The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 18, 1944 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1944
Page 13
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NEW YORK STOCK CLOSE' NEW YORK. Ott. 18. CD — Close ,Air Reduction ............ ......................... 40 Alaska Jljneall .................................... fp.i Allied rhemioal and Dye .................... Kill Allis C'lialmers ......... .......................... 37 Amerknn Can ................. .......... ..... „ 8S?i Am'Tlcan Cur and Foundry..... ........... :t!» a « .American Locomotive ........................ --J'a American Had. and Sid. Sun ............ 12 American /tolling Mill .................... l:~»'i! American Smeller and Ref 1«-l 88 > 45 V» M*i> Kt 7 4 fi "« 2!i Vi H :i7'i 40% ........................ 34 7 a 47 Americnn Tel. and Tel American Tobacco B American "X'iscoe Anacodna ..... Armour Sc I'omnany Aichison. Topeku & Santa Fe Atlantic RefmiiiB ...................... Aviation Cm-pni-at ion Haldwin Locomotive Hendljc Aviation Ilethleliern Ktqei HoHjnif Airplane Borden Borg Warner JlriKKs Manufacturing California I'ack falumet & >Iecla Cunada fry ... Canadian Pacific Ca«e(.T. T.) Calprplllar Tractor Celanepe Corporation Chesapeake & Ohio .............................. Chrysler ............................................ 94 'i rnlmUP-Pnlniolive-l'iM't ...................... ^IMf Columbia. Gu.« and Klectric ................ «"i ConimrrclaM'redit ......................... 42 Commercial lnve^tni'-nt TruM .......... 47'j Commercial Solvents .. ..................... 1 li '4 Commonwealth Kdlson ..................... "S'is Cnmmnn\veiilth & Southern .............. 1 Consolidated ICdison ..................... — 2 5 "4 CnllHolidated Vullew .......................... IBS container Corporation ...................... "874 • •oittinenlal Oil Del ............................. L'R'4 Crown Cork & Sen I ............................ SH'i Crown '/.ellerljacl; .............................. 1'JU CinlinH-WrlBht .................................. 5Ti PoliKlas Aircraft ................................ ~n\ 1)« I'ont de Nemonr ............................ UiS Kaptovn Airlmca ................................ IlS'.i Kasliiian Kodak ................................. IBB Klcclric. Auto Light ............................ 44 "» Klectric Bont ...................................... 13*» Kiev trie Power & Liuht ...................... f> CJcnprnl Klertrlo ............. . .................... M *i< (J.'ncrnl Foods .................................... 42% tieneral Motors .................................. 8:1 'I C.ixxtrlv.h .............................................. K2'-4 (ioodyear Tire * Rubber ................... 4H"» Oreat Northern Railroad pfd ........... , 40"« Cireyhoiin'! Corporation ...................... 22 3 it HonicHtako Mining ............................ V.I '* J-loml Hershey H .................................. I ~ '-» International Hal-venter .................... 80 ]iilernatinni-l Nickel Can .................. •!"'* InU'rnnt Iminl paper ............................ -<) Inlet nation.-,! Tel. «: Tel .'... 1 7 "1 JohnH-Manville 100*. Ketinei ott 35% (ila.«» PS'.i ],oe\v'.i, >.nc '». .Martin ((!. L.) - )»"» 'Martin I'atry 11 Jn M.-KeKHon A- llol.blns _ 27' t MniUBoinciy Ward !>'-]» Nash Kclvinalor IS '•« National Iliscuil 2:!», National <*nHh Register 3.V-J National Dairy Products 25\» National Distillers JJ5 National Lead - l( ^ ( National Power «• Lisht U New York Central 38'a Ndi-lh Ametlran Aviation !>•% North American Co IS'a Northern Puclflc ll>"« Ohio Oil "',* I'aciflc (Inn- ft Klectric 33 "li Packard Motors 6 J-j "an American Airways 32'4 Paramount Pictures 28^ Penney's 1»9 Pennsylvania Railroad 30 » 4 I'epsi-Cola «•!"• Phelps Dod?« "4 Phillips Petroleum 44'4 Public Service of N. .1 17% Pullman 4I ' 7 '4 Jiadio Corp. of America JO'* Radio-Keith-Orphcum R^i Kayonier, Inc 1 K » Republic Pteel Id'i Fteynnlds Tobacco B 33 >i KichCield Oil »"n Scheiiley Distillery 3f>»i Sears. Roebuck !•"> Shell I/ninii Oil L'3T4 SocoiO' Vacuum 1 2 4 * Soutbern Pacific 31 !i Southern Hailwav' -5 s * Sperry Corpoiation 27 B ii Standanl Brands 2flS Standard * Klectric $4 pfd 3'k Standanl oil of California 3fi'4 Standard Oil of Indiana 33% Standard Oil of N. J f'S^i Sliulebaker 19 Texas Company '"i Tide Water Associated Oil 14 % Tt ali.sameri' a 9 ?fc Ttannamerica & Weslrrll Air 24 Union Oil of California 13 Vnton Pacific lfl»'4 1'nited Air Lines 32'a 1'nited Aircraft 31'» t'nt led C'orpornt ion t "*. Tniled Oas Imp 1 3 "i Vnited States Hubher 49^ 4 United Slates Sieel f,9 Warner brothers Pictures „ 13 Western l.'nion Telecraph 4S Wentiimhoujfe Elec. & MfB 107 Wonlworlh <* YouiiKsiuwn Sheet & Tulie. 