The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 28, 1936 · Page 15
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 15

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 28, 1936
Page 15
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^f^."^ /''" ; '•'. " M V'*V ?'V"'; >% ; ; •' ifc "^-V; ' ""• •;'?;*' THE BAKfiftSPlELD CALlFOftKlAN, MONDAY, SEPTBMtifcR 28, 1SS6 , (c) Yarrfs Raqulredt * Same Us specified for C-2 dlstrlcU. SBCTfON &, REGULATIONS FOR ....,,,.,..... i .,,,..,.,. , jT/ha following regulations shall apply 'f« all districts With which are combined .A districts, In addition to the regulations hereinbefore npecifled .therefor, and shall bo subject to the grovlsions ot Section 27 of this or* dtnance: (a) Uses Permitted t *• AH ' uses permitted In the re* ^Poetlve district with which the -A district is combine^. ..8. Small livestock farming; provided. that not to exceed one (1) 'cow or three (3) goats or other similar live- t&Sfc.Sf'/Ji'SJK 01 "' for eftch twenty thousand (20.000) square foot of area of the parcel of land upon which the "Fne are kept, to a maximum of three (3) cows or 'tan (10) goat* or other similar livestock maintained In any ono establishment. 3. In any -A district a dairy may be conducted On any parcel of land not Ie 5 s L nan flve (5) acr * s I" area. ' !*• .Sale of any of the products of any of the aforementioned permitted uses upon- the premises upon which such nrodtitJta are produced: provided, that J"> J>. ull 2 ln B snail be constructed primarily for such sale. 6._ Keeping of saddle horses and of such horses and/or mules as may be necessary to tho conducting of any of the uses permitted In any -A district. - 8. Accessory buildings and accessory '•''•' . , (b) Location of Accessory Build- tnosi v • •. No livestock or any building used In connection, with the same shall be located or maintained on any lot closer than forty (40) feet to the street upon which the lot faces or closer than twenty (20) feet to any dwelling on the Same lot or on the front half of any contiguous lot. Otherwise, any accessory building used in connection with small livestock farming may occupy any portion of any rear yard or of any side yard along the rear half of the lot upon which located, except of any side yard adjacent to any SECTION 23. REGULATIONS FOR -H DISTRICTS „ The following regulations shall apply In all districts with which are combined -H districts. In addition to the regulations hereinbefore specified therefor, and shall be subject to the provisions of Section 27 of this ordinance; (a) Uses Permitted: All uses permitted In tho respective district with which the -H district is combined, provided, however, as follows: '1. No outdoor advertising sign or outdoor advertising structure shall be placed and/or maintained In any such district unless placed and/or maintained within a business district as defined In tho California Vehicle Act; provided, 'however, that outdoor advertising signs and outdoor advertising structures for informational or directional purposes of a public or quasi- public nature may be placed and/or maintained In any such district with which U combined an -H district upon the securing of a uso permit, an provided In Section 33 of this ordinance, for each such sign or structure; and provided, further, that there may be displayed on tho premises occupied by any permitted -place of business which Is located In any such district with which Is combined an -H district but outside any business district as defined In the California Vehicle Act outdoor advertising signs and outdoor advertising structures for tho advertising only of such business, provided that, unless all such outdoor advertising signs and outdoor advertising structures displayed by or for any one place of business aro made a part Of the architectural design of the building in which such business Is conducted and are approved u nder the provisions of Section 30 Of this ordinance, no such outdoor advertising Sign or .outdoor, advertising structure shall exceed twenty-four (24) square feet In area and the total area for all outdoor advertising signs and outdoor advertising structures in the aggregate displayed by or for any ono place of business shall not exceed the equivalent of one (1) square foot for each one (1) foot of frontage actually occupied by such business. Including tho widths of driveways directly appurtenant thereto. 2. No junk yard shall be established in any such district with which Is combined an -H district within five hundred (500) feet of the exterior boundary of any public Blreet unless tho same is completely enclosed within a building or within a fence approved by the Planning Commission. (b) Building Locatloni In caso no building line Is established by the Street and Highway Plan of the Master Plan of the County or by the provisions of this ordinance, for the street upon which any building will front In any district with which an -H district Is combined, no such building shall be erected, constructed, moved or structurally altered so that tho same will bo closer to tho nearest boundary of the right of way of such street than a distance adequate to provide space on the site of such building for the traffic movements and standing of vehicles which will be incidental to the use of such building. Such distance shall bo designated by the Planning Commission as a part of tho action on plans "submitted with the application for a permit for such bujldlnir, as provided in Section 80 of this ordinance. SECTION 24. REOULATIONS FOR "B" DISTRICTS ' In any district with which Is combined any "B" district, such regulations as'to building site areas, depths of front yards and widths of • aide yards as are designated on the sectional districts map showing such "B" district shall be applied in lieu of the respective regulations as to building sltt areas, depths of front yards and widths of sldo j arda which are hereinbefore specified for such district with which Is colnblned such "B" district; provided, however, that any parcel of land In any "B" district, (a) which parcel was under one ownership at the time of tho adoption of this ordinance, when the owner thereof owns no adjoining land, or (b) which parcel includes not less than one (1) entire lot a« shown on any subdivision map which was recorded In the office of the County Recorder of the County prior to the adoption of this ordinance and which parcel has an area of not less than three thousand seven hundred fifty (8760) square feet, or (c) which parcel Is shown aa a lot on any subdivision map which may hereafter bo recorded in the office of said County Recorder after approval of said map by the Board of Supervisors in the manner prescribed by law, may be used as a building site for a dwelling of the character permitted in the district with which Is combined such "B" district, provided that all other regulations for such district, as prescribed by this ordinance, shall bo compiled with, except that on any such parcel having an average width of loss than fifty (DO) feet the width of each side yard may be reduced to ten (10) per cent of tho width of such parcel, but In no case shall the width of any such side yard bo lets than three (S) feet * SECTION 2B. FUTURE WIDTH l»iNE*8 4 Tho following cpecifted future width .lines are hereby established for the following streets and highways: I. California Avenue, from Union .venue. Bokarsf leld, to Sumner Street, ••"•• nonly known as the J3dt- ,nd which is California i iM»,.TT<vr