The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 18, 1944 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1944
Page 12
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12 Wednesday, October 18,1944 tSfte jtoherrttelb California?* For *•!•— Improved Property GtOden Slat« Tract on extra n '••*• Almost new 2-hrdroom home. h;i i rtwnort floors, single pa rase. Total price 55;>GO. $1200 down. $3". (in a mo-,;li. "East Side on apmoximw ip!y hnlf-ncr'-— Nice 2-bedroom home. Tlve vri:u!d h* a dandy place for the chirl-TM fancier. I-'ull price $"500, about half < ash. Just off Souih HiKhway 9!>— Two-hMmom •tucco home, hardw nod fionrs th: "ii^h- out. modern in ev^i y wny n nd !n rxc* 1 !lent condition. Pmih!" range, "xtra larfre lot. yn rrt f>m/rd. S^IPP*. Total pnut ftiSOO, substantial down payment. Nice littl* 4-room home in O.Mnle. lo rpp livinc room, la if d:nmB room, two plpppinp room*. K;< raf-. IH rpo lot: half block off hun HIT". Thi* plat e ; R im- m a r n 1 a t e; $ 1G r- 0 down, balance J 3"» B month. FJVF. acvs of la nd nnd 5-: o<~m modi'm hom*> on PionTr P>,vc. Tli ? pla'f 1 ^ in cycrlMnt con,)it >on. has f-omc* M^d** and would bo idr.-t t for a v>rrMin iv:i h a horse or two. $ t'.,". 0 0 f i i H p n f e. n bo u t half cash. On N'ilw strfrt on the bu* lin"—F'V-room modern eturrn homo, h;t rdv-Aori f i .ors, tile sinV. m-« I'.:. F;i'l p; n.e J MOO p iibst a n t • a 1 do v n p;' y m <• j-1 Couth of town on lot jif'\ 1 ..0—TV,? T-r-bfi*- room hon;*>. extvn nice k '•;•• h'-n and t>.i i h. lov»!y dining rr.rni. Hnrrh- ond f!nor« throuthout. At-otji Sl.MKj down, $40 n month. To Buy, pfll or Tradn IB Sunce* Pai k—Wpll Inrntrrl r.-hod room home ', ha t has her-n IH>\\ Jy do< <TH i ed . ni 1 . -. !i vIMC iT'orn d :n; ni: r»>om M M h » gunroom, stall M'mver ,,i haili. 1'uie shudr and fru*i. J*i ife f •i'.^iM. with JJU.-u doi\ n. t)fi Bernard M T '<•-•.- -A i;ond ^.-vonm Impir that IP full oi furn i ( ;i e, a Ii foj }.'•.'. 00. •with about lia If t a ^;-. In Pha ftcr—On n «mod a- i c. n \ es y .-<mi- foru- hie 2«hrdi nr-m horn* with Kl»>?nti K pon-h, a !i rooms' a it- in i s*». I fa M m 1 . n Tvau'-r WAJI. you JIB "n h,« t d. ma nv »""H- rmilriiMffH. ^i Hurba nk, .i!i«.r o( f Itr-r*i-h. I.ulhf P KUint t ownci. I'i ;i'c, S.'j.'.OO. With J2000 down. On ' nob;n*"n S' Tf-i —nrr.-Jn i r \.!a- k o' T N' )**. a vt r y n : f n '.' - hr-d r n(>ni homf . !a i'(;*"* In'JMf? rnorn and rl i n i lit; ronrn « ninhinrd, ha rriwood f Innr?*. (;>•? \ :<- p pa r' li. Th' s homo i" rvri !r*-i' t crn-i ion ["'(i.^^pusinri nt an cat ly daU . Pi i- c 5 4 T jO. haianc e email. On "Kye" F I rrn ? !"he .it— 'l'\\ <-,,],r<] \ oom hoinr. w;th hrirnivond ijrmjs. Th;s housf •will nerd a 1 ;i t ie »vot k, t }}•- n M will bp n n R • t.i at r :\-p PIH- •• com t-ri!( nt to everything I^J-H.? J;'u."i'\ On f""hfM ]•>' St rrn —A com fm i n ti V "-hf d- room hnm" tha i will >"'il ir;i«l :ly Call us about this one, Pm c 54000, terms. CH !-;STER N. TU-: \ I! D ISO? H Street Phone 5-o!iO!) or ?-ir,22 For Sal«—Improved Property Sk>! no—Irnnu'*Jiate pr,«jse!»pion. almost rew L'-b''dionin hunif. all thp rooms are extra l,i i pf. Itvinp loom wiih sunken floor. f ii * [ilorr- u iih bn i bet ii" pit, floor fur- nai - . Ints or **vi ra built -jnfl nnd large w. ll-lnnrlsrapwl lot. J0!i,n. u-rnis. ^" nc!;md S'i<i;i i e—Xlco ?-bedroom hom^. fi-H't f'ii n;t- * 1 ilc. venM inn shades and in; t:r> lul. S »i J.".(). I ri nif". H jsh! i nil MMM'T — Twn-h"dronm horn". i hn•• •- ]oc ni :or. Ha^ nil thp latest mod- r-i n i onv'-ti fit'-* 1 ". J5^,'iO, term*. Pnpif \ — |-"in nishrd. oue Side ^-a< ant. rnn iiin\A i ; nln in, f'los** to Soulhetn I'ar.ific ttn.p*'. i:,;:.o. tf-rm.«. I'HONK "-1^1't 170^ K STREET. R KS i n i-: \ (• !•; n i c» N j-; :; - ?,«:• s r * For ftalo—Improved Farms If you want Of !=<ift ]<»;un soil with no \vastf* ppt>ls, suitablp for spiifls, VPRP- ldlil**s nr any Irrlpated rrops, with low TOP! water, in ami me \\iiliner to pay a top price. and haVP quick cash, sre C. O. Prpniri. with Thnma? AV. ^fc- MM mis, Kill ^ Eighteenth street. lllchl.tnd Paik—Ono block off Chr.-=t»'r. jov i y C r ri'itn 'nome. l:kf> n*: w. V**net i.'tn b 1 iids. floor fnrnatc. plenty of tile, very vr!l nrr.ingert raid, fenced-m hatk. with \ u ie; \- oT f: tut 11 cc^. shade and lovely F'• i tibs, J^a rse loi, double enrage. Price ?';*•:•:.. llon.R and In^oiTie—"J.oi-pjy 5-room bom p. ha rrh.•'>("} Hoot*, til' 1 tr. k itchen and b;i t h, .vis* ra inled rut wide. A Imost new. vrr p ' 11 net i vfi 3-room-a nd-ba t h n pn rt- inT.t ovsr p;i laRp. Lovely bic li\'insr ro-.Tu t;K- In Uii-'-hen. jarpe lot. fruit and jshfido 1reen. ror>ler, 'Mope to bun. (rnrnp- d;atr possession. S 7 .T,", o. Phone 2-7 (i Si. 71 IK'MK lil-: M'Tirrr,—CHIP of the finppt h'-'nfs . ii l ho SH ii .ItirtniJtn va Iley IH !••• ii* n!i>:r'l t" dis' i milnat !nc buy PI P \i IK. n i-e in iio*! st i"ii 1; n;t nriji 11 y to jnn • *h;<5-.' n Itinnp nf ihis t-lasH. HHR evn^- 11: n:K iT'i'ni r><\ i ft i- i'u 11 li\' insr n nd prr- fo. i for cntrrtn -nin*;. Uif oi ma t mn fur- Jl ;M,f d bv n ppiHnt in cut otilv ,-t nd all rt'TH-sts air t.onftidei i-'l ronl ident IH I. 0) ^ tf !lTril ^ Ufiflfl 0 -> v \\7 uJl Ho InillJrJLj 4ii MM:TI:I':\TII STREET rilONK ::-ti::7r. ifi-16-tf SEE I! Beautiful 3-hr-ilronin home. )o< atccj In highly repirit ir-d distri'-t. nn* i (jnofl (ten *>o'. huH line B ii'l shop pi nj; rf-ntrr ; hardwood flooin. \'cnetian Minds thinuyh- out, !a rge 1 1 v inn ^ id d ID me ronrns, plrnty of closet ppn - o. tu o a nd » hu If ha ths. nice i oomy k it* hr-n ^ it h lot a nf tile, lartc! lot. ho;i ut if itl If* nd HI ape. .'(-ra r fn rage. Show n hy n p point rnent <m!