The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 28, 1936 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 28, 1936
Page 11
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Uj .1 J J --vJ -4^ - i ^t»^*tf//'- li-VITv.vAv > - - :'«;.W, t ;_ --* "*•• •"•••ti^V* >,T. h^ I • I'^^l 1 "1 -. I &&$** ^f .* -~.c.;wr;f^^^;s w> V-'OT' r^i/'X^ •*..$><$£• • -:•' V-.-v" - J ;.v"y^^^|^,."'•.-•'-.;•• ; •--''';':•, - ; ""'4 ^ : - ; .'V Vr". - % J S 1 • •-. I - - r.n •< - *.. •o- fr, . - ' ' I 1 •* 'I J • ' ^sV.V'7.'.',r--V=--', : i'-«^.:-'-*:^.-' vj!^^:-.•«.•'.*-'•.••. v/ ~:H-' ..• : -- •" - m^^'^^^^^^^^^^- &^^0'r-^v.-;,, .--v ^-r;,-; V-:.ri^:*o -i^-*;?.^^,, vV.,:- . ,-':.;•'v ' t' ' A-*- :\ ,'V ." " '. ; 1 IF - '_ •• I W"--'< H " ~" V • ' ^-_ \ ', " : 1- 1 I • , ' -• - V'l SEPTEMBER 28, :,*i; " '•" i i j j • t H- -' ,%•>, V;* ' '^', .--, L J -.*' I .o-u- . 'X-V'v: h I L t- '''F » • 't - . ,f' -1« 1 H - • I. . ' -• .1' f ' ,# ! -1 - i.. -i ' -1 i j -- ' - tt- - -i */ % hf.V.' / r -s i- r i -1 I V 1 Jf L .- »•' '' -*,^. {-> .? -.' "V ^ '* STM FLANN1NGFOR DELPHIANS Ml <-.•\ •' -. >'-, */ r i- W* ,-.'•:-; * /. ^Melodrama Is Slated - »•".•-'-.--* i „- , - - * Two 'Nigh(4; Homestead and Bowery Setting tti .theater patrons vl«lt the old Tabernacle; at Twenty-first street and Union ayehuo Wednesday, and Thuhiday dvenlngs to eee the pro*; mieif performance here of "Gold in tho,;Hiil* *-pr:.,the; Dead Sister's Be- cr€it»V'they will walk In upon a old-timfe show .house. The ^ And 'play were "chdsen to be Ing .with ;the. local Frontier Days celebration iahd 'nothinff has been left uridone, to . create 'the atmoa- phefe 6f.-*thb old fashioned playhouse. MiBB. Marjdfle Fairbanks i$ directing the comedy melodrama. Ideal Setting' The old wooden building is almost Identical with; those that the old road shows tused* for local engagements. Lit with dim lights, with wooden:benches, and a raftered ceiling, a stage has been improvised at one end. ' A proscenium arch has been constructed, curtains hung and spotlights are .being arranged on the stage to lend tne impression of old- style footlights. Winston Barrett is the stage manager and ie being assisted by Glenn StocUbrldge and Stoddard At wood. Old Homestead The first set, which is also used in the last act, represents the old Stanley homestead with old-fashioned furniture, checkered tablecloth, hall tree paintings, family album and sideboard, oil lamps and wood stove. ' . \* The second act represents the wicked lifo of long ago, the Bowery beer garden and dance hall' where sin and vice flourished. Chairs, piano and bar and brass rail will bo in evidence in this scene. Bowery songs ai\d dances will mark this part of the play, • . Mrs. Helen Vari OHdcl will shine in this scene as Rose, the Bowery i i in in[-__..•--• ji-.j__ •. • •• i • (Continued <m Page Seventeen) History Literature n J Beta Round-up Dance Will Precede Valley Gathering Four Chapters Gather n i Here are the members of the JCern ^ County Tuberculosis Association n and state directors who conducted te, school of Instruction here ro- f i l 4 cently to teach volunteers how to j handle Christmas seal sales effectively. The dinner wan an event of the two-day conference. Tho proceeds of these sales go toward the preveritlon of tuberculosis. The fund raised In Kern Photo by Amundsen Studio. county wlU be used for further tuberculin testing ot school children. It was decided at a recent meeting of the association. The conference and dinner were held at El Tejon hotel. mm o. E s. T. A. ACTIVITIE Be Subject; First Fall Meet, October 7 M L Launching their study for tho season, members of the Bakeraflold Pel- phian Society will moot "Wednesday, October 7, it was announced today by Mrs. A. 8. Goode, president. All the meettiigs will bo hold this year at the