Argus-Leader from Sioux Falls, South Dakota on August 18, 1910 · Page 3
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Argus-Leader from Sioux Falls, South Dakota · Page 3

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 18, 1910
Page 3
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 18, 191. THE DAILY ABQU3.'LISADEg: SIOUX FALTA' SOUTH DAICOTA j At Home I ai Ahmad Ul riui vuu New State 8391. - N. W. 180-R. SIOUX TALLS DYE WORKS A. SAM ELS, PROP, 117 SOUTH MAIN AVENUE. ' Call us up for information. Goods called for and delivered. Mail and Express Orders Solicited. ALL SAINTS SCHOOL, South Dakota's only school exclusively for girls. Beautifully and healthfully located. Faculty, graduates of leading colleges. Physical Culture, Music, Art, Domestic Science combines the bet educational advantages with the refining influence of a Christian home. Rt Rev. F. F. Johnson, D. D, Miss Helen S. Peabody, President. Principal. For catalogue address ALL SAINTS SCHOOL Sioux Falls, S. D. CHAMBERLAIN, SOUTH DAKOTA A Boarding and Day School for young men and boys. Ideally located along the banks of the Missouri river with 100 acres of campus and the finest facilities for Indoor and outdoor- amusements. Compe-. tent College Graduate Professors. Excellent discipline and thorough moral training. Complete courses in the Collegiate, Academic and Commercial Departments. Board and tuition (250.00 a year. Private rooms at moderate prices. FALL TERM OPENS SEPT. 7TH Write for Information to the President ' 1 2Ji Very Rev. W. J. Surprenant, C. S. V., Chamberlain, S. D. DR. G. R. LANNING DENTIST Successor to Will Lllllbridge 107 Minnehaha bldg. , , DRS. STEVENS & KESSA Physicians and Surgeons Electrical and X-Ray Equipment ' in Connection 203-4-5 Smith Blk. Both Phones The West Cafe 207 NORTH MAIN AVE. Those two back, tables that we set family style are making a great hit. Meals 20 cents and up. Open AH Night City Uriels If you are going away and want some one to look after your property, 'phone McKinncy & Allen. Toung man wants board in private family; state price, etc. Address 100, care Argus-Leader. Good positions for students of the Sioux Falls Business College, Sioux Falls, S. D. Write for catalogue and r free tuition offer. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Wolcott of Kansas City arrived in Sioux Falls in ': their White Steamer, and will be the I guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Vaye for a few days. , Any of our patrons having a case of , our empty bottles will confer a favor i by telephoning their name and address to Sioux Falls Brewing & Malting Co. City Auditor Lewis Larson, accompanied by his family, departed for the home of his parents In Yankton county where he will spend his vacation. He expects to devote a good share of his vacation fish in the James river which runs near the old home. The W. R. C. held one of their attractive suppers at Joe Hooker post headquarters Wednesday evening. At the close of the supper which was well 7 I I L" 1 Take our advice and place your order now and be prepared for the cold weather. We handle the best grades in both hard and soft coal. Phone us Your Order TODAY Office phone 109. Yard phone 848. SIOUX FALLS FUEL CO. Basement Y. M. C. A. Block. , 180 MODERN ROOMS Located in Heart of BiuineM District ATI. i . SI. 09 TO Sl.OS I ,.-. CVSSV ROOM HS HOT ADO COLD aUNMIHO SMTtft, ITua HIT. CA( UD CICCTMIC 1IOHT., SORCIUMM LAVATORY, FAROUtT riOOR. AND TCLC-HONC SIRVICC TO WWI MO CITT. ALL BATH ROOMS ARC riNI.HKD IN WHITC Till WITH OPtH MICKIL IATIO PLUMBING. SCVCM-STORV StSS-RROO ANNEX NOW COMRLCTCO. MINNCAPOLIli Tour clothes mark your station. That does not necessarily mean new clothes, but the , appearance of your olJ .Ons. Byour Own SpacialProcess of tty Cleaning we can make your old clothe do the service of new ones, and your appearance will - be irreproachable. .Try us. .. ; ; u , SIOUX FALLS, SO. DAK. patronized, W. H. Lyon, one of the proprietors of the Majestic theater, who with Mrs. Lyon partook of the supper, Invited all present to be a guest of his at the last performance at the Majestic. About a score took advantage of the Invitation and enjoyed the vaudeville performance. Barrett's Laundry. Phone E0. In speaking of the proposed run of the Minneapolis Tribune Automobile reliability tour from, Minneapolis to Aberdeen and return the Aberdeen American has the following: : "That Aberdeen is out to surpass Sioux Falls in feting the Minneapolis tourists during their stay here from Saturday night on October 1 to the following Monday is certain. Tours from Mitchell, Redfield and one or two