> Call and arrnngc to fee tins bca unfu! home. SonlhweM PIP! i i' t — l r i\'ft-rn(,m C-l" 1 -!: nom. larpe IIVMIK and dining IO«>ITIS, 2-<nr pa- rape. n ico Jut. J lu'Ht down, by lance easy. OIIP - bfli onrn a nd l-b^lr-nom fin msbrd on name 1m : Knud Ini iition. near bus Jine and shopping center. $ 4S"(i. Post war Induct rla I File, id en 1 I neat ion : hiphwa v n nd ra Uwa y f runi a Re ; over 600, ono tnuare Iret. IMiiu. JGOOO. Call for dctajls. l"*">ri P A LK bv owner, immedia te pofspe?»mon, tin e homo un 1 '* ari-es in Ho^e<1:i If Drju i pped f nf ch Khens nnrt 11 ve- sio- k. I-'tin; and nut tioi-s. Phone L'-.'.O 11'. 71 It I-:S'TA tMI ANT FOR SA I,K — See BiiRtneps Opport mi it -e*i. Paul Sy bra ml I, 1 0-1 3-t f Kol'E t-'ALlO—XKP "-hoiirtiom. mndern house fti -.- n< re. ha i d wood floor P. i i !*• In K i M h*-n ; vfn :tru ; fiirniphod nr unfii i nisi,.-,!. 1 ', mi leu Honlh nf Tvliw»m nn ^Vm-d Pnl.h Hnnri. Si-e K. C. Kennedv 7 2 J''OK SAT,I-:, liv owner. 4-innm hnusf with tin t h t wii s< reened pnn hfs : vncn nt nn\\ ; i,-:d-;ipo; pi iic. K'ft.Mi. dnwn pn\ merit Jldun Ptmiie r».;.tisri r,< For Sale—Lots I luivp ^0 r.n-lnnt lots nn Kn HI *"';i lifm-nin ;i\i-nm> u 1 1 h fciidcwii llts and all MlilitieM in. Ma lei 1,1 1 IP available for buildinu a lein- pnr a ry houwi* un t be re a r <>f Ini . These Icitp a i e b*'iri(r sold on verv terms I 'MTI'I pnv hiph n-tit Ji nv inrieer. See Mel II a v tins wnek nt IM'l liiuhteemh strept. _ nrjihone_h_ini nt 2j_OS7fi. __ __ l_n-14-tf LOT l-'O f I S A 1 . 12 in f 'a 1 i f n rn m Pa r k ; fi(;\2s:; feel . by ow ner. f>0 1 L street _ n t' i o r_JI_j|i_n ' - <i !' AKnr; CuKXKr;- H ",'. MiopH Irlral lot $ 1 fid (I nn e;iPV li-rin.-. I'|-;A\ it iir 4 1 1 N HUM ('(-nih Si i PC! . KKT LOTS Phntie :i-»l'7.i I if. ittitr; lift wain- sharps. nr 1 M in*. 1 IKIUI rO - 1 0 Nori h p'. iiinrn :it«s. 7 1 La r lot pond In. ;i i ion f<u- ;i p,i rt me n! e on Se \ entcetn h. nra i dy writ own ePH diNtrn-t. S-'i.'i'l c;isb. Perry I .THNGLANt) SQI'AHB — Two-brdi onm homo, about 4 yen IF old. in r.v client condition in aide ami out: IIH rdwnctd floors, floor furnace, plriity oT tilf. Ifencroun cupboard and closet spate. $6250. $21! .00 rtmvn. AIRPORT ACRKS—Onr nrn*. 'J-bedroom home, plenty of fruii and berries. fOl^iiO, J2L'«0 do\\ n. GOLDEN T STATE TRACT—Two-hod room home, hardwood flooi H. floor furnacp, tile drain nice lot, back yard fenced. $4L'nO. $175n down INVESTMENT—Duplex and two apnrl- mentB. thice uni(« completely furnishc-d. including Mat tup rangc-n. refrigerators, washing machine. FU-. ; all latest modern convenience* This property Is in ex- i. elicit condition. In tome } 13a per month. I'i ii f J12.5C0. DUPLEX—Plaster a nd stucrn. about 5 yea is old. in exct-lletit condition, loin- room each side, all la lot 1 1 modoi n conveniences , one sidf com pie I Ply I'u i n I shed ; tn good remit 1 di^trii t. clo«-n to trana- portaiinn and rnai kuts; $7101. JJvrnincs "-".-l-'S 1 704 K Slrf I FOR PALE—South on 9if Hiehway, more building, duplex and COUHKG. three HCI-PH of land, water well and lOlin-vallcm mm-ar* tank J&500, tei ins. See Paul Sy- brsnd* 21S Kast Eishteenth. Phmifl B-5003. lft-10-tf 8715 '-A vn. For your tot'a parii<*» — this adorable little frock will make her look !UM UH pretty an you want her to UH rhai m is ftnh fenced by the ribbon desicn around the •hlrt and the dainty Rmnckine. A wide choice of fabric* will make nt an fx.'r-lieni •tyl« for all seasons. Pattern No. 87H romc-n in Eiy.ejs 2, ?,. 4. 6 and 6 years. Size .'i drfss ant] pdntv requires '2 s * yurdn of 3U-mth inat*-n;il. The new fall njid winter msue oi Kuhhmn In now ready — »- patter, it's a complete KUld* to ynur )H|' and winter wardrobe jBnid for your copy. Price 1& tente. For tht« attractive pattern, tend 20 cenig in co Int. wltb your nume. address, pattern number and nUe to The Baktrsfieift n Today's Pattern Service. 7fi9 tr«€t, &an Francisco t. &tr F °5_ ^*J_?rrr J??Prpy^ d , f**™* ^1C1 O^a^iUtf Rio lltiivn S- hnol—A vory fin,' fiii-a- i '• rain- h I h.'it lias ii Kootl icrord iif pH.ifu' I uni. 1ms ht-cn jipp'Mi. D^ at.-rt'S in H Ifa lf;i, "i) ;n. rn» in i mi on, Vui lance in (<n 11. fluoti ". • r nil in limn P. many fine run build iiiKH, Rnnrl \vel1, soft wali?i. Prii_e 5^ 1.000. with ahniii hall' t.ush. 1") 'i iici'ps In 11 u 11 nn \v illow, hn « la rtfc house B nfl oul bn ihl msti. ^'P!'^• unorl HOI), ha H own \v i-11 i>l us an »tninda nee of d , N i. \vaipr- nlf;i Ifa ami cot tun. Price 5 1 '!0 TCI acre. In thn hon11 of Sliafirr's i*ota(n r^cntor. A 11 tc lily f|p\-«'lnp'*f1 <0 nrre.H, good wpll. rxr-rlleni. Imildingf*: on P-ha IP nil, iiipp- tiii«if Hero U a rn re buy. Price $:o itoo. rHRRTKR N. RRARD ISO? H .Street 5-6!i09 or 2-Uim Id-lL'-tf I'OU SALE—40 arres improved. Corner of BrundnKe Lnne and Pt^rltng Road „ AH_pn_<:. Marlpy. phone 21-K-14. fi^ r'(.»rt SA LK hy owner. SO ncren. ppffe'-t ,vi n I. t wn Kood v\ fl Is, f ilif 4-hrdr nrmi hu;j>-". mndf! n • KHM. electricity, et- . ; '.'. in il«'f< ivrM of nnprdaU-. north on \\Vu-»__Kf*;id, fiisi hming on lofi. 7^> KOU Till-: -MAN U'llfl WANTS TUT: HKST ^0 ;i- i «-H n- a i Or la nn. all rhoif p Mpnd. * 1 fi< If.i. i .,non mid vofc'ncihlp land Nrv. .'t-moni nuKiprn IKMIHP. now pumping plant :. i id u rll, all HP\V piprhnp. \\in a- r*^. - niiU-.s f i om Prln no. About (in ;trj»H r< H rjy f.,! KiUld.O ] M 4 flIRt >i',',r :ii spuds. "'i'h > jtMd of .V'.fi BH< ks P"i- »> . f j'lonty of water, fa ir im- $0 rnirf., :: ' a miics fjom iVIann: 1 it »(?«•.« 'I iK.tiipwnn K( a )!(*!». b;ihili' i 1 thnii «• spud l;t nd. l-';i 11 i rnpi o\ rin^nts \vtt h good liunipinK pla nl. DMP tfi HK UIIPFS, o\\ ni-r rntisi PI II Ii i.« 4" an MS with ;i lr;< sc nn nn adjoin inti * f ' a' r»-r* infludi'd. If tali <>n POOH. 40 H r TP s i»f • nl inn and 20 acres nf corn, whirh should n* 1 ' n limit nti'--tia If of pur* ha»e pi i< c, g<i"« wit h t he pla* f NISPKF, * NISPKI. Phono 7H1' Th.Ttin Hinldiiiff, fir-lit no TO T\VK\TV ACIIKS Hlfnlfa. just ready tn rui. NO wilt show how wt'll tlitH p round PI "dm r"- 1 ; larpp ha rn, r mild b*- t urn^d i n i D in i IklnK ha rn ; < on a Is; writ-btii II sh"p. |- • d hou^e. i hicUfii rquipmpnt ; i ":i MI. i HIP to rm-n( s nnd a pood count ry limn". p;i r i ly fin niplipd. S--f ihis fni an aufullv Knod l'»ny. \\'ill tnk** small housp <-n hiiK" loi. half a'T«' nr ai IP and s*un*» C-H ^h MS down pHym^nt. Kl wood's. 1 f-ti " WantedI to luy—AuiomobH»» I Wanted to For Exchange—Property \v 11. i, T r: A T > !