The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on January 1, 1938 · Page 11
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 11

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 1, 1938
Page 11
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 1, 1938. THE MORNING HERALD, HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND. ELEVEN^ You Can't Expect Something For Nothing But Here's Lots For A Little a' BROADCASTS FROM NEW YORK By STEPHEN L. DEBALTA Clu-istmas in this the largest Cosmopolitan confer in the world asfiumes tlio proportions of an international festivity in which poo- Pie of all creeds and races join in liearty unison. Lacking in religion fervor (for there are not nearly enough churches to accomodatc even half of the seven million New Yorkers) its observance is made np largely by other than purely spiritual factors. The joy of giving and 1he pleasure of receiving, the deeply rooted impulse of universal brotherhood and a natural instinct of good will towards fellow men are chiefly responsible for the Christmas spirit that prevades this huge, cold and selfish metropolis for one short week. It is regret- lablo that this awakening of mankind's best instincts is brought about only once a year. It would be a place almost too good to live in If New York was as good, as lovely and as generous three hundred and slxty-flve days of the year as during this much too brief yuletide. * * * Timing the-event vitli a precoii- c-:iyei coincidence, the National Broadcasting Company presented the people of this country with the most generous gift on Christinas night. The first symphony broadcast under fhe baton of Toseanini, predestined to make history in the annals of art as well as radio, took place last Saturday right. The magnitude of the undertaking, rather than the undertaking itself, claim the particular distinction that gave this event a conspicuous place on the front page of every newspaper in the country. Symphonic strains are coming every day over the air waves; the Sunday afternoon concerts of the N. Y. Philar- monlc Society are a favrrtc feature with millions of listeners, as well as many lesser orchestras. But th Toseanini symphonic hroadcasl inaugurated last Saturday mar iho apogee of music in radio. A oichcstra of ninety virtuosi unde the baton of the world's greates maeslro projecting into the air th most perfect Interpretation of wha 13 best in music, is a superlativ achievement that will never he su: passed, in our time at least. Th National Broadcasting Company; purely commercial enterprise, ha laid for once aside pecuniary con sideralions, to give the people o this country the best within the gif of any man or organization of mei This generosity will cost them c!os to half a million dollars for Tos cnnini's fee alone, we are told, i one hundred thousand dollars. Sue grandiose gestures fill us with a re newed faith in the unselfishness an, the good will of men, a very timel; manifestation at this particula season of the year. Let us hop that such magnanimity will not b spurned and that the majority o Americans will avail themselves o this opportunity to elevate thei mills in the cult of divine harmonj (hat will low freely into thci homos and their hearts every Sat in-day night for the next foiirteel weeks. FICKLE SEATTLE, Dec. 31 (#•).—Womel may he changeable, but county uclitor Earl Millikin gives the mind-changing championship to a prospective bridegroom. The youth asked Eor his money hack on a marriage license. Toh Ui;U iras impossible, he asket whether ho could use il. for anothei rl. Tho answer again was in "Aw nuts!" he exclaimed. "Guess I'll go hack to the firfct girl." CLASSIFIED ADS cut down expenses and build up savings. TODAY'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE 10 17. 