39 "4 N. Y. Stock Market Is Active DOW-JOXES AVERAGES Preliminary closing Dow-Jones averages: Industrial 14X.87, up 0.48: railroad 42.01, up 0.37; utility, up 0.21; 05 stocks 53.71, lip 0.28. Sales totaled 908.215 shares compared with 070,790 yesterday. Curb turnover was 2G(i,7l5 shares against 218,400 yesterday. NEW YORK, Oct. IS. (U.B — Strength in railroad shares, a new high since January, 1940, in ntili- tie,s, and activities in low-priced motors featured a' firm, more active stock market this morning. Southern Pacific featured the carrier issues in turnover and rose Vi point to 31'/i. Chicago & Northwestern certificates also had large volume and firmed % point. Santa Fe gained nearly a point. Norfolk & Western made a new high of 213, up 2'/I points. National Power & Light, which opened on 10,000 shares, later continued active and equalled Its high for the year. Consolidated Edison also reached Its top for the year. American Telephone made a new high. Graham-Paige" held top place in turnover and registered a small net gain. In the higher priced motor section, Chrysler rose a point. Steels firmed and coppers Distilling, Lerner Stores, Certain- Distilling, Lerner Stores, certain- Teed preferred, and C. C. Murphy had gains of a point or more. Los Angeles Produce LOS ANGELES, Oc.-t. 18. (5>)—Trailing In fruits and veKftables was fair today. Snuaah was weak; Kentucky beans, oah- liaKc. cauliflower and lettuce slightly waker' Persian melons and Uoneydews firm; tomatoes steady to firm on best. Squash: White summer, local. San Dl- PKO county and northern luns $l?f)1.^5; Italian IOC-H!. San Dicso county and northern Tf.c'fi'H.Sii: yellow lues, local, San Uiego county and northern 9<ii)-10o Hi. Ut-niis: Kentnrkys, local, Pan Diego county nnd northern DWIOc Hi. calihaBi': Local Cannunljall, crntcs js.jjiji' local. riO-ih. «»< k* $i. taUt 1 f>0; Santa I'lara. county, crates $2.L'Sw •J.fiO: red cabbage, local and northern $4 4 1 i>. Cauliflower: Local Snowball, lettuce crates, nntrlmmed 75c$$l."!i; Santa Clara county JHB>l.r>0. Lettuce: Dry pack. Santa Barbara county, San Luis Oliispo county nnd Wat- Honviile, crates. 4-doz. Ill.Ti®' 3.25; G-doz. tl.~'i f " -• Persian melons: Looee, local and San Jomiuin valley 4c Mi.; HotieydeAvs. Pan Joa- diiin valley jumbos. Os-Sa and standard 9(i-12s $2.43. Tomatoes: Local. San Diego county and Ventura, county. IUKB 4x5s to Sxiis J2w S.r.O; Nipomo Hnd San Luis Obispo. 5x5s and 5xlis $'J. 2ri^i>:.73; Lompoc, 5x. r ,s and Sxlis SS.-TifB'-'.'fJ: Santa Barbara, 2-layer 4x5s to uxSs $U;, Sun Dies" county, a-liiyer, 6x5« and Ox6a J2.50W3: CBB Amuloes, local Italian, lugs 90c@Jl. Los Angeles Livestock I.OS ANGELES. Oct. 18. (UR)—Cattle salable 1900. Cnws gteady to 75 cents lower, other classes about steady. Medium to good fefl Kteer.i $13itP14.r,0: canner» to medium J10«?n.50; medium to good cows and heifers J10.2.1® 12.75; cutters to common »8©10: canners and cut- tors $5 25®7.75: medium to good bulls J9.50roUl.25- good to choice fed steers lam Tuesday $16.75. Calves salable 200. About steady. Medium to choice range calves JILSO® J13 25' few choice vealers to $14; common calve* down to $9.50; culls down "HOKS salable 900. Active, steady. Medium to choica 180-240 Ib. $15.75. Heavier weleht Jlo. Good to choice sows $14.BO©15. Sheep salable none. Good to choice wooled lam'is queted $13.50®14. Poultry and Eggs LOS ANGELES. Oct. 18. tUP)—Eggs: Wholesale prices consumer frade: Large, grade A 6!>@u<lc.. grade B 34<8>37c; medium, giaile A 48®EOc; small. BvaUe A 26@26c. Uetail prices to consumer: Large, grade A.V r,7<8>68c, urade A 64i8>6Gi:, grade B i"W44c: medium, Brade AA BeffleOc, jvade A R4«*6flc; small, grade A 39®31c. Candled graded esgs to retailers (cases): Large, grade A A G8'A@B9c. grade A 56 W 67c. urade B 37@39i., medium, grade AA 60'tf r/.'c. grade A 48<S>52c: email. iraUe A 2S@31c. Butter unchanged at OPA ceilings. 15 Issues Up on S. F. StockMarket SAX FRANCISCO, Oct. IS. <JPl— The stock market was firm though quiet today, registering 15 galna and 6 losses while 15 Issues remained unchanged. The average rose 11 cenls to 35.57. Stocks— Clone Aircraft Acmsnorips ',» AllllH DiPM-1 Ijj California 1'atk -f? i •atcruillar 4!l -j K. W. A. Plant -•'*» J-'arnflworth 3-'* ?» Hiiti'lieunn Suvar •' . ].H»li« Salt - «-4'» I'.lbby JtrNellt • B » ilasnavox s •* North AliHTlcmi Inv. 5',a pel. Did fi» North American Oil 17-% }'ac-lflc Gas i Eloclrlc H n * I'lK-lflo I-iKht pfd - 108'i I'a'-ifi*- rublir Service •• 1» Tig 'n' Whistle pfd l-'a RhePm Manufacturing ., - !