Padro hotel and tho group will convene on tho first and third Wednesdays ot oaoh month at 9:30 o'clock In the morning. Modern history and literature will be tho theme of the year's study. The subject that will be opened at the first gathering will bo "The Place of France In Modern Civilization." Mrs. Joseph K, Smith will bo tho leader at this meeting. Mrs. Robert Shreve and Mrs. Earl Smith wiU contribute subtopics. Other officers of the society in addition to Mrs. Ooodo are: Mrs. Smith, vice-president; Mrs. H. H. Hammett, secretary, and Miss Gene- vlove Cauiza, treasurer. . L s. mm * - Sing cst the old hits ords the get too the Play correct Ihorized edi from eet DEPARTMENT Time Save First Here OMPAN MUSIC Nineteenth Street Officers of Local Chapter Give Lovely Dinner, Magunden .Officers ,of Bokersfletd Chapter N f o. 125, O. E, S. entertained at a L lavish dinner party recently at Magunden hall Jn honor of Mrs. Grover Shackclford. worthy matron, and Dr. C. S. Compton, worthy patron. The table was bedecked in a color combination of coral and white, with a Illy pond comprised of a mirror containing lilies und miniature B\vane. Prizes at auction pridge wero won by Mrs. Ai G. Ryder, Mrs. C. S. Compton and Mrs. George Ramsey and Messrs.'Clyde Jlislop and Harry WatkJnB. Mrs. S tanley Brown, associate matron, was chairman of arrangements; The officers presented gifts to both honor guests. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. Grover Shackelford, Dr. and Mrs. C. S. Compton; Messrs. and Mesdames Stanley Brown, Clarence Kramer. George Hamilton, Phil Collins, George Ramsey, A. G. Ryder. TJOSEDALE, Sept. 28.—The first •*•*• P. T. A. meeting of the fall season was held Friday evening at tho Rosedale School with Mrs. Henry Bar-tell, newly elected president, in charge. • Principal John M. Miller led a discussion on a school orchestra that is to be formed for "all children who have musical lentruments. Tho first orchestra practice will be on Wednesday with Larry Foster of the Phillips School of Music as Instructor. The Roscdalo School is sponsoring Mr. Foster for this work. Mrs. J. J. Nord. secretary, reported on the seventh district board meeting which she attended last week at Jastro Park. Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Clow wore called upon to talk on their trip to the cast this summer and gave an interesting picture of their automobile tour. Several committees wero appointed with tho following chairmen in charge; Program, Mrs. H. O. Jones; finance and budget, Mrs. D. J. Nord; hospitality, Mrs. Wallace Weller; membership, Mrs. Arthur Jlenfro; re- Jam Breuch. Thomas Jaynes, H. Mesdames Agnes Kaar. Minnie Neimun, Hendrlckson iSIontgomery W. Doughty, Misses Louise Hamilton, Doris Doughty, Mary Chapman, Frances Gllllam. and Messrs. Charles Bartholomae and Ed Curtis. Pueblo, Colo., beffffars have raised their pleas from a "nickel for a cup of coffee" to "a dime for a loaf of bread." but it's a bargain; they already have the crust. W. P. Lewis; magazine, Mrs. G. W. Michael: and publicity, Mrs. John M. Miller. These chairmen will bo in select their own helpers. Mra. Bartoil reported that hereafter the P. T. A. meetings will be held oil the second Tuesday of every month and that hot lunches will bo served to the children beginning Monday, September 28, in the cafo- tcria, with Mrs. Wallace Weller in charge. Refreshments were served in tho school cafeteria after the meeting. WHEAT KERNELS IN A NEW FORM * * •j- •* Si Van Gives Special Attcntio 4 . ^ - ~ , Artificial * Battle Creek. Mick. Those -who enjoy ready-to-eat cereals daily have discovered a most unusual cereal at their grocer's. .It is made of the entire wheat kernels with allvthefr food values and is shredded in a novel form. These shreds are flavored with malt, sugar and salt and then toasted golden brown. The Kellogg^ Company of Battle Creek are the makers of this ready-to-eat cereal which tia. called Kellogg's Whole 5at Krumbles, In order that ttie buyer may see these unique shreds, the package has a Cellophane "window," The delicious flavor and crispness of Kellogg'a Whole Wheat Krum- bles are delighting countless uiHotc UIHERT users. Sold by grocers everywhere. I- • I plates own laboratory n We- eufloeat you alao try Ke 11090*0 Shredded Whol* Wheel Blaeult with the natural wheat flavor. Tfi.ns DENTIST ./75 I'- clem !