2fe 29 3S 14- n •2.-1 14- ia IS ACROSS 1—To blow a 26—A circlet of horn metal 5—Stilted 27—A bounder 10—Damage 29—Upon 11—A gentle 30—Jewish breeze month 12—Encounter 32—Fuss 13—Form of the 34—Turkish verb "to be" magistrate 15—Short for 36—Conjunc- clcbutante lion 16—A tavern 37—External 17—A rebuff coating of 19—Negative certain seeds reply 38—To take a 20—A light, flex- cutting from Ible, tanned a plant horsehide 40—Diverge leather 41—An edifice 21—Having a for public wing worship 23—Nea.t 42-Small chll- 25—Exclamation drcn of sorrow DOWN 1—Shy 5—Outspoken 2—A forcbod- 6—Sim god |rt£ 7—Mire 3_Not clogged 8—Spheres of 4—To work nt nctlon 14_Greek letter 26—To cook by correspond- surrounding ing to M with hot 17_Foxy embers 18—Bare 27—A flexure 20—Border 28—Shapes 22—Note of the 31—Observe! scale 32—A melody 23—A prickling 33—Expired sensation 35—Intention 24—At home 37—Knack 25—A dye from 39—Postpaid the madder (abbr.) plant Answer to previous puzzle HERALD-MAIL INFORMATION Al\ ads are restricted to their proper classifications and to th regular Heraid-Mail style of type. Errors in advertisements should De reported immediately. The Herald-Mall will not be responsible Cor more than one Incorrect Insertion. Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertion taken the one tima rate. PHONE YOUH CLASSIFIED AD TO 104 - 105 - lOfi No ads taken for less than a basis ol three lines. Count six average words to the line. The average word contains aiz letters. Dally rates per line for consecutive Insertions: CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING HATES Cash Rate Ona time ~ ...» .-10 Threa times .- „ .08 Six times •• All Classified Advertlslnc la CASH-iN-Aij VANCE Ads ordered Tor three or six times and stopped before expiration will be charged for only the numb«r of times the ad appears and adjustments made at the rate earned. Special rates for yearly advertla In* upon request. Careful attention erlven to small WHEN AND WHEKE TO PLAC3D YOUR AD The Classified Advertising De partment is situated at the Herald' Mail. These offices are open to receive advertisements from S A. M. to I P. M. daily. All ads received up until 11 A. hi. will appear In edition aame day and & P. M. will appear In ndition following day. The Ad-taker will gladly assist you if desired so that the copy for your ad is prepared in such a man• as tn hringtlip greatest rffsnltH CLASSIFIED INDEX The following advertisements under tlio following classifications are arranged In ALPHABETICAL order for quick references. ANNOUNCEMENTS I—Notices. 2—In Memo Ham. 3—Card of Thanks. 4—Flowers and Mourning Goo4«. 5—Funeral Directors.' 6—Monuments and Cemetery Lots. 7—Personals. S—Bowling Alleys. 9—Societies and Lodges. 10—Lost, Strayed and Found. AUTOMOTIVE It—Automobiles for Sale. 12—Autos for Hire HOW'S YOUR HEALTH Edited by Dr. Lnso C For (he New Turk \ of Mcdlcin*. Unfinished Business One medical auihnrily calls convalescence the unfinished business of sickness—an apt label. The initial phase of sickness Is exciting—almost like a game. What's the diagnosis? "What has Ihe patient? The diagnosis having been made, the second phase follows. Treatment calls for new ami interesting procedures. Besides, ;he sick patient, so evidently ill, draws upon everyone's sympathy. But then there conies a time vhen the doctor smilingly adii'ms that the patient is O.K., out of danger—in a word, recovered. Ahfl it this point tlin unfinished and isually badly done, hnsiness—con- vnleKcencp.