*"» Kic'lificld Warrants J5 Southern Pacific '51 standnrd Oil of California 3tiH WILLIAM PBNN PLAY—Members of the sixth grade class nt William Penn School presented a Columbus Day program at a student body assembly recently. Miss Claire McKvoy, sixth grade teacher, was in charge. Milking Barn Damaged in $200 Short-Circuit Fire Short circuit in the milking barn of II. O. Moore, Maricopa, caused a fire which did $200 worth of damage to the structure Tuesday at 11 a. m., according to the county fire department. One hundred dollars worth of loose cotton was destroyed when exhaust sparks from the tractor pulling the trailer on which the cotton was loaded, set it on fire 1 mile east and 2 miles south of Buttonwillow Tuesday at 5 p. m. Cotton and trailer were owned by \V. L. Smith. A switch panel at the San Joaquln Cotton Oil Company, ICast California avenue and Washington street, burned out from a short circuit Tuesday at 6:29 p. m., according to the city fire department, which was called to the scene. Backfire from a boiler set off flames which did $20 worth of damage to the pump house of Ernie Blank, 2Vi miles east and mile south of Maricopa Tuesday at 7:23 p. m., county fire reports state. Victor Kociuininpnt & 7 * Yosemite Portland pM 6:4 Turnover Is 4800 Shares on L. A. Mart LOS ANGELES, Oct. 38. CW— Early prices continued a higher tendency on the Los Angeles Stock Exchange in a turnover of 4800 shares. Mcnasco Manufacturing was somewhat weaker while Pacific Lighting, Lincoln Petroleum, Southern California Edison common, Ryan Aeronautical and Transamcrica were unchanged. Slock— Close Broadway Department Stores ]8'a Consolldnf«d SIMl com 1 4 ?i Ijincoln 1'etrelovim —« 5T> Men a sco Manufacturing - 1.50 Pacific I.ishtinB - 4ii?i Ryan Aeronautical !> Southern California Kdison com 2t','i Holar Aircraft 4'4 Southern Pacific 31 J ii Transanifrka _ 9H Cotton Future)* NKW TURK. Oct. 18. <5>)—Following early tinwinpsa the cotton market turned steady today on aggreHnive mill buying whi'-li met only acalcup In-dse selling. There wa« a fair amount of switch- Ins from near to distant months. Announcement of n tentative cotton export subsidy proKram drew attention of traders, l.ate afternoon pricec were 5 to 10 rents a bale hisher. December 21.85, .March 21.S^, l\1ay 21.79. Futures eloped 10 to 25 rent* B bale higher. December Sl.SC. March SI.83, May 21.R'_'I8>21.83. July 21.53. October. 1945. SO.82 nominal. Middling spot 22.38 nominal. Government Bonds NEW YOKK. Oct. 18. <JP) —The cloxins priced of bonds on the I\'ew York Stock Exchange. Treasury S'is. 40-4(5. 104.3. After F I!*, n4-i,2, 100.4. 2U«, r,9-!f«. 100.17. After T 2'.-is, r,9-C4, June, reg., 110.2. After U i'.as, 69-M, Dec., i-eg.. 100.2. Los Angaries Cash Grain LOS AKUKLES. Oct. IS. <#•)—Prices quo'.ed RI-B cwt.. field run. rarlota only. California harlej:, grading 46 lb«.. bulk $2.32'4 «? 2.37',$. California yellow milo, No. 2. biiln J2.12'.i(U>2.nV4. California •whent. bulk No. 1 hard or »oft white J2.7002.75. No. 2 oaU. 3S Urn., bulk Los Angolas Hay LOS ANGELES. Oct. 18. VP>— Alfalfa and grain hay prices were unchank'od today. Carlot arrivals: 1 barley, 5 corn, 1 oats, 1 milo, 4 flour, 1 eereal, 76 hay. Bonds Will Be Used for Decoration "\Vai- bonds instead of Christmas tinsel will theoretically adorn streets in Bakersfield's down town business area this year, according: to a decision reached by the Merchants Division of the Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce. Chairman Glenn A. Stanfleld announced that Yuletide frills would be absent during the Christmas buying season and that money ordinarily u»ed for decorations would be turned into war bond channels during the Sixth War Loan campaign "It was decided by the committee that streets would not be decorated this year and that money which would have been used for this purpose, should be turned into war bonds," he said. "This year will not be a true Christmas for the hundreds of Bakersfield families whose loved ones are at the four corners of the globe. We feel that if, in our own small way, we can do our part to hasten their return, we will have done that much to make future Christmases more pleasant." Downtown streets last year were not decorated, although Mr. Stanfield