•*>*•. edrf •*• i-.ii ir bAKmntio CAI ''A 99 «Mm. H»h«»t, Mfft »M **»*< IX tn\^ ^'^ v... ?T \ . -. * t All Instruments OFFICE Nineteenth . i. ,,-v ' - . •* * tit CiCC Cwrd j'- - i- i ->^- K jiffTAv*;*; ^ i < : ^^^ ~ :** H : •: f. ij-:* ^.'v ii -., f row paw McFAIiLAND, Sept. 28.—The message of Mru.. Mary b. Langworthy, national president of the P. T. A., was read by Mrs. M. B. McFarlarid as she opened tho first meeting of the year at the kindergarten before an audience of 80 to- cal parents and teachers. Mrs. Cecil t). Bowman had charge of a got- acquainted game and a social hour followed with Mrs. McFarland and her staff of officers serving refreshments. They include Mrs. Frank H. Carter, vice-prealdent; Mrs. Albert Davis, wee rotary; Mrs. Paul LIndley, treasu rer, and Mrs. M. T. Cav- anaghj historian. That it IB the aim of the local unit to become a standard association was stated by Mrs. McFarland. She also said that any member of the P. T. 'A. is eligible* to attend the county meetings, and as she plans to attend all of them during the year. She invited five members to attend with her, having room to take that number Jn her car* Dr. Gertrude Laws will be speaker at tho October * county meeting and Mrs, McFarland urged that many local members attend as the speaker has a message of worth. Mrs. Walter Hoot gave tho "Seven Objectives of Education," and IS. M. HIgglnbotham, ^district superintendent of the school, told of piaps for UuUdtng, which is being considered by the local school board, , During the business session, the president . appointed the following 6onimitteos to act for the year. Finance and budget, Mesdames Paul Lindley. * Frank H. Carter, Walter Root, Albert Davis and Mr. Hlg* giribotham;. ways and,means, Mrs. M. J. Dyer and Miss Jessie Smiltle; program, Mrs. Cecil D. Bowman, Miss Mario C. Lournzo and Mrs, Walter Root; membership. Mesdames C. A. <Fothertngham, Clarence Kodgers, W, H. Paine, A. D. Rose and Miss Sally O'Hagan; hospitality, Mesdames AI. J. Dyer, M. Y. Cavanagh and Miss 12dna LewU; publicity,, Mrs. Elmer K. Lobre; publicity recora Tx>ok» Mrs. M« M. Taggart and publications/; Mrs. Paul Undley. Preceding the get-acquainted program under the direction of. Mrs. Bowman, teachers of the 0 gram mar school and instructors of the high school -were introduced by Mr. His- glnbotham and U W. Hege, principal of the high school. A count of parents and friends representing tho Various rooms won taken and room picture* awarded for the month to the following rooms for having the largest number prwwnt, Th* prlnniury plc- 'tti» to:;Mi|M SaUy O ( H«gttn'« first grade, For tha Intermediate rooms Miss • Elftaoor MaciDonald and *nd frontier spirit prevailed when Washington P. T. A. held Us first meeting of tho term recently at tho school with 60 members attending. Old-time costumes wore worn. Mrs. Jack White, program chairman, outlined the program for tho coming year, which promises to bo Interesting and educational. Chairmen who announced plans for the year Included Mrs. F. W. Hort, room represen lat I vo chal r- man; Mrs. Harry Ashby, parent education; Mrs. Albert Wilbur, music; Mrs. IS. L. Thompson, ways and means; Mrs. J. B. Hart, emblems and publication*. Officers for tho coming year are Mrs. Gus Vercammen, president; Mrs. Jack White, vice-president; Mrs. L. 13. Fllnn, secretary; Mrs. C. 8. Reams, treasurer; Mra. Charles Cesmat, historian; Mrs. A. II. Johnston, parliamentarian, and Arias Evelyn Cavala, auditor. J. David Laird, principal, gave a talk and answered questions pertaining to Junior high school. He also introduced teachers after which represhments were served by a committee comprised of Mm. Virgil Andrews and Mrs. Edgar Hugeman. * * » ROSEDALE. Sept. 28.