other cities, bringing, more' than 806 automobiles, are being projected. It is planned to have a huge automobile pageant on the Saturday night following the arrival of the tourists and to have these decorated with the fruit of the fall harvest." Have Shipley do your washing It'a phone i. State's Attorney George Danforth, has commenced an action against the estate of the late Anna C. Phillips for J1.S31.20. Miss Phillips was for a number of years prior to her death an inmate of the state asylum for the insane and her keeping was paid for by the county. It is claimed that the late Miss Phillips has as her share of her father's estate something like $8,-000 and State's Attorney : Danforth proposes to have the estate pay the county if he can do so. For Sale Household furniture. Inquire 406 West Klghth street Ground was broken Wednesday for the McKennan hospital. Miss O'Gor-man, niece of Bishop O'Gorman, on invitation of the hospital trustees removed the first shovel of dirt in the excavation. Thomas H. Brown, one of the hospital trustees is home from an eastern trip, during which he inspected many of the most up-to-date hospitals and he thinks that Sioux Falls will have an institution, which while not as large will be as modern as any in the country. The Metropolitan club will hold a dancing party at Elk Temple Friday evening. Miss Annie Pedderson of Huron, who has been the guest of the Gul-lickaon sisters In this city for the past ten days departed for her home by the way of Gayville and Yankton, where she will visit several days. The Hardlmon Dray Line moves household goods. Both phones. Mrs. H. C. Bright Wednesday afternoon entertained a limited number of lady friends fn honor of Mrs. Jonah Jones of Long Beach, Cal., who is in the city visiting with relatives and friends. Acorn furnace best in the west. See J. S. Nelson for tin and furnace work, 204 North Phillips avenue. A Watertown special to the Argus-Leader reads as follows: "An echo of the bitter Jlght for the department commandershlp during the annual encampment. South Dakota G. A. R, Stites' Benzocream A preventative and cure for that rough, chapped, dry and scaly skin so prevalent in this climate. A specifio for cracked hands and sore lips. A perfect remedy for sunburn and tan. A delightful and cooling application to the face after shaving, it quickly removes pimples, blackheads and other unsightly blemishes. Its continued use will produce that clear, velvety softness of the skin so much desired by everyone. - . Manufactured by 10. STITES, PHARMACIST Peck Block LIME PLASTER Wood libera specialty wholesale and retail Phone 344 LOONAN LUMBER CO. M. E. PALMER, Manager 122 K. Main ' Phone 14 "IT PAYS TO PLAY FAIR". held in this city, came out today when Commander N. H. Kingman of Selby Issued a general order exonerating his opponent. Col. Thomas H. Brown of Sioux Falls, of charges made In the heat of the campaign. , It was rumored here that Colonel Brown deserted his regiment during the war. A commit tee made a thorough investigation of the records, and reported to the commander that there was no basis whatever for the story." .. '' 4 'r The ladies of the Presbyterian church will serve ice cream or coffee and cake, on Mrs. Look's lawn, corner of Summit avenue and Eighth street this evening. Mrs. A, L. Butler has returned from Chester, where she spent several days with Mr. Butler who is In business in that city. William Tate wholesale wine and liquor merchant. Family trade a specialty. ' : - EXHiMMFAIR Where Farmers of the County Can Leave Samples Which Will be , Gathered Up Later Farmers of Minnehaha county who have grain, grasses or vegetables which they believe would make the Minnehaha county display at the state fair more attractive are requested to furnish the same. The Sioux Falls Commeeclal club has undertaken ' the task of gathering a suitable .display and as the farmers are the ones that will get the benefit of a successful display-they should be willing to assist all in their power. The Commercial club is furnishing the money and paying all the costs in connection with gathering and getting the dUpIayf to Huron and surely any farmer who has anything in the crop line which might add. to the display should be willing to furnish the same. - Farmers in the vicinity of Hartford are requested to bring to the. place '-of business of Mr. O. S. Caldwell of Hartford any samples of corn,i tea ears in each sample, on Saturday, September 3. Bring all the different kinds you have of yellow dent, white dent, flint and sweet corn and pop . coriL.. Put your name and the name of the variety of corn on each sample. This must be 1910 crop. Also bring along anything in the vegetable and grass line.