporl ol lecreiary . Shows the Church in Tbls S afe :o bj In a rrospcrcusj Co jdltio i and Growing. - : . r -( - . V. C. King, of Siouji i. secretary of the South Dakota Baptist conven tion has prepared an txhauBlive re port to be read before' tne convention-at its session at Mitchell, this. week. The convention continues from the thirteenth to the seventeenth and early reports show, a large attendance. . In his report Secretary Kng tells of new churches organiztf :in -Beaver, in Minsr county, Mobridge, LeBeau, Rose-Hili, ', jviulntosh, sJtosette - Sunnyside, Oarlock, Lbdge Pole..- Colome. Lamro, Oelrlch, White Owl Gettysburg and in Lemmon. The report says in part Seven buildings have been complet ed and of these dedicated, name ly, at Farmingdale, Owanka and Lu cas. Four are completed and will soon be dedicated, namely, Florence, Le Beau, Mcintosh and the Swedish at Lake Norden. Four churches have buildings in process of construction, viz: the First Sioux Falls of Aber deen, of Carlock, and ;f C lonic. Tha American Baptist Homo Mission . . , - Society. This society "has respond?4 to our pressing needs in a gratifying manner. The appeal made by tha bnnrJ at rt3 meeting m Pierre for an additional 2,. 000- to our aproprlations, wai heard and answered favorably, flm by ad- aing fi.iiov for the Jirst six moiU'is, and again, when tin bu'itf-:t .-ainialn resulted in victory, by adin.t . SiOO April. 1st for one year. in view of the great Increase -ill appropriations made necessary by the ueveiopment of new the ooari or the home missions society took un aer aovisement an sniieil frun the executive committee of your board. and made an additional ippropriatlon of Ji50 on conditions that we raise like amount, for six months .from October 1st to April 1st, 1910, with the understanding that a continuation of this must be reconsidered at that lime. it. will thus appear that our actual appropriation for the coming var stands- as follows: ' 18.500 on condi tion that we. are to raise ,6D0. It Will thus be seen that our ereat home mission society is operating with us In our rfforts to meet the crisis that confronts us, In a large way, and our churches should annre- clate the respond accordingly. Missionary Activity It Is gratifying to be able to 'report very evident awakenlne at the ml. lonary spirit This is seen in Inrri-noxl nffpr. ings for al missionary work. For the Am. a. t: m. society: this was 19 1-2 per cent. The increase to the home mission society is 'peculiarly gratifying, reaching 100 Derleent. W hnn our churches exceed ihis the coming year, in view of the grand interest this society Is takinir in mr hpim nn the Increase In interest in the state convention, and the fact that our gifts this year from all sources total 7,-613.26 is a most gratifying fact. Some comparisons will emphasize the growth in the missionary sulrjt. For instanct from October 1907. it,.; October i(ik. the receipts to the general fund were 11,024.84; while front October 1st, 1908, to the present time sthey were S4.333.-61. showing a gain cf $3,308.67, or 332 percent. The receipts for the forward movement fund fort List year were 757.18, while for tills year they aggregate $2,963.18, shawfng a gain of $2,196.66 or 303 per etnjt. The gains from all sources last year were $2,-072.61, while for this year we reached the noble sum of $7,613.26, showing a gain of $5,640.65, or 272 per cent. The Baptist churches of South' Dakota hear. and are responding to the call of the hour grandly and will do better in the future. , ' This response has enabled us to enter more new fields than ever before. During the whole year Brother J. H. Davis has been in the field as state evangelist, and wrought with untiring fidelity, and effectiveness. Rev. J. 8. Kinsey was called December 1st and as pastor-at-large has worked with marvelous force and effectiveness. Dur.' ing the summer -three adltlondal men were employed. Brother H. F. MeDon. aid has dona most gratifying work ia the northern Dakota association. Rev, M. A. Halncr worked In the central and Rosebud association, while Brother J. F, Blodgett has done effective work ln the 'Black Hills association. The results recorded below show the wisdom of: pushing this aggressive tent campaign. . . The following statement Is from the treasurer's report: . - Receipts general fund, 1907-08, October 1st, $1,024.84. . . Receipts general fund, 1908-09, October 1st, $4,333.51. ' . Showing ' a gain of $3,308.67 or of 322 per cent. Receipts forward movement 'fund, 1907- 08, $757.18. - Receipts forward movement fund, 1908- 09, $2,953.18. Showing a gain of S2.1&6.66 or of 303 per cent. R ceipts from all sources, 1907-08, $2,072.61. Receipts from all sources .1908-09. $7,613.26. , Showing a gain of 15,640.65 or of 272 per cent. feaill Esftai Sates The following real estate transfers ware filed for record in the olrloc of the' register of deeds. . Furnished by D. B. Getty, abstractor. October 13, 1S09 -Theresa Miller to Charles W. Miller, Undivided half West half northwest quarter and northeast quarter south west quarter"22-101-51; $1. H. O. Bright to John Holversen, lot 7. block 12. University addition to Sioux Falls; $31.60. - - I S. Hetland and wife to John K. Bonner, lots 1 to 4, block 16, Valley Springe; $500. ;', Anna Scott and husband to Iver I. Oyen, ner truant Quarter 23 and east half southwest quarter 14-103-60; $17,782.50. . '.. . J. H. Fernyhough, et al., to Rlsle