The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on January 1, 1938 · Page 6
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 6

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 1, 1938
Page 6
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SIX THE MORNING HERALD, H'AGERSTOWN, MARYLAND. SATURDAY, JANUARY 1, 1938. DISROBED—Discarding woolen Jerseys, Michigan State Spartans work out for Orange Bowl game In Miami. Sports MORNING HERALD Section Sport Enjoyed An Exceptional Year FLANAGAN—Three new national records were set by Ralph Flanagan during Mlaml-Siltmore water carnival at Coral Gables, Fla. BASEBALL AND FOOTBALL IN TOP SPOTS FOR PAST YEAR Those Two Sports Show Greatest Increase; Other Sports Are Booming By FRANK COLLEV Sports Editor, Morning Herald Glancing back over the year 1937 in sports it appears that baseball and football were the two sports that showed the greatest Increase for the yeath! Both sports added many followers and participants, but on a whole sports throughout Hagerstown and Washington County were of a higher caliber than in 1936. BASEBALL — With two leagues operating throughout the season fans were given an opportunity of seeing someyhigh class amateur ball playing every Sunday during (he season and on all of the holidays. Boonsboro captured the pennant in the Washington County League while the Antietams were the winners of the playoff series aud gained the Jamison Trophy, for one year, it being the first year the trophy was placed in competition. In the Independent League Funkstown, after some eight or nine bonls were held tile amateurs staged shows throughout the county and city to the great satisfaction of the fans. New faces were found in the game and that Hagerstown likes the sport was demonstrated at the turnout for the charity show pul, on December 29 at the Armory. It appears as if boxing will make a comeback. ROOM AND BOARD U. S. l'«(eul once. By GENE AHERN years of play, wai its first pennant, Tate Cubs in the Several players will advance to the professional ranks this coming year which speaks highly of the ball played in this section.. Outstanding speakers attended the annual banquets of the Washington County League and prospects are bright that organized baseball will come back to this section in order to protect the territory from losing its talent Without a return. Many independent teams were In the field from youngsters to veterans. RACING—The spring meeting of the Hagerstown Fair Association was the best in several years and the crowd showed a large increase. Improvements at the half mile track made the present plant one of the outstanding half mile ovals in the east. Rprsoa were plentiful and of the better grade while wagering showed an increase. FOOTBALL— The gridiron game came forward with a rush and local fans had the pleasure of seeing their first college game staged here on Turkey Day morning when Mt. St. Mary's defeated Davis-Blkins on the high school 'stadium. Hagers- towii High school, while not capturing any league laurels presented a mighty strong eleven, one that would have gone much further but for accidents and injuries. As it was the Maroon and Gray was a gate attraction and enjoyed one of their best financial seasons. The past year saw the return of big time games for the locals with the playing of Baltimore Poly. The Junior League also turned out some high class material and merry battle was waged for the title with the South'" End Aces winning out. Quite a few junior independent teams gave the fans some real pleasure on Sundays and the Western Union Messengers captured the junior title of the city by winning from the South End Aces. Semipro football was also enjoyed, the Old Export eleven being the only representative in the Held and play- the majority of their games out BOWLING—This sport took the city by storm and there were not enough alleys to accommodate all of the bowlers who wished to take, part, necessitating the building ot new alleys. More leagues operated last year than ever before and the caliber of bowlers showed a mark- rewarded with ed increase. Rubber band pins defeating the were in use but plans made by the playoff series. | leagues at the close of their sen- sons sent those pins into the discard with a few exceptions and wooden pins are in use now. More leagues have been