indicated that store, owners would be urged to adorn their interiors with Christmas decorations. Spoiled Food Blamed for Five Fatalities ERIE, Pa., Oct. 18. (U.PJ— Spoiled food was blamed today for the deaths of a mother and her four small boys. Mrs. Bertha Wolfe, 22, of Erie, died today in Hamot Hospital. Her boys, Douglas, I'/J; Daniel, 3; Emmet, 4, and Merlin, 5—were found dead last night by their grandfather, Edward Wolfe. Howard "Wolfe, 32, husband and father of the victims, told police that he and his family had eaten spaghetti, sauerkraut, and pork at the home of his parents Monday night. All except he and his father ate the spaghetti. THREE MP ADMIRALS DIE LONDON, Oct. 18. CW—Berlin broadcast a Tokyo dispatch today reporting the deaths of three vice admirals of the Japanese fleet. It listed them as Vice-Admirals Miura, "who died of an illness at the front," and Murata and Mitsunobe, "who died in battle." Lagal Noticas TAX NOTICE CITY OF BAKERSFIELD NOTICE IS HEREBY OIVBN THAT: 1. The taxes on all personal property secured by real property and one-half of the taxes on all real property and public improvement assessments tor the fiscal year 1944-45 will be due and payable on the firnt day of November 1944. and will be delinquent on the fifth day of December 1944 at 5 o'clock p. m. and unless paid prior thereto, eight per cent will be added to the amount thereof, and U eald one-half be not paid before the twentieth day of April 1946 at 6 ffclock p. m. an additional three per cent will be added to the amount thereof. The remaining one-half ot the taxes on all r*»l property and public Improvement assessments will be payable on nnd after the twentieth day of January 1945. and will be delinquent on the twentieth day of April 1945, at 6 o'clock p. in. and unless paid prior thereto, three per cent will be added to the amount thereof. 2. Taxes may be paid In full at the time the first Installment Is due and payable, us hweln provldde. S. Taxes may be paid beginning October 25th, 1944 In the oftlce of the City Treasurer and Tax Collector In Room 1. City Hall, Bakersfield. California. between the hours of 9 o'clock a, m. and 6 o'clock p. m. on each and every day of the week except Saturday afternoons, Sundays and holidays. Bakersfleld. California, October 14. WALTER W.. SMITH, City Treasurer and Tax Collector. Oct. 14 to 27 Inc. LAST GOODBYE!—Fear and sorrow are written on the faces of these women and little girl as they turn for a last llngerlnjKlook at their home In Kerkrade, Holland. Heeding a warning by General Elsen- hower to evacuate before the Allies began their severe bombardment of this area, they took only what necessities would fit in a burlap bag- and an umbrella to protect them from the rain aa they rode away In an open horse cart. PAPER "BOMB"—Out of a country whose dictator is a former paper hanger emanated this bomb-like compressed paper long-range fuel tank, found on an airfield captured by the Allies near Brussels, Belgium. An R. A. P. man looks it over. Local Marine Private Dead, Report States Private First Class Harding D Duke, United Slates Marine Corps, Is dead, according to an announce jnent by the navy department through Associated Press. He is the son of Mrs. Mary Duke, 2415 II street. NEW SLAYING CLUE CHECKED CAMP ANZA SOLDIER HELD FOR QUESTIONING HOLLYWOOD, Oct. IS. (UP)—A hurried message from the provost marshal's office today sent sheriff's nvestigators to Camp Anna, near Riverside, to question a soldier reportedly in Hollywood the night juxom Georgette Bauerdorf was raped and strangled to death after an evening of dancing at the Hollywood canteen. The soldier was detained by army authorities when a woman's purse or contents of one was found in his possession, sheriff's deputies said. Detective Captain Garner Brown and Lieutenant Ray Hopklnson said they would question the soldier and take his fingerprints for comparison with those found in the oil heiress' luxurious apartment where she was murdered and her bruised body shoved into a water-filled bathtub. Admitting there was little evidence linking the soldier with the brutal murder-rape, investigators said they were following up every possibility in a methodical check of details. V.F.W JILL SEE NEW WAR_FILMS MEETING WILL BE HELD AT HALL FRIDAY JJabenrtidfc Californian Wtdnesdoy, October 18,1944 Through courtesy of Sheriff John Loustalut. Private Harold Brown Post l-tm. Veterans of Foreign Wars, will feature n special showing of war pictures by Herman Biane at Its next meeting in Mcmiirlnl hall. 5836 Nineteenth street, Friday at 8 p. m. Staff Serpreant T.nuis M. Moss of 465 l^ilip street and former First Sergeant Louis K. Buscher of 114 Hnyes street were obligated nt the last mepting. Sergeant Moss, who served In Italy at Salerno and in France as a member of ;intphi!