The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 18, 1944 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1944
Page 11
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Announcement* WANT AIDS ClM*!fltd Advertising column* of The Bikerefleld Callfornlen close promptIr •t It o'clock each tnnrnlnt (or «ll one- column «ds. Tiro-column nr forcer eds mutt b* pieced the <!»» b*fort pnbllrn- tlnn. Phone 7-ldJl. 1-14-tf U Drive'El For rent—Truck*, i icknp*. trailer*, Parker'*, Elibtb and Union arcnn*. Phone I-9J41. l-»l-tf A1,L, kind* ot weight* and width* ot can- r«i. Cenvaa nondi mad* to order at Hornoof*. ieOi Nlneteentb atreet l-«-tf AND NOTART PUBLIC at 111! "Eye" atreet. I hone i-0«51. »-14>.tf REFUNDS on claaslfled advertisements which bave been canceled before the expiration date mult b* called for WITH CABH RECEIPTS within on* month from date of cancellation. Ther* will b* a service charge of one Insertion for claanl- fled ada placed and canceled before nub- licatlon. The Bakerafleld Callfornlan. BAKERSFIELD BEAUTY COLLEGE to open on or about November 1. Application* for atudenta taken October 19. Res- later with Mrs. Shirley between 10 a. m. e»nd 6 p. m. 1709 Chester avenue. 68 FAMILY of four, daughters grown, wishes 5-room unfurnished house. Employed by oil company; can furnish references. Permanent renter*. Phone 5-5643. 71 * Lest—Found—Strayed LOST—Bedroll, containing valuable paper* and money, last Wednesday. October 11, between Shatter and Ban Kmirilo Ranch. Reward. 132* Nllea atreet. Phone 7-77IZ. 68 LOST—Lady's red leather Btixton billfold. In or near Santa Fe bua depot. Return billfold and papers to chief operator'* office, Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company. 1520 Twentieth street. 68 LOST—Black purse In vicinity of Mlchners. Return Invaluable content* to owner, please. 08 LOST—Shotgim. double barrel 16-gauge. with case and hunting coat, between Buena Viata lake and Bakerifleld, Saturday p. m., October 14. Will pay liberal reward. Contact Joseph W. Shelinp. STK 11 ^ Falcon avenue, Lous Beach 7. Calif. M LOST In Oildale. Captain Torque, blande male Cocker Ppaniel. wearing Mititer Field tag. Phone 3-2760, Lieutenant Deilor. 69 —Lady'* white gold wrist wntch on link band. Finder please call 2-0437. 70 LOST—Green tinted, apeclal fit sun Klasses In downtown Bakersfleld, Oc- toher B. Heward. Ralph's Cash Gro eery. Phone 2-7044^ LOST—Full »lze. new mattress, between Arvin and 3 miles north. Pleaae notify Fred Kate*, 408 Kearney, Lament, or write Route 6, Box 417. 7£ LOST—In vicinity 600 block Washington atreet, Oildale, small black and white dog. long tail, resembles skunk. Informal ion to his whereabouts, please. Phone z-imo. "0 Personals HKMORRH01D 8UFFBRERB — Ne hoe- pltalltatlon nor loss of time. No aurcerr nor Injections. New, safe, painless method of eliminating hemorrhoids now available from Dr. I.. R. Pennlnrton. D. C.. smite t, Profession^ building. Phone «-eiOO, 1-6-tj •ACRO-II.1AC LESIONi low back pain*. arthrttU, conatlpatlon and pro*tat* dla- orrt*r* oon*ct*d. I» r - D ..V- D. C.. 40? Haberfelde bulldlnf. Phone I-l-tf B. D. UcBrlde Detective Atency. room 110, Bay bulldlnt Bak*r»fl*ld. Llcenaed and bonded. Confidential Inveatltatlon. Pbon* 2-2100 ar 1-6669 »-7-tf ANYONE knowing the whereabout* of JEANETTE BENNETT, the daughter of Theraa Bennett, deceased, who formerly lived at Route B. Box 152-B. Bakersfield, please write to Box H-434, The Callfornlan. 76 I WILL .iot be responsible for any debta contracted by anyone other than my•elf after October 16. 1944. Arthur B. Gross. 69 NOTICE P. 8. Longcrla now merged with Commercial Business Bureau. G. H. Slack, manager. 1621 Twentieth atreet. Phone 7-7S84. 11 A. J. TYLER please call at 2717 "Eye" street or nhone 3-1735. 71 Financial Many auto loans made In 27'A minutes, No cosigners. No extra loan lees. You (et full amount of the loan. t 1.75 repay* S100 in 12 months. $14.56 repays S150 In 12 months. 111,33 repays 1200 In 12 months. Loans from $25 to $1000. Just drive up, bring in white or pink Blip. Get money then and there aa soon aa approved. Tour car does not bave to be fully paid for to gel an auto loan. Private Sales of Automobiles and Furniture Financed 340 Sill Building (Under Hie Big- ('.'oca-Cola Sign) 1508 Eighteenth Street W. Vcrhaag. Manager Phone H-8S95 • CASi UAN for » INCOME TAX PAYMENTS SCHOOL NKEDS NECESSITIES ETC. BORROW ON Automobile Tnicki Furnitur* Farm Equipment Salary "PAID FOR OR NOT" Tou may still borrow for as lone a* 12 month*. Private Sales of Automobiles. Truck* and Furniture Financed 10(1% LOCALLY OWNED Trade with local people who understand . local conditions. W. J. (Bill) Bergman Maurice St. Clai 25th and Chester Opp. Montgomery Wan Phone 6-67V9 Appointments Mad< w-l-t Auto Furniture Truck Salary PREWAR SERVICE 1712 Chester Phone 2-3337 9-lfi-t Local business enterprise wants Call at 3215 Chester avenue for infor mntlon. 10-ll-t EMERGENCY CASH LOANS Borrow $100 Cash for Thirty Day- Repay $102.60—Total Cost ONLY $2.50 If You Prefer, Take Up to Twelv ' Months to Pay Only Tou Have to Sltrn— No Co-Signers AUTOMOBILE, FURNITURE TRUCK LOANS Private Sales of Automobiles and Furniture Financed SEABOARD FINANCE COMPANY 2300 Chester Telephone .9-942 8-21-t MONST TO LOAN Lone term, all type farm loans, 4'i p* cent interest. No commission to bar i' B. WARHBN HEALTT CO. TULAHE THEATER BUILDING TULA RE. CALIF. PHONE SI !•*• Business Opportunities ESTAVRANT — Ineludlnr lot. bulldlna. equipment Located Inside city limits, operating 24 hour* per day. dolnf excellent business. Profit records available to proper party; shown by appointment only. Price J27.non. terms. See Paul Syhrandt, 213 Kast Eighteenth Phone 5-500.1. 10-lS-tf OR LEASE—Modern well located service station. In Hakersfield. Gilmore O'! Company. Phone 2-31)86. 