The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1949
Page 15
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^a&y- THURf 1SDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1949 (ARK.) COUKTEft PAGE FIFTEEN Unusual Methods HelpHomemaker Cooking Preparation Varied With Recipes, Type Meat Desired Whether Hie iiomemakeivuses the top of the range or the oven, there's wide variety in braking richly flavored pork chops, according to Reba Staggs, home economist. In the basic method of , cooking pork chops to develop llieir tiue full flavor, they are placed In a frj'ing- Pa» and slowly browned on ,both sides In llieir own fat. or In a small amount of added fat. The meat Is Reasoned ,the pan tightly coverec and the chops allowed to cook until done. Following this procedure, chops (• easily prepared Spanish-style Browned chops are spread with a mixture of catchup a»d dry mustard Added to the frying-pan ts a com •bmation of vinegar, water and su- Ear, the pan is covered and the mea I allowed to cook slowly for about 45 minutes. • • For more variation, pork chop. ! may be Downed, than sniothere' j wiili sliced onion and green peppoi j A little liquid Is added and the com binaUon covered and cooked unt ! the meat is tender .Chops, also ma ! be braised in a thickened ralsi [ sauce for flavorsome results. Sti i another way is breading the chop ' by first dipping them in beaten eg then in fine breaci crumbs and cooking in the usual manner. Stuffed chops are one more in ^oney, Pecans Ian Be Used n Many Pies Both pecans and honey »r« plen- iful this month. Pood »p*clilist's of he United States Department ot Agriculture supply this soulliein r»- ipe: ' • r*eu Pi*' ' One cup pec in kernett, t en>, A • cup sugar,.! cup dirk corn ;yruj>, >,'t teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon ;anllla, >1 cup melted table fat. Beat the eggs, add sugar and syrup, then salt the vanilla and last the melted fat. place ,th* >ec«ns in the bottom of an unbaked pie crust. Add the fillint and bake slowly In a moderate oven (3SO degree* P.) for SO to <K» minutes. The nuts will rise to the top of the pie filling and form fanned Corn, •rozen Limas Plentiful Now Canned torn and frown lima lean* are plentiful now. That'« why h«se two exclusive new recipe* will it Into your budget ratmli and at ;h* lame time pleaM everyone in terestlng change, (for this methcx the chops should be cut thick.) A pocket is made by cutting Into the chops from the side next to, the bone, then filled with « good bread corn, or other tavorlte stuffing. .Th* stuffed chop* ire then browned on both sides in a small amount hot lard and cooked following the braising process. For simple oven cooking, pork chops are arranged over casseroles. One popular fall combination is pork chops and noodles. Browned chop* are placed over cooked noodles in casserole and cooked; covered, for about one hour. Also, the rich porl drippings enhance the flavor o , scalloped potatoes, baked beans, or ' tart apple dressing. eruited layer. Honey and lemon' juice, coconut and lemon-flavored gelatin |» Into thu light-hearted affair: Hcncjr-Coconut ChHton Tit Three egg jolks. slightly beaten, 1 eup water, '.'•, cup honey. 