organized and the ladles are taking to the game in numbers. No champion of the city was determined and no tourneys were held. SOCCER—While no organized league operated quite a few of the Independent teams placed teams on the Held and kept the interest in the game alive, especially the Williamsport team. TRACK-FIELD — The annual Washington County Field Day held at the City Park brought out a record number of ent'rles and several records went by the boards. In the statewide games the local delegation gave a good account of themselves as did the Hagerstown High team in their dual meets and in the Cumberland Valley games. FISHING—This sport was well enoyed and some record catches were made throughout the county. HUNTING — Was well enjoyed and game in some parts was plentiful. Many local hunters ventured forth in other parts of the United States and Canada and came back with more than stories, they brought along their kills. FIELD TRIALS—Two of those events were held by the Cumberland Valley Field Trial Club and proved decided successes. Entries were thrown open for out of county dogs and the competition in both trials was closely contested. Many of the dogs were later shown in competition in nearby cities. ICE SKATING—What little was YES,~~I REPEATr— EVERYONE OF YOU IN THIS HOUSE ARE BLACKGUARDS,-"^SCOUNDRELS, AND TRAITORS '.-^--LETTING AAE SPEND THE ENTIRE NEW YEAR'S EVE IN SLUMBER WHEN t TOOK A NAP LAST NIGHT IN THE LIVING ROOAA.! ~~~- WOT ONE OF YOU THOUGHT - TO AROUSE W\E,SO I COULD GO OUT AND FROLIC IN THE FESTIVITIES! A PLAGUE TO YOU ALL j "~—"~ : ^ YOU'OUGHT TO BE \ HAPPY, JUD&E '.-THIS IS YOUP, WRST NEW YEAR'S DAY ON RECORD , YOU'RE NOT GOING AROUMD SWELL-SHOCKED FROM AN EXPLODING HEAD 1' ED JUST BE ROLLING IN AT THIS TIME,OTHER NEW -YEAR DAYS= St. James School exper- •*BJ town. ienced their best year for sometime. BASKETBALL— With the indoor season just starting for the scholastic teams and the semi-pros and amateurs blasting forth with a dozen or more games already completed fans can look back on the past year as a mile stone being passed in the return of the indoor game to the high plane it occupied some y«ars ago. The Dorsey Mar- keteers, the Company B Guardsmen and Y. M. C. A. Varsity furnished ths highlights for independent teams. Hagerstown High presented a fait team that caused the C. V. A. L. teams plenty of trouble. Tho Independent leagues the Woodland Way Junior High circuits, the Y. M. C. A. league aud tne Y girls afforded the cage lovers of this city much entertainment. This coming season looms • s one of the best for all. ANTIETAM FIRE CO. PIK LEAGUE The "Big. Apple" rolled- onward toward a first half title by smothering the Cherries nndcr an avalanche of pins. G. Harper's entire crew was on a rampage, but it is rumored that somebody bribed Shlrey to slay home to insure victory for the league ''eadcrs. Moore, I'anio'is and B. Nichols put (he hammer on Chief Wall Wall's mighty warriors and the Peaches picked three games from the Pears. The Plums took two games by a narrow margin, but the Quinces rallied behind Gaylor and saved the final as Davis and Poffenbcrger hit the skids. High scores—B Nichols 23S; Mnliions. 203; 0. Slottlemyer, 197; Moore, 191, 187; R. Valentine, 19'1; R. Miller, 1ST, 17S; J. Yonnlz, 1S3; Ketzer, 1S2- Smith, 1S1; Gaylor, 179; Hamilton, 172; Bender, 169; Iseininger, 104. Honorable mention—G. Spalding. 77. Standing Won Lost TBNNIS-This sport is up and coming in this section as proven b)' the many followers it gained this past year. The St. James tourney and the Cumberland Valley tourney attracted any number of stars to the local courts and a waiting line at the City Park courts showed decisively the need for more playing spaces. ARCHERY-Washliigton County gained nationwide recognition in this Bport'.when Jean Tenney of Clearspring captured the National Women's Archery championship, along with several other titles. The Antletam Archers staged several successful meets and the sport appears (o have gained a foothold throughout the city and county. WRESTLING-The" Y. M. C. A. boasted of one of It's best'teams und established an enviable had waa enjoyed by everyone who could get skates on. The City Park, Pangborn Lake and nearby creeks were well populated. WEIGHT-LIFTING — This sport enjoyed it's best season and the team that represented the Hagerstown Weightlifting club brought home several individual state and South Atlantic championship titles GOLF—This sport also had it's biggest season with the Fountain Head Club scoring a majority of wins in their Inter-city matches. More individuals indulged in the game during the past year than ever before and the membership at he club was greatly, increased. The Hagerstown Golf course also was well patronized 'throughout the year. Swimming, Handball, Volleyball, Badminton and Fieldball all enjoyed excellent years. How Much ' Do You Know? A Central Preii Feature 1.