- Farmers in the neighborhood of Baltic may leave their samples at the Dakota State bank at Baltic,' while those in the territory around Dell Rapids can leave their samples of grain with G. Milne at the .flour mill and samples of corn with C. H. Blow at his feed store on Main street. Farmers in the vicinity ' of Coltoh will find that A. S. Peterson at the Savings bank of Colton will take both their grain and corn simples. HOW OLD IS MA? She won't tell the census man. W won't five it away be csuie she always sends the . neighbors to us for wad-ding cards whenever there's anything doing In the MATRIMONIAL LINE. Follow Suit Try Us. SESSIONS-MANNIX PRINTING CO. SIOUX FALLS. S. D. West Ninth Stree. Both Phone. Twenty-Fifth Season American 238 la 2S3 Wabuk A, Chicago, ilk Conservatory THE LEADING SCHOOL W MUSIC b AMERICA Eminent faculty or 70. Superior Teacher's Training School. Public School Mullc. School ot Expreaalon, Phrilcal Culture. Vmtmptmd fnt t&vmnttt". Thirty f reeacbolanaip swarded. Fall term beslne Thurwlar. Sept. Sib. MmUA.. JOHM J. HATTSTAEDT, Frw t Hart Conway School of Acting directed b HartCoBwar.Amertca'e greatest educator tor the ttai e Send lor protpedus. m Ml DOUBLES LIABILITY Judge Carland Refuse j Motion of Railroad Compan to strike Oat i Part of the Complaint Constitutionality of Double Indemnity Law WiH Be Decided When Case is Tiiel Judge Carland, of the United States court, has rendered - a decision in which he denies a motion of the defendant company in the. case of the United States vs. the Chicago, Burlington 6 Qulncy railroad company, to strike out of the complaint of the gov ernment certain paragraphs relating to the amount of damages which the government is seeking to recover from the railway company. The government instituted the ac tion for the purpose of recovering from the railway company damages in the sum of 142,793.08 for losses al leged to have been sustained in the Black Hills forest reserve by sparks from a Burlington locomotive setting Are to the timber. The action is InBtl tuted under the double liability law enacted by the legislature of South Dakota. The actual damage done is alleged to have amounted to 120,517.42, but the government sues for the larger amount in accordance with the provi' eions of the double damage act. In their arguments asking that cer tain paragrahps be stricken from the government's complaint, attorneys for the railway company raised the ques tlon of the unconstiutionallty of the double liability law. Judge Carland simply denied the motion, and ' it is likely that the question as to whether or not the law is unconstitutional will not be definitely determined until the case comes up for trial on its merits before a Jury during the regular Sep tember term of United States court at Deadwood. WATERTOWN DISBANDED The Fast Up State Ball Team Quits ! the State League for Lack of Funds The Watertown 'ball 'team Is no raore. It disbanded yesterday and this means that the Soo, cjub .will not get an opportunity to : meet, the fast state team a second time. Shortage of funds to run the team is' given" as the reason for disbanding. Several of those who subscribed early in : the season have failed to come to the front' With their subscription money. The disbanding of Watertown is liable to cau?e the breaking up of the state league unless another team can be prevailed upon to fill the Water-town vacancy. Huron, Aberdeen and Redfield, the other three teams in the league, want to continue and overtures have been made to the Soo club to get it' to take Watertown's place. The Spo club is the only other club in the state that would be able to stand up with the three teams named. Wheth er the Soo club will consider the proposition favorably remains to be seen. Should the Soo club decide. to enter the league it would be necessary , to strengthen, which could be' eally done from amongst the Watertown players. It is rumored that all the teams In the state league. Including Elkton and Conde of the original team, have lost heavily financially. Nothing different could have been expected. This can be explained for to a certain extent through a lack of games. When a town is paying from a thousand to Sl.fiOO a month salary, not to say anything of the other expenses, it is absolutely necessary 'to see that there are mighty few days when the team is not playing. ' During the years 1900-1-2, when Sioux Falls had a.n independent team, but the salary list was as large as for the following two years when there was a league, the team came- nearer paving out than under the league. This was owln to' the fact that the team was booked for practically every day and was able to take advantage of big purses which were hung up. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS Filed for Record in the Office of the Register of Deeds: Furnished tr D. B. Getty, abstract or. rf i August 17, i1910. James II. Drake et al to Drake In vestment Co., loU-1 t 18, block 1, lot 16, block 2, lots 1 to 8 and 10 to IS, block 3, lot 14, Ttiloclc1 4," lots 5 to 9, block , lots 11 to Unblock 7 and lot 8 and lots 10 to 13, black 8, all in D. I. Co.'s First addition to Sioux Falls; tract 1, northeast quarter section 16 and northeast quarter southeast quarter northeast quarter',1 section 16 and northwest quarter " southeast quarter northeast quarter section 16 and tract 16, southeast quarter section 16, all in township 101, range 49, and undivided one-half west 85 feet lots 1 and, 8, block 10, J. L. Phillips' Sioux Falls; $1. T. P. Sorkilmo and wife to Thos. J. Cuckow, lot 6, block 4, People's addi tion to Dell Rapids; $1,175. Reglna Nauth to Jacob Schaetzel, Jr., et al, lots 4, S and t. block 27, Brookings & Edmunds Sioux Falls; $1,300. Chas. J. MahL county treasurer, to F. L. Blackman, lota 1 to 12, block 14, Meredith's Second addition, and lots to 12, block 10. Gerrish AY. Lord's addition, and lot 5, block 54, College addi tion to Sioux Falls; $37.84. :r. ' ' 'fl P IT"' I ' i' ' up mm ". pu mw'V,.'!y! njjnn, y1 wn""ll""'u-ly'"l"iw'r''''''"" . M.niii ...m ' i r ..tit, i' i.i.iii.i.i f in i T-ii.i.iii , ... .... r - '-nil Hi n ' Pioneer Barley Farmers of. the great northwest fought many a stubborn battle with the red man in. defense of their farm lands. v Today this fertile region furnishes mankind the finest barley ever grown. .The cream of these crops for many years has formed the basis o The King of All Bottled Beers. Its supremacy "comes from the best malting barley grown in the New World and the finest hops grown in the Old World and it is brewed in the most perfect brewery in the WHOLE WORLD. - Bottled Only at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery St. Louis, U. S. A. CORKED OR WITH CROWN H AS IT QUITE BAD Vermont Man Says He Has Dis covered Perpetual Motion Boston, Mass., Aug. 18. "The mys tery of perpetual motion is no longer a secret. I have solved it. It has taken 14 years of my life, : but now I have reached 1 the goal which I have sought. The world may be skeptical, but I shall convince alt. In two weeks my patents will be applied for, and then' 1 shall prove to every one that by' "means' of my perptual motion Invention,, the entire mechanical system of industry must be entirely revolu tionised," says Karl Grossman," an humble Austrian, living at Proctor VU ... Grossman today resides In a little cottag X)n. the banks of Otter creek, in -Proctor, among the Green mountains. He holds the position of consu lar agent, and with the meager salary that it brings him he has been forced to subsist and at the same time tarry on his work. , He says it was the elusiveness which has always attached itself to perpet ual motion which drew him to begin experiments.- He declares that he had been led on and on, step by step, almost without being aware of it, until he had at last achieved success. He asserts that the whohle world will be startled when it learns of the results which- he says his machine will make possible. THE TAXOfTOLEO Chicago, Aug. 18. Hesolutlons urging the repeal of the import tax on cattle, the 10 per cent oleomargarine tax and closed season on calves and lambs in order to reduce the high cost of living were urged by the Unlt-d Masker Butchers' association at the closing session of their convention The high cost of living is blamed on the scarcity of cattle and to obviate this, the butchers agreed to work for a law prohibiting the slaughter of calves and lambs during March, April and May. ' . The officers elected are: President, Edward E. O'Neill of New Tork; secretary, John E. Schofield, of St. Louis; treasurer, Emll Frlebe, ot Milwaukee. HINDUS COMING HERE MAY BE SENT BACK Calcultta, Aug. 18. The fact that thousands of Punjabis, Mohammedans and Sikhs are leaving for Hong Kong Callous the bowels with harsh cathartics, and you'll need physic always. Help them gently, with candy Cascarets, and you'll need them rarely. Once learn the difference and you'll never take a harsher laxative than these. Veat-eockrt bos. 10 centa at drug -stores. Back tablet el u twain Is maiksd C C C. naaw CAPS with the avowed intention of proceeding to California is engaging the official attention of William