Routo Number 68, as nated by the Division of High-. .of the Deportment of Public Works of the State ot California: Klf- ly.flVe (tt) feet from the center line thereof on each aide thereof. I. N'tes Street and th* extension thereof, being California State High- wajr^Route N'umber it, a* designated pent of Public . ' " train ««ft • W»M«» «*•*•••• •**••**>•* -which Hi commonly Bon Highway and fi&rffighway Ro L60.AL NOTICES point on. the center line thereof, »o!nt is ona thousand (WOO) dfitant, measured, easterly and northeasterly along said center line, the easterly boundary of Sec. 85, 86 S., R. 18 B.. M. D. M.! ITlfty five «B) feet from the centet line thereof on each side thereof. SECTION M. BUILDING LINES Th« following specified building »ln«s are hereby established adjacent to Oolden State Highway and Golden state Avonuo, Taelng California State Highway noute Number Pour, as .designated by tho Division of Highways of the Department of Public Works of tho State of CaJIfOfrtlai , 1- Pt-om the southerly boundary of the City of Delano to the northerly boundary of tho right of way of Perkins Avenue. McParland: Thirty (30) fget from the exterior boundaries of the right of way of said highway on each side thereof. ' : « 2f B i r °J n tho ••outherJy boundary of the right of way of Sherwood Avenue, McFarland, to the - northerly boundary of Sec. 10, T> 2/8., K. 27 B., M. D. M.: Thirty (SO) feet from the exterior boundaries of the right ?i w»X of said highway on each side thereof. 3. From the northerly boundary of See. 10, T. 39 B., R. 37 B., M. D. M., to the northerly boundary of the City of Bakersfleld, and from the southerly boundary of the right of way of Brundago Lane to the southerly boundary of Sections 6 and 6, T. 80 S.. R. 28 B., M. D. M.! Thirty (30) feet from the exterior boundaries of the right of way of said highway on each side thereof; provided, however, that gasollno pumps and their appurtenances for the retail sale of gasoline, which gasoline pumps and their appurtenances are structurally separate from any building or other structure and which gasollno pumps and/or their appurtenances are not covered by a canopy In any case, may be erected, In each case, on a concrete base occupying the smallest rectangle within which such concrete base may be enclosed, which rectangle Is not greater than four (4) feet In width, with tho longer edge of such rectangle which Is nearest to the nearest exterior boun- dpy of said highway being located along a line fifteen (16) feet distant from such exterior boundary, subject, In each such case, to tho securing of a use permit therefor, as provided In Section 33 of this ordinance. 4. From tho southerly boundary of the City of Bakersfleld at California Street to tho northerly boundary of tho right of way of Brundage Lane: Ten (10) feet from 'the exterior boundary of the right of way of said highway on the easterly side thereof. D. From tho southerly boundary of Sections 5 and 0, T. 30 S., It. 28 E., M. D. Jr., to the northerly boundary of the Rancho Castac: Thirty (30) feet from the exterior boundaries of tho right of way of said highway on each sido thereof. SECTION 27. GENERAL PROVISIONS AND EXCEPTIONS Tho regulations specified In this ordinance shall bo subject to the following Interpretations and exceptions: (a) Uset 1. Tho following accessory uses. In addition to 'those hereinbefore specified, shall bo permitted in any "R" district, provided that such accessory uses shall not alter the character of the premises In respect to their use for the purposes permitted In such respective district: (A) The renting of rooms and/or the providing of table board In a dwelling as an Incidental use to that of Its occupancy as a dwelling of the character permitted In the respective district, but not to the extent of constituting a hotel as defined In this ordinance, unless permitted in the district. • (B) The operation of necessary facilities and equipment In connection with schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and other Institutions permitted In the respective district. (C) News and refreshment stands and restaurants In connection with passenger stations. (D) Recreation, refreshment and service buildings In public parks and playgrounds. 2. On any lot In any "II" district there may bo Kept not to exceed twenty-four (24) fowl other than roosters, quacking ducks, geese, guinea fowl or peafowl and there may bo kept not to exceed twenty- four (24) rabbits or guinea pigs, provided, that no such livestock shall be maintained clonnr than forty (40) feet to any dwelling now existing or hereafter erected on tho front one- liulf (H) of nny adjacent lot nor closer than twenty (20) feet to any other dwelling now existing or hereafter eroded. , 3. In addition to any other outdoor advertising signs and outdoor advertising structures permitted by this ordinance, (A) such signs and structures, none of which shall exceed four (4) square feet In area, may bo <llnplayed for tho purpoHe of advertising the sulo or lease of any property upon which displayed; (B) such signs nnd structures other than those permitted by this ordinance may be displayed for the advertising of the sale of n subdivision upon which placed upon the securing of a use pormlt, as provided In Section S3 of this ordinance, for each such sign or structure. 4. Horses may be kept In any district, subject to the securing of a use permit, as provided In Section 33 of this ordinance, for each case of sucli use In any "IV or "C" district. C. Nothing in this ordinance shall be doomed to prohibit tho excavating of natural materials for the construction of a building permitted In tho district In which tho name Is to bo located, which building In to be constructed on tho Samo lot from which such material Is excavated, and no use permit shall be required for such excavating. (b) Height: 1. In any district with a height limit of less than seventy-five (76) fact, public and semi-public buildings, schools, churches,' hospitals and other Institutions permitted In such district may be erected to a height not exceeding seventy-five (75) fo«t, provided that the .front, roar and aide yard* Phall be Increased One (1) foot for each ono a) foot by which such building exceeds tho height limit hereinbefore established for such district. a, Ono-famlly dwellings In R-l districts may be Increased In height not to exceed ten (10) feet and to a tolal of not exceeding three (3) stories when two (2) side yards of widths of not lass than fifteen (16) feet each aro provided. 