•; 4 o A c n KS o x A noAir: WITH 1 ACIIK <»u MORK AND \VHJ, PAY TIU; UIKKKI:- i-; \ ('[•;. \\- n i T !•; A A i 1 r. .< 11 A \\*. I/»\<; BKAdl. 70 For Sale—Trailers RKMiY Caah for Your Trailer. iailciH sold on easy payment plan. We finance our own contracts. AlcCLKAX TRATLKR MART 100 Union Avenue 8-13-tf "0-KOoT West craft, elect ric ir.-e box. air brakec*; 2\-~ foot Term croft, bath, butane orjnipped; two hum nc tanks for sale. A Iso olh , house t rn tiers. Young'8 'I'ra iler Market, south Ji!t H i g\i way, Tn__ la (.>.__ „__„ 6S HOUSE TRATI.RR—Ideal for family of ihrpp. (;:t.«h or terms. Oti display now. ihu-e blocks r>ast of L'nion K-e Company. .IT^tJ M M rnr-t. 68 11*-1-'OOT Nat ional house tra ilfr. aleppn four; hrn vy duty t irps. nil modern ; 1 W 4 " model,_$ 1.100. Phone fi-TKiIU. 6!' S("'! I I'LT lit-foul, tra ilpi. Sleeps four; K r"'l body, elect in- hrakps, new t i res. a \vninff Kx''el I cut i:ondit ion. Atlohp _Antel._!*fl__HiKhw»y ; 70 [•'Oil SALK — Ifi-foot. 2-wheol hon»c nailer. (ioo'l ruhlier, Ifi- ni' Ii wliccls _ Prn e .H.10(i._ 701 _\Vesl ('a sa L<.ina. 7 1 KOK SAI.K—MtiUHK li-jnlM-, well insulaled. i hrfp I H CN. $ J.'iO. L'an he .-scr-ii at llfint; N lit'?* MII t-t'i, «;t For Sail -Automobiles IS I 1 AII e»—1 ^ miles due west of fiha ftrr. '.t'hri't; hruihes wiih pnnd ilome.stip wti ter well: 1 :.'. r » acres nf fine nil'a ll'a, bala nee tn cot tnn H nd corn ; perfect a I fill fa land, and i he price is $2^, r i per acre, 10 Aci e.s —-lust ea M Hi town. Well improved with gnnd 2-bedroom home; land lia M pi pel i nes for i rriKut Inn ; 4 ncroa of nrunpes, fi n rrey ready for rrop: farm in fine si 1 ape nnd worth $8500; part term*. CO Acri-s—On Fruit \ a In a venue. Two fine wa ter we I In. pnud II-bed room home. pU-nty »if chicken ef|iii|>ment. nice fruit 11 ees. bi'i i jes, KI a pen nnd fine na rden ; I'' acrt.v made ^4(t(i narks spuds thin >riir: has •> acres lomatooK now; it acres a If ji Ha \V]]| take some trade on 1 bin. Green Ai-res- -A cnmnii-rc-in 1 anre. Very tin c h.une with basement, equipment for limn < hjrkciiH. intH of berries nnd fruit. A riondv lm> fnr $fi:::>0. .1. T. i>.\ ) Wickpr, Ifififl Chester ['hone _-OL'^!<. even niKfl 2-3S!*S or t!-(J4fi" (iS rAI-MPAI.Ii—ISf ncicn; inn acres in al- l.iira. J ;• ni-ies tiiilu. tem ed and cross JVii'ed. rnnr wells. I 7 i iiiilr- Hpipeline, i cnifi.'i t a bl'i raii'b home, walk-in re- fiiupialor, L'fi head diiiy cattle. 6 head KIHH! borses. ample farming e<|ilipluent to handle. This tan-b i« considered one of the l»-hi in thia locality and iiip pi K e is tiKlit. JT.'i per acre, in- tludine ylmk iind euu'pni TO-ACliu HAN'CH on Hoserlalc Ilichway. S"\,n i-ental houses, tood Vv'ell* \vllh ^,|tlll^• '•! w;,tet. all pitied. Planted i<> (iitinn nnd alfalfa, also some po- lain land, Hr,.n'i'i 10 handle. 17114 K STIIRIOT Phnnc 3-1-lti. UKSIIJKNCE 2-S62S 71 1-11" Al'l'iKS srnii-inuinitiiin hug and i-iit lit- tiuu-h: S-1D acres til' farm hinil. lialitiuc gi-fixing. \'cry scxnl iin|M-ovf'ini'iils. bi\st oiir-uiitn hog .-mil i-:iitl(.' s<'titp In Cnlil'ornia. 41.-. .\CIIKS of n-ixnl vcKPiabli 1 ur pi)lain l.ind, Stilijcrl in li-asi 1 . Will l>ay 1- pci rent on invcstnn.'nt. luH AC1JIOS well impvovpil ranch, jjiitnl liuiise anil luls nl' watiT. liosl 01 allall',-1. <-(iilon ni- vogplable lanil. 7SU ACI'IKS mar l.osl Hills. This laml i-rin lie tarmi'il to grain, also prosper! ivc oil land. A. II. Karpo. riionojl-lir.71. 7-L'H-tr SIXTY ACHKS—House, other out buil-lings. gas and electricity, good irrigation well. Phone 3-^'OlL'. .Mr. .Micharl. fiS J-"l VK-I5< m.M IK.II^P, ilairy and hai-n. domeil- t •• rump. J-i\. r\ l Inny HI sond conditinn. '1 In fc-fi.tilth - nnli- north of Greenfield. Ph.,ne_:'.;(M,:,. 71 H." .M-III-JS. i MII.I-; \VKST OF wi;i:n r\'i'i"'il s'l-fiKlo i-.ruiu I'l-p.noM HIIMK IN KXi'KLI.KN'l' CXINTHTIDN : DOUHI.K I;M:.M_;I:. piiKssriu:; SYSTK.M; ONI; HI' I:|-:ST WATKP. \VKI.LS IN MIS- •ri!i«-r. ARnfr isiin FI.:I.;'|' op PIPI-: I.IS'I-:: I" ACI1KS IN Al.FAI.FA. TiF.ST I>K\OTI-:)) TII r'OTA'roiis. PRICK s:;:. PI:H ACIM-:. $20, i DOWN JIALANCK :. Kgr.\L PAYMKNTS l:i..Mi:i< MAliTIN. 22U 11A RKKFUl.nK Hi;il.l)|N^;^_l'llUNE 2^92114. 72 FOR HAJ.i-;—140 ACRKP. NEAR PIXLEY. TL'I.AUE COl'NTY. TWO GOOD •WKI.LS. IN COTTON AND ALFALFA. SITJ'AHI.h FOR POTATOKS. PRICF.D LOW I'(;R UASI1. PHONIi 9-H222 OH _TLXLKV !l. _ '(|» 320 ACRES in Famosa district, unimproved land, V* minerals. A good invpstment for $18,000. or will lease for 10 years, very reasonable. Elmer Martin, 2-W94. 220 Haber_ f . eI< ??J?!iildjnB. 68 FOR SAI.K--FIVC HIICH Improved land. 4 8'-r»!b IjeittiriK apiiiots; 10-liuh water %veli J.ocaled on Urand avenue, |)aved H'reel. 1 mile Irotu Ari-ovo Grande and 2 inilc» fioin Pisrnn lieach Ideal climate and viand plp.i e In plan >'our t'uliiie lionif. Look tins over Ijefoie hnvlni:. K T. M.uiie. broker. 1US Wesl 1'hinch eii-pfi. Santt Slaiia. i.'alif Office phone iJ7J-ft; rvHtdento phune I>11-J{. 71 KI'THCTIVH IMJ1EDIATKI.Y — All "For S;tlf" .-Kh'crl isfjinfnlH of automolnles 'ni 1 1 IP U« vit ri'icil iii the columns nf Th«? Mil IdTNl n'lil 1'nliloniinn inusl (1) Rive ]i<f-nsp number :unl slale (tf not rali- Ininhi) ur issiimnf; |J> must stale \\liHihf-r Inr yule by priviilf ownpr or flt'itl'M-; 13) <-ru h rar itr lnn:k odveflised Idr sain mnsl (any price asked — "as ie" or "\va r! a nl y" if !II|\'PI I ispd liy dealer, "us is" if ail\ertis»'d hy privale owner. ('^tluiK PIKCS may be obtained from _lo( ,-i I (il'A <(f!'i( •". 