—begins. The pa Lion t is nn longer sick, n the original sniiKo of fhn term. : -fe runs no tfimpprnture, his pulse s normal, or near In normal, symptoms which were so alarming a few days ago have disappeared. le Is again himself! But is he? \sk one who has really known ill- less, and he will assure yon that he convalescence period is as try- ng, or even more so, than the pe- iod of acute illness. Charles Lamb, the essayisi, was i keen psychologist. In his essay, 'The Convalescent," he most completely describes the unfinished wsiness of sickness. He is aware lot only of the physical debility present at the limn the patient Is [eclared "recovered," but also of he psychological change which Ihe latient has undergone during his llness, and which persists long after the morbid process has sub- ded. | Sickness, says Lamb, enlarges ' he dimension of a man's self to; imself. He is unspeakably sel- ! ,sh or, in the language of modern i lychology, turns all his libido in- vard. He may also be irritable, estless, critical, demanding. Convasescenl patients, children specially, require as much care nd even morn understanding than he acutely sick. On the physical side, the longer he illness has run, the more grad- al should be the resumption of >hyslcal activities. Do not allow he patient to become over-tired. On the psychological side, it fs yiser to yield at first to the de- nands of the patient, at least im- il such time as it is evident that lie- demands are no longer vital to iis recovery hut have become a ablt pattern for procuring selfish SfMSS J IT'S- TIME TO STRAIGHTEN OUT YOUR BUSINESS AFFAIRS You can't let your business take care of itself. You must find capable employees, rent vacant property and sell surplus merchandise. In other words, you must use Want Ads. 12A—Delivery Service. 13—Battery and Ignition Service. 14—Body and Fender Work, Paint Ine Tops and Upholstery. L. r j—.Motorcycles and Bicycles. 16—Repairing and Service Stations 17—Tires. Parts. Accessories. 17A—Wanted—Automotive. BUSINESS SISKV1CE IS—Business Service Offered. ISA—Beauty Parlors. ISB—Barber Sohna. ISC—Radio Repairing. 1SD—Welding and Brazing. 13—Buildirg and Contracting. 20—Cleaning. Dyeing. Renovating. 21—Dressmaking and Millinery. 22— Heating. Plumblnp.. Roofing. 23—Insurance and Surety Bond. 2-1—Laundering. 25—Moving. Trucking. Storage 26—Painting. Papering. Decornt ng 27—Printing. Engraving. Binding 28—Professional Service. 2.0—HeiMirliiR and Rennlshliig. 2!)A—Piano Tuning and Repairing. 2!>B—Shoo Repairing 2!)C—Harness and Leather Goods, 30—Tailoring and Pressing. — Wanted — Business Service. EMPLOYMENT .>-—Help Wanted—Female. 33—Help Wanted —Male. ",4 —Help—Male and Female. r>—Solicitors. Canvassers, Agenta. 36— Situation" Wanted —Female. 37—Situations Wanted—Male. FINANCIAL 35—Business Opportunities. 3!)—Investments. Stocks. Hondo. 40—Money to Loan. Mortgages. 41—Wanted—To Buy. 41A —Wanted—To Borrow. INSTRUCTION 42—Correspondence Courses. 43—Local Instruction Classes. 11—Musical. Dancing. Dramatics. 45—Private Instruction. IT. A—Instruction — Male. 4(3—Wanted—In.-truction. LIVESTOCK 47—Dogs Cats. Other PetE. 4S—Horses. Cattle, Otlier Stock. 49—Poultry and Supplies. SO—Wanted — Livestock. MERCHANDISE il—Articles for Sale. ilA—Barter and Exchange. ',2—Boats and Accessories. .33 — Building Materials. f,4— Business and Office Equipment ,fi—Farm and Dairy Products. ;C—Feed and Fertilizer. 3GA—Coal and Wood. J7—Good Tilings to Eat. 3S—Homemade Things, if)—Hoiiseiiold Goods. GO—.lewelry. Watches. Diamonds. Gl—Machinery and Tools. 32—Musical Merchandise. 32A—Radio Equipment. 33—Seeds Plants, Flowers. ;-4—Specials in the Stores. ;r, — Wearing Apparel. 