H. Michael, the American consul general, here. Some are taking their families with them, but the greater number belong to the fighting caRtes and are under the Impression that they can get on the American police force. Relatives In California have written saying that they found a good land. Mr. Michael says that probably they would not be permitted to land in the United States. HOW TO CURE ECZEMA, PIMPLES, AND DANDRUFF We desire to say that when we took the agency for ZEMO, we were convinced that it was a valuable remedy for Eczema, pimples, and dandruff. Yet, we must frankly admit that Zemo has far exceeded our expectations as a treatment for skin diseases. We are pleased to state that we shall continue the agency as ZEMO has giv en splendid results wherever recommended. Our customers like ZEMO too, because it is a clean vegetable liquid for external use. ZEMO effects its cures by drawing to the surface of the skin and destroying the germ life that causes the disease, leaving the skin clear and healthy, It does not soil the clothing or linen and can be used freely on infants. With every purchase we give a book let on skin diseases explaining in simple words how any person can be cured at home of any form of skin or scalp disease by this clean, scientific remedy. H. P. Krelser and Power City Drug Store. : NEW COMPILED LAWS 1910 South Dakota 8(atutes To-Date. South Pakota Complied Laws, including all laws to 1910, are now offered to the trade and the public. The work consists of two volumes: Vol. 1, Political Code. . Vol. 2, Civil Code, Code of Civil Procedure, Probate Code, Justice's Code, Penal Code, and Code of Criminal Procedure. This publication takes place of our 1908 compilation, now exhausted, and Includes Session Laws of 1909. The work is bound in Buckram and sells at $12.60 net. The popularity of our 1908 Compiled Laws should make this more popular as it covers the Revised Code of 1903 and Session Laws of 1903, 1905, 1907 and 1909. At this date Vol. 2 is bound and ready for labels, and can be shipped at once if desired. Vol. 1 Is printed all but the Index. The work will be shipped before Sept. 1st. Books will be shipped in turn according to orders received. We also furnish the 1903 Revised Codes at $8.60 and the Session Laws at $3.00 each for each session. The two Volumes of Complied Laws will be sent prepaid for $1 extra. If not prepaid the books will cost considerable more, especially on other than the American Express Company Lines.' HIPPLE PRINTING CO, August 1, 1910. Pierre, S. D. CHICHESTER S PILLS Ladtt! A all yur Uratdit far rills la K4 and lio4 metaluA boaes. acalad with Bit a BiMtnas. I i UI 1mT. Bur f jomr v UU.unif tf HA R 19 fiL.lAk for yeaii Known as Beat, Safest. Alwys RcLahl SOLD BY DRUGGISTS EVERYWHEEf mm J. H. DONAHOE, Distributor SIOUX FALLS. S. D. innijnjmiuiii i i " 3 HEROES ARE REWARDED The Government Awards Certificate of Merit to Artillery Men Washington, Aug. 18 For nerve and courage displayed at the time of the explosion of the big gun at the recent target practice at Fort Monroe, Va., resulting in the death of eleven men, Ave soldiers were awarded certificates of merit by the war department. They are: Private Charles C. Parks; Cook Wilmer H. Hawk; Private Fred FauIK ner, Corporal William Bryan; Private1 D. C. Wigley, all of the Sixty-ninth, company of the coast artillery. Faulkner's certificate was awarded for "picking up and carrying away al smoldering sack of powder." Others entered the close place to reomve tha sacks of powder that were in close proximity to the burning powder and smoldering debris, although most of these were painfully injured. The Coolest Place In Town TONIGIIT-BIo feature HUTCH-LLSDY 1910 SOMETHING ELLIOT A ELLIOT j Singing, talking and dancing. j HELGA VANDBERG ! Character Swedish singer. I Msjesticograph No pictures like i them. i THE SHOW THAT ALWAYS PLEASES. VAUDEVILLE AND MOVING PICTURES. CHANGE OP PROGRAM MONDAY, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY. Open afternoon, 2:30; evening, 7:30. Price 10 cents. JEWEL THEATER TONIGHT 2 BIG "FEATURES 2 I THE HERO ENGINEER A thrilling story of a railroader that dared and faced danger out of sympathy for tha superintendent's dying child. A rescue on a burning bridge. A MODERN CINDERALLA Society drama. Hear Clancy in Illustrated Songs. Every Woman to Inter m 4 tad thoold know MARVELWhlrlingSpny It IKW Valaal ijrlmg. SVItfklll 1DH WUUUHIIU tent, ik A ar mrmtr drnFffttt fOT !t. ' it has inntt aunDIV the) It A It T m L, accept no other, hot tfwa wmp , 4.at23dUMbJifcW kOSUXa HBHE0EHE1 1 " 1

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