10-:l-lf SKI.LKR OR ITRCHASEn. Do you need additional i asb to (omplelp purcbase of <ai ' If so. jusl pbnnp or drop by tbe AC-MI-. PINA:;CK coMfANY. opposite MontMomeiy \\'atd, l,o(ally owned nnd opeiau-d. l-'i ieudly. conf id'-nt ial service. \V. .1. "Hill" Mt'iKinan, mnnagpr. Phone FOR SALK— 19311 C. M. C. truck and semi-trailer. Jjlcenwe No. B134224. T'riie $.12 r in a* is. Private owner. Rob- _rrt_ir_Ilnmo I _Box_3"i1._B^hop._CB_IJ_r _ fiS 19". 1 ! FORD tmlor (9Ar>flT9). Model A motor In coort com) I Hon. fair tires; $200 cash. Mngundon Oil .Station, corner of Edison HiKhwny nnd Fairfax. Privato. owner. 6S BV OWNKU— 193B Chevrolet sedan. J3nO. I.TK4062); 1932 Chevrolet sednn (71R142V _ 1 1 :,()_l fjvijdj Inajivrek. _ 602_Beech_. _ « B I''OFt SAI.I'l. hy owner. 15:15 Plymouth 2- door Bednn (9AS:1S7), sood condition: $400 mull as is Apply 1880 Pacific street. _ 1 'Ji_<)ll«>_2_-7 4 » 0 . ___ 6 8 19.17 CHF.VnOI.UT flat tied 1 '.-ii-ton truck. ItUe. new. will trade fnr late model car or whal have you? 3215 rheslpr avenue. See party nt gray house trailer in rear. _' '*!!•}' _ 4 '• . _ _ _ _ _ f,x Iii:i7 ^i-'I'ON lulprnnlional panel truck. Will trad" for lulpr model car. Inquire fJrigKr's Produce. 1812 Q street. ti!» 19.'!0 JIODFL A coupe. New engine, battery. transmission, clutch, lop. etc. $:M)tt as is. IIGL'S:!:"] . > Phone 2-1833. Private owner. _ fiS 1931 MODF:i. A Ford coupe for rule hy owner (!MV9312I. $2(10 an in. 731 Jeffrey street^ _ _ lilt FOR SAI.K — 193S rhpviolel cabriolet, $lfi5. I'.ood tii-es. new battery (23Y97S), as !s. Ml WashlllBlon. Oildale. Phone 2-1673. fill lltns OKDSMOKILK deluxp undan. Com! rnblmr. ne\\ o\'pfhaul and brake jolt. A» Is. $t;;»o. l.u-iMisc N.v OH I if. 91.7^ os. I 'i JVH te OWIHT. 1 ii) 7 Sixth st reft. r^oim^J-TI^T^ «!* J-'OU SA LK by OWIIPI . 1 n;M Chcvrolpl Bpflnn. <:;fiQ^S7.; $^7."i. HB i*. 3-i:« M si met. fiK 1H11 WILLYS Redan. California license nt iinl^r S! r 8^!»3. OiliiiB price $lliO(i. I'a die Srrvlrc. IL'OO Kn»t Tnixtun, .Phone 2-_!!!*». Kern v-ounty dlHtrihulotM fnr Willys iwrt». Buy your used t-nr _f i <nn a t in \v_ra r dpalt-r. ^ r»!» NKW HM2 WILLYS Amerlrar coupe, with nvordrive, I'adrc Srrvlee. 1200 Kast Trnxtun. Phnne 2-1'lMU'. KPI n count v __AVillys tlpnllrr ____, ti!l 19'.;ft KSPKX tnnpr, ri!«0 ns \s>. (92A44JD. Cnorl liros. IMmiiP H-S70r, or 2-<t'.»:.0. Call n i :t 1 11 t*\ root. ^ fiS KdFt SALK by nrlviitc owner, l!>3ti Ford \'-R roiin? (!'H>U Hi) with <|UUe a few pvi IMS. motor jusi overlin ulcd. in Rood • -Mini n ion' S.'iOO »H is 4 1 '.} ("rn \vfot'd. _ Ph, nc •' ! -~j iSS _ f '»lL nc ' l '' l !' fl J i r - m . By 1 'i )lt SAL I*;— 1 !l ;t 0 AI oil P! A Ford roa r h ("Lr>7441, pi i'-e $-."it| MH is Can hn wppn it t ihi' Hi< la vl hi>iid<]Ui) rlerR on Callow a y __ Un«d. pdplj nohpi^sini. 70 l-'OU SALF—1ft2!> little Studohnker Krskhip 4-dodf srdan. very pond rubber. A-1 i-on- tliiion throuKltniit. nice pnint ; MS pconoinl- <;il a car an you can bnv; Kond fnr innnv >i-a i P' ilriviiiK : drh'^n fi:;.i»oo inilpw ; set ond d WHIM- ' !*.\ U ,"•.'• T.): $ 1 70 as is, tiL'tl A rvin st rrt't ._Tih^inp_l'-SSr t r,. t;s T t Ki > " - a x I P 1 nn-k (IT K 4 7 S 7 >, with K nod ovrt'pixo tn cs, hi a K PS on H 11 u'liucls. mil v * 1 1 r.)/ HS Is. A Iso Ninple n xlc. 1'4- foui Ki>in I 11 a HP r (a ? - iny i J'tT;"» as it*. WPS Wiiidnn C_i;L'_Snnth I'ntnn. «!» 11MI Fi»i:i> y." dump Irnrk ^nrmyV Has hra vy dni \' ?-SI>PPI! i'ca r end a nd OVPT- Htxi> t ii OH. Hi'low rpjlina. nnly $ I 4Til*. I)« a li*i. \\'PK Waldon, l-'L 1 - South I'nion. Ht.Iii KOIir> rouiif. A-1 condition. (L'M4194), $l!i;. MS iw. I.o;i Hnkpr hrfore 5::iO p. m. Automotiv* Service, Pert* FOR AVASHlXr,. POLISH JXG. Sl- S10.\-|X[.\r;, Ll'BRICATIOX AXD ('. K.VKKA I., CAT, .MAIXTKX- _AX('K. 70 COMPI.F.TK body and fender repairing, also lion! wheel aliBiiment. Cbarle* ViB«trom's daraiie, ir,:o Twenty-eiBhth _strcel._ r'bon^_2-7937. 4-12-lf ORANT piston riPKS last loiiBer. Motor limed up, ureaKini; und oiliuu: i-ar stor- a«e. Blue Ribbon Oarage. 1916 Nlne- ^eer^ih; Plione_2-n_67j4. ll lr> ' 1 ' WR CAN PAINT Your Car Immediately. (i.MAC Budget Plan Call for A. Carter FRKD C. ScmVKIT/.ntR Ol.DSMODILK DRALKK Diotif ;',-i997 F.ichlevnlh and X 1-4-tf AUTOMOBILE and truck repairing and wpldine 8i-rvlrc. Bring your trouble* to 230 Baker Btrect. SO AUTO RKPAIR1NO. ttineup*. also complete overhaul*, by skilled mechanlcx, Work Kuarnntopd by Depot Welding and Auin- mohllp Service. 1608 F streei. 71 Motorcycle* and Bicycles FOH SALK--,Man'i Iteovywpight bicycle, in good comlMion. Prit-f >."i» Pee at 1.17 nils* (treat or phone 3-0336 after 6,"0 P. m, f tt FOR USED CARS DRIVE YOUR CAR TO TOUR CHEVROLET-BUICK-CADILLAC DEALER 0-21-tf "\VE BUT ALL MAKES OF CARS WI 1FH1F *j)iL}lLiiLi 1L>1L<O^1L( -,<a liU.lUs' BAKER-ADAMS MOTOR COMPANY 2"UC Chester Avenue Phone 9-9745 7-11-tf WTT,L PAY THE T/IMTT FOR MOST CARS. XO RKD TAPE. CASH IX 3 MTXKTES. 111? ' s - ru c \V A XT ED TO B I J Y— 1936 Ply mon t h or _ Dodge I'oupe body. 411) Water street., f.!* WILL TRADE 1937 Oldsmobile <Calif. 2D1701). Bood condition. $570 as is. or jiny cnah. fnr 1940 nr 1941 convertible. _ Hotel Tegeler. between 6 and 8 D- in. fi9 \VANTKn-— 1!i 41 Plymouth. DOCJRP or DcSotn. mu ML be in sood rnndit inn and low niilpriRr. Phone 7-7810 a n or 6 _ p. _n^ _ ^>i_ '2f. 1 ~ _ A jj^ii HS _ Drive. _ TO I'll! VAT K PARTY will trarjp model A lHi'9 fuiipc find cash, (ur equity in .^edan. Phone ^-l. r .!»4. WANTKD to buy. I'ifim private owner, a ]!':'.(! to IflliS Foi-d or rhevrolet coupe or si'ihui. Will pay cash. 1'hone t'.-USlti lifl<>r_!i:jlO_p._m. WANTED TO BI'V Irte mnd-i seisin rash. I'honi- 2-75" f rom jir i va t e pa n y. r i lub coupe. 