1 package lemoivflavoied gelatin, 3 ta- bleooons lemon Juice, Hi' tea spoons grated lemon rind, S ef-i whites, dash of salt. 1 cup shred- ed poconul, toasted, 1 baked »• Inch pie shell. Combine egg yolks, water and 'i cup o( the honey In top of doi4>le boiler, mix well. Cook over boiling water 5 minutes, or unti thickened, stirring constantly. Remove from heat. Add gelatin and »tlr until dtsolved. Add lemon juice and rind. Chill until slightly thickened, combine egg whites, salt and remaining \' t . cup honey ' and beat with rotary egg beater unti mixture will stand in stiff peaks Fold in gelatin mixture. Add >, cup of the toasted coconut. Turn into cold pie shell. Sprinkle with remaining coconut. Chill until firm To toast the coconut: spread i out thinly in shallow baking pan Place In moderate oven (350 de grees p.) to toast until delicate]; browned. Stir coconut or shake paj often to tout evenly. h« family. C«r» AabroaU (4 wrrtagi) Three tablespoon! butter, 1 cups eooked corn off the cob or 10-ouncc uckage froten whole kernel corn, me S-ounce can chopped broiled mushroomi, 1-4 eup cream, ',4 teaspoon salt, 1|1« teaspoon epper, 1116 easpoon nutmeg, 1-3 cup shredded coconut, paprika, , Melt butter in frying pan. Add corn and contents of can of mushroom*. Cover frying pan and let cook over moderate heat about 5 minutes, itirrln gonce. Add cream salt, pepper and nutmeg and mix well. Pour into 4 greased Individual baking dishes. Sprinkle with shredded coconut and add a dash ol paprika to each. Bake In moderately hoi oven (375 degrees P.) until coconut Is lightly browned, about 10 minutes. Serve immediately. Chill Lima Beans and Mushrooms (* servings) One tablespoon butter, one 12- ounce package' frozen baby limn beans ,one 3-ounce can sliced broiler mushrooms, i-2 ! teaspoon salt, 1-8 teaspoon pepper, 1-2 teaspoon chil powder, l!l« teaspoon powdered oregano. Melt butler In frying pan over moderate heat.' Add lima beans am contents of can of mushroom Sprinkle with salt, pepper, chil powder and oregano. Cover nm brine to boil. Let cook vmtil benn. are barely lender, about 5 minutes Serve immediately. The American eagle appears on a greater variety'of early handmade American glassware than pictures of any other device, insignia or personage. Portrait busts ^of George Washington - were' th« second most pepular. " HIGH QUALITY Friday, Saturday, & Monday Specials MAXWELL HOUSE COLORED OLEO - LIBBY'SCORN- PICNIC HAMS- COFFEE, Frtih, Delicious 1 Ib. bag '•..;;•".-;,. Del Mar, in quarter sticks 49c ib. 35c 12 6c. vacuum", • packed can Morrell's Pride Tender, delicious - - - - ib. 39c Country Style Pure PORK SAUSAGE - - lb.29< Gold Band SLICED BACON - - - Ib. 49c "A" Grade, tender SIRLOIN STEAK - - Ib. 69c Fresh, white CREAM MEAL - 5 Ib. bag 29* ' Pure white cane SUGAR - - - 10 Ib. bag I Brock's Tavern, 8 oz. pkg. CHOCOLATE CREAMS Plain or self-rising, Hi-Bisk FLOUR - - 25 Ib. bag $1.69 Golden Ripe, large BANANAS - - - 2 Ibs. Large, fresh, full of milk COCOANUTS - - 2 lor 19* Juicy large California ' ORANGES • - - doz. 29c Argo, No. 313 Can ENGLISH PEAS Green & While, No. 303 Can LIMA BEANS Fresh, Romay, No. 300 Can BLACK-EYED PEAS Extra Standard, No. 2 can, CUT 2 For 25 c GREEN BEANS 2 lor 29 C Thri/t Brand 2 r 35 c Clill I 01 c For WU VniLI With Beans Ka. L\ 6 Smill or 3 Large 2 For 19 C PET MILK 35 C Argo, No. 2'/j Can jaaar:.: ..19-^^ Phone 2231 . LOTS OF FREE PARKING SPACE FREEMAN-HEN LEY 2ouw MomGROCERY and MARKET Ph on «223i WIN BIG PRIZES *EACH SECOND PRIZE WINNER win ii lo f «tn« >n EW« Hmdb^ C om r i««i>-' confining 2 round-nip airline ticket* 10 N.Y. PLUS 2 ifniitioniHy net* 1 lulnmnic AM >nd *Ncv.- York trip winners wiH stay n ibt Sutler Moid . . . Visit Billy Rose's Diimom! Hotsrihoe . , . l : tc*l Astjire's DinciiiR StuJj'o . ... lunch with Lope; in Grill Room offfotcl Taft. •., Sec Sonfa tfenic's ice sho*'. .. liave cocktails at the Vandcrbilt , . . dinner ar White Turkey Rcsuuunt . V . go to show « Ridio City Music Hall . , . 