D. Wright, lots 13 to 18, block 6. Law. ier's addition to Sioux Falls; $1. $15.05 to Milwaukee, Wis, and Return Via C, M. A St. P. Ry. From Sioux Falls, October 14th to 20th inclusive. Limited for return to reach Sioux Falls not later than Oc tober 26. Account National Dairy Show. Leave Sioux Falls dally at 12:55 p. m. Arrive at Milwaukee, 7:10 a. m. Sleeping car accommodations afforded. B. O. SEARLR, Agent EARLEY KAN TED Farmers should get our bids before selling tnelr barley. We rexiulr large quantity and are paying highest prices. Sioux Falls Brewing & Malting Co. Moving Picture Causes Divorca. A Seattle man attended a moving-picture show where a series of nlc. tures showed "San Francisco at Fleet Time." In the picture he saw bis wife with another man. She bad been sup posed to De -visiting in Spokane at the time. Suit for divorce followed. Be sides being always prepared for death, people these days have to also be pre- parea lor tne snapshot, RESOLUTION. Be It resolved by the Board of Commissioners of the Cltv of Sioux Fniia. niiuiii uaKOia. , Section 1. That It is necessary to uuiisiruci cement euro and gutter on oom sioes .or Minnesota avenue be tween Tenth street and Eleventh street, in the City of Sioux Falls, South uaKoia. Section 2. That the cost and ex pense of curbing and guttering saia Minnesota avenue fronting on me - iois . ana parcels of ground abutting or abounding upon the same, be levied by special assessment, linnn said lots or parcels of ground abutting upon me same, in proportion to the number of front feet so abutting. Section 3. That this resolution h published for four consecutive weeks once in each week, in the Dally Argus-Leader, the official newspaper of the wiiy oi bioux rails. . Adopted October 6, 1909. . GEO. W, BURNSIDE, Mayor. Countersigned: LEWIS LARSON, (Seal.) City Auditor. , Oct. 7-14-21-28. RESOLUTION. Be It resolved by the Board of Commissioners of the City of Sioux Falls, South Dakota: I. That It la necessary to construct cement curb and gutter on both sides of Dakota avenue between Fourth street and Fifth street in the City of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. II. That the cost and expenses of Curbing and guttering Dakota avenue fronting on tha lota and parcels of ground abutting or abounding upon the same, be levied by special assessment, upon said lots or parcels of ground abutting upon the same, in proportion to the number of front feet so abutting. ILL That this resolution be publish- ed for four consecutive weeks, once In each week, ln the-Dally Argus-Leader, the official newspaper of the City of Sioux Falls. AdoU.'i October R, 1909. GEO. W. BURNSIDE, Mayor. Countersigned: (Seal.) LEWIS LARSON. City Auditor. Oct. 7-14-21-28. NOTICE TO SHOW CAUSE WHY THE ACTION OF THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS IN ESTABLISHING CERTAIN SEWERAGE DISTF.ST8 SHOULD NOT BE RESCINDED, AND A NEW DISTRICT BE ESTABLISHED. Be It 'resolved by the board of commissioners of the city of Sioux - Falls: .: Whereas, It is deemed by the board of commlssolnera of the city of Sioux Falls for the best interests of all the property owners In that portion of the city lying within -what hasbflerri heretofore deslgnstoti as wtitfi I Sewerage district, and In that -portion of the city designated as the Central Sewerage district, that the action of the board of commissioners of the city of Sioux Falls, heretofore taken in the matter of the estr.ll:hing and deslg I nalin. Ji Western Ka-sir ,11trl,. and the establishing of the boundaries thereof, and the ma'ter of establish ing and designating t'le Central Sewerage district, and defining the boundaries thereof, be reconsidered and rescinded, and that the board of Are sold exclusively in Sioux falls AT UUXBAURTS IT'S EITHER BETTER OR COSTS LESS Make your selections from the largest stock of NEW goods in the state commissioners redls'rict that portion of the city of Sioux Falls embraced within the two sewerage districts as now established and defined. And, Whereas, a great number of people have requested that tne two districts be re-districted and made one sewerage dirtrlet. Therefore, Be It resolved by the board of commissioners of the city of Sioux Falls, that Tuesday, the 19th day of October, 1909, at the hour of ten o'clock, on that day, at the commissioner's .rooms in the auditorium In the city of Sioux Falls be set as the time and place where the board of commissioners will reconsider said, matter. Be it further resolved that all persons, property owners and electors residing within said sewerage district as heretofot established, be and appear before said board of commission-, era, at said time and place to show cause, -if any they have, why the board of commissioners of the city of Sioux Falls, should not rescind the resolutions heretofore adopted designating and establishing the said sew- . erage districts as af iresaid. and the boundaries thereof, and to show cause If anv they have, vhy the board of commissioners of the city of Sioux Falls sl'ould not re-distrlct that portion of the city of Sioux Falls embraced in the two sewei-age districts aa aforesaid and deslgnu'e the same as one sewerage district and . establiBl) the boundaries thereof. Adopted October 12. 1909. CIT1T OF SIOUX FALLS, " BY GEO. W. BURNSIDE, -! Mayor, Countersigned. fSeaT.) LEWIS LARSON; " r City Auditor. "'' . Oct. 13-14-15. """"

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