1'a v , 78 Motorcycles and Bicycles t'"OK SA LR— - Prewo r birvcle, good condi- ll'm, Koo-l tiros, now paint; $30. ]fi4 _ LiKpotJ^ Phonf 2-4ti!» 1 . t;;t fr'OH SALK — Man's pr«\var bicycle; new partN ' hi ouglioul, STui. Phone l l -Oi'T2 fir call at ;"j 1 0 Twenty-seventh street _ n f t nr _ -\ _ p . m. W A N T K U I o buy. one boy's medium size _ bicycle. Phone 7-7U91. For Sale—Furniture* Fixtures For Sale—Miscellaneous HOMIi SOLD— Hava for sale, cheap, d s room set. seT dishes, oauui Phnn, ava for si seT dishe 2-3490. equlu- 6!i FOR SALE—Davenport and chair, also practically new Sunburst healer. Call after 5 p. m., 1404 101 KanrhqJDnve. (i'.» V :HY X'CV. walnut bedroom set. walnut diuriB' set 2-piece living loom set. radio, heater, .ce box sewing machine, odd hods, dressers anil chairs- Alter « !.' _liU_?J_ " r ' :1 L f'hp»ler_avenue. 611 LIVING ROOM set, day bed. chiffarohe. eabinci radio. S18 O at rect j Iijt I-'OH SALK—chintz livingrcom set: also small brea kf.'isi set wilh table nnd two lieiicbrs. yellow leather upholstery. Only 6 months old, pi iceit to sell. Phone 2-6454 aflei- 10 a. m. 70 LI VIN'GROt 'M and dining room set. single bed with inncispriiik mattress. Phone 2-76HS between 4 and 6 p. m. 2216 Ar- liriBto.i. 69 LOVELY li?ht green axminster rug. good romlitio'i. Sxl2. S3.1; also old riiK. 11x13. Jli. i,'all morninss. L'02'J Twenty-first street. FMione ;!-llfi4. t>9 FOR SALE—Bed. spring and mattress. $2250. 604 Charlana Drive (by the airport). ti'J .Nlf'E 4-piecn bedroom set. $45 2-OOfi7 or 1207 Oregon. cash. Call 71 i(""CLKS~Wp hnvr icccived a num- h* j r of 1 H4L' model, army type shaft- drive Haney m< torc>-r-l ( -s. Will he ready fnr N;I Ie 'n a few days. AYes Waldon. 2:'L* Sont n Vnlon. fiO For Sal*—Lumber Loral inn. Standard Oil Company Tank Farms. Go north on Chester avenue and China Grade Road. First sate on left side, near gate, (late open S'OO a. in. to 4:.'!0 p. m. Saturdays 8:00 a. in. to 12 p. in. Closed Sundays and holidays. KERN' AVKECKLNO COMPANY WRITE P. O. BOX SS3 io-7-tr HOUTS * 8OX Cut Rate Lumber Sard, 2200 Ed Iron Highway. Bakerafleld. 9-30-tf For Sal*—Furniture, Fixtures Two-piece Moliair living room sets, full spring construction. Regularly $199.50. Only $140.50. Two-piece frieze living room sets. Full spring construction. Regularly $209.51). Only $lf>9,5U. Save $.~>0 on each of these well constructed suites. Gilt framed large plate glass mirrors, only $12.50 and up. Baby buggies, all steel construction, rubber tires. $14.!>5 and up. Baby cribs with adjustable steel springs, $26.50. Fiber rugs, decorative and inexpensive, !».\12, $15.90. Use our budget plan. No interest or carrying charges. DAVIS FURNITURE CO. 1400 Chester Avenue Just one block south of the court house. 71 USED FURNITURE, tools, stoves, miscellaneous articles of all kinds. We will buy anything. Call 4-482S. Authorized Mnytae Service and pans. Furniture repaired. Hob Morley's New and Used FurnJture_Stoie.__lSOO_Q. 82 USED FURNITURE wanted. We call any place In city and give free estimates. Brown's Furniture, formerly Roy While F inn i I ure. Phone 7-7 021. 6 -12 -_i_f FOR SALE—Gas range, high oven. In good condition. -' 0 04 Cedar s I reel. 6 8 FOR SALE—Studio couch. one used linoleum. Call S-4082. 68 ATTENTION, mothers. Wo carry a full line of baby furniture, at reasonable prices. Se.u us before you buy. Victory Furnluire Exchange, 618 Union avenue. Phone 3-1006. R6 FOR SALE—New nnd used mattresses: nil kinds of furniture, radios sold, traded and repaired. Firwt class workmanship. I'umpkm Onter Secondhand Store. On Tn ft Highway, l!a miles west of Green- firld 68 Singers an1 White, rotary*. Repairing. Sewing Machine Exchange. 1218 J3aktr. FOR SALE—Ker.more move, 3500 B. T. I utier 4. Ironer. heating Phone 2-49:i!i BIRD'S K\t: maple dining room set with buffet. tllO: also dlvtn and chair, $75: bedroom set. 2-p!ece. with spring and mull lens, $JO. 117 Woodrow, Olldnle. ^ 68 FOR SA>.E—HxlS darlt blue broadloom rug J3.~>: Monterey bed davenport and chair, spring construction, IK'O: modern prewar davenport and. chair. $190; R-t>iece dining room suite, blue upholstery, walnut finish: walnut Wint.hrop desk. $4.'p All furniture In tootl condition. :'831 Twenty-second «9 FOR SALE—White metal bedsttad and dresser, $5. Phone 2-1331. FOR SALE—Bedroom suile. dinette and bul'fel. dre.sser, ru«s 9x12. maui esp<-s. fireplace irons, living room get; miscel- lam»pus. Phone L'-T»Sfln. FOR SALE—Large living room heater, one bathroom henter. large table, cheap; coffee table, end tables, electric iron and cord, tricycle. larKe old-life radio, pretty, needs liitle repair. Clothcp. dresses. «iliis. .shoeK. Soldier's wife. Phone _2 I .l :^2_:i. FOR SALE—Chesterfield. clean. SIS. Have no room for it. 214 Ramona ave- __!! u ? '__^_'^' IM ^1' fl u ' • ONE BRASS colonial S-way liuht fixture. n<_'\v. prewar: one metal dogsy bed, with maltres.s: one maple-t'insh davenport, 2-hiiritf-r el'i-li'lc plale. one mattress. fuM__sixp. Tall 3-!IU:!i:. Fi'tR SALK—High oven gas range, steel day bed, wicker table, four chairs; .Morris chair and wood healing slove. Phone 7-7124 or 511 Nil's. 70 For Sal*—Miscellaneous LIMITED number ot new and factory rebuilt Hoover sweepers available only to persons having old Hoovers to trad* In. Liberal allowance. Guaranteed factory pa its an* aervlce. I'all Well! 1 * service department. 6-5851. 7-6*tf VACUUM CLEANERS. Irons, toasters, heating pads, motors, everything- electrical repaired. Money-back guarantee. Huntley Appliance Ssrvlce and Repairs. 917 Water street. Phone 2-4570 or _2-9£54^ (JO FOR SALE—Baled hay loaders, new. Phone 2-207S. 69 THE OFFICE OF PRICE ADM1NISTRA TION has set dollara-and-cente ceiling prices on used refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, typewriters, bed springs, cameras aml£phntographic i-nuitmieni. These maximum prices apply lo every seller, even !n an individual selling hi** persona! household effts. For In formation concerning these and all other ceiling prices, call the Bakersfield War Price and Rationing Board. Phone 9-!Hl!>. 