2-liour Commodore Sightseeing trip ... see N. Y, from Empire Sine Roof . . . buinch in I:liony ROOJR of Prince Gco;>;e Koicl . .-. see Staiue of l.ibcity . . . and a Special "Behind the Scenes" tour of Radio City. '•'.., LIGHTERS M.WI l..,'«t 'I'M Liftr,, EACH WEEK ... ONE OF .5 BUiCK SUPER SEDANS I WITH DYNAPLOW White jidewall tires, heater, ndto, bick-up Eight* 10 SECOND PRIZES'^ LUXURY WEEKENDS IN NEW YORK FOR TWO JO Hippy Couples will ulcc this »ll'expense nip* NEXT 500 PRIZES .,«!•£, WESTINGHOUSE «»>» TOASTERS Sleek chtome. Whispering Time< mines tout NEXT 5000 PRIZES ^HK 3-PRS. HOLLYWOOD "SST HOSE >1 gauge, full fashioned, with jice ed$t Latin' &U. fatoi Hitotr IJ an) 2ryf prize ufnntrit uniblc to ukc the N.Y. ttip lie will be nvmJed i prize of compmbJe vilue ..» SP ARTON TELEVI SKON [M*J*l ««?Y| Kuge »1.^. In. viewing WM/Uyj In. tuba, mcfioflony wbtmt 5 BIG CONTESTS! 5555 PRIZES PLUS A $5,000.00 CASH GRAND PRIZE Hach winner in the weekly contests will be eligible to compete for the Grand Prize in a separate contest at close of week's contest. Enter now! Enter often—boost your chances to win. • HERE'S WHAT YOU DO—Fill in the coirccc brand name for any of tlic ">4 advertising'slogans on the official entry blink. They're easy, well-known slogans such as: "Urcikfast of Cliam- •pions" . . . '"Hie Pause tlm Refreshes." Look for clues at Kroger Siorcs. Then write J last line 10 this jingle; "Lilt Btilir for Ltsi" is the slogan la hiaii', It nils mi thai ill! Kngir /irieiJ art hw. I find all tht ht'tintls that 1 likj on difylti) ir*ll in If-* /oil fin* and f^ol* il fhym. wiJh 'V'tp/a/, 1 ' For »*ampf.- "And lho''f v.-fi^ I tFiop ol my Krogtr eoch a'o)'."l Scnii the dated end from a Kroger Hot-Dated Coffee big or the tear-off strip from » Kroger Coffee c«n, and the primed portion of tlie label containing tlic brand name you'identified. Mail to: Krogtr Ct>Htest,B<i\ R.R.,C/iicago 77, Illinois. . '. FREE ENTRY BLANKS »T KROGER! HURRY! 1st CONTEST ENDS OCTOBER 19 .AT KKOCSft'S EVEKYOAY LOW PRICES ON ALL YOUR FAVORITE BRANDS SPOTIIGHTJ TREASURE HUHT 8RANK Rite Krispics * ARMOUR .....;..'£T 37 e Corned liccf Hash * FLOUR .........:^' r 1'illslniry's Jiesl—I'laln or Self-Rising * GOLD MEDAL S 1 2 25 I'lain or Sclf-Kisiiig Flour ^DUFF'S ,,, 35 C White Ciike Mix ^ CRISCO \ r cgetaljlc .S ;i-ll>. ,.. Can * CIGARETTES an I 87 Camels, I'liilip Morris, Luckies * KLFFNFX O 2 ""^ qi; c ^ ntttntA .... t I'kgs. «JJ 3'300-Cotint I'kgs. 79c v MIRACLE WHIP 29 Kraft Salad Dressing *VELVEETA .... S 82^ Kraft Cheese Food * BLUE BONNET Lb 33 Yellow-Quick Margarine •' KROOER HOT-DATED COFFK SPOTUGHT ib APPLESAUCE FRUIT COCKTAIL KROGER DONUTS HUNT'S PEARS SCHOOL DAY Kroger Kroger 2 No. 2 Cans 2 No. 1 Arc Cans OU I'lain or Sugared . ... JH>z. 15' Harllella 4 No. 2!/ 2 00 No. .( Sieve Teas ... 2 GOLDEN SNO CAKE ; , TOP KICK DOG FOOD PORK & BEANS Cans No. 2. Cans c t No '300 Kroger Can SIRLOIN STEAK GROUND BEEF FRYERS * ARMOUR * WILSON'S PORK LOIN ROAST Kroger Cut U. S. (Jratlcd . . . . Good or Choice |,h. 49 C 5? W 89 Fresh Daily I.I,. 1!M!) Farm i'resli . Full Dressed U,. Star Pure I'ork ....... Sausage v.... Lb. 59' Tasty Dried Hcef .. •1-07. . l>kg. 39 C I,can and . Tender Lh. SLICED BACON 59 SALT MEAT , Fancy Corn King Streak 0' Lean PURE LARD S7 9y WHITING 29 I'ure Firm White Dressed Ib GRAPES Sweet Red Ripe Tokays Fulling $2.29 rye, ZJ CELERY Fresh Crisp Pascal Stalks 2 *•"- 29' POTATOES Washed Selected Reds. 50 N£ I 89

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