70 XOTHEB ONE of those cheap auto courts. Income IflO per month, and a B-room home to live in. $;.nno. one-hair rash, balance »7.i per month. Heitct look this over. Frank Day. 1913 "Eye" street. TO Schools—Instruction INTERNATIONAL. Correspondence School offer* lob training. Spare time: home atudy. Fr«r catalogue Cal: Lee Manful! 7-7588 nr write Box 438. 78 Transportation—-Busos »-Rfl!tC MKAL8 AND PIL.L4JW* Lowest Fares to All Point* UJ-AMBIUCAN BUS LINK INC. OK Cheater Bill* L. Ball Phone J-S488 1-7-tf SANTA FE AND BURLINGTON BUS DEPOT Sixteenth and F Phone 2-0472 3-6-tf 3RIVINO plckuii to Oklahoma. Can take fire; share expense. 104 Llsgett. phone 2-4S91. 6!l Occupational Sorvicos WE DO TREK topping, removing: fence building, team work, plowing, general work; Juat work; have truck. Phont 5-6740. ft TREE SERVICE CO. Pruning. Shaping. Topping Also Trees Taken Out B. Parker Free Estimating 1107 H Street Phone J-11M <t GENERAL PAINTING CONTRACTOR M. S. Druey. phone 2-6300. Sprar or brush. Home or industrial. Estimates free. 71 'areful, expert work at reasonable prices. Have your brakes Inspected every 5000 miles. No charge for this service. Firestone Stores Twenty-fourth and Chester 9-27-tf ELECTRIC Irons, sewing machines and vacuum cleaners repaired. Killebrews Sewing Machine Repair Shop, 1509 West Eighth street. Phone 9-9437. 79 JCLECTRIO motor rewinding and repair. Fast service and vnrk guaranteed. Delta Electric and Machine Shop, 1200 Pacific street. 80 PAINTING Residential, ranch and industrial. Jrush and complete spray equipment. Free estimates. Phone 3-2432. Contractor O. H. Hlnes 80 RATABLE PAINTING, DECORATING Residence, Commercial, Snrny Painting SID L. HET,LER Llcenaed and Bonded Contractor 40S "Eye" Street Phone 2-2492 10-2-tf TRUCK HAULING — Anything, any time. anywhere. Furniture moving a specially. Phone 2-922D. Whltle Morehead. 10« Decatur street, Oildale. 88 WANTED—Tree topping, pruning or removing trees. Eight years experience here in Bakersfield. R. E. Nixon, phone 2-2421. 69 BEST PLUMBING SERVICE—The best costs less. Repair and remodeling; little jobs get first attention. County license. Phone 2-2192. 70 Tree Seraee Pruning Shaping Topping Taking Trees Out Free Estimates L. G. Floyd Phone 6-6674 70 PUMPS REPAIRED Installed well sanded. P. Lee. Roule 2. Box 264-A, Hudson Drive. Phone 2-7048. US ELECTRIC fans and motors repaired at the J. * J., 611 Nineteenth. I buy your old electric Irons, hotplates, etc. 91 CLOCK REPAIRING; work nunranteed 211ft North Kern street, phone 2-94i>4. 7( TREES We Trim We Remove We Top We Shape Phone 2-7881 AND TRUCK REPAIRING WELDING SERVICES. Bring Your Trouble to 230 Baker street. AND 91 Halp Wantad—Mala EXPERIENCED TIRE MAN. GOOD SALARY. EXCELLENT POSTWAR OPPORTUNITY. .TIRE8TONE STORES TWENTY-FOURTH AND CHESTER AVENUE. 8-30-t' BELLMAN—Must be. over 21. Apply Hole Padre. 7-1-t HKLPKR WANTED on seismograph crew Experjence not required; steady Job In an essential industry; availability certificate require. Apply 126 George Hay building IO-2-lf SERVICE AND REPAIRMAN FOR OLD ESTABLISHED OIL FIELD SUP PLY STATION. EXPERIENCE NOT NECESSARY. PERMANENT PORI TION. WRITE BOX E-«l. THE CALI FORN1AN. Ci WANTED—Auto mechanic and helper. Ap ply Cheeseman Garage, 1909 Union avenue. 10 NEEDED STEAMFITTERS PLUMBERS STEAMFITTER COMBINATION WELDERS AT PASCO, WASHINGTON TRANSPORTATION ADVANCED APPLY UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT SERVICE 1300 SEVENTEENTH STREET 7C IMMEDIATE OPENING for a first class assistant bookkeeper, man or woman. Good working conditions and good pay, but applicant must also be good. Phone 2-2003 or 2-6393. WANTED—Derrick man and two helper ior portable drill riK- 613 Washington Oildale. Phone 2-77.5. 7 COMBINATION acetylene and electrl welder -vanted. Give complete informs tlon In your application. Write B« D-262, The Californlan. WANTED—Prei-ser for tailor shop a Harry Coffee's. Good nay. good workin conditions and a peacetime position. t>e Mr. Gray. WANTED — Good reliable man for dellv ery. Wlio.tsale poultry. Good yalar a.nd permnient position. Apply Bak eriit'leld Chirker bhoii. Twenty-four) and M—Hj-eeUJ: 7 WANTED — A pint-time janitor. 170 Union avenue. Jou'a Fountain Lunch. 7 MAN for dairy work, washing 1 bottles an dairy equipment and helping In botllin room. Phono 6-6826 after 6:30 p. m WANTED—Family that will pick one bal cotton a day. to live In good 6-roon house. Call phone 2-5066, or at Rout 6, Box 062. Half-mile south Fairfa School. 6 HELP WANTED—Warehouse and millln department. Apply 1501 O atreet. MAN wanted for laundry work. No el perlence required, availability certlflcat needed; ateady work. Apply Twenty first and R streets. ( WANTED—Experienced milker: EDO waxes: house and. utilities furnished Baldwin Dairy. 1 mile south of Taft High way on Wlble Road, Phone 2-0045. WANTED—A welder, top wages. O. O Burnett, Box S3. McFarland. Phoi 273. TWO DRIVER-SALESMEN. Nv phon call*. Apply Nehi Bottling Co., Kentucky «tr*et. Halp Wantad—Mala Nalp Wantad—-Mala BY E. I. DuPONT COMPANY HANFORD ENGINEEPvING WORKS 1ST TRANSPORTATION' ADVANCED ATTRACTIVE SCALE OF WAGES OVER 40 HOURS FOLLOWING WORKERS NEEDED: SHEET METAL WORKERS PROTECTIVE FIREMEN LABORERS LIVING FACILITIES FOR EMPLOYED PEOPLE ONLY WORKERS NOW EMPLOYED IN DEFENSE WAR INDUSTRY WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE WILL INTERVIEW APPLICANTS OCTOBER 12 THROUGH OCTOBER 20 APPLY AT Seraee 1300 SEVENTEENTH STREET PHONE 6-6041 FOR FURTHER INFORMATION 70 AT TAFT Oiler for Gas Engrine Compressor Plant—Male Draftsman, Veteran or Female Chainman, Male •> AT BAKERSFIELD Helpers for installing and repairing pipe lines—male. AT WASCO Serviceman—male. AT LEBEC Pipeline repairman—male. AVAILABILITY CERTIFICATE REQUIRED Apply to Phones Taft 464, Bakersfield 7-7501, Wasco 4231, Lebec 18 79 DERRICKMEN AND ROTARY HELPERS NEEDED; STEADY WORK FOR EXPERIENCED MEN. APPLY BETWEEN 10:30 A. M. AND 3:30 P. M. RICHFIELD OIL CORPORATION 666 HABERFELDE BUILDING BAKERSFIELD, CALIF. 