6-13-tf Flying and balsa model plane kits, jeeps, trucks, innks. ships fittings, balsa wood carving knives, dope and cement. Come in and look R round. Edward'** Camera Exchange. 1609 Nineteenth street. 8-22-tf FREE FREE FREE SAWDUST AND PLAN'ER CHIPS Load It Yourself BAKERSFIELD BOX COMPANY Highway 99 3 .Miles South of Town 9-5-tf WASHING MACHINES Repaired, quick service, Montgom ery Ward, Apex and all makes re paired and rebuilt. General Serv ice Co., 913 Baker. Phone 2-1I27R. S-S-tf 'Paris Liberated" and "Tan'its Capture Guam" and other newsreels. 8-mm and IS-mm. New cartoons. Little King. Don- aM Duck. Mickey Mou«e. etc. Edward's Camera Exchange. 1IJ09 Nineteenth. 9-l!>-tf Xew and used. Bought, sold, repairer! and exchanged. Largest stock in Kern county. KERN PUMP EXCHANGK 400 Sonora Phone 3-14X8 70 Hearing witn my VACOLITB, I can laugh with the others when R «ood Jok« Is told. Clement Hershey 2736 Center. Phone 2-0.171. 10-9-tf • SEWING MACHINES SINGER and White. Repair all makes of sewing machines, vacuum cleaners and Irons. Hemstitching while you wait. Kille- drews Sewing Machine Repair Shop, 1509 West Eighth. Phone 9-9437. 73 Rainbow collection of gladioli, packed for gifts, tulips, ranun- culus, narcissus, choice mixed colors. Fertilized and peat moss. AVattenberger's, 2521 East California. b'9 Tire Re ONE-DAY SERVICE Grade A Truck Rubber M KXDERHACSEN'S SOI Niles Phone 3-140? CABBAGE cauliflower, broccoli, chard, leituce. celery, onion sets, strawberry plants, raspberry, blackberry and flower plants: bulbs, seeds and fertilizer: fruit, shade trees nnd shrubs. Plant them now. Krauter Nursery, 501 Eighteenth street. IO-2-tf VACl'L'M CLEANERS, irons, clocks and nil small appliances repaited. No delay. <!ener:il Service Company. 913 Baker. 1 Mi o n e_2 -92 7ji. 9-8-lf REPAIR your own shoes. We carry a good stock of leather and accessories for repairing. Paul Hornung. 1606 Nineteenth *lreel. 2-23-lf DECORATE your home with mirrors. We specialize in mirrors for jnantels. wells anil doors. Bakersfield Cnass Company. 1715 Nineteenth stieet. 1-10-tf TIRE RECAPPINGI ONE-DAY SERVICE CLKROU TIRH COMPANY 1717 K STREET PHONE «-6060 NOTICE J. * J. Electric Iron Shop (11 Nineteenth Stree' May have beating element! to fit your l»on. Cords and a few oiotore for aale. MAN'S beautifully tailored dress overcoat, all wool, dark eray. sly.e 40-42: black overcoat, elzo 3S. 2*23 West Nineteenth. liS BEAUTIFUL new S-plei-« stainless chrome rockuit Mt, Bauer pottery floor Ump, miscellaneous 2823 West Nineteen*, 68 FOR See the DAVIS FURNITURE CO. 14MI CHESTER AVF.XUK. OSWALD'S SPECIALS C'ouinei'a Siools Stram tahle Sieani talile ineeta Hack hars Showcases Sr-ales RevHrape coolers Siotk pols Hishps Hronins (! lasses Rakes And Hundreds of Oilier Items We Sr-M in Anyone OSWALD RESTAURANT SUPPLY 1 716 Nineteenth Street. Phone 2-9;!K 91, WILL TRADFx Stanley 55 plane, complete with 55 bits for heavy duty electric: motor, or will sell for cash. Phone 2_-8 :i IIS. Ii S FACTORY BUILT. 10 fool. 42-inch beam mahogany outboard boat; equipped with oar locks, completely reconditioned Ideal for huntiHK and fishing. Phone , 7-7 1 (17 or call 728 Twenly-fourtl; street. «!t DOMESTIC AND IMPORTED 613 East Eighteenth St. Phone 3-0729 •J2 WE BUY used sewing machines. Killebrew's Sewing Machine Repair Shop. 1501) West Eighth. Phone 9-8437. HI SCRATCH FEED with cracked Indian corn Yes. we deliver. Pioneer Mercantile Cnm- pany. Phone 8-8581. »-18-tf FOR SALE—One skunk fur coat, size 12. practically new. price $100. Pbone 3-1411 or call at 2203 N street. 68 ONE 7x12x6 high ateel truck body, 1100 Phone Arvtn 73 «8 OXE heavy team and leather harness for sale. Phone Arvin 73. FOR SALE—Electric brooder In first class condition, like new. Phone 2-1921.' 222!* Pacific Drive. 69 GET YOUR rubber stamps from Bakers field's leadln rubber stamp company. You will be satisfied with Its prompt service. Pads. Inks, daters nf all makes. 1808 "Eye" street. Phone 8-8102. 69 tat® (Growers SOO TOXS OF SOIL SULPHUR AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT We also have available a limited amount of fertilizers. 613 East Eighteenth Phone 3-0729 78 CHICKEN HOUSE (or sale; pen 12x14 feet. »15. Phone 2-1555. 69 HOT WATKK TANK, gas heater, ever- bearing strawberry plants. 419 Water stieet. 69 FARMERS ATTENTION 3-hole cabinet for frozen meats. Call evenings after 6 p. m. 2-0876. 69 FOR SALE—Silently used automatic watei healer nnd double stationary tubs witl- staml. 529 Goodman street. 6i FOR SALE—One fur coat, also black coat trimmed with fur, bo'h size 12. Phone 5-f.f.32. FOR SALE — Domestic treadle sewinc machine. $3r>: two end tables, practicalb new. Phone 3-1660. $9.50 each. Wanted 2-whee! trailer. 6J LADIES' beautiful wool suits, one navy, one preen; wool coats, brown suede jacket skirts, dresses, size 14-16: shoes. fi-B nice wool coat, fox collar; dresses, size 18 282.T West Nineteenth. 68 DURO pressure pump, A-1 condition with two tanks; reasonable. Phone 3-2666 68 No. 1 OAT HAY for sale, full of grain $25 per ton at ranch; also choice alfalfa hay. One fine Jersey cow, fresh soon T. B. and abortion tested. One goo< saddle hoise. well reined, plenty of life sure-footed In ' mountains. Dickersnn Farms. Jlpacham Road. Rosedale. Phone 2-1048; after 8 p. 2-1916 69 BEAUTIFUL set Canadian Red Fox furs perfectly matched. Reasonable. Phonp 9-9819 and 2-1858. 68 FERTILIZER — PULVERIZED SHEEP AND BARNYARD FERTILIZER. FER TI1.IZE YOUR LAWN NOW. WE DfC LIVER. PHONE 2-9351. 74 FOR SALE—Four-room modern house to move off property. Jli»00. Built in 1940 Call 8-8915 day«: after 6 p. m. 2-3902 69 GOATS' MILK—La Corona Goatery, Garn sey Road. Phone 5-5465. 7' THREE rabbit hutches and a high-oven stove for sale. All in good condition • 'all 2-1S54. or at 325 Washington street O i Idale. 