3G—Wanled—To Buy ROOMS AND HOARD >7 — Rooms with Beard. iS — Rooms without Board, ill—Rooms for Housekeeping. •0—Vacation Places. r l — Where to Eat. ;-j — Where to Stop In Town. '2 — Wanted —Rooms or Board. REAL ESTATE FOR KENT 74—Apartments and Flats. T, — Business Places for Rent. •f3— Fnrms and Lands for Rent '7—Houses for Rent. '7A—Garages for Rent. S—Offices and Desk Room. n—Shore and Mounlain—For Rent. ;0—Suburban — For Rent. SI —Wanted—To, Rent. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE) i —Brokers Real Estate. 2—Business Property for Sale. 3—Farms and Lands for Sale. 4 —Houses for Sale. 4A—Garaces for Sale. v r >—I.oU for Sf.le. SG—Shore Mountain. Lake for Sale. 17—Suburban —For Kale iS—To Exchange—Heal Estate. 19 — Wanted— Heal Estate. AUCTION'S—LEGAL 10—Auction Sales. II—T.ecnl Nnllr-w. Announcements Personals '.ACK. nur-ihers—Ksquire, Fortune, Life, Lr>ok. Rifleman. Sportsman, elc., Ill X._.7oiKi1han_St , KArfX 7 ro ~P LAV i: I: I f )t; I-:—ca P a Mr; instructress nnw forming .•lasses-. Trli-phnni- 2T.S1. Lost, Strayed, Found 10 LOST—While Collie dopr. Reward. Phonc_23ir,. _ LOS't^Key c:tse with n:unc and address. Reward. Return Jlcrald- .Mall. ,_ LOST—.Man's Wjiltham wrist watch. Hold case, stainless steel liack. Return to Box 7:! Herald. Reward. Automotive Automobiles For Sale THE HKST BUYS IX TOWN And They Are SAFETY TF.STHD AV'hleh .Means They Are Absolutely SAFE TO DRIVK Open Evenings Until 10 O'clock .1. K. SN'OWIiEHCIOR & SOXS 2:3 )•:. Washington St. Phone SOI Automotive Automobiles For Sate 1!I37 FORD TRUCK—For sale cheap tn quick buyer. Write Box 73. _llpraltl-Jla]|.__ LfuT)SO".\ Tedl^iT good^tires. !40.00; a bargain; T>3S N. Mulberry St. Geo. 1... Hicks. GUARANTEED USED CARS 1937 FORD DeLuse Touring. Radio. -•eater. 11)37 FORD Tudor. 193G FORD Tudor Touring. 1936 PLYMOUTH Coach. 193[> PONTIAC Coupe, with radio. IBS; FORD Forclor Touring. 193 FORD Coach. 1934 FORD Cabriolet 1933 CHEVROLET Coupe. 1933 FORD Tudor. 1S32 FORD Coupe. 1930 FOKD 1ST Truck. 1930 INTERNATIONAL Chassis. 1935 FORD 157" Truck (complete.) 1930 FORD 131' Truck. 1930 FORD Panel. FORDSON Tractors. NEWMAN AUTO COMPANY Pho-'ft 74 Smlt nsburg. S>ld_ Autos For Hire 12 TAXI—Ci-iiham taxi, 2{)c. A safe. I'omfortalilo f?:ib. Punlic insured. Taxpayer. J'.'iul II. .loliiuyin. Motorcycles and Bicycles 16 i;n.\7i'T7F7rK line «r M<-y<-i<> pai th-ps •<;- accessories; repairing. Tu-ijrg f'ycle Co.. -!3 N. Mulberry. Repairing -i Service Stations 16 CAR WASHING f>0c—General repairing & battery service. Amoroso's Garage, rear 33 N. JonaU Business Service Business Service Offered 18 GLASS—Sold and replaced In automobiles. mirroi-Sj window glass _01 ass .S h n n. 11 N Locus t Ph__2fi9j,W Radio Repairing 18-C ~ i\l fljTlii?S~ RADIO SERVICE All Mak-s Repaired. Open 8 A. M t, 9 p. M. 4 N_ Mulbjrry.JM^Hgl Insurance and Surety Bonds 23 S^7vFE AUTO Compensation Sc Fire I'nsuranco. J. 1.1. Burgesser. 17 N'egley I'.Idg. Phone f>38. Rcpairino and Reflnishlng 29 F<7Ll',<HvTx<r our yearly P ra i: I i i • rj fn'rnilure 'luring Ilic month' "f .l-niuarv Phmie 1910 ;ind our rep- t-nsnitn'tive will t-lll. Bench" Heir-liard Flit nit lire Cn.^ F. .jV~GACK—Kcilpliolsterlng & pairing furniture. Mattresses renovated work first cla.'--s. reasonable nrlces Ph_ 2J^05.1 32 Center 31 Employment Help Wanted—Female 32 I;[RJ, — {)]• woman for general housework on farm; excellent JinmnJoj-iKht person.Jtoxjili, ilnll .MIDDLE AG'KD l"a"ily for general luiusewnrk. ,API>lv A. L. Tracy, _SnilthKlMirg, Md. VVUM KX~u T lu> can sow. Write me today for amazinR- opportunity to earn extra money without canvassing. Harford, Dept. S-13,',7, Cincinnati, Olilo._ WIMTF, WOMAN—T7>"<lc>' cooking' \o laundry Writ'! Box 71, e/o Ilerald-.Mnil. Help Wanted—Male 31 fiKsi'ONSI ni.K Im-al man to service established store route nut mcMls :nid candies. 