9-26-tf Halp Wanted—Famal* WANTED. AT ONCE. AUTOMOBILE MECHANIC. PERMANENT WORK: TOP WAGES. APPLY BAKER-ADAMS PON- T1AC GARAGE, 2701 CHESTER. 6-22-tf WANTED — Experienced auto mechanic. Good hours and pay, in an essential job. Hand tools and availability certificate, necessary. See Mr. Reed. Kltchen-Boyd Motor Company, 2220 Chester avenue. 8-26-tf SERVICE STATION FULL OR PART TIME EMPLOYMENT Opportunity 1'or valuable training and advancement up to and including the position of STATION MANAGER Ages 18 to 40 Preferred Part time work also available for housewives, women students, etc. in your neighborhood stations. For interview call at STANDARD STATIONS, Inc. California and Chester Avenue Workers in war production activities should not apply. 70 WANTED—Tire service man. Good future, good salary. Apply Smart Tire Store, 830 Twenty-first street. (U DOORMAN wanted. Apply after « p. m., Oranada theater. 615 Kentucky street. 10-10-tf WANTED—Trimmer to operate glaes and upholstery department In large repair shop. See Backman at Motor Center. Twenty-second and Chester. 8-16-lf BODY and fender man: must be able to paint. OH Fiell Trucking Co. Phone 6-6517. 68 BOY WITH BICYCLE TO WORK AFTERNOONS. APPLY MECHANICAL SUPERINTENDENT, THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN. 10-11-tf WANTED—Repair and delivery man to work in furniture store. Apply Davis Furniture Company, 14UO Chester avenue. 10-7-tf EXPERIENCED service station salesman. Good salary and excellent future. Must have fair education and able to assume responsibility of training and directing others. Firestone Stores, 2331 Chester, BaUersfield. 9-30-tf NEEDED AT PASCO, WASHINGTON BY ESSENTIAL WAR INDUSTRY PATROLMEN Mus'. have had at least two years in high school, be in good physical condition. APPLY UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT SERVICE 1300 SEVENTEENTH STREET 70 ,„„ to nel?> maintain transportation. auto and truck mechanic.! and boo> men, IPul! tlm* work. Motor renter. Buick. Chevrolet ao<1 ('.idlllitr dealer. Bee Rackman. TwenlT-eetonrt and Cheater. TRUCK service man. lubrication, tires, batteries. No experience necessary. Bring availability slip. Oldtields Trucking Company, 2 miles south on 99 Highway. 6» WANTED — TRUCK AND AUTU MECHANICS. APPLY SOUTHERN QA- RAJB. TWKNTY-THIRD AND 1 8TKKET8. 12-ll-tt DKIVER-SALESMAN AVANTED veterans preferred 7-UP BOTTLING CO. 230 E. Eighteenth St., phone 7-7921 71 WANTED—Ol 1 field worker*, roustabouts, rotary hrlpciH. firemen, 8 and 7-day work week schedules. Plume 9-9401. Tld e. wale r Asgocl a led Oil ^'unipany. 78 WANTED—AN EXPERIENCED DISHWASHER. (1:30 TO 2:30 SHIFT. IDEAL WORKING CONDITIONS. PLENTY. OF WORK. KKWPIE'S CAFE, FOURTH AND UNION. 10-17-tf Halp Wantad—FamaU LADY CLERK at Hughes Drug Store, Eixnteentn and "Eye" streets. Must have hid drug (tore experience. Posl- tlon permanent. ^^70 WAITRESS wanted, over 21; good wages, good tips. Bamboo Chop Sticks, 1203 Eighteenth atreet. 71 WANTED—Experienced dental assistant. Write, giving age, experience and references. One Interested In a steady Job. Writ* Box F-167, The Callfornlan. 70 WANTED—Woman or girl to care for children days while mother works. 342« M street. fi!> WANTED—Experienced tray *"irl for day work. Baxter's Drive Jnn, Kentucky and Union. 69 WOMAN to care far two children, 1 to 12. la Oildale. Phone 2-3634 fl EXPERIENCED SALESWOMAN FOR MEN'S FURNISHINGS AND SHOES GOOD BALARJ. PERMANENT POHI. TION. APPLT MANAGER EASTERN 152» NINETEENTH 8TRKET. t-14-tf WAITRESS wanted. Apply Wine's Cafe 1306 Eighteenth street. 10-13-tl TELEPHONE OPERATORS BEGINNERS Fascinating Work —Essential Peacetime Future PAPIFIC TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY 1520 Twentieth Street in-14-tf IMMEDIATE OPENING for a first class assistant bookkeeper, man or woman. Good working conditions and good pay, but applicant must also be good. Phone 2-2003 or 2-6393. RELIABLE white woman for genera housework anu care of invalid. Board room, wages. 928 Monterey street. 71 NEED DISHWASHERS. FOUNTA1> GIRLS, SANDWICH GIRLS. WAYNES DRIVE IN. 7: ELD1SHLY lady wants an American mid die-aged hidy as a companion and ligh housekeeping. Stay nights. Call H. & 11 Market on Kdlson Highway. G', SALESWOMAN—FULL~"TIM^E~On PART TIME. WE ALSO ARI TAKING APPLICATIONS FO1 ; TEMPORARY PART TIM I WORK. AGES 25-50. SO.Mr KNOWLEDGE OF RECEN'I BOOKS IS ESSENTIAL. RETAII CLERKING EXPERIENCE PRE FERRED, BUT NOT NECES SARY. GOOD WORKING CON DITIONS. PLEASE BRING WRITTEN STATEMENT SHOW ING PERSONAL INFORMATION EDUCATION, TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE. SIERRA BOOK STORE. 69 KITCHEN HELP wanted. Highlam Park Cafe. 1007 North Chester. Phon 2-0445. 6 WANTED—Young woman capable of tak insr cnie o! two small children anr light housework Home nights. Sun days off. Uood wanes. Phone 2-2338 6 SILK V'RESSKU. Experienced on machln blocking. Steady employment and ifooi job after war. Apply in person. 17;' WANTED— AN EXPERIENCED DISH WAMIEH. «::IO TO 2:110 HHIKT. 1DKAI M'OKICINU CONDITIONS. I'LENTY Ol WORK. KKWPlli'S CAFE, FOIIRTI AND UNION. ___ 10 - 1 7-1^ WANTED — Fountain help. Larry's Driv In. lOOt Eighteenth Hlrcet. 6 WANTED--Woman lor housekeeping an care of children. Must slay nights Phone 4-4^27. ti BKAI:TV OPERATOR wanted. Good sni ary nnd coiyitSHJon. Phot i c C-ti9'J4, 7 WANTED—Women workers: experienc unnecessary. Family Service LHumln phone 6-64S5. evenings 3-1883. 830 Call fornia Avenue. 6 EXPERIENCED sandwich girl. Als woman to help In kitchen. Apply Mich ener's Drive-In. _6 WANTED—Young lady stenographer. Ap ply Automobile Club of Southern Cal forniu. R K. Snuffln, district manager Phone 5-5731. 