3. Notwithstanding any other provision of thin ordinance, no smokestack, flagpole, tank, radio station, oil derrick, lightning arrester, tower, building or any other structure or thing whatsoever shall be erected, constructed, convened, altered, enlarged, added to or caused to exist In any district In any manner so that tho nnm« will exceed a height of thirty (30) feet within a distance of five hundred (500) feet from the ex> terlor boundaries of any airport owned by the County of Kern or so that tho same will exceod a height of sixty (60) feet within a distance of one thousand UOOQ) feet from Bald exterior boundaries, or so that thn •amo will exceed a height of ninety (90) feet within n distance of one thousand five hundred (1500) feet from said exterior boundaries. Tho height of any such structure or thing shall be deemed to be the height of the topmost part thereof, Including any appurtenancu thereto, above the level of the ground at the nearest point to such itructure or thing on any such exterior boundary of suoh airport. „, 4. The height limitations of this or- dlnanoe shall not apply to chimneys, church »plr*B, flog polos, monuments and radio towers, except as provided in the preceding paragraph of this »ectfon with r««peat to height limit* adjacent to airport*. fl. Where tho average slope of a lot |s greatii tlwui onufl) foot rl»e or r*ll in »«y*n <t» feet of distance from }»<» «*«AWJlrt»«d atwt t-lcvaUon at th* property ty««, one story in ai- ID, Ok« number permit led In LEGAL NOTICES In ,whloh Bach lot la ulta- shall be permitted on the downhill aid* of any building: provided, hoWisvw, that tha height of the building shall not be increased above the limit specified tor such district. . . (c) Yardtt ' 1. For the,,purpose of computing front yard dimensions the, measurement shall be t*ken from the near, est bolnt of'the front wall of the building to the street line; provided, howevetvthat If on Official Plan Lin* tjvesiftbJrthed for the street, or if a future Width line Is established there'«• by the provisions of this ordl- . nance, then the measurement shall bo tP*$? : !£iP the nearest point of the •JK"}*, wan of the building to such °iSM. lal ii PIan Llno or 8uoh future, width lino; except that the certain architectural features hereinafter enumerated shall not bo considered {" ") altln * »"y such measurements, to-wit: . ( . A) Cornices, canopies, eaves, or 2L °Jher architectural features may extend beyond said front wall a dls- /« nc i* 1 ot * xoocd| ng two (2) feet, six (o) inches, <EJ> Flrp escapes may extend beyond said front wall a distance not exceeding four (4) feoL six (8) inches. (C) A landing place or uncovered porch way extend beyond said front wall to a distance not-exceeding »lx (8) feet, provided that such landing Mace or porch shall have Its floor n ? .higher than tho entrance floor of the building. A ratling no higher than three (8) feet may bo placed around such landing place. In no case, however,^shall any such, landing Place or porch extend beyond B »y Official Plan Lino which Is established for any street or beyond any future width line which Is es- tft Mlshed therefor by the provisions of this ordinance. (D) The above enumerated architectural features may also extend Into any side or rear yard the same distance that they aro permitted to extend beyond any front wall, except that no porch, terrace or outside stairway shall project more than three (S) feet Into any side yard and then, In the case of an outside stairway, only If the same Is unroofed and unenclosed above and below the steps thereof. , 2. Ordinary front yard and farm fences, sprinkling systems and mich Irrigation systems and their appurtenances as do not extend above the surfaco of the ground may be extended beyond any Official Plan Line or future width line. 3. In any n-1 or H-S district or any combination therewith where twenty-five (26) per cent or more of the lots in nny block and located In the same district, exclusive of tho frontage along the side of a corner lot, has been Improved with buildings at the time of tho passage of this ordinance, which bulldlngn are of a character permitted In said district but not in a more restricted district (Including, In an It-1 district, ^buildings permitted In such district), and tho front yards on such lots vary In depth to an extent not greater than six (6) fnet, then the required front yard depth for such district shall bo disregarded In nuch block and In lieu thereof the front yard required on each lot In nald block shall bo of a depth not ICBS, than the average depth of tho front yards on tho lots on which ure located such existing buildings, to a maximum of fifty (60) feet. The same ruin shall apply In any R-3 or R-4 district or any combination therewith, but only, however, In case such average depth of front yards on the lots on which are located such existing buildings Is less than the depth of front yards otherwise required by thin ordinance. In no case, however, shall any building bo erected closer to any street lino than nny Official Plan Line which Is established for such street or than any future width lino designated therefor by the provisions of this ordinance. 4. When any Interior lot In on R-l or R-2 district is adjacent to any lot In any district other than an R -l or R-2 district and other than any C-l district which IB entirely surrounded by "R" districts or by such districts and tho County boundary, the depth required for the front yard on such Interior lot may be reduced to not less than tho average of such required depth mid the width or depth of yard required on »ald lot In Ntich other district which yard Is adjacent to tlio (,-trcet upon which said interior lot 6. When nny Interior lot In an R-3 or R-4 district In adjacent to any lot In any "C" or "M" district, except uny C-l district which Is entirely surrounded by "H" districts or by suc.h districts and the County boundary, tho front yard requirement for such Interior lot may be disregarded and In Ilou thereof that portion of any building; on that portion of tho width of such Interior lot not exceeding one-half (H) thereof, and not exceeding twenty-flvo (26) feet, which portion of the width of such Interior Jot In next adjacent" to such lot In such "C" or*"M" district, may ho built to tho street linn, and the line of the building for the remainder of such building shall be not nearer to said street lino than a distance equal to such required depth of front yard. to. In determining the depth of rear 5 r ard for any building, but not for any dwelling group, where such rear yard opens (mo an alley, one-half the width of Mich alley, but not exceeding ten (10) feet, may bo considered as a portion of such rear yard; provided, however, that thla provision shall not bo >o applied as to reduce the depth of any rear yard to less than ten (10) feat; and provided, further, that In no case shall the door of any building or Improvement, except a fence, which door opens Into any-ttlley, bo erected, constructed or established closer to tho center of such alley than a distance of fifteen (16) foot. 7. In cane an accessory building Is attached to tho main building. It shall be made Btructurally a part thereof, and shall comply In all respects with the requirements of this ordinance applicable to the main building. An accessory building, unless attached to and mad* a part of the main bulld- ng aa above provided for, nhall not bo closer than flvo (5) feet to the main building. 8. A detached accessory building of not over ono story and not exceeding twelve (12) feet In height may occupy not to exceed thirty (30) per cent of the area of any roar yard. Any such aeeeenory building may have not to exceed, ono (I) additional story used for apartments, provided that: (A) Puch additional story, herein conKtrued to bo u dwelling, nhall not bo permitted unlews th« name la permitted under tho regulation* hereinbefore In thin ordlnancn spenlflad for the district in which such accessory building Is located, except that any *uch additional story In an R-l district may be used Is a dwelling when no rent, either direct or lndir«nt. Is paid for Mucli une, or an a dwelling for servants,'Including the family of tho name, which are employed on the same lot. (B) No f-xtorlor wall of such additional story shall be nearer to any lot line than a distance equal to the width of a sldo yard required on the same lot. (C) No exterior, wall of such additional story Rhft.ll be nearer than ten (10) feet to any main building on the saino lot. (D) No such additional story shall be constructed on any lot In any R-l district prior to the construction of a one-family dwelling thereon, unless and until a use permit, an provided in Section 98 of this ordinance, shall first have been secured for such additional story. .,?