The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 18, 1944 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1944
Page 10
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1Q WtdnesJoy, October 18, T944 gfo gafctrfffelb talHotnian NOVELIST A*«wrr Pr»»l»»« HORIZONTAL 1,4 Pictured author 8 Beverage 9 Forefather 11 Exist 13 Otherwise 15 New York (ab.) 16 So be it! 17 Iridium (symbol) 18 Light brown 19 Pastry 20 District attorney (ab.) 22 Tear 24 Bright color 25 Weird 28 Batons 30 Upon 31 Indian army (ab.) 32 Showers 35 Indian clan 39 High, card 40 In place of 41 Pint (ab.) 42 Male offspring 44 Jump M Either 48 Possesses 50 Therefore 52 Recreation area 54 River (Sp.) 55 Final musical passage 57 Existed 58 Hits 59 Rave VERTICAL ISick 2 For fear that 3 Like 4 Sob 5 Him 6 Similar 7 Before 8 Eagle's nest 10 Within 12 Finished 14 Each (ab.) 16 Three-toed sloth 17 Anger 21 Paid notices 23 Pair (ab.) 24 Registered nurse (ab.) 26 Charged atom 27 Abstract being 28 She is famous for her 29 Swiss river 32 Knock 33 Performer 34 Id est (ab.) 36 Provided 37 She has written several 38 Make a mistake 42 White crystals 0< frozen water 43 Bone 45 Opera (ab.) 46 Pledge to secure loan 49 Wisconsin (ab.) 50 Distress signal 51 Hypothetical force 53 Rodent 55 Court (ab.) 56 Measure of area 15 HI 54 5g 2.1. 55- so 3S »T THIS CURIOUS WORLD P,y WILLIAM FERGUSON AND COMES PROM THE DAVS OF STEAM AUTOMOBILES. COP& 1*44 IV Nt* KRVICE. INC. MVATLC WARBLCffS EAT LAR&E AMOUNTS OF FRUIT AND SEEDS OF POISON' OAK , OR IVY/ «. M. RIG. U. ft. MT. OFT. %T NJI6HT, A HEN IS A ROOSTER/'^fr MRS. E. C. CHESTER^ IO-I& ' PIJNNX BUSINESS By HERSHBERGER "Juninr'n toinr into the nulimiirlnr •rrvtrr, to he's (ptlhic th« fi-rl of tlilinti'" SIDE GLANCES By CALBRAITH __ COPK 1»M1Y Mt« «C»VICI. IMC. T.M. KCQ. U. . Of». fO-13 <"«"S C6f*. 1M* •¥ MA btlrvlCC. IMC T. W. KC U, S. PAT. OFF "Why don't xmi lake up I he i>lr«ilo lur tin* diiriitiiin'.'" "lluu't Irll mi' .MMi'rc icnini; to |iut IIH In thu rro\v'n ncut!" YOUR DREAMS AND THEIR MEANINGS Dimming is universal. Fur HUIIIHUIHIH uf \CMIS mun lia« tliranu-d and tried to knuw tho mtanmK oi ht» drcHniK. An the yearn rull^d by thei« grew UB elalwratt K>SICIH» of dream inli-rin nutinns. Our Pream honk comuiim ol' paten of faai:inaiing iiiatriial on llns InirlKUlni; nub.)r.:t. t>encl lor your copy today; 10 teuu poBd^aid. This Coupon- Th« Btkenfield Californian Information Bureau, IK Eye Street. N. E.. WaihmHon 2, D. C. 1 enclote harewllh 10 crntt In roln (<-ar«rully wrapped In puptr) for .a copy of the booklet Di»ams. Strtet or Rural Rout*.. City (M«ll - fciate Waihlngtnn, D. (', "That »un a thrllh-r M»H Just told, hut aivr IIH- a chiinre nu\\ — ?ou rnii't out-lie your trnnrlim!" COP*. 1*4* BV Nt* SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. ». PAT. Off. "Cull him hiifk! \Ve have hcpn without help nt home for KO IOHK be'it iorKotlrn whrre he in anil U rlruriiiK the talilr!" THESE WOMEN! By cl'ALESSIO 'Did 1 imsiiuu>ri.tuml Mill to nay you hadn't tern a tlrl for 15 moiithV."' ALLEV OOP One-Track Lady By V. T. HAM LIN WELL, THE JEEP LOOKS ALL RIGHT/ NOW,IF THOSC 6IMLET-EVED 60ONS HAVEN'T JIMMIED THE WOBKS. 