>ioux combat engineers, said: "The !>oy.« on tbo front where I served nri> o:ig(->r to become members of the V. F. W. They realize it IM the overseas veterans' organisation. I nm happy and proud to bo a member." Sergeant Moss went ashore b"lo\v Lp Havre on D-Dny. Jlo was later wounded in France and, nl'ter n brief visit In BaUcrsfU'KI. will report to Ward 21, Dibble Hospital, Menlo Park, near Palo Alto. Sergeant Ruscher wears the Purple Heart with a Cluster. He served with tho Fifteenth Infantry, Third i Division, In French Morocco, Tunisia, Sicily and Italy. Both sergeants have high praise for combat medical units which they observed doing difficult duties under battle conditions. News of other foreign service rnembtrs of the post is announced by Quartermaster Lawrence Marston as follows: First Lieutenant Worth Larkin, wounded in Germany. Robert Lewis Mai hew?, killed in action at Saipan: Second Lieutenant j opivcd commendation with sue James Roberts Lynch, 2010 Maple ..... street, Bakersfield, decorated with Distinguished Flying Cross. m In connection with various services to veterans in this area. Private. Harold Brown Post 1468; V. F. W., will hold open house Armistice Day. FOOD SURPLUSES CITED BY EXPERT HIGH SUPPORT PRICES PROBED BY MARSHALL Yanks Advance Mile Beyond Lergnano ROMK, Oct. 18. <JP) — American troops, drlvlnpr toward tho ancient Italian city of Bologna, have advanced nearly a mile north of captured Livergnano on Highway 65, Allied headquarters announced today. In the Adriatic se.otor Eighth Army troops, continuing their painful advance into the Po valley, took over a few more yards of the Him!ni-Bo- longa highway and closed in on Cesena from the east nnd south. While British and Indian troops on the right moved onto a few more hills and consolidated their positions in the face of counterattacks*, the Americans captured the hill towns of Trepo and Santa Anna and with effective air support fought their way towards Mount Belmonte, where a stiff fight is In progress. This peak dominates much of the country on the right of highway 6li. With the Germans contesting every curve in highway 65 American troops drove on but they still were approximately fl miles from BolimgaV outskirts nt the closest point. ,1KT KXI'EKT— Recently decorated tor his part, in developing jet-propelled aircraft. Brigadier- (ieneral Benjamin \\". C'hidla.w, of AV'ashinKton. I). ('., now heads the t'nlted Statr-s Twelfth Air Force Fighter Command, operatinsj In th<' -Mediterranean thcaler. He helped plan air offensive that led to breakthrough at Cnssino and Anzio, capture of Rome and invasion of southern France. "Those Who Serve" Sales Rapid, Report "Those Who Serve," which has re- nuius figures as U'arren Atherton, national commander of the Aineri j Fo'Ml surpluses are not feared (hi.H 'year by Lee Marshall, food expert, I who recently spoke before the New I York City advistory committee, fte- i curding to an article in The Paci:ic I Coast Pucker. However, he pointed I out that next year will be a dlf- ! ferent. story if present high produc- i lion is maintained through the. use ' of omfiolnllv high support prices for au'rlculuiral commodities. i In the speech. Mr. Marshall em- '. i>b-isi/.i-,i keuv./.'-d totals of War ] Food Administration stocks. He | pi-»jnifd i.ut •> recent order of i Marvin Jones, which removed canned vegetables from the OPA ration list, is noi supported by records of excessive ftotks of canned vegetables. A<-cording to Mr. Marshall, W'FA canned vegetable stock amounts to approximately 4,(ji.'0,n')i) cases, which represent about three months supply for lend-lcnse requirements. The speaker said that WFA would dump surplus stocks. During the period from May to September, WFA has sold $21.000,000 worth of government-owned food stocks. It was explained that for the food industry, I he No, 1 job is to adjust from a wartime rate of production to a. peacetime market demand. Post-Uuropean war relief purchasing will not offset reduction in government purchasing," it was announced hy Mr. Marshall, "and the domestic market will not be able to absovb the excess production." Kven if the adininistration fails to take warning from Mr. Marshall's analysis