10-18- WAITRESS wanted. Good wages, stead work. Apply at Eat A Lot Cafe, 80 Chester. 7 WANTED—Maid for hotel work. Ca 2-8789. 8 COUNTER CURL and checker. Prefer on with some previous experience In dr cleaning plant. Apply 1728 Nile* street WANTED—Woman or girl to take car of 4-yeai-eld clrl and also house board and aalary. Phone t-»174 Help Wanted—Salesman ALRRMAN WANTED—McMihun'* Furniture Company. Eighteenth and H. ».2«-tf ALESMEN —Insulation. Can make 1200 » month and up. Its use recommended bv the Eovernment Inoiilre C. L. Vao _Von st PHdj-e hotel,_Rnkersfield, _10-4 -tf A l.ESMEN —Experience not necessary, to train for executive imsii nn» top wages paid whiir training. Leed s Shoe Store 10-10-U A I.KSMA .V—N:iiion:tl I'onccrn. food prod- nitv. l".\c<|icni fiiiuie. Write own haodivr:linis. to Ilex 1UIK-G, The Bnkevs- field (•alifniii'a!:. 71 Situations Wantad—Male RENOVATE, reseed nnd fertilize lawns and haul away the rubbish. 2c a square foot Phon' 4-4160 Richard Halley Gardening Pen-Ice. 80 VAN'TrJO—Cenernl house cleruiillK. con- act janitor work, lawn work. Experl- ncod. Phone '.'-TillO. «9 \.\'A 11,A HI.K immrdiately. Voune mnn with fitmilv \vnnts > car-nround ranch wdik. \\ith honse. Vhone '. -I'-UTt. RS Situations Wanted—Female UBLIC stenographer deslrev work In own office. 1812 "E.v<" ctreet. Phone 8-0653. 9-14-tf VE CLEAN kitchens. 85c hour: also blinds, windows floors by the floor. Larko Cleaners Phone 7-7462 before 8. after 6. 135 WILL DO LAUNDRY in my home. No deliveries. 2641 Niles. L'XPERIKNCKP colored woman will do hnusewnrk in ext hnnce for room, board and wages for self and 3-vear-o!d boy. 10MI Murdock. 3-10'JS eveniliRS. _ 69 VANTKP—Maid work, diree half dnys per we<-k. T.'M: per hour. Phone 7-73-4. 1 19_Twciit]elh_strecl. 69 HICK SCHOOL Kirl will care for children after 4 p m. and on Saturdays. Phone 3-11139. 69 'LAIN SEWING. 710 Thirty-third street, 70 TOrNC, I,ADI wishes general office woik. assistant bookkeeper, cashiering or t>p- niK. Plume 2-tl321. ti9 For Rent—Rooms ''(IK HUNT in private home, upstairs bedroom with twin hcils. connectim; sun- rt.nni, nlMo nd.ioininB batluooin. tin bus line. One Banit:e available. i'lcfer t«i» Rcnticmfn or two wurkinff b'ii-1.'.. Plume l'-:i^SS___ 69 : IOOM to employed mi'ldle-aged or older woman. i'rivate entrance. connectitiK bath. heat, phone. Close in. 1709 Sixteenth street. FRONT BEDROOM. adJomiiiB bath, use of phone. Two blocks tn bus. (Jentk'nmn. I'rivule home, :121 II stieet. •"OR KKNT—Room and kitfhen facilities tit couple, elderly Ijulv or cadet wife. J'hone. 4-4S41 alter 4 p. m. 614 Arvin Mre.ct. HlKhlivml 1'ark. 7« ^J.KAN. comfnilable room, suitable for two. Twin beds. Neur bus nnd walking distance of downtown. Women only, (.'nil o-f>«74. •tOOM for rent, with kitchen privilenrs. Suitable for Iwo Kirls. Phone 7-79^0. 90*i Uleamier avpnue. ROOM FOIt RKNT in nicely furnished home. Gentleman only. Call 2-2L'u7 afler 4 p. m. 2001 Haker street. ROOM AND ROARD: no single rooms. Men only. At 2330 B sirect. WKLL FURNISHED, heated and air- cooled room, near bath, phone and bus, for Rentleman. Phone 2-t!9")3. For Rent—Oarages FOR RENT—Practically new a-nlvanlzed building, 25xGO : heavy concrete floor, toilet aod show-er. Lots of parklnc space around buildinu Thlrty-elKht and streets. Phone 2-3677 or 2-.1157. 70 For Rent—Houses FURNISHED trailer house, suitable for ouple; utilities paid. Call at 119 Decatur "l^'j ?_ 8 OXR p.-.n.'l body pickup truck in Rood condition fin- hire, or will rent. Phone 2-97.10. 71 For Rent—Farm Land FOR LEASE—140 acres choice potato land, ready to plant; land has been plowed, disced and floated; plenty ot water: has 5 small cabins: land is southwest ot Arvin; will lease for 5 years $30 per acre. Elmer Martin, 2-9294. 220 Haber- felcle building. 68 For Rent—Miscellaneous WHEEL CHAIRS, hospital bed* with Inneraprlng mattresses: walker*, rubber sheeting; everything (or elck room. Fold- Ing chairs. Phone 7-74S9 or 1-00(7. 8-S-tf D-4 BULLDOZER for hire. Phone 323. Wasco. Calif. 68 Wanted to Rent—Rooms WOMAN permanently employed wants room or small furnished apartment. Phono 4-47911. 10-1 S-tf Wanted to Rent—Houses UNFURNISHED 2 or 3-bedroom house needed by local manager major oil company, permanentlj situated and responsible, refer ences if desired. Will lease. Two adults, no children or pets. During day phone Mr. J^ewis, 8-8481 extension 31: during evening phone Kl Tejon hotel, room 203. 71 SERVICEMAN'S wife with two small children Is desperately in need of smal house or aimrtnicnt. furnished or unfurnished. Clood references; permanentl> located. Phone 2- 'i S:!8 69 LOCAL man Just discharged from navy desires small furnished house. Phone 9-9274. 69 TKACHER wants to rent small house 01 apartment furnished or unfurnished Write Box H-B29, The, Californian. 69 1 OR 2-BEDROOM HOUSJO, FUR NISHED OR UNFTRNISHED. 6 MONTHS' RENT IN ADVANCE REFERENCES. CALL, 2-5^8'J. ea FAMILY of five desires 5, preferably 6-room h nine. Will ;uiy $riO per month. Write 2331 Seventeenth street. A. C, .Speih. «_! OFFICKR'S wife nnd baby needs house 01 apartment Immediately. Phono 2-3718 be fore_[i__ri. in, ; after r. p. rn.^JrOMiK MIJ3DLE-AOED coup!') would like to ren small house within mile or two of flak er«field. furnished or unfurnished. Man employed. Phone 4-41'48. 68 No charge (or renting or Bending preferred people to rent your homes, apartment! or courts. Only those meeting your requirements will call. Phone early, San Joaquln Agencies. Edward W. Moody, 1812 "Eye" street. Phone 2-2316. If no answer, call 2-0653. 3-26-tt WANTED TO RENT—Two or 3-bedroon unfurnished houue; will lease. 6 month rent m advance; permanent businessman Roi-m 31tl Hotel El TeJon. 6 FURNISHED small house or apartment Must ho good. Responsible party. N( children or pets. Phone ti-6267 or 6-5951 ask for Mr. Sauer. 