7 n FREE firewook. for hauling away. 330 F street. COMBINATION waffle iron and toaster Phone 2-1304. FOR SALE—Complete set hand tools, In cludinR Aockets and.tool box. Glen Ran som. Blue Ribbon Garase. GOOD brown carracul fur coat, size 38 full length. Reasonable. Phone 2-5205 70 STEEL clothesline, poles, steel post and fences. Leave order. Phone 2-0204. 7] FOR SALE—Large storage tank, corru Bated nldes. with good roof. Phoni 2-8087. 7( SELLING OUT gypsum spreading business Includes two spreaders, mounted on fhevrolpt IVi-ton trucks; one skii loader, and enough spreading lo pio for pq-.ilpmpnl. Phonp 684. Shatter. 7' SKLMNQ CLOTHES—Reasonable. Cal 2-1426, afternoons only. LADY'S black fitted mink trim coat. 12 bPlee suit. 12, and gold wrist watch Phone 2-1594. TWO electric motors. Make offer. 2)0 Nortli Chester avenue. KKRN WERM FERM at 1920 Cherry street for home grown red fish worms Phonp 2-4931, FOR SALE—Two pair of cretonne coven for Chentprfield set. Also a. few cur tain panels. 123^ K street, Apart ment 2. SILVER FOX fur collar, baby Hudson Seal jacket, man's m'xed tweed suit size 38, like new, (15: one coimoli mirror, one 9x12 Axmiimer rut, coffee table. Phone 3-0106. 69 FOR SALE—Girl's all-wool coat, size 1Z raincoat, size 8; boy's raincoat and woo pants, s»e 6. Phone 2-3364. 69 FOR SALE—Firewood, at 2330 B street fall before ft p. m. 7( LAST! Gun ran teed Grade lit Tires. Drive to 3027 Baker EAST BAKERSFIELD FIRESTONE TIRES 7 FOR 8AUE—Child'* brown Red Ooo«e nxfoicls, Size 9-A. Good condition Phone 2-7541. PR K WAR be by burc.v In good condition Phont 2-1529. 2407 Colton. for ••l«^MI»e*llan«eu» For Sal*—Miscellaneous US PHi/fiPS ^1« H5=rntc^ o>]i<< s—Reg. 35c ? Now 31c s=Keg a 63c 9 Now 52c 9tC> I'RACTORS—We have a number of ti-ark- laypr irai-'tol'H. (/atcrptllar :tO with (lonlile drum lopslng winch. Clcirac 35 with angle dozer. Alsa mime hare IracloiB. Wes Waldon. 2-1! South 1'nion. 69 Radios, Musical Instruments Sieger & Sons Kimball Knabe, small Steinway, small Gulbranscn AVahvorih Sohnoller & Mueller Hampton, small Howard player Steinway, like new Steinway Grand Baldwin Grand ]...von & Healy Grand AVeber Grand .y_'S5 All these pianos have been thoroughly reconditoned and are fully guaranteed. Terms as low as $9.64 per month. Free delivery. BALDWIN PIAXO DISTRIBUTOR 1513 Seventeenth street (i!) $145 $135 $L'S5 »:!95 $LM5 $1»5 $4«5 ,*l :!.-,(! $1)75 $7S5 LTRICHT PIANO for ante, in Rood comli- lion. ilin. Pleasp ('all 2-74 SS. (i'.l We Have Facilities and Available Parts to Service Any Alnke Radio Corner K Street and !)!• Highway Dial ^-04!IS 1^-li-l PIAXO WANTED — Highest cash prires uaid for new and used pianos. Phone 8-89S1. fl-lL'-tf CAP. AERIALS for any make of car. S4.9S anrj up. Poston Radio, corner of K street and 99 Hjgh_vv_a.y. 9-i-if HIGHEST T'RICES paid for used radios. Bakersfield Radio Supply. 2S08 Chester avenue. Phone 2-5150. 8-11-tf Fruits and V«K«tabl«s SWEET POTATOES for »al«. Kruuter'i Nursery. BQ1 Eighteenth. 10-5-tf FOR SAI,E—Strawberry plants that will hpar next spring if planted now. 2c each; J1.75 pnr hundred. Phone 2-3430. Si 9 VR ARK PICKING Miller's Inte peaches. They fiT-e excellent for i-annine. freezing or slk-ing. Merrill Fruit Ranch. Rio Kravn. 70 >emce Expert repair servire on all inakes. Adequate stocks of purls and most typps of tubes. Prewar OPA approved prices. i!0fi6 Chester Avenue Oldest Radio Dealer in City _ 10-9-tf WILL PAY hichest cash price for your _ Pjjijio. _ Call 8-8C73. _ 1-26-1 1 RADIO REPAIRS Quick service, fleneral Service Company. _ 3 1 _3 _B a k e r. Phone 2- 9 2 7_8 . 4 - 2 4 - 1 f TOP PRICES paid for late model radios. Poaton Radio Service, corner of K and 99 Highway. Phone 2-049S. 2-t-tf FOR AUTO-RADIO SERVICE We now have facilities for mounting and dismounting auto radios. Aerials installed while you wait. POSTO.V RADIO Corner K Street and 99 Highway 3-^7-tf THREE-OCTAVE Deagan marimba, metal pipes with music stand. 1410 Fourteenth utrtet. No call» Saturday. 68 GOOD VIOLIN, reasonable. 32 McArthnr ^_Flace. _ «^ HOWARD. BALDWIN piano; walnut, like _ new. $45n. Call 1104 H »trept. 68 saxophone. C 1IELODY 2-9282. $35. Phone KH UPRIGHT PIANO for sale, value »1SO would take less. 1S29 Seventeenth _streel. ____« » 7-TIIBE Phllco console radio. in30 Seventeenth alreel. 69 WANT TO BXY—Piano. B:ilher medium small upright or Spinit. Phone 8-8186 68 FOR SALE—Twin speaker 14-tube radio, beautiful tone, has to be seen to appreciate. Phone 2-0272 or call at 510 Twenty-seventh street after 4 p. in. WANT to buy, piano. Phone 9-9273. 69 FOR SALF:—.Music rolls for player piano Phone 2-1118. 7n C«inor«» and Photography WANTED—Reasonably priced folding camera, preferably with case, for overseas service man. Phone 6-5498. 68 Typ«wrlt«r«, Offlc* «uppll«« WILL PAT CASH for typewrtttri. adding machinal, chtckwrlttra and caab re«l»- tera. Lynch Typewriter Company, 1(50 Chester avenue. «-29-tf Fruits and Vegetables Vine Ripened Lug, 75c 1019 East Baker St. Bakersfield 10-6-tf EXCELLENT vine-ripened tomatoes for canning and table use, lac per lug and up. Bring containers. Scherlz Orange Ranch. Phone 3-S2JJ1. 7_1 FOR SALE—Roasting ears, at the field. 3 dozen for $1. One mile south and half- mile west of Green Acres' etore on Rosedale Highway. 73 No. 1 Rmt,et potatoes, 12.25 per 100: Cuyama valley potatoes, will keep all winter. Xc>. 1, $4.25 per 100: canning tomatoes, 85c per lug; No. 1 table tomatoes. J1.95 per Ing; onions J2.25 per bag; melons, 40c each. Yea, we have black pepper, onn box limit. Grapes, pears, yams, sweet potatoes, all kinds of meats and drinks, groceries, tobaccos. Open 7 days H week until 8 p. m. "Warren served at (luada Icanal, Tnlted States Navy, proprietor. Phone 2-97SO. 71 POTATOES U. S. Xo. 1 White Kose potatoes, also some RUSSPI. Those potatoes will keep a long timo—Hurry, there's not many left. 1500 Palm Drive, corner of Pacific, near Kern General Ho.spital. 