—What team won tlie 1937 national amateur Softball title? 2.—What team won the Stanley cup in hockey In 1937? 3.—Who is middleweight oham- pion? THE ANSWERS 1.—Brlggs Body Co., ot Detroit. 2.—Detroit Red Wings. 3.—-Freddie Steele. WOULD BOOST HOLLY TRADE BAI/riMORE, Dec. Ill (/P).— Plans to develop Maryland's $150,000 yearly Christmas holl. trade tlirouglf a mate-wide organisation are being considered by the State Forestry deportment. M-d. The several meets held In this F. W. Besley, state forester, said ;lty produced some Intci-estlnc Ind colorful sport and also gained Jiany new followers nnd devotee*. BOXING—While no professional the department would cooperate with producers by maintaining a iiol\y Inspection service to certify and)grade the crop. Certified holly brings better prices. Apples . Plums - - Peaches Cherries Pnars . •• Quinces . 25 21 22 19 M 17 18 20 Furnish Opposition For Markets ST. JAMES LETTER Dec. 30. The Christinas services at the church here, were well attended and very impressive. The Woman's Missionary Society of the St. James Brethren Church and the Ladies' Bible Class held a joint meeting at the home of Mrs. George Schamel, Jr., on Thursday evening. The topic was "Broadening Foundations" and the leader was Mrs. David Poole. Refreshments were served the following: Mrs. George Rchamel. Jr., and son. George; Mrs. Daniel Sensenbailgh, Mrs. Otho Lowery, Mrs. Howard Trone, Mrs. Bessie Sunian, Miss Irene Bloom, Mrs. Joseph Reich- Davis, Mrs. Baker, Mrs Frances Murray, Mrs. William Sheeley, Mrs. Myron Bloom, Miss Gaza Cross, Mrs. Walter Green, Mrs. John Sperow, .Mrs. Charles Schamel, Mrs. Earl Spielmiui, Mrs. D. K. Poole, Mrs. William Eyler and Mrs. Mary Baker. Saturday and Sunday visitors In the home of Mr. and Mrs. John fiperow were Mr. and Mrs. Ora Shawbach, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Rodgers, of Crcwe, Va.; Mrs. Pearl Stover, of Winchester, Va.; Mrs. Hubert Easterday, of Baltimore; nnl, Mrs. William Yonng, Mrs. W. S. Olson's Terrible Swedes The above pictured aggregation of basketeers will be the attraction at Hie Armory on Sunday afternoon, meeting the Marketeers, the game getting under way at 2:30 o'clock. The Swedes have many well known players in their lineup and some of the best in the country. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Sperow and son, Walter; Mr. and Mrs. Kdward Bostetter, Everett Bostetter, the Rev. and Mrs. Everett Sperow, Hagerstown; Mr. and Mrs. William ICaslerday and Mr. and Mrs. Lester Easterday, of near KccdysVille. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Baker and daughter, Sarah Jane, of Johnstown, Pa., were Christmas Day visitors of the Rev. and Mrs. W. S. Baker and daughter. ]\Ir. and Mrs. Albert Hloom, of Downsville, spent Christmas Day in the homo of M r. and Mrs. M. L. nioom. Gaza Cross accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Carl Long, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Long and Mr. Bower, of Hagerstown to Elizabeth Cily, North Carolina, and spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Daniels and family. They also visited Roanbke Island, the birthplace of Virginia Dare and the Wright memorial along the shore of the Atlanlic ocean. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Flook, Washington, D. C., spent Christmas Day with Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sonsen- Mrs. Frances Murray spent Thursday afternoon in tho home of Mr. and Mrs. Carson Met/.. Mrs. Lena Rowland spent Christmas Day with Mr. and Mrs. George Shank and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mongan were Sunday callers of the Shanks. THERE'S ALWAYS something In Ilio Classified Section to Interest and benefit everybody. OSHKOSH The World's Best Overall HOFFMAN'S 15 North Potomac Street MARKETEERS FACE SWEDES Fans to See One of Greatest Traveling Teams in Action Here Sunday Olson's Terrible Swedes I team will make j their first appearance in this section in several years on Sunday afternoon when "they clash with the Dorsey . Mar- keteers on the Armory floor in the main game of a twin attraction, Company B meeting the Berkeley Springs Rovei^. in the preliminary game that gets under way at 1 ;45 o'clock. Have Great Record Followers of the court game are well aware of tho prowess and reputation of the "Terrible Swedes, who have defeated almost 100 college and university teams anil practically every Independent quintet of note in the United States and Canada. The Swedes have won more than 2,000 games in the last eighteen years and have played before more than 1,500,000 fans. This year the "Terrible Swedes" incup includes six well known players—the finest dressed men'« clnb in traveling basketball, an nil players are over six feet i height. Tony Wapp, Indian. 6 feet B inches tall, is captain of the club ind is rated one of the finest show nen in the game. Other stars on be roster are Don Neff, former Crimson Captain S04TH FIVE HERE SUNDAY Bobby Gren. Elected captain of Harvard's football forces next year, Bobby Gren poses for you. He is an end. RACING NOTES Wyoming U star; Bob Boruni, Clyde lluhlc, who averaged twenty-one and a half points a game over wo year period in the Missouri Jonference; John Fraser, trick shot irtist, and Pete Pettigrew, 6 foot inch guard, who is called the 'Adonis of Basketball." Guards Improved Against this clnh the Marketeers vill send their strongest possible ineiip and every effort is being lade, to have "King-Kong" Keller in hand to aid the Markets battle igainst this amazing quintet ot :age stars. The Company B-Rovers game .hniilc! filso living forth some nappy play as the Guardsmen are mproving each contest and Coach Cen Dudley has just signed Wolf- Mil, who played with the Y Varity last, year, and lie will be seen n action for the first time tills Sunday. 3 ermits For Two Warehouses Issued Building permits for two large warehouses were issued Friday by lie city engineer'r office. J. M. Wishard was issued a per- nit for a tile with steel windows varehouse, Park Lane, which vill cost approximately $8000. A his building will In approximately 5 by 85 feet and will he used in .Ir. Wishard's rapidly expanding milding supply bareness. Roarer Brothers, dealers in agri- uHural implements, were issued . permit for fi $3000 concrete hlock varehouse, 40x135 fcet, at the corer of First street and Kuhn ave- .u e. ROBBERIES REPORTED. An attempted robbery at the ome of Miss Mary Miller, 500 lock of Maryland avenue, and the lieft of a man's valuable wrist rafch from a loc.U ( church were ivestignlcrt by police yesterday. Miss Miller reported her house ntered and ransacked but nothing f value missing. Wm. H. Rus- cll, Mealey Parkway, reported his Vnlthnm watch valued at $3G.OO as picked up frc^i Hie windowsill C a- local church eehool. MARKEY NAMED Baltimore, Dec. 31 (/p).—Gov. :arry \V. Nice and Adj. Gen. Mil- m A. Record announced today the lipoiutmeiit, of Col. D. John Marey ot Frederick to succeed Brig, en, John Philip Hill as assistant :ljutaut general oC Maryland. Calendar reform has been advo- nted for nearly 100 years. (Ilj- The A.-iMH'inted 1' >,'ow that Jimmy Stout has been suspended for the remainder of the meeting, Johnny Longden and little Mike Sarno should have things pretty much to themselves in the race for jockey honors at Tropical Park. Stout, contract rider fur William Woodward's Belair stud, was sus- pe.nded yesterday for rough riding while astride his employer's Wise Fox in (be third race. The vietory would have placed the veteran New Jersey jockey in a three-way tie with Longden and Sarno with eight victories each. Sarno drew ui> into a deadlock with Longden by scoring with three of his mounts —St. lloritz, Far Cry and More Pep. War Admiral, unbeaten three- year old champion frnm Samuel Riddle's stable, took bis first workout over the llialeah Park (rack today. The Admiral arrived at. tho beautiful Miami course yesterday to complete preparation for the ?50,000 Widener challenge cup, which will be run March (i. Charlie Knrtsinger, the Admiral's jockey, also chose to