6 WANTED to rent—Responsible mid dleaged couple want to rent o lease 2-bedruom furnished house Rest of references. Resident «' RaUersfield 7 years. AVrite •HL' Shaw, Luiif; Beach, or Phon ChiU'U's. Bakci-Hficlil '.)-»^;ir>. 7 SANTA l-'K railway needs houses, apart mentH and rooms for its essential, pei muiient employes. Owners call direct Miss Siniih. phone &-;751. extension 42 Monday to Saturday. 10-16-t CIVILIAN COUPLE, no children, no pels desire furnished apartment or house any size. Con furnish best referen Prefer IIOUHM in finer residential district Write Box M-105. The Californign. 7 TWO or three-bedroom unfurnished houae two adullM. no pets; people of uuie habits. References exchanged, permu nent. Phon ej[- 89 U. 7 WANTED—Two-bedroom house or apart ment, furnished or unfurnished, thre adults. References. Phone 2-8887. LOCAL businessman desires furnlshe house or apartment. Man and wlf only. Phone. 2-6247. 7 WANTED—One or two-bedroom house o apartment. Small baby Referencer Phone Call Swafford. 9-9545. RELIABLE family ot two adults an two children desire modern horn* sood neighborhood to rent. Can r\ change same in Ban Francisco. Writ The fHUCornimi, Box P-'JU. MARRIED ccuple with 3 '.i-year-old glr will pay to 1125 R month for furnishe or partly turnished 3 or 4-bedroom bous In nice residential district. Pbon 8-1174. 7 Wanted to R*n*—Hou«*« j gfo HaktrtUtto Caltfomfam Wednesdoy, October 18, 1944 | \ For Sal*—Improved Property For Sal*—Improved Property "•lipilmnni furnished hcnisp on mi" void- lc;isr in I-nnp P^arh, no i hiltli'on, fur Ji ; of J-bodi "inn furnisheil !KMI.«P ii: | Hiikrr."fi''lil. II. A. Jl:ici'onil>. | .IMirnir t'li:n'los, H.ikrr?!'iclrl O-'.tl':;,".' •14Jj yhaw. Li'iii,' Beach, Calif. j Wanted to Rent—Apartments WANTF.n — S i for Unal lu.s ersfiel.l pas cbjklren. l or double apartment stna n. Located in Bnk- yeam Permanent. No RJIV COI'I'I.K urecnilv need furnished apartment nr small hoiif*. up fo $60. Quiet, no Children, no pets. Call Fust Sergeant ?atmeru, ^-5601 Extension 8. ItDDMJ-AOED couple want sincl" npnrt- ment nr 1-bedroom house. Phone 2-174H. No pel/". ^^^ fiS 5INC!!.!-; Bill wnrits apartment or small house. I'ertnii nont. nn pels. Jlust lie nice nr -.Vm'i c:iH \Von't share. Days O1"N(I ernplo>ed couple desire furnish" 1 *! i apartnictit or slccpinff room No chii- | drcp nr pels. I'hnne 2-!Hi75 nTter VANTKD to rent. fnrnifh<<d npartmcnf or houHc. Mini i\nil \\ Ve no rhlldion. Per- ; inanent. I'lmce i-SSir.^ 70 I KMI'l.OYKn cuilplp w.iril nne snu\!l np:irt- K'llt. clo^e in. No nets. I'hone L!-,"i4'j;l. 70 I:r>A'!»tmpnt—T"-n ni'-s duplexes and one lv'j'>e f.M- c'.v I-.PI- to !'\-e In. All v-\\ funrolipd ati'i imtirig for SI40 per mon'lv Near H sh P ho'-.!--.\ rtarul" d'ipler. fur- niphfl, a n<i l-l.^<linnm house, well lo- raled. '•'•" SSHO'i p;:isl I'.a k- rsl i^iH--i^^e ?-hertroom home aiul tlKce instils n\er sarage for $2000 rli.w n Sun^''t Pirk—O-i rhr-g'(.[- I.ane. 2-hedroom stll'^o on hllCf rntr,' 1 ;' lot $fv.\00 24'* I-"!c\vr Siirpt—Two-ljedroom home v.-ith fiiet.|,ii,> for J.'rOfio, on terms. K! I L SIIVI--A fiunish^d .T-bedroom home in fair shape for JX60Q. On teems; linmcil ia f e jins?>'!«sioi Edisnn HRh',va> — A ncarjv new store b'MrJlnff w ; ih fiTiii?rs and sto< k and two very n ( 'p afi'i'n ho'ises on large Inl. has Komi in-"ni' Terms to suit. Ciecn Arres—(,'omni.M '< i-i 1 acre. A dandy stucco L'- bed room home, extra ni'~e, her- rv^s and fi •-'. a nd efimpped for 1000 chickens. $fi '.' rt terms. Furnished—Immediate possession: an oM hftme. hilf new furniture; close in on Monterev street, for J:,r,i!0. terms. Nea rlv new L'-liAiironrn anfl rlen home on In rjre corner lot m Lornita \"erde. JS750, on terms. .F. T iSyi Wi.-Uor. l««n Chester Phone 2-01':!0. e\"n,r,e? 2-3S35 or Z-6<f, VA.NTKP- Hn ( ,ni or apartment willl < a re ot chill \\lnli- innther woiks. Phone Mra.__Ov»ns.._2-4!i37. 10 Fl'HNISHKD or unfurnished apartmt-nt or house Ticcdpil bv permanent couple wiih 2-inonths-nld child. Pay to S60 a month. Kxicllcn! lef^reiuec. 1'lione r-:^RL'. tin Wanted to Rent, Miscellaneous WOULD T.IKK to rent for Indefinite period, well-coniit rn. teil prewar baby car- rI utif. I'hone_: -;;5 0 ~j_ ~, 3 WANTKT)—1-nsture for heifer calf. Phone -2i:!4. 69 Wanted to Buy, Miscellaneous WANTED—(.'ash (or your used furniture, electric appliances, etc. We buy, trade or exchange. COX FURNITURE Formerly Oildale! Furniture) 501 Bast Nineteenth Street Phone 2-4608 6-14-tf DIAMONDS, watcbes and old Jewelry of any description: Vitghest market prices paid in cash. Earl McF.voy, precision watchmaker. IIS Haberfelde building. Phone 6-6397. tl-HQ-lf WANT hoes of all kinds and springer cows. Phone_ .3-7075. 6J WANT furniture of all kinds, wood stoves, oil stoves, beds, springs or whatever you wish to sell. Phone 2-7075 68 BROW>"8 FURNITURE Formerly Roy White Furniture 2C20 CHESTER AVENUE We buy usec furniture, stoves, refrigerators. Pay cash or exchange. Call us for real prices. PHONE 7-7021 6-9-tf HIGHEST price- paid for your furniture, appliances, etc. We buy everything. Prompt courteous service. Victory Furniture Exchange, 615 Union avenue. Phone 3-1005. 86 WANTED TO BUY—Wood lathe. call S-8974. Please «s WANTRD—Small truin of any kind. Phone WK WANT to buy and will pay cash for good washing machine. Call 2-791 f'. 6 3 Phone 70 WANTED 'i'O BUY—A bath tub. 2 • 2 8 C o, . WANTED TO HI'Y — A washing machine. Call 2-1119, 2L'I11 Sunset avenue. Cash Jorms. _______________ 7_n TWO OR THHKK-ROOM house, to he moved. Will pay cash. Seaside Service Station. 3 Vj miles south Highway Of. _ WANTED to buy. late model electric re- frieerator and wa.shinp machine. Good condition. Phone 2-4815. __ 7 1 WASHING 9-9448. MACHINE wanted. Cull 70 WANTED TO BUY—2'i-inch waler pump. Kaa engine and water tank. I'hone. 9-91141. 