ot the, approaching problem, it is probable that Congress, if faced with the additional subsidy can Legion; Thomas M. Owen. ,Ir , ' appropriation of several billion dol- natUinal l.cgmn ^historian,^-trnl ^ II. , ,. U . S( may sha rply restrict the government plan or reject It in Its en- the article in the farming" Ulcnn Stanfield. man- j newspaper stated. LitMlch, state director of selective service, is being sold at a rapid pace, according to ager of sales. The boolc, which was edited and published by the I'YnuU S. Reynolds Post L'ti. American Legion, contains tho pictures of more than 5000 serv- .cpnien and women from this cniinty. Also included iu the publication is the history of Kern county written ay Jesse Stockton, who has spent IS years in research for his-literary achievement. locations set aside for sales centers are tho Legion hall, Weill's department store. Harry Coffee's. .1. C. Penney Company (in both east and west Bakcrsfield), Ted Mills drug ,tore and Westbay cigar shop. Recently added to this list was W. S. Buchner'a OildalR drug store. ON MOKOTAl—Because he is thoroughly familiar with the Island of Morotai, Lieutenant-Genera 1 L. II. Van Oyen, Royal Netherlands Indies Army, was of great assistance to American forces when they invaded that Mo- luccas island, only 300 miles from the Philippines. REVIVAL MEET SET A revival meeting began Tuesday at the Oildale Church of God, Oildale Drive and El Tejon avenue, with Evangelist Mamie Blsconer of Tulare in charge. Services will be held at 7:45 nightly except Saturday. SCAT * WAYNESBORO, Pa., Oct. 18. UP)— Volunteers shied away from helping a pussy in distress. The pussy's head was caught in a glass jar but there was a white stripe down its back. Cocker Spaniel Is Returned to Owner Mrs. Janet Meehan, 321 Tenth street, who lost one black Cocker Spaniel, Fritzke, Thursday, now has five black Cocker Spaniels. Fritzke gave birth to four puppies Saturday at the home of Mrs. William C. Johnson, 302 Holtby Uoud, who noticed the dog sitting in the road near the Bakersfield Inn Saturday and picked her up. Returning her Cocker, plus four, to Mrs. Meehan, the finder refused the offered $10, reward, but will receive one black female pup. More, than 12 calls were received by Mrs. Meehan by ilog finders when her loss was announced in The California n. Kern Men in Service Karl J. Thurber has received his wings nnd appointment as flight officer at: Douglas Army Air Field. Ariz. Flight Officer Thurber was a member of an air transport command pilot training class. He Is the son of Arthur T. Thurber and was employed by Lockheed Aircraft-Corporation at "Bui-bank before entering service. He is married and has one child. Corporal Tom D. Ballard has been with a quartermaster truck company in France for 18 months. His brother, Sergeant Robert Harry Ballard was one of the first marines to go to the south Pacific. After two years service, he has been returned to San Diego where he awaits a medical discharge. They are sons of Mrs. Maud Baliurd of 3531 North Chester avenue. Members of the Women's Reserve were among those graduating from an intensive course of anti-aircraft gunnery instruction training at recent service schools exercise^ at Ninth Naval District, Great Lakes. Thelnni F. Smith, 23, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Smith of Glennville. Jack Brian Hislop, seaman first class, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hislop, 3016 Sunset avenue, has completed 11 weeks "boot camp" nt Great Lakes Training Station. He has returned to Great Lakes nfter an 11-day leave. His new assignment is In Chicago for pre-radlo school, where he l*u member of the V-6 program. Recent graduate of the Klngman Army Air Field Flexible Gunnery School at Kinsman, Ariz., was Private First Class Donald H. Baird. 18, son of W. H. Baird, Route B, Bakersfield. A student of BakernfleW High Kchool, he entered the army at Fort MacArthur In April, 1944. Marine Corporal Robert W. Dun- bock, 2;!, bus boon relurni-d to the I'nited States after ":' monlits of duty in the south Pacific. His lust combat duty was in the Marshal) islands campaign. The young veteran is Hie son of Mr. and Mrs. <\ Collins, of 15u5 Orange Drive. He Camp Cites Winter Potato Shortage Continued From Page Seven \VFA and OPA be based entirely on facts, and nothing else. Kcprest'titatinn Traced In presenting his report to the growers last night, Mr. Camp traced the development of Kern county's potato representation in Washington,, from 