6-ZIONI • GEBER IS 6OIW6 TO GET RID OF A COUPLE OP MOOV'V IN A HURRV,' I'M HOPING THE TOUGH PART OVER -- AND TM SERVING NOTICE I'LL MOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT HAPPENS TO ANYONE WHO 6ETS IN MV WAV FROM HERE ON OUT.' OfT OtB WAY By J. H. WILLIAMS WHV. THAT'S A BULLET VA/OUNP- TWO OF THES\.' WHV. STIFFV, 1 NEVER KNEW YOU HAD THOSE --AHEM-UH- AHEM- A^A- VOU'VE BEEKJ IN SOME-UH- 6.HOOTIM' SCRAPES 1-UH-I-JUPOE 1'P SOOMER LIVE TO SEE THIS THAKJ TH' SHOOTIKJ'.' rr TOOK A SECOMD ER. TWO TO PUMP THEM IMTO STIFFV, AM' WES BEIN' A C3EK1TLENAAW, IT'LL TAKE TEN) VEARS FER HIM TO PUMP AWVTHIMG ABOUT OUT OF ' 91 IFFY.' / ST1FFV \ WOM'T TALK I IF HE C WAS A \ HEED AM' ) WOM'T IF ( IT WAS EU5T- LIM' CATTLE SO— THP kAVSTPRV MAW T. ». M» ». t. wt. wr ind IVI7JIC:'^.7 I 1f*M>l COM. 1>44I»M» limci. we. JO-IB OUR BOARDING HOUSE Wtlh MAJOR HOOPLB^T REVERSE GEAR. 1 POKED MN AROUND THERE WA9 TI4E OLD BOY AT we. RODELV VOlTK THAT . CALIBER 9PRAVeR.' AMD -THOUGHT VME'D FlfOO SAA.OKE WITH THE TA.R.T OF A SPRINT * to ,., THE GUMPS I/V\UST6ET/WV MINI? OFF OP HI 1 WOA/T BE A MILLSTONE AROUNPHERN She Didn't Forget to Remember By GUS EDSON FATHEAP.' WHAT AN EGOTISTICAL SAP I AM.' WHO AMI TO PECIPE WHETHER TO SEE HER AS AIN OR NOT ?! SHE'S PROBABLY FORGOTTEN ABOUT ME COMPLEJ HM/WPf AAAOVie QUEEN? PIAMONPS ON MY FN<SBRS/ CHAMPAGNE IN MYtfLAftS. ASHES IN MY MOUTH. 1 .' OOOH, JON GASOLINE ALLEY Easy on the Brush-Off By KINO SURF, I LIKE SOME OF I HAVEM'T HEARO you SAY ANYTHING THE THE TIME. BUT / G\RLS. DON'T) CWT LIKE All JUS LIKE THEM. 7 7 CifelS AU THE TIME. ..„. . . TrVCXWPS. > -^ PON'T VOU tHIN< THEKS JUST 4S NICE Gl£LS IX 'F, PEPMAM^NT AM' -feMPO(?A(?Y. IP THEV'/?£ THE FWVMNeNT TYPE, I <eePMYFEET IN THE P/?Y. AN' IP • THE GET PERMANENT/PEAS, TMEV'ffE DUMB PRETTY. THEY COT TO SE YES, BUT I NEVEI? HAP ANY TROUBLE CETTINT » OP A PffETTY Cli BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES No Escape By KBGAR MARTIN \_OO\<1'.\ \ 60 A VOO FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Bad News THAT PUBLICITV STU^T WAS CERTAINLV A Oll.UY.PAL/ I GOT f\AV NAME ON THE PROMT PAGE" OP TUP SKIDOO/ ^^?*Se CVEAM.I^ «f ^S'(r\P^»»XlK «.*. KNOW/ ••'i-^VV.t. l/V*»^«,, ( <°\ I PC»P GAVF we A TERRIFIC I GOING -ovee.. . BUT I GUESS IT WAS WCKTW IT/ VOURSELF. ME4T6ALL/ OUR. SKY- WAS BEAUTIFUU WHILE IT WAS ON THE WAY UP- — By MERRILL_BLO_S_SER > BUT WHEN IT CAME OOWM IT KNOCK60 US FOR A LOOP.' LOOK / , BY NtA SERVICE. INC. T. M. DEO. U. «. FAT. Off WASH TUBBS An Old Acquaintance SER6BANT LINK TELLS ME VOU WE Y I'VE PONE BEEW A 616 HELP TO HIM, FELLA! J WHAT I COUlft f BLIPB5 OFTEN TOLO ME OF THE \ MV PEOPLE AND i. AMERICAN OFFICER WHO HELPEO WS MILL NEVER POR6HT PEOPLE WHEN JAP5 OVER RAN THEIR/ IT, DISTRICT...BUT rPP<2R601Tl7N HIS,. 6LAOTO SEE you By LESLIE TURNER THOSE IITTIE THINGS VOU LEARNED ASOOf TH 1 JAPS WHILE PRETENDING TO SWALLOW THEIR "ASIA FORTH'ASIATICS" TRIPE, HAS HELPEO US CON RED RYDER Is It a Tric-k? By FRED HARM AN • THUNDERATIO^-' 5HE COULONT E€. KAYOED TriAT 1N)DIA^ MD, RYDER. T NEAR SHE'S YOU BE SAJ3-SORR1 YOU FIX HER UP, THINMJIAf HOLD EVERYTHING How will (f»u h«v« >eur flrp lod*r. tir, OM lump or in-aT" BUCK ROGERS, TWENTY-FIFTH CENTURA, A. D. [VOU Bad Buy, No Doubt! AND CtVIUZATION AND HOW ...... _ . LAUNCU\NG WHEN THEVCOMEC «N PORCE,>TME HOWLING AND WIT OUR CmES.rr'LLBEi HOOLIGANS AND By LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS A MIND BENT! ON BUT ONE ^ THING/TOTAU DESTRUCTION/ WHO KNOWe ? 6OME DEVIL.'<3 BREW \ 1 5 BOIUNG /SOME TWISTED, DEPRAVED MIND l<3 BACK OF TWI<3 FIENDISH PLOT/

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