70 Wanted to Buy—Property List your property with us (or quick. courteous results. Homes—Income—Ranches Chester N. Beard Phone 6-8>0» Bill Allen. Associate SELLING home or farm? Phone 2-066J. Listings not necessary. Have buyers ffaltliitf. San Joaquin Agencies. Edward W Mr,oo> 181? "Eye" street 10-4-tf CALL ELMER MARTIN WHEN YOU WANT CASH AND QUICK. ACTION IN SELLING YOUR HOME OR RANCH. NO DEAL TOO LARGE OR SMALL. PHONE 2-9294 ROOM 220 HABERFELDE BUILDING 10-10-tf List your home, ranch or other property for Immediate cash results WILT.ARD K. BAKER 1414 Seventeenth Street. Phone 2-0555 10-12-tf NEED listing* for cash buyers on large and small homes, acre homes, (arms end Income property. Elwood'n. 19:3 ••Eye." 82 We need more listings. List vo-r home. (arm. ranch or Income with BOTDSTUN & LANCASTER 1817 H Street Phone 1-1639 DEWEY A. HORTON If you have a home, small Improved acreage, or farm land for sale CALL 2-6379 1704 K Street 71 WE NEED PROPERTY to sell, have buyers waiting:, quick'action guaranteed. Call Wicker, phono 71 WHjL, PAY CASH for modern. 3-hcdroom homo; muat bo close to KOOI! school. Phone HAVE "ALL 'CASH HUYERS FOR 4-roum house in Oildale. 5 or ti-iontn house in Bakersficld. (i-rooni house in southwest, 2 nr 3-hcdroom hnuse in Knst Hakern- fielri. See us for THAOMS. (iLLONN Nichols. I'.MS K street. Dial [i-59-4. eve- tnilKs_ -'J^SJiO^ HM 7 WANT1SD TO HIIV—.Modern 2 or 3-lied- room home In CM liloriiiit Avenue Tn e.r Alln Vis^tn Tl a> I l'jioln>_'J-fi»87. 7<l WANTED TO BUY—Modern L'-bcd- room home for rash, on K;ist Sltlc. Jlnst ho new. Phone 4-42^7. 70 For Sale—Improved Property Unusually well-huilt home with real dlnine room, two bedrooms. larBo livloK mum anci breakfast nook; double saime. lots (if Hliiidc; Immediate poesesmon. Controllable olMer house on acre, well eguipppd to raise chicken*. lla« family orchard of assorted youns fruit, tieea; all fenced. Immediate PUH^PSSHIII. Tivo-beclroom older home, close to Santa I'Y, Lowell Hchool and Baku sl'leld iligh. This is an excc\li>nl location. A furnished bedroom and sleeping porch horn*' close lo Chester avenue, Oildale, *.'!2.',il. Wi'll-lmaled buxin«si> corner on well traveled hiiiilevard. ('lose in and has two •wr-ll-hulll houses anil shop. Cl"se in C'hesl' r uvfiiuc, (hltlale, ivll- Iniilt home. fan be turned itiio Ihree bcdrooniH nr two nice uparttiicnts. Trades Thr<--h"dr,iom h<-,me on one »cre on Fairfax Road. Two of the bedrooms are not finished on inside. Just rou*h<!fj In; o'.her par', of holism finished. Tile 1ft bath. Brood sr,i|. Price I.ToO*). term*. Tivo-hedroom home, on one acre in Garden Acre*. Home almost new. In excellent ••onditicn. Modern m every w»y. Pri' e J.'kjflO. some terms. Twn-hedroom -. iose. In on Seventeenth street. Fireplace and dua.1 floor fur- 11*1?. one bedroom glassed in and can r,e nseH ax rteti or solarium; nice yard. 4-<-ar garage. Price I5250, takes $1»9* down, balance 140 p«r month. Two-rxMlroom home with den in Lotnita. Verde. Nice size llvinr room, dinln* room, kitchen and breakfast room: douhle garage, nice y»rd -with lot* of • hvvirti aid flowers, rear yard fenc»4. Pi'i'R I87.~)0. norne terms. One acre In Fruitvale district. This If jrrmri noil and i» a (rood place for s. r<r.ur*> home. Price 1700. One of L ha nicest 3-hedroom home* m upper i.a Cresta. All large room* and has hnsement heat with coollnc system. Two complete baths with separate) »UI! shower; e.ttra large .lining room, mlso breakfast room. This bom* muat be s-cn lo h» appreciated. A perfect floor run. Turd landscaped, beautiful view. Pri'« SIS.000. some terms. Phono 2-9:34. Z20 Haberfelde Buildlna- H.DAL^— HOMH ANI INCOMK. On* 2-hedronm home, hardwood floors, large .ivirg room and dlnlm, room, nire kitchen and jeiv'ce porch Also 2-hedroom home, complrtelv furnished; 3-car garage, nil on large corner lot with plenty of shade.- near tin urn* markets, only tSOOO, J2850 ilow.,. *35 monthly. Will trade for amall house. OILDAl.E—Nice 2-bedroom home. 1-car Karage. larEc lot. plenty of shade, near bus nnd markets, only J3850. 12000 down. (JO monthly, or will trad* tor smnll housf. uTHwr.ri DISTRICT—NIC* dunier, completelv furnlphed. close In. Income S65 mon'hly. only $5250. IIGOQ down. $4.5 monthly, or will trade for amall house. ON THESE PROPERTIES phone S-5024. evenings 3-1170. LKTS TALK IT OVFR GLENN Nichols 16U K Street 10-7-tf TWO-BEDROOM house, hardwood floors, newly decorated: 2-car earage. chicken pens and equipment, barns for cow. Situated on ono-half acre. 1705 Normandy -j.lve 8«* P«ul Sybrandt 813 East E1 1 h teenlh. I'lion « 6-5 003^ llii! WANTKfi lo huy, a house In Olldale or HlBhland Mauor. or trade for homo in Montebello. I'hc ne 2-9075 after 8 p. m. 61) FOR SALE—$1000 cash. $35 monthly, furnished Ei-room bungalow <2 bedrooms}. Karase. 60xll6-foot lot: move in now. I>rii^t38ii0. Phone.2-UI.38. 70 FOR SALE—On Alia Vlsta% Drive, corner, 63x160, 3-bedroom house, living room, dining room, den, breakfast room, kitchen, two baths, •mall basement, screened porch, floor furnaces, newly painted; two- car garage. Reduced to J9250. $3250 down. J. J. Consanl. Phone 9-9614. 9-18-tf BALK—Two-bedroom home in Oildale. attached naruge. Modem. About 4 year* old. Dandy Uige lot. trim, shade, BianfS and bei-ricn. Toi*L. price f<:50, I1SHO cash will handle. EHfctr F. Karpe. 1517 Eighteenth. 10-17-tf RKXLAND ACRES — Five-room home, built in I'.KI'.i. Tile sink, harrtwnod flours. MoM Venetian hlinrtM: lot 60x300. !:;s;,o. Jl.!:,o duwn, payments S30 per month. OlI-DALI'I—Nearly now C-bedroom home. ntro living room, dinetie and kii<;lien with lots of nice tile. Underground sprinkling sv«lom and yanl alt lemed. Clo^rt to schools and uuuket. $4aOQ, S^OOO down. EAST BAKKRSFIET.D — Nice 4-room home, hardwood floors, tilo kitchen. Built In 1941, (4000. Jl'oO down. SIX-ROOM country home with 10 acres of good aoll. City gas, lights and water. Good well and ditch water. Gasoline pump and tank. Good barn nnd outbuildings. Variety of fruit, crapea and berries. SOUTHEAST—Nice 3-bedroom home with white picket fence. Located on half-acr*. jsr.oo. FOUR BEDROOM country homn close In on one-half acre. A small barn, good plncn for horse. S4500. 