0;ir required and rash deposit for merchandise; on location. Salary ?:::,.00 weekly and commission. Write only. Mr. II. .M. .Miiiis, 9-M 3rd Ave., Brooklyn. -V. V. .SIXGT.1-3 farm hand; reference. Wrile Box 7-1 Herald-Mail. Situations Wanted—Female 36 COMI'K'J'KN'r woman wants light housework. 1 adults, in or near cily, live iu. Write i:<,\- 7r., Herald. Financial Money to Loan—MortgJuei 48 MONEiV TO LOAN ON MORTGAGES N. B. ROWE, 26 N. PotomjUijt MONEY TO LOAN ON MORTGAGES QROH REALTY CO. 13 Summit Ave. 5% MONEY" for First Mortgages. H T I3re\ver, T. C. Lindsey. 214-15 2nd Nat. .BajjkJjldg._Ph. 2181 Livestock Dogs, Cats, Other Pets 47 COLLIE PUPPIES FOR SALE— S'12 Summit Ave. Pliono_222j J L__ Hones, Cattle, Other Stock LIVESTOCK of all kinds bought, sold & exchanged. Saddle horses for hire. Sam_Pnsben.^!lL^Mi£22 ; Poultry and Supplies 49 CUSTOM HATCHING — .Marshall Hatcher , Memorial Blvd.. E. Phone 962.1. Chicks oh sale at Howard's Feed Storej Pjipne_80_6^^_^ Merchandise Articles for Sale it ELECTRIC MOTORS—All types and sizes; ais t accessories £ parts; re- nalrhiE a specialty. Hagorstown Equipment Co.. Md. Ave. Phone j^G ELECTRIC MOTORS & PARTS— Nev anc used motors control devices. We repair & rewind all sizes, any make or type. GREENWALT ELECTRIC CO. Phon^ JOT. FURNACES — Pipe, hose, belting, nttlleys, plumbing supplies, Oi- MCE FURNITURE Hagerstown Equipment Co.. Maryland Ave. Phone 116. WASHING machines repaired, parts ft wringer rolls. .loues Appli. Service, 24 Summit Ave. Phono 21. " I NEW 5 tube Air Chief house radio; cheap to quick buyer. Twice Cycle Co.. 43 N Mulberry. Coal and Wood COAL — COKE — WOOD High Quality Plus Good Service LEISTER COAL CO. Phone 77S. 63 W. Lee St. "We Make It Hot For You DISTRIBUTORS —6. P. Automatic Coal Burners. AYERS BROTHERS Rr 39 W Ailtictaul St. "Original" Pa. EBB and Lump Coal All Sizes of Pocahontas, Run Aline Phone 900-901 GKOIIUK'S Creek Coal—?1.50 truck load of G T. Single T.. J4.75 or ,sr> r ;, lump at same price. Phone 1311.1. .Smith Coal Co. ^ OION RED ASH LYKENS VALLEY Furnace, Heatrola Special $8.50 W. M. BEATTY. PHONE 1208.1 POCAHONTAS -r- Nut or stove. Penn. lump. Lykens Valley, pea. nut or stovo. Mine run & etoker coal. Call or see PEOPLE'S COAL CO. Phone 2036 Iji^ McConyijL^St.^ Household Goods 69 Financial Investments, Stocks, Bonds 39 Gl'AirA~NTEI«:D Income Reserve— .No Kiiuiiiliiil,' o! money. Let me explain features. .Mark Mellor, 110S _ .On l<__llill_A_YC;._llagerstowii._.yld._ Money to Loan—Mortgages 40 MORTGAGES—On farms, f>%, 10 to lf» yrs. Consult us. L. S. Spangler, 2nd FI.. 2nd National Bank lildg. iloiNEY TO LOAN—On rood 1st mortgages. 6%. H. P. llartmnn. la N Jonathan St. Sl7)N ET "TOT.O~A~N ~ON~MO I<TU AU1SS W. MURRAY HAECHTUL Agency. 304-S-l! Second Null Rnnk Bids ..SE THIS CLASSIFIED Ads as your guides In thrifty buylnff. USRD RANGES R- HEATERS Electric Range AM Porcelain Cnnl Range Oil Burner Circulating Henter Convenienl Terms SHOr'KEY FlIRN'tTIIHR CO. 2.^-30 Summit Ave^ Phone 127(1 66 Wanted to Buy GOOD second hand furniture wanted. M. H. Barney. 18 W. Franklin St. Phone 112. r >R. r^NTEl^—MM) cords of wood, cord wood or slab. Call Hagerstown, WANT 500 barrels of corn; will pay market price to haul it. Harry S. D i t to. ClcarsPjrlEK_MJ- Rooms and Board Rooms With Board 67 LARGE furnished bedroom, bright ,t cheerful, excellent heat. 34 w. Franklin St. Rooms Without Board 18 A~NT1ETA~M ST.-E.-23G—Large front Ijedroom for 1 or 2. Apply IJULL Apartment. Potomac St.-N.