70 Poultry and Livestock OFFERlXfi a number of outstanding yearling and --year-old rcKistered Hereford bulls. A. H. Karue. Phone 9-8671. 7-19-tt ATTENTION, POU LTR TMEN! Our Market Is Open "We Pay Tops for Fryers and Roasters One Block West of Kast Bakersfield Post Office 1106 Kern Street Dial 2-24T>8 BRADFORD POL'LTRY MARKET 76 BUY. SELL or trade, all kinds of livestock. Phone 2-3022. Roy Johnson, 1 mile north Pumpkin Center. 200 yards east on Hoskins Road. 68 WANTED TO BUY—Horses, hogs. caltleT any amount. L. Anderson. Route 2, Box _ 1106. Phone_2_-700S. 68 FOR SALE—Two spnn of good work mares, one brood mare with colt. Mr. flinat. Phone 2-706fi. 7-19-tf ATTENTION Bloorl-tesied baby chicks, brooder*, poultry supplies and feed. We buy your egcs. Chirks J1S hundred. 2219 Union, or SI4 Ki«[Hh : J ) hone_7-7028 or 2-IM89. 2-1-tf BABV CHICKS. $15 per hundred. New Hampshire Reds, Rhode Island Reds, Plymouth Rocks, Rock nnd Red Cross. New shipment every Monday: order early. Plenty of mi'lal feeders, fotin- lains and poultry medicines. Ward's _Farm Store, 2fi25 Chester. 4-17-tf BABY CHICKS started on order. We'have colored broilers, roasting hens. Riverview Hatchery. 215 Roberta Lane. Phone 2-fl3!)5. 7-1!Mf FOUR Red Hampshire sows and pigs for sale. Phnne Arvin 73. , 68 WANTED TO BUY—fit) or 60 large HoT- slein or la I'Ke Guernsey, first calf springers Phone 2-4027. I.loyd G Rusk. Route 4. Box 578, BakersfieM. _OaJ^f. 71 FOR PALE—Thirty Red Hampshire laying hens, one or all. $1.50 each. Phone _"-3867. 413 Beverly Drive. «8^ FOR SALE—Good gentle saddle horse wilh new saddle. Call 2-7915. f a FOR PALE—Guernsey hull, tested: 18 months old. Also sheet Iron. Edison Hglhway. Box :ii. K9 FOR SALE—Four New Zealand does and one buck. $2 each: also rabbit hutches, cheap. Phone 2-0761. 68 HENS for sale, on Hudson Drive, seventh house nn light. Route 2, Box 256-A Phone 2-8008. 72 FOR SALE-One half Analoosn half thor- ouehhred mare Kenlle. well reined: one wvll-bred sailed bay gelding, very showy but Ren'lc: one heavy bay mare, nuilahle for small child or baby. Bar O Stabler. on mail tn Kern County Pork 72 THIRTY young heifers, some springers. Route 3. Box 494. P. L. Morgan. SPAN of young work horses, harness. scraper, two discs, mowing machine, __rak£. Route 3, Box 4!I4. P. L. .Morgan, FOR SALE—Young Jersey cow, reaeon- able. Phone 8-8868. 70 NF.W HAMPSHIRE • hicks 'every Tuesday. *16 per 100: Leghorns. $15. Modesto Hatchery. Route 5. Modesto. FOR SALE or trade, saddle horses and work horses. Kasy terms. Milhonse Hroihvrs. ?*-mile north of Pumpkin ^'^I^T; 71 THREE BREP DOES and one buck: eight Now Hampshire pullets, six White Leu- h<irn__ptillel8, J1.50. 426 Niles. Phone FOR SALE—Fresh young cow, $100: three springer cows. 500 East Brundage Lane 70 Dogs and Other Pets REGISTERED Red Cocker Spaniel lire for service. Phone 3-1632. 69 FOR SALE—Special ihis week, canaries, females $1. singers J7. Goldfish and moss. Phone 2-4587. Fowler's Pet Shop. 1124 Third. 75 TO GIVK t,i good home, female Fox Terrier, about a months old. Call before 5 p. rn. 120 Union avenue. 70 FOR ~ SALE—Puppies. Phone, 2-6525. 2104. Lake street. WANTED—Onod home for small dog, kind pel for children. Phone 2-3348. TWIN' male Cocker nnd Terrier dogs, f months nld. will sell by pair only. J25. Phone 2-9730. 7] LO_BJTUARIES MrCiKlF.-'. HABV HOY—Graveside serv- i'-ps for the infant eon of Mi-, and Jim. James ('. Ali-OrKf, 118 Wilson xlrcpt, vvbo died September 30 a I ( local boftpital, wei'e hold Oi-tober 17 at S |). m. nl Union CVmetery. I'ayin* A Son (Jhaiel has cbargc of arrange- ment.s. .M< Ml KltAY, KI.DA KI.MIKA—Gi avr-slile Hfi-vli-t>s fnr Mrs. K\r\;i Klinirn McMurray, r,n, who died Oi-tolivr 16 at a IOI-R! bdspilal, will he held Oclouer 19 at 11 B. m. ai Payne &. ,Son Chapel, by Kerilrily CllHpter. No. 41'6 O. E. S.. with (be Reverend Charles W, Opie nfTH iiithiff. Interment will he in Green- IH\VM Meii.oiial Park. Pallbearers are Orval Henl.v. Roland Fisbell, Clwude Mm i-ison. I.ynn Mai-ble, Klmer Su'anson and A. K. Baldwin, .Surviving Mrs. Mi-.Mnrray are her husbsn<l. Mason K. McMun-Hv. Kiverview; a sistor, Mrs. Mildred Smith. I.onp Rrat-h: brothers, Vernun Boy. c, BakersTield; Klmer Bnycs and Eoyre, Clearlake; father, Wllmer Boyce. Han Bernardino; several nieces and . nephews. O.\KI-,S, r.KOKne AI.KXANUF.R — F*. neral Kprvicea for tleorKe Alexander Oaki-8. '.I'i, who died October 15 at .lasiro ("rnsHlng, will be held in LonK Beach, whej-e .be body has been sent by Flick- inBor-Dltf iei Chapel. Surviving Mr. Oakes are his widow. Mrs. Krma Oakes, and six sons and daughters. VAI/KXC'IA. CiKOKGK. .IK — Funeral service-) for l.leutenaiH George Valencia, Jr., wh'i died October 16 near Taft, were held October i; at 2 p. m. at Payne «• Son Chapel, the Reverend H. C. H.irrett nnd Chaplain Daniel B. .lorgensen o: Gardner h'lpld. officlat- inB. Inifiment was in Rukersfield Me- niorlal P'jrk. Aciivo pallbearers were l.ieinenani A. J. Custer Raymond L. NacBle. H.thard M. i-larri*. J. K. Grant, N G. Shepharrt and E. H. Adams. Honorary pallbearers wore Lieutenants Clpim K. Dieiz. Tom Uworshok, John r>. Itiirlg-, Pavid Rnrlov, Radium Sulprizio and Jack Ingbain. Surx'iving T.ieuten- ant Valeiici: are his parent*. Mi-, and Mrs. (;,e<Jl'Ke \'alencia, "flf> Lincoln Htreet: a siner. r;im-ia -\alenria, Baker, field; crunornoihr-rs, Mrs. Rose Valencia an', Mi» Cyntliia Oldham. both of Bnkersficlil; aiinis. iilis. Edith Anderson ,i"d Mis. Mary Whitnker. bmh oT Baktrsfleld several uncles and cousins. UNION CEMETERY Furnishn MONUMENTS FLOWER CONTAINERS GRAVE MARKERS AT LOWEST FRICES Office Within the Ground* Monumental Display at Cemetery Entrance Phone 7-7185 Flickinger-Digier CHAPEL Distinctive Funeral Service it Moderate Cost Phon* 7-7881 ChMttr Av«nu« at ThlrUtnth J, C, Fllekligir . Frail Dl|lir AMBULANCE SERVICE DAY and NIGHT

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