• D»t*«*l»ed accessory building* in "R" idlntrlct* shall conform to the following additional regulations as to their location* upon th« lot; provided, however, that whjr» ih« slope of the front half of the lot u> greater than one (i) foot ri»o or fall in a distance of seven (T) feet from tho entablUmjd •treat elevation at the property, line, or where Uta et«vuuon of th* M «t the str«*t lino In flv« (5) f«*t or more above or below the e«tabU*hcd «tr*«t elevation, A private gtu>Mra nuty b* LtQAL NOTICES Jmtlt to the front »n« side lines ot the lot: JAJ In tho easa tit *n Interior lot abutting upon bne street, no detached accessory building shall be erected or altered so as to encroach upon the front half of the lot. (B) In the, case of an Interior lot abutting upon two of more streets, no accessory building shall be erected or altered so as to encroach upon the one-quarter (U) of the lot nearest either street. (C) In the ease of a corner lot abutting upon two (S) streets, no accessory building shall bo erected or altered »o as to encroach upon the area between such respective streets and line* drawn parallel to such streets, respectively. In such a manner that each of such lines divides the lot Into two (2) equal areas; provided that ion a corner lot adjacent to a key lot no accessory building shall be located nearer to the street line of tho street upon which such key lot faces than n distance equal to the depth of tbe front yard required on said key lot, provided that thU regulation shall not be so applied as to require that that line of such accessory building which la nearest to said street lino shall be nearer to the lot line opposite »ald street lino than a distance of sixteen (16) feet. (D) In the caso of a comer lot abutting on moro than two (2) streets, no detached accessory building shall be erected or altered so as to be nearer to any street line than one-fourth (U) the Width or length of the lot. (IS) No detached accessory build- ingshall be erected or altered so as to be within five (B) feet of the »ldo line of tho front half of any adjacent lot, except as hereinbefore specifically permitted. (F) Notwithstanding any requirements In this section, tho foregoing rules shall not require any detached accessory building to be more than seventy-five (75) feet from any street line bounding the lot. (d) Interpretation of Ordinance! In Interpreting and applying the provisions of this ordinance, they shall bo held to be tha minimum requirements adopted for tho promotion of the public health, safety, comfort, convenience and general welfare. Kxcept ns specifically heroin provided, It Is not Intended by this ordinance to repeat, abrogate, annul or In any way to Impair or Interfere with nny existing provision of luw or ordinance, or nny rules, regulations or permit* previously adopted or Issued, or which shall be adopted or Issued pursuant to law relating to the nso ot buildings or premises, or rpIatlnR to tho erection, construction, establishment, moving, Blleni- tlon or enlargement of any building or Improvement; nor Is it Intended by this ordinance to interfere with or abrogate or annul any easement, covenant or other agreement between parties; provided, however, that In cases In which thin ordinance imposes a greater restriction upon the erection, construction, establishment, moving, alteration or enlargement of buildings or tha UHO of any such building or premises In paid several districts or any of them, than IN Imposed or required by such existing provisions of Inw or ordinance or by such ruins, regulations or permits, or by such eanomeiitrt, covenants or agreements, then In such cases the provisions of this ordinance shall control. SECTION 28. NON-CONFORMING USES Kxcept as otherwise provided In this Bection, the lawful use of land existing at tho time of tho adoption of this ordinance, although such u»e does not conform to tho regulations specified by this ordinance for tho district In which such land In located, may he continued; provided, however, that no such non-conforming use Khali be enlarged or Increased, nor shall any such non-conforming use be extended to occupy a greater area- of land thnn thjtt oc,- ciipled by such uno nt the tlmo of the adoption of this ordinance; provided, further, thai If any such non- cotiformlng use ccaneH, any subso- qunnt ufie of «uch land Bhall bo in conformity to tho regulations specified by this ordinance for the district in which such land Jn located. Except an otherwise provided In this section, the lawful uso of a bulltl- IIIK extatltiB ul tho time of the adoption of this ordinance may ba continued, although such uno doe* not conform to the regulations tpoclfled by this ordinance for tho district In which such building Is located. Any such use may be extended throughout the building provided no structural alterations except those required by law or ordlnancn urn made therein, if no structural alterutlonn T 0 ?'*,"*/ 'ho non-conforming use of a building may bo changed to another non-conforming use. which, In the opinion of the Planning: Commission, Is of tlm same or of a. more restricted nature. If a non-conforming use hercunder ceases for a continuous period of not long than six <»),, montlin, any future uso of said building shall bo In conformity to the regulations npnolfleri by thin ordinance for tho district In which such building IB located. No existing building designed, arranged or intended for or devoted to a use not permitted under the regulations spec fled by this ordinance for tho district In which such build- liiB or premises in located shall bo enlarged, extended, reconstructed or structurally altered unlenn such u»e Is changed to a UBO permitted under the regulations specified by this ordinance for such district in which wild building IB located: provided, however, that work done In any period of twnlve-(l2) months on ordinary structural alterations or re- pacemcnta of walls, fixtures or plumbing not exceeding twenty-five (25) per cent of the building's assessed value according to the assessment thereof by tho Assessor of the County for tho fiscal year In which such work Is done shall bn permit»2«i. pr ? v .' >t ' < ' d , *&& the r>">lcat contents of the building as It existed nt the time of the pannage of this ordinance be not Incrotued. If at any time any building In existence or maintained at tha time of V* adoption of thiB ordinance. *whlch does not conform to the regulations i?nii h f M P* ct '".which It IB loc»ted, nhall b« destroyed by fire, explosion. Acl of aod or ant of the public enemy i? Uie «*'ent of more than seventy- flv ,e (76) per c.ont of the as«ess«d value thereof according to the as- jesBinent thereof by the said Asixwnor for the filial year during which such dcntructlon occurs, then without further action l.y the Board of Supervisors the said building and the land on which nald building wan located °r "'"""talned ehall from and after tho dato of mich destruction be nub- <oct to all the regulations specified by '"Is ordlnancn for tho district In which such land and building are located. Tho foregoing provisions nhall also apply to uon-conformliiff uses In districts hereafter