- 302—Desirable room suitable for 1 or 2 pel-sons. Phone M37-.J. 1 LARGE front furnished bed room. suitable for I or 2. Second floor. 136 K Potomac. Rooms For Housekeeping 69 crfrysTN^UT ST -54G—3 modern furnished rooms, private hath, elec- Iric rcfrig. Adults only. J7 week. Turij-XMTl) AVE.-S20—2 large furnished rooms, enclosed porch, garage. Adults only. WASHINGTON A YE. -1319 — Furnished rooms for light housekeeping. _Lodghig_hy_day__or week. Real Estate For Rent APAKTMHNT-S-— Modern, furnished and unfurnished. Apply 1st floor 21_C^S._ Prospect KuTxivLIX ST.-W.-GIG— -1 rooms ;u.(l )»;iili. electric n>rrigRration; larKo i)or»!h. hot w;Hcr all year; ]>eat funii.shfid. Adulls. HAMILTON BLVD. -834 — I rooms. liatli fiinifshed. 2nd floor. Ra- rriKeru'ion. Phone 1926M. ni«, \V . _ >OR. HAMILTON "DLVD.-920 — 3rd floor north: nosaesslon Dec. 15. Call 10 MR or 30S TlTufT LT O X ~T3 1 7v D - - 11 :t 1 — "• , modern, hardwood. Apply r,l \V. FnuiUlin. .Mr.s._nubcn. Ph. 1S."> " HAMILTON BLVD.-D15—1st floor. 6 room apartment. No children. IT. Fra.ilt Wolfe. Phono EHR. LAKIN APARTMKNT—S. Potomac St 5 rooms and bath each. Phone SilO or 2430. XIOKI.Y furnished a. pur invent. Couple with :io children. Apply C02 Sunset A^ve 1 _ _, _ ______ \i6DKirN~7ipartment, 4 rooms and liath, hardwood HOOFS, newly, pa- md-ed: janitor service all year. J'lculy lieat and hot water, $27.50. ItiiKci-Rtuwn JtftiiHy Co., 12 W. E<Vnnklin St. Phone I GO. OAK U'LL AVE.-71f> —New & room modern, untoniatlc heat; Immediate possession. Phone 2ii(H or 2221M. .'DT(J.\1AC ST.-S.-220—S rooniK Cur- sliod. All con veil Icnco.s. Apply POTOMAC AVR-100A — Desirable 1st II nor, oli iieat; no children. Sf)0, Potomac Hills. PLEASE! When answering any of these ads, either by writing or in personal interview, kindly state that you saw the advertisement in the Herald-Mail. This will immediately identify you as a progressive quality reader, aid the advertiser, and insure you the very best service. Real Estate For Rent Apartments and Flats 74 \\ A SUING TON ST.-B.-232—4 room turn. Apt., private bath, steam h' -a. 1st floor. Poss. at once. ti ROOM apartment, elevator service, Farmers & Merchants Bank Bids.. b. W \Vayhingtnn St. Phone 108. Farms and Lands for Rent 76 112 ACRE FARM—fJnml buildings, productive liiml. Write P. O. Box :!7, Keedysville. Houses for Rent 77 BROADWAY-124—6 rooms. Possession at once. Apply 122 Broadway or 'phone 1373. B13LLEV JE AVE.-14—6 rooms, bath, furnace; reasonable rent. Jan. 1st. M. Berkson. 43 W. Franklin St. FAIRGROUND AVE.-I1S—6 rooms, no furnace; possession at once. Apply Harbaiigh R. D. McKee's. FUNKSTOWN Md. — Main St., house, city water, lights, Heat- roln. Rent reasonable. Poss. at oncft. B. F- Sowders FOR -KENT—.Dwellings Nos. 711 &. 713 Marshall St. Gllmore R. Flautt, Frederick, Md Phone OOP. FRANKLIN ST.-E.-324—77 Madison, etc. Immediate possession. „ Apply 111) N. Potomac St. Ph. 83W. GU1L,F~6RD~" "..VT3.-620— Widow de^ sfrea to share furnished home: all conveniences. Apply same. HAMILTON BL.VD.-1115 — 6 room, modern house, $35 mo.; garage. St role-Wright Insurance Agency Phono 12GR. HAMILTON BLVD.-7S7—Modern 6 room IIOUSG, newly refinisned throughout, with garage. Apply 22-1 West Sid* Ave. MULBERRY ST.-S.-252 — G room lions a, conveniences, poss. about Jan. 1st. Apply 254__S. .Mulberry. Ml ILB K R H Y ST. - N. - G 0 (Tsioc k—Ha 1C of double house. $25.00. Phone 773 J. POTOMAC YVE.-1203— G room house. garage, hardwood floors. Good location. . Mrs . H. L. Kneisley. Ph. 1524. dlNGLE HO.UBE North End (or rent. W. MURRAY BAECHTEL Agency. Rmj. 304-fi-6 Sec. Nat. Bk. Bldg. Wanted—To Rent RESPECTABLE couple; no children, rlesira house ?25 mo or unf. apt. ?30;_ \vrit_e__fu_U. v Box 65 Herald Real Estate For Sale Farms and Land For Sale S3 GOOD •! '-I A. berry, fruit, chicken farm. State road, $1000. 