19,'!8, when he and J. j. Siemens went to the capital to learn about ring rot and returned to lead the fight to eradicate the pest. Later, Harold Pomeroy and Mr. Camp went to Washington to obtain sacks for Korn county potatoes and in 104?,, Hugh Jewett and Mr. Camp went to Washington to battle the drop in ceiling prices. The ceilings were restored and Washington officials set up the national advisory committee on potatoes and Mr. Camp was asked to serve as a representative of the western states. The committee represents the potato industry in California, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, Louisiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin. In a letter received today by Agricultural Commissioner Lewis A. Btirtch from A. E. Mercker, chairman of the potato commit toe of the War Food Administration. Mr. Mcrckrr paid high tribute to (he complete knowledge of the industry and vigorous championing of tlio interests of Kern county growers by Mr. Camp. WOirMIKII Private First Class Joo A. Bravo, sun of .Mrs. .losi'phino JJruvo, To- hachiipi, is roprirU-d by thr- war de. yiirtmeiu through Associated i' to be wounded. SOMUKK \V<HM)KI> Private Leo Dolgov, a. friend of John J). Cameron of 11- Tyler street. is at the marine base, San Diego, I Tal'l, has been wounded, according awaiting reassignment and H fur- j to a report by the war department lough. through Associated Press. Stockton Is Oildale Rotary Club Speaker Sneaklng'on "Those Who Serve." Jesse Stockton was the honored guest of the Oildalo Rotary Club ut a meeting Tuesday in Elliott hall. Winning tho weekly stamp award was Don Hall, who donated the award to 1he cub scout fund. Rotarian Charles Prcwelt was presented with $5 in war stamps to be civ<l- ituil to the account of his grandson, Don Evans Prewett. Special guests of the group were C. D. Ball, Sam Bowlby, Wayne Taylor. Cliff Oreonlcaf, find Teddy Sand and Billy Horse, president and vice- president respectively of the Standard School student body. Visitors Include?' A. L. Hathcock, Palestine, Texas; George K. Kesterson. Jr., Graham, Texas; and Henry Kissler, Harry E. Hake, Wardo D. AVtUson, Hugh S. ,]e\vett, Frank Flnlayson, .lolin J. AVilt, Stod Atwood, find F. R. Kalloch, from the Hakei-sHeld club. Two Men Missing in Freight-Car Wreck UEDDJXG, Oct. 18. OR—Two mea muy have been killed, six freight cars were rferailed and two of them. caught fire and burned after a heavy truck ran into the side of a moving frelRht train entering the railroad yards early today. The truck, dragged for two blocks, also caught fire and burned. Two men seen in the truck have not been accounted for and ti is believed they burned to death. Sum Earmarked for Kern Projects Continued From Pase Seven proposed new 3.".(in to 4001) kilowat plant," said Mr. Kerr. "The pnUre flow of Kern river, the only practical source of local water supply for the. Arvin-Kilison area, is ntilixeil except in years of high run-off. Therefore, If Irrigation Is to be continued, a supplemental water supply must no imported through the Frinnt-Kern canal. To servo (he area from the canal directly would require a pumping lift of about 300 feet. It is believed that a satisl'nctory plan of operation can be worked out by the bureau and the local interests concerned. whereby Isabella reservoir, tho Frinut-Kern canal and the Arvln-fOdlson canal can bo co-ordi- nated, without injury to nny Interest and to tho mutual advantage of all Rent Control Arguments Rage Continued From Fait S«V«B by OPA officials that it was planned to set up a federal office here, and that any rents jumped in the mean- fhile would be set back. Aa example of the chaos that would result from complete lack o£ rent control, he told of the present situation in the desert area of Inyokern, Rdigecrest, Mojave and Rosamond. Rent control was never effective there, Mr. Sheehan said, because it was impossible to get a board of desert area personnel set up. Just before repeal, East Bakersfield accepted responsibility for this area. "A 6-room shack with meager furnishings, 2-burnpr gas plate, rented for $180 a month to three servicemen and their wives," he said. "Tents with no sanitary facilities and homemade furniture rent for $12.50 a week, and 1-room portable cabins for $18 a week in certain areas in the desert," he asserted. "These are all occupied by war workers arid servicemen." Air. Sheehan said that he personally had received 25 complaints from tenants since repeal of the rent control ordinances. Most drastic