chune«d. Nothing contained In this ordinance shall b* deemed to require any change in the plans, construction or designated uso of any building upon which actual construction wan law- fu ly begun prior to the adoption of this ordinance and upon which building actual construction ho* been dlll« gently carried on. Actual construction IH hereby defined to bo the actual placing of construction materials in their permanent position fastened In a permanent manner; 'ex- oept that whern a basement Is being excavated, such excavating shall be deemed to be actual construction; or where demolition or removal of an existing structure has been begun preparatory to rebuilding, nuch de molltion or removal 'shall be deemed to bo actual construction: provided that in ail caves actual construction work phall W?.diligently cojSiT oS .until thn completion of the buUdlng or structure Involved, Bogfirdleffa of any other provision of thl* orditiiuicfl. a n y junn which, after the adoption of this dinance. exi*t« an a uon-conform us« l»*i* "R". «C'' or -tt ai 1* hereby declared to be « publlo *«d afiiU bo *twted. re S to a cojjftfnnlng u»o wit Jn.«n», q) y«*P »om and »fter the o*t* that such ju»k yard becom«« a non-conforming use. Regardless ot »ny ftther provision of this ordinance, any outdoor advertising sign or outdoor advertising structure which, after the adoption of this ordinance, exists as a nonconforming use In any district Is hereby declared to bo a public nuisance, and nhnll be abated, removed or changed to a conforming use within six (i) months from and after the date that such outdoor advertising sign or outdoor advertising structure becomes » non-conforming use. Hogardless of any other provision of this ordinance, any use for which a use permit Is required or for which a USB permit may bo granted, as provided In this ordinance, which use Is existing at the time of the adoption of this ordinance In any district In which such use Is specifically permitted nubject to the securing of a USB permit, shall without further action be deemed to bo a conforming use In such district. SECTION 29. BUILDING PERMITS AND PLATS No building or structure having an aggregate value In excess of Twenty- fivo (SB) Dollars, and no building or structure designed or Intended to be u»*d for any commercial or Industrial purpose (except »n accessory building having an aggregate value of loss than TWf»nty-fTv» (36) Dollars) shall hereafter be erected or constructed unl«ss and until a per- mlt therefor shall first have been secured from the Planning Commission or from such officer or employee thereof an said Commission may designate for such purpose. No repairs or alterations of an aggregate value In excess of Twenty-five <3B) Dollars and no repairs or alterations which would change the character of any building or structure to a commercial or Industrial nature (except a.n accessory building having tin aggregate value of Irsa than Twonty- flve (25) Dollars shall hereafter be made on any building or atructure until a permit therefor shall first have been secured from tho Planning Commission or from the aforesaid Officer or employee thereof. No building or structure having an aggregate value In excess of Twenty-five (36) Dollars and no building or structure designed or Intended to no umid for commercial or Industrial purpose* (oxcotit an accessory building having an aggregate value of lens than Twenty-five (38) Dollars) shall hereafter be moved until a permit for such moving Hnall first havo been secured from the Planning Commission or from the aforesaid officer or employee thereof and alsio from tho County Surveyor, The aforesaid permits shall bn required for all such buildings and structures, except fences, hero- nftor erected, constructed, altered, repaired oivmoved within or Into any district established by thU ordinance "cent any A-l or A-2 district with which no -H district U combined. except that no such pormlt shall be required for any building or structure designed or Intended to be used as a one-family dwelling or for any agricultural purpose, or for any purpose accessory thereto. In any "A" or "M" district with which an -H district Is combined If such building or structure In located or Is to b« located at. a distance of not less than ono hundred (100) feet from the nearest boundary of the right of way of „ any street, and not Inss than ten (10) feet from nny property line. Kvery application for any permit required by tho provision* o? this section shall bo accompanied by u, drawing or plat. In duplicate, drawn to scale, nhowlng the lot and build- Ing slto, the propocoil location ot the building on the lot, accurate dimensions of tho building, of tho yards and of the lot, and such other Information as may be necessary to the enforc«m«nt of this ordinance. A cireful record of th« original copy of such application and plat shall be kfjit In tho office of (ho Planning Commission and Die duplicate copy •hall bo kept at the building at all times during construction. SECTION 30. ARCHITECTURAL SUPERVISION In case an application Is msd» for a permit, a* required In Section 29 of this ordtnancn, for any building, structure or other Improvement In any district with which Is combined an -II district, salt! application shall ba accompanied by drawings or sketches showing tho front, sides and rear elevations of thn proposed building, structure or other Improvement, or of the building, structure or other lmprovom«nt as the samo will appear after thp work for which tho perm t Is Bought shall havo b<-en completed. Such Drawings or sketches iihnll bo considered by the Planning i.'ommUston In an endeavor to pro- v 'd« that such buildings, structures and othor Improvement shall bo «o dCKlgned atid constructed that they will not bo of unsightly, undesirable or obnoxious appearance , to the cx- tnnt that they will hinder the orderly and harmonious development of thn County. Impair the desirability of rouldencn. Investment or occupation In tho County as appearing to trav- plorn pasHlng through or traveling In the County, limit tUo opportunity to attain tho optimum uoe and value of land and Improvements, impair the donlrablllty of living conditions In the •ante or adjacent agricultural or rest- dnntlal areas, und/or otherwise adversely affect tho general prosperity and welfare. To this end, the Planning Commission Khali suggest any £"».»««« In tho plans of such propo»*d buildings, etnictures and other Im- prov«m«nU which it may d««m to be necessary to accompll»h tho purposes of this Hootlon, and Khali not , ap P. r ?. V8 t ^jty "uch plans until It Is MitlKflcfl that such purposes will be accomplished thereby, jn can* the applicant is not satlsf led with the action of tho Planning Commission, 0 , ma A. WIt hln thirty (SO) days ufur such action, appeal In writing to the S°.*H i, °<l Supervisors. Bald Board shall hold a hearing on Raid apn*»l and .hall rond«r Ha decision Uieraon w . 