1671 Ch«it*r Av*nu< Phon* 1-7554 Afier 6 p. m. call 2-l!M7 AND FARM BUYERS (48fi-I.>—$2380. miKht coimldor little less on this 1-bedroom Irtime home, finished In knotty pine, on a very IjtrgR lot. Any reasonable down payment considered. (4SS-H— $4!ISO. miKht consider little less on this very modern and newer li-hed- room borne with extra fine largo solarium finished in knotty pine. On Kood sized parcel of ground with three fenced yards, corral and outbuildings. .\lnin yard highly landscaped. Any reasonable down payment considered. «:i-T.l—JG475. might consider little less on this very larce. 2-hedroom and solarium home, completely modern and In preferred district, with sidewalks, curbs and hun service and close to stores. Any reasonable down payment considered. (4SJ-I.1—$7:50. mlcht consider little less on this Brand 2-bodroom and den home, not very old and completely up-to-llie- rninute. Fine lot, best ot districts. Any reasonable down payment considered. (4S9-T.1— $24,975. mi B lit consider litlle. less on this newer perfect type and style residential court In the city of RnkerpfiHd. Any reasonable down payment considered. SAN' .IOAQUIN AGENCIES Edward W. Moody 1812 "Eye." Phone, 2-Oer,.?. If no answer. Phono 2-5;<;l(i RIOAL NICE, completely furnished, almost new, 2-beiiroom homo, southwest dis trict, amid new structures. Immediate possession. Price (8825 cash to owner. However terms can be arranged otherwise. Frank H. Day. Jr.. 1915 "Eye" street. 70 Nicely furnished, lovely !-hertroom home. Hardwood floors throughout, beautiful tilo drain and kitchen; 100-foot frontage. Thicken equipment. Full price. lnc.]ud- Init furniture. 16500. Only 11500 down. Make your down payment and move In immediately. 2812 Chester. Phone 4-4S51 BT" OWNER—Nearly new 2-bedroom house in Roosevelt district; large fenced lot, shade, fireplace, lots of tile, cooler ducts, fl'i.-il floo;- furnace, doublu garage; $6350, F. II. A. Phone 2-34S4. 70 Very beautiful 2-bedroom home. Large living rmiMi, lovely large dining room, very attractive, kitchen with plenty of biiilt-iiifl. beautiful hardwood floors throughout vemtinrlt blinds, double riiKe. lovely In rue corner lot. This home Is cnly two blocks from Baker, in a good huy at $6750. It can be bought for $2650 cash down. 2812 Chester Avenue. Phone 4-4S51 fij) HOME ANH FAKM buyera wanted. If w* haven't what you want, we'll find It. ,San Joaauln Agencies Edward Moody. 1812 "Eye." Phone Z-0663, 9-1-tC FIVE-ROOM home, Kl Camluo Park, bar gain. Large lot, all fenced, nice garden, fruit trees. e\r. Phone o-yJ^tK 68 LOVKLY new smnll 2-bedroom home K;»M I3aUersf n'ld nt'iir .Mount Vernon Si hoot, two hefh minis, especially ni kii''h'm. (lUacln-d garaee. Total Tir only noon. tlBOO cash will handle. Elmer F. Karpe. 1517 Eighteenth. 10-17-tf CLOSE IN on Washington etieet. Olldale, 1-bedroom roomy home, now vacant. Lovely la i Be double Int. sidewalks anci rnrhs, fruit. fhjcUpn equipment. Some term*. Elmer F. Karpe, Iil7 Eighteenth 10-17-tf LAHOK furnished hnune, t.'lose in on Seven leenth slri^et. Ideal for rooming or boarding hou«e. Now rented at $65 per ninnlh. All furniture goes except elec- Irn- refrigerator. Total price only $6000. $:'son rash will handle. Elmer F _ KIUIH-. 1 'tj 7 Kighteenth street. 10-17-t 1 Iiorsh: FUR SALE— Will take traileTr hiiusc. East of Hakersfleld on Niles _ HI i^eet^. _ 1 700 Normandy Drive. 6! FOn SALE, by owner. G-roorti hou coiner lot. $6750. tome terms. 1601 Flower stieet. Possession betore 3 _ 'I i' y ^ _______ 69 FdU SAf.E — Two 3-btdloom houses, "with bitUi. to be moved off property. Lem Wlckett, housemovcr. Edison Highway NEAR CHESTER AVENl'E AND Bit I'N PAGE LANE FIVE-ROOM hnme. Evcenl ionally nice ami in exiellent neighborhood. t.^l ('• Rood Hf-huol. bus and stores, Priwe Sd.'iO. down $'_'6r>0. nwnthly $<0 1'KOl'EUTY SHOWN BY APPOINTMENT ONt.V DEAN I!. HUUl.ET 411 Nineteenth Stieet. 1'hune 3-n;7r> Southwest District—Three bedroom*. Lar«« living room with fireplace and near furnace; ni.-j dining room; 2 bat ha. Krtra. : nice yard; 2-car «ara«*. All thi* for $8400, half cash. Northeast Dtntrlct—Clot* to bus, achoolm and ahoptlne center. Larte I-tMdroom ' home; livine room and dining room; ntc* brtakfa.s'. room; floor furnac*. ba*«m«nt: nic* yard with oranges, lemon* and lot* of shad-. Price $7350. Thla caa b« bought furnished. Southeast District—100 foot front*.**: S bedrooms livliiz room and dining room. tile kitchen; solarium about 20 t««t tonv by 12 fe«t wide; basement. Tn* yard has alfalfa, nut trees, lota of fruit »nd a good cow- barn; all fenced. Pric« IS500. Five acre* In th* aouthweat district. Th* beat of soil and free water; 1 btdrooma and two bath*, livlnff room: kitchen 10x20; barn, corrals, outbuildlnci, «oo4 well and pump: •prlnkling ayatcro, milk separator, freezer cabinet. Pric* 110.710. Casa Loma District—Nic* horn* oa mere with fruit, alfalfa. Kern Island water. alao well water. Pric* S5I5A. BOTDSTUN A LANCASTER Phone 8-8B39. 1917 H StrMt After « p. m. phon* »-947». lft-11-tt _______ _____ _ FOIt SALE by owner. 4-;-oorn house; hardwood floors. Venetian bllnda. tile *ink. Ililaul linoleum, automatic water healer. garage: chicken house for 300 hena, pen for co\v Large corner lot, fenced; close to school. Go south on 9i) Highway. CIOHS It. R., pass Kchool, turn weat at Olobe motel on to Kirby Lane; laat house on_s^treer ___ _ 72 ~ OILDALE ifodorn 1-bedrooin home, furnished; full prico $a.;iO, half cash. Charles K Smith 113 El Tejon. Phone ti-u'-i:! 