was the case of the wife of a serviceman overseas who had been ordered to pay $L'5 additional rent monthly or face eviction with her four children. l,ouis Brandt, real estate agent, believes that rent control is necessary now, although he considers any kind of control irksome. He is pessimistic over the effect of the OPA coming in here, and fears that federal control will result in injustices to both landlord anil tenant. Mr. Brandt would have preferred continuance of local control, which he considered loss irksome than federal. Since local board members were more familiar with conditions here than OPA officials will be "In the interim between repeal of the local ordinance and the entrance of the. OPA, I hope that people will not feel that the bars are down and start raising rents," ha FIRST AUCTION—Shown above on the stand are Charles Adams, auctioneer, and Howard K. DicUson, head of tlie Kern County Union High Kchool district, at the first invitational purebred Guernsey sale to be eponHorei! by the Bakersfield IJigli School Future Farmers, on Saturday, at the school farm. Mr. Dk'kson was In ecm-rul charge of the procaedinfiB. Other organization gponsoring the auction was the California C'Jcrnaey Cattle Club concerned. In this way, a consider- j said. "They will not get away with able, portion of tho regulated Kern it, and besides, it is wrong," ha river run-off could be diverted with- add out pumping Into a high-line canal j for irrigation of Arvin-Eilison nnd possibly other lands in exchange for water to bo imported through the Friant-Kcrn canal to serve lands now irrigated from Kern river. "We consider the problems existing in the Kern county phase of the development soluble if people will work together." Mr. Kerr said. "There is no quarrel between our engineers and the army engineers. AVe. have both made surveys. The. army engineers are principally In- j terested in flood control and naviga- j lion while we are concerned not only j with flood control, but take, the stand that without irrigation there is no advantage of flood control. 'Tnder reclamation law, tho Irri- I gallon pot-lion of the project can bi> paid over a period of 40 years, in- i terost free., so tho question of who ; builds tin.' project more cheaply j needs closer study on the part of \ those who maintain the project can be built more cheaply by the army | engineers. j "I quote from n report nuulo by j Mit.ior-(Jonera 1 Reynold, rhief ot stall' • of I'nitcd States Army Engineers in i his report to Congress, when he says. I "continuing studies by the Bureau j of Reclamation, this department. , (war department) mid local ownir/.a- I tioiis will establish the best plan 01 ! operation and appropriate cost allo-, cations. Under these conditions. It ; is considered appropriate that pro- j visions be made of construction of I the reservoir by federal funds anil j that after completion and when use; thereof is made conservation Inter- i ests be required to pay the TTnltcil States for beneficial use of the conservation capacity, either in a lump sum or annual installments." HONESTY rOIJCY POUTLAXD, Ore., Oct. iS. UP)— Kd Kane, who turned in a wallet containing $11), received a $^5 reward, and declared gleefully that honesty does pay — with dividends. A few minutes later IIP Wasn't BO sure, Tho owner reached into a ! half-hidden compartment of the | wallet— and extracted $7UO, I FOR CONVENIENCE THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN scents listed btlow will noilvt classified advertising and »ub- scrlptlons at the regular rates. AKVIN Hav Knntvles, Arvln i'tmrmacy BUTTONWILLOW K. V. I.iinnimaJi. Carrier DELANO I'nittU Cltni Stocr or K. K. Klnoy, Delano Carrier GKAFEV1NB Speurs Service N tut ion KERNVILLK DISTRICT Ardit M. Walker FELLOWS M'aEcnmT'4 New« Dealer LEBEC l>*hec (-nffe* 1 Shop LOST HILLS J. I.. Stnl* Sture MARICOPA Gutc City Pharmacy McFARLAND Kmnk Cartel M< KITTRICK BKLRinr.E Karl Hlltnry Srrvltv Station OILDALK Uildttln I'hanimr.v SHAFTER Shatter !>ru* ConiDanj TAFT Mnrlpnsa Newi and Cigar Co. TEIIACHAPI Vaui!han'> Urut Star* TUPMAN Flk Hill* MsrcanUle C«. K. V. I.anntman, Carrier \\A8CO Strtngham Uruic Store Classified Celu>ns Olos* II A. M. The t'aiitorniun will not b« rrapoo- •ilila fo error* In Claulflrd A4ver- tinlnit taken over (rleuhon* unl*<w ourrectlon l» maa"' lmm»dUt*l» •*!•> firm tnwrtlnn. Re fund* Mi BaM advertiaimenU mu*» k« ealM |«f within 8T da.ta. Telepkeae 7-7MI tar City S«nri«a -T *

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