'hln thirty (30) day* after the "Ing thereof. NO permit, n« provided heroin, Hhall be IsKUfd unle«n the plans filed wUh tho application <h«>pfor as rcqulwl In this section jiiall first havo been approved by tho Planning Commission or by the Board ?i oupervlaors. Upon nuch upproval the Planning CuinmlMlon, or Such officer or employee thpfoof BS said CommlMlon may dwslgnaU for »uch purpose, shall Insue such p*rmlt. pro'- vld»d aU othur provisions of law h»ve been compiled with, Rvery drawing °J "ketch fllod undur ths provisions of this neollon shall become a part of the permanent records of the Plan nitig Commission. SECTION 31. CERTIFICATES OP OCCUPANCY » wi°t'!:*i 0 *i nt la . ntl '" * n> ' •"•triot ««. ' abll »'>«d by this ordinance, except " y T A J l , P r . A ' 3 dlslrtct with which no -u dl.trlct B combined, shall hero- aftijr lie occupied or used, excppt for agricultural us**, and no building hereafter erected, structurally altered or moved, for which building u por- ml .is rotiuired under the provisions of Bectton t» of this ordinance, shall b« occupied or used until a cmifluate hftl1 " , " ««»• Planning Commission or by sson or •uch officer or employed thereof lor Application' for a certificate of occupancy for a new building or for an existing building wh oh Ras baen *It«r«d or moved shall b« made at the same time a» the application for » perm H for such bulldi^arrequlr^ *J? J?SS t| 1 1 ' M J )f ,, thl * frdTnanoe. Bald certUlcnte Khali b« Issued within three ft) da> B after i. wrlftwi rwuest fS r ,ttf « T ">«,»httli h»vo been made 12 Ml ^S»i* ''*"«'"* Commission 6r to •aid officer or employee thereof utter the •recUon, aluration wrnwinjt S such building or part thereof «V« have been completod In conformity eo n conormty with the provUl&n if th»« «rdlnttSc«; f«|»d|ng Uw iwttfMft of itidi £ Iff. tiflcttt», A tsmporary c*rilfic»te el tempornry certificate «h&M not b« construed u In any w»y olttrlng tho respective rights, duties Of obligations of tho owners ot* of the County relating to tho use or occupancy ->f the premises or any other maUer covered by this ordinance, and such temporary certificate shall not b* issued except under such restriction* and provisions as will adequately Insure tho safety ot the occupants. Written application for a certificate of occupancy for the us* Of vacant land or for a ohange In the character of the use of land, as herein required, shall be made before any such land shall be so occupied or used, except for agricultural purposes. Such a certificate of occupancy shall be Issued within three (a) days after the application therefor has been made, provided *uch use l» in conformity with the provisions of this ordinance, Kv«ry certificate of occupancy shall mats that fh« building or proposed «B« of a building or land complies with all provisions of law and of this ordinance. A record of all cwtlfloatM of occupancy shall be kept on fljn In the office of tho Planning Commission and copies nhall b» furnished, on request, to any person having a proprietary or tenancy interest In the building or land affected. No f«« shall be charged for a certificate of occupancy. No permit for excavation for any building shall be Issued before application has been made for a certificate of occupancy. SECTION 88. ADJUSTMENTS, VARIANCES AND APPEALS The Planning Commission, subject to thrt approval and confirmation of thn UoArd of Supervisors In each ca««, as hereinafter provided, shall have power to grant adjustraenU and variances In and to any of th* provisions of this ordinance to tho extent of tho following and no further: 1. To vary or modify the strict application of any of the regulations or provisions contained In this ordinance In ca»M In which th*r« are practical difficulties or unnecessary hardships In the way of such strict application. 1 To permit the extension of a district where th« boundary linn th»r*of divides a lot In one own«r«htn at the ttmo of the passage of this ordl nance. Application for any adjustment. or variance permissible under the pro- vlnlons of this section shall bo made to the Planning CommUalon In the form of a written application for a building permit or for a pormlt to use the property or premise* as net forth In Bnlil application and shall set forth all detail* of tho proposed construction or use. Upon receipt of any such application by thn officer or nmployea of tho Planning Commission designated in tho rules of th* Commln«loa for such purpose, such officer or «mployo« shall *«t a tlm* and place for a publlu hearing bufora tho Planning Commission on such application. Siir-h officer or employes shall cause public notice of such public hearing to b« given by fanning ono notice thereof to bo published In a newspaper of (rcnrrnl circulation In the County at least ton (10) tlny» befora the date of »alrt hearing. At wild hearing the applicant shall present a statement and adequate evidence. In such form as tho Planning Commls- Blon may require, showing: 1. Thnt there aro special circumstances or i-omlltlona applicable to the land, building or use referred to In the application. 2. That tho granting of the application In necenimry for the prenorva- tlon and enjoyment of substantial property rlKlitd, 3. That the granting of the appli cation will not materially adversely nffect the henlth or safety of per- Bonn re»l<l1uif or working: In the neighborhood of tho property of the applicant and will not bo materially detrimental to the public welfare or injurious to property or Improvements In wild neighborhood. The Comminution shall thereupon malcn Its decision on tho wild application and shall report such deemlon to the Board of Supervisor* within forty-five <4B) days after the filing of the application, In grnntlnir any adjustment or variance undor tlio provisions of this *ee- tlon, thn Planning CommlHslon dn*lgn«t« *uc.h conditions In o tlon therewith n» will. In tin opinion, secure HviltHluntlally Uta objective of the regulation or provision to which such adjustment or variance Is grouted, as to light, air, and th« public health, safety, mornm, convenience and genornl welfare. No permit shall bo Ismioil under Uie provisions of this •octlon unions uml until a deelnlon of the I'lMinhiR Commlxnlon, a» aforesaid, approving tho namn, nlmll have been approver) nn«l confirmed by the Board of BuparvUiorM, In reporting UK decision to tho ffoard of Supervisors the Pltuinlnir Commission nball report UN findings with respect th»rc- to ami all fact* In ronnoeilon thurii- wlth, and shall specifically and fully set forth any adjustment or variance granted and thn conditions ilenlir- natml. Upon receipt of uuch report. If Ilia deolttlon of tlio I'lnnnlttg rom- mlKKlon approved tho granting of llto application, tho Hoard of Supervisors either shall, by rexolutlon, approve and confirm mild ileclnlon, whereupon the permit n« applied for may insue; or shall refine to approve and confirm «ueh decision. In alt ca*e» In which adjudlmenls or variances fire granted under (ha provUlong of IliU action, the Planning Commission shall requlrn such evidence and guarantees as It may deem to be necessary that tin conditions designated In connection therewith are bo- Ing and will be complied with. The Planning Coinnite*lon shall havo power to hear and decide appeals Involving the enforcement of IhlK ordinance when mich appeals are l>n*<i<l upon questions of tho inlerpro- tntlon thereof. SECTION »S. USE PERMITS U»e permits may be Umed for any of the following In any district: 1. Any of the imes or purposed for which such permits urn required or permitted by tho provisions of thin ordinance. 2. Public utility or public service U»«s or public buildings when found to be nwcMMmry for the public health, safety, convenience or welfare, !t. Commercial excavating of natural materials uurd for building or const ruction puri)p*e*. 4. To ciattnUy an a conforming UB« any tiite permitted In C-S district*, but not In morn re«trlnted dlntrlcts. which UBe Is enlHtlng at the time of the adoption of this ordinance MS a non.oonfqrinlng usn In a C-l district. 