39 A., Ohcwsvllle pike, priced right. 125 A., new buildings, running water, r. .M. City, $4800. Otlmr farms. S. r.. V. Young, 13G S, Locust St. NIOAR WILL1AMSPORT—132 acres, S rm. stone house, S rin. frame ten mil house, hank barn, 50'xlOQ'. Good limestone land and priced very reasonable. Court Realty Co., 214 2nd Natl. Bank El tig. Ph. 2481. TRUCK FARM—50 acres, 10 room house, bank barn, all outbuildings, well, 2 cisterns, fruit, berries, running water: !)Fi % new tence, new Dual Highway, church ft school. L. K KepharL ph _p n ^_J; 7 ;U' ffTuTRTrYarm G fnom house "large stable other outbuildings rlose tmvii'Slfint). BARGAINS in FARM O1TV COUNTRY & COMMERCIAL Proper! IOK.. W MURRAY KAECHTJSr, Agc.ncy, Rms. 30'1-ii-fi Sec. Nat. Hit. -Pldg._ TTjTjV — Le.'nl. ample* buildings, run- nine valor, electricity. S7.0SO.OO. P. M. R Hi ennui'. Smiths burg. riT'A"—^"TiililciT from town on hard road Kleuli'lc, well improved; 40 A Virginia Ave., good invest- mnnt; good double brick. Mulberry Ave • double brick, Washington Avo (" E. Winger. 12G E, Baltl- mnreSt. rjiojio_J_S_8:i. Houses For Sale 84 l-'OR SALE—Desirable homes, lots, business locations. Insurance. Also rents cojlected; 1st mortgage loans 5% Hliaa. E. Fry. 1100 Hamilton Blvd Phone 2391-J. IF A HOME or property for Investment, we have them In all sections of Hagerstown and suburbs at low prices and on easy terms. See us Cor good buys. Strole Realty Co.. _A reade_ Bldg. „_„_ Sl'X I10OAL frnnie house, close to Spiel man's .Station. In good condition. Stable, gin-ape it all out }>i!iJ(IJ»s.s; oleclrie, 1 acre lot, hard rn;ul, 51700; 7 ROOM house, frame covered with brick shinglc.s, ail conveniences, 4 acres ground, Halfway. Price ?:tQI)0. .iohii I/. Swain. Ph. 2089J. ^OUTTTRND -Smiiii ,d\vei 1 i'rigTYl3S0*. North End-at tract ivd brick. S rm. d\vl., larg • lot. lovely trees and shrubbery, remarkable value. Double brick, modern, bargain, unusual opportunity for investment. Centrally located. 4 story brick apt., reasonable price, liberally financed. Trarms onft to 300 acres. N. B. Rowe 2G N. Potomac. St. Real Estate For Sale House* For Sale •4 YOU worked for your money, now let it work to> you in property at s. 8 & 12% net. We have them. . John K. Taylor. Phone 838 WASHINGTON AVE.—3 story double brick, excellent condition, very desirable for Apts. Call Thurman <;. Llndscy, Court 'Realty Co., Zli 2nd Natl. Bank Bldg. Ph. 2*81. Auctions—Legols Legal Notices 91 ORDER NfS[— Martln V. B. Bostetter, Assignee, Washington County Bijildine & Loan Association, Inc., Mortgagee, versus Charles M. Hebb, Bertha F, Hebb. Mortgagors. No. 13,627. In the Circuit Court for Wash- , ington County sitting as a Court of Equity. Ordered, By the Clerk of the Circuit Court, this 30tl~ day of December, 1937, that the sales made and reported by Jlartln V. B. Bostetter, Mortgagee, for the sale of the real estate in the proceedings of-; tin's cause mentioned, be ratified .. and confirmed, unless cause to the' contrary be shown to the Court on or before the 24th day of January next: Provided, a copy of this order be Inserted in some newspaper' published in Washington County, at Vast once a week for three successive weeks before the said last- ? mentioned day. The report states the amount of sales to be $2,750.00. TRUE COPY—TEST: EDWARD OSWALD, Clerk. NOTICE TO CREDITORS— £ Estate of George W. Miller, de- r ceased. ( Notice Is hereby given, that the 1 ' '' subscriber has obtained from the- Orphans' Court o£ Washington County, Letters