—The Rosedale P. T. A. met recently at its first fall meeting and Mrs. B. Bnrtel> president, announced committee chairmen. The roster includes the following; Mrs. H. O. Jones, program and music; Mrs. J. M. Miller, publicity; Mrs. Arthur Ren fro. membership; Mrs Dan Nord, finance; Mrs, George Micheal, magazine; Mrs. Wallace Weller, hospitality; Mrs. Arthur Smith and Mrs, W. P. Lewis, refreshment. Mrs. Joo-'Nord presented a report on the recent seventh district board meeting held at Jastro Park. Mrs. L. L. Clow gave a reeumo of her trip through Yellowstone National Park and Iowa. Coffee and' cake wore refreshments. H was Appointive Officers From Entire County Honored at Frontier Fete an<! eervod OM ided that tho meetings will be held the uecond Tuesday of each month. The executive board of the Hawthorne P. T. A. was hostess at a principal and teachern* reception held Friday at the school. Mrs. N. A. Llndstrom, P. T. A. president, introduced tho new principal, Herbert L. Blackburn. He Introduced the teachern and then gave an interesting talk on P. T, A. work and tho school. ^During the social hour, the parents discussed with the teachers the plans for tho coming year. Homemade cake and tea wore served. WOMEN DRIVERS KANK FIRST HARTFORD. Conn., Bept. 28. (U. P.)—Women lop men in motor law tests in Connecticut. State records show that they know the answers better than men and few women applicants for licenses are rejected. TWO GUESTS-ONE PRICE No extra charge for two person* occupying the tame room THE MAYFLOWER LOS ANCELES* NEWEST matt centriDy located downtown hotel. Directly Acroaa from ih* HiUmore ftdjotnlnff bmiullful Ubrwry Park RATES GUARANTEED AS PUBLISHED 350 Ct/CST ROOM5 Double Btdi Choice. Twin or Double $2.50 $3.00 $3.50 .i.ffOWA Hir.HKKl . You don't km** la bmrmmin! All Outside Rooma * All equipped with tub. nhowfrnrcorriblnatinnbath MONTEREY COCKTAIL ROOM Dlfnlfled * Intimate • Smart Kt—S*rvifi to S0r«"lii **d out" Outstanding among Frontier Days parties was that hold recently when appointive officers of Kern county wero entertained by Security Chapter No. 426. Order of tho Eastern Star at tho Masonic temple. One hundred and forty guests attended. Hostesses wero tho appointive of- fleers of the entertaining chapter: Miss Elaine Nelson, chaplain, chairman: Mrs. Arthur Overtorj, marshal; Miss Margaret ROHR, organist; Mrs. Loyd Frame. Adah: - Mrs. Walter Carter, Ruth; Miss Genevlevo Miller. Ksther; Mrs. Stanley Slegfus. Martha; Mrs. Frunkle Tucker, Blcota: Mra. Betty Schmidt, warder, and Mrs. O. 11. HIebert, sentinel. Western Motif Miniature covered wagons fighting Indians and cowboys centered tho table. Favors wore Frontier ladlos fashioned from clothespins. Flowers also adorned tho lablcfl which wero placed star- fashion. Mrs. Henry T, Pear headed the decorations committee, assisted by Mrs. Loyd Frame, Mrs. 15d Plaughor and Mrs. Walter Carter. The supper committee included Mrs. C. V. Trimmell, chairman, »nd Mefldamcs Frank Lousing, U. J. Hoi- won, Marlon Crum, Alfla Older, May Schrnum, BllUo Burke. Helen Woods. Forrest Dickey, who wore assisted by Messrs. D. J. llolflon, Frank Ix>nslng, Frank Hand, Alan Parker and Carl Hummich. Varied Entertainment Entertainment wo* provided by O. S. Orant of McFarland who sang and played old-time eongs and presented