6. To rlu.Milfy an u conforming u»e any institutional uso rxUtln* in any dlntrlcjt nl Hie time of th« establishment of «tlt;h district, G. To permit tbe location of any of the following u«c>« In a district from which th«y are (•xcludfirl by th* provisions of thin ordinance; Blrport; II- bntry, community center, church hoKpltal, Innlltutlonii of tut educational, phllantliroplo or churlluMo nature, cetnotury, crunulory, muu»o- Inum and any other pla«:i> for the dlnpoHiil of tho human dead. Huch UHO permits Khali be invued under tlio «amo proceduro na that specified In Section 32 of thU ordl- nunce for tiie grunting of adjustment* or viiHancwK, except that: 1. No public hearing need be held thereon; provided, however, that the Planning CamrnUslun may hold »uch hearliiKH thereon an It may deem to be nucennary; and pnjvidi-a, further, that a public hearing Kluill bo hold 011 any application for a u»o permit for the entablltihment of any use listed In the preceding paragraph numbered "6" of this H«ctlon. 3. The finding* of the Planning CotnmtMlon. except M otherwise pro- vlded In this rM'tlon, need Include only that the eslobliehinent. malntu- littnca and/or conduvlln8 of th« u«e for whieh a wse pernilt I* sought will not, under the ci|rcum»tances of tb« parlluular case. b» -letrlnicnul to the heiillli, nUeiy, moral*, comfort, couvontenc*. or genfmt welfare of n«nKin« reaWlriir or working In the neighborhood ,of *uclt use and will not, und«r the of th* partjcukr c**e. ba detrimental to tho public w«lfttr« or injurious to erty or lmpro-«ments in said neighborhood. 3. Any proceedings to classify curtain us«a an conforming uses, as pro*, vlded in this section, may b» Initiated »y the Board of Supervisors or by the Planning Commission, or by petition as hereinbefore provided. AH other provision* of said Section 12, Including DIB designation by the Planning CcmmlMlon of any conditions upon which the use permit may Ixi iftmied and guarantees that nuch conditions will be compiled with, shall apply to the granting of a use permit. Any use permitted under the terms of nny use p«rmtt shall be established and conducted In conformity to the terms of such use permit and ot any conditions designated In connection therewith. SECTION 34. AMENDMENTS Thin ordinance may be amended by changing the boundaries of districts or by changing any other provision hereof whenever the public necessity ami convenience and the general welfare require such amendment, by fol- lowinR the procedure specified In this section. Said amendment may bo Initiated by: la) Tho verified petition of one or more owners of property affected by the proponed amendment, which petition nhnl| Up filed with the Plan- nine Commission and shall bo aceom- nantml by n feo of Twenty-five (24) Dollars, no part of which shall be returnable to the petitioner; or by (b) Resolution • of Intention of the Board of Supervisors: or by (c) Revolution of Intention of tho Planning Commission. The Planning Commission, not later than at Its next succeeding meeting following tho filing of such verified petition or following the adoption of such resolution of Intention, nhall net ihfc times and places for »uch public hearings thereon a* may be required by law. and shall give such nollc.w of such hearings as may b« required by law. Such notice, shall Include no- tlco of the proposed amendment. In case tho proposed amendment con- slstn of a change ot the boundaries of any district so as to reclasslfy property from any district, except an A-l or A-2 district, to nny other dln- trlct, tho Planning Commission shall give additional notice of the tinin and placo of mieh hearing and of the purpono thereof by: 1. Posting public notice* thereof not less than ten HO) day« prior to tho date of the flrnt of Buch hearings along each and every ntrnet upon which th* properly proponed to bo rnrJanslfled abuts. In case a majority of the property proponed to be reelanslfted has been subdivided Into pHrctUn of one (1) acre or less In area, mich notices shall be placed not more than flvo hundred (600) fo«t apart and such posting shall extend along nald Rtroet or streets n distance of not lesn than five hundred (600) fee.t from the exterior limits of such properties as aro proposed for reclassification. In the cane of all othor property propoaed to he recln»- nlfled such notices shall be placed not moro than one (l) mlln apart. Kae.h such notice shall cnnaiat of tho words "Notion of proposed amendment to Lund l.'ne Plan" printed In plain type with lotteri) not Inna than ono (1) incite in height, and In addition thereto a statement In small typo selling forth a general dencrlptlon of the property Involved In tho proposed change of dlntrl.-t, the tlmo and plane at which the public hearing.* on the proposed change will bo held nnd any other Information which the Planning Commission may deem to l>« necessary; and by £. Mailing a poMal card notice not lens than ten dayn prior to tho date of tho flrnt of mich hearings to the owners of all property within tho posting area ubova defined, using for thin purpoga thn hint known name and addrnnn of nucb owners aa shown upon tho records of th« Avaessor of the County. Any fnllnra to pout public notices or to mall nofstal card notices o» aforesaid shall not invalidate any pro ceedlngB for unumdmctit of this ordinance. Kollowlng the nforenald hearings tho Planning Commission nhall make a report of Itn findings and recom- mendtttlonn tvllh respect to the proponed amendment and shall film with tho Hoard of KupervlnorM an attested copy of mich report within nlnaty (90) dayn after th« dnto of tho meeting tit which BBlfl Cmnmlenlon net the time* and place.* for nuld hearing*. Failure of the Planning Cnmmlimlon no to report within nald ninety (001 days shall bo deemed to 1>« approval of tho proponed amendment by nald Planning Commission. Upon receipt of *urh report from thn 1'lannlnit CommlnHloii, or upon tho expiration of nuch ninety (90) days an uforesuld, the Hoard of Ku- pervlHorn Khali net the matter for public hearing after notice thereof find of tho proposed amendment, given a« provided by law. After the i-onoluKlon of mich hearing tho Hoard of Hiipervlnorn may adopt the amendment or nny part thereof ret forth In th* petition or In tho resolution of intontlon In ouch form an nald Doard may dontn to be Advisable. Tho decision of the Hoard of 8«- pervlinrB Hhall he rendered within *1xty («0) days after th» receipt ot ?u r *A ort . a " tl r ' M) ">mondat!onii from thn planning Commission or after ths expiration of such ninety (90) dayn, an nforciiald. Upon the consent of tho Planning CommlMlon any petition for an amendment may be withdrawn upon tho written application of a majority °l,m' Ul « persons who signed such petition. Tho Board of Supervisors or the Planning Commission, an the cane may be, may by resolution, abandon any proceeding*, for an amendment Initiated by lu own re*o- lutlon of Intention, provided that nuch abandonment may be made only when such uroceedliiKn are before mich body for connld.'ration and provided that any hearing of which public notice has been given shall be held. 8EAC JION 38. FORM OF PETITIONS. APPLICATIONS AND APPEALS Tho Planning CommUslon shall »n Its rule* prescribn tlie form nnd wopo of all petitions, applications and appeals Provided for In this ordinance, and of accompanying data to be fur- nlRh»d eo an to u»suro the fullest practicable presentation of facts for proper consideration of the matter Involved in «ach rane and for a per- munent record. Any petition for on adjustment or variance a;i provided In Seetion S3 of this ordinance, or for u use permit an provided In k«c.