Testamentary on the estate of George W. Miller, late " of said county, deceased. All per- K:»IS having claims against said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, legally authenticated, to the subscriber on or before the 17th day of July next; they may otherwise, by law be excluded from all benefit of said estate. All persons"indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment. Given under my hand this 17th day of December A. D. 1937. ADA M. MILLER, Executrix. i NOTICE TO CREDITORS— Estate of John "W. Lefever deceased. Notice is hereby given. That the subscribers have obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington County, Letters of Administration c. t. a. on the estate of John .-W. Lefever, late of said county, deceased. All persons having claims against said deceas.d are hereby -warned to exhibit the same, with 'the vouchers thereof legally authenticated, to the subscriber on or before the 17th day of July next thev may otherwise, by law. be excluded form all benefit of said estate All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate pay ment. Given under our hands this 17th day OL December A D 1337 Administrators c. t. a: Classified Display Notices Ohe annual meeting of the stockholders of The Savings Bank of VVil- liamsport, Wllliamsport, Md. lor the election of directors, and the trail"action of all such other business as may properly come before the meet= J"?. will be held on Thursday the thirteenth day o£ January between* the hours of two and three o'clock J). m. at the office of the Banking Room in Williamsport, Md * CHARL,ES_K. KARFMjiR Cashier' Public S»le OP REAL ESTATE By virtue of a power of sale coni tallied in a mortgage from Jefferson Davis and Bottle L, Davis, his "•ife, said mortirnee being dated October S. 1929. and recorded In Liber No. 184. folio 185. one of the. Land Records of Washington Coun-" ty. Maryland, default having occurred under the covenants therein, the undersigned assignee for loreolosnre and collection will sell at public sale In front of the Court House ini Hagrerstown. Washington v County. Maryland, on TUESDAY. JANUARY -I, 1938 between the hours of one and three o'clock P. ,\I.. all that tract or parcel of land be'ng located at Eakle's Mill in Washington County State of .Maryland, and containing one and one-fourth acres of land, :more or less, the Improvements consisting of a two story brick house and frame stable. This is fine trucking land and lies convenient to a hard surfaced road, and there is also an electric power line running along said property, making electric current avatlaMf for this property. TERMS OF SALE; One-half. the purchase toney in cash on the day of sale or the ratification thereof by ,the Otirt and the balance in one year from day of sale with Interest from the day of sale, the deferred payment .to be secured to the satisfaction of the undersigned, or all cash at the option of the purchaser. .HARRY BRINDLI3, Assignee for foreclosure and collection. Fred White, Auctioneer. COURTESY AND INTELLIGENT 104 and arrange a classified ad with service await you when you call an ad-taker. Notices Notices Our Sharp Freezer room is ready to receive meat. All completed; order your locker now. , '•• Call 4038 F12 Middleburg Pike . , • OAKY DOAKS Trademark Applied Por U. 8. Pmtent Offlc*. Well Anyhow, Happy New Year lyR.B. FULLER NO-I T GUESS 1 DON'T STAY / IN ONE \ PLACE y LONG ENOUGH WHAT'S THE MATTER? DON'T YOU GET ANY FAN MAIL? I HOPE ALL OF OUR FANS HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR OR MAYBE THIS . GUY, FULLER, DOESNT KNOW HOWTO DRAW

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