accordion, harmonica and banjo numbers. Sharing the program also was MUs Muriel Jean Cook who presented two rending** "Tho Old Maid" and "Tho Courtship of Larry McGee." Miss Kdna Btarbuck of Marlcopa. won a draw prize* Mrs. Alan B, Porker Is the worthy matron' and Arthur J. Wright tho worthy patron of tho chapter. Here Sunday; Gala Event Saturday 7ORM1NO a high «pot in a colorful week, B**ta Phi Sigma fraternity Is entertaining tU n Frontier tmys dance and Four Valtey Chapter meeting October 3 and 4. Hnrold Hendrlcks. committee chairman, announce** that plans have been completed for dancing nt the Woman's Club hall beginning nt 9 o'clock; arrangements arc being worked out in co-opemtion with local civic organisations, TSvorott .Tones and his swing band with a Polka-dot Trio and iSmma McCool, Toft blues singer, will supply music und entertainment. Wen tern music will be featured. Prizes donated by local will bo given for best costumes men's and women's. Open to Public The public is invited. On Sunday the fraternity will convene nt Motel Padre for ft business meeting with largo delegations present from Fresno, Visalla and Por* tervllle. The valley cities will bo represented at the dance also. Larry O. Koisenburg. president of tho local chapter for two terms, will be among tho visitors. Mr. Kotsenburg is now living In Huntlngton Pork where ho represontes Bishop Company. Ho will bo accompanied by delegations from Long Beach and LOB Angeles. Dignitaries Coming Others who will attend include Edgar -Ross, trustee, Fresno; Allen B. Taylor, grand president, Oakland; Leo G. Oerklna, past grand president, Wan Francisco, nnd Allen Walt hew, secretary-treasurer. Oakland. Besides Mr. Ile.ndrU'ks, tho com* mlttee chairmen Ino.lude Y*l Greenstreet, dunce; Dick Hnrlow, finances, and Clarence 13. Fowler, publicity. Lynns Have Trip Through Panama Canal •"•'. > O 1 : i - -v s.- • -- J*'r vV'.^ - /W Va# • r* - '.KIW 'j>:W*ffl -.' ;•' T-vl •' •* - . -t. -- " y-\ , : . 'O > .: - •'*«&. ->.rf - ' -te.'V- 1 1 ' i . :_.' East Students to Register for Classes Tonight; Work Begins Immediately All A ITER » dellghlful trip through the Panfema Canal, with stops in Mexico, the Canal Zone and Havana, Mr. ami Mrs. S. T. Lynn and their daughter. Miss ficrittcc, nro now in New York City. They experienced a rainstorm and wind In New York. They will continue to Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, U. (X» returning home In November. They left Wilmington on (he S. S. Virginia, August 30. Preceding their departure a dinner was enjoyed on board, shared also by Mr. and Mrs. Harold Tnber, Miss Nrultne Jordan, Los Boynton and George Uuntgartner. Assembly Favors No Morning Meet SACRAMENTO, Sept. 28. (U. P. California's Btnte assembly wo discontinue morning session* and convene at 2 p. m., under recommendations to bo presented to tho next legislature by a special interim committee on procedure. Undcrtho plan offered nt a meet- Ing of the committee hero standing committees of tho assembly would hold their hearings during tho morning: hours, leaving tho afternoons nnd evenings free for attend- uncm at regular sessions of tho legislature. Covering fundamental subjects in business and vocational fields, a fine \ currlcxilum 1» offered to students registering for the fall terra of the evening high school this evening at T o'clock In the local iunlcr college building. Thirteenth and F streets. Wide Range Classes have been arranged In thft following subjects: Citizenship, Eng, li«h for foreigners, business Eng! llsh. Hhortland (beginning. Inter! mediate, and advanced^, bookXeep- ' Ing, mathematics (especially for oil ! workers), seienco (for oil workers). Diesel engine fundamentals, automobile mechanics, machine shop, woodworking, handicraft (clay modeling, basketry, weaving, eewing), homo