- tlon US of thin ordinance, or for an amendment an provided In Krctlon S4 of this ordinance, Khali Include a v«rl- f cation by at least ono of the pott- tloners, attesting to th« truth und correctnesB of all fa»;tji «nd IH«»M pr»- nented with said petition. Kuch verification shall bo dated and nttoatml lioforn u notary public or before the County clerk. • 2lr CTION "• ENFORCEMENT. UE ?, AL P "OCEDURE. PENALTIES All department*, official* and public employee* of tins County which are vented with th« duty or authority to IKSUH jMtrmllH or )lc.«ttB#« khiili con"form to the provisions of this ordl- nanoo and shall ln«u« no such permit or Ik-ciiHK for u»«», buildings, or »ur- posjn >v-h<-r« the »am« would bo in conflict with the provisions of this ordinance ana any irtmh permit or « i" 1 . 1 "^ lf tB " ued l« conflict with the provisions of this ordinance, shall ba null unit void. U Hhall b« the duty of th« PUin- nlng Commlstlun to enforce tho provisions of this ordltmnce pertaining to the ..-rcctlon. construction, reconstruction, moving, conversion, ultera- tlon or addition to any buliainir or structur*. " It shall be tho duty of the Sheriff of tha County and of the officer of the County herein und or otherwlon charg*d »y law with the- enforcement of this ordinance lu enforce this or- dlnaue* and all the provision* of th» *ame. Any perjton, firm or corponitlon. whether a* principal, agent. ciuplo.v»« or otherwise, violating any uf th* provisions of thlei urilinanco shall be guilty «t a mt»deiitp«nor. anj upon .conviction thereof shall be punlahablo by a fln» of not more th»u Thr«« Uundrkd (SOQ) Uollarn or by ttnprU- Jttment IB the County Jolt «t County for «t t«rm not ew«e< Uirei (») months or by UotU saeh ana Imprisonment, Such person, u™*^ ,*. or corporation Hhall be deemed tdt M T. \\ guilty of a separate offense for each , .• ' and eraiT day during any portMHi », of which any violation ol thin «f<^ nnnco is committed, continued «* permlttfld by such person, flr» or corporation, and nholl be punishable , as herein provided. Any building or structure set up. erected, constructed, altered, «n- larged, converted, moved or maintained contrary to tho provision* of this ordinance and/or any tt**» of any land, building or premise* conducted, operated or maintained eontrwy to the provision* of this ordinance shall be and the nnmn is hereby declared to be unlawful and a public nuisance and the District Attorney of the County shall, upon order of the Hoard of Supervisors, Immediately commence action or pr«ce«dtnga for the ahnte.ment and removal and en- Jolnmetit thereof In the manner provided by law and shall take such other steps and shall apply to raoh court or courts u may have jurtn- dlotion to grant such relief as Will tibatn and remove such building of structure and restrain and enjoin any person, firm or corporation from setting up. erecting, building, maintaining or using any such building or structure or unlng any property contrary to the provisions of this ordinance. The remedies provided for herein shall be cumulative and not exclusive, SECTION 37. REPEALING All ordinances and parts or ordinances of said County In conflict with this ordinance, to the extent of such conflict and no further, are hereby repealed: provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall b* deemed to repeal or amend any ordinance of said County requiring a permit or license or both, to cover any business, trade or occupation. SECTION 33. VALIDITY If any section, sub-section, sentence, cmusfl or phrase of this ordinance Is for any reason held by * court of competent jurisdiction to t»« Invalid, such decision shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of this ordinance. The Board of Supervisors hereby declares that It won M hav» passed thin ordinance ami each section, sub-section, sentence, clause and phrase hereof, irrespective of the fact that any one or more sections, sub-sections, aen- tencen, clauses or phrases be declared Invalid. SECTION M. REFERENCE This ordinunc.a shall be known ami cited as thn ijind Une Plan Ordinance of tho county of Kern. SECTION 40. ENACTMENT ThU ordinance nhall take effect and bo In forco thirty (30) days after the dale of Us passage, and shall within fifteen days from the date Of Its pnosago be published for one week In th« Bakersfleld Callfornian, a newspaper of general circulation printed and published In th* County of Kern. Tho foregoing ordinance was duly »iid regularly panned and adopted by th« Hoard of Supervisors of the County of Kern. State of California, at a regular nesslon of said Board held on tho 14th day of September, m«, by the following vote, to-wit: Ayes: Pariah. IHnman. Abel. Noes: None. Absent: \Voollomeo. Wlmmvr. (SRAI,.) 8TANU5V* ABEU, Chairman Pro-Tern of th« Board ot KuperviKor* of th* County of Kern, Kt«te of California. ATTKST: p. E. SMITH. County Clerk and ex-Offlclo Clerk of the Hoard of Supervisors. September sa to 2$ Inc. NOTICE FOR BIOS The Hoard of Trustee* of th* Kern County Union High .School District request* bid* on one accounting ma- chlno with Mandnrd typewriter keyboard and stand according to spec I- floailotui on file in the office of the HtiHlnens Manager at the Kern County L'nlon High School, Bakersfleld California. Ulds will be received at the Hunlncna Manager'*: Office until 6 p. m. on Monday, October S, |9S«. Bids will be opened at ?:SO p. m. on Monday. October C, 193i. (Signed) C. R MOORB. Clerk, T. N. HARVEY. Pre«ldenL Sept. jl, ;g. Qc.l. 5. Superstitions Are Told byjStudent (Viitttd Pren LratHi Wlrt) NEW ORLEANS, B«pt. 28.—t,yle Suxon, author of "Old Louisiana" and "Fabulous New Orleans," ho* uncovered many weird cupantlUoua practices by residents of tho state In a research by his federal writer*' project. In ono Louisiana city the statue of a man holding his marriage llcenee was discovered In a cemetery. Further research evidenced, ossumedly. that It was erected to net wagging tongues at rest. Thousands of keys surrounding tho statuo of at. Peter we™ found In a small local chapter. These keys am votive offerings to the saJnt aa koeper of tho gates of heaven, according to Saxon. In north Louisiana, Saxon reports graves of many children aro «ur» mounted with stone replicas of th* whocH nriil stockings these youngsters wore in life. The reasons for this practice have not been determined. HOW TO FOLLOW THE NEWS FROM EUROPE You need & reliable map to understand properly th* news dispatched from Europe. You w!|! find this large five- color map of Kurop*. available only through our Washington Information rtureau. especially timely. H enable* 5-011 to trace every development from your KmiK reading chair. It give* you a clearer picture of events as they happen. Thin map nhows old anil n«w boundaries, gives old and n«w •.pelltiiBK of tlii> capitals and other major cities and on its reversn ntde carries oil tho fun- namtmtal economic ami political data. Hav<< thin excellent m&p mailed to jour home. Order i.itluy. The price Is only 10 <-nits. postpaid. t'«e This Coupon The Bakersflrld California^ Information HorsAu. Frederic J, llnskln. Director, Washington. I>. C. I enclose herewith lQc«nta In coin (caretuuy vtitt^twui for a copy of tha "Map of Europe." Name Street... City- state . ____ (Mail to Washington, D, ^^xii^^y",,,:V ; .,, -

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