arrive from his home Louisville almost at the same time, and was on hand when tho champion was bedded down in his well-guarded stall. Martinsburg Quint to Present All-Star Lineup for Game against Locals Due to last minute caiicolla- 1 tion of the Washington Senators who were scheduled to j play the Manbeck Golden Tornadoes here Sunday, the management of the Bakers have secured a topnotch team to take their place, in the^So- Ath Club of Marlinsburg, \Vest Virginia. The West Virginia team is coached this year by Kenny Fulk. a former star of Hampden-Sydney, being a varsity player for four years. Fnlk also plays the center position of the So-Ath club, and Dusty Rhodes, who is considered one of the best shots ever developed at the Martinsburg High School, and who was selected on the All-American High School team in 1027 will be at one of the forward positions for the So-Ath club. Former High Stars Both Clyde and Paul Fowler assisted by Miller and Callaghan. all former high school stars, will be with the visiting team, as will sev- j eral college stars who are home on their vacations. This team will give the Manbeck sfiuad a fast game, and the Bakers will have U) be on their toes to maintain their present record. The Manbeck loam have been playing great ball, and a good number of fans arc attending the games now being staged on the new court at the Odd Fellows Spurt Center. Ill South Potomac street. The preliminary Rnmc between the Victor Eagles and the Mt. Alto Independents will start at 1:30, followed by the Mnnbcck-So-Ath game Two approved hoard uflicials will handle the game. Probable lineups fnr the Ramos: Victors Pos. Mt. Alto Barnes F K. Bitner Fryer F A. Kline Nyc (i . G. Schilrtlii-i-k Reed 0 ... K. Biltinger Manbeck Ohler .. Madclox Lciter Pcnn 1 Hauver Pos ... F . . F .. C .. G .. G . So-Ath Club Kliodes Miller Flllk . . C. Fo\ylcr . . P. Fowler Jockey '.'"'unipson, regarded by many horsemen as the best all- round boy doing saddle work ,u Tropical Park, has given second call on his services to Townsend R. Martin of New York. Thompson s under contract to Norman W. Church, the California sportsman who is campaigning in Florida for the first time. Miss Saxon, racing for F. Barton, tloes not win often but when she [Iocs she usually turns in 'a good performance. She did just that yesterday, stepping a mile and a sixteenth at the Fairgrounds in 1:47 flat to finish in front of Rough Diamond and Carl S. The time was only two and two-fifths second slower than the track record and the victory was her fourth in 28 'aces this year. Somewhat the same'situation applies to the Valdina Farms' Valtcd, as to Miss Saxon. The three year old son of Teddy, after finishing out. of the money in four straight •aces, clicked in the ?1,200 feature sixth at. Santa Anita yesterday vith a 1:45.2 performance for the nile-aiid-sixteenth. He paid ?21-to-l as be led Mllrph home by two englhs. Jockey Earl Steffen, who nloted Valted, also brought Hoy r., a $4.40 for ?2 shot home for the Valdina farms in the fifth race. RUSSIA has hold its election, and, fortunately for those who had o count the ballots, practically all he candidates withdrew in favor of ilr. Stalin. Smith Defeated In_Goli Playoff HOLLYWOOD. Fin.. Dec. 31.— Leonard Dndson. wisp-cracking "forgotten man ot golf." defeated his one-time teacher, Morton Smith, by three strokes here in a playoff for top money of $TM> in the Hollywood Open. The 25-year-old Dodsc 11 scored a 71, one over par, to Smith's 74 in the single-round match after they had tied at 27S over the regulation 7--hole route. Clopper & Neikirk, Inc. to Particular Men HEATERS .. $9.95 C R. POFFENBERGER .13 EJ. WASH. ST. PHONE 76 JANUARY SALE 20% Off Blue & Gray Shop 4 South Potomac St. SEIBERLING Air-Cooled TIRES DOMENICI TIRE Co, Phone 1899 HOKXPD HnOPCC Trademark KeElstered nuMtK nuurtt u , g. p»tont omce. Happy New Year By FRED DOCHER STAV IM HERE AND HECTOR! DOMV GO UMCIE HOMER'S He's MOT VERY WELL- TOPAY/ I'VE SAtD IT BEFORE, BUT TH\S TME- 1 MEAN \T.' I'D LWE TO SEE THKT MAN GET ME OUT OH ANOTHER MEW CELEBRATION' WHAT A NI6HT-- WHAT A NIGHT < THW GUY SURE CrAVE. ME A WORKOUT QETTW HII^ HOME.! HE WAS. A COMBtVWION FLOOR SHOW AMP RIOT .'" QLHT pouvioiw' THOSE | PILLOWS! SOU KIPS LAKE- A BOILER FACTORY IN HERE - -

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