hygtene. and care of thft fiteSt (American Hed Cross), first aid (beginning and advanced Red Cross courses), Spanish (beginning and ad- 1 vanoed), public speaking, mineral' ogy. Hp reading for the deaf, and welding. All Instructors will be on hand to answer questions and assist persona who may be Interested, No Fees There are no fees except for one or two exceptional courses ttnd classes are open to any adult. Sched* \\left fthowirvg vhe hours and meetVng places of all classes will be available at the place of registration. It Is possible to add other classes from time to time upon written pe- tltion hearing fifteen or more names, and with the proviso tliat the subjects requested arc considered to be satisfactory by the school board. Adults contemplating Joining any groups scheduled to open this week I Tho group studying new methods'are urgently requested to enter at of procedure is headed by Assembly, i once in order that they may not misa man Charles V. L/yon of I-ioa Angoles.' the Important first sessions. Jolly Party Held by Homesteaders Performance of a mock wedding and awarding of costume prizeH \Vero features of H recent gathering of the Homesteader*' Life "Association at 1C. of 1'. hftll. Awurds for costumes, given following a grand march, were made to Mr. and Mrs. lx>n Pinncy, George Borgwurdt. Mrs. P. H. Longorla, Georgu Vwllen and Barbara L*»o Force. Sixty members attended. A program over radio station FAIC1S was presented by Madame Faker (Mr*. James KUzlar) and the following; Mrs. U. S. Longoria, Mrs. Arthur Vineyard, lx>n Fhmo>vMrs. R. A. Force and James Kizzlar. A tap donee by Barbara Leo Force was nccompniitadi at tho piano by Mr*. KlftRinr. • In the mock ceremony, tho men wero attired U.H women and vieo versa. PartlclpnttnK wero MJ-S. Arthur Vineyard, preach or; Mrs. Kiss- zlar, bridegroom; Kmory Itarimin, bride; Mrs. U. A. Fovc*\ bent nmn; Arthur VIneynrd and George Borgwardt, flower Klrl«; lltlle Ml»n Mary Hogers, ring bearer; Mrs. I J . K. I>on- gorta, dohertcd \\lfo; Mr«. C. W. Hhinklcv Mi-s. W. O. Forco, mothers of tho bride and bridegroom. FLU MASK I-AW KKTAINKD 8ANTA CLARA, Sept. 28. (U. IM Research xvorUorn delving into the city's Hrchlvos have discovered that the 1»13 ordinance limiting auto speed to 15 miles an hour and tho 1»18 ordinance requiring all citizens to wear Influenza masks arc still In effect. iiuu M noiic uHUMMiif Tm tirniis oriAfliuw-m WIN A rKi/t tf ATW W«tO$IHTt«1.0NitWIWOWTt WWU« SCRAMBLED WORDS | CORRECT WORDS jfrPUZZLE TIN NEW CLEAN MAYFLOWER HOTEL SIS SOUTH GRAND AVC. ONE PRICE-TWO GUESTS MW Breakfast robin or §un room or some other room in your houie will be more livable than ever if you have an \ teruion telephone handy there for calling and answering. People don*t always realize how moderate the cost of an extension ii*.«Vliy not get in touch with us? Ju*t call NCE AC EAT TO PUZZLE Mm. »t*>. knww. *i» mtt^ixl o KRO • -i ' •'. AND COMPANY Tiii*rt STIIEBT . -.> c , ,-v, . - .^,. ; ;,r^ f . _•-. TELEPHONE III i $•60*4— TWrtk- usrio MAUN wiu at AWAUM* «* Wf JUKI TO If TNI *ttff AttWMff.T* AND m MWfATTtWTm SOumONS MAIU0 M tftouecr to »{ wmttt f M wcrt FOUOWWC CATION Or TfW AWCTTlSfMINT. ftttFUCATC MUMPS VrtU 1C Mil TO TYfNC COtfTISTANt*. AMYBWL mm OVA cMnoYfis^MAT couftrt. IT it NOT NlCCiUfcY TO MAU AMt 9UUHASIS. US% TNI fOftM AlOVf.OH A UMftATI SMI IT. WIUTI YOU* MAMt AND AOMUfcS ^lAtHLY. Of M* LAST wnu axmr #^£ 1 - ER W^PBp BS CH chronic •llmente and fern PII PBK ttra flRfT PaUt; Mr*. A, Baltty, »W NlMtM*tt» itmt SECOND. Milts BWy--Miller, 2Jt» Cellleral* THIRD'failCt Mn. I. R. Tejrler, 129* t ttreet /V\ 13 A/\ ti AssoLiaticn " i'lCMTH ST. HMONf ond CU-omit^ WAKtUSTif L L), L ALU v^ .-• MATTRESS trade Mattr 6)3 CiVV ,. \ '.'tj

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