1. _ 70 FOR SALE — By owner, income property: two stiK-co lumsea on one-acr* lot with plenty of Nhade. one 1-bedroom. one 2-beiiroo.n turni^hed; all for only $1750. V\'*\[ worth the money, for $3000 down, balance $26 pey month. Phoao 3-2566. EitfONiK's to Sterlins. two blocka uurlh to MluheM a\'enlie. tliird house _ 7 1 FOR HA'-E—Five-room house. completely furni»h«d. 1'hone 2-7131. T3 (I0fi> NORTHWEST — On Tw«nty-a«ceB4 street, lovely 3-b»droom horn*, located on large corner lot. This hem* if ant new but haa had moat excellent car*. Walking distance to theater* and •hop- pine center. Must be seen to b* appreciated. Bom* term* may b« arranged, (107) SOUTHWEST—An excellent t-beel- room home, strictly modern, hardwaod floor*, fireplace, steel Venetian blind*. dining room, breakfast room, lovely kitchen, basement aleenln*; room, J-car garage, sprinkling gystem front and rear, abundance of shad* tree* an* shrubs. Some term* may b* arranged. We have a number of Terr fine bulldlnc •Ites. which you may buy now at pricea that ar* right and build your home when government restriction* ar* lifted. 82$ Cheater Avenue. Phone (-ITS1 (I. 1 High on the hill. Beautiful tile-roofed home: 100 per cent inaulated; larie llv-.- ing room with fireplace and cooler; S \ bedroom* and larce den; tare* dlnlna- room and Just the rlfht-aijed breakfast room. Basement haa unit beat throafh. ducts to every room; J bathe; 1 bath ha* ' all-til* floor and wall*, ami a beautiful i glass door atall ahower. The yard* be* < lots of fruit, orange*, nut tree* and a ' large 2-car garage. Sprinkling »y«tera j front and rear. Thia t* In an Ideal loca- ' tlon. and the price ia right at 113.500. BOTDSTUN A LANCASTER ' Phone 8-S639 HIT H Street > 10-lI-tf CASA LOMA—For «ale> by owner, ' 3-bedroom home on well-Improved acre. 700 East Casa Loma Drive. FOR SALE—ONE DEEP WELIi,' TURBINE PUMP, 60-FOOT SETTING AND 1300 GALLON CAPACITY. IN GOOD CONDITION. ONE HOUSE ON LARGE LOT. . CLOSE TO GREENFIELD ; SCHOOL. TWO 2-BALE COTTON TRAILERS. ONE BLACK SAD-* DLE MARE. PHONE 3-2008. «t ! TWO BEDROOMS and den. built four yean; •, attractive room arrangement: cood *iae>> dining room, aeparate atall ihower. «erv. ,< Ice porch, etc: lot 100x145. nice barbeque; , Immediate poaieasion. Phon* J-5JJJ for. appointment. i> FOR S\I,E—On beautiful Oleander avenue. • at Beale Park, five larce room*, three' porches and garage. All modem, til* sink, two wall furnace*; fenced back J yard, nix bearing fruit and nut tree*. ,> nice garden and grape arbor; chicken, coop and run». Only M7SO. one-half cuMi. See Jim Jarvi*. 1524 Eighteenth sueet. Phon* 2-0878, evening* S-S131. ' FOR SALE—-Vice 5-room *tucco borne. Hardwood floor* in every room, tile »lnk, real fireplace. Corner lot, single ear garage. Back yard fenced and plenty of shade. Location. 429 Eighth. Price J.-.'ton. 11500 cash. 145 ver month. See Mel Hay or Jim Jarvis. 1S24 Ei«hte*nth ttreet. Phone 2-0871, evenlnc* 1-8111. 65 KAST BAKERSFIELD One-half acre, nice home; garage, fruit trec.i. place for cow and chicken*; all fell'od. 13150 terms. 11-unit ioart completely furnished. Nice location, excellent condition; income J.147 SO per month. $18.500. D. C. (Slim) ilinatt. Phone 1-8988 FOIl SALR. by owner. L» Cre»ta district. Two-bed room house, hardwood floor* IRIKB livingroora. dlnm« room, nice kitchen, lots of til* and CUD- hoard snaec. Service purebi double laundry trays Large yards, nicely land- si aped Will sell furnished or unfurnished. See at 2416 Alta Vlata Drive. OII.DALU HOME—Four rooms; hardwood floors, ti'.i in kitchen, glassed-in back pon.h. bath tub and *nower. coolinf s\stetn. lawn sprinkler, garage, wash house, sealed and painted; also has Hliuwer: chicken buildings and pen*. Lot* or_fjmver> and fruit*. 517 Decatur. 7t LARGE 7-ROOJf older type house, four bedrooms. Lot 50x200. on Eaat CaU» fcrnia avenue. I3i00 full pric*. ON CORNER HALF-ACRE;— Dandy J-b*d- roorn hou«e. very clean: double garsjre with rumpus room upstair*. Chicken equipment, nice garden, apace, nic* fruit. Good water conditions. MODERN 2-bedroom house, almost new. Lot 60x'-60, lots ot fruit, and chicken equipment. Good soil, food water. Southwest dlstrl. t. I47p0—Five-room home near Jefferson School. Two bedroom* and *l«*pinic pon h. basement, gang*, fruit and shade. Good lot. j3Sno--Five-room house on Paolfla near Kern General Hospital. Two betrooffi*. g.nHce. fruit, chicken equipment LD.MITA V'KRDB—Large 2-bedroem h»u««. only about 5 years old. completely furr ii 'shed. Double carafe, nice yard and shrubs. K •". Uffcrt. 901 Nile* Street Phone 2-7153 »-t-tt THIUCK-BEDROOM HOUSE, 15599 Siv-ro'ini frame house with two bis bed- rmmie and one small one or d*u: just doti" over inside and out; Hardwood fl.mrs, Venetian blinds throughout, trf front p.nch, sinBle ttarage with concr»to ill'\B\vay from front and amall sleeoinc room at rear, sprinkler system. In F;ast Haker.ifidd. east of Alta Vista Drive. l'r!c» 85500. nbout half down. Taylor * Taylor, I860 Chester avenune. Phone B-sy:i. , J4'"">, $1500 cash, balance 140 per month, two bedroom* and sewing room, larce service porch with wash trays: nic* yard. fenced—Two blocks from bu*. Hurry. this is a buy. New hardwood floor* in A 2-bedroom home. <3o!den State ellrtriot— Bxtra nice. Priced at ISJBO. tern*. Possession Immediately. Nlco little home for 'olored people or flMUU Ish. Nice district. $2100, about a«lf cash. Good buy In !-bedroom home, wrath •( Brundace. 13700, 12000 cash, balaae* eu ' y ' Frank Day |« COMMERCIAL ACRE, hichlr Improved. new 2-bedroom borne, double farace, hearing orange trees, nic* yard with shrubbery. Chicken house and yard. Price JS750. 12000 cash. b»lance *l*y. Frank H. Day. Jr., 1»15 "Ey*" lUaer. OILDAtiK — Thre*>bedroom, 1arf« adobe house, large) lot. Pric* $1090. A»pointment only. Ken» Hynfttt. pflbne 2-4386. M

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